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Member since: 14.07.2007

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    • Hasbro Spirograph / Art / Craft / 15 Readings / 14 Ratings
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      16.07.2007 11:56
      Very helpful



      Great fun for the whole family

      For my twins birthday i wanted them to have something that will let them express themselves.

      I remember having this as a child and i used to spend hours creating crazy funky shapes and patterns.

      ~Background information~

      The Spirograph was dubbed 'Toy of the Year' in '67, it was made in 1965 and this amazing toy was nothing more than plastic circles and shapes with ridged edges (like gears) that created intricate designs when a pen traced the line of the plastic insert as it rolled round the outer guide.

      Made for ages five and up, the Spirograph was a great unisex toy for all ages. Even the most destructive child could spend countless hours covering sheet after sheet of paper with unique patterns. The more adept they got, the more elaborate the patterns became. Once the Spirograph bug had bitten it wouldn't take long until whole houses could be decorated in pieces of paper covered in mad swirls and sweeps.


      Mine came in a bright green box but there are different versions, with lots of bright colours upon it.


      There is a bright orange magnetic table, 3 magnets which are green, 3 different shaped frames which are yellow and 7 different shaped cogs which are blue.

      ~How to use~

      Place a sheet of paper onto the magnetic table then place a frame on top of it. Within the frame there are 3 holes where you place the magnets, this then sticks the paper to the magnetic table, (didn't have that bit in my day you just had to hold it).
      Each frame has grooves all the way around the edge and with the square frame it has a circle cut out of the middle which again has grooves all the way around.
      Then get which ever size cog you want to use and place it either in or beside the frames. The cog has grooves in it to along with a number of holes in the middle where you put your pen or pencil.
      Then line them up together and start drawing, because of the way the holes are situated you will never go over the same line, this is where you create really crazy and pretty patterns.

      Easy to put away because on the back of the magnetic table there are slots where all the pieces fit into so you won't lose them, this is very helpful

      I don't know who the bigger kid is at the moment because I love it to.


      A definite must have for anyone, your children will have hours of fun, designing different patterns, and my children are so proud of themselves when they create a master piece.
      No two pictures will ever be the same.
      I think i am going to have to invest in another one maybe slightly different to the one i have but because there are 2 of them they both want to use it at the same time, so it must be good.
      It lets your child use there imagination and brings out their artistic flare, i think it is much better then them sitting in front of a TV screen or playing video game

      I brought this from Argos just before the catalogue came out it was between £10 and £15 but for some reason it is not in the new catalogue.

      It is available on-line from www.hasbro.co.uk priced at £14.99 and also available from Toys-R-Us at £9.97, this one comes with different shapes but still has the same effect.

      It is excellent value for money.

      It is made by MB Creation so it is a brand that you know and trust.
      It does say on the box for children 6 years and older, as some of the cogs are quite small.
      All parts are made of a hard plastic, i think it would be very hard to break or crack. Also all parts are washable.

      I am really glad it has made a comeback you can't beat the old toys.


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        15.07.2007 08:36
        Very helpful



        Expensive toy that does not last long

        brought this dog toy today on the 9th May, I am very careful when I but dog toys and try and buy the ones that say they are very tough as I have brought so many in the past and they just haven’t lasted 5 minutes.

        So walking round the pet shop looking for a new toy for my dog I came across the Wiggly Giggly Jack.

        ~ What is it ~

        It is a ball that has 4 arms that come out from the ball, each arm has a noise in it, so when your dog pulls and tugs it, it makes funny noises. It is meant to keep your dog amused for ages. It is also meant to be hard and durable.
        It comes in 3 bright colours that I know of, bright green, purple or orange, with paw prints on it and stripes on the arms.

        ~ What my Dog thought to it ~

        When I first gave it to her she just looked and barked at it, but as soon as she realised when you moved it, it made noises she was in her element, flinging it all round the room, barking at it, I think she was really enjoying it.
        I walked into the kitchen to put the kettle on, I was out of the room just 5 minutes and when I walked back in there were small plastic pieces all over the floor, she had destroyed one of the arms.
        I had to take the toy off her much to her disgust.

        ~ What do I think ~

        First impressions were it looked really good, it felt quite hard so I thought it would be ideal for my dog.
        When I first gave it to her she did enjoy playing with it, she was tossing it up in the air, batting it round with her paws, and she really did enjoy it, but again it didn’t last half an hour, it says it is supposed to be tough but just not tough enough, which is a shame because she did like it. I wish they would make a toy like this which really is tough, so I am afraid to say in my situation it was a complete waste of money.

        ~ What it cost ~

        I brought mine from my local pet shop and cost me £5.99

        Other products in the range are
        Geo Ball
        Rope Ball
        Large Bone 9 inch
        Soccer Ball
        Large Ball 7 inch

        I think next time I will buy a ball as she may not be able to get her teeth into it but they still make the noises.

        It does say that this is not a chew toy, but all dogs do chew to some degree you just can’t get away from it.

        Would I recommend it? Well I did like it and so did she, so if you dog likes their toys and does not chew them then yes, but if you dog likes to chew then no, this particular toy will not last very long.

        I have added some pictures at the bottom of the other Wiggly Giggly range.

        Thank you for reading.


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        14.07.2007 09:42
        Very helpful



        Quick and easy way to remove hair

        Ok I have always shaved my legs in the past, I have tried creams and gels but have given up after the first go as I found they didn’t work, I have also tried having them waxed, but that just isn’t going to happen again much to painful for my liking, but to be honest I am sick and tired of shaving now, it doesn’t last long and the hairs grow back prickly, so when I saw Veet in - shower hair removal cream advertised on T.V I thought I’m going to give this one a go and see how I get on.

        I brought the Green one which is for Dry Skin and of I went.
        Veet in shower cream dissolves the hair so no need to shave.

        ~ How to apply ~

        You apply the cream before you enter the shower, you do this by using the sponge that comes with it, apply the cream to the coloured side of the sponge which is the soft side, then it says to wait a minute before you enter the shower, well I was pottering round my bedroom getting my clothes ready so I had it on for about 2 or 3 minutes before I got in the shower.

        It does say that the cream has a water resisting properties which prevent it from being washed off, although it does state that traces may be washed off. OK this is not entirely true. Before I used this product I read though the instructions thoroughly and it does also say, to prevent the cream from being washing off to soon do not stand in in the direct stream of the water, well I thought, what is the point in being in the shower then ? Anyway the water does wash more then traces away, infact I had large areas on my legs with no cream on at all, but I carried on with the procedure.

        With the sponge using the white side of it because it is slightly rougher to the coloured side, in a circular movement remove the rest of the cream this will also remove the hair, and then just rinse off.

        Most of the hair was removed but not all of it, but the way I look at it is I have shaved my legs for as long as I can remember and when it grows back, it is much thicker, then if you waxed or used a cream, so the more you use it your hair will become a lot softer in turn it will become a lot easier to remove with the cream.

        Even though first time around it did not remove all the hair it did leave my skin a whole lot softer to the touch.

        Second time around about 5 days later, I did the same procedure, this time I stayed out of the shower for 3 - 4 minuets and then got in, then did the circular motion again with the sponge, this time I was a lot more impressed with the results, whether it was because my hair was not as coarse and I stayed out of the shower for a couple of extra minutes but it did remove all of it, and after wards my legs felt really smooth.

        I know it says it is an in shower cream, but to honest it isn’t really, the T.V advert is a bit misleading, the person in the advert has lots of cream on her legs whilst in the shower but this really isn’t the case, but saying that by using the cream time and time again it does work, it does remove the hair which is what it is supposed to do, so that part of it is correct.

        Oh by the way I do not own a power shower, so if you do have one I think it is safe to say you will have little chance of any cream staying on.

        ~ Results ~

        Pro Points for this product.

        1. My legs are hair free.
        2. They are a lot smoother.
        3. Smells lovely
        4. No more shaving. (That is a big plus point)
        5. I can go a week or longer between each application now. (When I was shaving it was every 3 or 4 days)
        6. Hair grows back I lot finer and softer.

        And finally

        6. No more prickly legs.

        Negative Points for this product.

        1. It isn’t really an in shower cream as a lot of it does wash off.
        2. Price maybe a bit off putting, but saying that by the time you take into account the price of razors and depending which one you use and shaving creams and gels.
        E.G some razors can cost up to £5.99 just for the unit itself then you have buy the blades which can cost up to £8.99 for 4 then actually this works out a lot cheaper, and the results are a lot better.

        So there are a lot more Plus points then negative ones.

        Veet in shower comes in 2 different varieties:

        Shea Butter and Lily petals - for dry skin, which protects and moisturises your skin, this is the one I have and I does smell lovely and fresh. This is the green one.
        Wheat-germ Oil and Orchid - for normal skin, this is the pink one.

        Never leave the cream on for longer then 6 minutes.
        And do not apply before 72 hours of each application.

        Oh yes another fact I would like to point out is do not apply broken of sore skin.
        Why? Because I brought a new pair of boots and I didn’t realise before hand but the top of the boots had rubbed the inside of my legs, they only way I found out was after I had washed the cream off, my god did it sting, and for quiet a while afterwards as well.

        Other precautions that you should take into account when using this product are:-
        Not to be used on moles, or sunburn.
        Test a small amount on you skin at least 24 hours before use.
        Wait 24 hour hours after swimming or sun bathing
        Avoid contact with you eyes.

        This product can be used on your legs, under arms, and bikini line but no where else.

        ~ Cost ~

        Sainsburys sell it for £5.99 for a 150ml tube
        Asda £5.99
        Tesco Special offer £4.49
        Boots Special offer £4.49

        ~Packaging ~

        It comes in a plastic package which is green and white at the back, the tube itself is green and white with Veet written across the front, I found it easy to hold and easy to squeeze the cream out as it is a soft plastic tube, the cream is a very light bluey green colour but depending what light you are in it does look almost white and not at all greasy.

        Any other information that you would like would be available at www.veet.co.uk

        So although it doesn’t entirely do what it says it is meant to, I am happy with the product, and will continue to use it.

        Would I recommend it? Yes but what I will say is don’t be put of by the first results, continue to use and you will see a noticeable difference.
        Perseverance does pay off.

        Thank you very much for reading.


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