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    • Just Dance (Wii) / Nintendo Wii Game / 26 Readings / 24 Ratings
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      28.07.2011 23:20
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      A game where you can feel free to let yourself go and literally dance the day or night away.

      Well I had heard a lot of positive things about this game Just Dance for the Nintendo Wii many family and friends of mine said it was very addictive and a great way of working up a sweat so after their glowing recommendations I decided to try the game for myself and purchased Just Dance.

      First thing that hits you is the funky front cover of the game and this can sometimes be the first thing that leads you into buying any kind of product if it has something that catches your attention. I wanted something that could get me moving in all kinds of directions and doing moves I could never have even tried before as I wanted to get a decent workout and from the very beginning when I first played Just Dance it was clear that this game would do exactly as it says on the tin.

      My first thing to do was to simply try some of the songs to see how easy or hard they were. At first I felt like a bit of a fish out of water and was pleased I had the curtains closed as I did not want anyone to see me making a fool of myself. As the more songs I tried the more confident I became and I was pulling off some really funky moves and getting a proper groove on the sweat was pouring off me but this must have meant that I was enjoying myself and properly getting into it.

      After doing most of the songs I decided to concentrate on the ones I was better at and see if I could improve them first. I would have to say that the song that I had most fluency with and got the most points was Gorillaz - Dare and I pictured the video in my head as it was funny also and then just followed the person on the TV screen and before you knew it I was dancing like a professional and it felt great and after not too many attempts I broke the 10,000 point barrier and when the song had finished there was a lovely sound that came on that said I had make a great achievement and it made me want to have a go even more as I was getting so much out of it.

      I am a bit shameful for confessing this but I got rather good at Step By Step by New Kids On The Block but as the moves were so simple to follow it was an easy song to relate to dancing. Some of the other songs for me that I particularly enjoyed were Reel 2 Real Featuring The Mad Stuntman - I Like To Move It (Radio Mix), Girls and Boys by Blur, Technotronic`s Pump Up The Jam and many more songs that take me back and also make me want to get up and have a good dance.

      A great thing for me too on this game is that if you fancy yourself as a bit of a singer you can do a bit of Karaoke as the words come up on the screen and if you are familiar with most of the songs then you should be singing and dancing like a superstar.

      You can also challenge family and friends and I have not done this yet but I intend to do so in the future. For me this is a great game and a quality purchase that I recommend you give a try as if dancing it your thing you will not be left disappointed.

      Thanks as always for reading.

      Rob R


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      • Dieting / Discussion / 24 Readings / 22 Ratings
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        08.11.2010 17:31
        Very helpful



        A story of how you can achieve your fitness goals.

        I have not been on Dooyoo for quite some time and this is mainly due to some personal issues but now I am back and I am feeling like a different person than last time and you will find out about this in my review soon enough.

        Around about June time I decided with my mum that together we would make a big effort to try and lose some weight and from various family members and my own encouragement my mum joined Weight Watchers and I decided to go it alone and we would have a diet and exercise regime.

        Now at first it was difficult to get into a good pattern and motivate myself and my mum but once we got into a routine we had grapefruit and I had weetabix she had porridge and then cup of tea for my mum and water for me. I started checking my blood sugar more with being type 2 diabetic and keeping a check on that and that is still the routine now and this was for the weekend too.

        For lunch I would have a couple of sandwiches in wholemeal rolls and have the filling of my choice and then have an apple and 4 satsuma`s and then a bottle of water and again this is still the routine and my mum would have something similar and again do this still now and the same at the weekend.

        Then for tea it would be a case of one day we would have salad, jacket potato and then something like a chicken kiev or quiche and then on an alternative day would have a hot meal with meat and vegetables and then water to drink and again we still do this now and on the weekends.

        For inbetweens and for a snack we will have an apple or more and some oranges like satsumas or navels and that did us no harm whatsover.

        Then as far as exercise went I have been on my Nintendo Wii many times over the past 5 months and ordered different fitness games to help me and I have also purchased some gym style equipment in my fitness quest and mum has been going to a family members gym and I have recently joined her there and we are both feeling the benefits.

        The progress has been brilliant both for me and my mum. My mum has lost over 2 stone which is fantastic and I have lost 5 and a half stone and we both feel wonderful and feel like we can do more than we ever did before.

        For me and my mum we believe it has been having the right attitude and the motivation and determination and then you get the results you are looking for and then the compliments come by the bucketload and it makes you feel on top of the world.

        I hope our story of success has inspired you and if you do not feel you can do it believe me you can you just have to put in the right amount of effort.

        As always thanks for reading my review.

        Rob :D


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          23.03.2010 19:34
          Very helpful



          A second album that has produced the same quality as the first brilliant!

          Well here is the second album from The Courteeners "Falcon" and eagerly anticipated personally after the first excellent album "St Jude" and seeing the band live a V Fest in 2008 - if you want to see how that went check out my review.

          Now my first memory of hearing of The Courteeners was my mate singing "Not Nineteen Forever" over and over again and one day I said what is that song he told me and after that I was hooked and St Jude has been a regular player both on my Laptop and Ipod Touch.

          So what did I expect from this album? Well I expected it to produce some of the same great lyrics and sounds that had been produced in the past and with the first single "You Overdid It Doll" being released before the album it gave you a taste of what you could expect and for me was not a let down and just proved that the boys were back with a bang.

          Now I am reviewing the Special Edition of Falcon so this is 12 songs and then 5 songs from the "Second Folio" so 17 songs to get your head around and see if Liam Fray had produced the goods once again.

          Well here is a track by track account of this two disc album and some descriptions of how the song makes me feel and if its up to the mark :-

          Falcon :-

          Track 1 :- The Opener
          Well the first track on an album needs to set a mood for the rest of the album and this song certainly does that. Its the band at their best and has tinges of the influence of bands like The Smiths expecially with the line "I miss the city I love but I`ve been having and affair with LA, New York, Dundee and Doncaster if I may dare of course I do." which takes genius from Panic by The Smiths. In general this song is about life and the things you get up to and is a cracking start to the album - 9/10.

          Track 2 :- Take Over The World
          This is going to be the second single off Falcon and I think a decent choice its a bit low key to some of the other songs but its says about taking over the world but for me personally it would have to be with somebody who actually cared and it sounds like this couple are ready to battle whatever crosses their path and isa another quality tune - 9/10.

          Track 3 :- Cross My Heart & Hope To Fly
          When I first heard this song I was taken back as it was just a song I could totally relate to and is something I wish I could do on a regular basis but just shows genius lyrics and sends a chill down my spine in a good way.
          This is the your Not Nineteen Forever track of the album like was remembered as the signature tune on St Jude this song will be the same for Falcon and if people sing it you will want to hear more and more of the album and its a song that gets you buzzing and thinking and is a definite future single and a winner for me - 10/10.

          Track 4 :- You Overdid It Doll
          The first single from Falcon and for me is a song that does the band justice and I think it was a good choice for the first single off the album. Think its just saying how some ladys can overdo how they look and how they see celebrities and famous people and going too far and again top lyrics which show what qualities Liam Fray has as a songwriter - 9/10.

          Track 5 :- Lullaby
          I think this is a very heartfelt song and shows quite a bit of emotion than in other songs. I think if you sung a Lullaby it would have to be for somebody special and not somebody who was just a passing phase and I think it means a lot when you have a song for the one you have feelings for - 8/10.

          Track 6 :- Good Times Are Calling
          Now I love this song for the fact that its such a feel good factor and that even if you have somebody that you you have feelings for that you need to live your life before you settle down and some people start even before they have lived their life but many have the chance to live and travel and have fun before having responsibilities - 9/10.

          Track 7 :- The Rest Of The World Has Gone Home
          This is LF at his acoustic best and has got some cool lyrics like what was on "What Took You So Long" off St Jude. Again so real to life and the things we do on a daily basis and what we can relate to. I would be going to the "Halifax Cash Machine" though as I am not with RBS lol - 9/10.

          Track 8 - Sychophant
          Not one of my favourite songs on the album but some of the lyrics and genius and it takes a while to get into the song but once it kicks in it gives off some decent vibes and is a good tune - 8/10.

          Track 9 - Cameo Brooch
          This is a different song to get into and is a song that I dont mind but its not a song on the album that I really get excited about and that I would get excited about and the only person you dont want to offend is your mum as its her brooch - 7/10.

          Track 10 - Scratch Your Name Upon My Lips
          Now this is the kind of song that really gets me going and is really upbeat and I truly do love the lyrics and everything about it a track that I think could easily be single and another reason to listen to this album again and again brilliant! - 10/10.

          Track 11 - Last Of The Ladies
          At first I was not sure about this song but as I have listened to it more it is an emotional song and grows on you just like songs did from St Jude and this is one of those songs that can get you on a good or bad day - 8/10.

          Track 12 - Will It Be This Way Forever
          A fantastic end to this part of the album and again top lyrics and you kind of wish that this was in the middle of the album but then again you need a great finish and this song really does have that and gets you in the mood for a night out or a gig - 10/10.

          Second Folio :-

          Track 1 :- Revolver
          This song has more great lyrics and basically is saying that if you wanted to finish me off ypu could have gone for the safe option than causing a scene and is a bit of a drama - quality! - 9/10.

          Track 2 :- Bojangles
          This is a bit of a crazy fun track but has all the elements of a song for me that it needs and what makes it another belting tune and just makes you happy that there is a second part to Falcon - 9/10.

          Track 3 :- Your The Man
          This song for me is about looking up to someone and aspiring to be like someone and I can relate to that in real life but they can be a letdown too but still an awesome track - 9/10.

          Track 4 :- Meanwhile Back At The Ranch
          Not a bad song but its a bit too western for me a bit but as the title suggests thats what it should be like but still some decent lyrics - 8/10.

          Track 5 :- Forget The Weight Of The World
          This is the final song of this special edition album and is a song that is good but not brilliant and still gets you going in the right areas which is what most of the album did for me - 8/10.

          This is another brilliant offering from The Courteeners and just like with their first album St Jude this will get played again and again. I overall give the album 9/10 as I do not think the weaker songs on the album should bring down the overall rating.

          I am so lucky that I am off to see the band at The Leeds O2 Arena on Friday with a bunch of mates and it will also be 13 years since my dad passed so will be an emotional day for me but I am a positive person and I am going to really enjoy myself as it is what my dad would have wanted and if he was still here today he would have wanted to come to the gig too.

          The album is £6.99 at Amazon even though it shows on here £7.97 for just Falcon on its own but if you want Falcon and Second Folio which is the Two Disc Edition which I have it is £11.99 which people may think for 5 tracks like £1 each but I personally think it is worth the purchase.

          The band as I have just said are currently gigging and you check what they are up to at the moment at http://www.thecourteeners.com/ and see what this fantastic band is all about.

          If you like your indie music then this is a must album for you and if you have never tried it or never heard of The Courteeners then check them out they are so worth a listen. One warning I will give is there is swearing on the album so not one for the kids really.

          I hope you enjoyed this review and as always thanks for reading.

          Rob :)


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          06.02.2010 11:34
          Very helpful



          A toy that will leave your baby smiling again and again and again,

          I am writing about this product and stating that when I first saw it I was a bit sceptical as I had been told by my sons mummy that the Jumperoo was originally bought for him for the future and not to be used when he was only just over a month but I thought to myself that I would not judge it until I had seen it in action and seen how it benefited my son and how much he would get out of it.

          Instantly my doubts were taken away as I saw my little boy jumping up and down and playing very happily and smiling and getting so much fun and enjoyment at the cool funky music and all the noise and flashing lights and colours and how much fun it was it really made me happy to see him enjoying himself so much and also with the jumping up and down would give him strength in his legs and when you are holding him and he is not in the Jumperoo he is still wanting to bounce around and is such an active baby so this is just the perfect thing for him and keeps him entertained.

          Every time I have been to visit him the one toy or thing that he loves so much and keeps him really happy is his Jumperoo and through a day can give him hours of enjoyment and to give him support until he is able to support himself my girlfriend his mummy put a material donut at the bottom of the Jumperoo and then that gives Jonah the support that he needs and so even at such a young age he has the confidence and belief to play happy and look happy too.

          The Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo as shown in the picture has a round circular base and then has 3 bars that go up from the base and then on two of these there is a leaf with a frog attatched on one and a parrot attatched on the other one and it would have been nice for a leaf and something else to be attatched to the third bar as the centre of the Jumperoo where my son sits he soon learnt how to twist himself round but this is not a major problem as there is plenty more things to entertain and do.

          There is the seat where baby sits which is a frog and is very colourful red and yellow and just need to make sure that your baby is comfortable and can move about freely within the jumperoo. In the front of the Jumperoo there is some animals and then some switches and lights and they control for the start of the different music that is sounds of the Rainforest which is great for this as suggests in the name.

          To the left of the Jumperoo there is a rainbow that has cloud attatched and a sun breaking through and a tiger coming out to play and this is interactive for baby. To the right there is a multicoloured dragonfly and this can move about and baby can have fun with it too. Round diffefent other parts of the Jumperoo there are things that rattle and things that pop up so lots to keep your baby entertained.

          The Jumperoo is very sturdy so if you have an active baby like my little boy who loves to go in it lots and lots then it will be fine being used so frequently and would make many a baby very happy when they may be having a bad time like teething or generally unwell this is there time to break free and have some fun.

          My son has been using his Jumperoo since he was about 1 month old and he will be 6 months old on 18th February and I dont think there is a day goes by that he does not go in it or is always looking at it and I wish there had been something like this when me and my brother was younger as I think it is very beneficial in a number of ways like getting stronger in your body, musical which my son loves music so much like me, different colours to get used to and different sounds which I also thinks educates a baby and makes them more alert and used to the different sights and sounds that may be encountered in life.

          It will be a sad day when my son no longer uses his Jumperoo but I know it has already helped in his development and growth and will continue to do so and I am sure there are other parents who endorse this wonderful product and how happy it makes your baby.

          Here is a link below to the Jumperoo which also gives some information also and you need to go to amazon site and then search for The Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo :-


          My sons mummy picked this up for about £84.99 and even though that sounds quite expensive I think the joy and pleasure that it has brought Jonah it has been worth every penny and if you have one of these then I hope your baby has got lots out of it like my little boy and if not why not! (joke) but seriously get yourself one for your baby you will not regret it.

          I hope this review gives you an insight into The Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo and may encourage you to buy one and thanks as always for reading my review.

          Rob :D


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          30.01.2010 11:08
          Very helpful



          A product that makes those embarassing moments fade away.

          I have had sensitive skin for a number of years now and sometimes it can be embarassing and irritable as some other people on here may know. I used to use normal deoderants like Lynx allover my body and under my armpits but then all that would happen is my skin would go red and even a Lynx roll on was still no good as it badly affected my skin.

          So I needed a deoderant or a roll on for me that was going to be suitable for my sensitive skin and would not leave me feeling irritable and uncomfortable like I had been in the past. There has not always been a market for such a product in the past but I think as more and more people have sensitive skin there is a need for something to help so whether it is work or play you are safe in the knowledge that you can go about your daily business without any problems and pains.

          I then one day was in my local Tesco and trying to find a particular product that ticked all the boxes to help me out with my situation as I wanted to stay clean and fresh all over. That is when I spotted the Sure For Men Sensitive Anti Perspirant Deodorant and went and took a further look to see if this would be the solution.

          As you see in the picture it comes in a grey container and has the Sure For Men colours and the familiar tick emblem and it states for sensitive skin is a 24 hour anti-perspirant and contains 0% alcohol and that last factor is a key factor as the alcohol in Lynx Deoderant Sprays and Roll Ons is rather high and this is the reason for the irritation for myself and this product could just be the answer.

          So I got the roll on and then went and paid for it and it cost about £2.39 although I have checked with other retailers and the best price I found is £1.65 which is a bargain but I do not mind paying the price I paid as long as it did the job I wanted. I got home as it was morning and I gave the roll on a try and it was not too sticky it rolled on easily enough and had a fragrance that was nice and not too overpowering it was fresh and lasted long enough for me to be happy with its performance.

          I would say that if you have the same problem as me then this is the product for you as instead of having those embarrasing moments you will have the confidence and belief to apply the roll on and get on with your life and you can buy this in a majority of supermarkets and shops and I am sure you will not mind paying that extra bit for comfort.

          A link to the product with the cheapest price and some information is below just click the link and search for Sure For Men Sensitive Roll On :-


          As always thanks for reading my review and I hope it has been useful to you.

          Rob :)


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          15.12.2009 22:09
          Very helpful



          I think that once you have stayed at this hotel you will be visiting again and again.

          The Premier Inn I am reviewing today is the one that is situated in Dundee and is in an area called Kingsway West and is not far from a retail park by the same name. Now before I visited this Premier Inn for the first time in November the only advertisements I had seen was Lenny Henry on TV and in newspapers saying that they are a great hotel to stay at with affordable prices from as little as £29 per night.

          This seems for me like a decent offer but I had never used Premier Inn before so I wanted to check some other hotels in the are to see what was most suitable and convenient. I looked on the internet and found that there were some Travelodge`s in the kind of area but the Kingsway West Premier Inn looked most suitable and this was for accomodation for after me and my mum had been to visit my little boy for the first time.

          Regarding the history of Premier Inn it used to be called Premier Lodge and it was rebranded when Whitbread aquired ownership of the chain of hotels and they were first established in 1987 and their head office is in Luton, England they have more than 590 hotels within the UK and was set up to compete with Travelodge.

          I registered online easily so I could book my first room with Premier Inn and it was a painless process just filled in your details and they asked for credit card details but would only bill you once you arrived at the hotel. I suppose if you fail to turn up or do not say if you will not be staying at the hotel then they can still charge you. Once registered I did a search for a room for two adults with a double bed which I thought meant two double beds and got sent an email confirming the booking.

          The weekend arrived for me and my mum to go visit my son for the first time and the Sat Nav was programmed in to go to the hotel it took us over six hours to get there as it was our first trip in the car to Dundee and there were various hold ups, then the Sat Nav did not recognise certain roundabouts which was helpful.

          We arrived mid to late afternoon on the Saturday and arrived at our destination and there where we had parked was a Beefeater and that was the place where we would have any meals we consumed. We wandered over to The Premier Inn and was greeted very politely and friendly by the receptionist and did the routine things to book in paid for our accomodation and confirmed out breakfast and various other details and the price came to £64 which I found rather reasonable.

          We were handed our documents and key and then made our way to the second floor where our room was and entered to find much to our own dismay and fault a double bed and then a couch so I let my mum take the double bed while I would suffer and freeze to death on the couch but it was only for one night so I do not like to complain too much.

          The room was a decent size and had the essentials like a wardrobe and coat hangers, a desk with various items like a kettle and cups and condiments and there was a TV and a decent sized mirror on the wall, a mirror near the desk and the bathroom was a nice size too. Once we had got settled in we made our way to my little boy`s mums house and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening there before heading back to the hotel.

          We arrived back at the hotel safely and it was quite late so after a bit of a chill out and I went on my laptop using the hotel Wi-Fi which was £9 which I found expensive and could do without in the future me and my mum settled in for the night. After a pleasant nights sleep me and my mum got showered and changed and then head for the Beefeater for some breakfast.

          We had a standard full english breakfast which consisted of sausage, bacon, egg, tomato, mushrooms and baked beans and also had a round of toast and a croissant and some fruit juice and it was a nice way to start the day. Once we had finished our breakfast we made sure we had got everything and then went to reception to book out and hand over our key.

          Once we had arrived home I emptied my bag to find that I had left my mobile phone charger at the hotel so my mum contacted the hotel and they kindly sent the charger by first class post to my house and as a thank you me and my mum sent a thank you card and some stamps to cover the postage as I really needed my charger.

          Me and my mum booked again to stay in the same Premier Inn for the weekend that has just passed to go and see my little boy and his family before christmas and take and receive some presents. We were unable to book online this time as we had forgotten our password and the forgot password option was not very good.

          So my mum called The Premier Inn instead and booked me and her a room and this time we booked a room with twin beds and this was confirmed over the phone and then we waited for our trip to Dundee again. It did not take as long to travel this time even though there was fog and roadworks and we as before arrived at The Premier Inn and parked in front of The Beefeater again, then made our way to the hotel reception.

          We were again greeted by a warm welcome and a happy and smiling face and confirmed our booking with asking to have breakfast again and paid then got our documents and key and we was on the first floor this time which pleased my mum as she is not very mobile. On entering the room it was just like the room we had the previous time except there was a double bed and then the couch was a single bed so my mum took the double bed and I took the single bed which was much better than what I had last time.

          We once again settled in and then headed over to see my little boy and his mum and family and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening with them. We left their house and made our way back to the hotel and we chilled out for a bit and then drifted off to sleep and even though there was a party going on in The Beefheater we did not hear a peep.

          After a pleasants night sleep like before me and my mum awoke had a shower and then made our way to The Beefeater. We again had a croissant for myself and porridge for my mum a round of toast and this time had two sausages, two rashers of bacon, two eggs, one tomato, mushrooms and baked beans and my mum had coffee and I had fruit juice.

          Once we had this delicious breakfast we headed back to the hotel this time double double checked we had everything then headed to reception booked out handed over our room key and bidded a fond farewell to the receptionist and made our way home.

          I have to say I am very impressed with Premier Inn their staff are very friendly and the rooms and clean and tidy and a decent size and you feel like you have had a decents night sleep and a good meal and there is not much I can fault with them really and in the future would be prepared to stay in the same hotel or in other Premier Inn`s within the UK.

          You can find out further information about The Premier Inn from the links below :-


          If you have stayed in a Premier Inn before I hope this review encorages you to stay there again and if you have never stayed there then I hope this review encourages you to give them a try and see what I am raving about.

          As always thanks for reading my review I hope you enjoyed reading it and it is helpful for you.

          Rob :)


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          08.12.2009 22:40
          Very helpful



          If you would like a nice slice of Pizza or 8 this is the place to visit!

          I have been going to Pizza Hut for many years and I have to say I have had my fair share of good and bad experiences but I always try and remember the good things rather thank the bad. I remember when I was younger going for kids partys and for a meal with the family and it was always good fun and there was always plenty of choice of pizza`s and food and lots of different activities to do for kids so that the parents could breath a sigh of relief that they were being entertained and give them a break.

          Pizza Hut was originally founded in 1958 by two gentleman who are called Dan and Frank Carney and they are brothers and the first Pizza Hut was founded in Wichita, Kansas and from that one start up resteraunt over 50 years later there is about 34,000 Pizza Hut Resteraunts worldwide right now and I have been to about 4 or 5 in the York area which is near to where I live and they always seem to be very popular but I have seen the staff taken advantage and overworked many a time.

          I do remember one time when I went to Pizza Hut with my family and I was about 12 and my older relatives were drinking lager or other such alcohol and I asked if I could have some and my mum and dad said no and so I had lots of delicious pizza and then to wash it down a fair amount of Pepsi and with the rule of pay for your soft drink once and then get free refills I really did take advantage of that offer. That was to backfire later in the night when my bladder got way too full and I nearly weed myself but luckily the toilets were nearby but I enjoyed that particular Pizza Hut experience barring the bladder incident.

          The food that Pizza Hut serve is really nice in my opinion and as the name suggests their main dish is Pizza but they do lots of different toppings and sizes and you can get stuffed crusts and the like. There are also buffet options and you can get salad bowls and you can get such starters as garlic bread and buffalo wings and plenty of pasta to go around an there was a recent campaign in which the name changed to "Pasta Hut" but I do not think it has quite the same ring to it.

          You can also get a selection of drinks and desserts and the kids always have a good time with the icecream factory and I know some adults enjoy it too like myself and I have to say that my favourite Pizza choice would have to be a Large Stuffed Crust Meat Feast it just tastes awesome and I choose it many times. There are various vegetarian options so for people who are vegetarian you can still have a nice meal with lots of nice tasty vegetables and other such meals.

          Well I said earlier I have had my fair share of good and bad experiences at Pizza Hut and the worst for me was when me and my best mate went to one in York Town Centre on a Saturday as we were doing some shopping and we fancied some lunch. We stepped into the doorway of the Pizza Hut and waited to be seated. It was not too long before we were shown to a table for two and then told that somebody would be with us shortly to take our order.

          Unfortunately after about 5 minutes of waiting nobody had come to take our order so I politely asked a female member of staff when we were going to be served and she just shrugged her shoulders said I don`t know and hastily walked away from our table. This was not the response me and our best mate were after so we had a discussion and said how long we would wait before asking again to be served.

          We decided jointly we would wait another 5 minutes and then would ask politely again if we could be served. The 5 minutes elapsed and the same girl who was rude to me the first time passed our table and I merely enquired to her if we could order some drinks and she replied back that she was too busy and that we would have to wait for somebody else to take our drinks and food order.

          By this point me and my best friend were really annoyed and decided to give it another 5 minutes to see if another member of staff would come along and take our order. Much to our disgust nobody else came up to take our order and before we left we made a point to the rude female member of staff that we would not return to that particular Pizza Hut and with the attitude she had that she would soon be handed her P45 and be jobless.

          I am happy to report that some years down the line that the service has improved greatly and when I have been to a Pizza Hut recently I have always got served in good time. I usually every year go on a Christmas Shopping Trip with my mum and get some nice presents for family and friends and we always go for lunch at Pizza Hut but my mum said why don`t we have a change and go to a cafe that she said served nice food.

          We sauntered over to said cafe and it was closed. Dissapointed by this I said to my mum that I would still like to do Pizza Hut and she agreed so we made our way over to the closest Pizza Hut we could find. We went into the doorway and waited to be seated. We were soon shown to a table for two and told that somebody would be with us shortly to take our order. What a difference to when I came with my friend it was a different Pizza Hut but this lovely female member of staff came over to us all happy and bubbly and introduced herself and passed us a menu each and took our drink order and we both ordered Diet Pepsi.

          When the lady brought our drinks to our table she asked kindly if we were ready to order and between me and my mum we ordered my favourite which is a Large Stuffed Crust Meat Feast Pizza and we also ordered a salad bowl each. The lady thanked us for our order and took our menus and said she would return shortly with our salad bowls which she did and then said we could go to the salad bar and help ourselves and our Pizza would be with us shortly.

          After filling up our salad bowls me and my mum chatted for a bit and before we knew our Pizza had arrived and looked and smelled wonderful and the lady asked if we required any condiments and we politely said we were fine and she said enjoy your meal. My mum was not too hungry so I had the odd slice of Pizza extra than her but as always for me and my mum we had a lovely meal and we felt like we had been properly fed.

          The lady came over and asked us if we had enjoyed our meal and we both said yes it was thoroughly enjoyable and then she kindly asked us if we were having a nice day and enjoying our Christmas Shopping which we were and then she asked us if we would like a dessert. We politely said we were too full and asked for the lady to bring our bill.

          The lady brought our bill and it came to about £20 roughly and because the lady had given us such excellent customer service we left her a £5 tip as she gave the kind of service which made us feel special and would want us to go back again and also tell family and friends about such a wonderful experience. I was hoping the lady would be able to keep the £5 tip to herself but I suspect there is a tips container and it gets split at the end of service.

          So there is my good and bad experiences of Pizza Hut but like I said before I more tend to focus on the good things they have to offer. If you feel the urge for Pizza or you have never been there I urge to give it a try it really is so delicious. Below is a link to some more information about Pizza Hut and a link to the Pizza Hut Website :-


          I hope this review encourages you to visit one of your local Pizza Huts and try some of their delicious food and fantastic service most of the time these days and as always thanks so much for reading.

          Rob :)


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          • Step Brothers (DVD) / DVD / 37 Readings / 37 Ratings
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            06.12.2009 18:13
            Very helpful



            This film may go some way to making you appreciate your own family a bit more if you dont already.

            The film Stepbrothers is a 15 rated film starring in my opinion the really funny Will Ferrell and his co-star John C. Reilly. Now I have seen WF in quite a few films and I always thought he was a funny guy I mean the likes of Old School, Anchorman, Talladega Nights, Wedding Crashers, Blades Of Glory just the things he did in these films made me laugh and coupled with the comedy of JCR who I first saw him in Talladega Nights I was really looking forward to seeing what these two comedy actors would cook up in this film.

            The film begins with Will Ferrell`s charachter Brennan Huff who is this nearly 40 year old man who still acts around and likes to play the fool and would rather sit around doing nothing all day than go and get a job and do an honest days work. John C. Reilly`s charachter Dale Doback is not much better and is already 40 and they both find it easy enough to be lazy slacker loser type people who just let life pass them by and goof off constantly.

            Brennan lives with his mum Nancy who is played by Mary Steenburgen and she is too soft on Brennan and seems to mother him rather than being more strict with him and that has lead to him being the way he is. Dale does not have a place of his own also and he lives with his Dad Robert and he is played by Richard Jenkins.

            Nancy and Robert are good charachters in this film and make the film seem to go in the comical way it is supposed to. Robert is a Doctor and in a presentation he is doing Nancy is there and while doing the presentation Robert cannot take his eyes off Nancy and he has a faux pas and after the conference things get a little steamy and once they have a brief get to know you they make love.

            It is not long before they fall in love and get married but this pleases neither Dale or Brennan and they both say their piece and storm off in a fit of anger. Brennan`s younger brother Derek played by Adam Scott cannot make the wedding as he is on an important fishing trip with some special people and thinks that it is more important than seeing his mother get remarried.

            After Nancy and Robert are married there has to be a new living arrangement and that is that Nancy and Brennan go and live with Robert and Dale and this causes immediate friction between Brennan and Dale as they are now stepbrothers and things do not start off well even with their newly wed parents hoping they would be civil and grown up to eachother.

            Both Brennan and Dale try and find out about there respective steparents but dont get much information. Nancy, Robert, Brendan and Dale have their first meal and it is awkward but they just manage to get through it. Then Dale starts laying down some ground rules of the house and screams at Brennan not to touch his drumset and then shows him to his new room which Dale and Brennan have to share.

            Nancy and Robert are discussing where they would like to go on their cruise on Robert`s boat and Brendan and Dale confirm their hate for eachother. They all go out on the boat one day and this is when the two boys start prank eachother. The cardinal sin is when Brennan plays Dale`s drums and chaos ensues and there is fighting and the steparents have to be called to sort them out.

            Robert is very angry and demands they fix the dry wall they demolished and arranges job interviews for both of them as he is sick of them goofing around. That night Brennan and Dale go sleepwalking and leave the house in a right mess. The next day Derek who as you remember is Nancy`s youngest boy and Brennan`s brother comes round to see everyone and is accompanied by his wife Alice played by Kathryn Hahn and their two children Tommy and Tiffany.

            Before they arrive at Robert`s house they try and sing Sweet Child Of Mine originally sung by Guns n Roses with interesting results. The family have dinner apart from Brennan who is sulking in the treehouse and Dale soon joins him as Derek is showing off and then shows off some more until he is put in his place.

            Alice Derek`s wife hears what Dale does to Derek and she instantly is attracted to him and sick of Derek`s ways makes a play for Dale. Brennan and Dale are soon showing off to eachother and then they both realise how cool each of them are and soon they are best friends and start doing lots of cool things together like Karate and making Bunkbeds.

            The job interviews are here after that and the boys do some things to turn it into an unsucessful process and then Dale talks about him and Brennan setting up their own company and then they boys get into some trouble with kids and Nancy suggests the boys steer clear of that area of town. Robert asks Derek to sell his house at a good price and they want to retire and go boating and Brennan and Dale are far from happy about this as they will have to live in the real world.

            They are told they need to get their own places and are also put into therapy. Brennan and Dale try everything to stop Derek selling Robert`s house. In the evening all the family go for a meal for Derek`s birthday and Alice tries to get physical with Dale and then Brennan and Dale show a presentation for their possible future new company with disastrous consequences.

            Robert has had his boat wrecked by Brennan and Dale and he starts to fight with Nancy and even Christmas does not make them happy and while having Christmas Dinner it is Alice after Dale again and sadly Nancy and Robert announce they are getting divorced and Robert blames Brennan and Dale and Nancy gets cross with Robert for saying that.

            Robert`s house eventually gets sold and Brennan and Dale start fighting again and try to nearly kill eachother. Both the boys go their seperate ways and both try to start acting maturely and get jobs which they both eventually do. Brendan then asks his little brother Derek to head up and organise The Catalina Wine Mixer which is Derek`s most imortant social event of the year and Derek agrees to let him have a go.

            So this really just leaves some of the following questions to be answered :-

            Will The Catalina Wine Mixer be a success?
            Will Robert and Nancy still be friends and will Brennan and Dale start talking properly again?
            Will the business that Brennan and Dale always wanted to set up become a reality?
            Will Dale get revenge on his child tormentor?
            Will Alice leave Derek for Dale?

            These are just a selection of questions that need to be answered by watching this film so I emplore you to do so if want to see how things turn out. I have always found Will Ferrell a funny actor and combined with John C. Reilly they really seem to make a great comedy duo. I would never expect to see such behaviour from two grown men in real life but for me it is what makes the film so funny and it is a film that when I first watched it I was laughing and the other people in the film just make this a comedy film I would watch with friends especially if they needed cheering up.

            So if you need to bit of a laugh or a cheer me up watch this film and if you have Sky Movies look out for it and if you want a more permanent copy then you can buy this from Amazon at the great price of £2.98.

            I dont think I will have a stepbrother in the future but if I did either of these two charachters Brennan and Dale would be fun to have in my life and maybe if you have a stepbrother you will think a bit more about them if you do not already or help them out even if they drive you crazy.

            Thanks as always for reading my review and I hope this goes in some way to persuading you to watch or buy this funny comedy film.

            Rob :)


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              30.11.2009 23:21
              Very helpful



              A sensitive product that wont leave you feeling as much after using it.

              I remember the days when I was younger and I could use any kind of bath cream or more commonly a shower gel and it did not have to be the sensitive variety and as with previous reviews you may have gathered that I like Lynx Deoderant and also used to use Lynx Shower Gels also but then something personally not very nice was discovered by myself and by reading other such reviews and reviews by other Dooyooers in general I am not on my own in the condition I have and I would not wish this on anyone as it is not nice.

              From years of going in the sun when I was a child and going to Scarborough or Bridlington or generally to the coast I was never prone to using suncream and how I do wish I had used it now as I do personally believe this is a contributing factor as to why I have such sensitive skin today and when I use certain products it is harsh for my skin and even when shaving or simply spraying a deoderant can sometimes leave me feeling in quite some pain.

              I always remember one day when I went for a shower and for some reason instead of using my normal sensitive shower gel I used the Lynx Africa Shower Gel and this turned out to be such a bad decision for me as by the time I had finished it felt like my skin was burning and I felt in so much pain and had to go outside in the open air and in the cold to try and relieve the pain and after many hours of using the Shower Gel the pain eventually subsided but I promised myself that I would never again put myself through this torture.

              Now I dont really have many baths well not as many as when I was a child or a teenager as I find a shower is more effective and a hell of a lot quicker and I am always on the look out for a Sensitive Shower Gel or something similar that will be kind to my skin and also have a decent lather when washing myself so I know that I have had a proper shower.

              I had seen the Sanex Dermo Sensitive Cream Bath in Tesco and this was the 750ml variety and a fair bit bigger than the display picture. As you can see it comes in a beige container with a blue top and an easy enough open top lid and then on the front of the bottle is emblazended Sanex and below this stating that is foaming cream bath is dermo sensitive and dermo active 3, it has lactoserum in it and claims to Keep Skin Healthy.

              Well I have been using this Bath Cream for over a year now and as I stated before I dont do baths so use it in the shower instead and it for me has always been a great product to use as I get the right amount of cream on my sponge and then let some water go onto the sponge and then this creates the perfect lather and then I wash myself allover, the aroma of the bath cream is a nice one its not too strong also which is good. Once I have finished my shower after about 5-10 minutes I always feel better and fresher and the Bath Cream really does help in that process.

              I am always on the lookout to see if it is on offer as one bottle for over £3 can be quite expensive but as an example Superdrug have these on offer and that is to BOGOF but not literally as they will lose custom but to buy one bottle at £3.42 and then you get a bottle free and this seems like a great offer to me and the bottle always seems to go a long way and here is a link below to check out this great offer by going to the Superdrug website link below and searching for Sanex Dermo Sensitive Cream Bath :-


              So if you are like me and other members of Dooyoo with the problem of sensitive skin then I would give this Bath Cream a go for either a bath or shower and I promise you will not be dissapointed with the results.

              Thanks so much for reading and I hope this review can be of use to people.

              Rob :)


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              • Boost Energy / Soft Drink / 40 Readings / 39 Ratings
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                29.11.2009 19:24
                Very helpful



                To keep your energy levels going buy this drink it will help you out.

                I do like my energy drinks from time to time when I need a bit of a pick me up or something to keep you going. Now there is the more commonly known energy drinks like Red Bull, Relentless, Lucozade, Monster and many more but I am always on the lookout for new kinds of energy drinks that may give me that lift that the others cannot so when I saw this Boost Energy Drink in my local Costcutters where the energy drinks are kept I was curious to see what this was all about and decided to purchase it and see if it was as good as the other energy drinks I had tried in the past.

                As the display picture shows it comes in a plastic grey bottle with a black and blue lable amd Boost Energy written down the side of the bottle and has a black screw top where you open the bottle. Like most bottles you buy it is simple enough to open and you get that fizz sound when you first open it and then you get familiar whiff that you get when you buy the majority of energy drinks and so I thought that this could be like the others or not but I would take my first gulp and wait and see what I thought.

                I was happy to find that it had different type of taste to some of the other drinks and tasted a bit more carbonated but not so much that you felt bloated and enough so that it would taste flat and tasteless after it had been opened for some time. I think that with every mouthful you take that you do get an invigoration that makes you want to get up and go and do something which is the basic aim of energy drinks.

                I have bought this quite a few times and it is not always in stock at Costcutters so when it is not there I tend to buy another energy drink but I am always pleased to see it on the shelf as I have grown accustomed to it but will not drink it by the gallon as then I would get addicted as some people can with energy drinks and then they sadly have the opposite effect of why you bought it in the first place and why it was manufactured.

                This bottle costs me 65p from my local Costcutter for the 500ml bottle displayed but as I have researched a bit further there are some offers such as from concordextra.com where you can get 12 bottles for £8.28 if you want to stock up on them but for me personally even though I like this energy drink I would stick to single bottles.

                They have their own website which there is a link to below I would think that this range would be more in supermatkets as they have cans of Boost too and a sugar free range, active couple of bottles, sports couple of bottles and even smoothies that makes this look quite good so it will be something I will look out for in the future check it out for yourselves :-


                If you like your energy drinks or you have never tried this or just want something to give you a bit of get up and go try this and I am sure you will like the taste and the feeling it gives you.

                I hope this review may encourage you and be of some use to you and do enough to make you want to buy Boost Energy Drink and as always thanks so much for reading.

                Rob :)


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                29.11.2009 14:19
                Very helpful



                If you want to look like a cool dude then this is the product for you.

                Now I have had many hairstyles over the years at first it was just like a combover or centre partings but remember this was when I was very young, then I got more control of what my hair would be like and so I went for a crewcut and it has always been one of my favourite haircut styles and I thought I looked cool but I was young and stupid so what did I know?

                Then there was the at the time I thought the coolest haircut ever but really did not turn out that way. My mate had wanted to get a Flat Top for ages he had seen it in Street Fighter and in films and he said it looked really cool and I was like well if your getting one I will too. So off we both wandered over to the hairdressers and my mate said "Rob you go first and then I will go after you". Famous last words me thinks.

                After getting the Flat Top look my mate took one look and said thinking about it now seeing it on you I have changed my mind and I thought that was just typtical. All I needed now was a stripe through my hair an american glitter t-shirt and some hot pants and I would be my towns answer to Vanilla Ice and he was popular at the time so I thought I would have plenty of cred.

                I went to a social function where I lived and there was some nicer people who said how cool and rad it looked and then some cruel and nasty people including my mate who wanted the haircut in the first place who came out with such statements as "Is that a landing pad for flies?". Now at the time i was gutted and my street cred had gone out the window but I can look back on it and laugh as long as nobody has any photos lying around I am safe but I am sure one day it could still come back to haunt me.

                I have grown my hair quite long and then once I got asked by this girl who I worked with if for Cancer Research if I would get my haircut. I was very fond of my hair but at the sametime doing some good for such a worthwhile charity I took the plunge and agreed to do it but I said they had to raise plenty of money. I was not left dissapointed as over £800 was raised and lots of people were gathered around and even the local rag came and took some pictures and there I was looking like a human tennis ball but then I stupidly when a stage further and got a razor and then it was all off properly but my head looked a right state and I promised never to do that again.

                I just got general haircuts but then for about three years I grew my hair and by the end of these three years my hair resembled that of the Cowardly Lion off The Wizard Of Oz and I had like natural ringlets in my hair and my brother being a complete mickey taker called me a girl and Shirley Temple and a few other people made harsh and nasty comments but I didnt care it was my hair I could do what I wanted with it.

                So it came to a crucial decision when asked by my cruel brother and his lovely then wife to be I was asked as a wedding gift to get my flowing locks cut off. Again being the kind and generous soul I did this brave act and paid £40 to get my haircut and promised to never pay that kind of money again for a haircut but my brother and his wife said I looked very smart and it made my family and friends happy to know that I was not looking like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards.

                So over the last couple of years my hair has really not had long to grow before comments came saying get your haircut and you need to look tidy. I agree that I did need to smarten up and this is where my analysis of the Alberto Vo5 Surf Style Texturising Paste comes in as I have used it for about a year or so and for two special occasions I have had really nice comments from people and that was at one of my best mates wedding where I was best man for him in July and then only yesterday another best mate I was at his wedding and for such an occasion I like to look the part.

                Now the wax comes in a round blue tub and it has a yellow lid and you get 150ml off the wax and it says its Surf Style and for a beach blown look so if your a rad dude or a surfer then this is a must buy product for you i guess. The wax has a funny kind of feel to it its a beige kind of colour but the fragrance is good and one that makes your hair smell nice.

                You can apply it to either wet or dry hair but yesterday when I applied my wax I did it when it was dry and at first I thought I was going to be there for ages styling my hair as no matter what I did there was not a proper spiked hairstyle happening and for like fully twenty minutes I was messing about with my hair and then eventually I got the look I was after and I could confidenly set off for the wedding.

                I enjoyed the wedding very much and it was so wonderful to see one of my best mates getting married to his beautiful lady and when I went to check that my hair was still looking good I was not let down and when I left the wedding it was still looking ultra cool and I was pleased that the wax had again done the job I had asked it to do.

                I would say go and buy this wax as it does do the job that you want it to do and nine times out of ten does what it says on the lid but if you are in a rush on a morning or just generally stick to another hair product as its not a five minute job to get the right look.

                I have checked and you can buy this for about £3.29 which may seem a bit pricy but it you dont use too much with every time you use it then it should last you for quite a while.

                Hope you like my review and as always thanks for reading.

                Rob :)


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                  26.11.2009 22:00
                  Very helpful



                  A place that leave you in good spirits & happy that you have been fed & watered & been to the loo.

                  I was on the way to Dundee to see my little boy for the first time and was travelling with my mum in her Red Ford Fiesta. For some reason maybe because the Sat Nav my mum has does not have certain new roads and other such things since she bought it.

                  My mum has not uploaded any new maps it took us on a longer journey even though we had a route planner that my brother had printed off. With journey time and stopping off time it was going to take us about 7 hours to get to our destination and we set off about 9:00am so around about half way we decided that with it being lunch time we would stop off somewhere go to the toilet and have some food and drink.

                  Both me and my mum did spot a services but for some reason we did not realise it was one at the time so we waited for the next place that looked suitable to stop at and it happened to be the Lindisfarne Inn in Berwick Upon Tweed. Now I have never been to Berwick Upon Tweed but have heard of it and sounded a nice place, from the outside the pub/inn looked quite inviting and there was a sign outside stating that there was accomodation if you so desired but we just wanted to relieve ourselved and be fed and watered.

                  Me and my mum walked into The Lindisfarne Inn and made our way towards the bar area and there was a manager type person at a table and he looked to be doing some figures and he asked us if we wanted food and drink and we said yes we did so he said somebody would be with us shortly and not two minutes later a waitress took us over to the resteraunt area and showed us to a table.

                  The waitress asked us if we would like any drinks and I had a Pint Of Fosters and my mum had a Bitter Lemon and I ordered these at the bar and this was put on a tab which was helpful . The waitress then gave us some menu`s and then told us that once we were ready to order our food to come to the food ordering area which was to the left of the bar.

                  I chose to order the one of the Lindisfarne Inn Specials which was a Lindisfarne Inn Stack Burger as when I go to a pub or resteraunt I like to try the house meals and my mum liked the sound of that too and so she ordered the same and so I ordered two Stack Burgers and then trundled off to the toilet. Once I had finished there I went back to the table I was sat at with my mum and we talked and drank our drinks and waited for our food to arrive.

                  It came in quite a reasonable time as the pub/inn was not that busy and the resteraunt area was not that busy but filled up a bit later on. Our Stack Burgers arrived and I do love a good burger and this looked to fit the bill it had a decent sized burger cheese bacon and onion ring I think it was and then there was a salad garnish chips and some coleslaw in a pot.

                  I was pretty hungry so not too fast but fast enough ate my meal and then my mum said she could not finish all her burger so not wanting to waste it I ate that too as I had enjoyed what I had but sometimes you can regret having that extra bit but that did not happen for me. Once I had finished that took a little time to chat to my mum again and take a breather. Once I had done this I asked my mum if she would like a dessert and straight away she shook her head but I was more indulgent and with three and a half more hours to travel hopefully this would keep us both going.

                  There was a chalk board on the side with a Desserts List and I looked through and about half way down there was something that caught my eye and it was a funny sounding dessert called Lumpy Bumpy and I had visions in my head of what it would be like and I returned to the Food Ordering Area and ordered my dessert with the waiter who worked there this time.

                  I went and sat down with my mum again and then about 5 minutes later the waiter brought over my Lumpy Bumpy Dessert and it looked nothing like I imagined but the presentation was nice and it tasted great and I could easily of had another slice but then that really would have been greedy. Once I had finished that me and my mum finished our drinks and then I nipped to the loo while mum went back to the car and then once I had done that we were on our way again.

                  I have to say I was really impressed with The Lindisfarne Inn it had a nice homely feel was a good size the staff were friendly the food and drink were great and the facilities were top notch and if you are in that neck of the woods pop in I am sure you will not be dissapointed and if the Sat Nav navigates us to that area again me and my mum will be sure to pop in again.

                  The official website for The Lindisfarne Inn is below so you can find out exactly what I am talking about in my review and get further information for about what they have to offer and what is going on at this lovely pub/inn :-


                  Hope you enjoyed this review and thanks as always for reading.

                  Rob :)


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                    24.11.2009 01:01
                    Very helpful



                    If you want to feel super sexy or smell it too this is the fragrance for you!

                    I have previously written a review quite a bit ago about Lynx Africa Deodorant Body Spray which is one of my favourites but was written when I first joined dooyoo so I feel with Lynx Fever Deodorant Body Spray I need to go into a bit more depth about the fragrance and also a bit of history about the Lynx range that unbelievably even though under a different name launched in Europe in 1983 and in the UK in 1985.

                    I can always remember my first experience with Lynx Deodorants it was the early 1990`s and gone were the days of bad haircuts, men wearing make up and discos and in its place there was Bermuda Shorts, Nintendo`s and Raves. I like both era`s if I am being honest but I was not even a teenager when I had my first try of lynx.

                    I think I remember my mum getting it from the supermarket and then I saw this black canister and it had like a weird kind of purple emblem and the name of my first Lynx Deodorant Can was Oriental and I dont know if they were trying to give off a smell of the Oriental but I always remember it being a fresh smell and something I could relate to and I kept on asking for my mum to buy Lynx for me.

                    I even remember once going round to one of my best mates as he said he was struggling with his Science Homework and me being so good at it asked for my help. As a reward he gave me a drink of juice, a couple of biscuits, a play on his Nintendo on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and then a liberal spraying of Lynx Oriental Deodorant.

                    At the time I thought it was a good deal but now I think I was ripped off a bit and wish I had bartered for more! There was not another Lynx Deoderant released for a couple of years but then after about the third release of the fragrance they released one every year, then into the 00`s and advertising was used more to sell Lynx Deodorants and is still used in the present day to market these Body Sprays.

                    There have been over 50 Lynx Deodorant Sprays released in total with many different fragrances, most of them have sadly been discontinued but there are still some that have stood the test of time and one of those being Africa which is one of my favourites as I mentioned before and was first released back in 1995. There have been normal Lynx Deodorants and Limited Edition Lynx Deodorants and there are some more Lynx Sprays due to be released in 2010.

                    As mentioned before the product I am reviewing is Lynx Fever Deodorant Body Spray. When I first looked in the supermarket and wanted a different Lynx Spray and something that was eyecatching Fever did that straight away and I saw the familiar black can and then at the base of the can so many bright and wonderful colours like red, yellow and orange and then I twisted the can for a description and it says "Fever Deodorant Spray With Brazilian Orange Essence" and to me that sounded great so without further hesitation I purchased a Can Of Fever and then was on my way to give it a try.

                    As I sprayed some of the fragrance for the first time my senses were awoken and a deep and powerful orange smell mixed with other wonderful magic smells that literally had my nosehairs quivering with delight. As I smell it now it just puts a huge smile on your face and gives you a glow of positivity and the people who came up with this fragrance deserve a huge pat on the back and a round of applause as if they wanted people to feel confident about using Lynx Sprays then this is bursting with enthusiasm and positivity and every time I spray it on myself I start to feel good about me and the things around me which can only be a good thing.

                    It looks like it retails for about £2.79 but if you shop around should be able to get if for cheaper and I have seen it on offer in Tesco where you can buy this Lynx and another fragrance for £3.50 so a saving of about £1 per can and I think this is a decent offer in my opinion.

                    So if you like Lynx Deodorants give this one a try, if you have never tried Lynx before then give it a go I feel sure you will not feel dissapointed by how it makes you smell and feel.

                    Here is a link with some more information about the Lynx/Axe range :-


                    Thanks as always for reading hope this can persuade you to buy some Braziliant Fire!

                    Rob :)


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                    22.11.2009 18:36
                    Very helpful



                    One Eau De Toilette that will be on your table rather than in the toilet!

                    I have used this fragrance quite a few times before and I never get tired of using it as it is fresh and gives you a good feeling about yourself and when you are off to work or on a night out a fragrance like this gives you the confidence to do things that you would not normally do but as long as you do not go too far and do something stupid.

                    I get told by various ladies and even a few blokes that there is nothing better than a man that smells good, when I come down waiting to go for work and say goodbyes to my mum she always comments how nice I smell and a fragrance like this always does the trick and when you want to feel a bit more super, sexy confident then this will do the trick for you.

                    Now I always associate Adidas with Sports Players and I would like to think that they would endorse such a product as especially when you have been playing sport you do not want to smell all sweaty, this Eau De Toilette seems to do the trick as when you apply it to your face and try it on your wrist to get a good whiff you instantly get a fresh and invigorating smell that since it was first launched is still a popular brand of fragrance to buy.

                    I have bought it before for myself as I do not mind doing that as it is a fragrance I like but have also received it as a gift. I can usually receive it or buy it on its own or it comes as part of a gift set along with deoderant and I remember one year I bought the gift set in Boots and it was the Adidas: Blue Challenge, Eau de Toilette, Adidas Deoderant Spray and Adidas Rucksack.

                    This was retailing at about £15 and I really needed all 3 of those items so it was perfect for me really and I still have the rucksack and use it to take my lunch to work. I have nearly run out of my latest bottle so will be on the lookout for a similar offer or see how much it costs on its own as its always nice to have this fragrance on my bedside table.

                    Looks like the best offer you can get for the fragrance on its own is about £6.44 which is not a bad price for this. I cannot see a gift set which is a bit dissapointing but not the end of the world.

                    So if you want a fragrance that leaves you smelling fresh and invigorated and confident then this is the one for you try it if you have never before and if you have get another bottle its so worth it.

                    Thanks for reading as always.

                    Rob :)


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                  • Sony MDR EX35LPB / Headphones / 59 Readings / 58 Ratings
                    More +
                    14.11.2009 22:57
                    Very helpful


                    • Reliability


                    You will wonder what you ever did before you had these magnificent earphones.

                    I love to listen to music so much it is a big part of my life and gets me through especially when I am feeling low or just generally having a bad day so for me wether I am travelling to or from work or in my bedroom or generally just hanging about or doing some exercise or even cutting the grass sticking some tunes on makes most of these things a bit more pleasant and thats when I stick my Ipod Touch on and chill out a bit or put on something a bit more up tempo especially if it is early in the morning.

                    Throughout the years I have had walkmans and discmans and the earphones I have used have been the round normal ones like the type you would get with any type of Ipod and that is what I have always bought. A few weeks ago I started to notice that my earphones were not working as they should be so I thought oh no that is really going to spoil my music listening pleasure but instead of doing something about it I ignored it and would just twist round the bit where you plug in the earphones and that seemed to do the trick.

                    Then after a couple of weeks it really started to become a proper annoyance and it was not worth listening to my Ipod if I was not getting the listening pleasure I was craving for. So I debated in my head for a little bit what shall I do and I finally came to the conclusion that I would buy a new set of earphones and so on my lunch from work one day I trundled over to HMV and started to browse the earphone section and see what earphones selection they had and what would be most suitable for me.

                    I saw the in-ear earphones and thought I dont know about these type of earphones as I had never tried them before and so I was a bit sceptical to spend money on something I did not know too much about. So I started browsing my usual type of earphones that I always go for and there looked to be an ok range but nothing that stood out for me and said yes Rob I think you should buy me. As I was pondering what to do next a member of HMV staff came over and politely said "Do you need any help today sir?".

                    I explained to the member of staff my dilemma and he said to me that the type of earphones I usually buy were not as popular as they used to be and that the in-ear style of earphones had become more popular and he even endorsed that he had some himself and had not been left dissapointed by the quality. So I asked him if there was any of the in-ear phones that was the most popular or on offer and he had a quick look and then took off the rack the Sony MDR EX35LPB earphones.

                    He explained that they were quite different to the earphones I was most accustomed to and I straight away thought is this what I really want but then as he went further into the explanation I started to take more of an interest. He told me that the earphones did go deeper into your ear hence the name in-ear and he said that the earphones would block the sound around you or the majority of it anyway.

                    He also told me that there would be more of a bass sound and that would mean that when you normally would listen to music on your PC or Laptop or Hi-Fi ect it would be of a decent quality but then these earphones would pick up more sounds like at the start and beginning of songs and in certain favourite songs and you would even feel in some ways like you may be in a recording studio or a live performance with the artist you are listening to in the same room as you.

                    I also got told by the HMV staff member that normally these earphones would retails at about £34.99 and I had seen other such earphones at that price and was a bit unsure to pay so much for these even though I did need them but then he delivered some sweet musical news to my ears and told me that they were currently selling at a special price of £14.99 and for an extra £3.99 then I would get a 3 year warranty on the earphones so if within 3 years my earphones were damaged or lost or stolen or any other such mishap or malfunction I could go into HMV and buy the same type of earphones for the same price of £14.99 and with such information given to me by the helpful staff member I was handed my earphones and went to purchase them and also asked for the warranty cover also.

                    I also asked about the HMV Pure Card as I had purchased one previously and had not seemed to have accrued any points when I checked my online balance but when I checked my receipt after making my purchase I saw that I had a healthy points balance of 4799 which I was quite chuffed about and left the HMV store a happy customer but was still yet to try out the earphones so there was time for my mood to change.

                    As I got on my first bus of 2 to get me home I thought why not crack open the earphones now and give them a try out and see if they are as good as what the bloke at HMV had told me. My first impression was that I still dont know about these they dont look too sturdy or like they would actually give me the music satisfaction I craved so much. As I pulled the earphones out of the wrapping I was thinking is this going to be one purchase I have made a mistake on???

                    As I gently placed each earphone safely into my ears I suddenly was like I cannot hear much and then thought oh well that must be the blocking out sound part and at was still a bit wary as the earphones felt a bit weird but I sat back in my seat on the bus and thought why not give them a proper test so I scrolled through the music on my Ipod Touch and stuck on some Generation X - Perfect Hits 1975-1981 album and had it on full volume as this always seemed to be an album that I could not hear as well as others and as the music started to play the vocals of Billy Idol came through and a beaming smile came over my face.

                    The music sounded much clearer and for my first impression of being a in-ear earphone virgin I was a happy music fan. I wanted to keep testing the earphones so I put on Lostprophets - Liberation Transmission album and turned the volume down a bit as this always seemed a bit louder previously and sometimes you get other bus users giving you "The Stare!!!" and so as the music came on pretty much straight away the bass comes through and again I am left feeling so good that the music that is playing is giving me the satisfaction that I crave so much.

                    I also tested with coughing and singing but not too loud as I did not want other bus users to think I was some kind of crazy weirdo! It sounded a bit bizarre but at the same time as I listened for other such sounds around me they did not affect my music listening pleasure. The next song I tried was a dance song something really up tempo to see if the earphones could give me a more mellow chill out affect as and when I would need it like on a Sunday or on a day off and so I played Lifelike and Kris Menace - Discopolis(Chris Lake Remix) single and just like the previous music I had played I was filled with a positive mood that made me feel so great and I had made the right purchase.

                    I did a couple more tests just to make sure that the earphones were of the quality I was after and so I put on the Razorlight album Up All Night and I put my Ipod Touch back up to full wack and as Golden Touch started up it was so brilliant to hear this type of music on another level and I just wanted to try more and more music but I thought I would give one more blast of music before I switched my Ipod Touch off until next time and so I got some R&B flava on with the Jodeci album The Show, The After Party, The Hotel and put on a really cool and sexy song that I like so much called Freek `n` You and it sounded so fresh and so awesome and so the tests had come to show me that the earphones I had bought were the ones I had been looking for.

                    I have been using the earphones for less than a week and now really wish I had been more adventurous in buying them as I would have gone for in-ear earphones every time as they make the music feel so much more real and takes your music listening experience higher than ever before and whether you are just chilling out or ready for a night out these earphones make it a musical experience worth taking every time you put the earphones in and makes you want to listen to music so much more the bass really is incredible.

                    So if you have never had a pair of in-ear earphones before and even though you might be thinking that they are not the standard and quality of your usual earphones you use take a chance and I promise you will left in a musical paradise.

                    Thanks for reading as always and hope I have given you a decent insight as why you should purchase these music changing earphones. One thing I would point out also is initially when pulling the earphones out it may feel strange at first but this feeling soon goes away.

                    Rob :)


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