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    • Coca-Cola / Soft Drink / 32 Readings / 31 Ratings
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      09.04.2012 13:17
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      Nearly Always Coca-Cola :)

      So Coca-Cola - It doesn't really need any introduction as I am sure that everyone is familiar with the famous red and white logo.......If you haven't heard of it WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!!!

      Coca Cola is a Carbonated Soft drink sold in over 200 countries around the world and is produced by The Coca-Cola Company of Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

      Coca - Cola is not my most favourite drink, to be honest I prefer Pepsi!! Yesterday my partner went to the corner shop to buy some soft drinks as we were having his sister over for dinner and she can only drink certain things due to her taste and her diabetes. Her bought one 2L of Coca-Cola Zero (for her) and one 2L of Coca-Cola for us. I was not thrilled but when I started drinking I realised that it was a refreshing change as I had not had it for a while.

      When I see Coca-Cola I think of Christmas due to the highly popular Christmas advertisments featuring Father Christmas and the Coca-Cola Truck. "Holidays Are Coming, Holidays Are Coming". Seeing the festive Coca-Cola Bottles, the advert or the Truck which I seen last year in Liverpool never fails to get me in to the Christmas Spirit (Not that I need any persuading, I am a Child at heart - and usually more excited than the children!!)

      I am not going to describe the packaging in detail as Coca-Cola can come in all different shapes and sizes, cans, various sized plastic bottles, glass bottles etc.
      Most of them state on them the content of sugar, salt, fat, carbohydrates etc and the recommended Guidline Daily Amounts for men and women and how much of them the drink contains. They also have the ingredients, not many actually but reading them they can be broken down as Water, Sugar, Caramel E510d (Colouring), Caffiene (Natural Flavouring) an Phosphoric Acid. People wonder why this is commonly described as bad for your teeth!!! :)
      Coca Cola is described as a ''sparkling soft drink with vegetable extracts''. In larger text than the ingredients, the bottles usually state, ''No Added Preservatives since 1886'' and ''Natural Flavours'' true, but doesn't quite have the desired effect once you have read the ingredients!

      Even though I know what goes in it, me like most other people will still continue to drink it as it's refreshing, tasty and to be honest the taste is indescribable, I can't think of any other way to define it rather than Coca-Cola because there is nothing else that tastes like it.
      My favourite way to drink Coca-Cola is out of Glass Bottles as it tastes somehow different to me. The downside of this is the price of them, for a pack of 6 x 330ml in Tesco it is £4.29!! For 8 x 330ml Cans it is only £3.85!!! 2 Extra Cans and 44p cheaper.

      Other Prices in Tesco are

      150ML Can -£0.40
      330ml Can - £0.59
      500ml Bottle -£1.08
      2Litre - £1.98
      4 x 2Litre - £6.00
      12 x 150ml Cans - £3.00
      12 x 330ml Cans - £4.99
      24 x 330ml Cans - £8.85

      Coca-Cola has also expended their range from 'Normal' Coca Cola to Diet Coca Cola, Coke Zero, Caffiene Free and also added other flavours to theor range, the most popular other than Regular being Cherry-Coke. I also remember a good few years ago there being Vanilla Coke and Lemon and Lime Coca-Cola and even Coffee.

      A few other 'fun facts' about Coca-Cola

      It was first sold in bottles in March 1984 promoting two key ingredients, Caffiene and Cocaine!!!
      Coca-Cola was originally intended as a Patent Medicine when it was invented!
      It is rumoured that Father Christmas wore a Green Suit before Coca-Cola re-invented him.......!!!

      Coca-Cola is always going to be a number one brand in soft drinks, overall I would recommend the drink for it's taste but not for it's sugary content. And that is why I am going to give it 4****


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        08.04.2012 21:49
        Very helpful



        Must Have, Must Read, Must Not Put Down!!!!

        This book was lent to me by my Mum yesterday as we are both avid readers (although her taste in books is rather different to mine). I am stuck at home with a broken ankle and shoulder so I can't do much else but to read. When I first looked at the book I immediately thought of the TV series that I had seen advertised on the TV recently but never bothered to watch (I am a CSI nut and having sky it seems to be on constantly so my TV experiences don't stray much from there!!). I took the book and put it to one side thinking that I would give it back to her a few days later telling her that I had read it and it was great (Lies....I know....!!!). So maybe an hour later my partner decided to put some F1 programme on so I picked up the book huffily and started to read.......and read....and read until 2 hours later and the whole 340 pages had been read!!!!

        On first look at the book, to be honest it's not that eyecatching. In Block Capitals the name JENNIFER WORTH and in smaller caps underneath THE NUMBER ONE BESTSELLER. A third way down the cover CALL THE MIDWIFE - and below - A True Story of the East End in the 1950s. The picture that fills the rest of the page is of three women, midwifes as you can tell by the old fashioned red hats with gold button and blue dress with white collar, on bicycles in front of children on the street and lines of washing strung from one house to another. A nice picture once you really look at it but not one you would notice in the midst of other books. In the right hand bottom corner written in a box is the words As Seen On BBC.

        The back cover promotes the story saying -

        LIFE IN LONDONS EAST END in the 1950s was tough. The brothels of Cable Street, the Kray brothers and gang warfare, the meths drinkers in the bombsites - this was the world Jennifer worth entered when she became a midwife at the age of twenty-two. Babies were born in slum conditions, often with no running water. Funny, disturbing and moving, Call the Midwife brings to life a world that has now changed beyond measure.

        Underneath this blurb there are pictures of the 4 books, I want to say in the series but having not read them I cannot say for sure, Jennifer Worth has also wrote. The back cover also promotes the cast of the BBC show with their names underneath. having read the story now I am able to look at the characters and place a few of them in the story even though it only gives their real names and not the names of them in the show.

        Overall not a great cover to the book but not a bad one either. What's inside totally makes up for what is missing on the outside. On the subject of the content of the book, I am going to get right to it as anyone could have wrote what I have already have just by looking at the book (I want to be concise as this truly is an amazing book!).

        The book starts with an 8 page introduction into Nonnatus House, a house with a 'family' of Nuns living in it who had all trained and were qualified Nurses and Midwives. The house of St Raymond Nonnatus was in teh London Docklands and was opened by a group of devoted Anglican Nuns devoted in bringing safer childcare to the poor. There were also other houses opened by the same order in various slums of Great Britain for the same reason.

        It is discovered in the book that Jennifer Worth was a a midwife workin with the Nuns and living in Nonnatus house. She had originally trained at The Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading as a nurse before moving onto Nonnatis house to become a midwife and judging by the rest of the story she was a brilliant one at that!!!

        The book takes you through many different types of birth (some of which I will mention later) but also tells the story of what it was like to be living in London in the 1950s and some of the cultures and mannerisms of the people who lived and worked there.

        I particularly enjoyed the way she spoke about the respect given to midwives in that era, a respect which we do not always see now. The fact that a midwife was one of the very few people that could go walk or cycle any time of day or night to attend a patient and always be greeted with a smile or a cheery wave despite all of the brothels, gangs and 'bad pennies'. They felt safe and secure no matter where they went which just shows what an amazing job they done and how they were admired for it.

        In one part of the story it tells you about a midwife who called herself 'Chummy' she was a rather larger than life character '' 6 foot 2 inches tall, with shoulders like a front row forward snd size 11 feet'' described by Jennifer as what she thought was a ''bloke in drag'' the first time that she seen her. Chummy was a person who spoke with phrases such as ''good-egg'' and ''old-bean'' and was that clumsy she could fall over her own shadow!!
        To get around midwifes had to use bikes as there were not many cars around in the 1950's and it was the faster mode of transport for making emergency calls or basic everyday visiting as they each had a lot of patients to get through each day. ''Chummy'' did not know how to ride a bike and needed to learn, because of her size the only bike available for her long legs was a large Raleigh of about 1910 vintage made of solid iron which weighed about half a tonne!!! Her answer to this was positive as always ''Never Mind, I can learn'' and ''Not to worry, I can practice''.
        Through this activity her respect was earned not just because of the midwife that she was but the was she handled herself and the respect that she gave out to others, others like a tough looking 12 year old who was at first jeering her when he saw what she was doing but then turned his jeers into silent admiration for the woman who fell off the bike more than she was on it and positively declared her grazed knee with the gushing blood - ''just a scratch'' or her head when banged on a kerb ''no brains, no hurt''!!! That boy, Jack, then went onto teach her and aid her to ride the bike early in the mornings and late at night, declaring to her that if she were to get any trouble off the children who followed her and jeered at the sight of her attempts, just to tell him and he would sort it out for her. I thought that this was an amazing thing to have achieved such a connection with a child and I was nearly in tears reading that when she had to learned to ride the bike, she presented him with a bike of his own for helping her to ride. Something which a lot of children did not have in the 50's. Even though she was perfectly able to ride on her own and there was no threat of danger to her he still went with her on her calls, him on his bike and her on hers and he waited outside guarding the two bikes for all that he was worth - amazing!!

        The stories that are told of the births and some of the conditions that they had to deliver the babies in make you gasp outloud!! It is such a different world from today. I don't want to go into too much detail as if you are wanting to read the book I don't want to spoil it all for you as most of it is more powerful when you are reading it all to yourself at once.

        Jennifer writes the book with the upmost admiration and loyalty to the Nuns and it is not surprising why when the different events are presented in thhe story. This is truly a book that will make you laugh out loud in places and reach for the tissues in others. I am truly thankful that I was able to read it as I am now going to give this book back to my Mum (She donated them back to the St Johns Hospice, where she purchaced them from, once they have been read) and purchace a copy of this, the other books in the series and also the DVD of the BBC series to have for myself as I know that this will be a book I will read again and again!

        The Book - Call The Midwife can be purchaced from Amazon for £3.86 + FREE P+P for the copy that I have or if you want to get the matching set the book also has another cover and this copy can be purchaced for £3.92 + FREE P+P.

        To buy the full set of matching books from Jennifer Worth you can get Call The Midwife, Shadows of the Workhouse, Farewell to the East End and In The Midst of Life from Amazon.co.uk. They are all purchaced separately (not a box set) and are a combigned price of £15.62 FREE P+P.

        The DVD set of Call The Midwife is also on Amazon for £11.99 FREE P+P.

        In case you are wondering I am not promoting the book!!! :) I just think that Call the Midwife is an amazing read and plan on getting the whole set ASAP and just thought others maybe interested aswell.

        100% Amazing read, must have book for anyones collection. Highly Recommended!!


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        07.04.2012 10:54
        Very helpful



        Great for a Fiver (would be happy to pay full price aswell)

        I bought these for my daughter 1 and a half years ago when I was purchasing items from Argos for her 1st birthday. I had picked something which was £10.00 but in the 2 for £15 range so I thought that I might aswell pick another gift for the extra £5.00 and these were it.

        I was pleasently surprised when these were handed to me as I didn't think that there would be as many in the bag as there were - 70 pieces in all!!! The blocks were made up of 1pc, 2pc, 3pc and 4pc in length (if you know what I mean?!?! Lengthwise - I cant think of a better way to describe it). There were pink, purple, white and blue blocks in the bag although other packs are availale with different colour scemes in.

        When she recieved them she wasn't that interested in them so my 6 year old decided to claim them for herself and spent hours playing with them building different castles and houses :) It wasn't until my youngest was over 2 years old that she began to play with them, as soon as she did they became a firm favourite with her and replaced her other toys for a good while! She has stopped playing with them as much but I still see them appearing around 3 times a week.

        The bricks are nice and chunky so easy for small children to grasp and could help improve their hand-eye co-ordination and their creativity. Another thing that I like with these are that you can expand the collection with other Mega Blocks from this size range and they can all be played with together rather than having to purchace a new set and play with them separatley.

        This set can be purchaced from Argos for £14.97 at the moment in 'Pink' or multicoloured (70pc bag) or you could pay the extra 2 pence as they have a set on sale at the moment - 100pc Pony bag with added animals for £14.99 (think I might expand ours with these).

        Overall highly recommended as they will keep childern amused for hours on end. (and adults come to think of it - my other half thinks I don't see him making what he wants when he is meant to be joining in the play)



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          05.04.2012 15:27
          Very helpful



          The Child will enjoy it

          My Daughters copy of this DVD (or as she says Deevee-Deevee!!) was not actually bought for her, having 3 children you can imagine how many Disney DVD's we get through, each DVD bought had a code in it for Disney Rewars where you get a set amount of points usually 50-100 which you can save up in your Disney Rewards account to get 'free' items, I saved them up and got this DVD for 500 points although it does retail on amazon.co.uk for £5.49 with Free Delivery.

          On first look at the DVD, you notice how brightly coloured it is and how the colours contrast eachother it is impossible not to be eye-catching.
          There is a centre picture of Minnie standing infront of the Minnie Bow-Tique with a banner in front of her like the ones that they cut when a new shop is opening, the banner says Grand Opening.
          Also on the cover are Mickey and Donald on ladders and Daisy and Goofy in the background.

          On the DVD itself there are 4 episodes:
          *Minnie's Pyjama Party
          *Minnie's Bow-Tique
          *Minnie's Bee Story
          *Minnie's Picnic

          To be honest I haven't sat there and watched the whole DVD all the way through - my two year old does it EVERY NIGHT though!!!!
          However I have seen the majority of it at different times and the stories range from obviously the grand opening of Minnie's Bow-Tique, A picnic in Mickey Park (Which has now made my daughter want a picnic every day for her dinner) and a daytime sleepover.

          There is one phrase in it which she has decided to repeat over and over whilst holding my camera phone - "Say Cheese"!!!!. I am now cursing the DVD for this as there is only so many times you can hear one thing :)

          I like the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD's overall as they seem to stimulate and educate the child. Since she has been watching them her vocabulary and co-ordination has improved. She is able to string longer sentances together and often uses them to describe what she is watching on the DVD. I know that it is not all down to watching the DVD but it certainly helps.

          Overall I would most certainly recommend this DVD as it is obviously fun with her watching it every single night and is also well worth it at £5.49!! 5
          ***** From ME :)


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          05.04.2012 13:17
          Very helpful
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          I Want One Of Those!!!!

          This Soft Minnie Mouse was bought for my 2 year old for Christmas 2011 by a family member as she was, and still is, Minnie Mouse MAD!!!

          On first look at it, its something that you would be drawn to picking up in a shop. It is christmassy looking (if that makes sense). Minnie has on a Pink puffball jacket ( the only way I can think to decribe the material is that of a waterproof bubble jacket) with white fur around the waist and collar, a pink mesh tutu and white ice skate type boots with silver fabric blades on the bottom. On the top of her head, in the middle is a pink Velor Bow with White Spots. She also has white hands, which I assume are meant to be gloves with three black stitched lines on the back of each hand.

          On the bottom of her Left foot there is silver stitched writing which says Disney Store 2011.

          If I didnt have a daughter, I would still want one of these for myself!!! It is cute and very cuddly. My little girl takes it to bed with her every night and brings it down again every morning.....along with the 5 other Minnie Mouse soft toys that she has!!

          She stands at around 50cm tall and is approx 13cm in width.

          This Minnie Mouse is Exclusive to the Disney Store but can be bought online at Amazon.co.uk for "28.99 + £4.62 Delivery and is sold by Disney Toys.

          I would highly recommend this as a great bedtime pal for any little Minnie Mouse fan.


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            05.04.2012 12:54
            Very helpful



            Overall a Must have for any little girl.

            As I have mentioned in a previous review I am going to review all of the items that My children recieved for Christmas, starting with my youngest saughter (2Years 8Months) and her very Minnie Mouse Christmas.

            I bought the Minnie Mouse Shopping Trolley from the Brilliant Gift Shop in a bundle with the Minnie Mouse Electronic Cash Register. I think that I paid around £30.00 for the pair. At the moment the Trolley is on offer on Amazon for £13.39 or £45.67 for it in a bundle along with the Cash Register and the Minnie Mouse Tea Set.

            The trolley itself comes flat packed with 10 pieces of play fruit and veg. To assemble the trolley it would take any normal person maybe 10 mins (it took my partner 25 minutes as he refuses to read instructions!!)
            There are 5 pieces of the trolley to assemble, the Purple back with the handle and 2 green wheels on it. The two pink sides, the purple front which carries along to make the base of the trolley aswell and another two green wheels.

            All the pieces easily slot into one another and have attractive designs on them. On the handle piece there is a plastic Minnie Mouse Bow and on all of the side and bottom pieces there are roundholes making up the pattern of a more modern and more Minnie shopping trolley.

            The trolleys shape can also be altered by unhooking the sides from the handle piece of the trolley and the wheels snap back by pressing two buttond next to the front wheels to make it into a trolley that you can pull behind you.

            On the front of the trolley there is a large sticker with pictures of fruit and veg on it.

            The trolley itself is made of thin plastic but seems to be very srong and durable. If the child somehow bends or pushes it into a shape that it shouldnt be it seems to bend accordingly rather than being rigid and firm.

            My daughter loves playing with this in addition to the rest of the set, she doesn't just use it for the Minnie Food, absolutely everything gets put into this and pushed around. Even she has tried to get into it!! Luckily I caught her just as it was beginning to bend!!!

            Overall this is a 5***** product, the price, the durability and the fun that can be had with it and to top it all off, no flaws or disadvantages that I have noticed with it. I would highly recommend this to any young child.


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            05.04.2012 12:31
            Very helpful



            Overall, An amazing toy.

            So...with Christmas well and truly out of the way I thought that it was about time that I done something productive with myself and start reviewing all of the toys that my children recieved, starting with my youngest daughters.
            My youngest daughter is 2 years and 8 months and as of November decided that she no longer loved Iggle Piggle as she had for over a year, she had now moved onto Minnie Mouse. Luckily for her I hadn't finished my Christmas shopping so decided to make her Christmas a very Minnie Christmas - starting with this cash register.

            I originally purchaced it from the Brilliant Gift Shop Catalogue as they had an offer on for 20% off toys and also this item came reduced aswell if you bought it in a bundle with the trolley so I think I paid around £30.00 for the pair - Don't quote me on that though because I can't quite remember. (Although I do know that it is now on sale on Amazon.co.uk for £19.99).

            The till itself is lovely to look at, it is very girly and the colours on it complement eachother. It is a light pink on the majority with other pastel colours, blue purple, green yellow etc. on all of the other parts of it.
            There is buttons on it in the shape of numbers 0-9 all in different colours.
            +, -, /, x, = and also a divide sign all in white on pink round buttons.
            There is also a 'Minnie Mouse Head' shape in white which opens the till drawer.
            The on/off switch and volume, microphone button and 'c' button for the calculator are white with black symbols printed on them.
            On the top of the till there is an arch with Black Minnie Mouse ears on it.
            The other play areas on the till are a 'pen' with Minnie Mouse shoes on the top which stands in a hole, the function of this pen is to draw on the 'pad', made of orange plastic, when you draw on the top of the pad it imprints into the white plastic underneath making whatever is on the pad visable. To clear the pad you simply lift up the orange topping sheet and that will remove anything on it.
            There is also a toy microphone, not much bigger than the pen, it is set on green bendy pastic so that it can be adjusted to the childs preference.
            There is also a slot spanning the width of the till for the child to swipe the Minnie Credit Card that comes with the till. When swiped the card hits a button set into the slot causing the till to beep.
            Attatched to the left side of the till is a conveyor belt which has a wheel at the side so that the items can be moved along it. A good idea athough it does not move along very far and as with my daughter she tried to force it to go further. It didn't break but in my opinion if a child with enough force were to try and do it then it would snap.
            On the right hand side there is a scanner to scan the barcodes of the products. It is a light blue with a pink heart and a flower on it, it sits in a green stand and when the items are scanned

            The drawer on the till is split into six compatments, 3 large and 3 small. The large ones are the right size for the 'Notes', Coloured paper with pictures of Minnie Mouse on and the different note denominations. The smaller compartments are for the 'Minnie Money', different coloured Minnie Mouse head shaped coind about the size of a 10p with the different amounts on, ie 1p, 2p 5p etc.
            The only problem that I see with this is that the credit card doesn't actually fit into any of these compartments so it has to be left on the top at the risk of being misplaced or lost.

            Overall though it is a great product and my daughter loves it she can spend hours playing with it. I have noticed that her counting has got better since she has had this as she like to press the button on the keypad, i.e. number 3 and then put 3 'Minnie Money' into the draw.

            The till had been dropped a number of times and has never broke or even shown a mark on it. The plastic that it is made of is glossy and quite thick with all rounded edges. It is easy to keep clean, a quick wipe over and any marks or smudges come off as they don't seem to stick to the glossy finish.

            Overall it is an amazing product and I think cheap at the price of £19.99 for the amount of different activities on it.

            I am still going to give this item 5***** regardless of the two things that I have listed as disadvantages as to be honest they do not compromise the amount of fun and happy play that my daughetr gets out of it.


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            04.04.2012 20:40
            Very helpful



            Overall, Worth The Price

            I apologise in advance as I am not very technological so please don't expect a review full of specifications and what-not because I just haven't a clue!!! I am hoping that people will appreciate this review as being simple and to the point rather than being blinded by numbers and abbreviations. :) This is just basically my take on the laptop, the good and bad points rather than a blow by blow account of what it has, something which anyone can get online when they look for the Acer Aspire 5552.
            My Acer Aspire is only around a year old and to be honest it is ready to be scrapped. Not good for me as I have to get a new laptop but good that I can give a review on it and point out all the things that may go wrong with it (Through no fault of the laptops, mainly mine)

            The look of the laptop itself in my opinion is rather formal and business like plain black, large and rectangular. Closed, the lid of the laptop has the word 'acer' in reflective silver and the rest of the lid is raised about 2mm higher than this. The lid has a pattern on it which reminds me of the metal that fire escape stairs are made of with the grain of rice criss-cross pattern on it.
            Opening it up, the laptop has a flat keyboard with chiclet keys which basically means that each key on the keyboard is set individually and is floating so there is a gap around them and below them where dust and dirt can get in and hide. (Note to self....and others....do not think that it is a good idea to try and prise the keys off to clean under them as you will come across one...or 3 in my case that don't want to move and you end up snapping them off their springs).
            The mouse touchpad is about 7cm wide and 4cm high with an extra 1cm below where the mouse buttons are. At the side of the touchpad there is an arrow spanning the height which shows you that you can scroll up and down the webpage that you are on by sliding your finger up and down it. The buttons are actually one long button which you can use like a normal mouse by clicking on the respecive side. I think that it would have been better if it had been split into two as I have noticed, because the middle is static, when you press the side that you need, usually the left for me, it tends to stick down and you have to press really hard a good few times for it to unstick itself.
            The screen is a 15.6'' HD LCD screen and has a built in webcam, I am not sure what megapixel the webcam is but I have searched online and am led to believe that it is 1.3mp. To put it bluntly, it is not really much use as the brightness through the webcam is reduced substantially no matter where or of what you are trying to take a picture or video. The image that you see is rather blurred and 'toned down' of colour. The screen itself is nice and large and allows you to see your pages clear and with ease. The only problem that I had with the screen (entirely my fault) was that I picked it up **shock horror** with my thumb and forefinger underneath the webcam a few times and caused the screen to crack rather badly. (I told my partner that our 2 year old had done it because she is his princess and he wouldnt shout at her, and wouldn't buy me a new one. But in all fairness she did stand on it when it was closed 3 days later so really I was just anticipating it)
            As I have not had the screen repaired yet the 'crack' is now around 10cm wide on the right and splits off into 4 more cracks :( Also the inside by the charger is crackling, not to sure what that is though !!

            On the left side of the laptop there is a series of open slits which I assume is a fan ut even from new I have only known it to blow out hot air, I have also burned my arm on it once or twice, and on the block in the middle of the charger while I am on the subject of burning!!
            There is also USB ports, a Wired Network Port, a headphone socket, a charger socket and another round socket with a bluetooth symbol next to it.
            On the right side there is two USB ports and a 'DVD-Super Multi DL Drive', I just use that to play CD's!!!!

            The The Battery Life on the Acer Aspire 5552 is not very long to be truthful, in my opinion anyway. I only seem to get at the most an hour out of it when it has been fully charged. I only use it to search the internet and play games on Facebook etc. I dont know if this is the reason why but it has been like this from new so I know that it is not something that I have done to it.

            On the subject of internet browsing I find that it is rather fast and without complications, it is easy to switch from one page from another and to have multiple tabs open at the same time without compromising the speed or effectiveness of the other pages.

            I have searched online to try and get some of the Specifications that I have already said I am unsure of just to try and give a better all round review.

            I have used www.acerdirect.co.uk


            Processor family AMD Athlon II
            L2 Cache 1 MB
            Processor front side bus 3200 MHz
            Motherboard chipset -
            Processor Model P320
            Processor Clock Speed 2100 MHz

            DISK DRIVE

            Number of hard drives installed 1
            Total Storage Capacity 320 GB
            Hard disk interface Serial ATA
            Hard disk rotational speed 5400 rpm


            LED backlight Y
            Display Resolution 1366 x 768 pixels
            Display diagonal 15.6 "
            Display number of colours 16.7 M
            Display LCD
            Aspect Ratio 16:9


            Memory Clock Speed 1066 MHz
            Memory layout 1024+2048 MB
            Maximum internal memory 8 GB
            Memory slots 2x SO-DIMM
            Internal memory type DDR3-SDRAM
            Internal memory 3072 MB

            STORAGE MEDIA

            Card reader integrated Y
            Compatible memory cards MMC,SD


            Discrete graphics adapter model UMA
            On-board graphics adapter model Y
            Graphics adapter family -

            OPTICAL DRIVE

            Optical drive type DVD Super Multi DL


            full-size keyboard Y


            Built-in camera Y
            Megapixel 1.3 MP


            3G network access module N
            Wireless LAN (WLAN) connection Y
            Bluetooth Y
            Ethernet LAN connection Y
            Cabling technology 10/100/1000Base-T(X)
            Wireless LAN type 802.11b/g/n


            Operating system architecture 64-bit
            Operating system provided Windows 7 Home Premium


            eSATA/USB 3.0 ports quantity 0
            eSATA/USB 2.0 ports quantity 0
            USB 3.0 ports quantity 0
            DisplayPorts quantity 0
            HDMI ports quantity 0
            ExpressCard slot N
            eSATA ports quantity 0
            Port replicator N
            VGA (D-Sub) ports quantity 1
            SmartCard slot N
            CardBus PCMCIA slot type N
            CardBus PCMCIA slots quantity 0
            DVI port N
            TV out port N
            DC-in jack Y
            S/PDIF out port N
            Microphone, line-in jack Y
            Speaker/ headphone/ line-out jack 1
            Ethernet LAN (RJ-45) ports quantity 1
            Modem (RJ-11) ports 0
            IEEE 1394/Firewire ports quantity 0
            USB 2.0 ports quantity 3
            Infrared data port N


            Password protection HDD,User,Supervisor,BIOS
            Cable lock slot Kensington


            Depth 253 mm
            Width 381 mm
            Height 24 mm
            Weight 2600 g


            Power supply 90 W
            Number of battery cells 6 pcs


            Energy Star certified Y
            Compliance industry standards IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3ab

            OTHER FEATURES

            Hard disk drive, user password Y


            Colour of product Black


            Pointing device Touchpad

            RRP 399.97 inc VAT

            Overall, I think that I would recommend this laptop as most of the problems that I have outlined in this review have been down to myself and the fact that I haven't 100% taken care of it :( . I would give it 4/5 *****.


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            16.04.2011 23:19
            Very helpful



            Average Toy.....Major Disappointment!

            For those who aren't familiar with In The Night Garden, I will start with a very brief description of the show that Push and Play Upsy Daisy is from.

            In The Night Garden is a show on CBeebies which is based in a magical garden halfway between dreamland and awake. It is a colourful land with many different characters and each 30minute show has its own different story. The story is narrated by a man and the characters communicate with eachother and the audience in their own different ways.

            There are a few main characters in the show and the story usually revolves around one of them.

            *Iggle Piggle is the main character, A tall blue, teddy who doesn't talk only squeaks. He is always bouncing around the Night Garden and often gets suprised and just falls over! He carries around his red comfort blanket.
            *Upsy Daisy is Iggle Piggle's best friend, she is a beautiful and colourful doll with wild, multi-coloured dreadlocked type hair and stripy clothes and a puffy skirt. Upsy Daisy is usually accompanied by her bed-on-wheels (which she is very protective of) or her megaphone, she loves nothing better than to sing and dance.
            *Makka Pakka is a small brown teddy who seems to be like the baby of the group, he is usually seen speeding around on his Og-Pog Scooter or with his sponge trying to wash some of the other characters faces! Makka Pakka sleeps in a cave with a stone bed and very colourfil blanket, he is well known for the phrase ''Makka Pakka Akka Wakka, Mikka Makka Moo''.
            *There are three Tombliboos - Unn, Ooo and Eee, all with stripy tops and spotty pants on, each a different colour, one brown and pink, one red and green and one pink and yellow. The Tombliboos live in a bush and often have musical instruments, usually a piano or drums as their accompanying objects.
            *There are also two families of characters that live in houses at the bottom of a tree there are 10 in each family, The Wottingers are the blue family and the Pontipines are the red family.
            *There is also a Pinky Ponk which looks like a barrage balloon is mainly turquoise with pink spots and other various coloured details. The Pinky Ponk floats around the garden taking the characters on journeys, crashing into trees along the way and making farting noises!!!
            *The Ninky Nonk is a strange sort of train with five different coloured and different shaped characters which travels around the Night Garden at breakneck speeds usually with some of the characters in it.
            *The Hahoos are big pillow like objects, different shapes and colours who just float around the garden at their leisure.

            Back to Upsy Daisy.........

            I purchaced the toy for my Daughter Hallie who is 20months from a local car boot sale, she seen it and being the BIGGEST In The Night Garden fan, she just would not let up until she had it! Luckily for me it only cost me 50p although I know that brand new they can be priced around £5.00 on websites such as www.amazon.co.uk.

            Push and Play Upsy Daisy is a model of Upsy Daisy lying in her bed, underneath there are wheels for you to push her along. The wheels glide along lino and laminate flooring but on carpet it is a bit of a challenge, it usually ends up on its side after Hallie has tried to push as she is rather heavy handed and it just topples due to the friction.

            On first looking at the toy, you notice the bright colours that are associated with Upsy Daisy. The colours on this were very bright as it had hardly been played with but after a week of Hallie playing with it non stop, to the extent of taking it to bed with her, you can notice the difference in patched where it is starting to fade!

            Upsy Daisy is made of strong plastic and has been dropped a fair few times with no signs of damage!! Very durable and cosidering the paint fades, I have seen no chips from it colliding with whatever surface Hallie is aiming at. (She tends to just drop whatever she has where she stands when she gets bored of them!).

            To be honest, that is about it, that is all that Upsy Daisy does, exactly as the name suggests - Push and Play. This is rather disappointing in my opinion because even though I only paid 50p, there will be other people who have paid more and their children will get bored of it easily as I know that Hallie will soon. All the joy and excitement that the In The Night Garden TV show gives them is NOT reflected in this toy! No matter how wild and extensive a childs imagination is, there is only so far that it will go.

            If I hadn't of bought this where I did, I probably wouldn't have purchaced it. I would rate this product as Average and wold recommend it if you just wanted to build up a collection of the items from the show but not for much more than that purpose!


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              05.04.2011 03:27
              Very helpful
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              Overall A Really Good Buy.

              Last Summer I bought an Intex 8ft Easy Set Above Ground Swimming Pool from my local Netto. It was well priced at 49.99 - Including a filter system! I was 8 months pregnant at the time, the weather was scorching hot and I could just imagine myself being able to laze and cool off in it so it was more an impulse buy!!

              When I got the pool home it took me all of 15 minutes to read the instructions and blow the outer ring up. What took me the longest after that was working out where I would put the thing!!! I am not very good at judging measurements and tried to fit the pool into my back yard - which is not as big as I pictured in my mind when buying the pool!!! It is flat ground though which is one of the reccomendations in the instructions to keep the water evenly distributed and the sides up.
              In the end I just managed to fit the pool in (sort of triangle shaped!!) with cushions around the inflated top ring to stop it catching on any of the walls and bursting!

              As soon as that was done I was all ready to jump on in, but first had to fill it. Once the ring is inflated, a hose should be put in the centre of the pool to allow the water to gradually fill it, lifting the ring up with the level of the water until there is enough in it for it to stand freely - an easy task.....or so I thought! The water pressure in my house is not that great so I thought that it might take around 2 hours......how wrong was I, 9 hours later, freezing my big baby bump off in the night air - it was only half full. I resigned to the fact that I would have to complete the rest the next day - which took another 6 hours!!!! 15 hours in total for me and 3 hours total for my sister who also had bought one as she was pregnent too and needed some refreshment. In my opinion, 3 hours to fill a 2500 litre pool is a bit much, especially if you have children waiting to get in, maybe another hose would help.

              I had two fabulous days in it all to myself, until my children arrived back after staying with grandparents, promptly jumped in - fully clothed I might add and took over the entire pool!! I left them to it and within 10 minutes it started to deflate, one of them (and I still don't know which one) had bitten a hole in the top ring and it was rapidly lowering, allowing the water to start and spill over the edge!!!

              I am afraid that is as far as my personal experience with the pool goes as not long after my baby was born so we were too busy to use the puncture repair kit that came with it to fix the pool and we just boxed it back up ready for this year - I am determined that it will stay up for the whole summer this time and I have bought some accessories to go with it because even though I didn't have much time using the pool, I found that it seemed to attract every insect within a mile radius overnight so I have purchaced a pool cover off e-bay for 9.99 which I hope will keep them out overnight as the pump just doesnt seem to catch may of them in the filter.
              Also I have been tols that it is advisable to look into getting a Water Treatment Aid to keep the water fresh throught the duration that the pool is up, which I most definately will do as I cannot cope with having to keep refilling the pool, not at 15 hours a time!!!

              Overall (with a limited experience) I think that the pool is great value for the price and size, it would quite easily fit two adults and 3-4 children thus providing a very happy entertaining summer for all.

              I would recommend this pool to all and also would recommend not only investing in the extras that I mentioned but also in a good few puncture repair kits - JUST IN CASE!!

              This Pool is available on Amazon for 49.99 and Includes Filter Pump.


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                25.01.2011 17:06
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                Keeps Children Entertained and Active.

                This was bought for my Daughter for her 1st Birthday and I was very pleased with it. My oldest daughter had one of the stand up ones when she was younger and I remember her having endless fun and so I hoped that this one would be the same.

                The toy is recommended for 18m+ although I have found no problems with my younger daughter using it. It also takes 4xD batteries.

                The Busy Ball Popper itself is bright and colouful (lime green, purple, blue, yellow, orange and red). It is made of strong plastic and I have found that it is very durable.

                The object of the Busy Ball Popper is to put the balls into the top, round spiral, for it to fall through the hole in it into the bottom one, along the ''chute and then down and around the tube until it pops out of the top in the centre of the top spiral. (Sorry for the description but I am lost for describing words!!)

                There is a large round button on it which you press and the music plays and wind blows which is what propells the balls through the tube and out of the top. When the balls pop they are sent quite far so alot of the time all you see is her crawling back and forth to the toy trying to retrieve them!!

                My daughter absolutely loves this toy but most of her play with is involves her putting her hand over the top of the hole in an attempt to catch the balls before they 'pop'! She also likes to put anytrhing she finds into it, I am looking at the toy while I am writing this and I can see two bobbles, a toy carrot, a hide 'n' squeak egg and a toy hotdog in the bottom tube!!

                I have only found two problems with this toy, one being the volume - there is only one setting and it is quite loud and listening to it over and over again could quite easily send anyone mad!! The only other problem is that the balls in it cannot be replaced easily if they are lost. My daughter lost two out of the five balls that it came with and I thought that I may be able to replace them with ones from her ball pond but they were too big so I ended up having to buy another toy in the range to get the missing balls.

                Overall though, I would recommend the toy as she seems to really enjoy playing with it so a bit of earache is worth it!

                As I said, this was bought as a present but I think that you could pick this up from most toystores for around £25.00.


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                  25.01.2011 16:41
                  Very helpful



                  Overall, Not Really Worth It!!!

                  I bought In The Night Garden Ninky Nonk for my daughter for Christmas, it was advertised as being 18m+ on the box, she was 16 months at the time and is obsessed with In The Night Garden so I thought that I would get it for her anyway. i ordered it from Toys R Us and I think that I payed £14.99 for it.

                  When it arrived I was a tad disappointed with it as it was rather small compared what I thought from the picture. Nevertheless, she has had hours of fun with it.

                  The Ninky Nonk itself is made of strong plastic and is very bright and colourful with reds, oranges, greens blues etc, a real mish-mash of colours.

                  It has 5 different carriages but only splits into three pieces. Each of the pieces can be hooked back together when taken apart but can only be put back together in one particular order and I find even though you try to firmly hook them, during play they come apart very easily, so most of the play session consists of me taking the pieces off my daughter and hooking them back together. It is one of them toys that you have to play with very carefully - Not much fun for small children!!

                  Personally I wouldn't recommend it as I haven't really got anything positive to say about it, but my daughter seems to be fascinated with it, weather its just the face that its from In The Night Garden or that she actually likes the toy, I don't know.

                  Overall not worth the money, more like something that you would find in a poundshop!!!


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                • Vtech Baby's Laptop / Baby Toy / 28 Readings / 27 Ratings
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                  23.01.2011 18:13
                  Very helpful




                  I bought this in Pink for my 17month old Daughter for Christmas from Argos, it was priced at £9.99 but was in the 2 for £15 catagory so I ended up getting another toy aswell and paying the £15.00.

                  The Laptop is pink and chunky, not heavy just sturdy, it is easy to open and close. When opened, the ''screen'' is split in 9 and has a different picture on each and LED lights. The ''keypad'' is also split into 9 and are a mix of pink, green and blue, each button is a different shape and has a different picture on it which is associated with the picture on the top screen in the same section.

                  There are three volume settings, off, normal and loud.

                  The Laptop has three modes, ABC, Objects and Music.

                  In the Objects mode, it focuses on the different pictures on the bottom buttons and on the top screen eg. button one on the bottom is a blue star with a picture of a hand on it, and on the top screen in the top corner there is a picture of a rattle so when pressed it says ''I like to shake my rattle'' bringing both of the pictures into the same sentance.

                  In ABC mode it says the name of the different things eg. for the same button, one press and it says ''Star'', second press ''Hand'', third press ''Rattle'' etc.

                  In Music Mode, it plays a different nursery rhyme tune when the buttons are pressed.

                  In all of these modes, the top screen lights up in accordance to which button that you press.

                  When you leave the Laptop without using it, it will start to try and interact with the child with phrases and music but if that doesn't work it will say ''shutting down now'' and go off until pressed again.

                  There is also a mouse on the laptop which can be moves 8 different ways, when moved up, the lights on the top screen go up, down and the lights go down etc.

                  In my opinion this toy has many different functions each which provide your child with the ability to learn a different skill, eg movement, colours, shapes etc.

                  It takes 2xAA batteries which are included.

                  5 Stars for Vtech for this masterpiece.


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                  23.01.2011 17:47
                  Very helpful



                  Overall Another brilliant Toy From Fisher Price.

                  This was another toy bought for my 17month old Daughter for christmas by my partners Mum. To say that I was delighted with it is an understatement. As I have said in precious reviews, I absolutely adore Fisher price toys as the child can get so much enjoyment and educational value out of them and they are always well made and dependable. I had spotted this chair and was going to buy it for her myself but then I was told that her Nan had it (in pink) so I didnt need to get it.

                  The chair came flat pack and took around 10 mins to put together (that was when I took over, after my partner had tried unsuccessfully with the instructions upside down!!)

                  There are three functions available on the chair (apart from off), Music Mode, ABC mode and one that is shown as a spiral which i have found is sounds.

                  The Chair itself has a smiling face on the back of it and on the seat there is a large ''button'' which when sat on says ''sit down'' and ''stand up'', ''Hellp'' and ''Bye Bye'' The chair has a pictured sticker on it but I couldnt tell you what of as after 2 days of usage, the picture had totally faded!!.
                  On the table which is attatched to the chair there is a ''lamp'', box of crayons and a storybook.

                  When the pages are turned on the storybook,in ABC mode the chair tells a story, In Music Mode it plays songs and in Tones mode it makes the noises of the animals in the book.
                  The box of Crayons are coloured red, yellow, green and blue. In ABC mode they ask you to find different objects or colours when you press each one, In music mode they play songs and in Tones mode they make sounds.

                  The Lamp Is pink to match the chair and has the alphabet printed around the base of teh shade and lights up when it is pressed down. It also, says phrases in ABC mode, Plays songs in music mode and makes noises in tone mode.

                  When my daughter first got this toy we had to sit her on it to show her how to do it, that was the only time, after that she found numerous ways to use it, standing on to climb on the couch, reach things higher up etc!!
                  The chair is quite lightweight so on laminate/lino flooring it slides quite easily and Hallie has ended up on the floor a few times!!

                  The toy can be found at most toy stores and is usually priced at around £35.00.

                  A really good buy!!


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                  23.01.2011 17:05
                  Very helpful



                  Another Amazing Product From Fisher Price

                  My 17month old Daughter recieved this Piggy Bank from my Mum for Christmas. I was made up that she had bought her something like this as I am a very big fan of Fisher Price toys as I feel that they stimulate the child aswell as keeping them entertained because of the amount of functions that the toys have.

                  The Piggy Bank itself is Pink mainly, It has a red nose which you can press and it will say a number of different phrases, my daughters favourite being ''atchooo'' you only have to make that noise to her and she scurries off to find it.
                  There is a door on the side of the Piggy which can be opened and closed (when doing so, the Piggy gives a commentary, either ''open'' or ''closed'') to retrieve the coins that have been put inside. There has been the odd occasion when the door has came off but it is not a major problem as it just slots effortlessly back into place.
                  There is a switch on the top of the Piggy Bank which controls the functions, there are three settings which it can be on - Music, 123 Learning and Off. And for those all important times, a volume control switch underneath.
                  The Piggy Bank itself comes with 10 ''coins'', 5 small and 5 large in red, yellow, orange, green and blue. Each coin has an animal picture on it and when they are pushed into the slot on the Piggy Banks back, it tells which animal/coulour etc, depending on the setting which the Piggy Bank is on.

                  In my opinion, this toy is another fabulous toy in the Fisher Price Range as it is multi-functional. It teaches colours, large and small, animals, and also plays music which the child can sing along to.

                  The Piggy Bank is sturdy and will not break easily no matter how many times it is dropped - believe me I know!! It takes 3xAAA batteries which are included, it says that they are demo batteries but they are still going strong now and it has been in constant use. The age suitability is 6months+ but I think that may be a tad young to enjoy all that they Piggy Bank has to offer. The only problem that I have is trying to locate all of the coins after Hallie has been playing with them, I am sure that she thinks that they are really frizbee's, that is not the Piggy Banks fault though so overall I would have to give this toy 5 out of 5 Stars.

                  As I have said above, this toy was bought as a Christmas Present but I had already got my eye on it and so I know that it can be picked up from most toy stores priced at arouns £15.00.


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