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    • Robots (DVD) / DVD / 6 Readings / 4 Ratings
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      31.05.2011 13:21
      Very helpful



      A Three-dimensional Robot world, with an all-star, award-winning cast.

      A must see film, Robots is very funny, has a great storyline with meaning, and one not to mention stars the voice of my favourite actors - Robin Williams!
      I personally have owned this dvd since it came out in 2005 and when I'm looking through all of my films for something to watch, as soon as I see Robots I wouldn't even think twice and just stick it on.
      The film guarantees vibrant colour, quality picture and crisp sound. The characters are lovable and they all have different personalities. It's not overloaded with too much music throughout the film but the music that is in the film really brings out the fun in the scenes it's featured.
      It's great for all the family, for anyone, any age and any gender, and I can imagine will be loved for years and years to come.
      You can buy this dvd as cheap as chips now which is always an added bonus :)

      Rodney Copperbottom is a young inventor robot who is off to the big city to find and work for Bigweld, the president of a corporation that makes spare parts for robots. However, Rodney discovers that the conniving Ratchet has taken over and wants to introduce upgrades into the market and scrap the spare parts, and any robot that can't afford to buy the upgrades would get melted down and turned into something else! Rodney meets up with a group of other rusty robots and plan to find Bigweld and bring him back to stop Ratchet's dastardly plans.

      Rodney Copperbottom - Ewan McGregor
      A young blue robot and aspiring inventor.

      Cappy - Halle Berry
      Rodney's love interest.

      Fender - Robin Williams
      An old red robot that's always falling apart.

      Piper Pinwheeler - Amanda Bynes
      Fender's younger sister.

      Bigweld - Mel Brooks

      Phineas T. Ratchet - Greg Kinnear

      Crank Casey - Drew Carey

      Aunt Fanny - Jennifer Coolidge

      Lug - Harland Williams

      Madame Gasket - Jim Broadbent
      Ratchet's mother.

      Lydia Copperbottom - Dianne Wiest
      Rodney's mother.

      Herb Copperbottom - Stanley Tucci
      Rodney's father.

      Loretta Geargrinder - Natasha Lyonne
      Fender's love interest.

      Tim - Paul Giamatti

      Mr. Gunk - Dan Hedaya

      Animated short film featuring Aunt Fan
      Ice Age 2 Scrat teaser
      Behind the scenes look at Ice Age 2
      The making of Robots
      12 minutes of additional/deleted scenes
      Animation bloopers and audio out-takes of voice over talent
      2 interactive set top games
      Director audio commentary
      Robots music video

      Running Time: 91 minutes

      Released on DVD and VHS on September 27th 2005 - Robots is also the last 20th Century Fox animated film to ever receive a VHS release.

      Rating: Universal Suitable for All


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      25.05.2011 16:19
      Very helpful



      A western world of vast opportunities and stunning scenery, and now at a bargain price!

      When I first saw this game advertised, I was really interested in it. I find it really difficult to find games I like on Xbox, I'm not really into first person shooters (other than Call of Duty) and most games they bring out are First person shooters, Racing, and Football. Myself, I am personally into Adventure, Mythical and Strategy type games and anything where you can ride horses! :)

      I have yet to complete this game but anyone who liked the Grand Theft Auto game by Rockstar will most likely love this game too. The game follows a very good and at parts funny storyline but you don't feel restricted into just doing that if you want to have a break and do something else. There are secret treasures to find, a vast amount of achievements to unlock, rare hores to capture, a number of minigames to play including Poker and Blackjack, side missions, wanted posters and so much more. Even just exploring the land is amazing and you will come across all different people who will challenge you or even try to kill you.
      be warned, it can be quite gory, hense one reason it's rated an 18.
      There is hours of gameplay in this game!

      * WHAT IT'S ABOUT *
      Red Dead Redemption is an open world action-adventure western game. Most of the game's story takes place in the year 1911, during the decline of the American Old West. The game follows John Marston, a former outlaw, while he sets out to hunt down his former gang members. Marston's wife and son are taken hostage by the government in ransom for his services as a bounty hunter. Having no other choice, he sets out to bring his three former gang members to justice. Red Dead Redemption covers three states: New Austin, Nuevo Paraiso and West Elizabeth. All of them are located in the territory of the border between the United States and Mexico. The game takes place in 1911, featuring the decline of the Wild West and the cowboy and outlaw archetypes that shaped it.

      You can have a look at many gameplay videos on youtube, but generally Red Dead Redemption is an open world game where you can go anywhere you like and you can interact with nearly anything in the environment. One of my favourite things in the game is that you primarily you horses as your main mode of transport. There are many breeds which are indicated by their colours, and 3 rarer breeds which are faster than the normal breeds. You need to run around the world to find them, lasso thena nd then break them in to ride them.

      The environment is absolutely stunning coupled with the lighting effects it feels almost real, and I've found myself just running about the land for hours picking flowers and skinning animals for money, just to enjoy the vast scenery. It is primarily land based as swimming is not an option because character you play - John Marston - cannot swim, therefor he will drown if he ventures too far into deep water.
      There's lots of small side missions to do apart from the main storyline but be wary of random people calling for yourself, quite a few times myself I've fallen into an ambush and my horse get's stolen or I get killed.
      Red Dead Redemption makes use of a morality system where players have the ability to gain positive or negative 'honor', this also works along with another system called 'fame', showing and governing how people react based on your honor status. If you have negative honor, lawmen and civilians will usually say bad things to you and will be fearful of you. The lawmen may even threaten to kill you the next time they see you. If you have positive honor, lawmen and civilians will usually greet you and feel safe around you.

      The main combat in the game is gunfire, but you can use knives aswell. Generally the main guns are Pistols, Shotguns and snipers. You don't always have to shoot badies though, sometimes the 'Wanted Poster' side missions will pay you more to lassoo the enemies and bring them back alive. Be careful around towns though, as from personal experience I have accidently pressed the wron button and hijacked a wagon by mistake instead or riding as a passenger, and also shot my gun by accident killing innocent people!
      There is also a combat feature called 'Dead-Eye' which slows time down letting you target specific areas on your target for a multiple bullet precision shot. This feature comes in very handy and has saved my life many times on the game and made certain missions alot easier than if not using it.

      Personally, I havent really played the multiplayer properly, but what it contains is 16 player free-for-all and team based sessions. These both start of with a Mexican standoff. Survivors of the standoff will be able to move to any part of the battlefield to prepare for respawning enemies. There are crates in the environment will contain extra weapons, ammo, as well as recharge Dead-Eye power. You can level up and complete weapon challenges giving rewards such as new character models, golden weapon skins, new titles, and new mount breeds.

      * COST *
      When the game first came out, It was at top end price and I didnt want to spend that much on it incase I didnt enjoy it much, as from what I saw on the trailers it looked amazing, but you never really know until you properly play it.
      I waited months and months for the price to drop a little, but it never did! About 6 months after it's release I finally managed to buy it for a fairly cheaper price second hand. I'm really glad I did buy it though because It's a brilliant game and is well worth the higher new price if you wanted it brand new.
      Currently (25/5/11) at Play.com it's selling New for £17.99 which is an absolute bargain for this game!

      * NOTES *
      Extra Downloadable content for this game is available. These include:

      Outlaws to the End
      Legends and Killers Pack
      Liars and Cheats pack
      Free Roam Pack
      The Hunting and Trading pack
      Undead Nightmare

      Made by Rockstar Games
      Available Platforms: PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360.

      Rated 18.


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      22.05.2011 22:25
      1 Comment



      A Fruity Sweet fragrence with a Delicious, Flirty, Sexy feel.

      I've been reading through alot of mixed comments about this perfume. Alot of people like it but alot of people also say that it is "too sweet".

      I personally love it. It is very sweet but that's that idea of a big red juicy sweet apple. I got brought it as a christmas present back in 2009 and I still have atleast half left, not because I don't use it alot, but because it is very sweet, you don't need to put much on.

      I work in a supermarket and one of the customers the other week actually stopped to ask me what perfume I was wearing and said it smelt really lovely!

      I definately would say that once the perfume has worn off abit after spraying it on, thats the best time for the scent.

      It's made of really nice glass with a silver top. It has a push button on top for the spray.
      I have the larger size bottle and have had no signs or leakage.
      The product looks really great on my side with is interesting Apple shape and vibrant red colour.

      I would love them to make an apple and cinnamon perfume, I think that would smell divine if anything similar the this.

      Here are the notes on the fragrence:
      Champagne Accord, Lychee, Red Raspberry, Apple, Rose, Vanilla Bean, Patchouli, Amber, Sensual Skin Accord, Raspberry.

      Bottom line: Does it make me feel Delicious?... Yes, Totally :D


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        22.05.2011 21:29



        What can I say, they are true to the words on the packing: "From experts in sensitive skin".

        In the Past, whenever I have used facial wipes from other brands, they make my face feel sore, burning and leave me with red blotches. I have got such sensitive skin that I can hardly even wear any kinds of makeup or use lotions, creams and washes on my face. Even E45 burns my skin.

        * USE *
        I got brought these as part of a birthday gift set last year and when I was sitting down one night after work, I felt a little tired and decided to use one of these wipes all over my face to freshen me up and wake me up a little.
        It applied wet but dried very quick on its own. My face felt like the skin tightened up and felt so smooth and fresh! I looked in the mirror and no blotchiness or soreness.

        * PRICE *
        Price wise these are pretty good, Most supermarkets, drug stores and even Pound shops usually sell them.
        Currently (as of date review posted) these are selling for £2.97 in Tesco for 25 wipes.

        * PACKAGING *
        The packet is quite compact so can easily be taken anywhere with you in your bag and it has a resealable sticky lable.

        * EXTRA INFO *
        These wipes now include a pro vitamin called B5 which claims to actively restore, soften and smooth skin.
        No Alcohol.
        No Oil.
        No Perfume.
        No Colour.
        And No unnecessary or harsh chemicals.


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        22.05.2011 20:34
        Very helpful



        Heavier than a wired controller but you can take it where you want.

        I have one of these wireless controllers, the same and only one that came originally with my xbox 360 3 years ago.

        * COST *
        Generally the current price of the wireless controllers usually start from about £25+ but if you shopped around the internet you may be able to find a bargain somewhere. I feel this is a fair price because from personal experience they do last a long time as long as you look after them, and don't drop or throw them about too much :)

        * QUALITY & COMFORT *
        Compared to the wired version of the controller, the wireless has the added weight of the battery pack on the back. It doesn't get in the way though and I quickly got used to the weight after holding the lighter wired controller.
        The toggles have a nice rubbery feel so your fingers don't slip off of them easily. The back triggers can become a little squeaky over time, it's only a minor gripe and when deep in gameplay you may not even notice it.
        The overal size of the controller is very nice for my smaller sized hands and I don't have any trouble reaching any or the buttons or triggers. I'm not sure how they would feel to the larger longer handed person though.
        They are made of a very sturdy strong plastic and pushing down on it as hard as you can, unlike the PS3 controllers you get no/minimal squeaking which proves a solid design.

        Ok, so one of the main user issues with these controllers are that they need AA batteries to operate and If you are using the controller alot, it becomes very costly in batteries. I have used Duracell Plus and Duracell Ultra in my wireless controller and the battery life is not too bad, lasting around a max of 2 weeks of playing an average of 3 hours each day with a headset plugged in - which sucks up more battery. However, you can buy a rechargeable battery pack + quick charge kit for it for about £16 or a Play and Charge lead that lets you play whilst they are charging for around £15. In the long run will save you £££'s on normal batteries.
        The wireless connection range is very good, and numerous times I've been talking to a friend through Xbox Live with the headset plugged into the controller and I've taking it downstairs to the kitchen and other rooms and it's held up connection.

        * TECHNICAL BITS *
        2.4GHz wireless technology with 30-foot range.
        Lag-free play.
        Integrated headset port for Xbox LIVE play.
        Adjustable vibration feedback for longer battery life.
        Batteries required: 2 x AA


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      • Microsoft Lifechat LX-3000 / Headset / 7 Readings / 7 Ratings
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        22.05.2011 17:05
        Very helpful



        A brilliant quality headset that is very comfortable and good value for money.

        Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 is my current headset. My main use of it is to talk to friends over the internet, so when looking for a headset, this one seemed appealing as it has a Noise Cancelling feature.
        The only problem I have is that after about 1 1/2 years use, if the wire that goes between the headset and the volume control get wiggled, it makes a buzzing noise to the people listening and I have to sit pretty still with it on so that doesnt happen. This is probably my own fault though as I have dropped the headset quite a few times, However I would definately buy this headset again as a replacement.

        * COST *
        This headset has dropped in price from when I brought it and you can get it anywhere from around £15 - £30 depending where you buy it from. This price range in my oppinion is very reasonable for it as it has some good features and is of high quality. This usually includes the Manufacturer's 3 year guarantee.

        * QUALITY & COMFORT *
        The sound quality of the headset is very good with a nice bass. The microphone is also very good and you can expect people to hear you crisply and clearly. Barely any background noise gets through, so far from personal experience, the only thing that's got through the noise cancelling is my very loud Doberman's bark.
        The headset is made of a very sturdy plastic the and microphone is flexible so can be positioned however you like. It features a nice long 6 foot cable which helps you to feel less restricted.
        It has detachable free floating leatherette ear-cups which make for a really comfortable feel and fit. I've found I've been able to sit for hours on end and they haven't caused any discomfort.

        * EASE OF USE *
        This headset is very easy to set up and use. Within 30 seconds of plugging it in it was working. The in-line volume controll is very handy and it includes a mute button and a button to accept incoming calls when using it with certain voice chat programmes.

        USB connection.
        Noise cancelling microphone.
        In-line volume control with Mute function.
        Adjustable headset and microphone.
        Optimised for Windows Live Messenger.
        Leatherette ear pads.
        Flexible six-foot cable.
        Sound Output Mode: Stereo
        Microphone: Boom
        Compatible with Windows 7
        Manufacturer's 3 year guarantee.


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        22.05.2011 15:03
        Very helpful



        A high quality wireless N adapter to get you up and running on Xbox Live.

        So I first got my Xbox 3 years ago, but at first I didnt consider going online with it. Eventually though, I did want go online, but from where my Xbox is situated, there was no way I could connect it via ethernet cable. I needed to go Wireless, but at what cost?

        * COST *
        When I brought this wireless adapter about a year and a half ago from Argos it was £60! To me that is quite a high price but I really wanted it so I just went and got it. I'd had a terrible time trying to get a good connection having it connected through my wireless laptop so there wasn't really any other choice.
        With the new styled Xbox 360's out now, they already include a built-in wireless adapter. If you are like me and still own the older style Xbox then the choice is either fork out for a brand new xbox or get this adapter if you want the wireless xbox live connectivity.
        Currently (as of may 2011) in Argos they are selling this item at £54.99, although you could probably find one cheaper somewhere in another store or online.

        * QUALITY *
        I will say that this adapter is very good quality and for the amount of time using it with everyday usage, it hasnt gone wrong so far.
        The Signal strength, being 'N' is very good and reaches good distances. I have mine about 10 metres away from the router and it has to travel through 2 walls and I still get a 5/5 signal strength.
        It has 2 antennas for increased connection quality and fits easily onto the back of your Xbox.

        * EASE OF USE *
        The hardest task with this adapter for me was getting it out of the packaging! The hard plastic casing what difficult to get into with scissors and I had to be careful not to cut myself on the sharp edges of the plasic where I had cut.
        The rest of the setup and usage was so simple and easy. It comes with a disk that it tells you to put in the xbox incase there is any updates needed to install it but I found, as did my partner with his, that there wasnt any needed and it worked as soon as it was plugged it.
        There is a green light on it to show you it's working correctly. If it's flashing it is probably because you will need to go into you Xbox network settings, scan for your wireless network and may need to enter you routers wireless key (Speaking on behalf of a BT Homehub user, this is usually on the back of the router/hub).
        After the network settings are all set up and you are wirelessly connected, the light should be on a solid green.
        Now you can easily play online to your hearts content (As long as you have a Xbox Live Subscription).

        * TECHNICAL BITS *
        Requires 2 x AA betteries (included).
        Compatible with A/B/G/N networks.


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      • Lee Evans - XL Tour - Live (DVD) / DVD / 8 Readings / 7 Ratings
        More +
        21.05.2011 15:47



        Comedy at its best!

        If you Like Lee Evens, or any kind of stand up comedy, You will love this dvd. It has me chuckling away to myself every time I watch it, it just never seems to get old.

        It is 2 hours 21 minutes long and it has me glued to it for every one of those minutes. Great for both men and women to watch. At the end of the show he also performs 2 songs.

        It is rated 15, this is because he does swear quite abit so you may want to be aware of that if you have little ones around.

        The dvd itself doesnt really have any extra features, just a short clip showing him preparing for the live event.
        I think it would have been an added bonus if they had done a full interview with him for the dvd.

        In my oppinion one of Lee Evans' best tours so far.


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          21.05.2011 15:19
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          For beginners and pros alike, useful, creative, stylish, fun.

          I'm really into art. I usually draw using the traditional ways of pencil, but seeing all of these beautiful pictures done digitally these days I wanted to try it myself. I asked for it as a christmas present. I spent quite a lot of time researching into what one I should get. My mind was pretty much made up on the brand of Wacom as they are a very highly known company known for the best quality tablets.

          I got the Special edition as it was no dearer than the standard one at the time and it came with added extras including a really nice carry case for it so it wouldnt get damaged and dusty when not in use.
          I got the pen and touch, both features are very good and responsive, but I would say, so far, I haven't personally had a lot of use out of the "Touch" function as I just use the tablet for digital art, but if you wanted to almost totally replace the use of you mouse, the touch function is brilliant and you can use it to navigate through webpages or anything else on your pc.

          It has some quick key buttons as the side, these are fully customisable so you can make each one of their functions what you want them to be.

          The pen comes with replacement nibs. I would say that using it like a mouse for normal use, the nibs would last a very long time. For use with digital art, as the pen responds to pressure, you are sometimes pressing quite hard, or making lots of quick movements that would wear it down quicker. I've had it about 6 months and the nib will need changing fairly soon, so that's still pretty good.
          You can always buy replacement nibs from Wacom or many other websites and they are quite inexpensive.

          The whole package comes with creative programmes included that you can use it with. These include: Photoshop Elements, ArtRage Studio and Corel Painter. They did take me a while to download them but then again that's probably just due to my slow internet speed. Perhaps a note if you are thinking about buying for someone - You do need the internet to download the programmes.

          If like me you are totally new and inexperienced with graphics tablets, if comes with a Voice spoken step by step demonstration to get you used to it and shows you how to move you hands to do things like Zoom and turn, and how to use the pen to click and drag items. Its very simple, clear and easy to understand and was extremely helpful to me.

          Overall, For begginers I'd 100% reccommend it. And for those who don't want all the fancy extras that some of the more expensive ones have, this is ideal.


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        • Logitech LS11 / Speaker / 9 Readings / 7 Ratings
          More +
          21.05.2011 14:35


          • Reliability


          Stylish with quality for a bargain price.

          When my new PC arrived back about a year ago, the monitor that came with it didnt have built in speakers. I was on a tight budget but really wanted some decent sounding speakers for it. I saw these in a catalog, they looked nice, were cheap, and they had the feature that I wanted the most - A volume knob.

          I've had them for a while now, the sound quality is really good, nice and crisp. They look just right next to my black pc and monitor. I listen to music quite alot and the sound is good from them. they don't have much bass but for a little extra you can buy the set with the subwoofer for the added bass if you really want.

          The wires are quite long so you can arrange them how you want, but not *too* long so that you are left with a tangled mess to go with all the other wires you probably will have from the computer.

          I would definately recommend getting these for the price, they sound really very good.


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          21.05.2011 14:19
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          Comfort, Quality, Customisable features all rolled up into an affordable desktop set.

          I got this keyboard and mouse a while back. I have a very high overall oppinion of it.

          Firstly, Comfort:
          The soft, smooth write pad on the keyboard is perfect. It really helps to stop you wrists aching, which is especially important to me as a have mild arthritis in my wrists. The keys are not too small and a really nice pro is that the space bar is nice and big. I't may take you a little while to adapt to the keys if you have been using a fairly flat keyboard, as they are quite raised.
          With the mouse, at first I found it was quite heavy compared the to cheap light mouse I had previously, but after using it for all this time I find using lighter mouses not as good.

          What can I say, top marks for quality. Like I've said, I've had this set for quite a long time now and neither have broke or started playing up. The mouse and keyboard are both very responsive and you can take them quite a few metres away from the reciever and they will still work. They don't waste up batteries fast. using Duracel Plus batteries, In the mouse they last for months with frequent everyday use. In the Keyboard, with the same usage, I can't even remember the last time I changed them. They just keep on working so such a long time before needing a bettery change.

          The set comes with a programme so if you want you can atler loads of settings to do with your mouse. The sensivity, what the buttons all do ect.. The keyboard also has lots of useful features like a zoom slider. It has media buttons at the top for it you are watching films, just take the keyboard with you and you can play, stop, pause rewind and fastforward anytime you want withough having to get up to go to the pc. Down the side it has some nice quick key buttons such as Homepage button, calender and my documents button.

          All in all a really nice desktop set. Good Quality. Long Lasting bit of kit at a very reasonable price.


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        • More +
          21.05.2011 13:42



          An enticing, suductive, beautiful fragrence. Money well spent.

          Hugo Deep Red is a definate must buy. It has a really suductive, enticing fragrance about it. I got brough the larger bottle Christmas 2009 and I've still got half left, It lasts a long time as you don't need to spray loads of it on. Not only that but it lasts well throughout the day and if just as nice when it's slightly worn off later in the day.
          Personally it's probably the most favourite perfume I've ever owned and would not think twice about buying/asking for another one when my eventually runs out.
          It comes in a lovely presentable box and the glass bottle heavy than it looks. I'd reccommend getting the smaller sized bottle if you are thinking about carring it around in your bang. I've even dropped it from a small height and it didnt break (luckily) so that shows its a strong, well made product.
          I also Haven't had any problems with leaking either which is always a good sign.
          100% reccommended product, I just can't get enough of it.


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