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Member since: 21.07.2011

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      02.08.2011 15:49
      Very helpful
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      Cleans the limescale awayin half an hour

      As with many household toilets, ours can get pritty disgusting to look at sometimes, even when cleaned and brushed well. When looking in the supermarket for someting to rectify this problem, it was decided that we would try this and see how well or not it would work-I must admit I wasnt sure that it would work, as we live in a hard water area.

      It is easy to use-all you need to do is lift up your toilet seat and squirt the blue liquid under the rim of the toilet slowly, making sure the whole bowl is covered. This needs to be left for at least thirty minutes for it to work, which isnt always easy with a cheeky three year old around the house! Providing you can leave it this long, brush the whole bowl well and then flush. The result is a lovely clean toilet bowl, minus that disgusting limescale. If you want to kill off some bacteria, leave it in for an hour and then brush and flush your toilet. I cant say how well the bacteria killing works, but I cant imagine it does them any good either way!

      As with products of this sort, I will say that it is corrosive, so dont mix with other products and dont get on your skin. Also keep well out of reach of kids, but there is one of then safety lids on.

      I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone, as we have never had any problems with it, it does work every time. I dont find it that expensive either-it costs £1.75 for a 750ml bottle. For us, this lasts for about five uses, or about 5 weeks or so. I do find that it has a strange smell, but it isnt that unpleasent. If your toilet needs to look a bit brighter on the inside then this will do the job!


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      • Kindle 3 / Tablet PC / eBook Reader / 11 Readings / 10 Ratings
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        21.07.2011 16:08
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        An easy way to read books without the weight and space issues

        I received my kindle as a gift about six months ago and I haven't been disappointed with it. Before getting one, I personally thought that I would miss holding the actual book and also miss that new book smell, but I have not found that to be the case. I have the wi-fi only version, so I cannot comment on 3G capabilities.

        The kindle is only 190mm tall by 123mm wide and only 8.5mm thick, weighing only 241 grams (according to the Amazon website). I find that I can easily fit my Kindle into my bag when I am going out somewhere, which is nice because it doesn't weigh me down or fill up my bag like a book would. It is also really east to hold in your hands because it is lightweight and slim, it also doesn't get hot. Before getting this, I did find it hard lying in bed reading a book in bed, but this is much easier as I can lie any way I want and I only need to use one hand. On both sides of the kindle, there are two buttons-one to turn the page forward, the other to turn the page backwards, so you can use either hand with ease.

        The six inch screen is also really good in my opinion. It has a six inch screen that has a matt finish, with no sort of backlight. This makes it extremely good for reading outdoors in the sunshine if that is what you want. The one thing that could be a down side to this point is that, if reading in bed, you may disturb your partner as you will need a lamp or other form of light to read it in the dark (you can buy clip on lights from Amazon). The text size can be adjusted to your own needs, and this is easily done. The text, no matter what the size, looks as though it is in a book and I don't get any eye strain at all when reading. When the page is turned, it does so quickly and doesn't disrupt my reading in any way.

        When you want to choose books to put onto your kindle, you can do it in two ways-on the Amazon website, or on the kindle by going to 'shop in kindle store'. On the Amazon website, you can search for kindle books in the way you would for any other product on their website, with the books chosen being delivered to your kindle by Whispernet (wi-fi needs to be switched on) in about sixty seconds.

        To look at, and purchase, books on your kindle, the wi-fi needs to be enabled, but this can be switched on when you want to enter the shop. To do this, you press your menu button, press enter on 'shop in kindle store' and you are in the book shop. From here you can search through for a certain title/author or scroll down to the required genera. These will also be delivered via Whispernet. The cost of books for the kindle are cheaper than printed books, but are subject to VAT.

        On the kindle, you get two dictionaries (American and English versions) as well as the instruction manual, which does come in handy every now and then.

        Another thing that may be useful is the fact that you can read PDF's on your kindle. You can put these on by emailing them to your free kindle email address or by connecting your computer and your kindle with USB cable (that comes with your Kindle) and sending them that way, both of which are easy to do. Many other documents can be put onto your kindle, like word documents and also JPEG images.

        The Kindle, according to the Amazon website, can hold up to 3,500 books which is a god send for any avid reader-this saves space at home as well as the weight and space in my bag when travelling!

        When you have finished reading your books, you can of course leave them on your kindle, but you can delete them off it and know that on your Amazon account, you have a record of all the books you have bought. If you want a book back on your kindle, click on it and it will be put back on.

        The kindle also doesn't need charging very often. One battery charge lasts up to two months, but it does depend on how long you read for, how often and also how often you use the wi-fi. For me it usually lasts around a month before it needs charging, which takes about three hours to do fully.

        The wi-fi function on the kindle is fairly good, as long as you have access to an internet connection. You can use the internet too, but I have found it slightly awkward to use as you can only scroll using the buttons on the keyboard area of the kindle. This isn't helped by the fact that the kindle is only black and white and doesn't have any colour.

        For me, the Kindle is great. I can store a huge number of books in one place and they don't make it heavy. When I finish reading for the night, I can switch my Kindle on again and it opens on the page I left the book at. I like the fact that I can read in the sunshine without struggling because of the glare. I also enjoy reading in bed without eye strain and also without sore arms.
        The only down side is the fact that there is no co
        lour. While this is absolutely fine for reading books, if you want to look at textbooks or the internet on a Kindle then it isn't great.

        Overall though, I would recommend the kindle for anyone who loves reading, as I have loved my kindle from day one.


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