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      03.09.2007 22:25
      Very helpful



      A book written by Martin Waddell

      A greatly illustrated childreds book which tells the story of 3 owl babies, who wake up and realised their mother isn't there. So the 3 babies imagine what their mother could be doin or what dangers she could be in.

      Percy, Sarah and Bill live with their mother inside a hole in a tree, with feathers and leaves in it. However one night when they woke up she was gone. Sarah suggests she could have gone hunting, which Percy agrees with, but all what Bill, says is 'I want my Mummy,' what he says throughout the book. So they went outside and sat on branches to wait for their Mother, and they reassured themselves she will be back soon.

      The owls seemed to be scared of the woods because they could hear things move, but they were brave and Sarah says she will bring back mice. Then they all sat on the samme branch where they were thinking of all the bad things that could have happened to her, Sarah says she could have been eaten by a fox. So they closed their eyes and waited for their mother to return. When she does they cheer and she asks 'what all the fuss? You know I'd come back.' Percy and Sarah said they knew she would and Bill says 'I love my Mummy!'

      Patrick Benson illustrated the lovely pictures of the owls and the surrounding nature. He has illustrated many books including: The tough Princess, The story of whales, the series of Hob stories and many more, plus he has written The little Penguin. I love the illustrations in this book, they are very realistic and you can easily tell their emotion in every page just by looking at the pictures.

      Martin Waddell was born during a bomb raid in the 2nd world war in Belfast, he writes stories mainly for entertainment, not for any educational or maral value. Other books include, Mimi and the picnic, pig in the pond & sailor bear, he also wrote a lot more plus a few ghost stories.

      ~other info~
      ISBN 0-7445-2166-1
      Size 10.2 x 8.8 (inches)
      Age group 3-6
      Price- Hardback New £2 Second Hand 1p
      Paperback New £4.50 Seccond hand £1.65
      Broad back New £6.50 Second hand £4.50
      Published by Walker books in 1996 (broad back 2003)

      This i believe is a very nice book for children if they have ever felt scared, or any children inparticular, I used to like it when i was a child mainly because of the illustartions. Plus as like many childrens book he uses a lot of repetition for the smallest owl. I would recommend anyone to buy it.


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        28.08.2007 04:40
        Very helpful



        A book by Lynley Dodd

        Slinky Malinki is a cunning black cat who was another fantastic by Lynley Dodd. Slinky is a part of the 'Hairy Maclary' books, but like other characters, he has found his way to become the main character in his own books.
        Slinky is a silent cat, with bright yellow eyes & very long tail, he can't do anything spectacular or what a normal cat can't, but he seems to be getting himself into different adventures in each book. Plus in this book, he is team up with a parrot called Stickybeak Syd, when they tear up papers, go through drawers, knock over vases & of course opens doors.

        Slinky Malinki & Stickybeak Syd were alone & unsupervised inn the house one day, so Slinky opened the first door & they went through & tore up scarves, shoes, a petticoat & shirt.
        Then Slinky opened the bathroom door, they slid on the soap, messed up the shower curtains, rope & powder. Then Slinky opened, what seems to be the cupboard door, and they got stuck in the middle of a rolled up carpet & rolled down stairs.
        Then they opened the office room door and tore up papers, books & pencils. Then, again he opened a door, but this time they went into the living room, where they smashed a vase, knocked the cushions on the floor & tore the curtains.
        Finally they went into the kitchen & through all the drawers, knocking over the fruit bowl & everything else, but then they heard a noise at the door, so Slinky opened the door & saw the shaggy haired head of Hairy Maclary, the dog from her other books.

        I greatly admire Lynley Dodd's books, she has created a handful of animal characters which are internationally recognised, even though they are children's books. This book rhymes, like all of her other books, which, I believe, make the books more memorable. She has a unique style of writing throughout all of her books, and at the end her books she always slows down the speed of the usually bumping style so to speak. She is the greatest children's book author, who has been an art teacher & has won a number of awards for her books she writes & illustrates.

        Other Books
        *Hairy Maclary from Donaldson Dairy
        *Find me a Tiger
        *Hairy Maclary Scattercat
        *Hairy Maclary Rumpus at the vet
        *Wake up Bear
        *A dragon in a wagon
        *Scarface Claw
        *Slinky Malinki Cat flaps
        & many others

        OTHER INFO
        *Price Paperback New- £5 Second hand- £1.50
        *Published by Puffin in 1995
        *Also available in Board back
        *ISBN 0-14-055326-6


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        • Tigers / Pet / Animal / 44 Readings / 40 Ratings
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          08.08.2007 00:29
          Very helpful



          Panthera Tigris--part of the Felidae family

          One of the most well-known and beautiful animals are nearly extinct. An animal man has had a fascination with for centuries, whether it is on the countries coat of arms, popular book or period in history, the tiger has always had a great impact on those who have came across them. As a child it would have been one of the first animals you would have learnt about, and at a zoo it would be one of the animals you would hope to see. However conservationists are now working around the clock so you and your children and future generations have a chance to see this endangered species rule the jungle once again. Because of human’s brutal actions in the past and continuous greed and growth in the modern day, Tigers and millions of other animals now face there greatest threat ever.

          Some basic facts about tigers:

          Class: Mammalia (mammal)
          Order: Carnivora (carnivore)
          Family: Felidae (Feline)
          Genus: Panthera (Big Cats: Lion, Tiger, Leopard, Jaguar)

          A m u r T i g e r
          Panthera Tigris Altaica
          Also known as the Siberian, Manchurian, Korean or North China Tiger, it’s found in the Amur region of Eastern Siberia. They are the largest type of feline; males are on average 250 kg and females 100-167 kg and the males are about 2.1-2.5 m and the females are 1.8-2.1 m. There are approximately 350-400 living in the wilderness of Siberia, however there are more living in zoos than in the wild.

          S o u t h C h i n a T i g e r
          Panthera Tigris Amoyensis
          Also known as the Amoy or Xiamen tiger, it is the most critically endangered sub-species and is one of the smallest of all tigers. Both males and females are about 2.2-2.6 m long, however male’s weight varies from 127-177 kg while females weight is about 100-118 kg.

          B e n g a l T i g e r
          Panthera Tigris Tigris
          They are found in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar. The true number of Bengal Tigers in the wild is unknown, the Indian government claimed the number was between 3,100 and 4,500, however many people believe it is only 2,000. Males weigh about 200-220 kg and are about 2.75-2.9 m however females only weigh 100-130 kg and are 2-2.4 m long.

          M a l a y a n T i g e r
          Panthera Tigris Jacksoni
          Exclusively found in Malay, it is the third largest tiger population after Bengal and Indochinese, with a population of 600-800 tigers in the wild. There size is similar to the Sumatran tiger, males weigh on average 120 kg and are about 2.3 m while females weigh 100 kg and are about 2 m long.

          S u m a t r a n T i g e r
          Panthera Tigris Sumatrae
          They are only found on the island of Sumatra and there is estimated to be 400-500 Sumatran tigers; however they are mainly found in national parks. There size is like the Malayan Tiger, the males weigh on average 120 kg and are about 2.3 m while females weight 100 kg and are about 2 m long.

          I n d o c h i n e s e T i g e r
          Panthera Tigris Corbetti
          Also called the Corbett Tiger, after conservationist Jim Corbett, they are found in Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. It is estimated that there are between 1,200 and 1,800 Indochinese Tigers in the wild, making it the second largest population of tiger. Males weigh between 150-190 kg and are 2.5-2.8 m long while females weigh 110-140 kg and are 2.3-2.5 m long.

          ===Habitat & Diet===
          Tigers, like any normal domestic cat, will prey on anything it can kill. They will prey on much smaller animals such as hares, monkeys and fish, but a Tigers main diet consists of medium sized herbivores, such as deer, wild boar and tapir. However they can also eat much larger herbivores such as Water Buffalo and moose.

          A tiger, like a lions and other large cats, will try and overpower its prey. However unlike a Lions, Tigers will hunt alone. A Tiger will bite its prey’s neck, to pierce its windpipe and instantly kill it. These great animals have been recorded to jump as high as 5m, run at 60 km/h and carry animals that can weigh up to one tonne.

          A Tigers habitat once ranged across Asia and into Europe and Northern Africa, however due to deforestation and hunting it has been reduced to small areas across Asia. For example, the Amur Tiger are found in the extreme North and the Bengal Tiger are found in the tropical forests of India. Tigers, in my opinion, are the most adaptable of all the carnivores, and can survive in the majority of climates. A male Tiger can cover any range of area up to 100 km, while a Tigress, who will normally be supporting about 3-4 cubs, which will stay with her for around 2 years.

          ===Reason for the Review===
          Although you may have heard countless times of animals on the brink of extinction, I believe in the theory of 'conservation through education' (hence all the facts above) and would like to highlight the worst threats to some of the greatest threats to these great animals, of course there are the obvious ones, like the fur trade, deforestation etc. I believe most people would have had heard about them already.

          Already 3 sub-species of Tiger have become extinct within the last century alone, the Balinese and Javan became extinct through over hunting, and although became extinct through hunting, the Persian Tiger was a victim of the Roman Gladiator sports (which also brought the Barbary lions to extinction in the wild) and over expansion of humans and deforestation.

          Also a fourth, South China Tiger, will be likely to become extinct in the wild within a few years due to hunting to feed the Asian Medicine market, which has and is continuing to claim the lives of millions of animals. Although these medicinal and spiritual uses for the animals has not been proved to work at all, e.g. hanging tiger feet outside the house drive away evil spirits, rubbing a tigers brain on your body cures acne and laziness. Although many of these may seem like a medieval cures or just pure guesswork and are not backed up by any fact, the medicine trade has the power to bring many animals to extinction.

          Another hatred of mine is the exotic pet trade. This involves monkeys, Cougars, Lions, Leopards, Tigers and many many more. There are approximately 5,000 Tigers living in the wild; however there are over 12,000 living as pets in USA alone. These majestic animals have had been removed from their natural habitat and forced to live within a small cage for the amusement of selfish humans. Of course there have been many examples of when Tigers have mauled their owners; however I believe that is because many people mistreat their pets or do not know enough about tigers to be able to care for tigers sufficiently, like a zoo or refuge.


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            04.08.2007 04:05
            Very helpful



            A Gruesome account of the Aztec Empire

            I used to love this series of books when I was in primary school a couple of years ago, it is easy to read and full of interesting and sometimes gruesome facts. I was only disappointed that my Primary School only had 1 or 2 books from the Horrible History series.

            Separated into 9 chapters, including Introduction & Epilogue, and within each chapter are a number of sections, this book is easy to read & collect information from.

            Intended for children from 8-11 it strongly goes against teachers and gives children the truth, no matter how gruesome, for example the Aztecs sacrificed 50,000 people a year, that's 1,000 a week, 6 every hour and 1 every 10 minutes, that's men, women & mainly children (because they are more innocent, so the Gods would prefer them)

            It also tells you how the Spanish Conquistadors and how they brought small pox to Central America, which wiped out thousands of Aztecs. Plus how on the walls of an Aztec temple there were 136,000 human skulls. Furthermore the Aztecs played a sport a lot like Basketball, in which the losers were slaughtered & the winners could have anything they wanted which the losers own.

            The illustrations, as like all of his books are drawn by Martin Brown, the are not spectacular or any thing special, but they play a big part in the book although being cartoons.

            It tells you everything from the Aztec lifestyle, from what they ate to how they got married, in the 'Live like an Aztec' & 'Eat like an Aztec' chapters. However my favourite chapter has to be the 'Cunning Conquistadors', where it tells you how the 508 Conquistadors, with their 11 horses, defeated an entire of over 2 million Aztecs.

            Terry Deary has written a lot of books including:
            *The Rotten Romans
            *The Groovy Greeks
            *The Incredible Incas
            *The Frightful First World War
            *The Savage Stone Age
            *The Terrible Tudors
            *The Slimy Stuarts
            *The Vile Victorians
            *The Barmy British Empire
            *The Awesome Egyptians
            And that is only a few of the many he has written, plus with 'Awful Egyptians,' 'Dublin,' 'Stratford Upon-Avon' & many sticker books next month.

            This book is not for sensitive children, although it is a mainly light hearted book and tries to tell the facts in a funny way, some of the facts are quite gruesome.

            Nevertheless the book is extremely interesting for children and adults aswell, because of the facts that appear in this book have never been highlighted in any other books, plus it is not a hard going book.

            *ISBN 0590195697
            *128 pages
            *Price New- £3 Second Hand- 1p
            *Published by Scholastic Hippo
            *Can be bought in special edition, with 2 books in 1, Angry Aztecs & Incredible Incas


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              02.08.2007 15:57
              Very helpful



              A British Zoo

              Have you ever looked a Jaguar in the eyes? Heard the thundering roar of a lion? Or been arms length away from a mighty Polar Bear? Edinburgh Zoo gives you the chance to do all that and more.

              Opened in 1913, Edinburgh zoo is one of Europe’s leading zoos in conservation and their mission is: ‘To inspire and excite our visitors with the wonder of living animals...’ And that is just what they do. There is a wide array of animals from the cute and cuddly to the mighty and majestic; there is no shortage of amazing animals in Edinburgh Zoo. There is the traditional favourites (Tiger, Lion, Polar Bear, Rhino, Koala, Chimps Penguins etc.) and the lesser known ones (Pallas Cat, Painted Hunting Dog, Ratel, Sea Eagle, Tapir, Asiatic golden cat etc.).

              I would try and say some of my favourites but I love most of them. However I’m going to name some you must see. Firstly are the Chimpanzees, although they appear they’re just lazing around, chimps have been known for there irrational mood swings and can turn into a frenzy of screaming, lively chimps, but then it will all quickly settle back down. Next are the monkeys, otters and penguins, unlike a lot of the animals who may not appear no matter how long you wait, the playful otters and comical penguins have not failed so far to appear and amuse me with their antics. Finally are the big cats and dogs, although some may not appear at first, and some you may not see at all, do not lose hope. They are only a short distance between each of them (except the hunting dogs), if you are patient it will not be long before you get a close up view of some of them, for example today a black jaguar came up to the glass and looked me dead in the eyes, and remained patrolling the viewing glass for some time after that. Of course there are a lot more animals you have to see, they are the main three that have not failed to appear and let me leave the zoo happy. Plus a lot of the animals I haven’t mentioned that people always want to see, i.e. polar bear, koala etc. they can sleep for the majority of the day.

              I love the animals at the zoo, however when you go in the holidays you run the risk of going to what seems to be more like a children’s play area. Although I am not against children going, because that would be slightly hypocritical as I went with my 6 year old sister, but many of the children grew easily bored of the animals asleep so resorted to either shouting at the animals and banging on the glass. Edinburgh Zoo is built on a steep bank, and I see a lot of parents struggling with pushchairs and a number of bags, especially in the summer heat. I also recommend you bring your own meals or other necessities from outside the zoo, although there are many shops and kiosks throughout the zoo, it is all very expensive. For example a small bottle of water is £1.30, but you can get the same drink in any other shop for less than half the price. Also even if you have forgot to bring a camera for example, the zoo is only a short walk from shops thats will cater for all your needs and could save you a lot of money.

              Although I have not made it to the zoo early, so I cannot comment on it, but I have noticed that many of the animals seem to become a lot more lively within the last our of closing, plus it is a lot quieter due to most of the children leaving, and you don’t have a people rushing around the viewing window trying to get a good picture. I suggest you do go to the zoo early, so you have enough time to see all the animals and some events, especially the penguin parade, it’s a must see, but I recommend you try and stay as late as possible when a lot of animals are being fed or simply just more lively.

              Day to Day Events
              Every day talks and demonstrations are given to help people learn and get close to some of the most exotic animals on the face of the earth. These events change through time however the most famous of them has remained there years, the penguin parade. For those who has not heard of the penguin parade, the gates of the penguin enclosure are opened and some penguins, who voluntarily, follow the keepers out and around a small circuit past all the visitors and back into their enclosures. Too get a good spot I recommend that you try and go their a couple minutes early and do not expect they will get around the circuit fast, they are especially slow and prefer to take their time, and sometimes no penguins come out of their enclosure.

              However that is not the only chance you have to get close to animals, after visiting the zoo today I found a small lemur enclosure which you can walk through and see the lemurs walk and climb around you, however the lemurs did not want to show themselves when I walked through. Although I have not been to them personally there are two other demonstrations that are popular among other visitors, ‘Close Encounters’ gives you the chance to handle small animals and ‘Animal Antics’, which consists of various shows at the hilltop area.

              I suggest you visit the zoo first before becoming a member of the zoo, and if you can see yourself returning to the zoo a few more times I recommend you become a member. I am personally a member and when I visit the zoo with another person who is not a member we save £15, on parking, members guest reductions and my free admission, and the membership itself only cost me £21 for a year.

              Although I have not participated in a lot of the opportunities available you may also get discounts or free entry to special events, you can have lunch and even weddings within the mansion house and you have free entry to a number of zoos across Europe: Artis Zoo, Belfast Zoo, Bristol Zoo, Chester Zoo, Copenhagen Zoo, Dublin Zoo, Forta Animal Park, Marwell Zoological gardens, Paignton Zoo, Rotterdam Zoo, Twycross Zoo and Woburn Safari Park.

              Single Adult Membership £48.00
              Joint Adult Membership £72.00
              Wild Thing (3-17 years) £21.00
              Concession £27.00

              Opening Times:
              Open every day of the Year.
              April-September 9:00-18:00
              October and March 9:00-17:00
              November-February 9:00-16:30

              Admission Prices:
              Adult £10.50
              Child 3-14 years £7.50
              Child Under 3 FREE
              Concession £8.00

              Family Tickets:
              2 Adults + 2 Children £34.00
              2 Adults + 3 Children £38.00

              Discount Party (10 or more paying visitors):
              Adults £8.40
              Child 3-14 £6.00
              Child Under 3 FREE
              Concession £6.40

              Member’s Guests:
              Adults £8.00
              Child £6.00

              Car Park £2.50
              Members FREE
              Coaches £20.00

              However a percentage of these fares go towards building a new and larger enclosure for the chimpanzees.

              Contact Information:
              Edinburgh Zoo
              EH12 6TS
              Tel. 0131 334 9171
              Fax. 0131 314 0384
              Email. info@rzss.org.uk

              Getting There
              We have tried various ways to find our way around Edinburgh so we don’t have to go through the busy City Centre; however we have found it all very confusing because we do not know the area well. If you visit the website- www.edinburghzoo.org.uk or http://www.theaa.com/travelwatch/planner_main, so you can find directions to get there by car. However you can also get the train to either Edinburgh Waverly or Edinburgh Haymarket stations and then a short bus journey will take you strait there, however prices can be expensive.


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                02.08.2007 01:59
                Very helpful



                Tower of London

                The Tower of London is a fascinating, educational place to go. It has played an important part in British history, from a group of rebels besieging it during the Peasants revolt to the arrest of Sir Walter Raleigh. It's a traditional British tourist resort with family activities and events.

                I really enjoyed it, it told every story of every event in the history of Britain. Plus when I went they had a Punch and Judy show on which really entertained the children and some adults. The Tower of London also has got a surprisingly interesting history with the animals its kept, e.g. They used to keep the first elephant in Britain, lions, leopards, and many more including flightless ravens which are still there to this day.

                ~Things to see~

                * The Crown Jewels
                The jewel house is located in the Waterloo Barracks in the Inner Ward. Once you are inside you pass a series of jewels, which gives you a brief history of the crown jewels. You have to go on a conveyer belt, which takes you past the Crown Jewels, displayed in tremendously to bring out their beauty. You can also see Charles II and Mary II coronation balls, 4 of the Consort's sceptres and a number of spectacular and priceless diamonds, including the largest in the world, the First Star of Africa, which weighs over 530 carats.

                * The White Tower
                This is the oldest medieval building at the Tower of London, dating back to William the Conqueror's reign (1066-1087). The rectangular building now contains a vast range of Armour and weapons. The White Tower has got 3 floors and a basement, 1 of the floors being a chapel.

                * Medieval Palace
                The entrance of the Medieval Palace is besides Traitor's gate, the Medieval Palace consists of 3 towers, The Lanthorn Tower, The Wakefield Tower & St Thomas' Tower. St Thomas Tower during Edward I reign, it was built for 2 reasons, accommodation for the king and a Watergate, now known as traitor's gate (because of the traitor's who passed through, e.g. Anne Boleyn). The Wakefield tower is the second largest tower within the Tower of London, built in Henry III reign. It was a strong defensive tower alongside containing Henry III private bedchamber. The Lanthorn Tower was built in Henry III reign aswell, it now contains artefacts from Edward I reign. It was originally built as accommodation for the Queens.

                * The Western Entrance
                Built in Edward I reign, the Western Entrance is the maid entrance to the Tower and was a main part in its defence. It is joined to another 4 towers through Water Lane, the Cradle Tower, The Bell Tower, The Byward Tower and The Middle Tower. The Cradle Tower was used as a Watergate and to hold prisoners. The Middle Tower was originally a drawbridge, but now holds royal armouries. The Bell Tower's present bell date back to 1651 and has rung since then. The Byward Tower was used as another drawbridge and protection.

                * The Wall Walk
                The Walk is a walk on the East side of the tower, consisting of 8 wall towers including, The Broad Arrow Tower, The Salt Tower and The Martin Tower. The towers were used to hold prisoners including Sir Everard Digby, who was involved in the Gunpowder Plot.

                * Tower Green
                The Tower Green is surrounded by such buildings like, The Bloody Tower, in which Sir Walter Raleigh was imprisoned and the Princes in the Tower were held, The Scaffold Site, where Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard, Lady Jane Grey and others were beheaded. Also The Queens house, where Guy Fawkes was questioned and tortured, and the Beauchamp Tower, where Elizabeth I was held for 2 months during Mary I reign.

                * The Fusilier's Museum
                The museum holds royal guns from such wars as The Boer War, Napoleonic Wars, 1st &2nd World Wars and many others.

                ~Other Information~

                Opening Hours
                Tuesday - Saturday 09:00-18:00
                Sunday - Monday 10:00-18:00

                How to get there
                Trains leave Kings Cross every 5 minutes, however you need to walk a bit to get there and you need to get the bus if you get 1 of them. Go on journeyplanner.tfl.gov.uk to plan how you will get there.

                Adult £13.50
                Under 16 £9
                Concession £10.50
                Family Ticket (2 adults 3 children) £37.50
                Under 5s free

                Although the prices are expensive and like most places so is the gift shop, it's a very interesting place to go. With a lot of winding narrow staircases I don't think disabled people could get around the Tower.


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                • The Simpsons Monopoly / Board Game / 35 Readings / 34 Ratings
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                  30.07.2007 21:46
                  Very helpful



                  Become a Monorail Tycoon in Simpsons Monopoly

                  Springfield has built the monorail and it's up to you to build monorail stops and stations across Springfield. It's exactly the same as monopoly, just with a bit more flavour so to speak, because of the recognisable characters and places as you play the game, as you become a monorail station tycoon.

                  *To Start
                  Play with 2-6 players and select who will become the banker, this is the person who handles the money people pay and borrow, and who is also playing at the same time. Each player will select 1 of 6 tokens which will represent you as you move around the board game. Each player will also receive $1500 separated into: 2 $500, 2 $100, 2 $50, 6 $20, 5 $10, 5 $5 & 5 $1, all remaining money will be put into the bank. Community Chest cards and Chance cards are also placed face down in the centre of the board and there is property cards which you are given when you buy the property.
                  *Moving around the Game
                  You can select who goes first, place your tokens on go and roll 2 dice and move your token the equal amount of squares as on the dice in the way the arrow is pointing. If you roll the dice and both numbers are equal, you may roll again, but if you roll the doubles in succession you will go straight to jail.
                  *The Squares
                  If your token lands on 'go to jail' you have to go straight to jail, where you can only get out if you roll a double within your next three goes, have a get out of jail free card or pay $50. Plus you do not earn any money once you are in jail. Every time you pass go you collect $200, unless stated otherwise or when you are told to go to jail. Every time a person has to pay a fine, they put the money under 'Free Parking' and the only way people can claim the money is if they land on it. Also there is 'Income Tax' where you have to pay $200 to the bank if you land on it. Community Chest and Chance squares are all about the board, if you are to land on one you have to pick the top card of the pile and do what it says.
                  You have to go around the board at least once before you can buy property. If you land on any land not bought, you may pay the bank the shown price on the board to buy the property. Once you have bought all the properties of the same colour, you may buy monorail stops for the price on the back of the property card, and once you buy 4 stops on each property you may now purchase a station. When you land on a property that is owned by another player, the owner collects rent from you in accordance with the list printed on its property card. (the more stops or stations it has on the more you will have to pay). You can also buy Utility properties, mortgage your house off, so you get half the money back and you don't get any rent if someone lands on it.
                  Once declared bankrupt you have to give all your property and money to the person you owe the money to & then you are out of the game. You may lend money from the bank but not from other players.

                  ~Game Includes~
                  Game board
                  Property Cards
                  16 Chance & 16 Community cards
                  32 monorail stops
                  16 monorail stations
                  6 tokens (Kang, Blinky, Santa's little helper, Bart, doughnut & Jebidiah Springfield)
                  2 Dice

                  I would only recommend you buy this edition of monopoly if you like the Simpsons, if you don't like the Simpsons or would just prefer to save money I would buy the original edition. Personally I like it, it seems a bit more entertaining, and mainly because of the property you can buy: Burns Manor, Kwik-E-Mart, Moe's Tavern, Gilded Truffle and many more.

                  I liked it however I feel there is far too much Simpsons merchandise e.g. there's even a Halloweens edition of monopoly, Bart Simpsons pranks kit, Homer's book, Bart's book, Comic book guy's book and a lot of other characters books, Simpsons Cluedo, chess and much much more.

                  ~Other Information~
                  Recommended age 7+
                  Box size (inches) 20.00 x 9.50 x 1.40
                  Price- New £25.00 to £30.00


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                    10.04.2007 00:32
                    Very helpful



                    A childrens book

                    Lynley Dodd uses repetition & rhyming text to tell the tale of a mischievous scruffy haired dog. This is the first of memorable 'Hairy Maclary' series, which is still was incredibly popular when it was first printed in 1983 and still to this day. Hairy Maclary, I think, is a really well thought out character. He can't talk or do anything a normal dog can't, but he seems to be having all these memorable adventures.

                    Hairy Maclary (from Donaldson dairy) sets off for a walk; while he is walking he is joined by a number of other dogs. The dogs that join him are Hercules Morse (as big as a horse), Bottomley Potts (covered in spots), Muffin McLay (like a bundle of hay), Bitzer Maloney (all skinny and boney) and Schnitzel Von Krumm (with a very low tum).

                    They continued walking down the street, showing off strutting, 'past shops the shops and the park, to the far end of town.' But they run in a Tom Cat, the toughest Tom cat in town, Scarface Claw. Scarface scream at the dogs before chasing them all home.

                    Born in 1941, Lynley Dodd is a well respected children's book author from New Zealand. She is internationally recognised for writing the 'Hairy Maclary' series and doing the great illustrations aswell. She has written 24 books and has sold 2 million copies world wide. She has received a number of awards including the Margaret Mahy Award in 1999 and in 2002 was made a Distinguished Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit in the New Year Honours for services to children's literature.

                    Other books: Hairy Maclary series:
                    Wake up Bear Maclary's bone
                    Find me a Tiger Maclary and Scattercat
                    Sliky Malinki, open the door Maclary's Caterwaul caper
                    A Dragon in a Wagon Maclary's Rumpus at the vet
                    Sniff-Snuff-Snap Maclary's Snowbusiness

                    Lynley Dodd also does the illustrations, what I am glad to see, because you get to see how she imagined it to look like instead of an artist. Plus, I actually really like, they are very childish in a way, which appeals greatly to younger children, but on the other hand they are very detailed, e.g. the individual hairs of Hercules Morse, the Great Dane.

                    ~Other information~
                    -3-7 Years
                    -6.3 x 10.5in
                    -32 pages (half of which are pictures)
                    -ISBN 0-14-050531-8
                    -First printed in New Zealand in 1983
                    -Printed by Puffin in 1985
                    -After is release Theatre Company, Maclary Theatre Productions, has been formed, a video has been released & a new range of merchandise has been created, all about Hairy Maclary
                    -The book has been translated into several languages & released on audio
                    -Plus the book is available New £1-£2 or Second hand is from 1 penny upwards


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                    • Age of Empires III (PC) / PC Game / 46 Readings / 45 Ratings
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                      07.04.2007 00:08
                      Very helpful



                      A PC game you must try

                      Age of Empires 3 is, ironically enough, the third instalment of the highly successful 'Age of Empires' title. Although fans of age of empires 2 had to wait 6 years for the new release, I believe it was worth it. Age of Empires III is a real time strategy game where you play as 1 of 8 major European Civilization as they fight for land and riches on the New World.

                      The games controls haven't really changed that much from the second one, but even if you are a novice they are easy to pick up with the 'learn to play' mode and a lot of the buildings keep their original functions, however a brand new selection of units have been created due to the usage of gunpowder. Plus in Age of Empires 3 you have the chance to use your home city to help aid your colony, and the more the play the greater the selection and quality of shipments will be. Furthermore a whole load of maps have been created, that bare their own native civilization, trade route and treasures, that can also aid you defeat your opponents and advance from the discovery, colonial and industrial ages and into the imperial age.

                      =====Game Features======

                      8 Major European civilizations all with their unique units and style of play
                      Britain Ottoman
                      Spain France
                      Russia Portugal
                      Germany Nether lands

                      12 Native Tribes/Civilizations, all with unique units, technology advancements and strengths.
                      Tupi Inca
                      Aztec Maya
                      Iroquois Lakota
                      Comanche Carib
                      Cree Seminole
                      Nootka Cherokee

                      Loads of units/buildings from around the world, from infantry to artillery and from mercenaries to naval ships, the game offers players the chance to try different tactics when attacking, whether that be large number of infantry like the Russians or heavy artillery like the Ottomans, a lot of units keep the game fresh and exciting.

                      A gripping single player campaign that covers 3 generations and a century of adventure.

                      6 ages to master and advance through
                      Nomad----Only a covered wagon and explorer
                      Discovery---Town centre, settlers and most buildings, but no military
                      Colonial---Military can be built
                      Fortress----All units have been unlocked and can be improved
                      Industrial----Factories can be built and economy can be vastly improved
                      Imperial----Home City shipments can be resent and capitol city can be built

                      Maps from across the Americas, all with their own advantages/disadvantages, e.g. the Caribbean gives you the chance to build great armies and economy, however, ships are needed when you attack and wood runs out quickly if you do not hold the spare island.

                      Resources, Gold, Wood and Food can be collected from all over the map. Gold can be collected from mines, Wood from trees and food from bushes and animals such as tapirs, caribou etc. Plus build can be created should the natural sources run out, mills and plantations for food and gold, trade routes and factories for all of them.

                      ======Game Modes=====

                      Single Player
                      It's all pretty much self explanatory, you select your Civilization, allies, foes and map you wish too play on and then your ready to battle. | liked it to start off with but it became a bit repetitive fighting the predictable computer armies, so although it can be perfected although a long period of time it does grow a bit tiring with not many worth while rewards for doing so.

                      -Act 1 Blood: You follow the life of Morgan Black, a late 17th century Knight of St John, as he journeys from the Old world into the New. He starts off defending a British fort in Malta from oncoming Ottoman forces, at first you are struggling against the infamous great bombards, but once your settlers light the signals Alain Magnan's cavalry helps to force the Ottomans into retreating. So you follow the Ottomans into the caves in an attempt to drives the Ottomans from Malta, but in doing so he also stumbles upon a cave in which there was writings of the Circle of Ossus a secret society, and Lake Moon, in which the fountain of youth stands, (a mythical fountain the Conquistadors searched for they believed could prevent death). So Morgan sets off to the new world with ambitions to track down the Circle of Ossus and the fountain of youth, taking him across the Caribbean, Bayou and Central America. The Home city and units are based on the Dutch.

                      -Act 2 Ice: About half a century later and Morgan's grandson John Black's story starts with him being called for help by his uncle, Stuart, to defend his fort from attacking Cherokees. Settlers from opposite ends of the map collect valuable resources as you build an army big enough to fend off such a worthy foe, and if you save fellow settlers from the Cherokees, they will take up arms and help defend the fort. Once all the attackers have been killed or have retreated you follow them to their War Hut in attempt to make peace, however you are ambushed by British cannons and your wife, Nonahkee is in danger from what he believes to be the British, so with his brother in-law he sets out on a journey spanning from Carolina to the Rockies, in search of who is behind the attacks.
                      The Home city and units are based on the German.

                      -Act 3 Steel: It's the start of the 1800's and the Granddaughter of John Black, Amelia, is the leader of Falcon Railroad Company, and because of her fathers poor management skills the company is facing bankruptcy. So to get money from the government to continue building Amelia had to eliminate all opposing railroad companies by destroying their trading posts and building her own in their place. So she goes to her boss an cavalry general, Cooper, to tell him of her success. However a Mexican army has approached on the unsuspecting Fort and with limited resources, the trade routes are the only source of income while she builds an army to fight the Mexicans. Plus she became associated with a French prospector, Beaumont, who promises gold if she helps him mine it, but he cannot be trusted. Amelia travels across a lot of America, from the Rockies to Bayou and to South America on a quest to get to the bottom of the Circle of Ossus Mystery.
                      The Home city and units are based on the British.

                      I loved the campaign, I found the story line very enjoyable with great cinematic for a computer game, and I would recommend it to any novice of the game because it teaches all styles of game play, from all out war using military might, to economically based resource gathering, and if the level doesn't suit you simply press enter as if to send a chat and type 'this is too hard' and you will go straight onto the next level. Plus if you're like me and like scenario designing, it is a good source to see what a good scenario should look like. Plus keep an eye out for the striking resemblance between Morgan Black and The Old Coot in Act 3.

                      In my opinion a great game mode, it never grows tiring as you battle other gamers throughout the globe via the internet, it works the same as skirmish, but you have the ability to join clan's as well, learn new and better tactics from your allies and fight in new scenarios, created by other games. I love it as it never grows repetitive, although it can be hard for a new gamer or 'noob' to play, because experienced gamers refuse to play with 'noobs', and if you have a wireless network it has a tendency of disconnecting. Plus you cannot delete an account, each disc IP address is only allowed 1 account, although home cities can be maintained as in

                      Help & Tools
                      Scenario Design
                      Although it may seem relatively easy, e.g. placing units, buildings, terrain etc. there is a lot more behind it, and once you learn of triggers and cinematic you may wish to look for tutorials over the internet on websites like heavengames.com, agecommunity.com etc. But it is well worth it once you see your great cinematic and ideas of games come into practice.


                      I believe the graphics can either make or break a game of this genre, and I believe Age of Empires III has made it twice over. Although the game has a tendency to slow down in a naval battle or land battle with incredibly high numbers, this is just a small price to pay for the game. You simply have to witness the sometimes stunning graphics as you master cinematography or even just watch your men raid a neighbouring settlement, you will be amazed by the level of detail gone in to creating a realistic game (although the majority of the time I don't pay much attention to it while I'm playing I must admit). Each unit has been designed to look and fight exactly like the historic unit, and each civilizations building are built to look like the area of Europe they come from which really does add something too the game, because a bit of eye candy never hurt anyone.

                      Furthermore, although many may say not too, I recommend you look into modding, even if your bad on computers like me, if you find the right tutorials on the internet you have the ability to create a new unit or building, edit the maps or create your own, create a new minor civilization that you can set up trade with, or, if you feel adventurous create a completely new civilization. But if you don't have the time to do modding you can download someone else's 'mod' through websites like heaven games, and that I believe is what is keeping the game, still alive and addictive.

                      It was deservedly awarded 'best graphics' of the year by game spy as well as 'RTS of the year' and was also high up in the 'best music' ranks. Plus it was chosen by Governor as Texas as game of the month as well as receiving 'Outstanding' from GameZone and PC gamer gave it 91%.

                      ====Other Info====

                      Designers---Ensemble Studios
                      Publishers---PC-Microsoft Game Studios
                      Release Date-UK-4 November 2005
                      USA-18 November 2005
                      System Requirements-Windows XP, 1.4 GHz, 256 MB RAM, 64 MB Video card


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                        Very helpful



                        A Shakespeare Play

                        Written by William Shakespeare in 1598-99, Much Ado About nothing is one of his 17 comedies. Much Ado About Nothing tells the tale of an Italian village and the stories which happened when soldier returned from a victorious battle.

                        MAIN CHARACTERS
                        Benedick~ a witty intelligent man who is a sworn bachelour. However he is tricked into falling in love with Beatrice
                        Beatrice~ A loud, argumentative, orphaned niece of Leonato. She too has sworn not to marry, but is tricked to fall in love with Benedick
                        Don Pedro~ Prince of Arragorn, helps Claudio marry, Benedick fall in love and is there when the see supposidly Hero with another man
                        Don John~ A bastard brother of Don Pedro, is a sinister man who claims he has no time for love, and he ruins Claudio's wedding
                        Hero~ Daughter of Leonato and heir to his belongings a beautiful young woman, who is wrongly accused of sleeping woth other men and is disgraced at her wedding.
                        Claudio~ A brave, young soldier, who false in love with Hero, but is tricked into thinking she was cheating on her, and he help Benedick fall in love
                        Leonato~Governor of Messina, father of Hero and Uncle of Beatrice, was willing to let Hero die when she was said she was no longer a virgin

                        ACT 1
                        As this scene opens, the Governor of Messina, Leonato, his niece Beatrice and his daughter Hero are speaking with a messenger. The messenger has come to tell Leonato that Don Pedro, the Prince of Aragon, is visiting Messina following some sort of battle. The Prince will be coming with a brave young soldier, Claudio and Benedick, a witty man and a sworn bachelor. Beatrice asks the messenger about Benedick, a lord of Padua (these 2 have obviously had a history together) Benedick greets her by saying, 'my dear lady distain are you yet living?' The next scene Antonio tells his Brother Leonato that he overheard Claudio admitting he loves Hero and wants to marry her. The 3rd scene has Don John, the bastard brother of Don Pedro, with his 2 companions Borachio and Conrade, saying that he feels unwelcome in Messina and plans to cause unrest.

                        ACT 2
                        Hero, Leonato, Beatrice and Antonio are discussing Don John, Beatrice says he is a bitter man who never talks and makes her feel uneasy. Then all the other characters arrive in masks, Don Pedro who agreed to chat up Hero for Claudio, talks to Hero while Borachio and Margaret, Hero's servant, about their sexual desires, so to speak and Beatrice and Benedick talk about love, and say they will never say they love anyone. Don John and Borachio approach Claudio and ask him if he was Benedick, knowing fine well he was Claudio. Claudio said he was and Don John told him that Don Pedro was chatting up Hero for himself, so Claudio left in anger. Claudio returns with Beatrice, Leonato and Hero to question Don Pedro, he denied he was chatting her up for himself, and Hero and Claudio kiss and are a happy couple. Then Don Pedro asks Beatrice to marry him, but she says no and leaves, thats when Don Pedro says Benedick and Beatrice will be a great couple, so they all agree to try and get them to fall in love with each other. The next scene, which occurs in a room at Leonato's house, begins with Don John and Borachio talking. Borachio proposes a new to stop the marriage of Hero and Claudio, which Don John embraces with enthusiasm. The Plan was that Don John will get Claudio and the prince to Hero's chamber window where Borachio will be makin love with Margaret, but Don John will say to Claudio that Margaret is Hero. While Margaret is none the wiser about this. In the next scene, Benedick hides from Leonato, Claudio and Don Pedro, knowing he his hiding they lie about Beatrice's love for Benedick, in order to get them to fall in love.

                        ACT 3
                        A lot like the past scene but this time, Beatrice is hiding, while Hero, and her 2 servants, Ursula and Margaret, talk about Benedick's love for Beatrice, and how intelligent and witty he is. The next scene however is a much less light hearted one, although it starts off with Claudio and Don Pedro joking about Benedicks change in personality, because he is in love, eg. He shaved his beared and wearing perfume. But the towards the end of the scene Don John leads, Claudio and Don Pedro to Hero's chamber window, where they see Margaret and Borachio together, and Claudio leaves in disgust belieing it was Hero. The next scene is located in the street where Dogberry, the funny watchman, and his deputy Verges, are patroling the streets of Messina. They over hear Borachio boasting to Conrade about the event that has just happened. Overhearing this Dogberry places them under arrest. The next scene is in the morning of the wedding day, in Hero's bedroom, where she is having a discussion with her servants about what to wear for the wedding. Then Beatrice enters and they mock her because she is in love and her change of personality. The 5th scene was when Leonato was about to enter the church, Dogberry and Verges confront him and congradulate him about the wedding and tell him about what happened last night.

                        ACT 4
                        Everyone gathers inside the church to celebrate the wedding of Claudio and Hero. But when Friar Francis asks Claudio whether he wishes to marry Hero, Claudio breaks into an outraged speech. He tells Leonato that he sends Hero back to Leonato again. After Claudio finished calling her, Leonato, her own father, shouts at her, calling her slanderous names. Hero collapses and Claudio and Don Pedro leave. Benedick and Beatrice rush to offer her their assistance, while Leonato says she can die, for what she has done. Suddenly and unexpectedly, the friar comes out with a long speech saying Hero is innocent and they should pretend she is dead until they've found out what really happened. Then Benedick and a sobbing Beatrice are left in the church, Benedick questions her love for him but she is too sad to say she loves him. He asks what he has to do to get her to love him, she replies, 'Kill Claudio.' The next scene starts with Dogberry and Verges questioning Borahio and Conrade. Borachio confesses that he received money from Don John for pretending to make love to Hero and then lying about it to.

                        ACT 5
                        Leonato and Antonio are discussing their outrage about the wedding, until Claudio and Don Pedro enter. Leonato shouts at Claudio and accuses him of causing his daughters death, and Antonio says he will challenge them for what they have done. But then Benedick enters he says that Don John has fled Messina and he will challenge Claudio. This is the only time in the book when Benedick is serious, he is not making witty remarks or jokes. Suddenly Dogberry and Verges enter, dragging behind them the captured villains Conrad and Borachio. Dogberry tells Claudio and Don Pedro that Borachio has confessed to treachery and lying, and Borachio admits his crime again. Shocked Claudio and Don Pedro realized Hero was innocent when she died. Leonato offered a chance for Claudio to undo what he has done, Claudio had to write an epitaph on her tomb and sing it, then marry his niece. (it's actually Hero, but he'll only find out after they are married) Meanwhile, near Leonato's estate, Benedick asks Margaret to bring Beatrice to speak to him. He tries to write a poem, but finds it hard to rhyme now he is in love. When she arrives they flirt and joke until Ursula arrives telling them the news, that Hero has been proved to be innocent. The next scene at the tomb where Hero supposedly lies buried, Claudio carries out the first part of the punishment that Leonato has ordered him to perform Claudio wrote an epitaph and then sung it. The next scene was the second wedding, Leonato had Hero masked and was only allowed to be unmasked after she has been married. When she is married Claudio unmasks her and to his delight he saw Hero. Benedick stopped the celebrations to ask Beatrice to marry him, she agrees and the party continues after a messenger reported that Don John has been arrested.

                        Although i enjoyed the play it left a lot of loose ends, like what happened with Don John? and Don Pedro sees himself as a ladies man, but why is he still single by the end? etc. Nevertheless it was a great play. Another down part in the play is the racism and predjudice they all have. I know it was a long time ago and Jews were banned from Britain at the time, i still don't think a writer should write racist opinions about them, also Claudio states 'i would marry her even if she were an Ethiope,' this shows Africans at the time were seen as second class citizens alot like the women of the time.

                        The characters i thought were the best thing in the play each wit their own history and plots, eg. Don John, like most illegitimate people of the time, they were treated as second class, so that could have provoked him to become sinister and his role in the play is just to cause unrest and havack ampng the people in Messina, whereas Beatrice is an orphan, and is incredibly loud and argumentative for a woman of the times, never mind an orphan.

                        Before i read this play i've only read 'The Tempest' & 'Hamlet', and because of those plays i disliked Shakespeare's plays, probably because they are so farfetched, but after reading this play, i prefer Shakespeare's plays. I am currently studying it for my SATs in May and i had to play as Claudio when we performed the play. So that has given me a different perspective on the play but i still intend on seeing actors perform it live in Theatre. I have also seen 2 films of it, the one with Shakespearean language and original plots, starring Denzel Washington and Kenneth Branagh and the modern version, when they are newsreaders.

                        Of course like all Shakespeare plays, Much Ado is avalible from a number of publishers including New Folgers Library & arkangel and cost anything from £3-£10. I strongly recommend you buy or at least read this play, no matter if you've read a Shakespeare or not, it is a very good play and quite easy going in comparison to his other Plays


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                        • Gun (PS2) / Playstation 2 Game / 37 Readings / 34 Ratings
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                          04.04.2007 18:04
                          Very helpful



                          ps2 game

                          A free roaming shoot 'em up, based in the New Mexico in the late 1800s. It's a tale of brutality, betrayal and greed, it's not a game for the faint hearted, as a lot of the things you can do are very gory. You can journey on horseback throughout the game as you attempt to avenge Ned's death and eliminate your enemies.

                          I love this game, it's got amazing graphics and a great storyline, although it was incredibly short. Because of the storyline being so short, you can't really establish a great admiration towards the game. Plus I don't like the idea how the natives are seen as savages & blood-thirsty (well that's how I thought they were portrayed on the game). Plus I am disappointed to see there were no multi-player games or chance to replay the side missions once you've completed them and you can heal your health by just drinking what i thought was quite weird (i wish i knew what it was he was drinking). Plus the controls are more or less the same as any other 3rd person shooter.

                          Written by Randall Jahnson, who also wrote 'The Mask of Zoro', with a lot of twists, turns & betrayal as you journey through the lawless Wild West with Colton White, who encounters an evil preacher, a law breaking mayor, a brutal renegade, brave resistance force, fierce outlaws and forceful natives.

                          You play as Colton White, who is on a steamboat with his father, Ned (who brought him up in the wilderness hunting animals) you see a preacher kill his fathers lady friend, because she wouldn't tell him about an object he is looking for and then he orders an ambush. Colton fought a number of them off alongside his father, but he is told that he wasn't his father and that he has to see Jenny in Dodge City, then Ned pushed Colton off the steamboat to save him.

                          Colton awoke 3 days later when a man called honest Tom tells him no one survived who was on the steamboat. He teaches him how to ride horses and offers to give him a one if he beats him in a race. But, when he does he and his friends attempt to kill him, but Colton fights them off and journeys to Dodge.

                          Once in Dodge Colton saves Jenny from a gang, in the Alabama saloon, who attempt to torch it after he kills the leader's brother. The sheriff sees him fight off the gang and offers him a job; he has to fight off the natives so the Chinese builders can finish building the bridge out of Dodge.

                          On from then on you can journey throughout the game, meeting new and interesting characters and learn that he was related to an Apache, join a resistance force against the Sheriff of Empire, break out of jail, escape from a renegade fort alongside natives, raid a city, find out that the cross leads them to gold and much more.

                          ~Main Characters~
                          Colton White
                          This is your character, he has been growing up in the wilderness with his father Ned, he taught him how to hunt and stalk wild animals. He and his father are on a steamboat when he sees the vicar kill his fathers lady friend, and then it is raided by 'white savages,' Colton jumps off the steamboat after Ned told him he wasn't his father, while Ned fought to his death. He then journeys into the City in order to avenge his father's death and find out what the vicar was searching for.

                          Thomas Magruder
                          He is a former civil general in the Confederate army during the civil war, who owns trains, railroads, land and mine sites all across New Mexico. A brutal, powerful man who is determined to complete his mission during the civil war, to recover a Christian cross, which you later find out, tells him where to find vast amount of gold.

                          Hoodoo Brown
                          He uses his power as mayor of Empire city to eliminate anybody he dislikes. He makes you constable but you find out he's a murderer you eliminate his right hand men, he throws you in jail and you and the other members of the resistance attempt to overthrow Empire City and kill him in the process.

                          A man who disappeared in the civil war, reappeared along with his followers in a fort in the North. He is a man feared by many, with a bear skin over his back, and with his followers carrying out his orders, the people who get in his way are brutally seen to, as you will see in his fort.

                          ~Features & Graphics~
                          With 10 guns in all, (4 pistols, 2 rifles, 2 Shotguns & 2 sharpshooters) plus you can even get bows with either normal, lit or exploding arrows and a number of swords and axes to carry out close combat attacks, and dynamite and whisky bombs.

                          *Side Missions
                          Along with doing the main quest, you can complete a selection of side missions.
                          -Bounty Hunter, you have to capture or kill a selection of wanted men
                          -Poker, you play other westerners at poker at 6 different levels
                          -Hunt, you have to trap down and kill different animals including, wolves and buffalo with a bow and arrow
                          -Ranger, you help the ranger round up his cattle on horse back
                          -Pony Express, you have to deliver messages on horse back before the time runs out.
                          -Mining, small mines sites are located throughout the game, which you can mine with a pickaxe
                          -Federal Marshall-Help the Federal Marshall of Empire and Pat Denton to catch or kill a gang of troublemakers

                          The graphics are truly amazing (although sometimes very brutal and bloody). It features a number of well designed animals such as, wolves, buffalo, horses, bears, quail, mountain lion, wild dogs and many others. Also with detailed scenery, it offers an awesome background as you travel through the game through mountains, plains, cities and rivers. At times though I think the graphics are to detailed, e.g. you can shoot people limbs off, slit their throats and scalp them, what I thought was a bit to much when you hear them scream and their blood fly out of them.

                          It doesn't offer anything truly remarkable; there are great lengths in the game in which you can only hear your horse galloping. The voices I believe aren't either anything amazing and I do dislike it when the natives are just screaming as they run at you and you can hear blood curdling shrieks if you scalp anyone.

                          ~Other info~
                          *Published by Activision
                          *Developed by Neversoft
                          *Have to be 18+
                          *Released in Britain November 11th 2005
                          *New £19.00 Second Hand £13.00


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