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      13.03.2012 19:03
      Very helpful



      For die hard football fans

      This game was released before the Euro 2008 competition it self.The game featured teams like Portugal,Italy,Spain,France and Germany.

      A lot of the controls in the game are quite simple and the gameplay is easy to pick up for anyone whose been playing the Fifa series.The graphics in the game are impressivea lot of the players look real like Steven Gerrard,David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo.The arenas in the game are also realistic looking.

      Moving onto the gameplay the game was similar to Fifa 2008 in many ways however it was a little different. Scoring goals against the CPU from a far distance for example 25 yards seemed impossible for me! The shots would either go wide or high in the sky no matter what level I played against the CPU this seemed to be a problem for me.

      However when taking players on and being close range goals it was goals guaranteed always! The game play was smooth and good. You could do all the tricks you could do on Fifa 2008 and to be honest there was not much difference between the games.

      Apart from being able to play the one tournament in the game there is not much else to do in the game. Yes you can play against your friend but the game should have some other modes or at least the option of creating your own international league or something as after playing the Euro you get bored of the game easily!

      Overall we know why games like these get released simply to make money before a tournament and thats exactly what the case was with this one.


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      13.03.2012 18:52



      Could have been better

      Spiderman was released after the movie the game is about Spiderman seeking revenge after his uncle was killed. All the missions in the game relate to what happened in the film it self so expect anything you saw on the movie in the game.

      I thought the missions in this game were a little easy to complete. The missions were not too difficult in the game.Beating the bad guys in the game was quite easy as well as you could knock them down in a few shots easily in the game.

      No matter which difficulty level I choose I always found the villians pretty easy to beat without any problems. For some that may be a good thing but for me I like games being a challenge to me and this one was not much of a challenge and pretty much straight forward.

      The graphics in the game are alright but not the best, Sound in the game is not well done as Spiderman keeps on repeating him all the time in the game! It certainly gets annoying is all I can say!

      For me it did not take long to finish the game because it was quite easy to finish. They could have improved the game if they added in some much tougher missions. The game would be perfect though for kids though as the missions are easy to complete and the game story is not too long either.

      Overall it only took me less than a month to finish the game! Any one who likes Spiderman games then it is worth playing it other than that any one whose looking for a challenge and a game to finish this one maybe a little too easy for you to complete.


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      13.03.2012 18:44



      One for wwe fans

      Wwe Smackdown VS Raw 2009 is a good game for the PS2. The wrestling game had plenty of improvments in.

      The Superstars in the game include Cody Rhodes,Chris Jericho and Kofi Kingston. The roster had big names such as John Cena, Randy Orton, Batista, Triple H are all in the game to. Although it sadly saw the General Manager mode be removed from the game! But in replacement Smackdown vs Raw 2009 has got a new mode added in which is create a move! Yes in the game you can create your own move or modify other finishers.

      This means for example with Randy Orton I can now add a slap or a knee before he performs the Rko on an opponent. Story mode in the game is not all that as only a few superstars are useable in the story mode. That for me was a bit let down in the game however the few wrestlers who you can use make up for that slightly I guess. They all have their own unique storylines as well so for that reason you can not complain.

      I played with Cena on story mode and found the story mode to be pretty lame in the game.One particular story line in the game was a solider from the troops was Cena's friends called Tony. Also they have put him in the game an unknown character which makes no sense at all!

      Overall the games graphics were pretty strong they were well detailed so that made gameplay a lot more fun to play! This game will cost you around 5.00 now still a good value wrestling game on the PS2.If your into WWE like me then it is worth playing!


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      13.03.2012 18:34



      Wii sports is better

      It has got six games on it which are Beach Football,Beach Volleyball,Beach Cricket,Beach American Football,Disc(Frisbee) and Boules.

      Beach Football
      You can play 5 a side football in this game buts its pretty poor to be honest. Their is no enjoyment much in the game yes you can pass about but their is no real good feel about the game. Overall I played this a few times but never really enjoyed the game.

      Beach Cricket
      Has to be the best game i played on here you can choose the amount of overs. You have less fielders playing which means scoring runs is very easy in the game. Hitting a four in the game is just about possible with each ball you receive in the game. No doubt the best one in the game in my opinion!

      Frisbee (disc)
      You throw the frisbee as far as you can and its pretty much boring. I do not see the reason why this was even put in Beach Sports. This game really did not do much for me I thought they could have put in a better sports game.

      Beach Volleyball
      Second best game you can play on Beach sports. You can tip the ball over and its pretty much fun when playing this game. Its all about keeping your control with this game. Good game, plenty of fun overall!

      American Football
      I turned this off the first time I played it! This is just horrible to play! Maybe its because I dont like american football or just the fact the game was so awful to play!

      Another pointless game put in on Beach Sports. I guess many people like me will be turned of easily with Beach Sports because of the quality. This is one you would probably play to try out and not play again!

      Overall the cricket and Volleyballs games are the only decent ones in the game!


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      12.03.2012 13:35



      Changed gaming

      The edition of the Nintendo Wii has no doubt changed the gaming world for ever. The Nintendo Wii remote is about 7 inches long and is small in size compared to normal console controllers.The Nintendo Wii remote is no doubt the controller which stands out in the console world. No one has yet to match the quality of this unique controller.

      It has sound built in to so you hear the noise of smacking the tennis ball straight from your Wii Remote!Controlling the remote is fairly simple make sure you have got a tight grip of the controller. At first when i use to use this controller i use to find it easy to let loose of it and it would end up flying up some where!

      You really need to make sure you are in a good place when playing games with the remote. You need space around you so you do not hit somebody else! The skin which comes with the Wii remote is there to protect you when playing the Wii.

      When you play a game for too long and your hands get sweaty you can easily let slip of the Nintendo Wii remote. If you have removed the skin then its likely you can drop your Wii remote when playing the games. Its always safer to have the skin on as its protects you incase you drop the Nintendo Wii remote by accident.

      The Nintendo Wii remote is a top edition to the console world and has changed it around. I think this controller is very good and has changed the gaming world. It brings plenty of fun and playing with others plus moving your hand around gives you some exercise while playing! Not bad is it!


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      12.03.2012 13:29
      Very helpful



      Fantastic Royal Rumble

      The Royal Rumble is the second biggest event on the wrestling calender. I was impressed with the good matches and entertainment we saw on the pay per view.JBL VS Chris Jericho was a bad match,the wrestlers did not perform well together at all.The match was very slow,the ending saw JBL getting chocked out by Chris Jericho.

      The Two big WWE titles were on line at the pay per view to.The Smackdown main event was Edge vs Rey Mysterio this was a really good match,Rey Mysterio really took it to Edge and nearly won the match,The finish saw interfence from Edge's friends to help him win the match,it was a good match overall very good performance from both wrestlers.

      This was the most hyped match of the night Randy Orton vs Jeff Hardy for the WWE title,there was a lot of crowd support for Jeff Hardy,the match was a good one.Jeff Hardy was doing really in the match and seemed like he was going to get the win but Randy Orton beat him to it and won the match.

      The Royal Rumble match was the one everyone wanted to see it was a thrilling match,there was Triple H,The Undertaker,Shawn Michaels,Mick Foley,Roddy Pipper,Umaga and Mark Henry just a few to name in the match but no one knew who was number 30.

      It turned out to be Cena!John Cena came as a surprise entrant and won the match it self.It was a wonderful return in the match.It was a moment when he and Triple H faced up together.The finish saw John Cena F U his finisher move applied on Triple H all the way outside to win the match and the rumble.

      Overal this was no doubt the best Royal Rumble PPV I have seen in a long time the reason for that was it was not predictable! A great match up and the finish was fantastic! Certainly a DVD worth buying in my opinion and one to keep! You don't get much good Royal Rumbles from the WWE these days and 2008 was probably the best one I have seen in a long time still to this day!


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    • The Simpsons (PSP) / PSP Game / 4 Readings / 3 Ratings
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      12.03.2012 13:21



      A good game

      The Simpsons games is about the main Simpsons Characters you have to use to save the world from problems.

      You start of using Bart and Homer in one of the stupidiest missions i have seen in adventure games. You have to kill rabbits and yes chase them which is really stupid and could turn the average person straight of the game because of the lame mission to start with.

      I started to play the game and unimpressed with the first missions put in the game but as the game carried on it got better.

      Graphics are outstanding in 2d though in the game the enviroment especially around the characters in the game has been done really well. Another thing I like about this game is the missions in the middle some of them are really cool challenging making you use your head more to figure them out.

      This game is perfect in the long term value, the missions take their time to complete and are very tricky to figure out some of them. Every level you are not given a clue on what to do! You have to figure it out so great use of the brain there.Their is little help with the buttons pointing directions which do help an little but that is all the buttons do to help and its not much help to be honest.

      Overall the graphics in 2D are good so the game looks exactly like the TV show it self! You can pick this up pretty cheap for around ten pounds. If you are a fan of adventure games or the Simpsons series this one is worth buying! In my opinion this is probably the best Simpsons game I have played yet!


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      12.03.2012 13:15



      Still one of the most talked about WWE ppvs

      WWF Survivor Series 1997 is the most famous WWF ppv as it was all about the Montreal Screwjob at Survivor Series 1997. This has always been one of the most talked about WWE ppvs to this day!

      Match Card

      Classic Survivor Series Elimination Match;
      The Headbangers and the BlackJacksvs The New Age Outlaws and The Godwinns
      Not the best tag team elimination match of the night but it was an decent opener to get the show started.

      Survivor Series Elimination Match;
      The Truth Commision vs The Disciples of Apocalypse
      A match i personally skipped on DVD to be honest it was very boring.

      Survivor Series Elimination Match;
      Team U.S.A(Vader,Marc Mero,Steve Blackman and Goldust) vs Team Canada(The British Bulldog,Jim The Anvil Neidhart,Doug Furnas and Phil Lafon).
      British Bulldog is an legend and was very good in the match. The fans were really behind him and chanting his name in the match. It was a good match best tag team elimination match of the night.

      Mankind vs Kane
      Mankind took on Kane in a singles match nothing special about the match. It was a normal match really with an good performance from Kane in the match.

      Survivor Series Elimination Match;
      The Nation of Dominationvs Ken Shamrock,Ahmed Johnson,and the Legion of Doom.
      NOD were getting some good reactions from the crowd here. The match was good with the crowd really into it.

      WWF Intercontinental Championship Match
      Stone Cold vs Owen Hart
      A top match between the two not as good as their previous meeting at Summerslam though. After the match it was funny as Team Canada got involved in the ring and got Stunnered! by Austin!

      WWF Championship Match
      Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels
      Ever heard you screwed Bret chants? Well they still happen in the WWE and its because of this match. The match was really close to being very real as the wrestlers hated each other in real life. HBK got the win as we all know but its amazing to see how Bret reacts after being screwed by McMahon.

      Overall the PPV is really worth watching because of the main event, which for wrestling fans is actually something real that happened and not set up! A real screw job! Makes the whole dvd worth buying its a classic!


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      12.03.2012 13:10



      No John Cena in the PPV didnt help the WWE at all, It was an decent PPV but nothing special to watch

      WWE Armageddon was set to be an good ppv with the main event being a triple threat match for the WWE title.

      Match Review/Card

      United States Title
      MVP vs. Rey Mysterio.
      Mysterio got thrown around the ring as usual. Nothing special in the match crowd were not really paying much attention in this match it was not the best opening match on an PPV card. 4/10

      CM Punk & Kane vs. Bid Daddy V & Mark Henry
      This match may seem boring as Big Daddy Vs names featured but it was a decent match up. The crowd got behind Kane and Punk an lot the surprise at the end was good. 6/10

      Shawn Michaels vs. Mr. Kennedy

      Two fantastic wrestlers took it here to their limit. This was no doubt one of the best matches of the night. If you like true good wrestling then this is a good match to watch. 8/10

      Winner gets a title shot at Royal Rumble
      Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy
      Jeff Hardys push began here at Armageddon and boy did he do an good job. The crowd were behind him all the way and yes he got the surprise victory over Triple H! 8/10

      Finlay vs. Khali
      Not the best match of the night at all Khalis Size was helping in the match but Finlay had his help with little Hornswoggle and of course his special weapon to help over come the odds. 6/10

      WWE Title Match
      Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho
      The build up to the match had the potential of making this match a great one. The match had a really bad ending which should not happen on an PPV. Not a good match at all after all the good hype building up for it. 5/10

      WWE Women's title
      Beth Phoenix vs. Mickie James

      The two women put on a good show and the crowd were into this match a lot. A lot of high flying action from Beth who got an good pop from the fans.

      Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Title
      Batista vs. Undertaker vs. Edge

      Edge can really play the bad guy really well and he did in this match. Everyone was into the match an lot and finish caught everyone by surprise. Certainly worth watching for! 7/10

      Overall Its a good pay per view one to watch!


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      12.03.2012 13:06



      Decent PPV

      Armaggedon 2006 was one of the stronger Smackdown sole pay per views on its own and also featured the return of the inferno match!

      My Summary

      Inferno Match
      MVP vs. Kane
      Well the return of the Inferno match kicked of the show. Many people were not into the match looked a little too fake if you ask me with the fake burning. Overall it was a poor match and most of the effects with the inferno did not really make a difference on the match.

      WWE Tag Team Championship
      Paul London vs. William Regal & Dave Taylor
      This match got changed into an ladder match which was great. This was the match of the night if you ask me some very sick spots in the match.

      Boogeyman vs. The Miz
      I guess the crowd in this match went to get something to eat i nearly fell asleep! This was a very boring match to match.

      United States Championship
      Chris Benoit vs. Chavo Guerrero
      Benoit and Guerrero put on a fantastic wrestling match,both of these wrestlers put on some good classic wrestling moves in the match.

      Cruiserweight Match
      Gregory Helms vs. Jimmy Wang Yang
      These two worked really well together both of their speed in the ring was clearly seen.

      Last Ride Match
      Undertaker vs. Mr. Kennedy
      Match of the night if you ask me Undertaker vs Kennedy fantastic battle.This should have been the main event Kennedy really took it to the Undertaker in the match.

      Naughty or Nice Lingerie Contest
      Kristal vs. Jillian vs. Layla vs. Ashley
      One to skip!

      Batista & Cena vs. King Booker & Finlay

      So no championship main event expect a dream tag team match? This was an poor match even with Cena involved this should have never been the main event. Finlay was very poor in the ring to and is no where near main event material.

      It was an strong PPV overall to watch with some good matches but Armageddon 2006 would have been better if the main event had an championship on the line rather than being an tag team main event. Overall it is certainly worth watching if your a WWE fan one to rent for those looking to buy as its not one I would recommend keeping doubt you would this PPV more than once.


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    • WWE - Cyber Sunday 2008 (DVD) / DVD / 9 Readings / 9 Ratings
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      08.03.2012 17:43
      Very helpful



      Worth watching

      WWE Cyber Sunday 2008 is an yearly PPV by the WWE which is interactive and gives the WWE universe the chance to interact with the matches of the wrestlers by voting on their computers on the websites. This year was no different with the main voting option being in the main event match of an special referee and also who would Triple H face for the WWE title.

      Match Card and Review

      No Holds Barred
      Kane vs. Rey Mysterio
      This match was very much improved from the two wrestlers last match at No Mercy. Mysterio used his speed to knock down Kane a lot, Kane was vicious in the match all the time going for weapons. The match had an surprise ending.

      ECW Championship
      Matt Hardy(C) vs. Evan Bourne
      I thought this match would suck but Evan Bourne really proved what he is worth. A top wrestling contest between the two pulled of one of the best ECW title matches on PPV in 2008.

      Cryme Tyme vs. The Miz & Morrison
      I personally thought this should have not been on the PPV card. Cryme Time came out to a good pop and the crowd were behind them. Pretty much an predictable outcome in the match at the end.

      IC Championship
      Santino Marella(C) vs. Honky Tonk Man
      Santino Marella was hilarious before the match started giving his talk about being the best IC champ in years. Honky Tonk Man can not wrestle yet we see a stupid finish making Marella look weak in the match. After the match Roddy Pipper comes out to.

      Last Man Standing
      Undertaker vs. Big Show
      Brilliant match the Bigshow really showed he can wrestle. The use of weapons and some great wrestling moves provided good entertainment in this match.

      Divas Halloween Costume Contest
      Complete time waster on the card really.

      WWE Championship
      Triple H(C) vs. Jeff Hardy
      This match was not as good as their No Mercy battle both had an slow start to it. The ending of the match was better though and an little bit predictable with Jeff picking up momentam.

      World Heavyweight Championship
      Chris Jericho(C) vs. Batista w/ special ref. Stone Cold Steve Austin
      One of the best main events in 2008 felt like a true main event. Austin got voted the referee and stamped his law. Batista and Jericho put on a good show crowd were into the match a lot. Match turning point took place when Jericho nailed Austin. In the match Randy Orton got involved and got in Austins face to which is a good moment in the match. Its a great match overall with plenty to keep you watching.

      Overall- Cyber Sunday was a good PPV and one worth watching because of some solid matches.


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      08.03.2012 17:34
      Very helpful



      Fantastic ppv

      WWE One Night Stand 2008 was another strong PPV by the WWE last year which lived up to its hype.

      Match Card/ Review

      Falls Count Anywhere Match
      Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga
      This match had started of well with fighting going all over the ring, the arena and also backstage to. They eventually ended up fighting backstage near the trucks which saw an crazy ending which looked a little too fake if you ask me.

      Singapore Cane Match for ECW Title Shot at Vengeance
      Big Show vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. CM Punk vs. John Morrison vs. Chavo Guerrero
      Bigshow in the match took one heck of a really bad shot with the Singapore cane. The match saw all the wrestlers take brutual shots but it was mostly The Bigshow who took them all.It was a decent match to watch not too good.

      First Blood Match
      John Cena vs. JBL
      John Cena is an great wrestler but JBL isnt. These two can not work together in the ring. JBL was very slow in the ring whilst Cenas pace was quick if you ask me. Crowd were not into the match at all the only time they were was when Cena came out to the ring.

      I Quit Match
      Beth Phoenix vs. Melina
      This was actually one of the best womens matches on PPV of 2008. The two wrestlers really took it to each other and put on a good match.

      Stretcher Match
      Shawn Michaels vs. Batista
      Brutual match great performance from both wrestlers if you ask me. Batista made sure HBK suffered for his actions at Backlash. The match had strong chemistry between the two wrestlers and it had an sick ending.

      Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Title
      Triple H vs. Randy Orton
      This match was suppose to be a good one and was doing well until Randy Orton suffered an real life injury. He injured his collarbone in the match which meant the match was short finished.

      TLC Match for the World Heavyweight Title(should Undertaker lose he has to leave the WWE)
      Undertaker vs. Edge
      Wow is one word to describe this match up fantastic match with great spots. Undertaker and Edge really took it to each other with the use of chairs,tables and ladders. Some brilliant bumps in the match its a shame the ending had a couple of cheaters coming to help Edge. It was though an classic main event match.

      A great WWE PPV if you ask me was One Night Stand shame to see the Orton HHH match in disappointment but everything else was pretty good to watch.


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    • Ronaldo V-Football (PS) / Archive Game / 6 Readings / 5 Ratings
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      08.03.2012 17:30
      Very helpful



      Fantastic game! Memories!

      Ronaldo V Football for the Playstation was my best football game to play on the PS1 console. The game was named after the Brazilian star and featured international teams in the game and there was one cup to win which was the V Cup in the game.

      Well if anyone still has a playstation one and has the chance to play this game let me tell you what I know about it! It certainly is a game worth playing! Shame they do not make a new version for the PS3 or something similar!

      What made this game was special was the game play! The game play was really good, it was tricky to score. The CPU was very good it just made the matches very much fun to play! The weather used to change just like modern day games you get a lot of good features were included in this game!

      There was only one mode in the game to play which was the V Cup. That was the slight disadvantage to the game because after you finished winning that you do get bored of playing the game!

      In my opinion though its still one of the best games for the PS1. It was much different to the Fifa series games you had back then! Its a shame the developer did not release something similar to the game! I would certainly buy another game from the makers if they did for the PS3!

      Overall if you still own a Playstation 1 and are a football fan, you have not played a footy game on there until you Play Ronaldo V Football!


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      08.03.2012 17:24
      Very helpful



      Decent event

      WWE Summerslam 2008 this year was the 21st WWE summerslam in history.The event featured wrestlers from the three WWE brands Raw, Smackdown and ECW. The match which highlighted the card was The Undertaker vs Edge in a hell in a cell match and also John Cena taking on Batista for the first time as well.

      Match Card

      Montel Vontavious Porter vs Jeff Hardy
      This match kicked the night off, MVP came to out to boos and Hardy came out to a strong pop from the crowd. Hardy and MVP went at it well and it was a good match to kick the show off.

      Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix vs Kofi Kingston (c) and Mickie James (c) Intergender tag team match for the Intercontinental and Women's championships
      This was a good match Santino Marella really knows how to annoy a live crowd, The match was a good one and the crowd were into it.

      Matt Hardy vs Mark Henry for the ECW Title
      This was a short match and it was also the worst match of the night seeing how rubbish Henry is.

      CM Punk (C) vs JBL for the World Heavyweight Title
      Punk made his title defence against JBL, The crowd was into him but the match was not a good one, JBL did not work well in the ring did get a strong heel reaction from the crowd though.

      Triple H vs The Great Khali for the WWE Title
      The Great Khali came in this match with all the hype that he was going to win, A lot of the crowd were chanting for HHH in the match, The match lasted ten minutes and you probably know who won even without me telling you.

      Batista vs John Cena
      This was a total classic battle, For the first time these mega superstars got in the ring. The crowd was going both ways with some fans cheering for Cena and some for Batista, It was a good match which saw a great ending. This could be match of the year easily.

      The Undertaker vs Edge Hell in the Cell
      The Undertaker returned to the WWE in his best match the Hell in the Cell match. Edge came out looking all scared,.The match saw the use of weapons a lot and the cell it self was used as well, But nothing special really a pretty average Hell in the Cell Match which at the end saw the ring break as well!


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      08.03.2012 17:17
      Very helpful



      For true wwe fans

      WWE's Hell in the Cell match is world wide famous for being the most brutual match type in the WWE today, the match is about opponents going inside a huge cell being locked and battling it out, its actually possible for them to even get out of the cell by throwing their opponents threw it as well, the Hell in the Cell match remains to be the most vicious match type in the WWE still today, This DVD is a 3 disc set which features a collection of the Hell in the Cell matches all the best matches are put in this DVD.

      Mick Foley is the host for this DVD and talks about the matches them selves before the matches show on the DVD.

      Disc 1 Matches are the following

      Disc 1
      Bad Blood 10.5.1997
      Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels

      This was the Undertaker's first Hell in a Cell match, It was a great battle between him and HBK who were both in the prime of their careers then, the two really put on a good battle and faught well, the match saw HBK going through an announcers table to, it was brutual with a lot of the cage being used as well, Kane also made his debut in the WWE in this match by getting involved!

      Raw 6.15.1998
      Kane & Mankind w/ Paul Bearer vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin & Undertaker

      This aint a match up really its just more like a promo really, no match up was set up in place, Austin got in the ring and the cell comes down with Bearer alone, The Undertaker comes to along with Kane and they end up fighting as Raw goes of the air.

      King of the Ring 6.28.1998
      Undertaker vs. Mankind

      This is no doubt the greatest Hell in the Cell match of all time, The Undertaker vs Mankind, the match saw the use of Thumbtacks,steel chairs, tables, and also saw Foley flying of twice from the top of the cell, this is a classic match which will always live in WWE history.

      Raw 8.24.1998
      Mankind vs. Kane w/ Undertaker

      This was not the best hell in the cell match and it had no finish either so there was no winner, Mankind did take a few shots on the head and Austin also got involved in the match up as well, But not much of a memorable match up at all.

      No Way Out 2.27.2000
      WWF Championship with Mick Foley having to retire if losing
      Triple H w/ Stephanie McMahon vs. Cactus Jack

      A true classic match up Triple H in the prime of his career whilst Foley in the worst shape of his life, the two together though put on a good hell in the cell match up, this match was just as good as the match between The Undertaker and Foley years back, Triple H got hit in the match with a flaming barbwire! Thumbtacks were used to and Cactus Jack went crashing from top of the cell all the way to the ring which broke it!

      Armageddon 12.10.2000
      WWF Championship
      Kurt Angle vs. Triple H vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock vs. Rikishi vs. Undertaker

      A wild hell in the match this was with 6 people in the match which remains in history to be the only match with six people in. McMahon came out in the match to stop it which was funny, Rikishi was thrown of the cage into a truck, At the end of the match Austin gave everyone a Stunner including The Rock!

      DISC 2

      Triple H vs Chris Jericho Judgment Day 5.19.02

      This personal grudge match went on to Hell in the Cell, the match was one which had plenty of moments. Both men used weapons including Sledgehammers, steel chairs and the ring steps. The finish of the match went all the way up to the cell as both men risked breaking the cell at the top!

      No Mercy 10.20.2002
      WWE Championship
      Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman vs. Undertaker

      The Undertaker came to this match the king of these matches however it did not work out for him this way, Brock Lesnar showed the Undertaker who is the most brutual between them and gave The Undertaker a lot of beatings, there was no action outside the Cell though which was a little disappointing for many WWE fans.

      Bad Blood 6.15.2003
      World Heavyweight Title Match
      Kevin Nash vs. Triple H with Foley as Special Ref

      This could be the worst Hell in the Cell match up in WWE history the match saw a lot of general weapon use. We are used to seeing HHH use a sledgehammer anyway, this match was decent not memorable at all, best moment of the match saw HHH using a screwdriver on Nash. Foley also took a few bumps in the match but this match was not a classic at all.

      Bad Blood 6.13.2004
      Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels

      The personal grudge between these two came to a head down here, it was a long match. The longest Hell in the Cell match in history, a lot of the cell was used in the match. Weapons such as ladders, tables, hammers,chairs, steel steps were used in the match, it was brutal.

      DISC 3

      Disc 3

      Vengeance 6.26.2005
      World Heavyweight Championship
      Batista vs. Triple H

      Batista defended the title against HHH many thought he would lose, He actually battered HHH a lot in the match. The match even saw Batista hit his finishing move on top of the steel steps on HHH which was awesome to see, it was a good match up.

      Armageddon 12.18.2005
      Undertaker vs. Randy Orton w Bob Orton

      Randy Orton came into his first ever Hell in the Cell match very afraid, The Undertaker came out to a cool entrance in the match. A lot of the fans were into Undertaker, This match saw the cell being used just a little. Orton used the chair a lot on in the match, Orton also put Undertaker throw a table as well. There was not much hotspots in the match, Ortons dad did get involved in the match up though a lot, it was more of a NO DQ match just inside a cell really, The finish of the match was a typical one.

      Unforgiven 9.17.2006
      Triple H & Shawn Michaels vs. Vince & Shane McMahon & Big Show

      Some moments in this match were hilarious! HHH actually shoved McMahons head into Bigshows back side at one point of the match! The match had a lot of weapons used, the ending of the match was a good and sick one, McMahon paid badly as he was left lying in a stretcher after this one ended!

      World Heavyweight Championship Survivor Series 11.18.2007
      Undertaker vs. Batista

      A wonderful match up between these two warriors, They used a lot of weapons in the match, blood was seen on their faces a lot. Just as the two were left all down and out Edge makes his return and causes trouble in the ring for the Undertaker! Overall this match up was not a bad one it was pretty decent.

      Summary overall

      Any true WWE fan would want to watch this as it has got some excellent matches on the set here. Some matches have been missed from this box set such as Bossman vs The Undertaker and Undertaker vs Edge this year, Its still a good box set to pick up if you like the Hell in the Cell matches, i enjoyed watching it and reliving some fantastic WWE moments.


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