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Member since: 28.11.2012

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    • Ford Mondeo ST TDCI / Car / 9 Readings / 4 Ratings
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      01.12.2012 01:22
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      Hot hatch but refined.

      Of old known as a Mr Twix Car, the Mk3 ST TDCi can not be held to the same statement. Its quick, cheap to run and practicable.

      The vehicles aesthetics are kind on the eye, lines at the front and rear balance the side profile, and the front is a mix of soft lines and aggressiveness in styling. The rear does have a bit of a bulbs bumper, but in the main - the lines are pleasing.

      How do you tell the difference between a normal Zetec and an ST? Fig lights that are off the Focus, Chrome tip exhaust, and alloy wheels on R18's. Other than ST badge - your not going to tell what it is.... so it slips under the radar understated and left alone.

      Inside its the same as the Titanium X spec... basically the same car, but the ST has sports suspension.

      Finish is good and trim is tough to last everyday use.

      You will go from 0-60 in quick time with 155bhp, more torque than you really need (which is you use it all the time you will eat front tyres). £rd gear gives a smile with a heavy right foot, and this continues through 5th into 6th where your doing 70mph at 1,750rpm... so nice and relaxed.

      Suspension can be a bit hard for town use, but on the motorway (highway) its perfect and twisty roads give you a grin.

      Insurance group is respectable considering the performance and with full NCB you should be looking at around 250GBP PA. The fuel is about 50mpg all day every day but around 60mpg on a run.

      Road tax in the UK is only £175PA due to the engine being a euro 4.

      Weak points; EGR valve that gives up the ghost, Back box exhaust that snaps off, bumpers can drop, cam belt tensioner get noisy, and Duel mass flywheels don't last if you drive it like a loon.


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      28.11.2012 19:57
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      Value for money every day smell good factor.

      You have all seen the recent add for this... well; if you use this - you could smell like me.

      Why do I like it. Because it smells nice and is cheap... not in a cheap smelling way but value for money. Its an every day aftershave you can use without spending lots of funds.

      The smell is classic and will bring back childhood memories... it's light and fresh and doesn't take over like some modern expensive products.

      You pull the top off, cup your hand and poor a smell amount of liquid into your hands... then splash yourself and wait for the 'it's always going to happen' sting that wakes you up and sets you up for the day ahead.

      Don't be afraid to use it though as if you try and make the bottle last too long, it goes off and you may just be smelling like a wet sodden horse rather than a light fresh shaven body of a man.

      Now look back up and yes... I know, I'm sitting on a horse on a ship and wearing polo clothes.


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      • Sony XPERIA Go / Smartphone / 9 Readings / 6 Ratings
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        28.11.2012 19:08



        Rugged and waterproof feature rich phone with Good camera and HD Video.

        I needed to swap my old mobile phone for a new one to update the technology and features. I also wanted something more durable and, if possible, waterproof.

        The Sony Experia Go fits the bill well. The size and weight is ideal as it is small enough and light enough to be put into a pocket without you feeling like you're carrying around a brick, yet it's big enough and heavy enough to give you a good feel in your hand, and I found it quite easy to use one handed with the menu selections in easy reach of a thumb swipe.

        The screen is super clear and crisp, the speakers are quite good, but music lovers will be underwhelmed., although via headphones everything is fine.

        The apps (via android apps or now google play) are plentiful even for free apps, and with the internal storage being a usable 2GB+, you will probably never fill it. This is good as it allows you to record long video if you want to.

        The menu system is logical, although it can be a 'tad' slow at times to react, but a quick reboot sorts issues out.

        Battery life is ok for a day with little use, but any surfing or calls quickly sees the battery life disappear and requires a recharge.

        Surfing the web on the phone is easy and most sites display well. Mutli-tab browsing will require an app download from the selection of browsers available free. Otherwise the standard one will do most users.

        One of the biggest factors in buying it was the waterproofing. Which I can confirm works.... a really nice feature is the screen's ability to have the touch screen operated when wet. This has proved to be one of the best features and has shown to be a life saver.

        The only downside is the signal drop issue... where the phone will randomly drop the signal which results in the 'odd' text not being sent first attempt. Recent updates have made this better and a re-boot sorts it out but still a bit of a hassle at times.

        The phone is full of features, is customised with apps for tasks far beyond my imagination, takes nice photos and Video and has an SD card slot so upgrade storage or have your vids and pics stored directly to it for easy transportation to other devices.


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      • Dell XPS L501x / Laptop / 8 Readings / 8 Ratings
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        28.11.2012 18:08



        Well priced mid range laptop capable of most tasks you could ever want to complete.

        There were several reasons for choosing the Dell XPS L501 as my replacement laptop...I needed a smaller unit to replace my old 'desktop replacement' unit, but didn't want to spend the earth or lose graphics capability so that I could play graphic-hungry online games as well as use it for work and for general surfing.

        Once I'd chosen the XPS L501 (in my case direct from Dell) for it's specifications, I found the screen to be crystal clear, the keyboard to be well set out and the mouse responsive. It has proved to be a capable unit, although within 12 months the hard drive unfortunately gave up and needed to be replaced, thankfully under warranty. This has proved to be the only downside in thousands of hours of use.

        Graphics are good and memory can be upgraded to maintain 'future proof' capacity. The HDD is large and the DVD / RW combo unit is capable. You get a limited number of USB connections which I thought to start may restrict me, but with lots of things going 'Wi-fi', the but in wifi connection get round this well.

        The battery life is acceptable but nothing to shout about, and by now it needs replacing. The software loaded is 'ok' to get you going but you need more to use the system to its full potential.

        Would I buy another one? Yes I would. Would I recommend it for upper mid user levels? Yes.


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