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      20.01.2009 11:06
      Very helpful



      Liquid milkshake is much better

      I am a huge milkshake fan and just cannot get enough of it. I normally buy the crusha milkshake as I have previously bought powdered milkshake and not enjoyed the texture to it as it tends to leave lumps.

      One day whilst shopping I went to pick up my usual bottle of crusha mix and found it was out of stock. Intially being rather annoyed I picked up a tub of Nesquik milkshake powder and hoped that it was better then the one I had previously tried.

      I poured a nice cold glass of milk and began to make my first Nesquik milkshake. I put a couple of scoops of powder into the milk and began to stir it in.

      A few stirs later there was still powder settling on the surface of the milk so I stired ........ and I stired .......... and I stired.
      I even got out a handheld whisk!

      No matter what I did the lumps of powder stayed.

      I fished them all out eventually and found that the mikshake was very nice and I did enjoy it it was just a pain trying to fully disolve it.

      I think in future I will stick to my normal crusha but it is a nice flavour if you don't mind the powder.


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        20.01.2009 10:59
        Very helpful



        GHD's can only try and compare to these.

        Since I was a child I have had natural wavy hair that frizzes and curls randomly leaving me looking a little like a poodle!

        As a result of this natural curse a very good pair of straighteners is essential to me.

        I have always been a huge fan of GHD'S because they deliver such fantastic straightening quality. They are expensive but it's worth it for how good they are.

        A couple of months ago the GHD's that have been performing miracles for years suddenly broke. You can imagine the tradgedy this was.

        I went shopping for a new pair the very same day that I got paid and originally planned to get some GHD's again. On the way to the salon where I previously bought GHD's I nipped into Argos and saw an advertisement for Babyliss Pro 230 Radience. The reviews of them sounded fantastic and at £99.99 they were lower priced then the GHD's. I decided they were worth a try and off I went to buy some.

        Getting home with my new straighteners I couldn't wait to get them out and use them. Opening the box I noticed they came in a really nice red bag that had a heat proof mat clipped around it.
        The straighteners are also red in colour and look very stylish indeed.

        Intially being impressed with the straighteners I just hoped that the styling power would live up to impressions.

        The straighteners come with lots of fancy features such as:

        *Variable heat 230C - salon performance
        *Conditioning ionic steam for no-frizz shine
        *Retractable de-tangling fins for total straightness
        *3m salon type swivel cord for ease of use
        *Extra power heaters and special ceramic-titanium plates
        *Luxury heat protection mat and storage pouch.

        They heat up in just 30 seconds and the digital display makes it easy to see when they are ready to use. the steam feature gives really smooth results and the retractable comb is a great feature especially for my thick hair.

        After straightening my hair I was very pleased. My hair was soooo straight and smooth. I normally have to use a little styling product to keep the frizz under control but with these the frizz was no more. Best of all my hair stayed straight all that day, all the next day and even the next!!
        In fact my hair stayed straight untill I washed it!!

        Never again will I buy GHD's I am a total Remington convert. These straighteners live up to all the hype and more!


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        20.01.2009 10:44
        Very helpful



        Not just for children!

        I'm not really your everyday Harry Potter reader. I tend to read 'adult' books rather then ones that I have always seen as childrens books and the magical world of witches and wizards holds no interest to me.

        For those of you who do not know Harry Potter is a young wizard who lost his parent's at a young age due to 'He who must not be named'. The Harry Potter books go through the time from when he finds out he is a wizard and attends Hogwarts school right through to his adulthood. His two best friends Hermoine Granger and Ron Weasley also feature heavilly in the books and all three have wonderfull characters and are very likable. Unfortunately for Harry his past is not behind him and 'he who shall not be named' will not be happy untill Harry is no more. Who will win in the end?

        The first Harry Potter book I came across was Order of the phoenix which is actually the 4th book in the series. A friend gave it to me and pleaded with me to read it. I reluctantly agreed and put it in a drawer to be forgotten about.

        A few weeks later finding myself with nothing to read I decided to give the book a go.

        I picked it up not expecting much and began to read. Within the first chapter I was captured. The world of Harry Potter and his friends seamed so realistic and it took me back to my childhood when I dreamed of a magical world such as that of Hogwarts.

        Reading through the book I began to realise that I really had to start at the beginning and so I called my friend admitting that she was right all along and asked to borrow the first three books.

        It took me just one week to read all 4 of them as I was so captured I read through them at lightening speed.

        After I finished the 4th book I felt lost, what would I do without my nightly treat of Harry Potter?

        From that point on I was a huge Harry Potter fan and now own the entire collection of 7 books. As well as all the dvds and even the computer game.

        J.k Rowling is an amazing author and really makes the characters and events seem so real.

        Although the books are aimed at children it is not too childish for an adult to read. The wording is good and it does not feel like a child's book once you are reading.

        Anyone who has not yet read a Harry Potter book, you really don't know what your missing!


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          19.01.2009 22:32
          Very helpful


          • Reliability
          • Reliability


          An amazing camera at an amazing price!

          My partner bought me this camera for christmas as I enjoy taking pictures and she knew my old one had seen better days. It cost £99.99 from Argos which seamed like a good price considering the features.

          I'll go through the features first and then tell you what I thought.

          *The camera boasts 7.1 megapixels which produces a good quality picture. I have taken some fantastic looking pictures and even had one blown up to poster size and the quality still looked fantastic. It's certainly the best quality image that I've seen on a camera of this price.

          *10 x optical zoom- This is very good. It's accessed using a + - button and the lens extends to get closer. You can get very close on the picture without losing quality.

          *5 x digital zoom- This can get you even closer into the image then the optical zoom alone but you do start to lose some picture quality. I have taken a picture fully zoomed in on both optical and digital zoom and got a really nice quality picture. It was only when I blew the picture up that I noticed the picture quality difference as you could not tell when the picture was printed at 7 x 5.

          *2in LCD screen- The screen is a great size and produces a great quality display where the colours look very vibrant. The image displayed on the screen is very true to live and looks the same as the printed picture. As the lcd is so large it's easy to take pictures using the lcd screen rather then the view finder and very easy to flick through pictures saved on your memory card.

          *SD/MMC compatible (not included).- Although an SD card did not come with the camera I managed to pick one up for less than £10. You do definately need to buy one as the inbuilt memory is not very big and does not allow you to store many pictures. The size of the SD card you buy depends on the amount of pictures you plan to take but I found a 1gig card perfect for my use.

          *32Mb internal memory- As I mentioned above this dosn't allow for much storage but I suppose it's handy to use for when you first get your camera.

          *Video output- I love this feature!! The camera comes with a t.v out lead which means you can plug your camera into your t.v and view your pictures on the screen. This is very handy for showing family and friends your treasured pictures without having to pass the camera round.

          *Movie capture and sound recording- The video camera aspect of the camera is not as high quality as the pictures but it still produces a nice, clear image and motion is recorded well with no blur. The sound quality is fantastic and it picks pretty much anything up.

          *Continuous shooting 1.7 fps- This is a great setting to use when taking pictures of children as often it's not the first picture that turns out to be the best. This means that you can take picture after picture straight after each other until you have the perfect shot.

          *In-camera red eye fix- Again another great feature especially for children and animals that tend to look straight into the camera. Basically it works by starting the flash a split second before taking the picture giving the eyes time to adjust.

          *16 scene modes- This is an option where you select what sort of picture you want to take, e.g portrait, landscape, action and the camera automaticly selects the best settings for your picture.

          *USB connection- The camera is easilly connected to the computer to transfer and print pictures and the camera comes with photo editing software so you can tweak your pictures as much as you need.

          *Weight 280g (excluding batteries)- The camera is a nice comfortable weight. Not too heavy but yet feels nice and sturdy to hold.

          *Size: (H)7.7, (W)9.7, (D)7.2cm

          Included in the box is:
          USB Cable
          Lens Cap
          Carrying Strap
          Easyshare Software
          Insery for easyshare printer

          Now I am no camera whizz but I found this camera so so so easy to use. There are many modes to choose from by simply turning a dial. You can have the camera select the best settings for your picture or you can customise the settings yourself but as I am a camera novice I havn't used the manual settings yet.

          The picture quality is fantastic and it's so simple to get great results. The software is also fun and easy to use and gives your pictures that personalised finish.

          All in all this camera is fantastic for the price and produces wondefull results.


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          19.01.2009 22:04
          Very helpful



          Avoid at all costs this poor quality hotel chain

          I had never stayed in a hotel before my stay in Travelodge mainly due to the fact that I havn't really travelled but a few weeks ago I recieved an invatation for a family party in Widness. Normally I would have tried to find a relatives house to stay at or not drink and make my way home the same night. After being told there was a Travelodge near by I thought I may as well book in and stay over the night.

          I went onto the website and found it very easy to navigate and booked a room. At only £29 a night I was amazed.

          The night of the party came and off I went. I decided to go to the hotel early and get ready there. On first walking into the hotel I was a little dissapointed that it was in the middle of no-where. There were no restaurants nearby and as the hotel do not have any eating facilities I was a little worried about where I was going to have tea and breakfast. The reception was very basic and drab but I did notice a couple of vending machines so at least I could get a snack if I needed.

          I was given the key for my room and off I went to get ready. Upon walking in I noticed there was a strong smell of ciggerette smoke that was very unpleasant and when entering the bedroom area I saw a thick layer of dust covering every surface. As a severe asthmatic I knew there was no way I could stay in this room so I went straight to reception and they moved me to another room.

          The second room was in the other part of the building and also stunk of ciggerette smoke but at least in appeared cleaner. I was rushing to meet family at this point so I quickly got ready, which was difficult as there was only a tiny mirror above the sink and off I went.

          Later when returning to the room to prepare for the party I had a good look around. The rooms are very basic containing a double bed, sofa bed, television, bathroom and tea making facilities.

          The bathroom was particulary disgusting which the sink being stained with god knows what and the shower head, bath and tiles being covered in mildew. The toilet bowl had faeces smeared down the side and the towels provided were torn and stained.

          Again I went to reception and asked to moved to another room.
          Third time lucky I thought. The third room was cleaner then the previous two but still had it's problems. Again there was only the one mirror and the towels were torn but I figured this was the best I was going to get.

          It wasn't until I returned to the room that night ready to go sleep that I realised how bad it was. I got into bed and it shock violently. Under further inspection I noticed there was a leg missing from underneath, I couldn't believe it. The bed felt as though it could collapse at any moment. I got out of bed and went to go sleep on the sofa bed but found that the cushions were wet and stunk of urine.

          Yet again I went to reception and found the member of staff working asleep at her desk!! Fair enough it was 2am but if your being paid to do a job you should do it. After waking the receptionist I once again explained that I wanted to move room and was told the room I was currently in was last occupied by a family with children and they must of wet the bed and that the only room available was the one I had previously moved from with the filthy bathroom. As at this point I had been showered etc. I said that would be ok as I just wanted somewhere to sleep.

          Back to the filthy room I went and got into bed. The bed smelt of stale sweat but I was so tired at this point I just fell asleep.

          I woke up the next morning and went to use the toilet. Upon opening the bathroom door the handle fell off in my hand!!
          I went to make a cup of tea and found that the coffee and milk provided was out of date. Black tea it is then I decided if that wasn't bad enough the kettle provided had water left in it and so was full of mould and mildew.

          Giving up I went down to the vending machine to get a soft drink and surprise, surprise ... it didn't work!!

          Fuming at this point I gathered my things and checked out. I told the receptionist how dissapointed I was and asked to make a complaint. She ripped a piece of paper from her notebook and said write it down. She did not ask me about the complaint, give me an official complaint form or even explain the procedures involved in complaining. I wrote everything down and handed it back, she then shoved it into a drawer without reading it and said goodbye.

          Having gathered that I would get no-where making a complaint at the hotel I went home feeling tired and dirty and got straight into the shower.

          I called the Travelodge main switchboard and explained the problems I faced. The person I spoke to then was much more polite and actually listened to what I had to say. They apologised and offered me a free night's stay in a Travelodge hotel, like I would actually stay in one of their hotels again!!

          I told him that I would have to refuse as I have no intention of stepping foot near a Travelodge again and he simply replied fair enough and hung up.

          I have never known poor service like I recieved from Travelodge and as long as I live I will never use them again. I would recomend all of you reading this to avoid them at all costs, especially the Widness branch and find a decent hotel. Yes it may cost more but I'd rather pay that extra bit of money to not sleep in the grime of these rooms.


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          • Top Ten Songs / Discussion / 22 Readings / 16 Ratings
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            18.01.2009 00:12
            Very helpful



            Why not check them out on youtube?

            Well seeing as we all seem to be a music discussion I thought I would add my two cents in.

            I actually have very strange taste in music seeing as it's soooo varied and dosn't tend to favour a particular 'genre' but for a song to be good in my opinion it has to make you feel something and I suppose that's why.

            So anyway here's my top ten songs.

            10. Misery Buisness by Paramore- Paramore are quite a new 'emo' sort of band with a very attractive female vocalist that has an amazing voice. This song really showcases her vocal ability and I think to have a female vocalist in a succesfull rock band is a huge achivement as you don't tend to see it much.

            9. Plug In Baby by Muse- Muse is another alternative band with dark lyrics sung to quite catchy music. The lead singer has one of them voices that just gives you butterflies in my stomach and this is one song that I just can't help but sing along to.

            8. Summer of 69 by Bon Jovi- Growing up both my parent's were huge Jon Bon Jovi fans so this song is litterally the theme song to my childhood. Every time I hear it it reminds me of being a little girl again.

            7. Ghost of you by My Chemical Romance- My Chemical Romance are a new rock band that sing quite up beat punk music. This song is very different to their usual style and is written about the war. They even filmed war scenes for the video. It's a very emotional song and it makes me realise how lucky I am to have all my loved ones around me.

            6. Lithium by Nirvana- This song is sung by the legend that was Kurt Cobain, a very troubled yet very talented young man who tragically died at a young age. This song is about his battles with drugs and it makes me very sad to think of all the lives wasted and destoyed.

            5. Run Around Sue by Dion- This is an absolutely classic song that I just can't help singing along to. They really don't make music like this anymore. My partner often changes Sue to my name when singing this so it makes me giggle when I hear it.

            4. Don't worry baby byt the Beach Boys- This was my grandad's favourite song when he was alive and I will never forget dancing with him to this song. I like to remember him by listening to it.

            3. Sickness by Disturbed- This is a very angry song by a heavy metal group. It is also part of the Queen of the Damned soundtrack which os one of my favourite films. It's a great song for driving or when you want to let off some tension by screaming along to the lyrics.

            2. Oh My God by Pink- Pink is one of my favourite artists as she is incredibly talented, independant and fiesty which I love in a women. This song is very sexual and makes you feel good. I suppose the fact that I have a huge crush on Pink helps.

            and finally the winner is ........

            1. Church on Sunday by Greenday- Greenday are a punk group fronted by Billy Armstrong. He has a very unique voice that I think sounds amazing. This song is so upbeat and happy that no matter how down I am feeling I play it and it makes me want to get up and jump around.

            So there's my music in a nutshell I'm sure you'll agree its very varied. If you havn't heard any of the songts before why not give them a listen on youtube you never know one of them could end up featuring in your favourites list.


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              17.01.2009 23:48
              Very helpful



              Every parent needs to try these books

              Oxford Reading Tree is a collection of books aimed specifically at young children learning to read.

              All the books are simple to read and use short words with lots of repetion. They contain lovely pictures that can be used to help tell the story and parent's notes to help you help your child with reading.

              They are available in several stages depending on the child's reading ability.

              This set of books is from the phonics collection, stage 1+ which is 4-6 year olds.

              Phonics are esential to learn in order to help children understand word and letter sounds. Most schools now teach 'jolly phonics' in order to help with this, e.g the letter A becomes AAH. This is to teach children the way the letter or word is said.

              This phonics collection is a set of 6 books designed to help children learn to read and learn phonics at the same time. My son was a late speaker and dosn't promounce a lot of words correctly, everything seams to have a T on the beginning so I bought these for him.

              Having had huge success with Oxford previously I knew there books were fantastic.

              These books are very appropriate for the age they are aimed at and are very enjoyable to read. My son loved trying to sound out the words, such as Bob Bug and Fat Cat.

              I would recomened picking up some Oxford Reading Tree books as they really are the best you get.


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              17.01.2009 23:40
              Very helpful



              The best reading tool on the market

              Some of you may have read my previous review for Oxford Reading Tree but for those of you that havn't.

              Oxford Reading Tree produce easy to read, simple books for children who are learning to read. They are available in stage 1,2 and 3 depending on the rrading ability of the child.

              You buy them in packs of 6 books and they advance through the books learning the words. The books use very simple words and are repetative to help children learn.

              This review is for stage 1+ which is basically the same as stage 1 but a little harder.

              The books still feature Biff, Chip and Kipper but are slightly more difficult now to challenge improved reading skill.

              See me Skip is one example of a book in the stage 1+ collection. In this book Mum, Dad, Biff and Chip take turns skipping with lines such as,: 'I am skipping, see me skip'. It helps children learn to read the words better as they are repeated throughout the book.

              I used these with my daughter when she struggled with reading and am now re-using them with my younger son.

              These books are fantastic and all parents need to have at least one set. They are the best reading tool on the market.


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              17.01.2009 23:34
              Very helpful



              A great method of teaching a child to read!

              When my daughter first started school aged 4 years old I had big expectations of her, as I'm sure most parent's do. I was expecting her to learn to read and write no problem.

              Unfortunately this was not the case. Whilst she excelled at number work she just could not make sense of words. By the end of Reception year she was only reading her name and was getting further and further behind in class.

              Whilst browsing the net one day I came across the Oxford Reading Tree collection and it caught my interest as I knew they were the same books being used in my daughter's school.

              They come in stage 1, 2 and 3 depending on the reading level of your child. I bought stage 1 as my daughter was a non-reader.

              There are 6 books in the collection and they all follow the adventures of Biff, Chip and Kipper which are familar characters to my daughter as they are the books used at school.

              Each book has a few easy to read words and the stories are very funny and appropriate to the age group they are aimed at. The pictures are nice to look and can be used to help tell the story.

              At the back of the book are some parent's notes that explain to you the best way to teach your child to read.

              I began by reading the books to my daughter and then teaching her some words used. It took just one week before she read the full book from start to finish.

              The 6 books you recieve are labeled in difficulty order so it's easy to progress as the reading level improves.

              My daughter is now 6 years old and is a fantastic reader!! I honestly believe that without the use of these books she would not be as confident a reader as she is today.

              I now use these books for my younger son who has just started school and so far they are proving to be just as succesfull.

              These books are fantastic for any parent wishing to improve their child's reading ability or just a nice bedtime story.


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              16.01.2009 18:53
              Very helpful



              A nice game all about ordering a song that is lots of fun to play

              This game was actually given to me by a friend who's children had outgrown it. As my children are younger then hers she thought they would enjoy it.

              The game is 'wee little piggies' and the aim of it is to pick the correct pigs to complete the song.
              It is an electronic game and so it needs 3 AA batteries to work.

              Included in the box is:
              Electronic fence
              Plastic pigs
              Piggy movers

              The game looks like good fun but as the instructions had been lost before my friend gave it me I couldn't quite figure out how to play it so I had to ask my friend to explain.

              Basically you pick up a pick from the fenced area and it plays part of a song, you have to try and get the pigs in the corect position so that the song makes sense.

              It's actually a really fun game and my children loved it.

              It's very funny listening to the song when it's not quite right and they jump and clap once they get the song to play correctly.

              It is educational as it learns children to listen and how to put things in the correct sequence.

              It would be enjoyed by all pre-school children.


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              16.01.2009 18:41
              Very helpful



              This game saved my fundraising event and made it the success it was

              Now I'll happily admit I'm not a fan of bingo in the slightest. Just the word Bingo makes me picture women with blue rinses so it was the last game I would expect to be playing.

              A few weeks back I organised a charity event at my home to raise money for the local cats protection. I was trying to find some form of entertainment that would be enjoyed by most people and has the possibility of winning a prize.

              At much as I hated to admit it, Bingo was the obvious choice and so I picked up this game to play.

              I chose this game as it includeds a dvd which means that there are no balls and no one has to be a caller.

              You simply put the dvd in and it does the rest for you.

              The game comes complete with several bingo slips and marker pens.

              Playing the game is simple. You put the dvd in and choose from a male or female caller. They then read out the numbers which everyone marks off. Once someone has won you press ok on the dvd button and it stops calling whilst you check the claim. Once the claim has been confirmed you then continue for a full house.

              The male caller calls the numbers incorrectly and it's quite funny but a little irratating at the same time. The female caller however is easy to understand and listen to.

              You can play for one line, two line and full house and there is also an extra game on the disk which means you can win extra bingo tickets but I didn't use this as I was selling tickets to raise money.

              All in all it was a good game, everyone enjoyed themselfs and the night was very succesfull. I even found myself enjoying it also.

              Whilst it isn't a game that I enjoy and will play, it is a good game and great for any bingo fans or someone who needs as activity like I did.


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              16.01.2009 18:31
              Very helpful



              A good game that makes you feel like a contestant on the t.v show

              I am sure that everyone has watched Deal or No Deal at least once but just in case. . .

              It is a game show presented by Noel Edmonds in which contestants have to beat the banker and take home a jackpot prize. The idea is that each person has a box and the contestant goes through the game opening boxes to reveal low amounts of money which makes the banker think the box they have contains a large amount. The banker then offers to buy the box and you can deal or no deal until you are happy with the amount you take home.

              The board game version is just like the television show.

              It comes complete with an electronic banker, the playing board, 22 boxes containing cash amounts and markers to mark off values that have been revealed.

              The game is played by one player at a time but several players can play one after each other, competing to see who can win the most money.

              You begin the game by selecting a box to be your box.
              Then you play round after round of opening boxes hoping to reveal small amounts of money.
              After each amount you reveal you mark off the board so you know it has gone.
              You enter the amount revelaed into the electronic banker which looks like a telephone and then at the end of each round it will make you an offer to buy the box that you chose at the start. You have the choice to accept or decline this offer.
              If you decline you play on to the next round hoping to increase the banker offer.
              Once you are offered an amount you are happy with you then deal and that's the amount you go home with.

              It is a very good game and lots of fun to play. The electronic banker is a very nice feature as it rings and lights up so it makes the game more enjoyable.

              The main thing I was disapointed with was the boxes containing the cash amount. You ahve to assemble them yourself which is fiddly and as they are made from cardboard they are quite flimsy and I can't see them lasting very long.
              For the price of the game I would have expected them to be a little more sturdy, perhaps made from plastic instead but it's still a good game regardless.


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              16.01.2009 18:17
              Very helpful



              A must have for anyone with heat straightened hair

              For those of you who straighten your hair you will know that heat straightened hair needs extra care to keep it soft and in good, healthy condition.

              I straighten my hair every day due to having very curly hair and hating it with a passion.

              I often find that my hair is very dry and brittle due to the amount of heat my hair is exposed to.

              Toni and Guy are one of the leading hair care manufacturers as I am sure most of you will know.

              I have never been one for brands really but after using this product I understand why they are the leading brand and they certainly live up to their reputation.

              I bought this shampoo not expecting too much but as I know Toni and Guy are a big name in haircare I thought it was worth a try.

              The packaging is very attractive and makes the product look very luxurious and it smells fantastic. It comes it a large bottle with a pump on the top making it easy to get the right amount of shampoo.

              When I first washed my hair it felt very clean and it was incredibly soft.

              You only need to use a tiny little bit and you get a really good lather.

              This is a really great quality product and the conditioner is fantastic also (see review).

              Anyone who regularly straightens there hair should try this.


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              16.01.2009 17:19



              This dvd will have you gasping in amazing and laughing till your stomach hurts.

              I was bought this dvd as a christmas present and being a huge Top Gear fan I was very excited about watching it.

              For those of you who don't know Top Gear is a television motering show and Jeremy Clarkson one of the presenters. He has a very dry, sarcastic sense of humour that only Jeremy can get away with and he is extremely funny.

              This dvd showcases some of the world's most amazing cars in a great funny format.

              His witty jokes have you giggling constantly and the death defying stunts will have you clinging to you seat in sheer amazement!

              Right from the word go this dvd sounds and is fantastic and definately worth watching.

              The blurb on the back reads:
              'I've travelled the planet - from Spain via Strasbourg to Swindon - for Supercar Showdown and my aim is simple - find the ultimate Supercar.
              I start a fight between a prancing horse and a raging bull as topless versions of the Ferrari 430 and Lamborghini Gallardo slug it out.
              The Gallardo's big cousin, the Murcielago, weighs in too.
              The Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano struts its stuff and Audi's R8 faces up to the Porsche GT3 as my special guest, Nurburgring-know-all Sabine Schmitz takes on The Stig.
              I turn into a Formula 1 hero thanks to a Radical SR3. And I have a fantastic time in the Aston Martin Vantage V8 Roadster.
              Plus there's a new kid on the block in the shape of the stunning Ascari A10.
              And the line-up would not be complete without the 1000 horsepower, 252 miles per hour Bugatti Veyron. So I blast off in one of those too.
              Meanwhile, everything else explodes as I find out if there is such a thing as "Too much" turbo power, a Renault Alpine A610 comes to the end of the road and I answer the big question - "Which is stronger, the electric G-Wiz or a table?"

              Jeremy Clarkson drives several cars during the dvd and reviews them in a honest and humorous way.

              Testing the G-Wiz against a table is absolutely hillarious and I was crying with laughter.

              Can you guess what won?

              I promise you now it will be a shock.

              Only Jeremy Clarkson could get away with some of the comments made in this dvd about the supercars reveiwed.

              The stunts are great and will have you giggling and the amazing cars will have you gasping in amazement, especially the Bugatti Veyron.

              I recomened this dvd to any Top Gear or car fanatics.

              You will not be dissapointed.


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                16.01.2009 17:06
                Very helpful



                A must have dvd game for all Top Gear fans

                This is the brand new top gear dvd game. It is the same concept as the previos release but with more features.

                The description on the back reads:
                Hello and welcome to my Top Gear Stunt Challenge DVD. Packed onto this tiny silver disc you'll find a whole festival of brand new never seen before daredevilry, plus some stunt footage from the Top Gear telly show and an entire Interactive quiz extravaganza.
                Best of all, whilst you're playing along at home you get to control the action, so if you've ever fancied bungee jumping a caravan, blowing up a white van, or playing skittles with a powersliding car, this is the DVD for you.
                And when you're bored of the whole thing you can always use the disc as an attractive drinks coaster or, if you're a minicab driver, something to hang from your rear view mirror.

                I am a huge fan of Top Gear and especailly Richard Hammond so I enjoyed this game very much.

                You play either alone or against someone else, if there are several players then you split into two teams to play.
                You then play each round gaining points for getting questions correct until there is an overall winner.
                My favourite round is when you have to place objects into a caravan beeing held by a bunjee rope. You have to make the caravan heavy enough to drop to the score chart but not so heavy that it hits the ground.

                The game is aimed at Top Gear viewers so you don't actually have to know an awfull lot about cars.

                It's fun to play and simple to follow.

                Throught the game is shows clips from old Top Gear episodes which I think is a very nice touch.

                The only thing that could be better is the same thing I was dissapointed with in last years relaease and that's the multi-player options. It would be better if you could have more then 2 teams.

                Other than that it's a great fun game and I'm sure you'll enjoy playing it.


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