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    • ebay.co.uk / Auction / 19 Readings / 12 Ratings
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      04.04.2011 13:29
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      eBay is an online auction house....


      A litter tip go on http://www.topcashback.co.uk/ebay/
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      get free money.

      its time too up date this so here we go.

      you can Start your own Online Business on eBay 2 day.

      EBay is an online auction house, but more commonly referred to as an 'online marketplace'
      because many items can also be bought at a fixed price.
      eBay is one of the most visited websites on the Internet and can only be described as an online phenomenon, even being featured in blockbusters such as Men in Black, Transformers, etc. With hundreds of millions of items listed worldwide, and millions of items bought and sold daily, it's the behemoth of auction websites.
      I first signed up for eBay in 2002 and have since bought and sold hundreds of items on the site.
      I even achieved Power Seller status from all my selling for a while. The idea of eBay is that a seller lists an item for sale, either at a fixed price, or as an auction. With this in mind, the seller can sell off their unwanted items or sell inventory as a trader, and the buyer can buy something that they are looking for.

      A litter tip go on http://www.topcashback.co.uk/ebay/
      and get 40.4% Cashback on BID or Buy It Now Item

      Girls and boys i hope it helps x x


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        03.04.2011 22:38



        The Cosatto Yo! is lightweight, weatherproof and good looking. And unlike many lightweights,

        I am useing this pushchairs at the moment as my 2nd pram for our 11 month old baby, we currently use the phil and teds as a double.

        When our toddler wants to walk we take this pram and its lovely very refreshing cant wait to use it more lovely ride handles seem a little weird positioned for getting up kerbs but i am sure will grow used to that.

        Love the rain cover being cliped away so easily will never nip out without it and get caught out brilliant little pram good for on and off buses too its not bulky.

        this pram is the best i have had.
        Instantly was drawn to the Cosatto Yo! cosytoes. It is an included accessory and has a lovely fleece liner with a turn down edge that has a pocket where your child can place their hands.

        The harness system is well padded and secure and keeps your child sitting properly in the seat.

        I found the canopy to be one of the better canopies compared to other lightweight buggies because it comes down a bit further. The rain cover comes in a carry bag and has its own clip on the chassis so it doesn't get lost nor will it have to take up valuable space in the shopping basket.
        The rain cover was easy to attach and fit the chassis pretty well.

        The handles on the Cosatto Yo! are well padded and allow you to push the buggy easily. It's possible to steer one handed as well. My Son Luke was comfortable and sat up well in the Cosatto Yo!, which is one of the most important factors for me.


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