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    • Letraset Promarker / Art / Craft / 9 Readings / 8 Ratings
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      01.01.2012 15:43
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      Excellent value for money and very recommendable to anybody interested in this kind of art material.

      I have around 30 of these pens in a variety of colours. One thing I like about the Promarker range is that you are not limited to basic colours, rather much like other brands of pens. Although there is not quite as much selection as Letraset's Tria line, they are a great place to start if you are new to the world of inking.

      The pens are chunky and easy to hold, with a cap either end to cover the twin tips. One side features a large chisel-like nib, which is perfect for block colouring and filling out large areas. The other side has a smaller, more traditional pen nib which is round and comes to a point. This end is great for smaller details and colouring smaller areas.

      The colour consistency is good, and when used on clean paper comes out vibrant and smooth. The only problem I have with the colour is that it has a tendency to 'bleed', and is better suited for use on special bleed-proof paper. (You can buy pads of this cheaply from Letraset too.) However I have used them on other materials such as cardboard and wood, and have had good results. (Although I would recommend sticking to paper so as not to damage the nibs!)

      They create a professional finish, and on numerous occasions I have been asked if the work I have created with these pens was done on a computer! In the 3 years I have had these only 2 have become dry and run out. Go out and buy yourself some!


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