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    • Tesco IR11 Value Iron / Iron / 84 Readings / 83 Ratings
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      11.10.2013 12:07
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      5 stars, Would definitely recommend very high quality

      I purchased this Iron after I seem to keep breaking any other iron I have bought, I don't know what I do but I seem to break them more than anything else in the house :o I have tried buying irons at £10-£15 all the way up to £50-£60 and still seem to drop them/break them/have rubbish steam and generally a waste of money. I recently came across Tesco's Value steam iron at £3.78 and thought at that price its worth trying even if it only lasts a month!

      First impressions when taken from its box, it does feel cheap and light well to me anyway. The power cord is long though and I have had no problems of it not "reaching" or being a hassle. It has the circle dial with several different temperature settings, as well as a button on the handle for an extra boost of steam.

      The packaging is rather basic and inside has the iron, instructions and a small water jug to fill up the iron.

      Type: Steam iron
      Colour: Purple
      Plate Type: Non-stick
      Power (W): 1300
      Water Capacity (ml): 150
      Variable steam
      Product Height 12.5 Cm
      Product Width 24.3 Cm
      Product Depth 9.9 Cm
      Product Weight 0.8 Kilogram
      Assembled Height 12.5
      Assembled Width 24.3
      Assembled Depth 9.9
      Assembled Weight 0.8 Kilogram

      I iron everything in this house, at least 2 hours a day of ironing from adults clothes to kids clothes to bedding/curtains everything. I think that the Tesco Value Iron works just as well as any iron I have used,if not better considering the price! The plate gets hot quickly, it's non stick, the dial works well to regulate the temperature and the steam functionality gives a good burst of steam which doesn't soak the item you're ironing which always seemed to be the thing that broke first on my other iron.

      As I said the iron is available from Tesco, although locally its only in the larger stores, but the price does seem to vary between £3.48 and £4.99 still at this price a huge bargain in my opinion.

      Overall I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a good all round iron, with a good steam and several temperatures.


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      • Asda Smart Price Toaster / Toaster / 91 Readings / 89 Ratings
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        08.10.2013 14:46
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        would definitely recommend

        I recently had to replace my toaster, my original toaster was part of a set matching the kettle and toaster etc. I couldn't find another the same anymore and decided for how much I actually used the toaster to pick up the Asda Smartprice 2 slice toaster why I was doing my shopping.

        I didn't really expect much to be honest for the price of £4.99, but worth a try at that price.

        I've had the toaster about 8 weeks now and have to say it seems to have been used more than the previous toaster in the 12 months I had it! Its simple to use, not loads of settings or buttons to press before actually getting your bread toasted :p The simple dial on the side is to change how long the toast is down for from setting 1 being the least time to 6 being the most.

        The toaster does have a removable crumb tray to make cleaning easier, which most other value brands ive noticed don't. Although this is a good thing it does tend to drop crumbs out everywhere.

        It toasts well and even, as well as even on both sides. For £4.99 I was shocked at how well it actually toasted, doesn't take a long time either. The toaster benefits from a "cool wall" which is useful when you have little hands reaching up on to the worktops to see what your doing.

        The only downside I have found is most brands of bread are too "tall" for the toaster, so I either chop the crusts off or switch it upside down half way through. It is a bit of a hassle but for £4.99 its nothing major to complain about. Smartprice bread fits in perfect. The same goes for crumpets, branded crumpets dont fit in well and stop the toaster from popping in and causes some difficulty in getting it back out! This problem doesn't occur on cheaper brands of crumpets though.

        I personally think it would make a great toaster for students/first home etc. It's not for you if you want something that looks great and stylish.

        Colour: White
        Cancel Button
        Dimensions: (WxDxH in cm) H115 x W13 x D18cm
        Model Number: TXT-024C
        Number of Slices: 2
        Length of Parts Guarantee (Years:) 1 Year
        Power (watts): 750 Watts
        Removable Crumb Tray

        Overall I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for something that just does the job its suppose too. It isn't very stylish or nice to look at really but does serve its purpose well.

        4 stars*

        Also on Ciao under Sazi1990


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        • Beko WMB71442S / Washing Machine / 72 Readings / 71 Ratings
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          06.10.2013 00:09
          Very helpful


          • "Ease of use"


          5* all round excellent washing machine.

          I recently purchased this washing machine after looking into washing machines for several weeks I decided it was a mind field and to go with a "middle" price machine. I haven't had a Beko appliance before so was totally new to the brand and wasn't quite sure what to expect.

          I purchased online at littlewoods for £289 but there is better prices around.

          Product details

          The Beko WMB71442S is great for special washes, including mixed fabrics, dark colours and baby and toddler clothes. You can also save up to 70% energy with ECOClean 29 programme.
          Rated A+ for energy, A for wash, and B for spin, this Beko washing machine is great for saving you money on your energy bills as well as looking after your clothes.

          The 7kg wash capacity soon gets through your washing basket and the LCD display letting you know how far through a cycle your washer is.

          A 39-minute Daily Quick wash is perfect when you're in a hurry. A powerful 1400rpm spin will soon have your clothes dry.

          A large porthole with wide opening door makes easy work of loading/unloading and an automatic half-load feature saves on water and electricity to keep your bills low.

          The Beko WMB71442S washing machine is also available in White
          Useful info:

          A+ rated energy; A-rated wash; B-rated spin
          Dimensions: H 85, W 59.5, D 54 cm
          1400 rpm spin speed
          7kg capacity
          Variable spin and temperature
          LCD display
          Automatic half load
          Large porthole door with wide opening angle
          16 main programmes
          5 extra functions, including anti-crease
          39-minute Daily Quick programme
          Colour: Silver

          It was important for me to have a larger drum than previous as well as a better spin, this provided both the 1400 spin is excellent and clothes dry in less than half the time they did with my 1000rpm washing machine. The 7kg drum easily fits a kingsize duvet in and still proves to give a very good clean.

          I like the several choices of wash ranging from 17 mins on a "half load" all the way through to 2+hours on a 90 degree cotton wash. To be truthful 90% of my washing is done on the quick 30 degree wash with a 1400 spin which takes 39 minutes.

          I haven't had any problems with the machine at all. It washes well, spins well, and most of all is very quiet! which is very useful in a house where the washers on at all unsociable hours of the day and night!

          I would 100% recommend this washing machine to anyone looking, all round I can't find one thing I can complain about or even say it could improve. It's very simple to use, easy to clean the drawer/filter and even has a self clean cycle to clean the bits we can't see.

          5* from me all round you wouldn't be disappointed.


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          • Clarks Stompo / Shoes / 150 Readings / 147 Ratings
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            15.05.2013 12:01
            Very helpful



            5 Stars would definitely recommend as a long lasting comfortable school shoe

            With Cam recently starting nursery back in January we went on the hunt for good quality plain black "school" shoes. Cam has small and very narrow feet which makes shoe shopping stressful! Not only this but one of his feet turn inwards, so good quality and well fitted shoes is a must. We went in several shops trying on different brands and styles from cheap to expensive with no hope. When we finally settled on Clarks (Why is always the last place you go?!)

            Anyway back to the shoe. Out of the 2 styles available Cam obviously choose the stompo because they had dinosaur's even dinosaurs toes! Which are so "cool" I've never seen him so excited over some shoes! They definitely got 5 stars from Cam before he had even worn them.

            We paid £32 for Cam's size but it does vary between £32-£36.

            So put to the test Cam's worn them everyday at nursery since and they still look as good as new despite his feet issues which usually lead to one side wearing through in weeks. Clarks have stepped up to the mark with these which haven't scuffed despite the daily activity of a nearly 4 year old.

            The fact they come in various widths and fitted to your child's need is even more convenient no blisters sore feet or complaints even after wearing for several hours a day. Also available in half and full sizes unlike most of the others we tried on him in different brands.

            The extra rubber grip round the side and front have protected most of the scuffing that would normally happen. Which plays a big part in my 5 star review. I am also really impressed with the velco fastening, I was worried it would be like ones we have tried before where after a short time the velcro loses the "stickiness" but its still just as strong as when we purchased despite being put through the washing machine! (I dont really think your suppose to put them through the washer please do not follow me on this!)

            Overall me and Cam are really pleased with these shoes and the very high quality.

            Definitely worth the money for the comfort and durability.


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            • Mam First Toothbrush / Baby Health / 114 Readings / 114 Ratings
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              13.05.2013 00:27
              Very helpful



              5 stars from my two! Would definitely recommend very high quality

              With two small ones we use lots of toothbrushes. Especially seeing my daughter likes to brush her teeth at least 20 times a day :p .. I have tried several toothbrushes from various brands and was happy to receive 2 of the Mam toothbrushes a few months ago too sample. These have now replaced any other we have had and have become the kids favorite especially my daughters.

              Firstly the packaging. The toothbrush comes in a clear plastic sealed wrap with a paper card behind with the product details on. The Mam toothbrush is suitable for 6 months plus or from first tooth. The Mam toothbrush also has a huge benefit of being BPA free, I have noticed a few of the cheaper toothbrushes we have purchased on closer inspection are not!

              The Mam toothbrush has a short handle with a non slip grip, making it much more easier for babies to hold and brush just like an adult would. The brush features a small "head" making it more comfortable and easier for babies, with very soft rounded bristles which will remove plaque and bacteria without being too harsh and causing discomfort. As an extra feature I haven't really found before is that on the end of the handle it has a rounded textured bit to clean the tongue (My daughter loved chewing this why teething rather than cleaning her tongue :p)

              The brush must not be sterilized no matter how tempting it is! and the advise give is to wash in hot water (Not boiling)

              As I say I received mine from Mam as samples and mine are green, however they are available in blue and pink too. They vary in price from around £1.50 too £3 or there about depending where you purchase. Boots, Kiddicare, Amazon etc seem to stock them at reasonable prices.

              Overall it seems we are now converted to these from now on even the nearly 4 year old.

              Excellent product and more than worth the bit extra in price

              Also on Ciao under Sazi1990


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                08.05.2013 00:49
                Very helpful



                Overall I would recommend, it does help and is a lot better than the forehead/mouth themometers

                Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Digital Ear Thermometer.

                I never bothered with a digital thermometer when I first had Cam, but after a convulsion and hospital visit I was advised to buy one for his sake and mine. I didn't really know where to start when looking for one and when I did look I noticed the huge difference in prices and such a wide choice of style and brand. Anyway back to the Tommee Tippee Thermometer I purchased from Tesco at £34.99 although it is widely available online/in other stores etc and is cheaper at places like Ebay/Amazon.

                It comes really well packaged in a very firm box and well held inside to stop breakages, includes 8 disposable hygiene covers and has the battery included so is usable right away without any messing.

                The thermometer itself is quite small but does what it needs. You need to press one button to turn on wait for the bleep then place in the ear and press again. The temperature will show after 1 second and can be displayed in both Fahrenheit or Celsius. If the temperature is high it has a fever alarm which will alert, to be honest I don't really see the need for this as you would read the temperature anyway but its there so worth mentioning. The digital display is quite large and very clear to read/understand, also because the display lights up it makes reading in the dark room at night etc so much easier than turning lights on etc just to pop in and take their temperature. The thermometer will store up to 9 temperature reading, which is useful to check through after re-checking the temperature after medication etc. Can be used from Newborn and the tip of the ear piece is very small so would comfortably fit in a small babies ear.

                The battery life is excellent and mine still has the same battery as when I purchased over 15 months ago and with 2 toddlers it had a fair bit of use. The fact the thermometer goes off after 1 minute plays a big part in this I think.

                On the down side I have found that sometimes it takes a few goes to get a true reading and the reading differs from one ear to the other. I asked in the GP about this and apparently it is common for each side to read different and to always take the higher temperature into consideration to be on the safe side.

                Overall I do think its very worthwhile to have and definitely worth the £34.99, however I wouldn't 100% rely on the thermometer and would seek advice if you where concerned.


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                05.05.2013 13:48
                Very helpful



                I would reccomend more as a second seat/occasional use

                I first purchased this back in 2011 when Cam was 18 months old (he was really small and hadn't need to move from his first stage rear facing until then) I didn't drive so didn't want to spend a fortune on something that was only going to be used once or twice a week.

                At the time the BabyStart group 1-2-3 was on offer in Argos at £39.99 (Mine is the same as the picture but plain grey and red so unisex still)

                I choose this seat after looking at several as I liked the fact it went from months to 12 years (9 kg too 36 kg) Although please note this does not change into a booster seat with no back, and although the head rest does extend a fair way I'd find it a bit difficult to believe a "normal" sized 12 year old may struggle to be comfortable in the seat as the head rest is very shaped.

                The 5 point safety harness is good and does extend a fair way although I would say its not really a "one hand" job to alter I found I had to press the button to release and pull the straps at the back/front which is even more difficult once there's a child sat in the seat.

                The seat is very well padded, with extra support for smaller babies and also has extra padding on the straps.

                Another good point is that all the parts on the carseat are removable and washable (recommended on a 30 degree wash)

                We are still using this carseat nearly 2 years later and it has lasted very well although the buckle clip on the harness has got quite stiff over time and does stick occasionally. I haven't really found anything else to complain about, and I would say it is definitely worth the money if its being used as a second seat/occasionally. I think if I was going to be using it regularly I would have choose one with the option to recline as even when I moved Cam into it at 18 months he was still prone to falling asleep in the car. Of course being so sat upright and strapped in meant his head use to fall forward/side to side.

                The added benefit of being for all 3 stages mean its now used by my 4 year old and nearly 2 year old without Grandma having to keep swapping seats/boosters in and out.

                The seat is very easy to convert from stage one (With the 5 point harness) to stage two - three, it only involves removing the back to the harness off then putting the back on again (The same thing if you were to want to wash the carseat covers) We currently use it with the straps for my 2 year old, but without for my 4 year old and it isnt much of a fuss to swap and change between the two it doesn't take long. However the carseat doesn't feel as secure to the seat using without the 5 point harness. I can't really compare to a different brand on this as I have never tried.

                The seat is forward facing only and can be used in front and rear carseats. Although it is recommended to use the rear seats.

                Overall I feel the BabyStart carseat deserves 5* for value comfort and safety with the added benefit of side impact protection.


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              • More +
                05.05.2013 01:32
                Very helpful



                Would recommend overall worth it :)

                I tried baby carriers when I first had Cameron 4 years ago, I never really found a carrier I totally got on with, and after trying a couple I gave up and didn't try again. When I then had Lexi I decided I'd try again seeing I would have a newborn and an 18 month old I thought a carrier/sling would be useful.

                I looked a lot online and decided to sway more towards a sling then a carrier and went ahead and bought the BabaSling.

                It was definitely the right choice.

                The BabaSling classic is designed to carry babies and toddlers from birth to two years (2 kg to 15 kg). It has 5 different positions including two which are perfect for breastfeeding discreetly.

                The BabaSling is fully adjustable and has safety buckles for extra peace of mind. The strap is very comfortable as it is fully padded, and with the breathable fabric it doesn't make you feel hot and bothered.

                I did find it a bit awkward to get the right adjustments and fit at first, also difficult to get the baby in and for him to be comfortable. However once you're use to it, it isn't a problem and by far the best carrier/sling I have used. The only thing I found I couldn't do without the help of someone was adjust the sling from the child "sitting in the sling" to "lying in the sling" as the adjusters are on your back. So it is easier to have someone help or to adjust before putting on.

                I would say look on YouTube at videos of the how to use and fit the different positions its a great deal of help and a lot easier to follow than the instructions given with the sling. Also the BabaSling website has a lot of useful tips and guides on how to get the best and most comfortable position.

                The BabaSling comes in various colors and is widely available in various places/online.

                I bought my BabaSling from Mothercare at £39.99 and its definitely been worth the cost, just being able to have 2 hands free and while comforting a newborn (all the way through to a 23 month old attached comfortably rather than screaming at your ankle :p)

                Would definitely recommend to people looking for a sling :)


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              • Bugaboo Cameleon / Pushchair & Pram / 82 Readings / 78 Ratings
                More +
                04.05.2013 21:01
                Very helpful



                Excellent pram overall best I have ever had.

                When I had my first son 4 years ago I had many prams before I decided to go ahead and buy the Bugaboo. I was very nervous of spending the £800+ for a pushchair after I had so many problems with the previous 10 or so brands I had already tried :o.

                I definitely found what I was looking for with the Bugaboo, I really wish I had purchased this first and not held out for so long.

                In carrycot mode I love that its a totally lay flat for a newborn, as well as being snug, warm and comfy looking. Although I do think it could benefit from having straps it wasn't really a huge problem. Also the carrycot can be used as an over night "cot" if needed

                The seat mode has 3 positions which is very useful, although I didn't really like how when lay flat my son's legs where higher than his head! Again not really a problem I just didn't find it looked "right". Saying that it never bothered my son and he slept quite often while out and about.

                The basket is huge!! I didn't drive so relied on using the basket quite a lot and it fit more than any other pram I had used previously. The basket has 2 pull strings to close which makes getting in either side very easy too.

                I loved the way everything is interchangeable with different colors/designs even down to the basket!

                The rain cover is the best I have used over the 4 years of motherhood, a tight fit with a window to access without having to remove half of the rain cover just to pass a soother/drink in to the child!

                The wheels are fab for all terrains we used in the snow/on sand/in the woods and never had a problem with pushing or my son being uncomfortable.

                The chassis is also compatible with the Maxi Cosi carseat making trips in the car easier with a click on click off system without disturbing baby.

                The parasol was huge and totally covered my son when in use, also the breezy hoods where great too.

                Overall both me an my son loved the Bugaboo and I couldn't recommend it enough. More than worth the cost!!

                One of my best buys yet :)

                The thing I wasn't 100% happy with was the changing bag, I felt for its cost it wasn't the best quality and is rather small. There is a lot better changing bags for the price out there!

                Also the folding is a bit of a hassle until you get use to it, having to take the seat off etc. Although these points would not put me off buying again in the future

                As my son got bigger and my daughter arrived I bought the buggy board and seat which was a lot easier than a double pram! and my son loved it too :)

                Also on Ciao under Sazi1990


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