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    • Apple iPod touch 8 GB / MP3 Player / 55 Readings / 51 Ratings
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      12.01.2010 16:44
      Very helpful



      a touch screen mp4 player by Apple.

      The itouch is touch screen, suggesting that to navigate around it you'd have to touch the screen. This function is easy to get used to, for those who can't get used to it or if you find yourself to have big hands you can always buy the pen to use on the screen instead of your fingers. This is an 8Gb ipod, even though the actual memory on it is 7Gb as the other 1Gb is used for software etc you can fit around 4000 songs depending on the music file and format. As this itouch takes mp3 format, the itouch doesn't support WMA, although iTunes will convert the music to the right format.

      What I like about this itouch is that you can go onto the internet wirelessly and browse the web, read your emails and even go on BBC iplayer to watch the programmes you have missed. Moreover because you have the internet on the itouch you can browse the itunes store and application store and download them straight to your itouch without having to use your computer. However the only problem about the internet is that you will need to be in a place with wifi, otherwise you won't be able to connect onto the internet.
      I also like the selection of applications you get on the itouch, I am mainly interested in the games as the game play is different from anything else. Because the itouch has a built in censor it means you have to move the itouch in motion to play the games and when using the other apps, the experience is phenomenal. Tere are applications for everyone, whether you are a child, teenager, house wife or even a business person.
      Just like any other mp4 player you get the function of repeat, shuffle etc. The itouch goes an extra mile and gives you the genius programme which analyses the sort of music you listen to and groups them for you and also recommends some songs which you might be interested in when you log onto itunes,

      ==in the box==

      The itouch comes with a usb cable which can be used to transfer data to and from the Itouch and also charges it. There is also headphones in the box, we know apple have a reputation of providing low quality headphones with their iPods. The headphones were not only too big for my eyes, but they were uncomfortable and one of the headphone's ears didn't have good sound at all.
      I didn't even bother to get the itouch replaced as I know I would get the same experience from all of them, so I just went to buy new headphones. The i-touch does have built in speakers which are not that loud, so an ipod dock or speakers Is essential when you want to play you music out loud. U also get a small manual in the box which maybe be helpful to those ipod first time users.

      You can buy accessories for the itouch such as cases, mains charger, in car charger, holders etc. But I suggest you buy other brands than apple as they apple branded accessories are too expensive. I mean their headphones which are similar to the ones that come with the itouch cost a whooping £25 so as the mains charger, which I think is a lot, I suggest you visit ebay for a bargain, as you get these accessories for a fraction of the high street price

      The itouch comes with preset application which you do not need to download such as calendar, google maps, alarm, contacts, safari, weather etc. Unlike other MP3 players, The I-touch is very secure as it allows you to set a pass code so that everytime you switch you i-touch off or it goes in standby it will ask you for the four digits pass code.
      Yer I would recommend this i-touch, it's a lot of fun, I wanted to get a psp before but I have no need for a psp as I can play plenty of cheap games on the I-touch. The game price starts from free upto £9.99 depending on how popular the game is etc. The touch screen is 3.5" which is adequate. The ipod is rather big but does not weighs a lot and is very slim. The i-touch does however have a problem of freezing whereby you have to wait for the battery to run out before it can work again. This has only happened once to me, but to some people it happens frequently. Overall the i-touch is great fun.


      ---You can only transfer music onto the itouch via itunes, unless downloaded directly from the itunes store onto the itouch via the built in wifi.

      --You can only connect to the internet via wifi,

      --Comes in different memory formats, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB

      -- Does not support flash player programmes e.g. you can't play videos on channel 4 website.

      --Cost me £149 from currys although it came with a free £15 itunes voucher and mains charger. These promotions vary from time to time but it's always good to look out for them as they save you money.

      --You can go on bbc IPLAYER, Youtube and surf the web with safari.

      --Supports WAV, MP3, AAC, MOV and MPEG.

      --Battery life of about six hours, the battery runs out quicker when you are playing games or running other applications. However, it takes less than two hours to charge the battery to full.

      --You can run some applications whilst listening to your own personal music.


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      • Walkers Quavers / Snacks / 47 Readings / 41 Ratings
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        07.01.2010 00:23
        Very helpful



        crisps from walkers meant for kids but adults loves them too

        Quavers are made from potatoes and they are rather crunchy. They are made by Walkers and all come in cheesy flavour. These are made for children but adults like me loves them too. They taste delicious however they also taste very salty. One packet gives you 11% of a child's daily allowance salt consumption. This doesn't really put me off as the salt does add to the flavour but it's not healthy.
        Also there is hardly any quavers in the packet I have to consume two packets at least just to be satisfied. But like I said they are meant to be a quick snack for the kids, thus why there is less volume in the packet.

        A packet of quavers contains 87 calories, 0.8g of sugar, 4.9g of fat and 0.4g of salt. They are definitely not the healthiest snack out there even though they are cooked in one of the healthiest cooking oil, but they do taste great. Quavers can be bought individually or as a multi pack of 6 or 12. A multi pack tends to be cheaper than when you buy them individually. They can be bought from man shops including supermarkets and corner shops and even vending machines.
        The prices do vary but they tend to be cheaper in supermarkets.
        I would recommend these for the taste but in terms of health I wouldn't mainly because of the salt, maybe they should call them salty cheese flavour. Moreover there isn't much quavers in the packet and they are extra light so I feel like I'm being ripped off every time I buy them and because i end up eating two packs at the same time it means you are consuming more than 160 calories.


        --They taste delicious but rather salty too.

        --They are suitable for vegetarians.

        --Can be bought from many shops including supermarkets, corner shops and vending machines etc.


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        • Sony Ericsson C903 / Mobile Phone / 30 Readings / 27 Ratings
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          06.01.2010 14:14
          Very helpful



          a mobile from sony, but just like any other old models

          This is a slide phone from Sony. Has a huge screen making navigation easy. Comes with all the sony functions such as Track ID (which tells you the name of the song you are listening to, but need the internet to work), music dJ, photo dJ and video DJ. The phone has a different way of messaging as it groups all the messages you receive from a certain someone into a conversation so that you won't have to open every message you receive fromt hat person one by one, although this function is still available.
          You can send both text and MMS which they have made easy by putting them into one page, so that you can attach pictures or videos easily.

          ==The experience==
          I must say comparing this mobile phone to most of the mobile phone's I have owned I must say it has a bad sound quality. It's not as loud and when you put the volume to the highest it distorts, especially if the song has high bass. The sound quality does affect the calling quality, it doesn't go as high as other mobiles, so in loud environments you might struggle to hear what the person on the other end is trying to say. Even when put on loud speaker, it just doesn't get as loud as other phones I have owned. I chose this phone because it has 3G, suggesting that I could do video calls, I didn't realise that it didn't have a camera on the phone till the day it arrived. This suggested that I had to turn the phone around whilst video talking to someone and they could see me and I couldn't see them and when I wanted to see them they couldn't see me. This is the first time I have owned a sony with only one camera and I can't really get used to it at all, I just avoid video calling as often as I can.
          Because I chose this phone online without seeing it phy6sically I must say the phone looks better in pictures than it does in person. It doesn't even look like an expensive mobile phone, it just looks like any other cheap phone that costs below £100 even though we paid a whooping £180 for it from O2.

          The buttons on this mobile phone are huge making it easy and fast to type, this is a slide phone so you would have to slide it up to access the rest of the navigation buttons. The menu is pretty cool and different from other Sony mobiles it can be changed into three different formats which are single icon, grid view, and rotating.
          The internet connection is rather fast as it can get HSDPA connection which is a faster connection than 3G, however you can only get this connection in certain connection.
          This Sony uses a mouse kinda navigation which differs it from other Sony mobile, it took a while to get used to but its quiet useful, although sometimes I think It make it difficult to navigate as it takes a while to point at link.

          ==In the box==
          The mobile phone comes with a pair of black Sony headphones, mains charger, manual and the mobile phone itself. I was surprised that I couldn't find the USB cable or the software CD. To be honest because I didn't buy this phone I wasn't bothered to go back to the shop and argue, but I was disappointed, because I have owned lots of Sony ericcsions I already had a USB cable, so I just used it.
          The USB cable is useful, as it charges the mobile phone via you computer and I what you need to synchronize data from and to the mobile phone. The headphones are bad quality, for the money we paid for the mobile I was expecting some high quality in-ear headphones from sony. But all I got was the general headphone which were too big for my ear so kept falling out every time I used them.
          And you couldn't even detach the headphone so that you could fit a better ear piece. I never bothered to look at the manual as I am familiar with Sony mobiles.
          The mobile comes with rechargeable battery, which lasts pretty long bout 400hrs in standby and 8hours talktime. When I use the mobile a lot I tend to charge it everyday, but on lazy days I tend to charge it once every three days and it takes less than 2hours to charge to battery to its full power, which is good news for the impatient.

          This mobile has a GPS, it's not the sort of GPS you are thinking of. The mobile phone doesn't even tell you directions. All it does is tell you your current driving speed, energy consumption, calories you have lost whilst driving and how long the journey was. This is unuseful to me as I would have wanted the mobile to tell me the directions. In the end I had to upload Google maps which works well with this mobile.

          Has a photomate application, which tells you how to use the camera, and how to share all your pictures on the monile phone. The application is totally pointless as the camera function already tells you how to do these things.
          However the pull face function is rather funny as it allows you to edit your pictures in funny ways e.g. turning yourself into an alien or making your nose look fat etc.

          Just like any other mobile phone this phone comes with an organiser which has your alarm, calendar, tasks, notes, timer, stopwatch, calculator, and code memo. I always use the alarm all the time and it has a selection of tones to wake you up. You can even use the radio as the alarm tone and you own music tracks. The code memo is useful to those who have lots of bank cards as it helps you remember you pin numbers and any other pass codes. Don't worry it's safe as you will need a pin number as well to access the code memo. The calculator has a different layout from all the Sony ericssons I have owned, and I must say it's a better layout, they made calculating easier.

          The mobile phone has Bluetooth for connecting wirelessly to other mobiles or computers so that you can transfer data. The mobile phone can be used as a modem via the USB cable to connect your computer to the internet. The mobile phone comes with realtones and of course you can use your own music as a ringtone.
          The mobile phone does not come with any games only demos of a few games such as monopoly, be-jewelled, Tetris, the Sims 2 etc, so you don't actually get any game play only advertisements to buy the games and you can't even delete the demos which does my head in.

          The mobile phone keeps lots of contacts onto the phone at least 200 contacts and keeps a history of all the calls you have received, missed or dialled. If you want to secure the mobile phone you can set a pass code so that every time you switch on your mobile phone it asks for the pass code. The mobile phone has a 5.0 MP camera which takes some excellent pictures, I knew Sony wouldn't dissapoint us when it comes to picture quality. The camera can also be used to take videos which can be edited and sent to friends. You can record sounds although they are not good quality, even worse on this Sony as it seems to have a bad sound quality reputation already.
          The mobile phone gives you the option to block any numbers which you don't want to receive calls from, I found this feature useful as I get stalkers at times lol. Just like my K850i the C903 has a built in censor suggesting that it auto rotates when you want to and some of the game play uses this feature, this can be switched in some applications if you don't want them to auto rotate as it gets irritating at times.

          This mobile phone is quiet a disappointment, my old K850i does a better job than this mobile. I have never really fancied a slide phone but thought I would change the scene and it wasn't worth it. The mobile phone comes in a selection of colour which are black, red and white with some purple parts. The white and purple one is only exclusive to O2, so that's probably why asked to be bought that one. It did cost a whooping £180, I wasn't really bothered as I am not the one who paid for it. But I did thought it was over priced, if I was paying for it with my own money I would have been willing to pay £110 maximum.
          This mobile phone is quiet a disappointment, I was expecting something different as it was meant to be an upgrade but all I got was a downgrade from Sony. I wouldn't recommend this mobile phone, because for what it has to offer its rather over priced and doesn't have extra features which makes you go WOW even though it's meant to be an upgrade. As I am someone who is used to listen to good sound quality I think the sound on this mobile phone is really bad. It may be an upgrade to someone who is currently using an old model mobile phone from 5years ago etc. Don't buy this phone unless its under £100, seriously.


          --Not different from any of the older Sony models.

          --Comes in three colours, white and purple, red and black. The white and purple coloured one is exclusive to o2.

          --Not a mobile to go for if you like you music, Sony have other mobiles designed for music lovers.

          --5.0 MP camera which takes excellent pictures.

          --it does come with some internal memory you can however extend this as the mobile has a card slot. It Takes an M2 card which tends to be more expensive than a micro SD.


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            06.01.2010 01:37
            Very helpful
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            14 pieces of gum that helps keep your teeth healthy

            Chewed these for the first time when I forgot to brush my teeth as I was in a hurry. I made a mistake by buying these in a garage as they cost me a whooping 85p, but I guess I was desperate, as I am sure 14 pieces of chewing shouldn't be costing that much.
            Not sure how much they cost in other places as I have only bought them once, but I am sure they are cheaper in supermarkets.
            The gum is sugar free, meaning I can chew for as long as I want without worrying, however it does taste sweet at the beginning as if its got sweeteners. But with these orbit complete I found my self chewing for a few minutes as little as 20minutes and the taste will be gone.

            The chewing gum leaves you breathe fresh and smelling of mint for quiet a while actually (at least an hour, so I was quiet ipressed by this). I can't really prove if the chewing gum actually does what it says on the packet. As orbit claims that the Xylitol in the gum will strengthen teeth and gums, clean teeth between brushings, stop acid attacks, rebuilds tooth enamel and puts a stop to plaque formation.
            The gum comes well packaged in a cardboard package and each chewing gum wrapped individually. This is only chewing gum so there is hardly any calories in it for those weight watchers.

            I would recommend this gum to those who might forget to brush their teeth here and there, or if you just want a fresh breathe, because it did work for me. The spearmint is not true strong, therefore won't leave your eyes watery, as we know some chewing gums are too strong. The chewing is very soft to chew but I tend to chew two at the same time as one doesn't feel like it's enough. Therefore the gum didn't last long, it was gone within two days, i would have wanted it to last longer.


            -- Suitable for vegetarians

            -- Taste on the gum doesn't last long, but your breathe stays fresh for awhile.

            -- Has xylitol, which helps to protect your tooth.

            --It's sugar free,,so you can chew for as long as you want.


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              05.01.2010 17:56
              Very helpful



              good quality handwash

              This is good for the bathroom and even the kitchen for a quick hand wash. One little drop goes a long way even on extra greasy or dirty hands. I got mine bout two months ago and I still have about a 5th of the hand wash left. I am really impressed. The moisturiser smells nice, therefore leaves you hands smelling nice. As it has moisturiser in it, the hand wash also leaves you hands feeling soft. The hand wash is made from chamonile flowers and jojoba oil.
              The hand wash is really thick, white in colour and comes in a thick recyclable plastic bottle with a nozzle on it.

              One time I ran out of shower gel and didn't have time to hit the shops, so I used the hand wash as shower gel, it actually created loads of bubbles, and worked well. I did get it into me eye by mistake and I must say it does irritate, however I rinsed it a few times and all was well again.

              The hand wash comes in a 300ml bottle and I must say its quiet pricey at around a £1 (average). In some places you will buy it for more or less than a £1. It can be bought from shops such as sainsburys, tescoes, asdas and other supermakets including some local shops.
              I definitely recommend this product for those who go for quality as this is quiet an expensive hand wash from a well known brand. The hand wash does it's job and leaves the skin feeling soft and smelling nice for a while. For those on a budget, you might want to look else where.


              --Works well as shower gel, for those in desperate need

              --Smells good and leaves your hands smelling nice for a long time.

              --If you get it into your eye like I did, just rinse it off a few times and all will be well again.

              --Can be bought from major supermakets, find it for less than a pound and you've got a right bargain.


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              05.01.2010 17:27
              Very helpful



              a small little mp3 player slightly outdated now

              The creative Zen stone 2GB keeps around 500 songs, these songs could be WMA or MP3 format. You are more likely to fit more songs onto the MP3 player if you use the WMA format as it takes up less memory. Transferring the songs couldn't be easier or quicker, as all you do as drag and drop the songs into the mp3 player and off you go. The MP3 player can also be used as a memory stick, to save other files such as power points, word documents, pictures etc. The mp3 player is very small and light and possibly recommended for those who do sports or just want something small to fit in your pocket or handbag.

              The Mp3 player comes with a clear case, matching headphones, manual and a USB cable. The creative Zen stone is almost like an ipod shuffle, as it doesn't have an LCD display, suggesting that you can't see what you are playing. This didn't bother me though, as the LED that tells you whether it's on or off was good enough for me. The mp3 player might be extra small but it doesn't have a clip on it also though this could be bought extra. The instructions manual is clear and written in bold for first time users.
              The headphones produce good quality sounds and can handle songs with extra bass. However, they are not as good as in ear headphones, so you might want to upgrade like I did.

              The mp3 player does give you option of repeat, shuffle etc. The creative Zen stone also allows you to record live, the sound quality is not the best, but it's good enough. The battery life of the MP3 player is excellent, I had a long journey before of six hours and I played songs on the mp3 player through out the journey and I still had some battery life left over. So it does have impressive battery life and the battery is also rechargeable via your computer unless you buy the mains charger. However the downside is that because it doesn't have an LCD you never know when the battery is going to run out or how much of the battery is left, or when you need to charge it. So I tended to charge mine every night as I used it every day. Maybe the battery could have lasted me two days, but I just didn't want to be disappointed.
              It's sad to say the MP3 player is now discontinued, you won't find it in big shops such as comet, currys or PC world even though I bought mine from Currys.

              I probably wouldn't recommend this mp3 player to anyone as it's now outdated and you can get better mp3 players such as sansa clip which is faster at transferring files and has extra features such as memory extension. Moreover, this maybe be recommended to those who do sports, but it's good to note that it doesn't come with a clip so you would have to buy this extra, and the headphones are not in ear so they tend to drop out and the sound quality is good but not excellent. So these are all extra costs you have to incur just to have an excellent MP3 player. The mp3 player has easy navigation making it easy to use.


              --Does not have F.M radio but it does record.

              --You can buy accessories for the mp3 player

              --This MP3 player is black, comes with a one year warranty.

              --The battery is rechargeable but you never know when it's going to run out as it doesn't have an LCD display

              --Very small but does not come with a clip

              --2GB of memory to keep around 500 songs and can't be extended like other mp3 players.


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              • What's In Your Bag? / Discussion / 69 Readings / 62 Ratings
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                13.06.2009 23:07
                Very helpful



                my hand bag full of mysterious items..

                I have lots of random stuff in my bag and it varies from time to time as i change my hand bag sometimes weekly and sometimes after about two weeks. But this bag i haven't changed it for just over two weeks and yes you can imagine the mysterious items i am going to find.

                *Of course like any bag I've got my purse with all my money, back cards and one of those store points collecting cards.

                * I know it's summer but my umbrella is always with me nowadays as we all know that the England weather is very unpredictable.

                *There is make up in my handbag (who could have guessed that one?). The make up mincludes duo lipgloss, facepowder, vaseline, chapstick, red lipstick, another lipgloss (haha, didn't actually know I had all that stuff for me lips).

                * Yes, I am going to need a mirror to put on all that lip stuff and facepowder, so there is a small purple mirror in my handbag.

                *My Charlie deodrant, always come in handy when i start to feel sweaty or when my perfume starts to wear off.

                *My house and bicyle chain keys. I don't really need the bicyle key because the back wheel of my bike got stolen, sad but funny.

                *A squished milkyway in its packaging, might actually eat it right now and not put it to waste.

                *Two tampons, just in case and my pill.

                *I got a couple of things which I used for my exams (the exam ended two weeks ago though lol). A small calculator, three pens, a rubber (the pencil must have legged it) and a 15cm ruler.

                *Lots of receipts from various shops including boots, post office, new look, iceland, barclays etc.

                *An extra, charged battery for my mobile and my mobile itself (the most important thing).

                *My mobile phone's handfree, only ever use them to listen music.

                *A tiny battery for my hand watch which I bought about a week ago (no wonder why it's still in my bag).

                *Chocolate wrappers and some ton up tissue (I never drop litter on the floor, i'd rather use my handbag as a bin till I find a real bin.

                *A pair of golden Earrings in one of my bag pockets and finally a couple of coppers and crisp bits scrolling on the bottom of my bag (yes, it needs cleaning and changing too)!


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                • Capri-Sun Juice Drink / Soft Drink / 63 Readings / 62 Ratings
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                  10.06.2009 14:40
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  tasty juice drink idle for everyone

                  I've beend rinking capri sun since whenever. Capri sun comes in different flavours including orange, blackcurrant, apple, summer berry and summer fruits. All the flavours do taste great I tend to go through at least three capri suns whenever I buy a pack of ten or five.
                  However my favourite has got to be tropical fruits as its a blend of different fruits including pineapple, passion fruit, orange, cherry etc. The capri sun juice drinks taste better when they are cold and also help to get rid of the thirst better. So I suggest you out them in fridge first before consuming them if you want the maximum taste.

                  The capri sun juice come in 200ml plastic containers with an orange straw attached to the back of the container. If it happens that the straw is missing you can just cut off one of the corners as directed on the package or you can just pierce one of the corners. Once opened the 200ml capri sun cannot be sealed back for a later consumption.
                  However you can peal underneath them to unwrap the base so that the juice can sit upright without spilling anything. The drink is only 200ml so you should be able to consume it in one go. However, if you want to save the drink for later and put it in your handbag or something along those lines you can purchase 330ml capri sun which come with a lid.
                  You don't really have a range of flavour selection with the 330ml capri sun as I have only seen the orange flavour. Moreover the 330ml capri sun tend to cost more at 85p in major supermarkets which I think is a rip off, althought i have purchased it before in desperate times.

                  I normally buy my capri sun from Iceland as they are the cheapest on the market (so far). In Iceland you can get a pack of 10 capri suns for only £1.75 they have actually recently gone up as a month ago they only cost £1.50 for a pack of ten. In supermarkets like tescoes or sainsburys you'll probably buy a pack of ten for £2.45 or more, which I think is a rip off.
                  Capri suns are also available in packs of five which tend to be cheaper only costing around £1.30 in tescoes but you can also buy pack of fives in pound shops which tend to be cheaper.
                  The capri sun juice contain a fair amount of calories. A 200ml drink only contains 86 calories. The drink however contains 10.5g of sugar and hardly any fats or salts.

                  I definitely recommend capri sun juice drink, it may have some sugar but that's only a slight percentage of the drink, the majority of the drink is made from concentrate. The Capri sun juice drink is very idle for everyone whether you are chilling on the beach, on the go or for your kids packed lunch.
                  The juice drink also has a good expiration date, it lasts at least a year from the date of purchase. If you haven't tried this juice drink yet, you are deffinitely missing out.


                  ---Capri sun can be bought from many major supermarkets but I suggest you go to Iceland as they are cheaper.

                  ---The capri sun comes in different flavours to juice from, so you will definitely find a flavour which your tongue will like. Even though all the flavours taste delicious and are very refreshing.

                  ---The drink is suitable for vegeterians.

                  ---Can be bought in packs of five, ten or individual.
                  ---The majority of the drink is made from concentrate.


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                  • New Look / Highstreet Shopping / 47 Readings / 43 Ratings
                    More +
                    09.06.2009 22:14
                    Very helpful



                    a shop that sales up to date clothing and accesories at fair prices.

                    New look has been around since whenever. Their shops are mainly found in the high streets of many towns and cities. New look shops do vary in sizes, the smaller new looks only tend to have women's clothing and the bigger new looks which have two floors tend to stock most of their items thus including mens, women's, teens and kids wear.
                    I started shopping in new look when I started work at the age of 16, as I was earning my own I had the choice of shopping anywhere I want, and new look was among the lucky shops to catch my eye.
                    New look also offer student discounts but this vary from season to season, at time they offer 20% or 15% off to those people with students card but most the time they offer 10% off through out the year. However you don't get student discount on sale items. This is one of the disadvantages, as many other shops such as mk one, miss Selfridge offer student discount even on sale items.

                    ==Mens wear, Teens Fashion & Kids wear==

                    Mens wear is mainly a selection of all the trendy fashion out there. This inlcudes jeans, beach wear, underwear, shirts, accessories, shoes, night wear etc. Their t-shirts sizes goes up to XL and their jeans up to 38R. They have two selection of mens shoes (casual and smart wear).
                    Their teens selection start from the age of 9 to the age of 15 and their kids wear start from the age of 2 to the age of 10. Their teen fashion selection are for girls only but the kids has a selction of boys wear too. The selection differs from women or mens clothing as it consist mainly of bright coloured clothes e.g. for girls there is too much pink and their shoes are of different design.
                    However, the accessories for teens are just the same as women's this includes bags, head gear, jewellery etc. There is more selection for teens and men rather than kids wear.

                    ==Women Clothing==

                    New look may sale items for men but their main speciality is women's clothing. Their sizes goes all the way up to size 18 although some selected range of clothing only end at size 14.
                    They sale a range of skirts. Dresses, tops, bags, jewellery, accessories, shoes, swimwear maternity, lingierie, nightwear, make up etc.

                    When I visit new look I mainly look at their shoes, they have a different range of shoes but mainly high heels. I own just over 100 pairs of shoes now and about 25% of my shoes are from new look. They have a good sale on their shoes here and there, mainly having £10 off or £15 off their shoes. The normal full price for their shoes is £25 but when they are on sale you definitely can't resist them. There is a good selection on colours including neon colours, gold, black, green, red etc. Their heels goes all the way up to 7inch, which may be too high for some people, but I totally love them.
                    New look stocks shoes for every season, in the winter you would expect to see lots of boots on sale and in the summer you'd find lots of open shoes with smaller heels designed for a summer get away.

                    New look have a different range of dresses, the last dress I bought from them was only £22 which I think is a good price, as the dress looked good and was of good quality. New look mainly sales mini dresses rather than long dresses, even during the winter. Their dresses are made from different fabrics e.g silk, cotton etc. Most of their dresses seem suitable for clubbing although they do have a few smart dresses suitable for work and dinners or formal meetings.

                    I also shop for jewellery when I am in new look. Their jewellery selection is endless, they always meet my needs. Although sometimes I think they over price some of their jewellery. Their jewellery selection ranges from necklaces, earrings, head gear, rings etc. I have bought a few earrings and necklaces from them. They lasted long enough before the colour started to wear off.

                    Overall the selection on women's clothing is really good, the quality of the items is very good too. I definitely recommend new look to those ladies who likes looking good. New look keeps up to date with all the latest fashion, so you won't be left behind.
                    New look is not as over priced as other shops like River island, their prices are fair although I think some of their jewellery is over priced. Their shop is always clean and pleasant to shop in, and the music is always playing the latest in the top charts. Their changing rooms are big and there is hardly ever a queue at the cash desk as they have sufficient staff.

                    ==Customer Service==

                    Their customer service is great, I certainly haven't had any problems with them at all. Sometimes if I buy something and I change my mind when I get home, I just bring it back and get a refund. However, you must bring back the items within 28 days, with the original receipt and the items should be in a saleable condition.
                    There is always members of staff around the store merchandising the store, but they are also willing to help if you have any problems.


                    Like many stores you can pay by either debit or credit cards. New look accept cards from all major companies including American express. They also have their own store credit card which anyone over 18 can apply for. The interest rate on the card is the same as many major credit cards. If you sign up to their own credit card you also get 15% off your purchases, which I think is a bargain. I haven't applied for their credit card as I don't want to go into debt, but those who are struggling with cash but like shopping in new look, their credit card may come handy.
                    In new look they accept both Euros and pounds, though I think they will give you the change in British pounds, I myself haven't used Euros in new look yet, but think its a great idea for those whom are from European countries.


                    ---To browse all the range of clothes and accessories that new look has to offer I suggest you go to www.newlook.co.uk.
                    On their website you can also find the store near you.

                    ---They offer student discount through out the year to those who hold an NUS card.


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                      08.06.2009 15:15
                      Very helpful



                      foamy sweets from asda which come in different flavours and taste good too,.!

                      These are among my favourite sweets. You normally find foamy sweets in pick n mix but they tend to be expensive costing at least a £1 for 175g . The Asda value foamy sweets only cost 28p for a whole 175g which I think is very cheap and a good bargain. I cant really tell the difference from the pick and mix foamy mix and the Asda value ones, they all seem to have the same taste, which I why I decide to buy the Asda value foamy sweets and save my pennies. These sweets taste so good that I always finish a whole pack within a day, although I do try to save some for the following day. They may be called foamy fruits but they are not made from real fruits, the contain ingredients such as maize starch, flavourings, sugar, water etc.

                      The sweets are free from artificial colours which is a good thing. Each pack of 175g carries 165 calories which isn't too bad. The sweets are however too sugary and contain little protein.
                      Another disadvantage of these sweets is that if you leave the packet open for a few days, the sweets will dry up making them hard to chew, I normally bin them if this happen. In general the sweets are soft, they don't tend to stick on your teeth like many sweets even though I still recommend that you brush your teeth a.s.a.p after consuming as they contain lots of sugars. The sweets are well packaged in plastic bad which is easy to open.

                      The foamy sweets comes in three flavours (strawberry, banana and orange). The foamy sweets are fruit shaped e.g. the strawberry flavour is shaped into a strawberry and the banana flavour is yellow like a banana and also shaped like a banana.
                      Out of the three flavours, the strawberry is my favourite, they taste like real strawberries and rather milky too. The banana flavour is my second favourite, it does almost taste like banana. The orange flavour comes third, I actually eat the orange ones last because they taste of sour orange. If anyone asks me for a foamy sweet I always offer them the orange flavour.
                      However to get most out of these flavours I suggest you chew them rather than suck, although when chewed they rather turn fizzy and dissolve in your mouth tempting you to suck on them to finish them off.

                      I will recommend these sweets for those whom already enjoy foamy sweets and those who haven't tried them yet. The sweets definitely taste delicious even though they will leave you feeling thirsty. The expiry date on these sweets is very good, they won't expire at least after a year which is pretty good. These sweets can be bought from all Asda shops, they are so popular with the customers that sometimes they are out of stock, so if you manage to get your hands on some, make sure you buy a couple of packs. Asda does some deals on the sweets e.g. if you buy a certain number of packs you may save more pennies.


                      --- They may be Asda value but they taste really good!

                      ---When you are saving them for later make sure the package is sealed, to avoid the sweets from drying off.

                      ---For those who are dibetic you might want to watch out, as these sweets contains lots of sugars.


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                      • Mentos Fruit / Sweets / 50 Readings / 45 Ratings
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                        08.06.2009 00:25
                        Very helpful
                        1 Comment



                        tasty sweets

                        Mentos are chewy fruity sweets which have been around since whenever. Each pack of mentos comes with 14 individual sweets. The sweets come in three colours (yellow, orange and pink). I prefer the pink ones as they have a better and unique taste compared to the other two colours. The sweets are easy to chew on thought they are crispy on the outside. Once you dig your teeth into them, the chewiness will begin. It takes me less than two minutes to finish one little sweet. Overall, the mentos sweets do taste great although they leave you feeling thirsty.

                        I normally buy a packet of 5 from my local market for only a £1 which i think is very cheap, not sure how much they cost in the big supermakerts, but it will be around that price. You can also buy individual packs possibly from corner shops if you don;t fancy buying a pack of five (but buying a pack of five is going to be cheaper. The sweets are well packaged and very easy to open, you wouldn't miss em on the store shelf as they have mentos written on them in big bold words.

                        The disadvantages of these sweets are that they don't actually mention the calories of the sweets on the package. Therefore, you don't actually know how much you should eat a day. But whenever I buy a pack of five I always scoff them within two days. I know it's bad for my teeth, as mentos are chewy sweets therefore are likely to stick onto my teeth when chewed (Which does happen a lot). The only way to avoid the sweets from sticking onto your teeth is to suck the sweets, but I wouldn't recommend this as it will take you ages to finish one little sweet.

                        Overall I would recommend the sweets, they are really good when you are on the go and could be a good treat too. For those on a strict diet, you might not want to scoff these yet, as the calories are not mentioned but I think they could be a lot of calories as they are a lot of different ingredients in the sweets which only means bad news (they are not pure fruit sweets). The expiry date on these sweets are pretty good, the sweets last at least a year, so for those whom would rather suck the sweets rather than chew you've got a whole year to finish sucking on them.


                        ---I heard that you shouldn't eat these with coca-cola or pepsi because it will cause some chemical reaction in your stomach. I haven't really tried it myself as I am scared of what would actually happen. If anyone tries it, let us know.

                        ---Because these sweets are chewy they get stuck to your teeth, therefore if you are clever you'd brush your teeth afterwards.

                        ---They also come in different flavours e.g. mint

                        ---They also come as sugar free

                        ---They can be bought from supermarkets and corner shops.


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                        • Sony Ericsson K850i / Mobile Phone / 100 Readings / 96 Ratings
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                          20.03.2009 20:56
                          Very helpful


                          • Reliability


                          A 5MP mobile phone with lots of features to get you going..!

                          Oooh yes, I've just upgraded from my K770I to a Sony k850i.
                          The mobile phone is rather chunky, but I have learned to love the phone. The mobile is available in silver-black, blue and green and I own the blue coloured one.
                          This mobile is rather unique; the buttons on the mobile are designed differently. Some people might complain that the buttons are too small, I do agree but people like me do have small hands so it does not bother me at all. Unlike the K770i the letters on the mobile are written on the phone itself rather than the buttons, therefore if you that kind of person who texts a lot like I do, you shouldn't really worry about the letters fading away.
                          The k850i has three touch buttons, which I have no problem with and actually enjoy using. However, now that I am used in having touch buttons just below the screen, when I use other mobiles I always forget and find myself pressing the screen of the non-touch button mobile.

                          ==Music & memory & sound==
                          The mobile phone has the 'now popular' TRACK ID. This basically means if you are listening on a track whether its on the radio, in a pub or any place where you can here the music loud and you can't remember or don't know what the track or artist of the song is track ID is there to help you. Track ID will sample the song and send it to the internet, then it will bring back the result e.g. the artist of the song and the name of the track and sometime the album. I know I shouldn't say this but Track ID has helped me and my mates win a pub quiz once.

                          You can listen to music on the built in FM radio. However for the FM radio to work you will need your hands free headphones as they work as the antenna. You can also use the track ID on the built in FM radio, moreover you can use the FM radio as alarm and you can also save your favourite channels so that you don't have to look for them again. The signal of the FM radio is rather strong when comparing to other mobiles which I have owned, I seem to catch more channels than I used to.
                          The mobile can store MP3 or WMA songs whether in the built in 40mb memory or an M2 or Micro SD memory card. You can use the MP3 songs as well as a message alert.

                          The mobile phone does have a built in speaker which is very loud for playing the FM radio and songs on your mobile phone.


                          The mobile has Bluetooth, suggesting that you can connect to other mobiles and computer/laptops that are Bluetooth enabled. This is handy and does save you money if you want to send someone a picture or some music.
                          You can also connect the mobile phone to you computer via the provided USB cable. This allows you to transfer files between your PC and mobile. Transferring files is rather quick, but does depend on how big the file is. If you PC have a M2 card reader like I have, you wouldn't really need the USB connection unless you want to charge the mobile or can't be bothered to take out the memory card.
                          The mobile phone doe s not have infrared.

                          The mobile has 3G internet, this means you can connect to the internet faster than GPRS. The mobile also has HSDPA suggesting that it can be used as a modem to connect your Pc OR laptop to the internet.

                          The mobile phone has an amazing 5MP cyber-shot camera which you can use to take pictures and videos. The picture quality is very good, better than many other mobiles that have a 5MP camera. If you do not want a 5MP picture you can always chose the quality 3MP, 1MP or VGA. You can use the pictures as a screensaver or wallpaper moreover, if you take pictures of your friends you can assign them to their contact details. This is so that when they call you their picture will show up on the screen, I never really use the feature as I think its clever but at the same time useless.
                          The camera has lots of features to fiddle around with e.g. auto flash, image stabilisation, xenon flash etc.

                          Unlike many cameras, the lense of the K850i opens automatic when the camera is activated. The cover of the lense is firm and can not be opened single handed. I actually prefer this as it keeps the lense clean from dust and finger prints. This always gives clear quality pictures and I don't have to worry about cleaning the camera every time I want to take a picture.

                          When calling the mobile shows you call time and you can talk for more than three hours without the battery cutting out. It's easy to make calls and you can clearly hear the person on the other side, but of course if there is low network coverage it does cut out some time.

                          With the k850i you can video call. The video calling only works when you have 3G network. While you are video calling you can switch between both cameras, change the lighting etc. If you want a picture of the person you are video calling you can always snap it and save it on to your phone. I have tried the feature and I think it's pretty cool, however the picture is not of good quality, so don't get your hopes up. When the other caller is about to snap a picture of you it does warn you, unlike my K770i which never did.

                          If you call people often you can save their number into the mobile. You can save more than 500 contacts, on each contact you can save their email address, home address, and a few mobile numbers. This is rather handy. You can also view your most recent calls in the call history folder and it also shows you the total amount of time you have been on the phone since day 1. Of course you can reset the counters.

                          the k850i comes with three games. These are tennis multiplay, midnight pool and marble madness. The other two games may seem familiar, but marble madness is a ball game that uses the built in motion sensor. You have to move the ball around buy rotating you mobile phone, keeping control of the ball so that it stays on the pitch and does not fall into space. I actually hate the game, because out of the ten times I have played it, I never go near the checkpoint, the game is a waste of time.
                          If you want more games on the mobile you have to go to a website where you can download games for free.

                          -Just like many mobile, you can send SMS, EMAILS, and MMS messages and it does have the T9 dictionary which predicts the words for you.

                          -The mobile phone has vibrate alert. Suggesting that your mobile phone will vibrate when you receive a call, SMS, MMS or when you are playing a game.

                          -The built in light can also be turned on manually and used as a torch or an S.O.S emergency light for when you are stranded in the dark.

                          -PhotoDj allows you to edit pictures on your mobile phone; you can either save the edited picture as a new picture or replace the old picture.

                          -VideoDj allows you to edit the videos on the phone e.g. put some music or trim the scenes you don't want in the video etc.

                          -The mobile phone comes with headphones which have good sound quality and bass. The headphones are comfortable to wear.

                          -The mobile phone has security and allows you to assign a pin lock for both your mobile phone and simcard. This is really important for the reason that if you lose your mobile or turn it off no one can use your mobile unless they know the pin code.

                          -You can assign a few shortcuts to the phone e.g. set the right key to take you to the calendar or contacts etc.

                          -The mobile has a motion sensor suggesting that when you are viewing pictures or videos it automatically rotates whenever you move you phone either to landscape or portrait.

                          -Web feeds allows the mobile to go on the internet and search for updates which can be viewed on your mobile desktop afterwards. For example BBC has web feeds therefore the top headlines can be viewed on the desktop and you can browse them. You can always switch them off so that they don't show on your mobile's desktop.

                          Overall I recommend this mobile as it's one of the 5MP mobiles. The mobile has been discontinued in shops but you can buy it from other online shop or even ebay where I bought a new one for £90. If you buy it in a shop or other online retailers you will be paying at least £150 - £200 for the mobile phone. The mobile phone is chucky but it's not as heavy as it looks. You shouldn't worry about the cover getting old as you can buy lots of accessories for this mobile. The cover of the mobile can also be changed. There is not much I hate about the phone, it really does everything I want, the battery lasts long and I don't have to charge it for at least 24hours which is good enough. The screen is large and good for gaming and browsing the net.
                          There is so much to this mobile and if you want to know more just message me really or leave a comment.


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                            25.02.2009 15:47
                            Very helpful



                            trident gum that has a unique taste and lasts long !

                            Trident tropical twist flavour is among my favourite types of gum. Each pack comes with 14gums which are individually wrapped with a thin paper and packaged nicely in a rather thick little box which has a shape of a wallet. The box can be easily closed to keep your gum safe. Moreover, if you eat half of the gum you can easily rip the box and seal the other half (it's optional).
                            Unlike other gum, trident tropical twist flavour tends to last for a long time, which is the main thing I love about this gum.
                            The tropical twist flavour has sweeteners rather than sugar therefore, it won't decay your teeth. The sweeteners gives the gum a very sweet flavour, and the tropical twist flavour will definitely water your mouth. This is an effect that will always happen every time you consume the gum.

                            The gum is easy to consume, you may find that some gum such as 'extra' tends to have a hard coating on the outside of the gum. This is a different story with trident tropical twist gum as they are very soft all the way. The gum tastes very good that its hard not to consume the whole pack in one day. The gum is orange in colour and no matter how long you chew the gum for, it will always stay the same colour and the tropical twist smell will never go away. The smell of the gum is rather nice and strong that someone who is a metre away from me could smell it as if they were right next to me.
                            I sometime use the gum as a way of getting rid of my hunger when I am too busy to get food, this actually does work.
                            As for Nutritions a 100g of this chewing gum contains 155 calories which none of it is sugars but mainly carbohydrates, there is hardly any fat or protein. Therefore, this gum can not be part of your healthy diet.

                            Trident sugar free soft gum is manufactured by Cadbury, whom are popular in the sweets industry.
                            The gum can be bought from many different shops including supermarkets and corner shops. I however found out that they tend to be cheaper in huge supermarkets such as Tescoes, were I purchased mine for 35p. In other supermarkets such as Somerfield you may buy trident gum for 41p and corner shops tend to be more expensive selling them for around 50-60p.However, the gum is totally worth the pennies and I would say buying this gum at 35p is a right bargain. The gum can also be bought in packs of three of four but this can be bought from supermarkets.

                            Overall, I do recommend everyone to try out this gum because it's very unique from other chewing gums. The gum has an excellent taste which lasts for a long time which makes it hard to finish the packet in one day. The chewing comes in a rather small packet making it easy to carry around with you, if you don't really have the space in your handbag or pocket, the chewing is individually wrapped so you can always take one or two with you as they are shaped into small strips.


                            ---Don't give it to children who don't know how to eat gum as they may swallow it, which is bad for your health.

                            ---I know you may be tempted to eat the who packet in one day, but please try not to as excessive consumption may produce laxative effects.

                            ---Store the gum in a cool dry place.

                            ---If you chew the gum for a long time, your jaws may start to hurt and your mouth may start to taste bad.

                            ---The gum can also be bought in packs of 3 or four (this cost more, but cheaper when you divide the amount amongst each pack).

                            ---Trident gum also comes in other flavours, which you may be interested in, if you happen to like this flavour.


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                            • Constance Caroll / Make Up / 55 Readings / 51 Ratings
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                              24.01.2009 00:21
                              Very helpful
                              1 Comment



                              CCUK manufactures lots of make up products and all comes in diffrent colours and shades.

                              Constance Carroll also known as CCUK are a make up manufacture. What's so special about the company is that they make cheap make up products which most of them are of good quality.
                              Their make up ranges from lipsticks, nail varnish, eye liners, blushers, eyebrow definer, eye shadows, nail polish, lip liner, lip gloss, mascara, face powder and many other make up products.
                              Their lipsticks, mascaras, nail polish, lip gloss and blushers all come in different colours including blue, black, gold, red, colourless, white etc. The colours all depend on the type of product you are buying e.g. colourless will only be found in their lip gloss and nail polish ranger.

                              ==FACE POWDER==

                              I have always bought their deep bronze face powder which is light brown in colour, whenever I have the chance. The face powder comes in a 17g dark brown container which golden writing s on it. The face powders comes in many different shades to suite everyone's skin colour. I actually bought mine when I visited my sister up in the midlands and it only cost me £1.50. I thought this was very cheap considering the quality of the face powder.
                              Unlike collection 2000 face powder, the CCUK face powder actually comes with the pad to apply the face powder. The face powder is compressed, suggesting that it's not powdery, therefore does not spill everywhere when you open it.

                              Applying the face powder is very easy, all you do is rub the pad onto the compressed powder and apply rub it on your face evenly. The face powder is actually perfumed, therefore smells rather nice.
                              The face powder contains, UVA & UVB sunscreen, vitamin e and silk. The face does last long although if I am having a busy day I find my self applying the face powder twice or three times at times. For £1.50 I can't really complain, as the face powder really does its job in leaving my skin looking flawless and soft. I prefer to apply the CCUK face powder after I have applied foundations as it makes my face looks extra flawless.
                              If the foundations runs out you have an option to buy a refill. Under the foundation container there is a little hole which enable you to push in a pin or anything small like a match stick, which will push out the empty base and you could just put in the refill. I prefer to just buy a new one as the refills cost about the same.
                              The face powder does last quiet a long time, maybe not too long if you use it everyday. The face powder can be easily taken off by a wet towel or make up remover wipes.


                              CCUK's 'lashes of colour' black mascara are a total bargain costing just £1.50. However, the blue coloured mascara tends to cost more than the black one.
                              The mascara comes in a 8ml black and gold container which is rather long and slim.
                              The mascara is a bit watery when comparing to other mascaras I have used. Being watery actually helps my lashes not to stick together after I apply the mascara. When I use the CCUK mascara my lashes are left looking extra black and looking fuller without any lumps of mascara on my lashes. The mascara stays on the whole day and does not irritate me at all.
                              The CCUK can be applied just like any other mascara and has a standard brush which is neither big nor small.

                              The mascara is not waterproof therefore crying is not an option or if anything goes into your eyes and you rub your eyes, it smudges everywhere. However CCUK does sell water proof mascaras which only cost £2.50 or possibly less depending were you buy it. I don't know why I never bought the waterproof mascara. The mascara does have a weird smell which smells neither bad nor good. The mascara contains keratin, conditioning and provitamin B5.
                              The mascara does last a long time as you only need to apply it once a day unless if you happen to cry, suggesting that you may need to apply the mascara again as it's not waterproof. The mascara easily comes off if you use a wet towel or make up removers.

                              What I don't like about CCUK products is that the printing on the products tend to rub off pretty quickly, leaving the containers looking blank. If I buy their face powder I know that the following weak the printing on the container would have started to fade. However on the mascara the printing seems to last longer but does fade at some point.
                              I would however recommend CCUK make up products as they are a total bargain. I haven't really seen a high street shop selling CCUK products. I have only seen their products being sold on the market, eBay or hair saloon shops. Most of their product prices start from 75p to £5 or less and they can be easily recognised by the CCUK logo on their products which is normally gold in colour.
                              If you are looking for a bargain or on a tight budget check out their products on your local market.

                              ---Constance Carroll are also known as CCUK and all of their products always have the letters CCUK.

                              ---Their products are manufactured either in the U.K or China. They manufacture a lot of make up products from eye liners to nail varnish (you name it).

                              ---Their products come in different colours and shades to suite every skin colour.

                              ---CCUK make up are cheap but the prices of the products vary depending were you buy them from. Their products tend to be cheaper in big cities rather than mall towns.


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                              • Johnson's Baby Oil / Baby Care / 60 Readings / 55 Ratings
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                                21.01.2009 15:46
                                Very helpful



                                Johnsons baby oil which can be used on everyone. Reccomended

                                Johnson's baby oil has been around for many years and I am sure it was probably used on me as well when I was a baby.
                                It has been manufactured mainly concentrating on babies although it can be used by anyone.
                                I have a one year old little brother and we have always used Johnson Johnson baby oil on him.
                                When it is time to bath him we just let loose a few drops of the baby oil in his bath and we wash him as normal. His skin always looks soft after the bath, to get his skin extra soft we also use it as lotion on his body by applying more onto his skin after the bath.
                                You might think that it's oil so therefore his skin is going to be greasy afterwards, but this wasn't the result, the baby oil just evaporated leaving his skin looking extra soft to the eye and touch. My little brother's skin would stay soft the whole day, therefore Johnson'S baby oil does work in keeping a babies skin softer for a long time.
                                The baby oil is colourless and comes in a thick plastic container which is also colourless. This is helpful as you can easily see when the baby oil is about to finish. The container has a pink cap which can be easily opened and clicks when you close it.

                                I just recently changed my hair style into curls and I find it hard to maintain curls. My sister recommended that I buy Johnson Johnson baby oil, and yes I was gob smacked. I thought she was having a laugh, but she wasn't. So I rushed to the nearby Superdrug store and bought a 300ml bottle of Johnson's baby oil for around £2.00. I wuld actually say for £2 the price sounds just about right as the baby oil really does its job.
                                When I got back home she told me to put a little bit of Johnson's baby oil on my hands and slowly rub them to my hair. After a few minutes of applying the baby oil to my hair, my hair looked extra soft, shiny, slick and smelled good too. I was rather impressed, from then onwards I have always used baby oil on my curls as it maintains. My hair is afro so I am not sure if it will work on other hair types, but it's always worth a try. If you are really scared to mess up your hair you can always try a small part of your hair.

                                Because I have bought the baby oil for y hair, I sometimes use it on my skin after a bath or shower. I was rather impressed by the results as My skin seems to change texture when I apply the baby oil. It is however recommended that you apply the baby oil whilst your skin is still wet, this will help your skin to stay soft for a longer time than when applied to dry skin.
                                The baby oil can also be used for massages. I have actually been given a massage once using the baby oil and it was very relaxing, after the massage I forgot that I had baby oil on my back, so I therefore, turned around and the baby oil went all over the bed. I tried wiping it off with a wet towel but it did not come off, the only way to take it off was to wash my sheets again, therefore this is a warning to all those who might try using the baby oil for a massage. You can also use the baby oil to massage your baby.

                                The baby oil is not thick in texture, therefore when you apply it to your hands it seems to run everywhere. This does annoy me a little bit, but I have overcome the problem by putting a little of the baby oil to my hands. This is not a problem when you are applying the baby oil to a baby as they don't have a big body, but when I am applying it to myself it seems to take forever as I can't put lots of the baby oil onto my hands. Moreover, if I apply the baby oil to dry skin it leaves my skin looking greasy so I always have to avoid applying it to dry skin.

                                The baby oil smells rather nice as it's perfumed, the smell is not too strong though it's just bout right.
                                So overall I would recommend the baby oil to all those who want to keep their baby's skin soft and glowing all the time. If you are suffering from dry skin, you may also want to try out the baby oil. The baby oil can be bought in different sizes including 200ml, 300ml, 500ml etc. I have owned my 300ml baby oil for a couple of weeks but I have only used a 6th of the baby oil. I however don't use it everyday so it's hard to tell how long the baby oil lasts when using it on hair and as well as you skin. However, I am glad to say that when we used it on my little brother it lasted for at least two months before we had to buy a new one.


                                ---Johnson's baby oil is clinically proven, so don't hesitate to use it on your babies skin.
                                --- I bought mine from Superdrug but you can also buy the baby oil from many pharmacies, supermarkets, etc
                                ---Don't use it on irritated skin and keep it away from children as it's for external use only!
                                ---The baby oil is great for massages for both infants and grown ups.
                                ---The baby oil is made from pure mineral oils and is dermatologist and allergy tested.
                                ---Johnson Johnson makes other skin products which may be suitable for you and your babies
                                Try their website Johnson baby.com


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