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Member since: 07.07.2012

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      07.07.2012 12:29
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      • Reliability


      A quality printer that is well worth the money

      The HP Laserjet Pro 400 is the best printer that I have ever owned. Not only does it have built-in wireless capabilities (so no annoying trailing cables plus the printer does not need to be near your computer) but it also turns it itself on & off depending on whether you are using the printer or not.

      The print speed is fast and another feature I particularly like is the ability to automatically do double-sided printing. This significantly reduces paper usage and hence costs. As with just about every laser printer on the market, the only downside is that replacement toner cartridges are a bit expensive but you do not have to use original HP replacement cartridges - shop around for the best price. Whilst I have not owned the printer long enough to have experienced any reliability problems, the fact that it is from HP does imply that it will be very reliable.

      Overall, I am very pleased that I bought this printer and can thoroughly recommend it.


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