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    • VW Jetta GLS 1.8T (Automatic) / Car / 0 Readings / 6 Ratings
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      10.04.2002 19:40



      I used to think Jettas were only a "chick" car and not very cool. (Perhaps their image is different in the UK, but I"m from the US) That is until I did my research, had a test spin, and bought a brand new black Jetta 1.8T. I had my heart set on an Audi, but could not afford the sticker. So, rather reluctantly I researched VWs and quickly started to think that the VW alternative may not be such a bad idea. The more I snooped around, the more I realized that the A4 is essentially the same car as the Jetta. I had to give it a shot.Took a test drive of the Jetta on Sunday. Bought it an hour later. The nimble turbo engine and crisp German handling combined with a nothing but classy interior were impressive to say the least. I had just come off a 3 year lease to an Acura Integra and the Jetta completely blows the Integra away. Sorry Japanese fans, the Germans do it better.If you"re looking for German engineering/styling without the BMW or Audi sticker-sting, then VW is a healthy alternative (got it for 22800USD). The affordable price tag leaves room to trick out your suspension and get some tint or whatever. Super amenities such as the luxurious Monsoon Sound system and plush interior make the decision so much easier. Props to VW. I am a German convert.


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