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      08.12.2007 20:18
      Very helpful



      Buy this game now!

      Welcome to another Smeep Review! This time I'm reviewing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for the Xbox 360. If you'd like to add anything to the review, please comment on it! Thanks for reading.

      Please be aware that I never score 10 out of 10 - as there is no such thing as a perfect game, but that all scores are based on current hardware and not on what could be done with a little more power in the machine.

      Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

      ~~~~~~~~ GRAPHICS ~~~~~~~~
      ~~~~~~~~~~ 9.8 out of 10 ~~~~~~~~~~

      I always start with the Graphics, as you should always start with first impressions. The graphics in this game are phenomenal, though they are not running in 720p according to various reports. The game looks crisp, has no obvious jaggies and the animation of everything is superb. From reloading the gun, to the way your team mate creeps about in his Ghillie.

      ~~~~~~~~ SOUND ~~~~~~~~
      ~~~~~~~~~~ 9.9 out of 10 ~~~~~~~~~~

      The sound in this game scores even higher than the graphics. The atmosphere you get is so amazing. From the explosions and helicopters flying over head, to the sound of the gun reloading right down to the sound of a bullet penetration someone's helmet and in to their skull. Absolutely fantastic. The voice acting is spot on - which is a real first for Call of Duty which usually suffers from sub-par (but not poor) voice overs. The communication from your team is as you'd expect too, they'll yell at you if someone is on your flank, or if they see someone up on a roof.

      The sound in multi player is the same as single player but with the directing cut out. The other people on-line won't automatically tell you where they are (but that's where your mic comes on) but they will warn you when throwing in a frag grenade or if they need you to cover them whilst they reload. Absolutely brilliant.

      ~~~~~~~~ STORY ~~~~~~~~
      ~~~~~~~~~~ 9.9 out of 10 ~~~~~~~~~~

      Ok, I do have this to say. The story is short. If you play on easy mode you could do this in six or so hours. However, the quality of the story is perfection. To give you a basic idea, please read the following excerpt from Wikipedia

      "A Russian ultra nationalist by the name of Imran Zakhaev is set on returning his homeland to the times of the Soviet Union by revolting against the current government and seizing a nuclear weapons stockpile. Zakhaev has the support of several rogue divisions of the Russian army, but he knows the United States would never allow this to happen and so funds a coup in the Middle East, organized by his ally Khaled Al-Asad, to draw attention away from Russia. The British and U.S. governments discover the plot while monitoring Zakhaev's recent activities, and quickly initiate a police-action to quell the uprisings in both regions. During what appears to be the final stages of the conflict ..."

      I stop there as the rest contains the spoilers - look it up if you want, but I recommend just getting the game and grabbing the story first hand as you'll get a much more involving experience that way. There are some twists and turns along the way and you'll often find yourself pressed for time before things get much worse. It's very gripping and you'll want to play more. The story is laid out similar to the way an episode of 24 is.

      ~~~~~~~~ GAMEPLAY ~~~~~~~~
      ~~~~~~~~~~ 9.8 out of 10 ~~~~~~~~~~

      I know I know! You're wondering why this isn't 9.9 out of 10 right? Well the answer is simple. There are one or two things that would improve it. The ability to look around a corner would be nice (though not necessary) but more importantly, based on the way the game works, you could do with being able to request things. I'll explain.

      Imagine before you you have a large enemy building. Inside it are hundreds of men, but there's only one exit. The enemies have to come out of this exit. Now, if you had all the time in the world, you could theoretically (in real life here) sit outside and pop the men off one by one as they try to get you through the door way. Yes? Well, not in call of duty. Combine with the way the story works, you don't have all the time in the world. You've got nukes at risk. Peoples lives and families are at your mercy. So, the game has a little 'secret' way to make you press on.

      At certain parts in the game you'll come up to set pieces such as the aforementioned enemy building, but if you sit there forever, more and more enemies will just infinitely arrive. The idea behind this is not to make it unfair for you (Though I think it is if you're a sniper!) but to make you push your way through the enemies, much like you'd have to in real life. You need to cover your men if they move in, and they will try to cover you if you move in. Suppressive fire is the name of the game. At your disposal to help are varies special grenade such as flash grenades or smoke grenades. You can set traps with C4 etch too. However, this is back to my original point...

      It would be nice is you could get your team mates to flash grenade through doors, or tell them to fire upon enemies whilst you move in, rather than just hoping that they'll do it for you. (They'll pretty much never through a flash grenade, and if you're holding back, so will they. They won't just keep firing in most cases). It'd be nice to be able to give them basic commands etc. Though, I can see why you can't, as you aren't their leader, they're yours. So why not have it so that you can shout 'Suppressive fire!' or something so that if you shoot on the enemy your team moves up? I don't know.

      However, the rest of the game play is better than spot on. The controls are fluid, smooth yet perfectly accurate, the guns work great and everything just fits in the right place. The set pieces in game are awesome - from a sniper mission where you have to avoid being sighted to supporting a tank through heavily enemy infested streets to invading an underground bunker at a missile launch facility - the game play all-round is amazing.

      You will love this game.

      ~~~~~~~~ MULTIPLAYER ~~~~~~~~
      ~~~~~~~~~~ 9.9 out of 10 ~~~~~~~~~~

      I can't give the miltiplayer enough respect. I almost gave this a 10! Almost... heh.

      Anyway, there are about 13 different game modes! I'll list them below
      Free-for-All - You are against every player on the map even if you and another player play on the S.A.S. team or the Marines etc.
      Team Deathmatch - Use teamwork to kill opposing players and reach score limit or time limit.
      Ground War - Big team games-TDM and Domination.
      Team Objective - Domination and Search & Destroy. Capture flags in Domination, with respawning. Destroy and defend objectives in Search & Destroy, no respawning.
      Team Tactical - Small team Deathmatch and Search & Destroy.
      Search and Destroy - There are two teams: attackers and defenders. Attackers try to plant a bomb at one of two bomb sites, and defenders try to defend the bomb sites. If explosives are planted, defenders must defuse them. Players only have one respawn per round. A round is over when all players on one team are killed, or when the bomb explodes or is defused.
      Headquarters - A laptop spawns somewhere on the map. Your goal is to capture the laptop for your team. If Team A captures the laptop, they must defend it from being destroyed by Team B. Team A only has one respawn until the laptop is destroyed or the max time limit for the laptop is reached. Team B respawns at set intervals. Team A earns points for every second the laptop is held. To capture/destroy a laptop, you must stand in the area of the laptop. The more players, the faster you destroy it. A new laptop spawns when time limit is reached or the laptop is destroyed.
      Domination - There are flags at certain points around the map. All flags start neutral. Teams battle to hold the most flags. Game ends when the time limit is reached, or the score limit is reached.
      Sabotage - Similar to Search and Destroy, only the bomb is neutral and there are objectives located in both teams' bases. Each team's goal is to take the bomb and blow up the objective in the enemy's base. The bomb carrier can fire his weapons, but his position will be announced periodically throughout the game. Also, unlike Search and Destroy, players have unlimited respawns as opposed to just one per round, although it is not instantaneous like Team Deathmatch or Free-for-All.
      Team Hardcore - Hardcore Team Deathmatch and Search and Destroy. Limited HUD, extra bullet damage, friendly fire on.
      Old School - Old School TDM and FFA. No classes. Weapons are pickups, health is increased, and jumps are higher.
      Oldcore - Old School pick-ups and jumping. Hardcore limited HUD and extra bullet damage.
      Cage Match - 1v1 Weapons are pick ups.
      Each one amazing in it's own way. Want a frag fest? Death Match. Something a bit more tactical? Team Tactical is for you. Remember the old days? Then play old school! Brilliant! The controls are great just like single play but here's the best part.

      In multi player, you 'level up' by gaining experience which can be done in one of 2 ways. The first is killing people. You can get between 5 to 50 EXP for killing someone. The other is to complete challenges - such as sprint a marathon, fall to your death, kill 25 people with a certain gun to killing 2 people with one grenade. Each of this will give you a one of bonus. They are probably well over 100 challenges to complete.

      As you level up you unlock new weapons (there are about 20-25 weapons) but more importantly, you unlock new perks. Now, perks are what they sound like. They give you an advantage such as the ability to run of longer. Take more damage, do more damage, have extra grenades, carry 2 primary weapons (instead of a main and a secondary pistol) the list goes on. Want to be a sniper? Then you'll need UAV jammer to block the enemy radar, along with iron lungs so you can hold your breath to aim for longer. Want to be a demo guy? How about extra health with extra C4? It's up to you! Which leads me on to the next point...

      If you kill 3, 5 then 7 people in a row without dying, you get a UAV (radar showing you where the other team are), an Airstrike (Planes drop bombs on target location) and finally a Helicopter (Circles about gunning others down for you) respectively. Brilliant!

      The multi player will keep you playing this game for months. Because if you reach the last level (Rank 55) you get the option of sacrificing everything except your overall score and going back to rank 1, in return for a small reward. You can do this 10 times. You'll have plenty to do and you'll develop you're own style of play. It's near perfection.

      ~~~~~~~~ LONGEVITY ~~~~~~~~
      ~~~~~~~~~~ 8 out of 10 ~~~~~~~~~~

      If you don't like multi player, then it won't last that long. You can do the single player campaign on hardest difficulty for a real challenge - but it is very hard and very frustrating. One set piece gives you 60 seconds to rescue someone. It took me 4 hours of play just to complete that one 60 seconds. But it does make the game last longer. However, if you're in to multi player then you'll love this game long time.
      ~~~~~~~~ SUMMARY ~~~~~~~~
      ~~~~~~~~~~ 9.5 out of 10 ~~~~~~~~~~

      The score above would be 9.9 out of ten but I forced myself to average it. This game is great all round, even if you're not an FPS fan you'll appreciate the simplicity yet diversity presented in the on-line play. You must buy this game.

      ~~~~~~~~ RECOMMENDED PRICE ~~~~~~~~
      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ £29.99 or below ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      I'm a firm believer in never paying full price for a game. This game is on offer this week (8/12/07) at GAME in the UK for £29.99!

      ~~~~~~~~ EXTRA ~~~~~~~~

      This game gets Smeeps Game of the Year award. You should buy this game.


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      • Sony Ericsson K610i / Mobile Phone / 30 Readings / 28 Ratings
        More +
        01.10.2007 11:57
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A neat phone that does the trick!

        Just let me state, I have the I-mode version of this phone!

        ey, And welcome to another long anticipated review by Smeep! Haha, Ok, I'll stop tooting my own horn shall I?

        Today I'll be reviewing the Mobile Phone: Sony Ericsson K610im.

        - - - - - - - - - Aesthetics and Ergonomics - - - - - - - - - -

        As with some of my other reviews, First impressions are everything. So I tend to start with first impressions.

        The K610Im is a candy bar style phone, which means that there are no flips or slides to be operated, the phone is as it is. What you see is what you get, sort of thing. The design is nice and simple, a nice black finish with a few silver touches. Obviously, this is up to your judgement, But I like it.

        The keys are a little to small for my large hands, but definitely manageable and clearly defined from each other both in appearance and “under the thumb” feel. You might find yourself hitting the wrong button a few times here or there, but nothing major. It would seem that Sony have noticed this as well, which I'll get in to later.

        The biggest improvement in my opinion on this phone over other Sony Ericsson phones is that the joystick has been replace with a rocking button, and thus is less likely to suffer from mechanical defect. A very big bonus, having worked in mobile phone retail for a while, I saw hundreds of faulty Sony Ericsson joysticks.

        Overall, I'd give the appearance of the phone an 8/10, It's not a 'beautiful' phone, but it is very nicely laid out and ergonomics really give this section a boost.

        - - - - - - - - - The Feature Dump - - - - - - - - - -

        This section is just where I dump the features, to let you know what the phone has. I won't go in to detail about them just yet.

        3G Connectivity (With front facing camera for video calling)
        2 Mega pixel Camera
        262k TFT Colour Screen
        Free 64MB Card
        Internal 16MB Memory
        Video Recording and Playback
        - - - - - - - - - Functionality - - - - - - - - - -

        This section is when a phone rises or falls, and I'm suitable impressed by this phone. I digress.

        Keypad and General Operations:
        The operation of the phone is very easy. The middle button is your menu, Up, Down, Left and Right move in their respective directions. You press the middle button again to confirm. If you want to go back, there is a dedicated 'back key' which if you press once, it goes back one step, or if you press and hold you go back to the beginning. Very simple, very easy, very well done to sony.

        You can go a little more advanced as well, for instance on the main menu, the top left option can be activated by pressing the '1' key, the bottom right icon activated with the '#' key, thus eliminating the use of the left, right, up and down buttons on the main menu.

        Menu Features:
        *Games and Apps

        In here all of your games and applications are stored for easy access. The loading speed of applications is good once you've loaded it once. Controls respond well enough in general, but that is of course up to the manufacturer of the application, rather than the phone.

        (Also accessible using the 'i' button)
        I-mode is one of those love hate things. I love it. The benefits of I-mode are much better than most general WAP services. The content is much easier to use and navigate (up, down, left, right, click, back) and is well presented on your phones screen. It's faster than most WAP services, and with the 3G capability of the phone it just works great. £3 per month to sega for as many games as I want to download? Yes please. I-mode also supports I-mail, which I'll go in to later on in the review.

        You can still view normal WAP pages on your handset to, Just type in the URL!

        Here you'll find your video player , video, music and photo DJ's for basic editing (Cutting out parts of a video etc.).

        The Video player does exactly what it says on the tin. Plays videos. It plays them well enough for the phones res, and the audio isn't terrible, though much better through speakers.

        The Video DJ is a simple yet effective tool, allowing you to cut parts out of videos and rearrange them. It's no where near as good as a PC counterpart, but if you're looking to upload some videos to one of the 'we pay you for your vid' sites on I-mode, it's very handy.

        The music DJ is very basic, I suspect if you can get the right audio on to your phone you might be able to make something of it, but I don't really see it going very far.

        Photo DJ allows things like red eye removal (all though the phone has no flash) and adding of text captions to your images etc. Just a nifty little tool really.

        From this menu you can also use your phone as a bluetooth remote control and record sound.

        *The Camera
        (Also Accessible from the side button)

        Actually, I was a little disappointed with the camera on this phone. The images are clear enough for a photo that you are taking with a phone, but compared to some of the Samsung 2Megapixel phones, and even some of the other Sony Ericsson 2MP phones, it just doesn't stand up to the test, both on the phones screen and on the PC screen. The lack of a Flash is a real downer, meaning if you're out and about at night you can forget using the phones camera, which would be useful because carrying 1 object is better than 2 right? (Imagine, your Ipod, your phone and your mp3 player rolled in to one)

        The photo's appear to be a little washed out colour wise and not to sharp. I'm sad to say it only gets worse with the video recording, when you play it back on a PC it's blotchy and low res. I guess that's to be expected from a phone camera though.

        *The Contacts List

        Much like any other phone contacts list. You can save to the sim or to the phone, you can add emails addresses, addresses and addition contact numbers. It's very a suited to it's job. I can't fault it.

        *Music Player
        (Accessible through the MP3 Side button)

        The music player is not to bad, but if you've ever used a walkman phone you'll be left wanting more. Some of the basic features are in silly places (Like to select and album rather than an artist, you have to select “ALL” then go to the album, which is odd) but it does the job. The sound is as good as your MP3 quality when through headphones, but it leaves a bit to be desired through the speakers.

        *File Manager

        This is a very basic file management system, you can copy, move and delete files. It's shows you all the files on your phone from Music to text. Not a lot to say really.

        (Accessible through the dedicate “messaging” button)

        Ok, so most of you will probably know how a text works. A few things I'll mention is that the automatic dictionary works very well. It shows you a list of words as you type, you can then select the one you want to use, and if you use repeated phrases, it will even suggest the word that you may want to retype, to save you having to type it.

        One little nuance is if you miss the 1 key or the 2 key, sometimes you press the back button – but don't worry, it comes up with a message saying

        “You are about to exit” and gives you three options. “Save Message” to continue writing later. “Don't save” to exit completely and discard the message or “Continue Writing” so that you can just carry on there and then. A life saver! So many times on Nokia's I've exited and lost my message after typing 4 pages of text!

        One feature here is the I-mail. I-mail is like a mobile phone email, You're I-mail address is your mobile number@o2imail.co.uk but you can change that. Right now, you can send I-mail for free. Completely. You can send up to 4000 letters, plus attachment. When the I-mail becomes chargeable (September this year I believe, it will cost 10p without attachments (Pay and Go) and 25p with attachment. But you can send to 5 people for that price too!

        *Video Calling

        The video speed and quality is good enough, but the phones microphone just isn't good enough to pick up your sound. You'll hear you friend saying “what? I can't hear you” a lot too you. If you have a hands free kit, this feature will be spot on. You can even see your own face to make sure that you're not missing yourself in the shot.

        *Calls log

        (Accessible by pressing the call key in standby)

        Does what it says, tells you who called, when, if you returned the call, who you called. Allows you to return calls from there.


        Has a calender, ability to make notes and your alarms. Also calculator, timers, stopwatch and a synchronization tool. (For synchronizing contacts and other data with a server)

        *And of course, Settings.

        Here you change everything about your phone, from it's ring tones (includes true tones), to modes (car, silent, outdoor etc.) to the bluetooth being switch on and off or paired. It works on a tab feature, left to right to change the category, up or down to choose an option etc. Well laid out, easy to operate.

        - - - - - - - Other/More Detail - - - - - - - -

        The Sound quality on the phone is passable, but I have noticed it breaking up once or twice. This could be due to bad signal, but I'm not certain.

        I wouldn't pay more than £100 for the phone. When I bought it it retailed at £150, but with staff discount and a trade in, I got it for £100 which I think is a fair price.

        The Battery life is pretty standard. Realistically, I've had it last up to 13-14 days on standby, but with my love of Gaming on the phone and texting, it drops to an average of 4-7 days. Talk time seems to fall around the 3 hour mark.

        The front Camera is VGA quality.

        - - - - - - - - Overall - - - - - - - -

        I really like this phone. It does it's job well, it's easy to use and it doesn't look all bad. If you can get it for £100 or less (the price I paid in December 06) then it's a bargain. Everything seems well thought of, it all seems to fit. Well done Sony Ericsson.
        - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

        If there is anything that I've missed, spelled incorrectly or anything else you'd like me to add, send me a message and I'll update the review.

        Thanks for reading.


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        • Halo 3 (Xbox 360) / Xbox 360 Game / 35 Readings / 32 Ratings
          More +
          30.09.2007 12:41
          Very helpful



          This little game is very fun!

          Welcome to another Smeep Review! This time I'm reviewing Halo 3 for the Xbox 360. If you'd like to add anything to the review, please comment on it! Thanks for reading.

          Halo 3

          -------- GRAPHICS --------
          __________ 9.5 out of 10 __________

          I always start with the Graphics, as you should always start with first impressions.

          The Graphics in Halo 3 are very well done. They are extremely polished and incredibly crisp. From the beautiful beaches and sea shores, to the depths of alien structures on to the absolutely amazing fire effects. The only two downsides really, are the people aren't quite as good as the scenery and unfortunately, though expectedly, the graphics are dumbed down ever so slightly in the multiplayer campaign modes.

          The lighting is very well done, from the huge explosions of Scarab tanks to the way shooting one plasma rifle lights up the on in your other hand.

          A big well done to the team on this.

          -------- SOUND --------
          __________ 7 out of 10 __________

          For me, the sounds lacks somewhat in this game. The guns just don't seem to have any power compared to many other games including the previous Halo games and the voice acting in some parts seems downright rushed, despite it being (As far as I know) The same actors from the original games. I think the best example of this is Johnson, who for the most part is fine, but sometimes (Especially of the radio comm) sounds like he can't be bothered.

          Other than that though, the high scorers in the sound department are the musical guys who provide a great atmosphere for you to play in. House MD. Fans will appreciate one piece of music that sounds so much like something from House that I'm certain it is from House.

          The Aliens sound just as good as they did in the first one, especially the grunts!

          -------- STORY --------
          __________ 9.5 out of 10 __________

          Let me explain my high score on this one. I don't actually think the story is all that good in general. Not that much happens, it's linear and expected. However, I still rate it high, because it's a very good conclusion to the Halo trilogy. It ties things up nicely and really hits home with original Halo fans.

          The story does what it needs to do and keeps you imersed and gives you the need to finish the game, whilst sticking to the Halo story. Therefor, it gets a high score.

          -------- GAME PLAY --------
          __________ 8 out of 10 __________

          The game play is very smooth and very fun.

          The controls are intuitive, you use left and right triggers for left and right hands, and left and right bumpers to do alternate things with those hands (reload, grab a different grenade, pick up a different weapon) and the remaining buttons are fairly FPS standard, though the X button allows you to use new tools, which I'll go in to later.

          For the most part, Bungie have stuck to the 30 seconds rule. Way back when Halo was released in 2001, the bonus information that eventually came about Halo 1 had a comment stating something along the lines of...

          “Great gameplay is all about 30 seconds of fun, and then you repeat it. You throw in a grenade, strart gunning, finish up and repeat. The key is getting that 30 seconds right and the rest should follow”

          And to their credit, they have got that 30 seconds right. Running in to a fight is often suicide, especially in the later levels and harder difficulties, but still, you find your self low on Ammo but you've got a grenade or two. You chuck 'em in and deal with the aftermath, collect some new guns and repeat. Sounds simple, but it works.

          To add to this, you have new equipment, such as Flares (Flash grenades, essentially), Auto Turrets (A deployable Turret that attacks anything and everything – you included!) Bubble Shields, which create a bubble for you to hide in and deployable Force shields that protect you from one direction. Also, there is a buff tool, which heals you and a de buff tool, which disables enemy shields and drains them.

          Vehicles are back with a couple of new additions to the selection. Rather than covering the old vehicles, I'll just go through the new ones. There are plenty of Halo reviews out there for the old ones, as they're pretty much the same.

          The Mongoose is a damned fun little quad bike, with enough room for a driver and a gunner on the back. In one scenario in the game, you're driving about with a rocket launcher guy on the back of your mongoose taking down huge alien tanks. Pretty fun. It's fast, agile and is great for barrel rolling on, but you're open and vulnerable.

          The new warthog – Basically an APC, you can fit four people in it including the driver and all four can gun. Fairly agile, a lot more stable than a mongoose but slower.

          The hornet is a flying craft, that's not as agile as the old Banshee, but can move along any axis at any time. They've messed up the controls a bit on this and could really do with an up and down controls, rather than just having to look up and down. This thing has a machine gun and shoots rockets.

          The Chopper, Which is like a motorbike with a plasma rifle on the front, is pretty fun and is good for smashing through enemy vehicles.

          There's another covenant vehicle, which I don't recall the name of (please post a comment if you do!) which is like a hovercraft, but with a driver and a gunner seat. It is incredibly well armoured and the turret does some real damage. Great for taking on pretty much anything.

          I think that's all the new vehicles...

          Which leads me to the bad points. When it comes down to the nitty gritty, despite the shiny new looks and new vehicles to ride, this is just a bog standard shoot. There's nothing innovative about its game play. One of the main features for me is that this game is more like Halo 1. That's how not new it is. It reminds me more of a game from 2001, than it does any new shooter that provides something I've never seen before. This clearly doesn't.

          -------- MULTIPLAYER --------
          __________ 7.5 out of 10 __________

          I'm very critical of Halo's multiplayer, I'll be the first to admit it.

          But I simply don't find it that entertaining compared to the likes of Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, Call of Duty.

          Mutliplayer is the same as single player, but you fight each other. The general idea is to find the weapon that your best at using and use it to kill the others.

          There are death matches (free for all or team based) and objective games where you have to either hold on to a certain object or stay in a certain area, or capture a certain flag and return it to a certain base. That's for certain. Certainly! Sorry...

          It turns in to a fest of 'who can get the best weapon first' or seemingly unfair deaths based on who's the host, or closer to the host. I've won my fair share of games, and there have been games where I've one by a mile against the same players. It's fun, but it's nothing new, however the Forge mode allows you to really customise the game. A lot of people claim this as a saving grace, but if you ask me, you could do that on any PC game probably since before quake.

          However, the multi player does have one thing going for it. The campaign is available on multi player, and it allows you basically play with up to for people through the campaing mode. Much more fun, you depend on each other and you can have some seriously hillarious or even tense moments.

          -------- LONGEVITY --------
          __________ 7 out of 10 __________

          If you're a true Halo multiplayer fan, this game might last you quite a while as you'll enjoy the MP. I find the that the MP side just doesn't hold my attention and so the single player is what I'm basing this on. You'll play through it quite a few times, which is a good thing. Especially with the campaign being MP compatible, but over all it won't last you forever. I'd give this one a month or two.

          -------- SUMMARY --------
          __________ 8 out of 10 __________

          This game scores nice and high for me. It's well put together and incredibly polished, however, it still plays like a standard shooter with nothing really new to offer. The term 'More of the same' comes to mind. I'm looking forward to the Halo based RTS game, but I think this should be the last game in the FPS series, otherwise it's going to die off the same way that most games do – because they try to make as much cash as possible, which ruins the games. (Sonic the hedgehog, or the one millionth Ultima Online expansion fore example...) You should get this game, because it is damned good, but it gets no more than an 8 out of ten.

          -------- RECOMMENDED PRICE --------
          ________________ Normal: £30-35, Limited £35-40, Legendary £50+ ________________

          I never pay full price for a game if I can help it, if you can find it at these prices, brilliant, but people bought up all the Legendary ones to sell on eBay, so don't hold out and just get the normal one. Or second hand if you can!

          -------- EXTRA --------
          It's a fun game, you should definitely get it. Thanks for reading, if you spot any mess ups or missing information, let me know. Also, if someone could get me back my Ciao surveys I'd love that – they took them away after I signed up for GFK TV stuff, And I didn't know that was in the terms! :( I even cancelled my GFK TV survey stuff!


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          • Fallout (GURPS) (PC) / PC Game / 27 Readings / 27 Ratings
            More +
            10.08.2007 19:30
            Very helpful



            Get this game!

            Ok ok, so you all know how great this game is right? Well there's nothing wrong with singing a little more praise about it. But I'll try to keep it short.

            Quite simply, there was a war. A big one. With lots of nukes. Low and behold, radiation poisoning is a plenty.

            Upper class society now live in what are called vaults, which are basically hollowed out mountains with a giant safe inside. Big enough to support a decent population, so long as there is a working water chip installed in it's water supply, to keep the water clean and safe to drink.

            Wait a second? What's that? The chip? Oh no! Without that chip we'll all die in a matter of days! What now? Oh, I know, Let's kick that guy out in to the wilderness to get us a new chip.

            This is where you come in.

            - - -
            Edited for 'jesi'

            Your job is to get a new water chip for your vault. There are loads of other side quests, which included killing, decieving or even, shock horror, being honest. You get told where to go, but not always how to get there. And sometimes due to the majority off directions being given in text, you might find it a little hard to locate people.

            - - -

            In this game, you can change your 'class' not by the usual default of literally just choosing from a list of pre built classes, but instead you pick the skills you think you will find most useful. You can be a silver tongue if you like, so that you can weasel both in to and out of situations. You can be a medical man so that you can heal your self better and you can, shock horror, be a big tough guy with massive guns. There are a lot more possibilities, but listing them here would take quite some time.

            The controls are very simple. You just click where you want to walk, run, shoot or blow up. Sometimes you have to select an item first, for instance a lock pick to open that locked filing cabinet that happens to contain something you need. All very simple, easy to understand.

            Combat is also simple. Instead of being able to free roam, you the whole thing is turn based. Each turn you will get a certain amount of action points with which to perform, well, actions. Things like moving (or running) shooting, getting something from your inventory, reloading or healing. There are 2 types of combat and no, they are not ranged and melee, though that does exist. What they are is click and kill, or precision aiming. In essentials, the more effort something would take to do, the more of your precious turn points it will use up.

            For instance you can shoot a guy in the eyes, head, crotch etc. They are harder to hit but they hurt more if you land those bullets.

            The graphics are simple yet incredibly satisfying, especially when you offload a round of machine gun bullets in to a guy just to watch him splatter to smithereens with a satisfying thud sound to each bullet.

            The sound is well done, but by today's standards there could be much more sound overall. Some of the conversations are completely animated with sound, but most of them are just text at the bottom of the screen.

            The only real problems with the game are all related to how old it is. It can be a paint to get it working on a windows XP machine and you'll have to invest some time in to it just to get it off the ground. Compatibility mode helps, but expect the odd crash to desktop and save often.

            The game can be found in bargain bins across the land so the value for money is excellent. You are getting today's playability at prices that are probably around 10 years old.

            Get this game, and get it now.

            - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

            Is there something missing in this review? Perhaps something spelled incorrectly or some grammatical error?Please leave a comment and I will change the review. You are always welcome to sign my guest book!


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              09.08.2007 22:28
              Very helpful



              Kill zombies. Lots of them. How? Up to you. Can you survive?

              Welcome to another Smeep Review! This time I'm reviewing Dead Rising for the Microsoft Xbox 360. If you'd like to add anything to the review, please comment on it! Thanks for reading.

              Dead Rising


              Dead Rising is an arcade title by Capcom. The people that brought you Street Fighter, Megaman, Resident Evil and a whole host of other awesome games. Dead Rising is no exception to the rule. The general idea is that of most Zombie films, you're stuck in a mall and have to survive. Only there are literally thousands of Zombies on screen at one time. If you haven't played this game, you are missing out.

              Can you survive? Use any weapon you can find. Knife, bad, fists, chainsaw, motorbike, machine gun, sniper rifle, nail gun, tomato sauce, hot frying pan and killer wasps!

              9 out of 10

              I always start with the Graphics, as you should always start with first impressions. I give Dead Rising 9 out of 10 for graphics, because of the sheer amount of zombies on screen. There can literally be thousands of real zombies on screen at once. They're actually there, not just fake background sprite, you can walk right up to each individual one and pop his head with a pistol if you're so inclined.

              The general quality of the graphics is well above average, especially given what I just said! Admittedly, you do get quite heavy repetition of the same zombies over and over again, but it doesn't spoil it in any way.

              The reason I didn't give it 10 out of 10 is because of the near-requirement to have a HiDef TV. If you don't, the game writing is so small that it's almost impossible to read. But not completely impossible.

              10 out of 10

              Perfect. Great ambience, great squelches, great everything! It all works well and sounds great through even a normal TV set.

              10 out of 10

              Your name is Frank West. You're a freelance photographer just looking for that next big scoop. You hear something is going down in the small town of Willamette, population 53,594. Pay attention to that for it's integral to an achievement in the game. As you get nearer to the town, you notice strange gangs of people rioting through the streets, fighting with people and attacking people on rooftops.

              You land on the roof of a shopping mall, and make your way inside to unravel the story that unfolds. Can you survive for just 72 hours? Better yet, can you make it out with the scoop? Who knows. Grab yourself a baseball bat and find out.

              Now, before you bash me for my review of the story giving 10 out of 10, despite it being a very basic and overused story, I love Zombie films and all thing Zombie, so it gets 10!

              GAME PLAY
              9 out of 10

              A big well done to the team for the Game play. The game controls incredibly well, changing between weapons/food available couldn't have been any easier and if you need to run around between Zombies at the speed of light, you can. It really is smooth. Controls wise, the only floor is the aiming of the guns, they should have done it splinter cell style – but never mind. It still works well enough for the game.

              The general idea of the game play is that you run about like a maniac, capping zombies at every given opportunity, whilst rescuing survivors.

              As you do so, you gain PP, which levels up Frank and gives him more abilities, more health, more strength and more speed. You get bonus PP for doing stupid things like special moves, for instance, ripping out a zombies guts, taking photographs of things like female zombies in night gowns or people in danger, killing psychopaths (more in a moment) and other general acts, such as putting a frying pan over heat to warm it up so that you can one-hit kill zombies with it.

              About the game there are various bosses, or Psychopaths, that are there to make the story line up and provide general interest in the game other than the mindless killing of the already mindless. There's a clown, a super-market assistant, convicts, arsonists, snipers and many many more. You kill these for extra PP and to advance in the story, which leads me to...

              Scoops. Scoops are like missions in any other game. In this game you're on the clock, as everything happens in 'real time'. There are several stories in the game, such as two women being capture by a huge lesbian cop who tries to rape them, or the main story which I won't spoil for you, to general love interests between some of the survivors. Either way, they happen at set times in the day – so you might be caught up rescuing someone, whilst you're missing out on a scoop. And yes, you can miss out on the story line scoops. Depending on your choices and timing, there are various endings to get. You have a watch and various meters on screen to help you time things right.

              Weapons. Oh the weapons. Where to start? There are so many weapons in this game it's stupid. You'll quickly adopt some favourites, such as the Samurai sword (if you can find it!), the mini-chainsaws, Uzi's etc. But then there's some serious novelties, like running zombies down with a lawn mower. Blood galore! Maybe you fancy burst some Zombie skull with your sniper rifle? Or even causing mass carnage using a secret weapon. The choice is yours. If you can think of it, chances are it's somewhere in the huge mall to grab and use brutally.

              The mall is massive. There are some many places to explore, just when you think you've found everything, there's a new tunnel or a secret place you haven't found yet. Stop of in the kiddie shops to get some masks to put on the Zombies, or at the sports shop for a skateboard or baseball bat. Maybe dressing up is your game? Put on whatever you like, Dresses, kids cloths, suave suits, shades, glasses, silly hats. Fancy something to eat, head on over to the food court and grab a bite, just don't get bitten on the way.

              Which brings me round to food. You have to eat to replenish health. You get bit you loose health. You can do all sorts of things with the consumables found, to making invulnerability potions, to a drink that makes you run around like an athlete on steroids, know in the game as quick step, but I quickly changed it to 'Zippylegs' and whenever I drink it I hum the Benny hill theme. Comedy gold. Need a quick snack? Maybe you could eat the raw meat because that's all you've got. Ok, now I'm throwing up. Should have cooked in an oven first! Fantastic!

              The photography is a big part of the game, in a small way. It's a fantastic way to level up and fast, plus you can get some real comedy from it. For instance, you chop a Zombie to shreds. You grab his arm that's been severed at the wrist. Stuff the wrist in to another zombies mouth and take a snap shot. Classic! You get major points the more zombies/action is in the picture, for instance a psychopath running through a million zombies with an armoured car, and the closer the action (or the more erotic!) it is, the more points you get. It's odd, but this Gimmick amongst gimmicks really adds to the overall game. As far as I know, there is no way to upload your pictures to Xbox live.

              The worst thing about the game play is Otis. Otis is the Janitor, He knows every route around the mall and can be a big help. Be in the right place at the right time, he'll tell you secret routes etc. However, when he calls you (Answer all the calls for an Achievement!) if you accept the call, you're stranded. You can move, but that's it. You're completely defenceless. And I think, if you get interrupted in a call, it throws the Achievement away! But it's minor and after the 400th time through the game, you don't notice it any more because you ignore the calls!

              0 out of 10

              What a shame! This really is naff! There is no multiplayer, at all, for Dead Rising.

              7 out of 10

              There is so much to do in this game that you have to play it through several times. And as it's fun, you don't mind doing so! This game will last you a long time for a single player game, trust me. Plus, the alternate endings (a Capcom classic) will keep you pushing to see them all. A definite laster!

              9 out of 10

              This game is fantastic. It's so fun, yet so gruesome without being scary. I give it a 9 out of 10.

              Great Graphics, Great sound, Great game play and all over great. It's a real shame about the multiplayer, but hey, you don't really need it in this game. Get this game.

              £12 pre owned, £20 new


              If you feel I've missed anything or have made any mistakes, please comment and I'll fix them for you to re-rate! Thank you so much for reading!


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                05.08.2007 17:15
                Very helpful



                You have to check this site out. Just play the lottery for one month and you'll see the difference.

                Welcome to another review by Smeep!

                This is my first real review on this kind of service, so please forgive me if I miss something out. Inform me via comment and I'll update the review for you! Also, I'll be using the National Lottery for my reference as more people have a better understanding of it.

                *** WHAT AM I REVIEWING ***

                = = = = = PLEASE NOTE: If you'd like to sign up for this website, I ask that you contact me instead of going directly to the website as members get benefits from referring people! = = = = =

                The website http://www.virtualworlddirect.com/StevenFellows Is an on-line syndicate that greatly increases you chances of winning the National Lottery or Euro Millions. It works out that you can have up to a 3600% better chance of winning. The idea is that you win a lot more if you play together, than if you play on your own for £1 a week. As a basic example:

                £1 on your own = 1 chance on the National Lottery.
                £5 on this site = 44 chances on the National Lottery.

                Can't argue with that! What's better, is that you can play for free. Yes. Completely free. Refer to the section entitled “Can I make money on this website?” for more information.

                *** WHY AM I REVIEWING IT ***

                A few reasons.

                1.I just got my cheque for my winnings, so I know it's real!
                2.To aid recruitment for my syndicate!
                3.This website is brilliant. Fact.

                *** THE SERVICE ***

                Rating 5/5

                The service idea is very simple. They provide an on-line portal through which you play the lottery. However, you're not playing alone. You're playing in a large syndicate which always contains the numbers 1-49 on each of the lines. This means you only have to match 2 numbers to win a prize.

                The premise is similar for the Euro Millions. If you are new to the site I'd recommend playing in the Euro Millions as you will generate more winnings from playing this one, rather than the National Lottery.

                You pay £5 to play in each of the lotteries. You can play in one, or both. You get entered in to all draws for the lottery. So if you play in the National Lottery, that's Weds and Saturday!
                The service is so easy to use. You just pay your bill each month and they send a cheque to you. You can opt to receive cheques for as little as £10 or as much as £500 (it will accumulate over time). If you win big, you will be contacted.

                You can also recruit people and earn commission if they pay their bills. This enables you to play for free or even make cash running it like small business if you've got the time.

                *** THE WEBSITE ***

                Rating 3/5

                I've actually rated the website pretty low. The reason is, all though it's functional, it's a little cluttered and you have to work out where everything is. It's not that hard, but I feel, that as a web designer things should be much more simple. Things need to be located easily and quickly.

                However, with enough time on the website, you'll soon learn the ins and outs.

                *** CAN I MAKE MONEY ON THIS WEBSITE? ***

                This is the big question. This after all is why people play the lottery, right?

                If you want more information on this, please contact me and I will send it to you in an email.

                The answer is yes. Let me explain.

                Let's put you in a situation. You're playing the national lottery for £5 per week. That's £20 per month. You're winning the odd scrap of change here and there, as your syndicate is winning plenty of 3 ball prizes. But you're not breaking even.

                First of all, hang on in there! Remember, you've got more chance of winning big in this syndicate than if you play on your own for a £1. (£1 = 1 chance, £5 = 44 chances!)

                Here's the key part. You can play for nothing. You can play for completely free. Yes. Free. 100% free. How? Ok, here we go.

                What you need to do is buy an Affiliate licence. This cost £5 per year, and for that £5 you get your own website and access to a mountain of marketing tools – but that's explained better on the website. What I'll tell you is how to play for free/make money.

                So you've got your affiliate licence. Now what? Refer people! Much the same way as you can on Ciao.co.uk, you get a bonus for referring people to the website. The referral bonus does not expire, you get commission as long as that person is subscribed. Here's how it works.

                1st level referrals: 20%
                2nd to 7th Level referrals: 5%
                8th+ Level Referrals: 2%

                1st level referrals are people you directly referred, 2nd level referrals are the people that the people you recruited referred and so on.

                Let's ignore 2nd level and above for now.

                So, your paying you £5 per week to play. Using the above, all you have to do is referr 5 people. (20% of 5 is 1) and you're playing for free. They credit £1 (20%) to you for every direct referral you make. This means that you're playing, for free. So any winnings you make, be they pence or pounds, are 100% profit. There you go. You're making money!

                Of course, you also get a bonus for 2nd to 7th level referrals at 5%, and anything beyond that at 2% so in theory you could make a small business out of this!

                *** THE SUPPORT ***

                Rating 6/5

                Yes, that's right. Six out of Five. The support for this website is phenomenal. There's a wealth of information on the site that allows you as either a play or an affiliate to find pretty much anything you need. Not only that, but you can contact the person that referred you, or you can easily contact the staff and they are very fast at replying. (1 hour last time I emailed them!)

                *** THE VERDICT ***

                Rating 5/5

                Whether you are looking to improve your odds on just playing the lottery or looking to make a small business out of this, this website is fantastic. I really can't recommend it enough. Please, if you want more information, contact me and I will send you an email with everything you need to know. This website is great and receiving those cheques is a welcome feeling!


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                  08.05.2007 21:18
                  Very helpful



                  Great game, very enjoyable

                  Wow. I played the first splinter cell one the Xbox and I was hooked. Then the second came out and they introduced multi player. I didn't know where to look! Then they released this. What could I do?

                  Well, first I forced myself not to play multi player. I just had too. Just so that I didn't feel I was missing out on anything and what a dream to play it was.

                  Splinter Cell, based on fiction by Tom Clancy has always been a game about stealth. In theory (geddit? Theory?) you can get all the way through the game without being seen once by the usual wandering enemies. You play a character named Sam Fisher. His job is basically to stop world war from erupting. By taking out leaders of terrorist groups or making it so that certain things never existed. Which all in all, when you are the only man on the field, is easier to do if no one knows you are there. This is where the game play and controls come in nicely.

                  On screen you have a HUD which shows you a few key factors. How much health you have is one, but more importantly, How much light is shining on you (also indicated by the in game graphics, but not always visible, I'll explain that later.) and how much noise you are making.

                  You can play this game like a maniacal fool with guns blazing, but you'll most likely get shot dead. So in game, you would ideal have the lights turned off. You can disable these with 3 main methods. Switch them off somehow (switch/control panel), Shoot them out (creates noise) or you can electronically jam them. Which only last for a short while.

                  So ok, cool. You've got the lights out. Your light level is zero. Great! But one second, now you can't see. Never fear! One flick of the D pad and you can light up the dark with night vision. So that's great, but now you can't see the shadows. That's why you need the light meter. You get 2 other vision modes. Heat mode (like predator) for seing enemies through thin walls or seeing which order key pads were pressed in by the amount of heat left on the buttons) and electromagnetic mode. let's say you're in a long dark corridor with an infra red camera at the end. The electro mode lets you see the camera (or other electronical devices).

                  The weapons are brilliantly integrated. You have 3 weapons. A knife, pistol and a big ass gun (can't remember the name) for the most part of the game. However, with the big gun, you can attach things. Like a little sticky camera, that you can fire at a wall, so you can spy on enemies and then even gas them when they are near! You also get aerofoil rounds (for knocking enemies out) and sticky shockers (for electrocuting the enemy). The big gun also has the scope for sniping and the pistol is silenced.

                  The knife is you're close combat piece, allowing you to stab people in the back, or make an emergency kills if they guy you are sneaking up on turns around. The most satisfying kill though, has to be creeping up behind some unsuspecting fool, and snapping his neck. Or maybe hanging from a ceiling.

                  However, you get rewarded for not killing people. The less combat you are involved in, the higher your %age of completion at the end of the level.

                  Sound in the game is amazing. The voice acting is brilliant and the script is ace.

                  Multi player is next.

                  First, I have to say the COOP mode is awesome. It's just like the regular single player except with different scenarios. However, there are places that you need to boost up from your partner or have your partner lower you in on a wire. Even distract another person while you activate something or sneak in for the kill. I'd love to go in to detail about this, but there's no point! It's as good as the single player (which is amazing!) but with 2 people!

                  Then there's versus multi player.

                  Wow. I actually had to have time off sick because I damaged my eyes due to playing this game. You have a whole host of objectives, Story (with tasks to complete), Death match and others.

                  However, whilst one team plays your usual Sam Fisher style game (Spies). The other team gets to play First Person Shooter style as what are known as mercenaries (Mercs). Their job is to stop the spies at all cost.

                  A little more on the spies team. They don't have killing guns. They have electronical guns that paralyse the enemies. They also have alarm snares, making sounds in all directions to confuse the merc, sticky cams to spy around corners and gas the mercs. The only way the can kill is to snap the neck of the merc. Their usual objective is highlighted on screen. They will usually have to steal something, Disable something or sabotage something. Oh and to stay hidden from the mercs. I'll probably say that twice more.

                  On to the Mercs.

                  They have a choice of weapons, Machine gun, Shot gun, Uzi, Grenades, Mines, Traps etc which all work very well. They have 4 ways to detect spies.

                  1 - Seeing them. Either as they run around stupidly or with your torch or laser. The laser allows you to scan dark corners for spies as it tells you if someone is at the other end of it.

                  2 - Hearing them. On you reticle is a display the flash if you hear a sound. It flash in the direction of the sound. Letting you know where the spy is in a complete 3 dimensional radius around you. (Forward, Backward, Left, Right, Above, Below etc.)

                  3 - Motion tracking. If a spy moves fast, your motion track can pick them up and highlight them like a sore thumb.

                  4 - Tracking their devices. If the spies use the electronic devices, like night vision or heat vision, you can detect it with the electromagnetic vision. Lighting them up like a Christmas tree.

                  The game is well balanced if you know how to play. For instance, the job description as a spy is to stay hidden. If you run out trying to kill the mercs by snapping their necks, expect to get killed. However, how can they kill you if they can't see you?

                  However, if a merc finds a spy, chances of the spy surviving are low. But that's the way it should be. You get a fair few people complaining that the mercs have too much power. Again, I must state, how can a merc kill you if he can't see you?

                  The game is very good value for money these days. You can pick it up for £4.99.

                  And I think that brings me to the end of my first revision of this, as there's just so much to add. If you think of anything drop me a comment or guest book entry!


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                    06.01.2007 18:02
                    Very helpful



                    A nice and fun game with involving gameplay!

                    Hi and welcome to my first review in a long time. Long story short - My computer access isn't what it use to be right now untill I get my life sorted out.

                    Anyway, Onward! To the Review!

                    - - - - - - - - - - Intro - - - - - - - - - -

                    I recieved GoW as a present for christmas, I wanted it and I got it so that was great. I slipped the disc in to my 360 and began to play. Unfortunatley, on the day I was very ill which affected my ability to rate it. So I've come back to it now and I have to say this.

                    So many people say "WOW, It's the greatest game ever!" I pose a question to these people. Why is it the greatest game ever?

                    In my honest opinion, there's nothing new in this game. Nothing we haven't seen before. Nothing to make us think, 'Yes, this IS differn't to the 1001 FPS games we've already played.'

                    Why? Because it isn't. However, the game is very very good. I will not deny that. What I'm trying to say is if you're looking for a new and innovative product - this isn't it.

                    - - - - - - - - - - Gameplay - - - - - - - - - -

                    The single most important aspect of any game.

                    This game plays incredibly well. The aiming feels nice and the controls are all in the right places. It's on of those games where you don't notice the fact that you've got a controller between you and what's happening on the screen.

                    The combat can be involving and the AI reacts as you'd expect - though I'd say that's a problem rather than a positive thing.

                    You don't really see a lot of enemy AI doing anything clever. They either hide or shoot in general. But they will move around at times, so it doesn't feel like you're fighting robots.

                    One interesting side note is the grenades - instead of just lobbing them, you hold in LT and you start to swing it. It gives you a guide as to where it's going to land. You can also run up to people and hit them with a grenade (melee style) causing it to stick - but you better run fast.

                    All in all though, I'd rate the gameplay very high. One thing I would change is the sensitivity options. As it stands you can only adjust sensitivity of the controlls to one of three settings which are basically Low, Medium and High. I'd rather have a slider so I can choose a percentage of sensitivity from 01 to 100.

                    - - - - - - - - - - Graphics and Sound - - - - - - - - - -

                    Well done! The game is very sexy. I'd say this is one of the best looking games on the 360 if not the best available. Every once in a while though you can see the graphics before they're fully rendered, loosing that involvment just a little and making you realise that you're just playing a game. But it doesn't really spoil anything so don't worry about that.

                    The sound is well done too, especially if you've got surround sound! The guns sound powerful enough, your team mates yell at you realistically, it all fits wonderfully in to provide a very nice experience for the gamer.

                    - - - - - - - - - - Mutliplayer - - - - - - - - - -

                    There are 2 types of mutliplayer.

                    Co-op and Versus.

                    Co-op is available both on and offline, allowing you to go through the story with a buddy which can really bring a new life to the story, especailly at parts where you have to split up to progress, or give each other covering fire to allow to advance. It certainly feels a lot better than having AI partners along side you. The only downside is it's just two players, when you have a team of four. They could have made it four player if they'd wanted I feel. But then again, there are parts where there are only two of you, but there's always some story going on too.

                    As a for instance, there's one part where you hit a camp. Two of you go ahead to find transport while the other two remain at the camp - which subsequently gets attacked. It'd be hard to do but you could have both story lines going on at once!

                    Versus mode is just the usuall stuff, you know 'versus' but there are a couple of interesting plots. Firstly, in most of the game types (There are only a few) if you get shot up real bad, you don't actually die, you get "downed" during which you're slowly bleeding to death. You're team mates can basically revive you if they can get to you before you're either shot again or kerb stomped. Which ever happens first.

                    I've only played the team versus mode on Xbox live, so I'll be sure to update when I play it some more but there are a couple of things to watch out for.

                    First of all, the Host advantage is insane. They're supposed to be patching it but we'll see. I've tested it out, and in some matches i can fire a full clip in to a person (while they're standing still for testing purposes) and they'll be just fine and dandy. If they do it to you (When they're hosting) sometimes less than half a clip will get you. You'll need a good connection to really enjoy this online.

                    Second - the fact that you get "downed" not killed can be a bummer too. As all your team mates are eliminated and you're the last one, you'll often find that your oponent will leave you bleeding for ages, even taunting you "dominatrix" style (you'll find out) which can get very annoying.

                    Otherwise, as long as your connection supports it, the online can be a blast, but rather than joining a random team, I'd say make sure you play with people you know for the best experience.

                    - - - - - - - - - - Overall - - - - - - - - - -

                    The game is undeniably great - but all this "best game I've ever played" stuff simply isn't true. See through the shiny graphics and you'll realise there's not a lot new here. Still an excellent game they've got though!

                    - - - - - - - - - - Value - - - - - - - - - -

                    Golden rule - never pay full price for a 360 game. Ever. So limited value, I'm afraid.


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                      28.09.2006 10:57
                      Very helpful



                      Brilliant war sim both for yourself and mates. A must buy game.

                      In Call of Duty 2, you play as one of three countries, England (or rather, Britain) Russia and America. The game is set in the last 5 years of world war two. There are a variety of missions from tactical attacks, to speeding tanks accross a desert. All good fun, just be glad that it's not for real!

                      - - - - - - - - - - -

                      - - - - - - - - Gameplay - - - - - - -

                      This is probably the second best "feeling" shooter I've ever played on a console. Second only to the original halo. The controls are well layed out and it responds quickly. The only issue I have is that there is an auto aim on there, which gets annoying. I haven't checked to see if it could be turned off. What you sometimes find is that you're trying to shoot an enemy soldier who is far away, when another one runs infront. You know that your squad can deal with him, but it pulls you aim in his direction, making you miss that vital shot. Other than that, everything is excellently executed.

                      - - - - - - - - Multiplayer - - - - - - - -

                      The multiplayer is nice. It works well, lags very little and the best thing is, if a bullet hits it normally kills. None of that halo 2 rubish where you could empty the entire clip and they'd still be ok. And also something not present from halo 2 is the American vs England advantage. A shot does the same damage to someone in America as it does to someone in England. Where as in Halo 2, geting shot in the head 3 times by an American would always result in death, but if they got shot by us (due to lag) it didn't.

                      There are the usual collection of battles to be had, Death match, Team battle and Capture the flag.

                      The greatest thing about multiplayer is the Kill cam, which shows you what just happened to you when you die, from the person who killed you's point of view. So there can be no camping. Sometimes you realise just how stupid you were before you got shot, other times you realise just how unlucky you were. It's great.

                      There's also a decent community playing this game to boot, most rooms I've entered have been people having a laugh and a joke. It's been great! Just a few rooms I've had people swearing and complaining. I've had one person call me a hacker because I was kicking their butt. But all they have to do is watch the kill cam and it will prove that it was just skill/luck that kept me alive.

                      - - - - - - - - Level design - - - - - - - -

                      The levels are well designed. Plenty of variation, all though the insides of buildings to look a little plain - but that's because there are so many of them. It ranges from snowy fields, to demolished urban cities, to rural farmyards and sea side cliffs. They are easy to navigate, and well thought out. Plenty of multiple paths too, meaning you can play through the game in different ways, or move to flank your enemies/get to a better position.

                      - - - - - - - - Longevity - - - - - - - -

                      I played the game through on the second difficulty setting. It wasn't hard, but there were some points that you'd die on a few times. Testing out the hardest mode (the mode you get achievements for) made me realise that this game could potentially last you a long time. On the second difficulty, the game lasted around 10-12 hours. On the last difficulty, the levels can last about 3-4 hours a piece, depending on how good you are.

                      The game has multiplayer though, so overall life off this game is probably a couple of months.

                      - - - - - - - - Graphics - - - - - - - -

                      The graphics are well done, but nothing to spectacular. Though in some of the later levels there are some cool lightning effects. I've caught the game skimping out in a few places though, and i've even seen it "spawn" an enemy. Litteraly, a German just popped in to view one time. From no where!

                      - - - - - - - - Sound - - - - - - - -

                      Great! The guns sound good, you're team mates talk to you properly and the voice acting is nice to boot! Well done on the sound! Someone with a suround sound system needs to tell me if that works too!

                      - - - - - - - - Closure - - - - - - - -

                      The game is very enjoyable and well worth a price tag of around £35 to £40. Do not buy at full price. No one should pay £50 for a game. Ever.


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                        27.09.2006 13:46
                        Very helpful



                        Great game. If you like GTA you'll like this.

                        Hey! Time for another amazing review from Smeevil Productions! Hehe.

                        Saints Row. The first thing that needs to be said, is they've almost litteraly taken GTA and put new graphics on it. If you like the (Three Dimensional) GTA series, then you'll like this. That said, I'll try to refrain from making to many comparison to GTA unless I have to.

                        ØØØØØØØØ GRAPHICS ØØØØØØØØ

                        As most people will agree, First impresions are where you get your general idea of what something, or someone, will be like and you'll probably stick to that opinion for quite a while. Enough for it to affect your choice to stay or go, either way. In games, the first thing anyone notices, is how it looks these days.

                        The graphics in Saints Row are definatly above par. They look nice, smooth and detailed. However, there a many times throughout the game where you will notice something that doesn't look great. Such as some of the characters bottom eyelids shine like beacons, or the strange amount of blur the have on things in the distance. It does get a little excessive.

                        The cars and pedestrians are as nice as they should be, as is the scenery. You have to bare in mind that this kind of game takes a lot of processing power anyway, so the graphics can't be expected to be absolutely outstanding.

                        The major downside is that the engine the game uses to run doesn't seem to be able to handle anything moving over a certain speed, so when you're driving, the game slows down quite a lot. Which really spoils the feeling, but it's not game breaking.

                        ØØØØØØØØ GAMEPLAY ØØØØØØØØ

                        This is the single most important aspect of any game. This includes not only how it handles, but how the game gets you involved aswell.

                        The games customisation is brilliant, you can customise yourself and your cars, adding to the gameplay experience. You can go out and buy new stuff to get more respect from your homies too.

                        As far as moving or driving goes, the game is great. The camera can be a little slow when driving, but you can manual adjust it if you need to (using the right stick). The sprint button means traveling on foot isn't painfull, and the old GTA style 'cheat' of taping the sprint button instead of holding it works fairly well too.

                        With regards to driving, there are times when it's hard to get a car, which get's very irritating in some of the missions or activities (discussed later).

                        However, the big problem in this game is the aiming. After playing a game like call of duty which has near pixel perfect aiming, this feels like you're drunk at 4 in the morning and have parkinsons disease. The aiming jerks to far to one side or the other, and you can't aim up high or down low enough, especially when in a car.

                        That gets most annoying during a chase when you're in a van or other tall vehicle and a squad car or low rider comes up the side of you. You just can't shoot down at them!

                        The easiest way to over come this is to move your character left to right instead of aiming left to right. This covers two birds with one stone - you're moving (dodging) and shooting.

                        The mission's are interstingly varied too. You don't feel like you're playing the same mission 5 times in a row. That's not to say there aren't simularities, mind, as most of it involves killing oposing gangs either way. For added value, there are probably around a hundred or so activities, ranging from taking strippers/hookers to have sex with clients in the back of a car whilst you do you best to not kill the clients, but escape from the press too (which gets very entertaining when a woman gets in to the car with your sexy female stripper) or down to the quite simple assasinations that must be made, but using a certain weapon.

                        Doesn't tickle you fancy? How about stealing hookers from pimps? Doing the old snatch and dash on a store? To complex? Well how about plain old causing as much mayhem as you can?

                        There's something for most people here, unless you don't like voilence or sexual scenes I guess.

                        All in all, the single player plays well, but that's not to say that it couldn't be improved.

                        The multiplayer however, is a different story. I figured when I first loaded it up that it would be fairly well done, as the single player certainly looked polished. To be honest, it probably is fairly well done.

                        But if you get in to a game with more than 4-6 people in the room, you can't do anything because of the severe amounts of lag that you get. I know, a lot of this is cross seas, but even when playing with english players, it lags so very much.

                        It really does make the game impossible to play.

                        But I'll give you as much info as I can on the differen't modes.

                        First of all, there's CO OP mode. Simple really, You have 2 objectives and you must complete them with a friend, via Xbox live (£40 per year). It's fun, because It doesn't lag as there are only 2 of you. However, there's not much to do and the mission even on the hardest dificulty aren't that hard.

                        Then there's the classic death match or team death match. Not a lot can be said about these kind of games any more, because all you have to do is put the single player gameplay and add in your friends and it's the same. The only variation being do you kill everyone or just set people?

                        Then there's protect the pimp. One player has no weapons and a pimp hat. The pimp hat allows you to pimp slap people (One hit kill) and your team mates have to keep you alive.

                        Bling the car means you have to collect gold chains to raise cash to pimp your car before the oposition does.

                        And Big Ass Chains is where you have to pawn in as many chains as you can, these are gained by killing people.

                        I can't accuratly give a decent representation of the online play, as it's so irritating fight back the lag monster, that I don't think I should rate it untill this is fixed.

                        On the plus side, the clan system is good (or gang system) rather. And you can customise your character online to make him stand out in a croud.

                        ØØØØØØØØ SOUND ØØØØØØØØ

                        The sound in this game is superb! The voice acting is brill, the engines and cars are good enough and there's a huge expansive list of songs to choose from. If it's rock or rap it's there for you. Or maybe yodeling? Or how about a song called "Slapstick Duck Twist" which involves lots of quacking? With custom play lists to boot, there's something for everyone.

                        ØØØØØØØØ LONGEVITY ØØØØØØØØ

                        This game should last you a while because there is a lot to do to get 100% and the achievements list will help the drive to get you there keep going. I'd say this game would last a few months.

                        If they ever sort out the multiplayer problems, I can see this game lasting for a long time.

                        But until then, I don't feel like putting up with abusive americans and not being able to kick their but in the game do to the fact it's imposible to move, never mind accurately shoot someone. Long live the rocket launcher, ay?

                        ØØØØØØØØ SUMMARY ØØØØØØØØ

                        As I said at the start, if you like GTA, you'll like this. Try to treat it as an individual game though, to get more enjoyment from it. I'd recommend this to buyers. Play the single player and brave the online. Not every game lags, just 80% of them. Oh, and as with all 360 games, NEVER PAY £50 FOR THEM!

                        ØØØØØØØØ THANKS ØØØØØØØØ

                        Thanks for reading people. If you need any more info, or can see anything that should be changed, just let me know.

                        Be sure to leave a rating and a comment, I love to hear from you!



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