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    • LG KS360 / Mobile Phone / 11 Readings / 8 Ratings
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      15.01.2010 14:44



      save you're money, buy another phone.

      I'm sorry to say i bought this phone, and since then it has caused me nothing but misery. It is slow, it has so many software problems i have lost count and worst of all, despite this i still love it.
      While it turns itself off whenever it feel like it, it freezes occasionally, it takes an eternety to delete all messages, and it frequently dials 999 in my pocket due to its easilly activated touch screen. I find myself loving it for it's faults. Yes its plagued with problems and Yes its the same for everyone i know who owns one, but It is fun, it is colourful and it is basic. It was never going to compete with the iPhone generation of smart phones, but it was a cheap alternative to them. Who can honestly say they have ever owned a phone that exibited NO problems whatsoever? I know i havent. Don't buy this phone. There are better ones out there, But this is about as good as it's ever going to get for £60. It was the first decent phone i ever bought and so im obliged to love it, but as a consumer, i wouldn't reconmend it for you.


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