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      06.11.2012 22:13
      Very helpful



      Not ideal for newborn or toddlers.No padding for babies. Hard to move and steer. Price is good thoug

      When we found out we was excepting our 4th baby we spent many months trying to find the right double buggy. As our little girl is 2 years old but looks like a 12 month old we knew it had to be a double we had to find.

      This was one of the ones we looked at and loved the price too. It had everything I wanted and was stylish and practical for everyday use. Whist my children where comfy at the same time. Plus I hated the 3 wheeled double as I had one years ago and every time I went up the path it tipped to one side. This has four making it really safe. Hmm that's where the good bits tend to end for me.

      Made by a well known company called Graco. Big in America and England. Graco originally comes from Germany. Making everything from prams single pushchair and strollers to highchairs and entertainment units and travel cots.

      They make a few classics that many of you will know all ready like.
      Graco mirage
      Graco Quattro tour deluxe
      Graco sport
      Graco sport duo.
      And many more.

      Assembly and what you get.
      With mine I got 2 boot covers and that was it. Assembly was a right pain in the neck took me hours to figure it. Instructions are poor just pictures with the word "click" over them. The only things you need to do are wheels front and back, brake, front bumper bar, handy storage pocket and both snack cups. It's the wheels that are the worse.

      This has all the feature of the Graco Quattro tour deluxe on the back and a standard stroller on the front.
      Dimensions Open: 100 x 123 x 57 cm The frame is quality sturdy frame provides safety and comfort that complies with EN 1888:2003. Also dints far to easily when you catch it on your doorways.

      The seats units could not be any more different from each other. Expecting them to be same as with most doubles you will be disappointed. The back seat is the same size as their Quattro tour deluxe with the classic play tray fitted as well. This flicks up to get a child out easier but does not come off completely. there is also a foot rest that goes well into the basket. This does not move though that's the only downside so it does cut off some of the basket. Though I have found if you have a baby in the back then you can place bags down in between both soth units. Giving you a little bit more room. The backseat has little padding on. When considering the back seat is meant for babies as well. There could be a lot more added. There is some side padding but does not do anything. There is also no support what so ever for babies. If you do buy one I would strongly recommend you buy the car seat as well as this offers far more protection for baby then the seat unit does. The back seat is from birth and this lay flat. There are 4 different reclining options and this is done by a bar at the back of the 1st seat unit. it's the same as all graco's. The hood is large which does offer protection from the elements even when your child is sitting in the seat unit. If you have the 1st hood pulled forward then you cant see your child at the front at all. To me this is a big disadvantage and something I was not aware of before I brought it. If I have of known I think I would have kept looking. Both seat units have a 5 point safety harness. Which are a right pain the arse to get undone. Some days can take up to 10 minutes to get my kids out. This seat unit is from birth as said above and can be used with a car seat.

      The front seat as said above is different to the back seat. The 1st noticeable thing you do see is the front seat is a lot more smaller than the back. I was surprised my daughter could fit into it to be really honest. The seat is 15cm both ways. I cant understand why they have not made it bigger as the front seat is not for babies. The hood is also tiny. Not really sure why they put one on for what good it does. On this seat unit there are only 2 reclining options. Seat unit is from 6 months or birth with a car seat. This has no snack tray only a thin bar which also comes off with 2 buttons underneath the arm rest. In fact there is more padding on this bar then the seat units. The foot rest also is fixed and cannot be moved. As said up above the seat unit is from 6 months I will not put a 6 month old in this more like a 12 month old. The seat unit does not go back enough for that. If your child does fall asleep they tend to tip forward like mine does. Not one for sleeping in. There is also on the back of the seat a nice handy storage pocket ideal for keeping toys and bottles in. It's also quite large. There is also a nice little handy storage pocket underneath the seat as well. I don't use it looks like things will fall out if you place anything in it.
      The handles.

      The handle height is 100 cm and these do not adjust. Uniquely designed handles make it easier to maneuver. Well their meant to. I find this the hardest pushchair ive ever own to push and move around shops. The handles are made from hard plastic so there is no foam to rip. This also is not good on hot days or live in hot places as your hands sweats making them slip. There is slight grip on the sides of the up turned handles but does nothing. No grip for the other bar.
      So why are they so Uniquely designed ?

      Ok this is as far as I know the only pushchair on the market with up turned handles. There is also a bar in between you can use for pushing this. You can push this in 2 different ways.
      1. By holding the up turned handles.
      2. By holding the straight bar in between.

      Both ways are extremely hard and kill my arms.
      There is also 2 snack cups on the handle and I nice little pocket that hangs of the handle. This is secured using 4 poppers around the handle. It also zips around to things cant fall out. Ideal for keeping keys, mobile and purse in.

      The wheels.
      The wheels are hard plastic and quite larger to their normal single pushchair. Single wheels at back and double wheels at front. There is also swivel wheels on front. There is a catch on both front wheels that just needs to be flicked up and down to make them swivel or fixed wheels. The brake is also on the back wheels. To use the brake it's just a matter of flicking it up and down. Quite easy really.


      This is meant to be easy but it's not. Quick tip it's easier if you put the brakes on 1st before attempting to fold up. Before you attempt to fold this up make sure both hoods are all the way back and the back seat is it lay down position. There is a part on the bottom handle that is about 15 cm long. This needs to be twisted whist holding the red switch. Then it's a matter of folding it in on it's self. There is also a locking off switch and to do this you need to apply some pressure on the pushchair and you will hear a loud click. The pushchair is also free standing. Simple once you know how though I was ended up using both hands to fold it.
      Size when folded is 94.5 x 60.5 x 58 cm and it is a whooping 18.6 kg. After having 4 c - sections I cant not lift it on my own. I think most people would struggle to lift this one into a car and out again.

      I not sure on everyone you buy but with mine the rain cover had to be brought separately at more cost of £30 at kiddiecare. Cheapest I have found.

      The rain cover has the classic Graco slapped on both sides. The rain cover can be used when the car seats are on the pushchair. The rain cover goes over both seats units easy enough. At the front it's a matter of pulling it over the front footrest. Easy really until you get around the back. This is when you need a masters just to the rain cover. I will just add you don't get any instructions for placing the rain cover on. Only a small picture. I had to go online just to find out how I need to do it. Once around the back there is 2 circle parts that need to be place over the snack cups whist the rain cover has been pulled apart then you need to pull each of the rain cover around the cups and upwards. There is 3 Velcro parts on the top of the rain cover that need placing together with the 2 parts from the sides. Then it's a matter of clipping it all down around the bottom of the frame. Wish I had none this the 1st time I had tired it. All that for a rain cover. What ever happened to fling one on and away you go.
      Price and where to buy.

      These cant be brought from most places kiddiecare have this at the moment for £269 with out carseat and raincover. It's widely available from most online shops.

      My Final Thoughts.

      Looks wise 10 out of 10.
      Practical wise 6 out 10.
      Safety 7 out of 10

      Worth the money -- No much better out there.
      With owing many graco pushchairs over the years to be really honest I expected better. My daughter is only 2 and half and it tiny for her age. Weighing only 21ibs due to her multiple food allergies and serve eczema she looks like a 12 month old. When she sits in the front it makes it impossible to push. My daughter only just fits in this as well. If your child / children are big look for something better. I would hate to push this with both car seats on also. You go left the pushchair goes right. The handles could have been deigned better for making it easier to steer. Might help a bit. There is also no suspension on this making your children uncomfortable when you go over lumps. There is meant to be spring suspension in the front but it's that bad you cant tell. The basket has to be the best thing about the whole pushchair. Though at times when you go to place things in the basket it's really hard to pull it down and you could attempt these several times just to get it down. Not good when your in a massive queue. The rain cover is also a real nightmare to use and put on and put away when not in use. We have also found when placing the car seat on the front seat unit it does not feel secure enough. It almost feels like it is going to tip backwards as the bumper bar in the front is so tiny. Nothing like the back one. Though again this pushchair is can be used for twins but you have to have both car seats on. Again look for better.

      Bottom line would I recommend ?
      In a nut shell no. There is far better out there. Graco need to go back to the drawing board on this on. There are so many flaws with it I'm quite surprised it's still on sale. I will stick with my I - Candy.

      Thank you reading.
      Also posted on other sites by me. Summers_mummy.


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        03.11.2012 21:55
        Very helpful



        Price, Comfort, style and last will see though from birth to toddler and great to push.

        I must admit this has to be the longest running pushchairs i have ever owned and coming from me that has a very bad pushchair fetish that's saying something. Still using after a year now. I have not looked for another one since using it, Well apart from my 3 double pushchairs this year. I still tend to use this one if I go out with my mum shopping.

        Made my a well know German company Hauck. They are quite well known for pushchairs, highchairs, travel cots, bouncers, walkers and many more. Also quite well known for -
        Hauck condor.
        Hauck shooper
        Hauck apllo
        Hauck duet

        Could go on there are quite a few.
        Style 10 out of 10.
        Safety 10 out of 10
        Comfort 11 out of 10.
        Everyday use 10 out of 10.

        What you get in the box.
        1 frame
        1 seat unit
        1 boot cover
        2 bumper bars
        1 rain cover
        4 wheels
        There is small assembly to do when you get it out of the box. It's really on the wheels and the hood and the bumper bars. All explained further down.

        The seat unit and Frame.
        The frame is made from aluminium making it very lightweight. I have noticed that it also does not dint easy that I have noticed with many others that I have owned the past. Almost white in colour making it very stylish also.

        The seat unit can go both way making it very practical from birth through to toddler years. The seat unit is from birth which it does lay completely flat. There is padding all around the seat unit making it very comfy for your child. My daughter never moans when she's out in her's like with some others we have had she does. You also get a 5 point safety harness which is easy to do up. You also get 2 chest pads that are easily put on the straps and took off again if you wish.
        With mine I got 2 bumper bars. A small one for when your child is in parent facing mode and a larger bulky one for when the seat unit is facing away from you. Ideal for toddlers. The smaller bar goes to on 2 catches on the seat unit and is easy done and removed. The larger one goes onto the frame by clipping on the 2 arm rests.

        The material is all washable and waterproof. There are 4 different backrest options from laying flat to sitting up,
        On each side of the seat unit just above the armrest there are 2 handles that you need to press in to take off the seat unit. They are well hidden by the material but are easy to find and push the button. Then is just a matter of turning it around and clipping it back on to the frame. Just make sure you hear the click when turning the seat unit around to make sure it's secure.

        The seating area is also large at 36 cm across. Making it ideal if your child is on the big side.
        Assembled Size 92 x 54 x 106cm When the handles are at their highest.

        The wheels and Brakes.
        The wheels are made plastic and are made to last. Each wheel has 2 attached. There is also suspension on the back and brakes on the back wheels. There are 2 catches on both wheels and these are simply push up or down to use the brake. The front has swivel wheels on like many these days do. This is simply done by a flick of a switch on each wheel. Really is very simple.

        The wheels are one thing that you need to put on when you 1st buy one. These are very simple and it's only a matter off pushing the wheel onto the frame until you hear a click. The back wheels are linked together by the brake cables but there is only one way these can go on.'s the same push until you hear a click. Again i It really is simple. Took me around 10 minutes in total.
        The handles.
        The handles are your basic hard plastic handle 1 on either side. To touch they do feel quite soft and are pleasure to hold whist you are pushing the pushchair. As with most pushchair these days the handles do adjust so whether your tall or short these offers comfort for all. The lowest being 100 cm and the highest being 106cm, To adjust the handles it's easy. On the back of both handles there is a sliver switch that you push inwards and pull the handle either up or down to what suit you best.
        The basket I would say is a standard size for a standard pushchair. You can keep a far amount of bags in their and ive over loaded mine on many occasions and mine is fine. The basket is hold on by 4 clips around the bottom of the pushchair. The clips look ever so cheap and look like a little bit of weight they would snap but they really are quite tough little things.
        Basket weight is 3kg.

        Detachable Hood.
        This has to be the one of the best hoods on a pushchair I have ever come across. The other best thing about the hood is that it's attached to the pushchair unit it self and not the frame. Making it really easy when swap from parent facing and outward you don't have to move the hood as well.

        There is a handy storage pocket in the back of hood that is quite cleverly hidden and just looks like it's part of the hood. It's also quite handy for keys and mobile and bottles, toys etc.
        Inside the hood it is lavishly quilted in a white sewn cotton material and looks fantastic. Really does set the hauck eagle off.

        The hood covers your child great and can be moved to multiple positions or just up upwards. You can on hot days take it off also. There is 2 catches on either side of the hood that just pull up or push down to how you want the hood. Also moves freely when adjusting.

        Boot cover and rain cover.
        The boot cover acts like a pram cover does. It's easy to fit 2 Velcro strips. One on either side and these go on easy enough. For windy days you can pull the boot cover up and there is a toggle on both sides and these need to go through the holes on either side of the hood. The Boot cover could be thicker to be honest but I have just just extra blankets when it's really cold. The material is the same as the pushchair. I love the way it can go up to give extra support from wind for babies.
        The rain cover is quite easy to get on. The hood is waterproof not shower proof as some are. I been in mine with really heavy rain and it has not come through at all. The rain cover zips around the front of the hood and then clips to the bottom of frame. The zip around our hood did break after about 10 months or so. I cant really say if it was the pushchair or my daughter as she love to unzip it all the time. It's not a problem though as we brought a universal one that does job. Knowing this though I would still buy another one if I had too.

        Adjustable footrest.
        As this is from birth there is a adjustable footrest. Most people recommend you have the footrest in the up position until your child reaches 12 months to give them leg support. One catch I have found when using this pushchair in parent facing mode is the foot rest cant go all the way down because of the handle that folds it. Only goes half way.

        The footrest has 2 buttons just under the footrest that needs to be push inwards to adjust the footrest. Again this is really easy to do.
        Folding this for the 1st time can be awkward until you get the hang of it. As you get with most strollers this is also umbrella style folding. There is a handle half way down the back that needs to be pulled upward 1st. Then on the handles there is gray catches on both handles then need to be pulled upwards together. Really quite easy. This can also be folded when the pushchair faces both ways.

        Size when folded is 97 x 29 x 53 cm and weight is 11.1kgs. It's really compact when folded. Folds to half it's size, which makes it ideal for fitting in most car boots and tight spaces.
        I have had to clean mine many times and it really is this easy. The whole seat unit comes straight off and the hood and basket does too. These can be placed in a washing machine at 40 degree but not a dryer. If you did not want to do that then you could just hand wash with warm soapy water and leave to dry at room temp. I've done both and cant really tell a difference in which way you have done it. The frame is also easy wash with warm soapy water.
        No bleach should be used on nowhere on the Hauck eagle as this could diss colour the material.

        Extras you can buy.

        This can be transformed into a travel system using a Hauck zero plus car seat. Kiddiecare say they discounted this but are still on sale as ive just looked. Also many places should still them and eBay. New and used on there.
        Prices and where to buy.
        There are many places that do sell this here's just a few.
        Kiddiecare @ £ 179.99.
        PreciousLittleOne @ £179.99
        Play.com @ £216.99
        Ebay prices vary from £89 - £310.

        Plus many more places.
        Car seat is also widely available prices starting from £58 to over £100.

        They also come in 3 different colours which are
        Black. New colour for 2011
        Plum New colour for 2012

        My final thoughts.
        I have loved this pushchair from the minute I see it on Kididecare's website. I love the look and style and people where raving about how good they was. When the Hauck eagle turned up and I put it all together I was even more in love with it. The main thing though my daughter is comfy in it. Summer will happily go to sleep in this and she does not wake up grumpy either unlike many she's feel asleep in. It's so lightweight it's a dream to push and never came across a problem using or pushing it. My handle height catches still work after all this time. The main problem I can find with it and I'm only really nit picking at this. The zip around the hood where the rain cover goes come off. This could be my daughters fault though as she was always unzipping. It's not a problem though as we just brought a universal one that fits fantastically around it. I love the look and feel of this one. The material is almost like a leather texture but it's warm and cosy at the same time.

        So would I recommend it ?
        1000 % I would recommend this. A great all round pushchair from birth that actually lasts and looks fab. If you tend to stick to just one pushchair then this is for you. Will see you through from birth until around a 3 to 4 year old.
        Max weight is 15kg.

        Also posted on a few sites by me. Summers_mummy.


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          27.10.2012 21:10
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Great pushchair

          I should not think I am on my own when I say this but I have a real, actually quite bad pushchair and pram fetish. I buy a new every few months because I always seem to find nicer ones and then get board quite easily or find something very minor that makes me look for another one. I have never gone and brought one with safety in mind to be really honest. Comfort and stylish is what makes me buy it and sometimes the price tag. After having 3 kids with number 4 due in 4 months I have had tons of pushchairs and prams and are still buy them. This however is the only one I have had that really sticks out for --

          Most people when you hear "Maxi Cosi" will often think of the well known company that makes award winning car seats not pushchairs. I was surprised when I first see who made them. I did not think they did pushchair ranges. Though today they have quite a few well known ones such as streety range and Loola and Loola up ranges.

          What you will get with the package.

          This depends quite a bit on what type of package you buy. As there is quite a few package with car seats and carrycots and foot muff and bags and all of that together Just the pushchair package you will get --
          1 x Maxi Cosi Mura 3 seat unit and frame and hood,3 x wheels.1 x pump.1 x rain cover.Instructions.

          The seat unit is and always has remind me of a car seat when on the frame with out the hood on. The fabric almost feels like cotton to the touch and springs back as you take baby out. It's almost like a memory foam matters it's the same sort of principle as that. Making the seat unit very comfy for long and short trips out. The 5 point harness makes it very secure for your little one. Though the thing I had the most problem with when I 1st started to use it was the 5 point harness. You need to put both clips together then clip them into the bottom one. It's really easy once you do get the hang off it.
          The hood can be used in two different ways. The 1st being as the seat is up. The hood just sits over the seat unit with a tiny flap that goes at the back of the seat unit. The 2nd being when the seat unit is lying back the hood then does not fit. Though tucked away very neatly in the flap of the hood is a thinner liner made of fabric that zips all the way around so keep baby from the elements, This also goes right under the seat unit and can be clipped on both sides of the seat unit.
          The frame is made of steel but it's not as heavy once the wheels and seat unit are off. You can put this down with the seat unit on but the seat has to be facing outwards for you to do this. Folding the pushchair is quite hard at 1st as you need to push down and then it folds into it's self. The wheels also come off making it really quite compact when folded.
          The handle is very easy to adjust as there is a clip / button in the middle of the handle that just pushes up or down.

          The wheels all 3 are air tyres and will need pumping up around once a month to keep them hard. Again this also depends on usage. I used mine everyday and only had do mine around once a month. The whole time I was using also I never got a puncture which was great and I did not really avoid sharp objects either. All 3 tyres come off for cleaning and storing which is great. They are also easy to come off with a push of the button.
          The Cross bar / T - bar was one of the things that made me buy this one. It makes this one very safe there is no way a child can pull it off. The bar clips down nicely and then there is a toggle underneath the pushchair that the bar attaches too. Making this probably one of the safest pushchairs on the market today. The bar is also long enough so your child can not lean either way or over the top off it. The bar is also covered in black foam making it soft enough for little ones.
          The rain cover is also another good point. The rain cover covers the whole pushchair seat unit but this one has a zip over the hood making this very easy to get into a baby or child if they need your attention. It's also great for showers as well as it means you don't need to take the whole thing off and put it on again whist your out as all you need to do is unzip the rain cover and it sits their nicely.

          Price & Where to buy.

          We brought ours from Kiddicare.com when it was on sale and a brilliant bargain it was at £129. Though that was about a year and a half ago. Sadly like many of the sale items it did not last long. Though kiddicare.com still sell this today at £289 or around that. As far as I no and I could be wrong there is only 2 colours you can buy now and that is Tango red and black. You would be able get the discontinued colours of the maxi cosi mura 3 and 4 on Ebay and would be a lot cheaper.
          We brought the matching changing bag to go with it for around £30 I think. The changing bag has been cleverly designed to fit into the basket very neatly. You can also but a soft and hard carrycot and also foot muff and car seats. You do get the carrycot and car seat adaptors with the pushchair.


          I should not think I am the only parent to say this but as soon as I buy a new pushchair I make my self a pact that I would not let my daughter eat in it. Yep last around 5 minutes I would say. The maxi cosi mura 3 I think is the easier pushchair I've had to keep clean and machine wash it all. I love the way the seat unit just pulls off the frame. Then once that has been done it's only a matter of unclipping a few pop buttons and sliding off the seat unit. Making it really easy to put in the washer to clean. I did mine on a 30 degree wash as I do with everything. Maxi cosi recommend you don't use bleach either through the washer or sponge cleaning as this may dis colour the fabric. Maxi cosi also recommends you don't tumble dry it either. Though at room temp it really does not take long to dry. You would of thought it would being so thick. The same with sponge cleaning it takes no time at all to dry.

          What my daughter and I thought.

          As you can see from picture below she had no problems at tall going to sleep in it. The pushchair was a dream to push and going around corners. The pushchair was also a dream going over lumps and bumps on paths and also kerbs because of the all around suspension. The main reason why I never wanted a three wheel pushchair was, a couple of them I have had in the past for my other 2 kids sometimes tipped and was quite hard to push around corners. It was the same for going over lumps and dips and kerbs. If court wrong the pushchairs went to tip to one side. This pushchair though has never done that. Your child would not even know they where going over a lump or bump.
          Like I said up above I've never really had hardly any problems only getting around a few smaller shops that I don't really go into weekly so not really causing much problems. I really cant find anything else bad to say about it. Though if I was really nit picking and I mean nit picking then the hood could have been a bit more sturdier but really does not cause much problems either. I also loved the handle height of this pushchair. Being 5ft 8 tall this was perfect height without giving me back ache after being out with it. Brilliant idea for small and tall people a like.
          The pushchair for me was one of the best I have owned and only got rid of mine because I have this weird fetish.
          I also found this great for my daughter as she had serve reflux when she's was younger meaning that you could not settle her most of the times due to her being in so much discomfort. As this does not lay really flat it was great and meaning she was not as sick as she would have been laying in her moses basket.
          Age range from birth to a 3 to 4 yr old. 15 kgs.

          1000% recommend.


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            15.01.2012 20:16
            Very helpful



            Great fun for little ones.

            ~~Vtech Pop Up Ball Surprise~~

            Our ball is brightly coloured different to the ones shown here as ours is for girls. Our ball is mainly pink purple and green. With the same yellow star on and a pink puppy that is attached to the underneath of the star. The ball is not actually a ball as it has 6 sides and never stands up. Has 2 different volume control on and a auto shut off to save on battery life.

            When you turn on the pop up ball surprise and the star and puppy is down you will hear "peek a boo" and the old MacDonald song and "Lets find the dog" flowed by "woof woof". If the star and puppy is up you will hear "peek a boo and lets find the red cat" You also get the old MacDonald song as well.

            When the pop up puppy is down you will hear Peek a boo and then the song will play. After the song has finished the lights start and you will also hear the words "Lets find the dog" . It also works the same way when you push the puppy up but the words are different saying " Peek a boo and I see you" with different song and lights.

            There is not that much difference really from turning the ball on to pressing the star and puppy down and up.

            Now onto the side buttons that are the animals. The animals include Cat, Bird, Rabbit and a red cat. Press these to hear the animal sounds and a random saying. Press again to hear another random saying and a random song. Also on the sides are fabric patches with music notes on them as babies love to feel different textures.
            You can also roll the ball across the floor for a song and the lights.

            There is 10 songs in all that include --
            1. Row Row Row your boat.
            2. Merrily we roll along.
            3. Old Macdonald had a farm.
            4. London bridge
            5. Wheels on the bus.
            6. Head, Shoulders, Knees and toes.
            7. Incy Wincy Spider.
            8. Three blind mice.
            9. Twinkle twinkle little star.
            10. Rock a bye baby.

            ~~Developmental Benefits~~

            As with most baby/ pre school toys there are always something they can learn from them. These include --
            Sensory Stimulation. --- Bright colours and flashing light attract baby's attention, while the different textures invite tactile stimulation. Melodies and sounds along with singing appeal to baby.

            Motor Skills --- Pressing the pop-up puppy helps baby develop manual dexterity
            Discovery and Exploration --- Puppy hides and then pops up again when baby presses the star. Helps teach little ones about cause and effect.

            .Language Development & Phonics --- Friendly English voice introduces new phrases

            This was taken from the Vtech website as I would have said the same anyway.

            ~~Age Range~~

            Recommend for 3 to 18 months.


            My baby has bad reflux so is sick everyday and most things tend to get covered in sick. This ball has been a few times and comes up really well after being sponge cleaned. Their really is no other way to clean this. Dries quickly too at room temperature.

            This takes 2 AA batteries but does come with batteries already in for demonstration purpose only and they recommend that you replace them. We have not yet and this was a few months ago and they still show no signs of stopping yet.

            Vtech also recommends that you do not use rechargeable batteries.

            ~~Price & Where To Buy~~

            We brought this from Argos a few months ago and only paid £9.99 but they was on offer as they are buy 2 for £15 so managed to get a Vtech giggle ball for a fiver.
            Most places do sell this also like Toys R Us, ElC and most good toy shops. Roughly the same price everywhere.

            ~~What We Think~~

            My baby girl already loves this and it's easy for little ones to use and hold and to press the star and also the other buttons. She loves the different textures of the on the ball. She also loves the music too.
            Battery is excellent on this toy we have had ours for over a few months now and they show no signs yet off packing in. We still have not replaced them from buying this from Argos.

            The songs can get a tad annoying especially when your little ones learn to pop the puppy up because there is only 1 song for that one. it's the same for pushing the puppy down as well only 1 song.
            Plus side though it's a great bargain and it's really girly and bright and great for little fingers to press and explore. There is also a auto shut off to save on battery life.


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