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Member since: 07.04.2012

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      07.04.2012 14:00



      Would definitely recommend this to friends and family; an amazing experience with great staff.

      Myself and my partner got given tickets for a flight for Christmas, (admittedly I did book it and because it was half price on Groupon and the family paid me for it.) As it was a 'gift', I called customer service and contacted them about the voucher that they send out to you, cost £5, but is just an actually souvenir of your flight. They were brilliant, and when I booked the flight and make a mistake (which I only noticed in the conformation email!) I contacted them again and they were brilliant in changing it for me.

      We booked onto a flight on the 1st of April (2012) and where incredibly lucky as our flight went ahead first time! There were people on our flight who had been waiting an awful long time, and some who hadn't managed to get onto our flight as it was full had been waiting two and a half years!

      The flight itself was just such an amazing experience, would defiantly do it again! We were lucky in the wind was on our side, and we even managed to land in the bottom of the village where I live! Our pilot (Mandy) was absolutely lovely, telling us how she got involved with flying balloons, and keeping us all informed about what she was doing. The weather was splendid, beautiful blue skies and very warm too. Helping with the putting up and taking down of the balloon is all part of the experience too.

      Would definitely recommend this to friends and family; let's just hope they can be as lucky as us!


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