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      13.06.2011 11:50
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      I have read a great deal of vampire books over the last couple of years, and after the about 10, you tend to find that they start to get quite repetitive, and very much like every other vampire book out there.
      So I always get really excited when I find a book that is completely fresh and original, which is what this book certainly is.

      This is the story of the Glass house, A seemingly ordinary house that resides in the town of Morganville.
      The story's central character is a 16 year old girl called Claire Danvers, she's an extremly intelligent girl which meant that she finished high school early, so her parents sent her to college in Morganville.
      Everything for Claire seems to be going brilliant and her future is very promising, until she meets Monica Morrell.
      Monica and her little group are the cool group and they bully anyone who isn't perfect like them, Claire is no exception.
      Claire's used to the bit of bullying from school but this is by far the worst, there's something about Monica that suggests that no matter what she does, she would get away with it.
      Which leads to Claire leaving the dorms at college and seeking refuge elsewhere.
      She happens upon Glass house and it's three residents: Eve, Shane and Michael.
      They all take Claire under their wings and soon they become great friends.

      As Claire gets to know her new town, she realises that all is not as it seems, what with the wierd 'all people must be at home by sunset' rule and the cars driving around with dark tinted windows.
      As Claire discovers the towns dark secret she starts to worry about her own safety and that of her new housemates.

      Although she's about to find out that it's not just the town that has secrets, her housemates are all keeping secrets close to their chests.
      Claire soon realises that she's got to grow up fast and become tough because once you enter Morganville, you'll never leave.

      Within the first few pages I was hooked which rarely happens for me, The first few chapters of the book don't even mention vampires but I did really like the character of Claire, she's not a very complex character in that she doesn't have a heavy backstory, which I find that in vampire stories the main character always has a troubled past, but Claire is just sweet, naive young girl who's been forced into a situation where she's had to grow up fast in order to look after herself and those around her.

      The whole vampire element is so original, I enjoyed that they had to live in peace alongside the human residents, but obviously it doesn't always work out that way as they can't fight there true nature, which is what makes the story exciting.
      The fact that I was second guessing all the way through the book was brilliant for me, I enjoy stories where you think you know who the bad guys are and what the ending is going to be, but then the plot goes in a completely different direction and your left feeling shocked and amazed.
      This book has plenty of that for me, which made it a great book in my eyes.

      I must mention that this book is aimed at younger readers, i'd say from the ages 14 and up.
      Although it is meant for younger readers I still enjoyed it at the age of 27, It's sort of like the twilight books in that way, in that they were aimed at younger readers but teenagers and adults enjoy them.

      I bought this book at The Works bookshop and It was on the offer of 3 for 5 pounds, (so I bought the next 2 in the series too.)

      A highly enjoyable book, that i'd recommend to any vampire fan.


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      • Dead Snow (DVD) / DVD / 20 Readings / 20 Ratings
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        11.11.2010 12:38
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        Chilling tale of Nazis zombies

        My brother is always lending me gory horror films that he buys as I share his passion for all things gore, but recently i've got so desensitised to horror films that I don't get scared anymore.
        So i'm always on the look out to find a film that scares me.

        When my brother brought this round I couldn't believe there was actually a film about Nazis zombies and immediatly thought it would have to be pretty scary.
        However my brother said it was extremely funny and that it was my kind of film.

        This film is an 18 certificate as it does contain alot of blood and gore, but when I read the back of the dvd case it says that the film is a a sort of black comedy.

        Eight medical students are going on a skiing holiday for a well deserved break, the mountains are beautiful and capped with snow, the log cabin that there staying in is gorgeous and they all settle down for the night drinking and having a laugh.
        They are still waiting for their friend to join them, she wanted to ski down to the log cabin instead of come in the car with the others.
        Her boyfriend starts to get anxious as the next day she still hasn't turned up.

        Then there comes aknock at the door, but it isn't her it's a strange man asking for a drink, when he gets inside the cabin he tells a spooky tale of Nazis soldiers who hid here during the war and terrorized the nearby villages. The villagers eventually banded together and killed the soldiers, but that didn't stop the Nazis and still continued to kill anyone that stayed in the mountains.
        Thinking that the old man is crazy, the students shrug it off and think of it as a huge joke, but what has happened to their friend and why do they keep hearing noises outside in the snow?

        To me the beginning of the film was a bit lame and quite typical of a zombie storyline but as soon as the zombies made themselves known it became completely different to anything i'd ever seen before.
        It's just the look of the zombies that were quite creepy, I mean you would be scared if a zombie approached you not to mention one dressed in a Nazis uniform.
        The thing that made these zombies different though is because they follow the command of the general zombie and the general seems capable of thought. Whereas the other zombie films i've seen before have no thought process except that of feeding on flesh.

        The gore factor was top knotch in my opinion some of he deaths were quite gross and the first time I watched it I sort of squirmed in my seat.
        The effects were realistic and the effect of the blood on he white snow was completely chilling.

        Although first and foremost this is a horror movie it does have some quite humurous moments throughout it.
        Which made me feel bad for laughing when people were being killed but thats the beauty of black comedy.

        I would definatly watch it again but I'm not sure if it would have the same effect from watching it the first time, I prefer films that even if you've watched them 10 times they still give you a chill down your spine like saw for example, i'm not totally sure that this would.

        This was bought for 4 pounds from cex, but you can get it on Amazon for 3 pence cheaper.


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          10.11.2010 10:23
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          chocolate orange with oompfh!

          Everyone knows that the run up to christmas means the shops start selling loads of different chocolate and sweet products, so whilst out buying christmas presents I saw this gorgeous looking terry's chocolate orange on the shelf.
          I immediatly thought that it would make an ideal stocking filler but obviously it was my duty to try the product first, (serious chocoholic talking).

          The first thing that caught my attention about this particular chocolate orange is the box, it's a dark purple with multi-coloured bits of candy which are exploding from the center, which is a circular hole in the middle so you can see the chocolate within.

          Upon opening the orange itself is wrapped in a protective foil wrapper which has the same colour of the box.
          The smell hits you as soon as you take it out of the box, I didn't even have to take it out of the wrapper before my mouth started to water.

          However I did remove the wrapper and i was expecting being able to see the bits of candy, like those on the front of the box, but it just looked like a regular chocolate orange, still quite delicious looking though.

          Now taking Dawn French's advice from the adverts. I whacked it against my bedside table and a few segments came off, so I tried the first segment.
          At first it just tasted like orange chocolate then after a couple of seconds i felt a slight fizz, then the back of my head just exploded (not literally).
          It was amazing, if you've ever treid proper popping candy before from sweet shops you'll know the sensation.
          If not, the best way to describe it is a fizzing and crackling sensation right at the back of your throat that felt to me like it was coming from the inside of my head.

          Although it's quite a wierd feeling, it's actually quite enjoyable and i found that instead of chewing the chocolate if you just let it melt in your mouth the sensation is stronger, not to mention the chocolate lasts longer.

          However no chocolate product comes without a nutritional information table telling us how many calories and fat we've just eaten, I didn't look before eating it as it would have depressed me, it wouldn't have stopped me eating it but it just would have made me sad.

          So i'm looking at it know for the first time: It tells you the content for either 100g of the orange or per 26g, which is approx 3 segments.
          I'm going to do the 3 segments one as i'm sure your not all gannets like me: there are 137kals, 7.5g of fat and as I usually go by sat fat aswell that means 4.5g of sat fat.
          (you think thats bad I ate the whole thing.)

          So I will try and stay away from these for the sake of my poor ever failing diet, but i will buy them as stocking fillers as I think there perfect and on christmas day I can look on in a jealous rage at the people eating my chocolate oranges!

          Oh by the way price wise there about one pound fifty, but I got mine on offer for two for five pounds.


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          • Lambrini / Wine / 26 Readings / 23 Ratings
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            09.11.2010 11:20
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            see review

            I'm not a big drinker, well compared to other members of my family anyway, but on occassion I just fancy a little tipple of something.
            So whilst shopping with my mum I found a great big bottle of lambrini for about 2 pounds, so I decided to treat myself.

            The lid of the bottle is a screw top, and upon opening there was a loud pop and then a fizz, which surprised me as I only thought that happened when you popped the cork on a bottle of champagne.

            So I poured myself a glass and the bubbles were amazing, there were so many of them, i took a sip and loved how fizzy it was.
            If I were compare the taste to anything it would be sweet cider, which I enjoyed alot.

            The bottle I bought had 150cl, and it's 7.5% volume.
            I did have about three glasses and I was alittle merry to say the least (remember that I only drink now and then), My fiancee thought it hilarious that I got drunk on three glasses, as he says it's like pond water but then again he is used to drinking.

            The bottle says that it's a slightly sparkling perry and that it's best served chilled but i kept it in a cupboard and it was lovely at room temperature.

            If your like me though and are not used alcohol be carefull how much you drink of this because it's very refreshing and on one occassion I drank the majority of the bottle and I was a little poorley.

            Overall though when drank responsibily it's a lovely refreshing drink to have in the evening.

            For more information go to www.lambrini.co.uk

            Remember drink responsibilly x


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              09.11.2010 10:53
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              see review

              If you have read my previous reviews you'll now that i'm crazy for the shopaholic series.
              Having read shopaholic ties the knot and finding it to be my favourite book out of the three i'd read I was slightly doubtful that this would be as good.

              This is my review for Shopaholic and sister by Sophie Kinsella.

              Recently married, Rebecca Brandon nee Bloomwood, Is enjoying her around the world trip with new Hubby Luke.
              They've been on holiday for nearly a year and Becky never wants it to end, Luke however is longing to get back to work.
              Having decided that their honeymoon should finally come to an end Luke goes on a business trip to Milan, Becky having discovered this is eager to go along with him for a bit of shopping.........
              .......Unfortunatly this is Becky Bloowood were talking about.
              Meanwhile back home Becky is unaware of what is going on with her parents and when Luke and Becky have finished in Milan they decide to go home and surprise them, but it turns out that Becky is the one that is going to get the surprise of her life.

              In true Rebecca Bloomwood fashion this revalation causes an excited, over the top Becky to try to hard to make her long lost sister her best friend, but Jess, (her sister) just doesn't want to know.

              There is loads more that happens in this book but obviously I'm not going to spoil it.
              This book was just as good as the last one, it is full of surprises and shock revelations that just had my mouth open all the way through.

              Like the last book theres the main story but there's also other little stories going on within the plot, that keep you gripped on every page.

              There are a few new characters in this book, one of them being Jess.
              Jess is Becky's father's daughter from a previous relationship.
              She is so completely different to Becky in everyway that it's hilarious to read.

              I have to say that I did get slightly frustrated at some parts when Becky was trying so hard to impress her sister and her sister just totally dismissed it.
              I felt that I was gritting my teeth a bit through these parts, but i think that maybe that was the intent of the author when it was written to purposely annoy the reader.

              Again it had everything humour, drama and romance.
              Another brilliant book that will have you laughing and crying at the same time.


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              08.11.2010 11:42
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              see review

              This is my review for shopaholic ties the knot by Sophie Kinsella.
              This is the third part in a 6 part series about the character of Rebecca Bloomwood.

              Rebecca Bloomwood is a former financial journalist/television personality, but now she is living in new york with her boyfriend Luke, working in Barney's as a personal shopper.
              Becky's life is going really well, she's got her dream job of getting to shop all day, she's living the high life in new york and she's in love with a successful business tycoon.
              Things couldn't get any better, or could they?........
              .......At her best friends wedding, Luke is about to ask her a question that will change her life.

              I'm sure you'll have guessed what that question is from the title of the book but i'm not going to spoil the way in which it was done.
              Anyway becky is excited and in heaven dreaming about her ideal wedding day, but this is Rebecca Bloomwood and trouble usual follows her.

              Her dream day is about to become the most complicated and exhausting thing, that could either be the best day of her life or crash around at her feet.

              I always have high expectations of these books because I really loved the secret dreamworld of a shopaholic, I was pleased that I wasn't dissapointed with this book. Infact I thought it was the best one out of the three i'd read.

              It's one of those storys that changes your mood every second, i'd be laughing out loud and then all of a sudden i'd be cringing at some of the shocking antics of Becky.
              It made me feel good at the end of reading it because it's such a sweet, romantic story, which leaves the promise of things to come.

              The characters in this book are brilliantly written and I thought the majority of them were great.
              Apart from Becky, my favourite character is Suze and Danny.
              Suze is Becky's best friend and is always having to try and be the sensible one and rein Becky in.
              Danny is a new character in the series, he lives in the apartment above Luke and Becky. he's an an upcoming fashion designer who befriends Becky and try's to convince her to let him make her wedding dress.

              Apart from the obvious wedding story there are a few other little stories going on at the same time, which kept me gripped to the storyline and also why I managed to read it in a day and a half.


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                18.10.2010 16:48
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                see review

                I adore the collection 2000 range and the majority of the products i've tried have been very satisfactory, i've always been a bit hit and miss with the mascara's though.
                I am always on the lookout for a decent mascara that wont smudge or run if wet, (I tend to cry alot) but the most important thing is a mascara that will make my lashes look thick and long, as I am not blessed with naturally thick lashes.

                So I saw this in superdrug and decided to give it a whirl, this is my review for collection 2000- big fake false lash effect mascara.
                Well the name is qiute a mouthful if anything else.

                The tube is quite fat, which makes it stand out from the other mascaras on the shelves, the tube contains 8ml of mascara and it claims to double your lash size.
                It also say's that it's a lash boosting tube technology, which plumps and stretches each lash. no clumping or smudging and that it is water resistant.

                When I first pulled the application wand out of the tube I was amazed at how big it was and when I tried to apply the mascara I did find it difficult to get to those eyelashes that are in the corners of my eyes.
                I found that i'd end up missing those few lashes or i'd try to hard to get them covered that i'd poke myself in the eye with the wand which was very painful.

                The mascara itself is thick and did make my lashes look alot thicker, although not longer and as I have very short unattractive eyelashes I really need them to appear longer than they actually are.

                The major test was the water resistance, I do cry alot and also when i'm not blubbing i'm working in a very hot environment, so unrealiable make-up tends to melt off with sweat.
                However the mascara did not run or smudge on either occasion, which impressed me a great deal.

                I did find it slightly difficult to remove at the end of the day and had to use a whole make-up wipe on just one eye, so it's a good job I buy cheap make-up wipes.

                I apoligise that I can't remember how much this cost me because I bought it a long time ago and am only just reviewing it, but with most of the products in this range they are usually under the 5 pound mark.

                I did like this mascara but it's not as good as I thought it would be so I was left feeling slightly dissapointed, but i will wear it for work as it doesn't leave me looking like a racoon.


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                  18.10.2010 12:04
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                  see review

                  I had heard about this show from my partner, he had watched a couple of episodes and he kept telling me about all the characters and he kept making the jokes.
                  In the end I became that fed up of hearing about it second hand, I bought the dvd for him (with the intention of watching it myself and if I didn't like it, he would be able to keep it at his house.)

                  This is my review for The big bang theory- season 1.

                  The dvd case contains 3 dvds and inside there is a little booklet with a listing of each episode.

                  I put the first disc on and settled down to watch the first episode, to be honest with you I wasn't expecting to find it that funny as I had been told the majority of the jokes in it.
                  However to my surprise within the first minute I was giggling along and then after 5 minutes I was practically on the floor in total histerics.
                  Yes i'd heard the jokes from my partner but when you hear them from the actual characters it just seems 10 times as funny.

                  The characters: *Sheldon- Is a physicist of the highest intellect he has an opinion and an answer for everything. He likes everything to be done a certain way and has a daily routine which he must stick too, much to the annoyance of his friends.

                  *Leonard- Sheldon's long suffering room mate and also a fellow physicist. Leonard is more easy going than Sheldon and often gets irritated by his antics, which makes it a shock to discover that they actually consider each other to be best friends.

                  *Rajesh- is an Astro physicist and works at the same museum as the others and has formed a frienship with them.
                  Raj is good looking and appears cool when with his group of friends but when he's near a women he is rendered speachless.
                  The only thing that helps him overcome his shyness is alcohol, but that has problems within itself.

                  *Howard- He is the only one in the group who hasn't got a phd, he has a masters in engineering though, as he often mentions to everyone.
                  He believes that he is god's gift to women and has every chat-up line in the book, but they never work.

                  *Penny- She has recently moved into the apartment opposite Sheldon and Leonard, she works at the cheesecake factory.
                  She believes that this will be temporary until she gets an amazing acting role, but unfortunatly if her singing's anything to go by then she's going to be working as a waitress for a long time.

                  There are 17 episodes in this series and everyone is funnier than the one before.

                  The characters are so different but they seem to work so well together.
                  I love Sheldon as he is so arrogant and sure of himself but as you get to know him, you see that there is a sweetheart underneath it all.
                  I love the fact that while all the other characters are trying to pursue different love interests, Sheldon doesn't seem to have any interest in that sort of relationship at all.
                  Which often left me guessing what his preference was, at first I thought maybe he was gay but then I realised he just wasn't interested at all.

                  Each episode has a different storyline but it also continues the theme of Leonard being in love with Penny and trying to get closer to her.

                  The 3rd dvd has an extra treat of a behind the scenes featurette, I found this funny and loved hearing all the actors talking about there characters.
                  Also I found out that they have an actual physicist working on the show with the producers and the actors, telling them the correct jargon to use and also writing all the science equations, so not only is it really funny but you actually learn about science aswell.

                  Overall a brilliant, intelligent and refreshing comedy that had me in stitches all the way through.


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                  • Nestle Quality Street / Chocolate / 42 Readings / 40 Ratings
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                    14.10.2010 11:38
                    Very helpful



                    see review

                    Anyone who has read my previous reviews will know that I been doing the weight watchers diet for the last month or so, but obviously i'm human and often slip up.
                    So I thought i'd review my slip up because if you are going to ruin your diet, the best way to ruin it is by eating Quality street.

                    Although the picture on dooyoo is of the tin of quality street, I bought the box of chocolates.
                    The box itself is so attractive as it is a slender triangular shape and it is a rich purple colour with lovely silver sparkles on the front.
                    The front of the box has a little clear plastic window, so that you can see the chocolates inside.

                    The lid is a large flap on the top which has the words Quality street on it, once you lift the flap there are the words 'Enjoy' and 'What's your favourite?', which I thought was a nice personal touch to the product.

                    The chocolates: There are 12 different varieties of chocolates and I think there were about 4-5 of each.

                    Toffee deluxe: A very hard and chewy toffee, covered in a chocolate coating.
                    I found that these were extremly chewy and after a while it started to make my jaw hurt, not to mention it got stuck in my back teeth.

                    Milk choc block: This is simply a chunk of chocolate, which just sort of melted in my mouth and the chocolate had a smooth and rich texture.

                    Toffee finger: This is a long slender finger-like shape and it is very similar to the Toffee deluxe, the taste is great but i'm just not a big fan of toffee.

                    Orange creme: Creamy orange fondant coated in chocolate. I love to just let it melt in my mouth as it's just so gorgeous, but very moreish.

                    Orange chocolate crunch: Crispy orange pieces in a chocolate block, I found that this sort of crunched and crackled when chewing it, which was lovely.

                    The green triangle: This one was a pralaine center, which was rich, smooth and very creamy.

                    The purple one: A soft caramel center with a nut in the middle covered in a chocolate coating.
                    I think this was my least favourite one as I don't like nuts.

                    Fudge: A soft fudge filling inside a chocolate coating. Simply delicious and i'm glad there were a few of them.

                    Coconut eclair: coconut flakes packed into a chocolate coating. Tasted very much like a bounty bar.

                    Toffee penny: A penny shaped toffee, this is the only one that isn't covered in chocolate.

                    Caramel swirl: soft and creamy caramel with chocolate coating, similar to the purple one but without the nut.

                    Strawberry delight: Another gorgeous fondant centre, this time strawberry flavoured in chocolate coating.

                    My only complaint is that there are too many toffee chocolates, I would like some sort of coffee foundant for one of the chocolates.

                    I am a glutton for punishment as I had to look at the calorie content and i'm not surprised how much i'd just consumed.
                    Per 100g is 457 kcal, and as it's a 400g box if you were to eat the whole box then you would have to get straight down the gym.

                    If you are good at eating in moderation though, the average per 3 sweets is 129 kcal.

                    The box of sweets cost me 4 pounds 99 from my local shop.

                    Overall a very tasty but extremly naughty treat, with lots of different flavours to choose from.


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                      07.10.2010 10:29
                      Very helpful



                      see review

                      Anyone who is a regular dieter will know that sometimes the menu can get a bit boring.
                      so I sometimes buy those mini packs of cereal that come in multi-packs, just so I can have something different every now and then.
                      I had never heard of these before and have never had them in a multi-pack either so I was really looking forward to trying them.

                      This is my review for Kellogg's rice krispies-multi-grain shapes.

                      The box caught my eye straight away as it is bright orange, and the front of the box has a picture of the cereal in a bowl with the 3 rice krispie characters, (snap, crackle and pop) next to it.
                      There standing on each others shoulders and holding up a sign each that say rice, oats and corn.

                      Upon opening the box and the packet of cereal inside i poured the content into a bowl and had a look at all the different shapes, there were stars, fish and people?.........

                      ........Alright so I don't think there actually meant to be people but theres a shape in them that looks like a little head with a body and arms and legs.
                      I think maybe this was meant to be a sort of flower shape but I spent a few minutes having a good look and couldn't work it out.

                      Anyway I poured on my milk and started to eat, they didn't completely blow me away taste-wise but they are pleasent and according to the box there healthy.

                      The front of the box say's that the cereal contains a natural prebiotic to help keep kids' tummies healthy.
                      The rect of the box has fun games for the little one's to play whilst eating their breakfast.

                      Nutritional information (23g serving with 125ml of semi-skimmed milk):
                      Energy-612kj/144kcal, Protein-6g, Carbohydrate-23g, Of which sugars-8g, Starch-15g, Fat-2.5g, Of which saturates-1.5g, Fibre-2g, Sodium-0.1g, Salt-0.25g

                      The vitamins that you get from this cereal are: Thiamin (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folic acid, Vitamin B12.
                      The cereal also contains Calcium and Iron.

                      The allergy information is that it contains Oats.

                      Also for all you weight watchers out there, for a 23g serving with 125ml of semi-skimmed milk you'll be using 2 and a half points.

                      Overall a quite pleasent, healthy and low-fat cereal with fun shapes to keep the children entertained.
                      Although definatly not the tastiest breakfast cereal i've ever had and i'd eat them again if they were in the cupboard, but I wouldn't go out to specifically buy them.


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                      • Freederm gel / Skin Care / 38 Readings / 37 Ratings
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                        04.10.2010 15:01
                        Very helpful



                        see review

                        I have recently wrote a review on freederm facial cleanser, and I was really pleased with the results it had on my spot prone skin.
                        When I saw this next to it in superdrug i decided to try it too.

                        Whereas the facial cleanser is for use on all of your face, the freederm spot gel is for application on specific spots.

                        Anyone who suffers from spots will know what it's like to get those troublesome zits and pimples, especially when due to go out somewhere special and with someone special.
                        Well this gel is supposed to treat and soothe inflamed spots.

                        The gel is in a small white tube and contains 10g of the liquid.
                        The instructions on the tube are to rub a small amount on the problem spot and gently massage into the problem area.
                        The gel itself is thick and has a distinctive smell but it's not unpleasent as it doesn't overpower and once it's on you can't really smell it.

                        I found that appliying too much of the gel would leave a white, flakey substance on my skin when it was dry.

                        I have been using it for a while on small spots and it has always worked but recently I put the gel to good use when I got the spot of all spots on my chin.
                        I had a few days to try and get rid of it as I was due to go out at the weekend.
                        I applied the gel in the morning, let it dry and then put my foundation on over the top of it.
                        I wouldn't do that again as my foundation rubbed the dry gel off and gave my skin the appearance of peeling off.

                        Anyway that night I put some more on before I went to bed, when I woke up my spot seemed just as bad, it was still sore, inflamed and very red.
                        So I put more gel on throughout the day, but it had no effect whatsoever.

                        Desperate I abandoned the gel and used the good old toothpaste remedy- (for anybody who doesn't know this method it's putting toothpaste on the spot, apparantly the menthol in the toothpaste brings the spot to a head, thus helping bring out the poison of the spot.)

                        I did read the back of the tube though and it does say that the gel is for mild to moderate spots, so although I was frustrated that it didn't work this time, I know that it is still effective on minor spots.

                        I can't rememeber the actual price as I bought it a while ago, but it was in the 5 pound region.

                        Overall an effective spot gel but do find something else for those big pimples.


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                        27.09.2010 11:35
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                        see review

                        When I buy a book it's usually the fancy front cover that convince me to buy it, this is a habit i'm trying to get out of.
                        When I came across this book the cover wasn't that eye catching, I must tell you that the picture on dooyoo is different to that of my book.
                        The front picture of my book is of a young couple on a sofa in an embrace, whilst the man's hand is reached out to hold another womans hand, who is sitting on the very end of the sofa.

                        I think it was the title that intrigued me more than anything- friends, lovers and other indiscretions.
                        I thought there was so much potential in a title like that, so I bought it.

                        The plot: Laura is a doctor and her husband Sam is a writer for a television programme, Laura is very succsessful but would like to work part-time so that she can spend more time with their 2 young children.
                        However she is unable to do that as Sam's career isn't going as well as hers, infact he hasn't told her that he doesn't have his job anymore.

                        Laura and Sam's best friend is Jonathon, he's a up and coming chef and owns a fancy resturant with his wife, Hannah.
                        They are the envy of their friends as there the golden couple that are still madly in love with each other after years of marraige.

                        There other friend is Janey, she's been climbing the career ladder at her law firm and is determined not to let a little thing like being heavily pregnant get in her way.
                        Her husband, Steve is recently new to the group of friends and doesn't really understand why there all so close.

                        The friend's decide to all go on holiday together.
                        At first things start off well, but then small cracks start to appear in the friendships as they all hold many secrets from each other.
                        Many things are about to be revealed, will they be able to keep there freindships or will these secrets be too much to handle?

                        The story didn't capture my attention straight away, because it spends the first half of the book trying to describe the characters and their relationships.
                        I'm happy that I persevered though as I found if I didn't understand the characters as well as I did, I wouldn't have appreciated the ending of the story.

                        I really warmed to some of the characters, I felt like the Author, Fiona Neill had really put alot of thought into the characters and all the relationships.
                        I have read a few books before were the relationships description was so brief, that when something major happened I wasn't moved because I didn't feel anything about the relationship.

                        I loved the character of Laura, she's so neurotic and paranoid about what she thinks her husband may or may not be doing, it's quite funny.
                        Janey's character was quite funny as well, she is so meticulous and straight-laced with her work, that it rubs off on the way she treats her baby.
                        She has to follow everything by the book and when anyone gives her advice she dismisses it as it's not in the baby book.

                        I always like the parts when the adult conversations get overheard by Laura's children, Nell and Ben.
                        I found that when things were getting a little serious in the story, Nell and Ben would say something about what they've overheard, they don't quite understand but they have a knack of saying it how it is, and getting the adults thinking 'well why didn't we think of it like that'.
                        That had me laughing all the way through, as the old saying comes to mind 'out of the mouths of babes'.

                        Each chapter is from a different characters point of view, as to get into the lives of all of the characters.
                        I would describe it as reading someone's diary, as you really get a personal look into the characters lives and relationships.

                        I bought this book for 6 pounds 99 pence from WHSmiths, but I know you can get it from amazon at a cheaper price.

                        I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it proves that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover.


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                          23.09.2010 10:53
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                          see review

                          I love my shower creams and bubble bath products, and having tried the mint shower cream in this range (and loving it), I decided to try this one out aswell.

                          The bottle is a slender triangular shape and contains a beigey coloured liquid.
                          The front of bottle states that 49 bee miles helped make one skin nourishing bottle of this original source shea butter ans honey shower cream packed with natural stuff.
                          That alone would have made me buy it, but like I said I loved the mint cream so much that I couldn't resist this one.

                          Upon opening I got a nice whiff of honey, so I put the bottle under my nose and gave it a proper sniff and the scent is rich, sweet and very appealing.

                          Once on the cream is smooth and creamy, and it lathers up brilliantly.
                          After use my skin felt silky and smooth and I could still smell the honey.

                          I read the back of the bottle and they test all their products on themselves and the bottle and the top have been made 100% recyclable, which is always a must.

                          I bought this for a pound and in my opinion it was a pound well spent and now i'm going to try other shower creams in this range.


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                          • Mirrors (DVD) / DVD / 21 Readings / 21 Ratings
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                            23.09.2010 10:19
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                            see review

                            I am always on the look out for horror movies that are actually scary, rather than advertise themselves as being frightening and really being so lame that you have to switch them off half way through.

                            This is my review for the film Mirrors.

                            The plot: Kiefer Sutherland plays an ex-cop, who has lost his job and his family due to drinking too much.
                            He's managing to pull himself together though, as he's on medication to stop him from drinking, and he's got a new job as a night-time security guard of an old burned down department store.

                            The history of the store and how it got burnt down is hazy, but everything in the building seems to be destroyed except for all the mirrors.

                            The ex-cop starts to see strange things within the mirrors, but are these things real or just a result of his strong medication?

                            I really wanted to get into this film but for the first 20 minutes I wasn't that interested if i'm honest.
                            I couldn't really warm to Keither Sutherland's character, as i'm so used to films with the story of the drunk ex-cop who's trying to get his family back.
                            I was really hoping for something a bit more original.

                            However I soon changed my mind during one of the scenes, which I can't really tell you without ruining the film, but it was original and totally horrifying.
                            I very rarely get really grossed out by horror films anymore but this one scene got my heart racing.

                            After that I think I paid more attention to the film, and for about 10 minutes after that part it was quite exciting but then it sort of became a bit boring again.

                            I was completely torn about the ending as it wasn't brilliant in the scense that it blew me away, but it was original.
                            I'm not sure if i'd watch this film again but it's definatly not the worst horror film i've ever seen.

                            This film is an 18 as it does have some gory scenes and strong language, and you can buy it from amazon for 4 pounds 43 pence.


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                            • Weetabix Weetos Bar / Snacks / 43 Readings / 42 Ratings
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                              19.09.2010 18:06
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                              see review

                              I am a chocoholic and could literally eat chocolate all day everyday, but now i'm trying to lose weight I am having to find tasty low-fat substitutes.
                              So when I saw these I immediatly had to try one as I always used to eat the weetos cereal when I was yonuger.

                              This is my review for Weetos cereal bars.

                              The box has a very delicious looking picture on the front of what the cereal bar looks like and the front of the box also say's that there are only 99 calories per bar.

                              Upon opening the box there are 5 individually wrapped cereal bars.
                              When I removed the bar from the wrapper I was quite surprised that the bar was quite big, I've found in the past that anything chocolate based thats low-fat turns out to be very small.

                              The bar is made up of weetos, for anyone who has never had weetos before they are small chocolate hoops made out of wheat.
                              The bottom of the bar is a chocolate coating, which makes it look extremley appetising, however i've discovered that if you remove the whole bar from the wrapper to eat it, it does melt in your hand.

                              I was really expecting alot from this cereal bar as it looked like a chocoholics dream, so I tried to eat it slowly so I could appreciate the flavour.
                              It was better than I thought it would be, the chocolate coating just sort of melts in your mouth and the weetos are exactly as I remembered them from eating the cereal all those years ago.

                              It was so delicious infact that I had to double check the calorie and saturated fat content for my weight watchers calculator.

                              Nutritional information per 20g bar: Energy-370kj/88kcal, Protein-1.2g, Carbohydrate-14.2g, Of which sugars-8.2g, Fat-2.9, Of which saturates-1.3g, Fibre-0.3g, Sodium*-0.02g, *Equivalent as salt-0.05g.

                              I was very happy when I worked out that these are only 1 and a half points per bar on weight watchers as now I can have my morning chocolate fix.

                              The only thing that confused me is that the box says that there 99 calories per bar, whereas the nutritional information says there 88 calories par bar.
                              Not that i'm complaining at all but I would have thought that putting the actual amount of calories on the box would be even more of an encouragement for people to buy them.

                              They do have an allergy adive on the back of the box that says that the product contains wheat, soya and milk.
                              It also says that it may contain traces of nuts

                              I know usually these are in the 2 pound margin but I bought them on an offer in asda for 1 pound.


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