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Member since: 05.06.2006

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      06.06.2006 15:57
      Very helpful
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      Good family holiday

      We chose to go to Jersey as we felt it had something for everyone. My daughter is 4 and though loves the idea of sitting on a beach making sandcastles would probably be bored if we spent all day doing it.My husband would definitely be bored after a while.
      The beaches are long and clean and it is lovely just to walk along the beaches collecting shells.
      We went to 2 castles Elizabeth Castle and Gorey castle we also went to the war tunnels.
      We went to Elizabeth castle via the puddleduck which was fine,it's a lovely castle to potter around, there is a parade where my husband was roped into and they also fired a cannon. The Germans built lots of concrete bunkers at the castle which men find really interesting. There is a beautiful beach here, when you walk you sink about 4 inches into the sand.

      Gorey castle is in a lovely town with a very cheap and cheerful cafe. I can't remember the name but it by Poundworld. We had cheese & pineapple toasties with curry chips. Sounds very weird but after 4 days of full English breakfast it was just what we fancied.This castle goes on for ever, I wouldn't want to do it on a very hot day. Lots about Sir Walter Raleigh. It was closed for 5 years while they did some work. They seemed to have spent the time making sculptures, my 4 year old who usually likes castles did get bored with this one.
      The war tunnels are interesting worth a visit but is hard to explain to a little one about the war. She couldn't understand why someone had made a dress out of some curtains, as she thought the curtains were more practical and she would regret it come bed time.

      I would recommend catching the bus. Timetables are available at St Helier bus station they seem to run everywhere every 20 mins. Even my husband who has never caught a bus thought they were good.

      Great holiday would recommend


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        05.06.2006 22:53



        Good Scooby fun, clues , mystery and a man in a mask

        My 4 year old daughter is a big Scooby fan so it was great to get a game for her to play.

        The gang show up in a ghost town, oh what a surprise, and have to find out who is the phantom. When you first play the game it can get frustrating, for adults at least, trying to work out what is going on. Basically in each room you need to collect various items, pick up clues the usual computer stuff.

        Once you have all the clues and caught the phantom you need to say who you think the phantom is. It is a nice twist that it changes every time.

        The most annoying part of this game is the end when you land up in the cemetary, every time you click on a gravestone, something you have to do to find the phantom, if it isn't the phantom you get taken out of the cemetary and back to town entrance.

        There are quite a few games on route like pie throwing. Personally I prefer the jinx at the sphinx. We got a box set of 3 for £10.00 so definitely worth that.


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          05.06.2006 17:40



          Comfortable,clean friendly, great pool but noisy

          We stayed at this hotel last week (29th May). I booked it on the internet and always received quick and polite responses to my Emails.
          My husband, myself and our 4 year old daughter were made extremely welcome. The rooms are clean and my daughter was very excited to have her own adjoining room with her own TV and bunk beds.
          The bus stop is a couple of minutes away and buses really are easy to catch. Don't waste a taxi fare to the hotel just catch the bus, the number 15 to St Helier,all the bus drivers knew the hotel.
          The pool is lovely despite the weather being a little fresh at times the pool was always a good temperature.
          The decor as I think others have mentioned is dated but it isn't swirly patterns so not too bad.
          Two problems were that there was no soundproofing. We listened to a football match one night as the people nextdoor were watching it, we could hear other word they said. (no they weren't shouting)Unfortunately they had a tendency to get up at 6.30. and then the staff would begin hoovering at 7am.
          Breakfast was very basic. No fruit or continental alternatives. But for the price you can make do.

          Comfortable, friendly would have been great if the room nextdoor was empty.


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