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Member since: 19.05.2010

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      19.05.2010 16:08
      Very helpful



      Used to be a brilliant hotel - oh how times change!

      We booked the honeymoon suite 4 months ago and had been looking forward to it ever since. We have stayed in the suite before and loved it so were really excited at the prospect of starting our holiday in style. However, on arrival the TV had shrunk, the bath panel had been broken and put together with yellow adhesive, and the fluffy white robes had disappeared. The Jacuzzi didn't work, the TV didn't work and we couldn't be transferred as the alternative rooms were fully booked.

      We were devasted and angry (especially as the staff appearred to feel this was completely acceptable as we had got it at a special price?!?). We complained at the front desk and were offered a refund on the money we'd paid for the transfer. Although our stay had been ruined irretrievably, we felt we were due some sort of discount so we agreed. They said they would put a note on the system for the day staff to ensure they knew to arrange this for when we checked out.

      In the morning the day staff had no knowledge of this and said we would need to deal with it when we got back as there was no one there to authorise it.

      A fortnight later we arrived back with ten minutes to spare before the transfer buses stopped and breathed a sigh of relief. Short-lived, as when we rang five minutes later to make sure there were no problems, we were told that it had been and gone and that we would need to get a taxi. Not bad considering that it was meant to be arriving at the same time we were on the phone being told it had left! After a £17 taxi fare to the hotel we decided they could stick their transfer refund, as we wouldn't pay 17p to go there again! Shame because we have recommended this hotel to anyone that will listen and have booked this hotel every time we've gone on holiday for the last three years without even checking the competition.

      They even had the audacity to tell us that the return transfer is complimentary! Reception are wasted they should be doing stand-up comedy or starring in Fawlty Towers.

      P.S. No lifts so be warned if you have heavy cases to take up to the room.


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