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    • Cadbury Creme Egg / Chocolate / 22 Readings / 20 Ratings
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      16.08.2011 13:43
      Very helpful



      A great treat, Easter or not ... beautiful!

      Cadbury Creme Eggs have been sold as they are now since 1971, and have been popular ever since. The Cadbury website states that between the New Year and Easter, over 200 million are sold in the UK!

      The egg is made of a nice thick layer of Cadbury's milk chocolate, which incases a yellow/orange and white gooey, sugary fondant.
      It is brilliantly wrapped in a foil wrapper. They are normally sold alone, but can be found in a multipack box, or can come with a Creme Egg easter egg. Fairly recently, Cadbury brought out a Creme Egg in bar form - the Twist Bar. In my opinion, these aren't as good, as you don't get as much goo as you want!

      In my opinion, it is one of the best chocolate snacks... it is most definitely one of the sweetest! Cadbury's milk chocolate is sweet on the whole as it is, but the fondant is particularly sweet, and is surely a favourite for those who love a chocolatey sugar rush. Some people may find this sickly (I cannot understand WHY?!), but they're not too big. This brings me on to the price...Creme Eggs (like most other chocolate/sweets) have risen in price over the last few years. You could get them for around 30p around 5 years ago, but now they'll cost around 50p...which is a bit too much for the size, but they're so nice!

      Overall, I think they are an 'egg'cellent treat ... especially for children, or for those with a sweet tooth. The amount you get for the price is not brilliant, but I still think it's worth it...try and get them in a '3 for £1' deal.

      ...Why only have them at Easter!?


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      • Kinder Bueno / Chocolate / 17 Readings / 13 Ratings
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        16.08.2011 10:44
        Very helpful



        Lovely chocolate bar - a great alternative ... creamy and delicious!

        If you're looking for something a bit different to the usual chocolate bar, this is a great option. I am now a regular buyer of Kinder Buenos - they are gorgeous!

        The Kinder Bueno is made up of two identical chocolate bars which are wrapped individually in see-through plastic (which gives it a good sense of ultra-freshness AND you're able to save the bar if you don't want to eat it all at once) , with a convinient tab that you pull to help you get to the chocolate quicker!

        A bar consists of 4 segments (each break off very easily). A segment is covered in Kinder chocolate (drizzled with slightly darker chocolate) and has a layer of wafer. Inside this, there is a beautiful, creamy hazelnut filling - the best bit, which I feel gives the bar its originality or its x-factor. I'm not really a nutty fan, but I'll always choose this. The bar tastes brilliant and feels so light - unfortunately they don't fill you up!

        With only 121 calories per bar (142 overall) the Kinder Bueno is a much more reasonable option for someone who wants a delicious treat, but doesn't want to add loads of calories. A Dairy Milk bar contains 255 calories. There is also a white chocolate version, although I prefer the original. I find the white to be a bit sickly.

        One bar will cost around 55p, and a multipack of 4 will cost around £1.60-ish.

        I would definitely recommend the Kinder Bueno. They are a lighter and healthier alternative to normal chocolate bars, and are beautifully made! Great tasting - I could have them all day!


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          15.08.2011 18:27
          Very helpful



          Definitely worth a go, try it - see if it's the right thing for you. Good smell, a nice alternative

          Overall, a great product - it boasts a unique and natural, fresh scent and is a sensitive, aluminium free (0% aluminium) deodorant...a common worry amongst the public is that aluminium is carcinogenic. It is also paraben free.
          This is certainly a good alternative to 'normal' deodorant, and won't harm the environment or clog up your lungs after spraying it.

          In addition to the deodorant, it also comes in gel-stick form and a cream. There is another spray with crystals in it, where you just add water and the crystals will 'turn' the water into a deodorant!

          Bionsen will stop you smelling. It's what it says - a 'deodorant'. It ranges from person to person (I am a 20 year old male) and I still feel a bit sweaty sometimes ... (it's not an anti-perspirant- it says on the back that it neutralises the bacteria that cause odour). Unfortuntely, unlike the hardcore 'Sure For Men' sort of sprays, it won't work as well when completing a sporting/fitness regime/task.

          As a male, I don't own a handbag, but if I did, it would fit in it. It is easy to use too - no unecessary locks...just a cap.

          It never leaves white marks on clothes, and I have been complimented many times on how fresh I smell! One bad issue is that I've (very rarely) experienced stinging when I've put it on. I do have sensitive skin, but it claims that it's 'gentle'. The stinging goes away after a minute or two.

          However, it is relatively expensive, around £3 - £3.50, but if you're looking for an alternative, fresh, healthier option, then this is an excellent purchase.


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          • Nike T90 Pitch Football / Ball Sport / 14 Readings / 13 Ratings
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            28.03.2011 19:24
            Very helpful



            A great ball - good value for money - get this ball if you're thinking of buying a new one!

            I've been playing football all my life, and right now, I am playing more than ever. With any footballing activity, you will need a ball!

            The Nike T90 Pitch Football is one of the best balls I've played with. At the moment I play on a rubber crumb pitch, which is brilliant, but the ball would be fine on grass, and even on astroturf. The ball is consistent, and fairly durable, and has a nice, slight padding to it. Unlike some other balls, this ball won't have a ridiculous flight path, and you can control it well and precisely.

            I play at a high level (have been at academies, played for my county, etc. and any ball won't do. The Nike T90 is a great, quality football.

            The ball costs around £10 - £15. I use these balls for continuous free kick practice, so they are struck a lot, and with power all the time. So far, the ball has lasted - tt seems to keep it's shape very well and it never won't deflate for a long time. Where I play, there are wooden boards in the facility, so the ball will often hit them. In a real game scenario, there are obviously no wooden boards!

            It is really easy to pump, and retains a nice pressure. Make sure the needle of the pump is moistened first - or the ball could be damaged.

            The ball has a 32-panel design which (apparently) gives it excellent balance and feel - I think it does. The ball has a modern design, and will come in different colours, such as white/black, navy/blue, black/orange etc.
            I prefer playing with white coloured balls, as they are easiest to see.

            The ball comes with a 2 year stitch and shape guarantee.

            To summarise, this is an excellent all round football. Obviously there are better balls, but they'll cost a lot more, (up to £85), so this ball is great value for money.

            It can be used in many conditions,
            it has a true flight path,
            it is durable,
            it does what you want!

            If you are looking for a new ball and don't want to spend vast amounts, then you should definitely go for the Nike T90 Pitch Football.


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              26.03.2011 18:32
              Very helpful



              A vast game, where tactics come into play. Brilliantly made, with loads of fun ahead of you!

              Pokemon red and blue - 2 brilliant, classic games for the gameboy, both iconic and different. They are both so easy to get into, and you learn so much along the way. Pokémon is a shortened word for 'Pocket Monster'. The game was so successful that it was made into an incredibly popular cartoon, which is still being shown today. I am 20 years old now, and I still know EVERYTHING about this game, which I played when I was about 9.

              You start off in your house with nothing but a dream - to catch 150 Pokemon and become a Pokemon master. Professor Oak, who is your rival's grand father helps you along the way, making sure you start with a Pokemon. He gives you a choice of 3:

              Squirtle - the water type
              Bulbasaur - the grass type
              Charmander - the fire type

              You will have to fight many opponents using your Pokemon that you've caught on your travels. You catch Pokemon by buying Poke balls, and using them in battle against wild Pokemon that you see on your journey. You must train your Pokemon by giving them experience, by putting them in battles, and getting their level up, and helping them learn new, more powerful moves. There 55 moves altogether, but each Pokemon can only have 4, so choose wisely!

              Your journey takes you through different towns, named after different colours, which you can see on a town map. Your Pokemon will help you get round the whole world, by digging, flying, cutting down bushes, and surfing across water. They'll help you in the dark, and by moving boulders too!

              You must fight trainers and eventually, when you're good enough, fight the gym leader of each town, and obtain a badge. There are 8 badges to get in total, and once you have these, you can challenge 'The Elite 4' - 4 trainers who are the best in the business! However, beating them is not the end of the game, as you must catch all 150 Pokemon! This is a huge task, but extremely fun! Some Pokemon are very rare, so take your chances!

              Pokemon is an addictive, tactical game that is competitive and enjoyable, as you are able to play mulitplayer too with the help of a link cable. You can fight your friends, or trade Pokemon this way.

              In a fight, you and your opponent will take turns to use a move on each other, and the first person to knock out all the other person's Pokemon is the winner. You will win money for this, which you can use in Marts, in each city, where you can buy Poke Balls, potions and other things to supplement your Pokemons' needs.

              Hours and hours of fun lie ahead for you - with 150 (perhaps 151) Pokemon to catch, this brilliantly vast game will leave you with a huge, enjoyable task. You can also compare progress with friends, and boast about your Pokemon!

              The game's graphics are a bit poor, but you shouldn't expect too highly from a gameboy colour! And in any case, the gameplay is phenomenal! The way it has been all thought out is brilliant. You must think your way through, and make decisions to help you get through and be successful.

              The controls are very easy to use - most of it is either walking (up, down, left, right) or selecting/cancelling with A and B.

              The music is very catchy, and can help intensify the situation! As you get further through the game, opponents will become harder to beat, and wild Pokemon will be tougher. There are 3 legendary bird Pokemon, which you only have one chance to catch. Make sure you catch them! There are many different types of Pokemon, and your 6 (you can only carry 6 at a time, other wise you store them in a PC!) should be strong in all areas. Types include:


              To complete the WHOLE game, you'll need to have a friend who has the other version of the game (and a link cable) so you can trade Pokemon (as some can only be caught on Blue and some only on Red). I feel this adds a certain depth to the game, and makes it unlike any other game. Your search for Pokemon becomes a real quest, and if you do eventually complete the game, the accomplishment will feel brilliant.

              A must get for any Gameboy fans, or any Pokemon fans. If you're not a fan of either, then you should be!


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            • Fentimans Curiosity Cola / Soft Drink / 10 Readings / 9 Ratings
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              23.03.2011 11:22
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              A special drink - a lovely change to normal soft drinks. Definitely the best tasting drink out there

              I love Cola. There are many Cola drinks on there market, but sometimes I feel like a change - something different.

              I came across Curiosity Cola around 5 years ago, as I will go out my way to find different drinks. I was certainly curious! I wanted to try it - however, the price was a bit high...

              I went for it anyway, and have never looked back!

              Fentiman's are based in Northumbria and have been making drinks for nearly 100 years. They make other delicious drinks too:

              Victorian Lemonade
              Dandelion and Burdock
              Manderin and Seville Orange Jigger
              Tonic Water
              Rose Lemonade
              Ginger Beer
              and now, Organic 'Cool' Ginger Beer and 'Smooth Lemonade'.

              Curiosity Cola isn't flavoured with chemicals - herbs are used instead. As well as the ginger root extract , the drink contains catuaba (a herb/stimulant) and guarana (another stimulant). You can buy it in Waitrose, Sainburys and other small health shops.

              Fentimans drinks come it thick, rugged looking, glass bottles, different to any other packaging out there, with an easy to open screw top!

              Before opening the bottle, Fentimans suggest you ''simply hold the bottle in your hand and with one good turn of the wrist invigorate the ingredients that lie dormant at the bottom of the bottle.'' - This will get the flavours going! Curiosity Cola is delicately fizzy, and won't overpower your mouth. Every that's tried it compares it to some sort of cola sweet- either cola bottles, or cola cubes - and I think they're right. It's odd, but delicious!

              The only downside is the price. You can buy a 275ml and 750ml bottles - worth around £1 and £3 respectively.

              I would highly recommend, this refreshing drink. It makes a lovely change to normal, boring drinks.


              Here is the Nutritional Information for the Cola, incase you were curious...

              Serving Size 1 bottle (275ml)
              Calories 129.25
              Fat 0g
              Sodium 0.049g
              Carbohydrates 31.9g
              Sugar 31.9g
              Protein 0.19g

              Carbonated Water
              Cola Flavour
              Natural Herbal Extracts
              Colour Caramel
              Phosphoric Acid (E338)


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              • WWF No Mercy (N64) / Nintendo 64 Game / 5 Readings / 5 Ratings
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                23.03.2011 09:44
                Very helpful



                Great wrestling game, loads to do, different routes can be taken in Championship - good game!

                No Mercy was a huge hit when it came out in 2000. The graphics are pretty sharp for the time, and the gameplay is good - easy to control, but hard to master, as there are moves like block, or reverse which may take a bit of time to master. You can play the game for hours and hours since there are so many things to complete on it. The wrestlers' faces are briliantly made, with each looking like the real guy! There arms are a bit blocky though...

                There are a huge amount of moves that you can use to punish your victims. These are all easy to pick up, as main moves are used with A, B and the D-pad. The D-pad will determine what move you do by inputting a certain sequence of directions. You can also do a strong grapple or weaker grapple. There are moves for all different situations, whether your opponent is standing, on the floor (face up and down), on the turnbuckle, or even sitting up. As I said, the moves are easy to carry out. If you do enough damage, your attitude bar will get bigger, and you can get it up more by using the joystick to 'taunt'. You can then do your special move once the bar says SPECIAL, by grappling and using the joystick.

                Another great feature is the weapons! Ranging from a steel chair, to a microphone, from a fire extinguisher to a 4x2...even from a massive cheese slice to a trash can! There are more of these, which will cause your opponent to bleed (important in those nasty 'First Blood' matches!

                You can customise the rules for exhibition matches. The time, if rope break is on or not, if a count out is on or off, even interferences from the computer! There is also first blood match, or a ladder match, or even a cage match.

                You can fight in about 8 different arenas, not to mention all the other rooms back stage that you can fling people into. These include a coridoor, a pool room, a changing room, and a boiler room. When fighting, you can use different button combinations to do different moves. Sometimes you can even do double moves with a partner on another guy!

                Another mode of the game is survival. This is where you start in the ring with 3 other competitors. The aim is to punch/throw people out, or pin them, and therefore eliminating them. There over 90 people that come in the ring, and if you win, it will take about an hour! This requires focus and determination! If you personally get a new character out, then you will win them, and be able to play with them in future games. I recommend Shane for this, he has a great punch!

                The other game mode is Championship, where you go through a career like pathway, where you can make decisions and reason with other wrestlers using money earned from fights. You can buy yourself protection, and fight other people in fair and unfair matches.

                The create a wrestler feature is brilliant, where you have hundreds of options of attire and moves, to make your perfect wrestler. You can also choose their theme music and their attributes. This does take a long, long time if you do it properly though.

                Also, when you get money for fights, you can spend it in the 'Smackdown Mall'. This is a great feature, as you can buy moves, attire, weapons and even people!

                A massive downside to the game was the memory reliability - or the lack of it. I would spend ages winning things, and making great wrestlers, and then one day, I would turn on the N64, and everything would be wiped off forever. This got too frustrating, so I stopped playing it.

                I would say that the game is a better single player game, as you can do more on it, but mulitplayer should not be over looked.

                Overall, this is the best wrestling game I've ever played. With so much to do on it, you can play for hours and hours, but the memory thing is an issue.


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                • Sony Ericsson Elm / Mobile Phone / 10 Readings / 8 Ratings
                  More +
                  22.03.2011 14:35
                  Very helpful



                  A good relatively cheap phone that doesn't cut out some good features.

                  The Sony Ericsson Elm is for people who care a bit about the environment, and still has some nice features. At around £100 or less, the Elm is a good buy for people who just want a fairly simple phone.

                  Only a few phones can claim to be eco-friendly. It uses recycled plastics, eco-friendly paint and comes with a low-power-consumption charger. It also comes in a very small box, while there is no paper manual, but an electronic manual on the phone.

                  Annoying, the screen will (rarely) turn itself off. Also, you'll get tedious messages after unplugging the charger, telling you to switch off the plug. It's all for a good course though!

                  'Walk Mate' counts your steps through the day, converting this into the volume of carbon dioxide that you have saved from the atmosphere - This isn't too useful, but it makes you feel good! Perhaps some more useful information could be given too!

                  The Elm means well, but not many people buy mobile phones to be told how to help the environment?

                  With its curved sleek design, the Elm is a bit different to most candybar phones. However, it is still attractive. Its slim, black and silver body fit nicely in the hand. The screen (2.2-inch, 240x320-pixel) doesn't really stand up to screens on the market now, but it's still clear and gives a sharp picture.

                  There's a great 5-megapixel camera with a flash, GPS, an Internet browser, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Java-based games, MP3 and AAC music playback, and an FM radio. The flash light on the camera can also be used as a torch and is very handy!

                  The battery life is pretty good at up to 430 hours (apparently) and talk time of 600 minutes.
                  Texting is fine on this phone too - easy to use, and you can put predictive text on or off.

                  This phone is a nice, relatively cheap phone that still has some great features and is easy to use. If you don't want to be too flash and fancy, but still want SOMES features, this is a pretty good phone.


                  - Facebook and Twitter widgets are available
                  - GPS available
                  - Fast Wi-Fi connectivity
                  - Also FM radio available!


                  - You have to use Sony Erricson headphones
                  - Fairly small screen for today's times


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                • Wii Sports (Wii) / Nintendo Wii Game / 4 Readings / 2 Ratings
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                  22.03.2011 13:51



                  Fun for all the family, easy to pick up- slightly limited, but revolutionalised motion sensing games

                  Wii Sports comes with the Wii and at its time, it was a revolution in the gaming world. With a Wii, you control the movements of the characters on screen with your own movements.

                  The game includes 5 sports:



                  The baseball game isn't the best on Wii Sports. You have to time the swinging action correctly to hit the ball as far as possible - like in real baseball. However, this is all you do.
                  Actually, you can bowl as well, but this is fairly limited. I hardly play the baseball game.


                  This is far more enjoyable, as the game can vary much more. You must take the wind into account (and this changes more drastically as you move up difficulty level - of which there are 3). It can be frustrating when you want to putt, and the sensor doesn't pick up the movement, resulting in you over-hitting the shot!
                  However, it is fun, and can become competitive. You do need a bit of skill for this.


                  This is probably the best game on Wii Sports. A brilliant feature is being able to put spin on the ball, to help you knock down all the pins. There are replays shown of your shots, and you can line up shots to perfection. Very fun, and not too easy.


                  Tennis or bowling are the best games on here. The tennis game is fun, but slightly limited, and frustrating as you can't really move your character, you just hit the ball. If you can get a powerful serve right, then it will help. You can play against the computer, or as doubles. As with a lot of Wii games, you can actually just sit down and flick your wrist, instead of jumping about wildly.


                  This is quite an entertaining game. You have to punch each other, and you can also block or move to the side by moving the controller. It gets pretty tiring!

                  ----Other Games----

                  There are also extra challenges, such as a massive bowling alley with up to 91 pins! This is a lot of fun, and is hard to get all of them, so you'll be playing for a while. Another bowling game is where you must use different types of shots in bowling to get past obstacles.
                  There is also a tennis game, where you have to hit the ball against a wall, which is quite hard - it's also quite annoying, as it's hard to control.
                  In addition, there is a baseball game where you have to hit as many as possible. This is a bit boring, though!

                  There are a few other extra games, which you can play alone. Multiplayer on the Wii is good fun though.

                  The gameplay is pretty good, although sometimes movement is limited. A nice feature is being able to play as your Mii character, which can make things more amusing and competitive. The graphics are nice - they're not real life, but are friendly.

                  The Wii is easy to use, so you can play it at any age. A good family game! It is easy to just jump straight in to a game, and then you can finish quickly too. I play bowling a lot against my brothers and dad (and always win!)

                  I would recommend you to play it, and if you have a Wii, you should have it anyway.


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                • Adidas Copa Mundial / Sports Shoes / 5 Readings / 4 Ratings
                  More +
                  22.03.2011 10:34



                  A great boot, faultless. Soft, comfortable, durable and beautifully made.

                  This is definitely the most iconic, famous boot ever made. It has stood the test of time brilliantly, as I don't think there are any boots still in production that go as far back as 1982 (or even 1979). Copa Mundial translates to World Cup (in Portuguese). This is written above the Adidas stripes on the side of the boots.

                  The lightweight Kangaroo leather is wonderfully soft, and even when you try them on in a shop, it will feel like you've had them for years! Your foot will be close to the ball - this can help your touch, and to get a good feel for the ball.

                  I have bought this boot 3 times in a row, because there is simply not a better boot. If you can get them for under £65, then you have done well.

                  The laces are pretty long, and most people will go underneath the boot, and then tie the knot over the tongue, keeping it down. The moulded studs are very useful for hard ground and also rubbercrumb (or astroturf).

                  I play a lot on rubbercrumb (artificial turf) and the boots have survived fairly well. I play about 3 times a week, and they've lasted about 18 months. Having used mines so much, the insides are getting worn away from continually planting my foot on the ground to shoot. This makes it a bit uncomfortable.

                  The boots look beautiful, they have a classic design -very simple, but it is effective. Tough, yet elegant. Soft and comfortable. These boots are the greatest in history, and I shall be buying them again!


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                • More +
                  22.03.2011 10:00



                  A great game that's stood the test of time superbly and will do in the future! Play it! Endless fun!

                  Mario was always a 2D kind of guy, but thanks to the N64, he was transformed in to a 3D masterpiece, blowing everyone away with a quality, well designed game. This is brilliant. Everything about this platformer is fun, colourful and entertaining.

                  The gameplay is wonderfully smooth, and Mario can perform a variety of movements, including higher jumps, triple jumps, wall kicks and even crawling. These are all very easy to pick up. The graphics are great for their time, and the colours are beautiful! All worlds are thought out excellently, and the music is instantly recognisable.

                  Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach, and it's your job to save her. There are around 15 worlds, each very different to each other, with each presenting you with different enemies. There are 7 stars to collect in each world (and some around Peach's Castle too.) Once you have enough, you can open doors to progress in the game. You'll have to fight Bowser 3 times - each time you fight him, it will be harder, so watch out!

                  Challenges include beating big bosses, retrieving things, or even races. Mario also has the ability to fly with a certain hat, and can also turn invisible and into metal!

                  Perhaps some of the challenges are a bit easy, but there are 120 stars to collect, so you'll be playing for a long time, and when you've completed it (and met Yoshi), you'll want to do it all again.

                  I would definitely recommend this, and seeing as it's only £6, you MUST get it. A gamer has not lived until they've played Super Mario 64. This is why it's probably the most famous platformer in the world. Definitely a timeless classic!


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                • FIFA 11 (Xbox 360) / Xbox 360 Game / 6 Readings / 5 Ratings
                  More +
                  21.03.2011 21:20
                  Very helpful



                  THE must have football game. Great for Xbox and PS3. Online mode is exhilerating!

                  In the last several years, FIFA has become the main football game, leaving Pro Evo in the shadows slightly.
                  There is a reason for this - FIFA is brilliant. It is very difficult to develop a game each year, especially in these times, with only slight changes being made now.

                  With even more realistic looking players, and even better gameplay, the game is still advancing each year. The commentary is very advanced, and is getting better and better too.

                  Playing online is one of the most superb and at times aggrevating things. Winning, or scoring a goal is brilliant, as you know someone, somewhere has just got very annoyed at you, and can't do anything about it. I think playing online is brilliant fun!

                  I would definitely recommend Real Madrid - Ronaldo is unstoppable!

                  The new goalie feature is not good at all, but the career mode, where you are your own created self is pretty well done. Playing for teams, going up in the world of football...it's all fun as you seek glory (for yourself!).

                  Another interesting feature is being able to put your real face in the game by downloading a picture from your computer. This is quite good, but not perfect at all.

                  Another annoying this is that it's too easy to score from headers (once a header is actually made). This is only a small factor. The celebrations are great too, with a wide range to select.


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                • Perfect Dark (N64) / Nintendo 64 Game / 3 Readings / 2 Ratings
                  More +
                  21.03.2011 21:05



                  Play it NOW, it stands the test of time well, and is one of the best shoot 'em ups ever made

                  A truely brilliant game, perhaps in some ways, an updated Goldeneye. This game was made by 'Rare'. They made Goldeneye, Banjo Kazooie and DK.

                  Set in the future, Agent Perfect Dark is an athletic, attractive, female Agent not to be messed with. Joanna was trained at Carrington Institute, and passed the exams with flying colours.

                  One of the best features of this game is that each weapon has a second function (by holding B). Also, the intelligence of the enemies was advanced for its time. The missions are futuristic and can be very difficult, especially on the hardest difficulty. There are around 15 levels, all very big, and well thought out.
                  As the game progresses, aliens are introduced - this isn't my type of thing, but worked really well.

                  The game is certainily challenging, and much harder than Goldeneye. There are also bonus levels if you complete the whole game.

                  Multiplayer is superb, as you can actually play alone, with Sims from the computer, who all have different abilities. There are also many different scenarios to play in mulitplayer mode, like capture the flag, or king of the hill.

                  I would highly recommend this game. It really is excellent, and you should play it!


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                • Banjo-Kazooie (N64) / Nintendo 64 Game / 3 Readings / 3 Ratings
                  More +
                  21.03.2011 20:51



                  A truely brilliant game. I'd still play it now. Colourful and fun, great for all ages.

                  This is simply (in my opinion) the best platform game of all time. The designers, 'Rare' have made other hits, like Goldeneye, Perfect Dark and Donkey Kong.

                  To non-gamers, it may be unknown, but it shouldn't be.

                  It all starts off when the evil witch, Gruntilda kidnaps Banjo's (the bear) little sister. From then on, you face a daunting task of a getting her back. Your bird Kazooie will help, helping you with different moves, taught by your friend Bottles (a mole)

                  The gameplay is superb, the graphics great for the time, and the music is extremely catchy! Movement and moves are really easy to pick up, as you are gradually taught things throughout the game. Things are made clear in the game, so it won't be EASY, it's just helpful! You're likely to play this game for a while! It's not easy!

                  The game is incredibly vast - there are about 15 levels, some are pretty big. The levels are excellently thought out. There are different themes, like a haunted house, a beach, a desert etc. Each level has brilliant characters - friends and foes.
                  As you advance, enemies will get better, and Jiggys will be harder to obtain.

                  You need to get Jiggys. There are 10 in each world, and they look like a golden jigsaw piece. These will help you advance to the next level. There are also musical notes to collect - these will help open doors to get further into the castle.

                  With the help of your voodoo friend, Mumbo, you can turn into different animals in the levels, which will help you get Jiggys.

                  The final battle is good, but what is REALLY good is just before this. You get to go on a GAME SHOW held by Gruntilda, with questions on the whole game, on the music, the characters and other trivia from levels.

                  A few years later, Banjo-Tooie was brought out. This is even bigger, but not quite as good.

                  This game is really worth playing, it will take you a long, long time to complete, and isn't easy. I highly recommend it. Simply stunning.


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                • GoldenEye 007 (N64) / Nintendo 64 Game / 7 Readings / 6 Ratings
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                  21.03.2011 20:26



                  Timeless Classic, with so much to offer. Hours and hours of fun to be had, so PLAY it!

                  A great James Bond film, an absolutely incredible game.

                  For its time, Goldeneye was miles and miles ahead of anything else.
                  The designers, 'Rare' have made some other brilliant games - Banjo Kazooie, Perfect Dark and Donkey Kong to name a few. This was so successful that they've made a new Goldeneye on the Wii - which was never going to be as good!

                  With around 20 missions, you're skills are tested, battling against russian guards, with many, many weapons. The levels follow the film quite well, but you should not compare this to the film.

                  There are 3 different difficulties - Agent, Secret Agent and 00 Agent. There is also a 007 mode, where (if you win EVERYTHING) you can customise enemy health and reaction speed etc.

                  The gameplay is brilliant, and on the hardest level, levels are still hard to complete, as enemies get better, and there are more missions to do on each level. However, it is easy to pick up and play.

                  The controls are easy to use and you can pick up how to play quickly. It is useful to 'strafe' with the C left and C right buttons. You can also run quicker this way. Some guns have a zoom on the aim (holding R). You can cycle through weapons easily, and reload when you want. Ammo is on the floor as a box, or as a gun.

                  You cannot kill people like Trevelyan and Ourumov, as they are main characters (until you are actually meant to kill them!)

                  Train is a brilliant level, so is Control and Frigate.

                  Multiplayer mode is tense and thrilling, where you and your (up to 3 more) other friends can battle in a variety of levels. You can also choose from loads of characters including old favourites such as Oddjob and Jaws.

                  Also, the cheats are great! I recommend using them, as you can have so much fun with all of them. Invincibility, invisibility, turbo mode, unlimited ammo and all guns are some good ones.

                  This game revolutionalised FPS games - it set the standard for games to come.

                  The words timeless and classic are used too much, but this is definitely, DEFINITELY a timeless classic. I would highly recommend this game, and if you can get it quite cheap, then you so should.



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