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    • Loose Women / TV Programme / 21 Readings / 21 Ratings
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      21.03.2010 15:49
      Very helpful



      light hearted and amusing,

      Loose Women.

      Basic Programme Idea ?

      A group of well known female personalities put together to make up a kind of ' panel '.
      They sit in a row behind a desk and debat the issues of the day.
      Although they do talk about serious issues, such as, health problems, bullying and relationships, most of the talking points are humourous and there are always plenty of laughs in the programme.
      Although they all get on well, they do not always agree with each other - these are generally the best debates.

      When is it shown ?

      The show has a regular lunchtime slot, on ITV1, which it keeps throughout the series. It is sometimes repeated late at night.

      Who are the hosts ?

      There are several regular hosts, and these include, Colleen Nolan, Carol McGiffin, Jane McDonald, Linda Bellingham, Denise Welch and Sherrie Hewson.

      Guests ?

      There is a special guest - sometimes two - each day, who joins the ladies at the desk. This is usually a small part of the programme.

      Competitions ?

      There is a daily competition, where you have to ring in and answer the question of the day. The question is given several times during the programme. The prize is usually cash or vouchers for a well known store.

      Does the programme work ?

      Yes, its very popular. There is a good mix of ladies on the panel. They each have a good sense of humour and are able to talk freely about most subjects. They each have definate opinions and aren't afraid to express them.

      Should I watch ?

      Yes, it is light hearted and amusing. It won't tax your brain but it will entertain and make you laugh.

      I give this programme 4 out of 5 stars.


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      • Bonmarché / Highstreet Shopping / 21 Readings / 20 Ratings
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        07.02.2010 16:18
        Very helpful



        for smart/casual clothing you can't beat Bon Marche

        Bon Marche

        What is Bon Marche ?
        It is a womens clothing store.

        Catering for which age group ?
        Difficult to answer. I'd say 30's to 100 years old

        What is the general image of the store ?
        I think that most people would assume it is for the older person (50+)

        Is this right ?
        Actually, I have found that alot of their clothes are really quite (dare I say it ) trendy.
        I would describe their clothes as casual/smart

        So what clothes do they sell ?
        Skirts, dresses, trousers, tops, coats, joggers, jumpers, cardigans, t.shirts, shorts, day wear and evening wear are included in their range.
        So quite a collection, from something to wear around the house, to something to wear to a party.

        Sizes ?
        From small right through to XXL

        Prices ?
        Very reasonable. Every day clothes at every day prices. They often have special offers - buy the top and get the trousers at half price, etc.

        What about bedtime clothing ?
        A lovely range of nighties, pyjamas and dressing gowns are available throughout the year.

        Do they sell accessories ?
        Oh yes, jewellery, hats, scarves, gloves, slippers and unbrellas.

        Anything else I should know ?
        They have their own magazine, which you can buy instore. It costs £1, or 75p to bonus card holders. It has features, celebrity interviews, competitions etc

        Also, every few months they give you a spend and save card. Then, when you make a purchase for every £5 you have spent they stamp your card. When full the card gets you £5 off your next purchase.

        What is a bonus card ?
        It is a kind of loyalty card. You sign up for it (it is free), then get it swiped everytime you make a purchase. Every few months you get some bonus coupons - usually money or % off your next purchase.

        Would I recommend this store ?
        Yes, they have a wide range of clothing, covering year groups 30 to 100. They have clothing for every event or occassion. All clothes are of an excellent quality and very reasonably priced.
        I have found the staff very helpful.

        Overall I give Bon Marche 5 out of 5


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          30.01.2010 18:29
          Very helpful



          a cheap, but not very cheerful snack

          The most exciting thing about these Wild and Whippy bars from Tesco is the name. Being a chocoholic I was really looking forward to trying them, but I was so disappointed with this prodeuct. I thought that they were going to be like a milky way - infact they were light years away.

          The packaging
          The colourful blue shiny wrapping made this product look appealing. The name Wild and whippy was, for some reason, amusing me.
          The ingredients and nutritional information are clear to read, as is the allergy advice.

          The Price
          Usually £1.27 for a pack of ten bars, but at the time I bought them they were on offer at 3 packs for £3. Looking back there was a reason that they were so cheap.

          The Product
          A decent size actually - although labelled by Tesco as snacksize, there was plenty for four or five decent sized bites.
          The chocolate outside layer was not very thick (as stated on the wrapper), but it was acceptable.
          It was the filling that disappointed me the most.
          I was expecting a filling that was light and fluffy. Gooey to bite into and with a creamy texture and taste.
          Unfortunately, what I got was a very bland, stodgy, heavy filling, that didn't taste of anything very much.
          The colour was a very wishy washy beige.

          Overall Opinion
          It states on the wrapper "no artificial colours or flavours" - maybe that was the problem !


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            21.12.2009 19:54
            Very helpful



            A lovely change to normal chips

            We do love chips in our house. There are one or two favourite fish and chips shops that we go to but mainly we make our own. When we saw these new chips in our local supermarket we thought it our duty to try them. This is what we thought.

            What is the product ?
            Beer battered chips (ridge cut)

            Who are they made by?
            McCain ( who know a thing or two about making chips)

            Size of bag ?

            Easy to find in the supermarket ?
            Yes, they are in the freezer cabinet and the McCain name is quite easy to spot.

            Are they expensive ?
            Not really, I have found that they are often on special offer. Expect to pay between £1 and £1.59

            How many does it serve ?
            Well. they (McCain) reckon on four servings per bag. Personally I would say no more than three.

            The packaging ?
            A square bag with the McCain name clearly on the front , you can't miss the Beer battered writing on the front either. There is a nice picture of steak and chips on the front of the bag and this does make the chips seem very apertising and appealing.

            What's the first thing you notice when you open the bag ?
            this has got to be the beer smell. Ooh, it's fantastic. not too strong or over powering, but there is certainly no mistaking that these are beer battered chips.

            So look of the chip...
            uncooked - the first thing I notice when I take them out of the bag is that these chips are big ! These chips are long and fat. They are cut in a ridge style - like crinkle chips and this makes them look lovely and you can't wait to eat them
            cooked - they brown up very nicely. a gorgous golden colour
            Because these chips are cooked in the oven they are not dripping with fat, making them the healthier option chip, and they are very very crisp to bite into. The potato inside is light and fluffy .

            So they are cooked in the oven ?
            You can cook them in the oven on quite a high temperature of 240*c for 20 minutes or you can cook them under the grill on medium heat for about 15 minutes.

            The nutritional information is on the packet and it is easy to follow.

            Would I recommend this chips ?
            Definately yes.
            They are made by McCain who know all there is to know about chips. They are frozen so will not go off, they are very reasonably priced, the beer flavour is perfect, the chips are big and very filling so you don't need too many, the chip looks very appealing and when cooked is golden brown, they are very crispy, light and fluffy.
            Baked in the oven so a healthy option.

            I would give this product 9 out of 10


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              03.10.2009 18:19
              Very helpful



              great alternative to bread, pasta and rice. very yummy.

              I have to take a packed lunch to work, as we don't have a canteen or have any shops locally that I can 'pop out' to when I fancy a nibble !!!
              I get so bored with sandwiches that I am always on the look out for new ideas.

              I need something which ...
              is easy to prepare
              doesn't cost a fortune
              can be transported to work in a small container
              can be eaten from the fridge
              (or if I forget to put it in the fridge can be eaten from the bag without having gone off during the morning).
              is versatile - I don't like having the same thing for dinner every day

              I have found something which fits the bill perfectly. COUS COUS !

              Not just any cous cous, but a whole range of flavoured cous cous from Ainsley Harriott.

              So what's in the range ?
              Included in the range are such tempting flavours as
              Spice Sensation
              Roasted Vegetable
              Tomato Tango
              Citrus Kick
              Moroccan Medley

              Are they easy to prepare ?
              They are amazingly easy to prepare.
              Simply empty the contents of a sachet into a bowl, add 160ml boiling water, stir and leave for five minutes. Then stir and serve.

              It comes in a sachet ?
              Yes, a sachet or packet - whichever you prefer to call it. Each flavour has its own sachet colour, making your favourite very easy to find. There is also a picture of a smiling (what else) Ainsley Harriott on the front.
              Each sachet will serve two people.
              You can buy a box containing 2 sachets, which works out cheaper. You can expect to pay approx £1.50 per box (Four servings), but I have found this product to be on special offer quite alot.

              So, it is quick and easy to prepare, any more advantages ?
              Most flavours are less than 2 % fat, which is good news for anyone on a diet.
              There are also no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives used.

              Nutritional Information ?
              This is found very clearly on the box/sachet.
              But, with less than 2% fat and no added nasties, what more do you need to know ?

              Serving ideas ?
              They do give you a serving suggestion on each box/sachet, and there are recipes too.
              They also have a website where you can find further recipes.

              I usually make a whole sachet and have half hot with either chicken or fish. Then I use the remaining half for a cold packed lunch the following day, when I add chopped salad to it. Sometimes I add salad and chopped sausage or chopped cold chicken .

              A bit more info .....
              I have tried all of the flavours now and I do enjoy them all.
              On opening each packet you do get quite a powerful whiff of its contents. This aroma becomes stronger after adding the water. However the flavours of each variety are just right and none of them are too over powering at all.

              Overall opinion ?
              I would recommend Ainsley Harriott Cous Cous.
              It is a flavoursome product which is a great alternative to bread, rice or pasta. It can be eaten hot or cold, and with a wide variety of other foods. It is great for lunches, tea, lunchboxes and picnics. I also make up several flavours when having a party with a buffet.

              I give this product 10 out of 10


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                24.09.2009 19:05
                Very helpful



                tasteless, bland, I wouldn't buy these again.

                I have weetabix every morning for breakfast so when I saw these snack bars on the market I thought , 'bring it on'. Was I impressed or disappointed ? Read on to find out...

                The product ?
                This is called Oaty bars. There are three flavours, milk chocolate, white chocolate and strawberry.
                Being a chocolate girl I chose the milk chocolate variety.

                The price ?
                I paid £1.39 . There are 5 bars per box.
                This is about average for this type of product.

                The packaging ?
                I was amazed at how thin the box was - less than an inch deep, so I knew that there wasn't going to be alot to these bars. The box itself is quite appealing, a bar on the front is given a face and arms, I guess to appeal to children more so than adults. No mistaking the name or the fact that they are made by Weetabix - an ever popular and highly trusted maker of breakfast cereals. The box states the bars are high in fibre, free from artificial colours and flavours and low in salt. All good to know. There are five bars in each box, and we are informed that each bar is less than 85 calories.
                The nutritional information is in large print on the back of the box. It is very easy to understand. Here I find out that each bar is only 67 calories. The information also includes all of the ingredients and an allergy warning that the bars contain wheat, barley, oats, milk and soya. There may be traces of nuts.
                The foil wrapper of the actual bar is the same as the box.

                So, what about the actual bar ?
                As I opened the foil wrapper I was quite shocked. I wasn't expecting a huge bar but what I saw was a tiny bar, about 3 inches in length - and that is being generous !
                The bar was a beigey/browny colour. There was a thin drizzle of milk chocolate across the top of the bar. This seemed to be the only thing that made me want to eat it, as it did not look at all yummy as the box had said. On eating the bar I was less than impressed. There didn't seem to be any actual flavour to it. I realize that it is more oats than wheat but I think I was expecting a taste in between weetabix and oaty flapjacks. No such luck. I could just about taste the chocolate. I have to say that it wasn't a horrible flavour - there just wasn't enough of it to say much about it. It wasn't crumbly as I had expected either. As it was such a small bar I had finished it in three bites.

                Final verdict ?
                I was very disappointed in this product. I had expected more from Weetabix.
                No flavour, no yumminess, and from me , no interest and buying them again.
                A poor effort and i would give only 3 out of 10.


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                • pointblog.co.uk / Internet Site / 71 Readings / 69 Ratings
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                  20.09.2009 19:32
                  Very helpful



                  not a get rich quick scheme but great if you like blogging - gifts are a bonus.

                  I have been on Pointblog for nearly a year now and I would recommend it to anyone. It is not a get rich quick scheme, but the friends you make are amazing !

                  So, what is Pointblog ?
                  As the name states it is a site where you can blog and earn points.

                  Sounds easy ?
                  Yeah, it is.

                  Is it based in the UK ?
                  No, like many similar sites it is based over seas but don't let that put you off. Some of the wording loses a little something in the translation but it shouldn't give anyone any problems.

                  So, is it linked to another site ?
                  Yes, it is part of Pointshop. On pointshop you can fill in forms, watch adverts, recieve emails from advertisers, all to earn points.

                  So, Pointblog....?
                  It takes about one minute to join, all they want to know is basic information - name, email, etc - nothing personal.
                  Once you have joined you can log on at any time.
                  You are allowed to blog as many times as you wish but you only earn points for three blogs a day. The points that you earn can vary.

                  1. 20 points per blog on your own chosen subject - this can be anything from what you have eaten that day to your cats favourite colour !

                  2. 22 points when you write a blog about a subject they give you - you have a choice of about twenty subjects which are usually current news stories. These are available every day. They help if you suffer from 'bloggers block' and can't think of anything to write about.

                  3. 30 points if you write a blog on a theme, again, which they give you. these are either in connection with current news stories or simply a random idea. These aren't available every day so you do need to keep checking.

                  When people read your blogs they can write a comment which again earns 1 point if they are the first to do so. There is no limit as to the number of comments you can write so you can really bump up your points this way.

                  Pointshop also send you an email with an advert attched almost every day. you just need to read this to earn 1 point.

                  Can you see how quickly your points can mount up ? Good isn't it ?

                  So what can you do with these points ?
                  Spend them.
                  You need to go on the Pointshop site for this. The first time you wish to place an order they ask you for your mobile number, then they send you a confirmation number to type in on the site page. (This is really easy and you only have to do it once, and I have NEVER had any junk mail or texts from them). Then you need to type in your home address - fair enough if you order something, they have to know where to deliever it.
                  It really is that simple.
                  You then click on the 'shop' link and chose items to the value of your points.

                  The shop contains a wide variety of items from baby goods, clothing, vouchers, toys, jewellery, household goods. (A word here that there are also items of an 'adult' nature, which is why you have to be 18 to join.)

                  Just a note that being a foreign site some of the descriptions of the products may be hard to understand.

                  However, just recently they have added Amazon vouchers to their list. These are proving to be very popular.
                  You need 2400 points for £5 voucher.
                  That may sound like a lot but it isn't really if you blog often and make comments too.

                  Is there a downside ?
                  You do have to be careful when ordering DVD's as some of these are only suitable to be played in America so don't waste your points. You can email them to check if the one you want is suitable for your country, but to be honest you would be better off getting an Amazon voucher and getting them from there.

                  The plus side ?
                  This has got to be the friends that you make on the site.
                  You find that although there are new people joining every day there are loads of ' old faithfuls' who log in and blog every day. They write comments and give advice when needed. I love the friendship that I have found there. It's like having penpals all over the country.

                  **Personal details like address and phone number are not to be given out lightly for obvious reasons.

                  I would highly recommend Pointblog and I give it 10 out of 10.


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                    19.09.2009 15:46
                    Very helpful



                    healthy breakfast food that keeps you going til lunchtime.

                    I am not really a breakfasty sort of person. Unfortunately if I don't eat something before going to work my tummy rumbles as loud as the Big Ben chimes.
                    I have chosen Weetabix as the solution to this problem.
                    For those of you who haven't tried Weetabix (Where have you been?), I will try and tell you why I think this should be the nations favourite brekkie.

                    The Product.

                    The selling point.
                    It is 'The wholegrain cereal'.
                    Full of everything we should be eating and with non of those 'nasties' that we shouldn't touch with a barge pole.

                    But, is it really better than other breakfast foods?
                    Well, they give themselves ticks for being...
                    Low in Fat
                    Low in Sugar
                    High in Fibre
                    and made from wholegrain.

                    They have been making breakfast cereals since 1932, so I guess they do know a thing or two.

                    The packaging.
                    A lovely sunshine yellow colour box, with the Weetabix name in huge writing on the front, together with a picture of a sunny wheat field. It certainly gives the impression of being a healthy breakfast food - back to nature, full of natural stuff and nothing added or artificial.

                    The boxes of Weetabix come in different sizes. 12, 24, 36 or 48.
                    I mainly tend to buy the 24 size, unless they are on special offer in which case this will vary.
                    The packs of 24 include two columns of 12 weetabix biscuits , each column has its own wrapper, thus enabling you to keep the product fresher for longer.

                    A serving is two weetabix biscuits.

                    The box contains easy to find, read and understand nutritional information.
                    There is also an allergy warning that the product contains both Wheat and Barley.

                    Wholegrain wheat
                    malted barley extract
                    folic acid.

                    There have been several campaigns over the last couple of years to try to get people eating more healthily and more Weetabix. They give suggestions in the adverts for new toppings to put on your weetabix. These include soft fruits, yogurt, honey etc.
                    Personally I would never even think of trying these.
                    (I did once add blueberries to my weetabix, and whilst it wasn't a complete shock to my system, it isn't something I would ever do again).
                    I believe that weetabix should be served with milk. Nothing more.Some people may wish to add sugar, although I prefer mine without.
                    I place a serving (2 biscuits) in a bowl and add ice cold milk. I use the spoon to break up the bisuits then leave for a few minutes until all of the milk has been soaked up. I give it a stir and then eat and enjoy.
                    (Some people just tip milk on the biscuits and eat straight away - your own choice I think).

                    I love opening a new pack and have that wheaty aroma jumping out at you. The biscuits themselves have - like a lot of things - got smaller over the years but two is still enough for a breakfast. They are a lovely deep wheaty brown colour and are great to crumble into a bowl.

                    The Taste ?
                    The taste is simple - Wheat.
                    Nothing more, nothing less. The taste is not too strong so it is suitable for children and adults alike. As mentioned you can add other flavours, but in my oipnion, there really is no need. Somehow it does taste healthy.
                    It also does keep those tummy rumbles at bay, til lunch time.
                    A sort of a super power food.

                    The Price?
                    This varies from store to store and the size of the pack. I buy the 24 size and have bought it at the £shop ( for obviously £1), other supermarkets charge up to £2.29

                    I give weetabix 10 out of 10


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                    • Lidl / Highstreet Shopping / 43 Readings / 40 Ratings
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                      15.09.2009 20:42
                      Very helpful
                      1 Comment



                      Lidl holds its own against the leading supermarkets.

                      I will be honest and say that I have only discovered Lidl in the past year but I am now a regular shopper there.
                      Let me tell you why...

                      What is it ?
                      Lidl. It is a German store that was founded in 1930's.
                      It is a supermarket - with added extra's.

                      Can you tell me about the store ?
                      There are many different sections as in other supermarkets,
                      they include...
                      soft drinks
                      fizzy pop
                      cartons of juice
                      frozen foods - meat, pizza, ice cream etc
                      fridges - cheese, butter, yogurt, cottage cheese, cream, meat, deli foods
                      household - cleaning etc
                      alcohol - wines, spirit, cans

                      There is also , what we in our house call the 'toy department'.
                      These are gadgets, for want of a better word. Things like, weather stations, flash lights,mini vaccum cleaners - you know, the unusual things that you think ' where can I get that from' or the things that you never knew you wanted until you see it. I usually go and do the 'proper' shopping, whilst the male in the household goes to the 'toy department' and comes back 30 minutes later with arms full.

                      Although we laugh about his 'toy department' I must say that he has found some great bargains.

                      The fruit and vegetables are always on special offer and are mostly nice and fresh. You can save up to 30% on other supermarket prices.
                      I always stock up on Cottage cheese when I go as it is thick and full of creamy tasty cheese and half the price of other leading supermarkets - and they do low fat.

                      There are some well known brands to be found - Heinz, Loyd Grossman, Batchelors etc, but alot of the products are from German brands.

                      I don't think that you could do all of your shopping at Lidl, there is obviously much more choice at leading supermarkets, but I would recommend that you 'pop in' if you haven't tried a Lidl yet. You can always find a bargain.

                      My favourite items from Lidl are
                      cottage cheese, cloudy lemonade, cola,
                      and the offers on fruit and vegetables
                      There is only one thing I must take issue with Lidl about and that is that they do not provide baskets. They have trolleys but only large ones.


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                      • The Cube / TV Programme / 22 Readings / 22 Ratings
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                        14.09.2009 20:25
                        Very helpful
                        1 Comment



                        Light weight, average game show, nothing special

                        I love game shows and quizzes. I want to tell you of a new one that has started quite recently.

                        The Cube.

                        What is it ?
                        It is a game show on ITV1 on Saturday evenings.

                        Who's the host ?
                        The gorgeous Phillip Schofield.

                        How does it work ?
                        The contestant is shown how to play a game, then they get the chance to say 'no thanks' and not play or 'yes, I'll give it a go'.
                        Each time they play and complete a game they win money.
                        They can stop at any time and take the money won so far.

                        Do they get any help ?
                        Yes, they can have a trial run at one game, so even if they fail the task, they are still in the game and they can try again.
                        They also have a 'simplify', whereby the game is made easier - though not by much in my opinion.
                        The final and biggest help is that the contestant has 9 lives - when playing, if they fail a task, they lose a life, if they lose all 9 lives they leave empty handed.

                        What do they win ?
                        From £1000 for the first game - through to £250,000 if they complete 7 games and beat the cube.

                        The Cube?
                        The name of the show. And another twist. Whilst the contestant is playing the games they are locked in a giant cube - to add pressure.

                        The games ?
                        Very silly, in my opinion.
                        Previous games have included...
                        1. bouncing a ball into a cylinder
                        2. dropping 25 balls so they scatter around, then picking them up in only a few seconds.
                        3. Tracing a pattern on the floor once it has disappeared
                        4. spelling out a phrase in limited time, on a keyboard that's had the letters mixed up
                        5. standing on one leg for 30 seconds. (I kid you not)

                        Worth watching ?
                        Yes, you do become strangely addicted to this show - no matter how daft the games. You do come to realize that actually the games aren't as easy as they first appear to be. You can't help but shout at the t.v. and cheer the contestants on.


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                        • More +
                          13.09.2009 12:55
                          Very helpful



                          Simply the best tasting yogurts I have found

                          I am a big fan of Mullerlight yogurts.
                          If I am honest I usually shy away from anything 'light' or 'less fat' as this usually means 'less taste'. By, not with these little beauties.
                          So, if you like yogurts, or are trying to lose weight (isn't everyone!), then read on...

                          So who makes the product ?
                          They are one of the biggest companies, they make several products and have an excellent name.

                          So, what is the product ?
                          This one is called Muller light Summer Berries with Elderflower yogurt.
                          It says on the lid 'Limited Edition' but it has been in the shops for months, so I guess that is more of a selling gimic, rather than a message that they will be disappearing from the shelves at any moment.
                          - Just a word to say that they loads of other flavours, it is a huge range.

                          The packaging ?
                          A plastic tub holds the actual yogurt - it is a bit hard to describe the shape, other than to say that it isn't a bog standard cylinder shape, more of a small bowl/dish, which makes it a bit more appealing to the eye. There is a foil lid, which I am always scared it going to get torn in my shopping bag on the way home but it never has, so I guess it is fairly sturdy and tough.
                          All of the nutritional info is very clearly marked on the side of the tub and is very easy to read and understand. Although I guess when you have read 'FAT FREE' you don't really need to read much more !
                          The Muller name is easy to see too - a big plus when you are looking for a particular product.

                          So, how much yogurt do you get ?
                          Here's a great piece of news... this one is 175g.
                          That is alot of yogurt. Most yogurts are really tiddly and in my opinion not worth the money. These are huge - enough to count as a 'proper' snack or pud.

                          Bet it is expensive then ? How much do they cost ?
                          This is a bit tricky to say.
                          Usually they cost 54p each.
                          (This is about right as although more expensive to the untrained eye, you do get more yogurt so it works out about right for the money).
                          However, these yogurts are ALWAYS on special offer somewhere. The trick is finding out where and stocking up.
                          The offers are usually either 4 for £2 or 3 for £1. Sometimes you get BOGOF's.
                          At the moment they are 25p each in Morrisons, which is the best offer I've seen.

                          And the yogurt ?
                          You peel back the foil lid and are greeted by this deep purpley, thick, creamy, lucious looking yogurt that is absolutely crammed with fruit. There are berries everywhere.
                          There is a lip smacking aroma to it, that makes you feel very fruity !
                          I always give my yogurt a stir before eating and this shows me just many berries running through this yogurt . There is a mixture of strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries. You can identify them if you wish as they are quite large pieces of fruit, but I didn't want to waste valuable eating time.
                          There is also elderberry juice, but as I have no idea as to what this tastes like I can't say if there is too much, too little or just enough, all I can say is it's in there.
                          The taste gives you a complete Mmmm moment !
                          The yogurt is thick, creamy, very very tasty and packed with delicious fruit pieces.
                          Everything about this yogurt says 'Eat Me'

                          The best thing ?
                          These yogurts are FAT FREE.
                          AND they are PACKED with flavour.

                          I would give these yogurts 10 out of 10.

                          There is one thing I want to know...
                          If Muller can make these very scrummy yogurts fat free, why don't they make chocolate ?


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                          • What's On TV / Magazine / Newspaper / 24 Readings / 23 Ratings
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                            12.09.2009 14:53
                            Very helpful



                            simply the best tv guide for only 47p

                            There are loads of tv listenings magazines on the market but this is the one we use.

                            Which TV listings book is it ?
                            It is called 'What's on TV'

                            Good title !
                            Well, it kind of does what it says on the tin.
                            You know exactly what you are going to get for your money.

                            And how much money is that ?
                            It costs 47p per weekly book, which is one of the cheapest around. We used to have TVTimes but that is a ridiculous price now and this gives you exactly the same information.

                            So, it tells you whats on the tv?
                            Yes, all the regular channels on what we call in our house 'normal telly'. Also included are the details for freeview and satelite, and radio programmes.
                            Each day is very clearly set out in easy to read print and the use of pictures to aid the programme details are a nice touch.
                            A brief but very useful 'plot' of each prgramme is easy to understand.

                            Okay, so you know whats on the telly. Is there more to it ?
                            Oh yes, this really is a magazine. Also included are ...
                            interviews with actors from that weeks programme scedule
                            special features on new series
                            where are they now ? finding what happened to actors of past years
                            readers letters
                            readers questions
                            a brilliant soap update - for all the soaps on tv
                            a coming next week page
                            a film guide
                            editors letter

                            So why pick this tv listings magazine ?
                            It is a good size (approx A4), so it is easy to handle, it costs 47p, which is a fraction of other books, it is easy to understand and find the info you want quickly, the information of the programmes is always accurate, you get a magazine with interviews, and quizzes too.

                            All in all, I would give this tv listing magazine 9 out of 10.
                            It lost 1 mark because it is a little heavy on the 'soaps'.


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                            08.09.2009 20:19
                            Very helpful



                            Everyone should have a hobby, I'm glad this is mine.

                            I come from a family of 'knits' , no, that doesn't sound quite right!

                            What I mean is that most of my immediate female family members knit or have knit in the past.

                            It is a bit of a dying art really these days but I think that if you can cook and knit, then you can feed and clothe yourself. - Not exactly The Good Life. but getting there.

                            I was taught to knit by my Mother (as it had been done for many generations). As a young child it was scarves and hairbands I remember.

                            I knit my first jumper (A proper item) when I was at school and I never looked back.

                            For the past twenty plus years I have worked in an Infant school and I make all the knitted items that we sell. My favourite designer of all time is Jean Greenhowe.

                            If you are sitting comfortably I will tell you why...

                            Who is Jean Greenhowe ?
                            She is an expert designer of knitting patterns.
                            She began her career in the 1960's, working for Vogue Knitting, then in 1967 she worked for Woman's Weekly magazine.
                            She formed her own company in 1988.

                            So, tell me about the knitting patterns ?
                            There are over 20 booklets all full of the most adorable characters. Usually priced at about £4 - £5. Some are simply for Bazaars or Fayres and Fetes - tea cosies, teddies etc. Whilst others contain a theme, such as 'Celebration Dolls' which included a Bride and Groom. A whole booklet is devoted to hedgehogs, there are booklets for Christmas and Easter, One booklet has patterns for professions, such as a Policeman, a footballer, and a Fireman. There is also a booklet full of patterns for scarecrows and several for clowns.
                            You can probably tell why I like her so much. There is quite simply a pattern for every occassion and every person young or old.

                            But isn't knitting really difficult and fiddly ?
                            NO !
                            Once you have mastered the basic stitches you are away.
                            This is another reason that I keep going back to Jean Greenhowe books - all of the patterns are really easy to follow. Most only take a small amount of wool and don't take very long to finish.

                            So, there are booklets, anything else ?
                            Yes, there is a fantastic website.
                            This tells you about Jean Greenhowe, features are patterns, sells her booklets and the wool to complete the items, there is help and advice, readers/knitters gallery, list of places where you can buy the patterns and wool, and a section of FREE patterns that you can download.

                            All in all I think that if anyone asked me who my hero was I would probably say Jean Greenhowe.
                            She has given a hobby to millions - like me, and the most adorable toys to millions more.
                            I would recommend knitting to anyone and Jean Greenhowe patterns to everyone.

                            10 out of 10


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                            • Rosemary and Thyme (DVD) / TV Series / 19 Readings / 16 Ratings
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                              05.09.2009 17:40
                              Very helpful



                              nice change from Miss Marple and Poirot, lazy Sunday afternoon viewing.

                              If you love a good murder but are fed up with Miss Marple or Poirot then I recommend Rosemary and Thyme. A more gentle approach to solving murders.

                              More info...

                              Funny title for a crime series isn't it ?
                              Yes, I guess so. The name comes from the two 'detectives'. They are Rosemary Boxer, played beautifully by former Good Life actress Felicity Kendall. Laura Thyme is played by Pam Ferris, who to many will be Ma Larkin from The Darling buds of May series.

                              So are they both 'real' detectives ?
                              Actually they are not detectives at all.
                              Rosemary is an expert plant Doctor, single, no children. Drives an old landrover.
                              Laura is a former Police lady. At the beginning of their adventures Laura's husband had just left her for a much younger woman . She has a grown up daughter and a son who is a policeman.

                              So, how did they get together solving crimes ?
                              They met at a hotel where they were both staying. Their first murder to solve was that of a friend of Laura's.

                              Is there a murder in each episode. ?
                              Yes, it appears that no other crime is good enough for these two, although somehow entwind in each story is usually a fair sprinkling of affairs, blackmail, cheating etc.

                              Worth watching ?
                              Oh yes.
                              It is a very laid back programme considering that it is about murders. Rosemary and Laura seem to amble their way to solving the crime, whilst still finding time to do a spot of gardening.
                              Easy to follow storylines with a great cast of well known actors in each episode. If you like a good murder without lots of shouting or blood and gore then this is for you.

                              I give Rosemary and Thyme 9 out of 10.


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                                04.09.2009 19:27
                                Very helpful



                                Lip smackingly delicious, great flavour

                                Having been put into 'shock mode' recently when our favourite pasta sauce suddenly went from the shelves, we set about the task of finding a replacement sauce. We have tried many but without much luck... or enjoyment. Until now. Let me tell you more...

                                What is it ?
                                Loyd Grossman's pasta sauce.

                                Flavour ?
                                Tomato and Basil

                                Packaging ?
                                In a fairly small looking jar (bit of an unusual shape). Nice small picture of Loyd on the front as well as his name as you would expect. Easy to read the label if you were looking for a particular flavour (as we were !).

                                How many does it serve ?
                                The jar, whilst looking small actually held 350g, It served three easily and would serve four.

                                Did you add anything ?
                                Yes, we added mushrooms but you could have added mince or simply had the sauce with pasta - your choice.

                                Easy to cook ?
                                Extremely. Simply empty the contents of the jar into a saucepan and gently heat through. It takes about 5 minutes.

                                Appearance ?
                                Very tomatoey, a rich red colour with lots of basil running through it. It certainly did look very scrummy. The smell was a little strong before being cooked, although afterwards it was fine.

                                And the taste ?
                                Oooh, lovely.
                                We all agreed that we will be having this one again (and again and again...).
                                The basil and the tomato really complimented each other well without either being over powered. It was truly lip smackingly delicious.

                                So, was it expensive ?
                                No, not at all. The 350g jar cost £1.79 (although I guess you could find it cheaper or on special if you shopped around). It easily served four and was very tasty so I would be happy to pay that price.

                                I give this pasta sauce 10 out of 10
                                Well done Mr. G.


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