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      01.09.2012 10:32
      Very helpful



      you can find a better brand for less at tescos

      Sun Pat Smooth Peanut Butter
      packaging- This peanut butter comes in a small thin jar 360g or 227G
      it cost me about 1.80, i think it's kind of a rip off because i could get a jar 3 times the size for the same amount of money in canada, this jar will barely last me a week.

      Taste: it taste more of butter/oil then peanut butter, the peanut butter taste is very light unfortunetly..compairing it to the whole earth brand for example. sun-pat is not even as sticky thick like how most peanut butters are.. i've eaten different brands of smooth peanut butter and this brand just lacks that peanut punch flavor, also sun-pat peanut butter just has way to much salt in it, it's almost over powering everything else, probably because that roasted flavor isnt there.

      the calories are definetly not worth it , if it had a more roasted flavor or a stronger flavor then i would have liked it a lot better.

      if your willing to pay a bit more i suggest you buy Whole earth brand, it taste more roasted and more natural and less processed.


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    • Ferrero Nutella / Chocolate / 17 Readings / 17 Ratings
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      01.09.2012 06:34
      Very helpful



      Nutella Making People Fat One Day At a Time :D

      I'd Say nutella is new to the British Market,as it's only really became popular about 3 maybe 4 years ago
      and Nutella is a brand that has been in the usa and canada much longer then the uk.

      it's manufactured by the Italian company Ferrero ,the company best known for the Ferrero Rocher chocolate product.

      it's about 81 calories a tablespoon,which is not bad considering that a tablespoon of peanut butter is more calories then that.

      once you eat it you cant help but go back for another serving, it's definetly not for dieters or kids with ADHD or binge eating disorder.

      this stuff is addictive, that's why i call it Crack in a Jar.

      Packaging: comes in a glass jar or you can get it in a smaller glass jar then the one in the picture, it's about 2.09£ at the coop but i've seen it for a 1£ something at Tescos
      the shape of the jar is more oval then rounded, when you first twist open the cap there is a aluminum gold foil sealed on it, which can easily be taken off using a finger nail.

      i supose you get a decent amount of product for the price.

      Product- this stuff taste like the goo in a Ferrero Rocher chocolate, it's rich chocolate hazulnut spread
      very thick and easy to spread also easy to control the quantaty on bread.
      i normally use low 55 calorie wholemeal bread when i eat it.. some people like dipping bananas or apples into the spread.. it can also be used as frosting on a cake or filling in certain baked goods.

      a family can easily go through the jar in 2-3 days especially if you dont watch your kids

      personally i feel more satisfied with peanut butter then this chocolate spread, but it's still nice to have just to have something different from lunch.

      i don't believe this spread is as healthy as it promotes it to be,
      ''According to the product label, the main ingredients of Nutella are sugar (50%) and vegetable oils (mostly palm oil), followed by hazelnut, cocoa solids, and skimmed milk. '' -wiki

      there has acually bean a lawsuit against Ferrero because of there misleading nutritional information and commercials promoting it as a healthy breakfast.

      so to whoever, please eat this in moderation if you can, i would say though it's just as addictive ..or maybe a little more then peanut butter...

      this is something i normaly eat if i havent eaten enough calories in the day.
      i know people who can eat the hole jar in 2 days.. i think it's a bit to addictive to a lot of people.


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      • superdrug.com / Online Shop / 6 Readings / 3 Ratings
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        01.09.2012 05:46



        easier just to go into town to buy what you need even if you live out in the country.

        i only ordered from superdrug once

        Online Shopping- Was easy and straight forward enough,checking and payment went through fine

        Problems- Never got email saying things got sent, i had to call superdrug for them to track and see if it left yet, i dont remember why or what exactly happen (as this happen a couple of years ago) but they said the package never left the warehouse or whatever for some unknown reason, so to make up for there slowness he gave me free express shipping or something like that..

        so i wait 2 more days, still no package

        superdrug uses parcel force, or at least did, parcel force is really crap (something i was about to find out)
        so i call superdrug to get the tracking number so i can call up parcel force and get the package tracked

        i call up parcel force and the women on the phone at parcel force has this random angry tone even before i ask her about my package, shes like '' it should arrive today it's been packed into the mail truck for house delivery'' so i'm like ''ok, thanks bye ''

        package never came, wasted a hole day waiting for this stupid thing to come (parcel force wont deliver to nearest post office if your not home)

        so next day i call parcel force again and i tell the woman i called before about blah..blah blah.. and she tells me it will definitely be there before 4pm because its express and it got delayed because there swamped with work over there,and they couldn't deliver .

        thank the gods i didnt have to pay for that express delivery or i would be mad at this point instead of worried.

        anyway long story short, it did get delivered but while i went to local shop around 2pm and i get back and the note in the door says that he hid the package in the back of my flat in the driveway near the neighbour open shed door..
        i was like OMG! X.x and i was lucky to find it still there the box was a little wet from the melted snow though.. jeez lol

        i mean what if i was gone longer i'm sure the box wouldn't still be there if i didnt find it right away

        i later called to tell the same woman i spoke to before (i had a ref number so it calls the same person at parcel force) and i told her what happen, and she said sorry he shouldn't have done that and she was now able to tell me why it took so long, the parcel got delivered to london somehow at first and had to be re posted to the correct place.

        i will never shop with Online Superdrug ever again until they change there parcel service!

        reason i bought online because local shop didnt have certain products i wanted.


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        01.09.2012 05:11
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Try it you have nothing to lose

        My Hair Type: Very Long straight,Brown with natural blond and red highlights,Dry hair.

        Conditioner for : Normal Greasy Hair
        Used it for 3 and a half weeks.
        ( i only wash my hair twice a week though as i have extra long hair and it's to drying for my hair to be washed any more then that)

        i got this from the co-op it was reduced for 88p and the Alberto range is on sale for 1£ at the moment, i'm not to sure how much it is when it's not on sale, but i'm pretty sure it's one of the lowest priced shampoos and conditioners in the store.

        The Packaging- Simple packaging,flip up cap , 400ml Plastic cylinder bottle, as seen in photo.

        Product- Thin consistency but not runny, it is light green in color and smells of Granny Smith Apples (green apples) nice balance of sweet and sour smell to it, the smell is not artificial , it really does smell of apples..which is surprising for the price.
        i have to use twice the amount 1. because i have long hair and 2. because i have dry hair.

        but considering the amount i use it has lasted me a fair amount of time for the price.

        USE: it smells very strong of apples while your applying it to your hair ( i wait 2 mins before washing it out by the way) i apply this conditioner from just under the scalp (not on the scalp) to the tip of my hair.

        After Use: i always let my hair naturally dry, it is very easy to brush my hair after, i normally wait until my hair is just still a little damp (not completely dry not completely wet) when i brush it, it is just easier for me to brush it when its like that because of how the texture of my hair goes.
        I can brush it easily with out any problems which is a big plus for me.

        Problem- the strong apple smell seem to fade when your hair dries, but i figured out a trick to lock the smell into my hair so it lasts longer...

        Trick- Once i finish brushing my hair if i'm going out after and my hair is just slightly still damp i put my hair in a side braid/plat
        and in a couple of hours i take it out and my hair has a nice wave to it, its shiny, smells strong of apples still and is soft... but i'm normally a person who takes a shower before bed so i braid it before i sleep and the next morning when i undo it i dont even have to do anything with my hair as it looks as if i've been to a salon...thats how good this conditioner is... and i haven't even been using the shampoo of this version
        yet it still seems to be more then ok.

        this has to be the best low costing conditioner i have ever tried yet. i highly recommend you try it, but if you have dry hair i suggest you use a bit more then you normally would.


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          01.09.2012 04:35
          Very helpful



          I'm Staying away from Acid Formula Scrubs X_x ,

          My skin type: Very Pale,Sensitive,dry/combination skin.

          i Really Wanted to love this scrub, it got raved about on youtube cosmetic videos, it sucks that it messed with my face and stripped it dry.

          this scrub is about 7£ you can get it at boots, it can be found on sale sometimes for much cheaper.

          The Package: is not like the picture above i would say the package is more slender but taller then the one in the picture it's 125ml. and it says ''scrub your nose in it'' on a pink squeeze tube with a flip up cap.
          the picture on dooyoo is of a different product from the same range.. just clarifying..
          i'm not one to like pink much, but i did like the vintage look of this product,as do many people.

          The Product - when popping the cap open you can see this blue gritty thick cream, i personally love the color, the product can also be used as a mask not only a scrub, so this is pretty much a two in one product.. there are a lot more gritty pieces in it compared to other scrubs I've tried, so i made sure
          to scrub lightly when i used it.. if your using it for a scrub you only need a penny size amount , if your using it as a mask you will need a 2p size amount at least.

          the product doesn't spread very well, it says to apply on a slightly damp face but the cream drys on your face very quickly so you have to spread it out on your face as quickly as you can to save yourself from going back for more product. i've tried doing it this way and having my face more wet.
          i found if my face is more wet it's much easier to apply and there is less pulling of the skin.
          the product is a fruit-acid formula it says not to use it more then twice a week, you Massage gently in circular motions and rinse, then dry face then moisturize.

          Crappy experience with product-
          i only used this scrub once a week maybe one time twice a week, because knowing that my skin is sensitive i thought it would be safer to use it less then recommended.. after using it a couple of times, my sink felt cleaner but i also felt as if my pores got bigger, as if the grainy bits were scratching my pores or something weird... anyway, eventualy skin started to start burning near my nose and around the mouth areas the most, and there was loads of red bumps on my nose spreading to my cheek bones like some weird rash, my skin started to peel really badly for 2 weeks ( i stopped using it once i saw the bumps and saw redness) it felt like i had tiny scratches all over those areas and it would really burn when i put a light moisturizer non oil non fragrance on it.. it took awhile for the natural oils of my face to come back.. skin was very badly dry and no amount of moisturizer cream was helping.
          it was like my skin got sucked dry..
          it took a week and a half for the bumps to go away completely.
          and it took 3 weeks for my face to stop peeling.
          i scrubbed lightly with this stuff.. it was definitely way to strong for my face.

          also the product smells of Mirror Cleaner ,very toxic smelling yet had a hint of SPA type smell in it.
          it took me a couple of uses to get use to the smell.

          to be totally honest I'm scared to use this product again... and i don't recommend it for anyone that has large pours,acne,dry skin or sensitive skin. i would say this scrub is good for people who have normal skin and dont normally have skin problems.. if you know you have weird skin, please stay away from this stuff it is way to strong a formula.

          i hope to try Saint Ives Apricot scrub next, i hope it will be more gentle then this one.


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          04.05.2012 22:58
          Very helpful



          Take your time with these and find a quiet place to enjoy them.

          Ok, so i don't normally buy these since there the ''more expensive'' type of chocolates, but i do get them as a gift around the Holidays, but when i do eat them, i definitely take the time to savor them!

          Wrapper/Box They normally come in a gold or red box like in the picture, i think that's great because not only do they keep the chocolates safe but it saves you money because you dont have to buy a second box to put them in if you decide to give them as a gift, you could just wrap it using the original box.

          the chocolate wrapping is shiny and pretty to the eye, definitely doesn't look like kid chocolate, there individually wrapped like you see in the picture above..this makes it great for sharing and keeps the chocolates fresh.

          chocolate Truffle- this type of chocolate has to be the most melt in your mouth chocolate i've ever had, it's really velvety and melts extremely well on your tongue.
          it comes in different flavors each with it's own different colored box
          Milk Chocolate Truffles -like the one above
          Dark Chocolate Truffles-blue box
          White Chocolate Truffles- White Box
          60% Extra Dark Chocolate Truffles-Black box
          Peanut Butter Truffles- Orange/yellow Box
          Vanilla Chocolate Truffles- Purple box
          and 2 types of assortment boxes -Gold and the other Silver
          If You Visit the site they have loads of more custom flavors you cant really find in supermarkets like coffee,mint,raspberry,Chocolate Orange flavors

          but flavors might vary depending on country.


          from what i could figure out one milk chocolate truffle is aprox 79 calories but i've seen other sites list it as 73 calories which you would think is pretty high in calories for one piece of chocolate, but i dont think it is because the balls are big and you get so much of that sweet chocolaty goodness that you would probably struggle eating more then 2..it's way better then wasting those calories on a cookie.

          weight watchers list it as being 2points a ball.

          They Are a Really great Gift! it's one of the smoothest chocolates on the planet no matter which flavor you pick, they all taste great, rich and creamy at the same time.
          dont waste these chocolates on your kids! kids tend to eat chocolate way to fast and if you dont give these chocolates a moment or two to melt in your mouth your missing the best part!


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            25.10.2011 17:25
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            there are better brands for a few more pence get a higher quality brand

            Meeeeh, This ''Drinking Chocolate'' is not the best that i've tried, i know it says to use skimmed milk :/ but normally when i try most other brands i use hot water then add a small amount of milk to it , and it usually is fine and creamy.. but this ''drinking chocolate'' .. lol sorry i still find it odd to call Hot chocolate ''drinking chocolate'' ( I'm Canadian not British) anyway when i try adding hot water and small amount of milk to it like i do with the other brands, this brand doesn't seem to be as creamy even when i add a extra teaspoon, it just taste of light cocoa and sugar in water ...

            it should be called cocoa powder with added sugar, cause this is no Hot chocolate nor ''Drinking chocolate'' doesn't taste of chocolate enough to me. i like a strong taste of chocolate weather its dark or milk chocolate...the cocoa itself is not that strong also.

            so yeah end result is sugar water or light cocoa drink weather you use milk or water.. it still gives the same result.. not strong enough.

            the package at the moment looks different from the package in this image above, so they could have changed the ingredients recently i don't know...

            but what i do know is that this brand is just a little better then the co op version, but not by much,
            and there are better brands then this that taste amazing with only using hot water in them.
            so i don't think i will buy Cadburys ''Drinking chocolate'' again since all i taste when i drink it is sugar.


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              11.05.2011 23:13
              Very helpful



              Solution For a Inexperienced Coffee Drinker

              NESCAFÉ CaféMenu is Good for Inexperienced coffee drinkers, someone who drinks coffee everyday will probably think it taste too watered down and feel it's probably missing something compared to one made from a cappuccino maker...

              i am a inexperienced coffee drinker and i sometimes get these cravings for coffee, there is no Starbucks near my house ,if there were i probably would be a experienced coffee drinker by now :p
              anyway i am not one who makes a decent cup of coffee from instant grounds as i tend to add to much and when i end up drinking it anyway i get a caffeine rush , dizzy high then sick to my stomach feeling .. but even that doesn't stop me from buying coffee products , i have trouble liking coffee but i keep trying to make myself like it, i guess it looks refreshing and relaxing when others drink it and i want to experience this for myself lol...perhaps desperately.

              so when i saw these boxes of single sachet instant cappuccino on sale for about 1 pound 30 at the co-op i thought i should give it a go usually these are almost 3 pounds a box, i bought the Skinny half the fat Cappuccino one,which has 52 calories and 0.8g of fat a sachet.

              When i got home i was excited as i was finally going to have a proper cup of coffee.
              you pour the powder in a mug then add 200ml of hot water and stir and it goes Extremely Frothy which is awesome .. The really really cool thing about this is that it comes with a little shaker full of chocolate flakes that you can shake ontop of your cappuccino ,just like how it in a real cafe!

              so i added the chocolate and took a sip and got a full mouth of Froth lol half the mug of cappuccino turned into froth , which is not so bad i kind of liked it that way , it made it less watery,the cappuccino seems watered down compared to the strong coffee i usually make myself.. but on the plus side i didn't get dizzy or sick drinking it, you can also taste some milkiness in it though you only added water which gives it more flavor.

              Comparing Real Cafe cappuccino with Nestle
              there was only one time when i bought a cappuccino from a cafe and this was one of those fancy places at a airport , and comparing that with Nestle i find them almost the same except the real cappuccino was not as frothy and maybe it did have more of a coffee flavor so it was stronger then Nestle...
              can you tell i never was a city girl :p i would love to live in new york or london though i think I'd be a coffee addict if i did lived in a place like that :D

              Overall: i think its worth Buying if its on sale as you get about 10 sachets a box its a bargain.
              The Coffee is really not that bad for a instant coffee drink and also its good if your looking for a little change from your regular every morning cup...if you can afford this when its not on sale while getting your groceries then you can still buy this but since you have no money problems I'd suggest to go for a higher quality coffee brand then nestle and invest in your own cappuccino maker.
              NESTLE Café Flavours range:
              Irish Cream
              Double Choca Mocha
              Mocha Skinny
              Cafe Menu Cappuccino Range:
              Cappuccino Unsweetened
              Cappuccino Skinny
              Cappuccino Decaffeinated
              Cappuccino Unsweetened Decaffeinated

              i think next time i will try Irish cream and Mocha Skinny maybe those might have more flavour in them then the normal cappuccino skinny

              Skimmed Milk Powder, Instant Coffee (15%), maltodextrin, Lactose, hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, sugar, Stabilisers (£340,64521 e331), Milk Proteins, thickener: E466.
              Chocco Topping: Sugar, Cocoa, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin), Flavouring (Vanillin, Cinnamon).

              Allergies Information
              Contains Lactose, Milk Powder, Milk Proteins & Soya Lecithins
              May contain Milk


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            • Bassett's Flumps / Sweets / 18 Readings / 18 Ratings
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              10.05.2011 21:32
              Very helpful



              Flumps For a Person who just wants a marshmallow

              Flumps is a British marshmallows, twisted long ways, consisting of 2 flavors plain white ''mallow'' and pink which is slightly fruity.

              the newer improved version of this sweet is fat free and 46 calories? i think..and is only 20p

              Now if your American or even Canadian you probably wont be so interested in this sweet and wonder why anyone would want to eat a plain tasting marshmallow treat...as most Americans and Canadians usually only use marshmallows as a ingredient and rarely eat it alone unless its covered in chocolate or added to something... for example they use marshmallows to make Smores,rice krispies squares, cookies,and put some on cakes and in hot chocolate,the only time i see them only eating it by it self is when they will roast marshmallows on a fire.

              i notice some people here in the UK don't really roast marshmallows and when they make rice krispies they usually use chocolate ..so they may see marshmallows as a treat and not something you use for cooking or adding things with.. for example my husband had never roasted a marshmallows before until he came to Canada in the summer time and he thought it was weird when i used marshmallows to mix rice krispies with .

              anyway it is a treat here in the UK , so i guess some people just like the fluffy texture of marshmallows flumps.
              for me there is no wow factor about this sweet because it's just marshmallow to me, i dont see it as a sweet

              although i am not head over heels, this sweet is great to have with one of those mini single hot chocolate portion sachets , that way you don't need to buy a hole bag of marshmallows just for that one hot chocolate you can just buy a FLUMPS and its only 20p :) soo yeaah bargain

              if you miss the taste of marshmallows its great to have a flump , i like how the calories are written as i am sure when you buy a bag of marshmallows you probably cant have just one ...and flumps portion size is just enough to cover your craving..

              Texture and feel: Flumps is much softer then your average marshmallow and the texture feels just right, its nice and light and airy so it melts in your mouth.

              i like how its wrapped in a single wrapper so if your just going in and out of the store for a snack its just a grab and go kind of thing.. i also find that there wrapping draw me in, as its a nice bright and colorful color

              Overall i think Flumps is pretty practical as you could add it to portion sized things like say to decorate a muffin or add to hot chocolate or have it with some peanut butter ( lol that might sound weird to you..i use to cut apples and add peanut butter to the apples then stick on mallows on to the apple parts to make it look like the apple was a mouth and had teeth..hey i was a little kid ok give me a break haha )

              ingredients in Flumps:
              Glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, water, gelatine, cornflour, flavourings, colours (riboflavin, cochineal)

              Not suitable for vegetarians
              Natural colours
              Natural flavours


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            • Jelly Babies Wobbly Lollies / Sweets / 29 Readings / 29 Ratings
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              02.05.2011 22:34
              Very helpful



              *wobble wobble *

              These Are Popsicle made by the same company that do the jelly babies gummy treats that are usually shaped as jelly babies and covered in powder...

              Well... my husband bought a package of these thinking that i would love them as i love jelly babies sweets
              and OMG ! haha ! at first glance they look pretty normal , small cylinder shaped lolly covered in a nice colorful wrapper, once i peeled back the wrapper i gasped as it jiggled on the stick in my hand! :X
              not only that, when i took of the wrapper it was all weird slimy which did not help .. i felt violated :o
              i would never give this to a child lol ... it's almost like a subliminal message.

              i bite into it hoping it would taste fruity and sweet with a hint of powderyness... but it failed to deliver, the texture was off putting and tasted not right...like it was more bitter then sweet i dont know i would not buy these ..it is just too perverted..it is a scary wiggly slimy lolly that taste of crappyness.

              do not buy these unless you plan to bring them to a party and randomly hand them over to your older friends just to see there expression.
              the utter confusion and many facial expressions they will go through in a couple of seconds will be worth the money you paid for them... but other then that stay away!


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              02.05.2011 21:28
              Very helpful



              Mayo that wont make Your Butt jiggle

              I see that i am not the only one who stumbled upon this mayo by accident!

              so i ran out of mayo and went to the shop to buy some more to go with our dinner , usually i buy light mayo by hellmanns... but once i got to the section with all the condiments i paused and saw before me ''Hellmann's Extra light Mayonnaise'' :O ... i picked it up and looked at the back to check the calories ... 11 calories *shock* i pick up the other light mayo and it says 45 calories...by now i am thinking ''what if i get the extra light mayo and my husband tells me it taste like cardboard?...then this will become wasted money...
              but my husband is on a diet anyway...so if he complains then oh well, but if he likes it then another safe item we can add to the list to enjoy''

              so i decide to give ''Hellmann's Extra light'' a go. i rush home and i dont tell my husband i bought extra light..as i will put it on his sandwich with out him knowing about it first...i will get his opinion before i tell him i switched mayo's whahahaha! because as we all know people tend to complain when things are ''extra light '' or ''extra less''.

              i asked him once he started eating ''so how is it'' he says '' it's really good thanks'' i say '' i switched to extra light mayo only 11 calories!'' he was like '' What!'' he grabbed the bottle and looked ..

              to make my story short he loves it! :D
              he says it taste like they put horse radish or mustard seeds in it , as the taste does not taste the same as the light version...and i agree with this, it does taste as if they added some kind of flavoring to it .. but this mayo is still really nice and creamy and i really do like this much better then just the ''light version''

              i paid 1.32 for the jar and i really recommend you try it at least once !
              Over 70% less calories than Hellmann's Light Mayonnaise
              Suitable for vegetarians (unless your the type vegetarian that does not eat eggs or dairy)

              Each tablespoon (15g) contains Calories 11 <1%, Sugars 0.7g <1%, Fat 0.5g <1%, Saturates 0.1g <1%, Salt 0.41g 7%


              Water, Modified Maize Starch, Spirit Vinegar, Pasteurised Free Range Egg & Egg Yolk (3.7%), Sugar, Salt, Vegetable Oil, Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Citrus Fibres, Flavourings (Contain Lactose), Stabiliser (Xanthan Gum), Colours (Titanium Dioxide, Beta-Carotene), Preservative (Potassium Sorbate), Lemon Juice Concentrate, Antioxidant (Calcium Disodium EDTA).


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              02.05.2011 20:10
              Very helpful



              Reach For Options Not that nasty chocolate bar,with all those flavors,You wont even look back.

              these Little Sachets of joy are sooo good they stop my cravings for a 300-400 calorie chocolate bar :X
              to be honest i have no idea how they pack all that chocolaty taste in such a small packet and keep the calories to 40Cals a sachet ..although the new indulgent flavors ones are 61Cals at the moment which are Brownie flavor and a limited addition Chocolate Banoffee and omg! let me tell you something,These taste Exactly like the real thing! and it totally beats any old chocolate bar
              there is so many flavors to chose from, the Indulgent version include Chocolate cherry and chocolate fudge as well.. i have not yet tried these.

              i have been craving brownies for so long and i would never let myself have one because of the high calories (although most people would be wondering why i am counting calories in the first place :P) but now i can have the taste of a brownie guilt free at only 61Cals a sachet
              it even has a nutty smooth chocolaty sticky taste to it like a real brownie would have.

              anyway the original options flavors are Outrageous orange,Wicked White,Tempting Toffee,cracking Hazelnut, Ooh La La Vanilla,Belgian Chocolate,Mint Madness,Go Bananas,Caribbean Coconut,Double Chocolate..there is also a Turkish Delight one which taste and smells exactly like Rose and Chocolate delight, it must be a limited addition as i cant seem to find it on there site.

              these cost about 35p a sachet ahh sorry i cant remember but no more then 51p and sometimes they have 3 for a pound deal at the co-op

              you can get it at most supermarkets in the UK Tesco,Co-op,Sainsburys , people who are not from the UK i am sure you wont have any problems finding it online just Google ''Options hot chocolate''

              These are meant to be mixed with Water not milk, so if you don't want the little bits of chocolate mixture floating at the top , the packet suggests to put the powder in a mug then add a small splash of hot water and make a smooth paste before adding the rest of the water.. this is a really neat trick :D because it works.

              here is the original website :http://www.optionstreats.co.uk/


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              27.09.2010 19:16
              Very helpful



              You Should Try this if You cant aford salon shampoos and conditioner!

              this Stuff Is Great! Its The only non salon hair conditioner (or even the shampoo) that actually seems to have made a difference.

              nice slick upside down Dove bottle with a blue metallic tint color
              the cap is like your average flip up cap.. it says its for dry & damaged hair.

              Product: its white and creamy and smells really strong of dove soap..which is ok but i think it might be a bit over powering for some people.

              i have very long hair so finding a low priced shampoo and conditioner (sorry i forgot how much i paid for this i got it at wilkinsons) that actually makes a difference to my hair was such a surprise and delight.

              you see because my hair is long it becomes really fragile and dry half way down my hair( im on a budget now i cant get salon shampoos or conditioners too pricey) i recommend you buy both shampoo and conditioner of this range as they really work there best together.

              i find the shampoo when you put it in your hair you can really feel all that gunk and stuff leave your hair and your hair feels lighter after you wash it out , after i put the Conditioner in i leave it on for a couple of minutes and then wash it out ( i use quite a lot but the bottles big and has lots of product so the product does last)

              After use:
              after i get out of the shower and ring my hair out ( i put it in a towel for 5mins to soak up water ) well when i take my hair out of the towel you have this instant light feeling , it really makes your hair and scalp feel light and soft and i still get that feeling and ive been using it for 2 weeks and a half.. it does not way my hair down, it makes my hair dry nicely too and its easier to brush my hair.

              i wouldn't know how your hair would react to styling after your hairs dry because i usually dont style i leave my hair down (as it is naturally straight) my fringe is nice and soft after use too and sometimes it drys in a way where i wont even need to use a straightener on it.

              Overall what did this product help do to my hair?: it made it soft and light and it also made it stronger i've noticed my hair hasn't been falling or breaking as easily.

              Bonus : even my husband likes using it as the smell is unisex , at least to me (cause it smells of soap)
              i really recommend you try this product its Ace for the price!


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              17.09.2010 19:49
              Very helpful



              Its all good.

              This album Dio's tenth and final studio album, definitely shows that Dio had ''it'' till his dying day , i'm sure hes climbing the stairway to heaven as we speak.

              his style is obviously out dated but thats what makes it amazing, no music can compare to what the late 80s to 90s music gave to the world.

              Master of the moon is definitely for thoes people who want to reminisce about old times, its one of those albums that should be embedded into every bikers ride...

              Heavy riffs no short cuts, true music, clear lyrics yet complexed poetry!
              songs you just cant help but headbang too, it makes short haired people wish they had long hair!

              This Album Screams ''Hey I'm Still here and i'm not going anywhere!''
              the guitaring is really great and dio's unique voice brings the poems to life and sets fire to the imagination.

              he has his own style and yes he sticks to it and theres nothing wrong with that, but because of that a lot of his music sounds the same at times.. but as long as hes doing it his way then thats what counts because at the end of the day its his style and he could chose to try something different or stay with what hes got, after all if its not broken why fix it?

              my 2 favorite songs from Master of the Moon is
              Master of the Moon and Death By Love i just love the unique lyrics and play on words..and obviously the guitar,lead guitarist is Craig Goldy ,Jeff Pilson on bass,Simon Wright on drums, and Scott Warren on keyboards by the way.

              If you like Classic rock or original Heavy Metal you should like this album,its not the best of the best but it deserves a place in your collection and thats definite.

              Ronnie James Dio died on May 16, 2010 at 7:45am, of stomach cancer.
              *RIP Dio your music lives on so chillax in heaven with Jim Morrison*

              One More for the Road" - 3:18
              Master of the Moon" - 4:19
              The End of the World" - 4:39
              Shivers" - 4:15
              The Man Who Would Be King" - 4:58
              The Eyes" - 6:27
              Living the Lie" - 4:25 (Ronnie James Dio; Craig Goldy; Simon Wright)
              I Am" - 5:00
              Death by Love" - 4:21 (Dio; Goldy; Chuck Garric; Wright)
              In Dreams" - 4:26


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              17.09.2010 18:50
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              One Of the Best cds , you got to strap your teenagers down and make em listen and watch the movie!

              the Most epic of Epic Cds out there

              ''Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny is a 2006 American comedy/rock musical set in the 1990s, starring Tenacious D, an American satirical rock duo that features Jack Black and Kyle Gass.''-wiki

              this CD along with with the Dvd teaches us how important Rock and Music really is! how music is history,and that music can really change peoples lives and politics!

              Jack Black And Kyle Gass are like the Hierophant of the teachings of rock, they guide people towards knowledge, insight, and wisdom of music (rock,metal,classic rock,classical music), they were put on this planet to wake up the newer generation! to say '' What the hell are you listening to! this wont benefit you , why are you listening to people shaking there asses and singing about booty on a microphone?! theres more to life then this and theres more to learn then this!''

              as we all know the revolution of rock changed a lot of things back in the late 50s 60s 70s 80s and helped with protests and charities..sometimes rock can be destructive but most of the time there's something to be learned from it.

              The Pick of Destiny is basically songs about Tenacious D's journey from start to ''present day'' ..
              i'm not going to go into detail about the plot as this is a review for the cd not the movie...

              there is one track called Kickapoo that has Ronnie James Dio and Meat Loaf (he plays JB's Father in this) singing in it and oh my goch i'm not even joking when i say the song just gives you goose bumps there voices are so amazing they just Peirce right through you!
              also it has a kind of Iron Maiden feel to it.

              And not only that but they have a Sasquatch song ! I mean How Awesome is that! its the track Papagenu (He's My Sassafrass)
              its after Jack black accidentally eats some bad mushrooms on his way to find the pick of destiny. ( this probably wont make sense to you if you haven't seen the movie)

              There's this other track called Master Exploder (which is suppose to be humorous) even though its so funny jack blacks voice in this track has so much range its incredible you can really see he has major talent! it gives me chills!

              in the end expect The Best! your Face Will be Melted off With the great gitaring and singing! I Highly Recommend you watch the Film And buy the CD!!!

              Warning there is swearing in this but thats only used to emphasise on what hes trying to say.. its used in a humours way not a serious way.

              Tracks :
              The Government Totally Sucks
              Master Exploder
              The Divide
              Papagenu (He's My Sassafrass)
              Dude (I Totally Miss You)
              Break In-City (Storm the Gate!)
              Car Chase City
              Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown)
              The Metal


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