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    • Honda Civic R-Type / Car / 27 Readings / 26 Ratings
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      25.11.2013 17:06
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      • Reliability


      Best car i have owned. Never fails to put a smile on my face

      I've wanted a Honda Civic since before I could drive, which was about 5 years ago.
      My last car was a 1.4L Corsa C which got me from A to B easily enough but lacked excitement.
      I have just finished my apprenticeship that I have been on for the past 3 and a half years so I decided to treat myself.
      I have always admired the Type R, but I never thought I would be able to afford to run one, mainly due to the insurance costs. I was over the moon when I found out that the insurance wasn't as much as I thought.

      This car was like nothing else on the market when it was first launched. People either loved the look or they hated it. I personally love it. The funky door handles and the triangular exhaust make it look like something from the future (even though the triangular exhausts aren't real!)
      It comes with 18inch alloys as standard and 19inch alloys were an optional extra, though I have heard they hurt the ride quality quite a lot. There is a spoiler that goes right across the rear window, which at times, is quite annoying. But at night, when people are behind you with their headlights on, i'm glad its there because it sits at the same height as the headlights of the cars behind.

      Things get even better inside. The first thing you notice is the futuristic dash board which was the main selling point for me. The rev counter sits in the middle and it glows red which gives it a sporty feel.
      All of the cars controls are all situated on the drivers side of the car, even the air con. Gone are the days of your passenger changing the heating in your car which annoys some people, me included!
      The rest of the dash is quite bland, especially the stereo. Unless you have the Sat Nav version, it is ugly. You can change the standard head unit for an aftermarket one but the labour and costs involved are very high.
      To remove the head unit, you will need at least 2.5 hours to do because almost the entire dash needs to come off and both parts of the centre console. The fitting kit alone will cost £200 and an aftermarket stereo that will fit will easily cost another £200.

      In the front, you get 2 racing style bucket seats which are very comfortable. If you are someone who is carrying a few extra pounds, you might struggle a little bit.
      The red and black seats with 'Type R' written is big letters give you the feeling that you are in a sporty car.

      The car is very spacious in the front and my passengers always say how much room there is in the back, even though there are only 2 seats, which is slightly odd considering the back seat is the same size as the standard car, which comes with 3 in the back.
      The glove box is huge! There is plenty of room for the user manual, sat nav, several CD's and any other little bits you want to put in there. The centre console has a large storage area as well as 2 cup holders. There is also a place for your sun glasses, though I like to put my phone there.
      The boot is also very large for a car of this size. The rear seats also fold flat giving you even more room.
      There is another storage area in the boot where you would expect the spare wheel to be, though they decided not to fit one. Instead, you get a puncture repair kit. Most people put a space saver wheel in the storage compartment.
      Being a 3 door car, you do need to move the front seats forward to let people in the back. On most cars, you move the seat forward, let people in/put and the seat goes back to where you left it. In the Type R, the seat goes bold upright, meaning you have to adjust your seat to where it was before. Whoever thought that was a good idea, clearly has never driven a car after someone has moved your seat.

      Going from a 1.4 Corsa to a 2.0 Civic Type R VTEC is quite a jump. I was very surprised by how quick it was. 0-60mph is dealt with in about 6.6 seconds which is quicker than almost all of its rivals. When the VTEC kicks in, you get a real kick in the back and you really get moving. Its not just the straight line speed which is impressive, it eats up the corners with ease and you never feel like the car cannot handle what you are putting it through.
      When you are in the VTEC zone, which kicks in at about 5200RPM, you get a little red dot on the dash that lets you know you are in the zone. You also get a rev indicator that lets you know when to change gear.
      If your in the mood, this car will really put a smile on your face.

      You will see a lot of reviews criticising the Type R's ride quality. To be honest, it isn't great but it isn't unbearable. My old corsa was the SRI version which was very bumpy and the Type R is more or less the same. It doesn't bother me at all. If its something that concerns you, take it for a drive down a country lane.

      Like I said earlier, this car will put a big smile on your face. It will also put a big hole in your wallet.
      Officially, this car will do about 22MPG around the town and 40+ on motorways, with 32MPG being the combined total. If I drive like my nan, I can get about 26MPG around the town and 35MPG on motorways.
      Normally, I get about 25MPG combined but it will be a lot less if you use the VTEC a lot. You will struggle to get 10MPG while in VTEC.
      Filling it up costs me about £60 and will get about 260miles out of it. So its quite a thirsty car, which is expected for a car like this. The tax is also quite high, its something like £265 a year.
      Insurance was the biggest killer for me, though I have paid a lot more in the past. I'm a 23year old male and it costs me £720 a year fully comp.

      I love this car. It never fails to put a smile on my face, except maybe at the petrol pump. It is a very nice place to sit and the dashboard never gets boring. My girlfriend can get a lot of shopping in the back and when the hellish shopping trip is done, I can cheer myself up with that engine and the noise it makes.
      Obviously with Honda, you expect fantastic build quality and reliability and the Civic is no different. Expect trouble free motoring.
      Its not just the performance that makes it a good car though. When I need something cheaper, I wouldn't hesitate to buy the diesel model.


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      10.02.2011 13:40
      Very helpful
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      Best £15 i have spend for a long time. It will keep you playing for months.

      Before I got this game, I read reviews and watches things like trailers and game play footage and got mixed reactions.
      Most people were saying that there were hundreds of bugs and glitches and there was no change from Fallout 3 apart from the storyline but I disagree, I think this game deserves more than that.

      I bought this game about a month ago and I am very impressed with it so far. I'm not one of these people who spends hours a day playing as I don't have the time so im not finished with this game yet.

      The main storyline seems pretty good so far and im near the end of the main story line.
      You play the game in and around Vegas which is held by the NCR in the same time frame as where the previous game ended.
      You start off as a messenger boy who was shot in the head and has only just woken up and you play through the game trying to find out why and go about your revenge.
      As with fallout 3, the main story line isn't the best bit about the game, it is the side quests that make this game enjoyable and there sure are lots of them to do and will keep you playing for hundreds of hours.
      Be warned, I have read that if you complete the main story, you cannot go back and complete the side quests which is a big disappointment.

      If you played Fallout 3, then you will pick this game up and be able to play it instantly as it's almost the same as Fallout 3, apart from the storyline and small changes like the weapons and the ability to change from third person to first person and aim down iron sights.

      The map is massive. There are lots of secret locations you can discover where you find enemies and items not found elsewhere in the game so finding them all is another challenge.
      The weapons in this game do not disappoint. You can choose between guns, plasma weapons, laser weapons, throwing weapons and many more.

      The famous pip boy is still your guide in the game, telling you where you are, what weapons and items you have and your condition.

      If you read any review on the net about this game they will all mention the same thing, bugs and glitches!
      They are right. When this game was first released, people found that they needed to restart their console at least 3 times per session because the game just froze. This has never happened to me because the game has been updated since then and most of the big glitches have been patched.
      I still see minor things like enemies not responding to your presence and enemies getting stuck.

      There is a new game mode called 'Hardcore Mode'.
      This is where the player plays the game like its real life. You will need to eat, drink and rest your player regularly or you will die. This is such a hard mode that they actually recommend against using it!

      I stick with playing normal mode and its still very enjoyable and enough of a challenge for me!
      The things that made Fallout 3 great are all still there and the items are pretty much the same, such a Stimpacks and Rad X.

      If you are thinking of buying this game then read the reviews from gaming websites and also read reviews from players as they usually have a better opinion on the game. Also patches aren't spoken about in the gaming website reviews.

      This game is everything that made Fallout 3 great and everything that made it annoying.
      The brilliant game play is still there, no major changes so it's basically a massive expansion pack. The glitches and bugs are still there but don't ruin the overall playing experience.

      This game can be bought now for less that £15 and trust me, it's a bargain for that price.


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        03.02.2011 13:24
        Very helpful



        All you need from a case

        When I first bought my iPhone 4, I downloaded the app from iTunes that gives you a free case and this was the one I chose and I think I chose the best one.

        The iPhone4 is the best looking phone you can buy in my opinion and I think that most cases spoil the looks which is why I bought a clear one.
        To be honest all it is is cheap plastic that looks like it will break if you put any pressure on it but it's surprisingly strong. I have dropped my phone a few times and it protected the phone well and didn't break the case. There are loads of scratches on the back so it is defiantly doing its job of protecting the phone.
        It is very thin so it is easy to hold and much less slippery that the phone itself.
        It has all the holes in it that you need to access all the buttons, the connector port and the camera.
        I do find myself removing it every couple of weeks because dust does built up behind it quite easily but it can be removed easily unlike some I have owned in the past for my iPod Touch where I needed a 2p to open it.

        This case does not protect the screen or the front of the phone so for people who like to protect the screen then you need a screen cover.
        I feel they are a waste of time because the screen is almost impossible to scratch when using it for everyday use.

        This can still be bought for £2 or £3 from Amazon so if you need a cheap case that does its job and doesn't ruin the phones looks, then buy this one.


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      • Timberland / Highstreet Shopping / 22 Readings / 18 Ratings
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        03.02.2011 12:00
        Very helpful



        Well worth the money and will buy again in the future

        I have owned a number of different Timberland products over the years but the most noticeable is the pair of boots I got for Christmas.
        They are very fashionable and I have seen a lot of people wearing them lately.
        To pick up a pair you need to spend around £70 but they can be seen for over £100.
        I was lucky and mine cost £55 in the sale, I would have paid the £70 so I would say they are defiantly worth it. They are very durable, I should know because I had to use them to walk to work in the very bad snow we had this Christmas. They got soaking wet and actually stained them a very dark tan colour until they dried off which took a couple of days. But they are still as good as new 2months after I got them.
        You can tell that they are very well made, most of the reviews on here don't suggest that, such as the laces breaking but I have had no signs on anything like that happening.

        I wouldn't recommend you drive in these should because of the size of them. I sometimes do and it does taking some getting used to, like pressing 2 pedals at once so it's very dangerous at first but I think I have mastered it now and don't really have any problems but I do try and avoid it if I can.

        If you can afford to buy them I would defiantly get your self a pair if you're interested because you won't regret it.
        Make sure you shop around, take a look on getthelabel.com, there are a few pairs on there now for £49.99. The ones I bought aren't on there now and they will sell out quickly but they do get different stock in all the time. JDsports have more variety but they are around £90!


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        • Apple iPhone 4 16 GB / Smartphone / 26 Readings / 26 Ratings
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          02.02.2011 13:28
          Very helpful



          Best phone on the market

          The iPhone 4 is by far the best phone I have ever had and the best phone on the market today.
          I have owned an iPod Touch before this and I was so impressed with it that I bought an iPhone 4.
          The problems that were reported in its early days were very uncommon and any new product will have teething problems in its early days.
          The signal failure was a common problem, but you really have to try hard to lose signal. The only way I have found is to hold the phone with both hands and cover the entire bottom of the phone, and who does that? I'm sure any phone will do that if you covered the aerial.

          This is the best looking phone on the market; nothing else comes close to it except maybe the HTC Desire HD.
          It is also the world's slimmest smart phone, or so they say and it is easy to hold and doesn't slip out of your hand. There are many different accessories that can be bought to help use the phone, such as cases which deal with the isolated incidents of signal failure, big leather cases to keep the phone well protected and the various docks and headphones. I would stay away from the Apple store when buying accessories because they are seriously over prices and can be bought for much cheaper!

          The main selling point of this phone is of course the App store. There are hundreds of thousands of apps to choose from, many of them for free and have over 10billion total downloads.
          Compare this with the Android Market and you will see that the Android Market has far fewer apps and actually more expensive for some reason.
          There is an app for everyone and you will not be disappointed. There are some well known games on there, such as Angry Birds and Cut the Rope which are 59p each but well worth the money.

          Update 4.2 bought out the Find My iPhone app. This app is free from Apple and you simply install the app and use the website on your computer to locate your phone. You can set off an alarm, display a message on the screen, lock the phone and wipe the phone of all content, pretty much rendering it useless.

          The other main selling point is the fact it can be used as an iPod as well.
          No other phone has music capabilities anything like the iPhone because you can display album artwork, keep your songs organised in playlists and the general layout is brilliant I think.

          The only alternative for this phone is the HTC Desire. The only thing the HTC has over the iPhone is Flash.
          To use YouTube on the iPhone, you don't need flash so there aren't really that many videos that you cant watch on your iPhone and I wouldn't trade all of the other awesome features the HTC doesn't have just for flash.

          Of course, the iPhone has all the features that a normal phone has, like texting and a web browser and email. The email app is something I use all the time and I find it very good and has never failed on me. I especially like the fact you can view office docs and PDF's within the app. You can also merge all of your mail accounts into one mailbox so you can see all of them on one screen.

          The only problem I have had with this phone is the home button is starting to fail. I think this is because of dust getting under the button and it is starting to become unresponsive but that's nothing the Genius bar at Apples shop can't fix.


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          02.08.2010 12:21
          Very helpful



          Best part of Tenerife

          Playa De Las Americas is located on the South-West Coast of Tenerife.
          This is the resort that attracts the younger age group although there is still plenty there to do for families.

          It doesn't have the best of reputations because it is known to be a load and rough place but it has changed over recent years and when I went a few weeks ago it didn't seem like that type of place. There was no trouble and there was no evidence of there ever being trouble.
          I think this reputation must have come from the British going there just to get drunk.

          The main area for this type of thing is the Veronicas Strip. This is a place located a few metres from the beach where there are bars and clubs where ever you look.
          They are all competing against each other for customers which is a very annoying thing because you are constantly bombarded with people offering you leaflets and inviting you in for a drink. Don't think they lower their prices to compete because they don't. It cost about 6euros for 2 drinks which I think is quite a lot. If you're lucky you will find a little place on the roof but I forget the name, it has a big blue neon light above it and is above a place called Anthony's bar. This was quite nice with decent music, karaoke and a dance floor. This is a new club and they need customers so drinks are very cheap! It was about 5euros for a litre of cocktail.

          If you walk south from the Veronicas you will find a few restaurants and a few more bars and if you walk another 10minutes you will find more entertainment like mini-golf and lively bars which offer live music and comedians. This is where all the good restaurants in Las Americas are.
          If you want a place with lots of restaurants you can get a taxi to los Cristianos for a few Euros.

          The beaches are gorgeous and this is because they aren't natural, they are man made with sand imported from the Sahara Desert.

          There is loads and loads to do here. You can do things like a boating trip to see Whales and Dolphins, water parks (Siam Park was amazing with the tallest water ride in Europe), go karting, submarine trips, diving, musicals and markets.
          Make sure you shop around because different places can do good deals. A place I used was called Tenerife trips and was the cheapest. This is located along the sea front, about 15minutes south of the Veronicas strip just before the harbour.

          There are 1 or 2 bad things that ruin the holiday slightly. The first are people from Africa trying to sell fake gear. I can guarantee you that if you go here you will be asked several times a day if you want a watch of sun glasses for cheap. Another one is when ever you go for a walk and you walk past a restaurant or bar you will be asked to come in and gets very annoying.

          The locals are all very nice, they all speak English and offer help if you need it.
          The weather was gorgeous everyday, reaching on average 35degrees and peaked at 37. Even on the last day it was hot and it was overcast.


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            30.07.2010 13:02
            Very helpful
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            Best hotel i have been in for a while

            The Bouganville Playa hotel is located in Playa De Las Americas in Tenerife, Spain and is owned by the company Iberostar.
            There are a number of Iberostar hotels in the region but none as big as this.
            This was the biggest hotel I saw on holiday; we could see it from miles away.
            I can't help but think it looks a little old fashioned outside but it's the inside that matters.
            When you arrive, you are greeted by a man who hands out drinks while you wait to check in. All the staff speak English which is good but some do speak it better than others.
            It is very modern inside with marble floors in reception and throughout the bottom 3 floors, which are -3, -2 and -1.

            In total there are 15 floors with over 800 rooms.

            Level -3 takes you down to the pools and also to the games rooms where there are video games, pool tables and table tennis.
            There are 2 pools, one is more of a kid's pool and it is where they sometimes play water polo. This is a salt water pool and claims to be heated.
            The other pool is more of an adult's pool but you do sometimes get kids in it.
            There is a ledge on one side of the pool to sit and stand on; this is about 0.5metres down in the water. The depth ranges from about 1.3 to 1.75 metres and the other pool is 1.5 all over. This pool is also salt water but there doesn't seem to be as much which is a lot better than the other one.
            There are plenty of sun beds around the pool and it says reserving them isn't allowed but people do anyway.

            The lunch room is also located on this floor. This is a simple buffet with drinks available and are free if you are all inclusive.
            They do things such as burgers, meatballs, salad and chips with some fruit and cake.
            There are tables both inside and outside.

            Level -2 is where the dinner and breakfast restaurant is. This is also a buffet. They do food to suit anyone. Some of the things they did for dinner was spaghetti bolognaise chips, ribs, salmon, tuna, salad, chicken, turkey and pizza. They do some different food every night.

            Breakfast was very good in my opinion. Some of the things they did were toast, bacon, beans, a different sausage everyday, crepes, omelette, fried egg, scrambled egg, hard boiled egg and tomatoes.
            They also had tea, coffee and water based drinks.

            Level -1 was where all the holiday reps were to offer help and advise to everyone.

            Level 0 was the reception and also the bar with live entertainment every night. I didn't go here but one of the shows they did was mama mia.

            Levels 1-10 are the room's floors.

            Level A, which is the top floor, was the solarium which is basically the roof and a glass room where you can sun bathe.

            The room I stayed in wasn't too bad. There was a nice balcony with a sea and pool view and you can see over all of playa de las americas.
            There was a double bed which was clearly designed by someone with 1 brain cell. If you're a couple that like to undergo certain bedroom activities, the last thing you want is a tiled floor and a bed with wheels that slide all over the room even when they are locked.
            The light switches seem to have also been designed by this person, right above the pillows. The routein was wake up in the night and turn over or raise your arm, and the lights are on. There were 3 switches and we used to guess how many lights would be on in the morning when we woke up.

            There was a basic TV with 1 or 2 English channels and they were ITV Wales and BBC London.
            The rest of the room had what you would expect, a bathroom with toilet, sink and shower, wardrobe, draws and a safe which was 12euros, 5 of which was a deposit you get back.

            All the staff were very friendly and entertaining. Out waiter reminded us of Barry from the Chuckle Brothers.

            This is a 4 star hotel and is well worth the money we paid. Could not fault it apart from the bed problem.


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              08.07.2010 23:04
              Very helpful


              • Reliability


              A lot better than the X1's and a lot cheaper than the higher models

              The Turtle Beach X11's are the upgraded version of the X1 model.

              If you play games such as Call of Duty then headphones like these are a must have if you want to be playing on a level playing field as so many people now have them and have a massive advantage over those who don't.

              Like the X1's, the X11's can be used on both Xbox 360 and the PC and like the X1's they have 2 main reasons why people buy them.

              The most obvious one is the fact that all the sound is diverted from the TV speakers to the headset.
              Simply plug the cables into the back of the TV and plug the Xbox 360 TV cables in to the back of those cables.
              They act as thought you have surround sound speakers in your room and everything that happens in the game corresponds with what you head in the headset, like sounds to the left will play through the left ear and so on.

              The other reason people buy them is because you can head all the little details that you don't hear through the TV speakers.
              For example, distant gun fire, wind and the most important one, footsteps.
              If there is someone near you then you will hear them, unless they do things to stop it, like Ninja Pro.
              This does require practice because it can be difficult to determine exactly where they are at first, but after a few hours play you will get used to it.

              There headphones offer small improvements to the X1's. The ear muffs are a lot more comfortable. They fit around your ears instead of sitting on top of them and don't make your ears ache after a while.

              They also say that there is a feature where you can hear your own voice, so you can tell if you are talking too load and from what I can tell it doesn't work, I've never heard it.

              A number of people have complained that you get a feint buzzing noise in the back ground. I have personally never experienced it but they say it's when there isn't much sound being played.

              The main problem with the previous models were that the Puck used to break easily, this problem had been fixed with this model. They also don't feel as cheaply made as the X1's.

              I bought these about a month ago from Amazon and paid for half of them using my Amazon voucher I got from Dooyoo.

              They were about £45 and I paid £20 which isn't bad considering the X1's are still about the same price.


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              08.07.2010 15:54
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Nice headset for people that want a better experience

              I have been playing Call of Duty for years now and have never had the urge to get a pair of these or any similar ones until recently.
              There are 2 main reasons someone buys Turtle Beach's, the first is the fact that you can hear the sound a lot better.
              Everything in the game sounds a lot loader and all the little details are a lot clearer. You can hear things in the back ground that you wouldn't normally hear, like the wind and distant gun fire. The other things you can hear are footsteps. With these headphones, you can tell if an enemy is near you and if you are good enough you can tell exactly where he is.
              If they are to the left, then you hear it to the left of your headset and the same for the right. You can also tell if some one is behind you and after a few hours of experience you can tell if they are above you.

              The other main reason for owning a pair is that no one else will hear you play. If you are a late night gamer, you can wear these, all the sound goes to the headphones and no one will hear you and you won't wake anyone up.

              The X1's are the most popular of the turtle beaches, simply because they have been out longer and are cheaper than the X31's and the X41's.

              You can tell these are cheaper because they aren't as comfortable and are made as well. The ear pads don't fit around your ears, they sit on top of them which can start to ache after a while. Also the Puck breaks for most people. This can be replaced for about £10 but it really shouldn't happen, you can tell they tried to save money.

              I don't know if this is a problem with all Turtle Beach's but the microphone cable is rough and is rigid, if you run your finger down it, it will make a horrible noise down the mic and everyone can hear it in your lobby.

              They are easy to set up. Simply plug them in to your TV using the Red and White cable and plug your Xbox 360 Red and White cable into the back of them. You also need to plug the headset into the Xbox 360 with a USB connector and also into the control using the small cable for chat.

              They can also be used for PC which I haven't tried but have heard they work pretty much the same apart from the Red and White cables, you simply plug them into the mic and headphone jacks.

              Brand new, these are about £40-£50, on eBay you can buy them for £25-£35.
              So not cheap.

              There are other brands available which claim to offer better quality but for a higher price.


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              • Exspect EX884 / Headphones / 19 Readings / 16 Ratings
                More +
                08.07.2010 15:36
                Very helpful


                • Reliability


                Best i have owned

                I bought these headphones last week and they are the best I have had. I usually only spend £10 on headphones but I saw these ones and thought they looked quite nice. They are metal (or metal polished) and have a silver/grey cable. Most headphones I have owned consist of 2 wires coming from the end and are glued together, these however are 1 cable enclosed in a thick plastic casing which split at end and unless you really pull it hard your not going to separate them.

                These are in-ear headphones which mean that they have little plastic buds which fit inside your ear, instead of just rest on them like normal headphones.
                Some people don't like them because they are uncomfortable or they don't fit but I can't use anything but in-ear headphones. If they don't fit you can always change the tips as they come in 3 sizes.
                I have found with some headphones the tips can fall of easily but these ones and tightly fitted.

                The connector pin is gold coated which means that there is a better connection.

                I haven't owned a pair of headphones that are as basey as these ones. You can really tell that there is base in the songs you listen to with these.

                The most annoying thing I have ever had with headphones are ones that have thin wires, this will get interference from other electricals. For E.G. mobile phone signals and you get a humming noise if you have your phone on your. These don't have that problem and you don't hear a thumping noise every time they hit your body which is also annoying.

                They did cost me about £20 from Amazon and it is money well spent.
                Recommend to everyone.
                5 stars


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                07.07.2010 17:39
                Very helpful



                Best club for anyone under 20 that hasnt been a million times before

                Amadeus Night Club is located in Rochester in Kent.

                It is a very popular night club and attracts many celebrity guests as it is so close to London.

                Some of the guests I can remember are Danny Dyer, N-Dubz, Chipmunk, Tinchy Stryder and Tinie Tempah.
                All of which, except Danny Dyer, performed for the audience.

                The music it plays it the typical night club music, stuff like dance and remixed versions of popular songs.
                They mix this with lasers and all different kinds of lights.

                It is very big inside. Almost the whole of the walls are bars and can always get a drink. The entire middle is a dance floor with a stage in the middle for performances.

                Some of the drinks they sell are:

                Coke mixers like Malibu and Vodka
                Soft drinks like coke and lemonade

                They also offer expensive drinks like £200 champagne and Crystal which will cost about the same.

                This is one of the clubs that thrive on events and special nights. They do things like foam parties, wet-and-wild nights which includes strippers and pole dancers, UV nights and performances like I mentioned above. A UV night is where you turn up wearing ultra violet lighting and clothes. They also give away freebies at the door.

                The club is aimed at 18-24 year olds but you do sometimes get an older audience in there but not often. They also offer an under 18's night which do basically the same thing but apart from obvious things like alcohol and strippers.

                There are many facilities located inside Amadeus. There are toilets scattered everywhere, tables and seats, arcade machines and small foods machines.
                They have recently had to install a metal detector at the door due to there being incidents within nightclubs recently. But somehow only the men get searched :\

                Amadeus has also been part of much criticism.
                I know many people who have said that they have been to an over 18's night without actually being 18 due to the poor security but they have really clamped down on that lately.
                Also being in Medway, it is sometimes a hot spot for trouble but again, they have really clamped down on this. If you watch the TV show 'Street Wars' on Sky1, 2 and 3, you will often see this club on there, along with Casino Rooms also in Rochester.

                This is one of those clubs which is amazing when you are 18, but you do get bored of it after a while.
                Because of the reasons above, it has been given a few nick-names, such as Amagayus and Amadangerous for obvious reasons.

                One of the reasons this place is so popular is because of the location. It is located next to the Motorway which means it is easy to get to from London.
                There is also a cinema, restaurants such as McDonalds and Frankie and Benny's and they are building a hotel right next door.

                The other main reason is the price. Some nights, girls and women will get in for free, get as many free drinks as they want before 11 and a lot of the time, most drinks are only £1 for both boys and girls.
                This includes drinks like Fosters, Becks and WKD.

                Out the back there is a smoking area for all those who enjoy a cigarette.

                I have to separate the rating of this club in to 2 sections, one for 18-19 year olds and one for 19-24 year olds.

                For 18 year olds, it is amazing because you are just starting out at this age and it is very cheap. So it's a 4 star rating, it isn't a 5 because of the downsides I mentioned.

                For 19-24 year olds, it scrapes a 3 because after a while it gets boring and it is mostly for younger people.


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                  02.07.2010 10:01
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                  • Reliability


                  Cheap and as good as some more expensive ones

                  I bought this about a year ago from Currys.
                  I wanted a really cheap iPod dock since my old one had just broke and I think this cost me about £30.
                  I am yet to fault it, it has worked 100% as it should and there is nothing else that needs adding to it, it's simply a cheap iPod dock with a DAB radio and an alarm clock.

                  The iPod dock is compatible with most iPods, when I bought it, it said it wasn't compatible with iPods or iPhones after the 2nd generation but this was over a year ago and surely that's not the case now.
                  It plays all the music I want and you can choose songs either with the iPod or with the little remote which actually stopped working for me.
                  The sound quality is brilliant, obviously not as good as those £200 ones but this is fine for what I want it for as it is only in a small room.

                  It has a nice little screen which shows the time, the radio station and the volume.
                  The DAB radio is very good, didn't think I could get one for this price. I live in Kent and I can get stations which are only for London.
                  For some reason it has a headphone jack.
                  I can never understand why these things have headphone jacks; surely if you wanted to use headphones you can just plug them into the iPod?

                  I have personally never used the alarm clock, but from what I have seen in other reviews it is very good. You can have the radio wake you up and I think you can do it with the iPod.
                  I like the clock because you never have to set it, if you unplug the power it will set itself within a minute.

                  This was probably me having a blonde moment but it took me about 5minutes to find out where the power lead went. I was expecting it to be somewhere on the back but I just couldn't find it. Turns out its underneath inside a little groove.


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                    01.07.2010 10:24
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                    • Reliability


                    It really doesnt have everything you need!

                    The TEAC SR-3DAB is not just an iPod dock, it is also a CD player, a DAB Radio, MP3 Player, SD Card Reader, USB compatible and an alarm.

                    So it's an all in one audio entertainment station that is small and compact and will fit it any small sized room or flat.

                    It'll charge your iPod or iPhone, let you listen to music and control it using the remote control. You can even watch your iPod movies on TV because it has a video output.

                    It is compatible with the following iPods:

                    IPod 2nd - 5th generation
                    IPod Nano 1st - 4th generation
                    IPod Classic
                    IPod Mini
                    IPod Touch 1st & 2nd generation
                    IPhone up to the 3GS (haven't tried with the iPhone 4)

                    With the iPod 2nd generation, you CANNOT charge it. It is not supported so it will only play the music.

                    All other iPods, like the Shuffle, cab be connected but only by using the aux input cable, and again they wont charge or have use of the control functions, like the skip song button.

                    The CD drive will not only let you play shop bought CD's, it will also let you play CD-R/RWs with files like MP3 and WMA.
                    These types of files can also be played using the USB drive, where you can plug things like USB sticks into. I think you can use old MP3 players with the USB stick on the end with the USB drive.
                    You can also play these files with the SD card reader drive.

                    The DAB and FM radio works just like any other, just simply select the station you want and start listening. You can also set the radio as your wake up alarm so you can wake up to your favourite music. You can also do this with the iPod dock.

                    The sound quality is nothing short of brilliant. Of course it's no where near as good as more expensive models but it's still very good.
                    It has 2 X 2.5" cone speakers with 2 X 2.5 watt amplifiers.

                    If you want to you can also plug your headphones into this.

                    The Teac SR3DAB will set you back about £170 from Tesco but you will find it a bit cheaper online, maybe around the £140-150 mark.
                    It is well worth the money and much better than anyone I have owned, but if you want a bit of extra sound quality there are others on the market but for a much higher price.


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                  • Asus Eee PC 8G / Laptop / 26 Readings / 26 Ratings
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                    29.06.2010 13:02
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                    • Reliability


                    Nice little Netbook that looks funky

                    The Eee PC is a Sub-Notebook, which today is known as a net book. They are designed to be portable so you can take them anywhere.
                    They are usually funky looking and are very expensive, but are more money than they are worth because of the specs.

                    The Mac Book is an example; it looks like a high spec futuristic laptop until you look at the combination of the poor specs and a price that would scare off the biggest Apple fans.

                    Let's start with the drawbacks:

                    The track pad is much too small and the mouse buttons are too stiff, although the scroll on the side is nice.

                    The screen isn't very bright and the anti glare makes the screen look a bit dirty. You can't use this in direct sunlight as it's impossible to see.

                    It's also quite expensive, it can be found for around the £350 mark.

                    On the plus side:

                    This model is a very small notebook with a standard keyboard and a 7 inch display.

                    It has an 800MHz processor made by Intel and has Linux installed as the operating system, although it is possible to install other operating systems, like Windows XP.

                    The memory it used is Flash memory, which is basically what you get in a USB stick. It can hold 8GB of data. It also has 1GB of RAM, Wi-Fi and the battery will last about 3.5 hours, depending on what you use it for.

                    It also has 3 USB drives, this is good because you can connect external hard drives to it and store the data there.

                    You also get the other basic laptop features, like microphone and headphone jacks, VGA output and SD card reader.

                    It also weighs less that a Kg, making it very light.

                    It also starts up in seconds, not minutes so you're always ready to get going.

                    My Personal Experience:

                    I installed Windows XP on it almost straight away although I did test the Linux first.

                    The only things I found better with the Linux installed was that it was quicker to start up, quicker to wake up from sleep mode and generally quicker overall.

                    The 1GB of RAM is easily enough to run XP and ran most basic applications nicely, like email, internet and Office.

                    The internet is a bit of a pain though because the screen is so small. You will constantly be side-scrolling your pages but they have addressed this issue with a side-scroller below the track pad.

                    I found that the battery ran out very quickly so unless you're near a power plug its not very good.

                    The keyboard was a bit fiddly because of the small keys and takes some getting used to and you will constantly be hitting the wrong key, but there's no other option if you want a micro laptop.

                    Overall I would say that its not a bad net book, could be better but there isn't really that much out there at the moment. It isn't as good as some of the Dell net books and some of them are cheaper but if you're not a fan of Dell then this is an option.

                    3 Stars for a nice little net book would be lower but the problems I listed are present with most other net books so they won't be solved by anything else.


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                      29.06.2010 10:39
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                      Would be 4 stars if it didn't keep breaking

                      Retrospect is a piece of software that you install onto a server that will back up your files. It can be used to back up on different media, including External Hard Drives and Tape Drives. I use it with External Hard Drives.

                      This software is pretty good, when it works. This has failed and stopped working on me more times than I can remember. The first problems I had been on bank holidays and other holidays.
                      The back ups are done automatically to a schedule you set up, I use 2 hard drives which alternate doing a week each.
                      When it comes to back up on a bank holiday it used to get screwed up because no one was around to do the back up and took a while to get it working again.
                      I have found out since that you can defer the back up for a day. But this isn't very clear and hard to find.

                      Another problem is when the back up fails for what ever reason.
                      A box will pop up and ask for the location of the disk, you navigate to it and there's no OK button! There is an OPEN button but all that does is open the folder in the pop up box and you can't select it.

                      The use of language is also a bit strange. Some areas of text are written like it has been translated straight from another language and hard to understand.

                      There is also a list to do with what that back up it has just completed.
                      It says things like time taken, but there is a performance tab. It doesn't say what this means and doesn't have any units, just says a number which to me has no meaning.

                      Here is a small list of other smaller problems:

                      It's slow
                      Takes ages to close
                      Sometimes says that there is an execution running when there isn't
                      Sometimes says there's no room on the disk for the back up when there is loads
                      Sometimes says the disk isn't available even though it is

                      There are some good points to Retrospect but there really isn't that many.
                      It does complete the back up pretty quickly. It usually takes 3-4minutes to go through the whole server; it's quite a small server which has about 40GB of data on.

                      It is quick because of the way it does that back up.
                      On the disks, it creates a folder where it will put the back up files.
                      In the folder it puts all the files and folders that will be backed up each time. Every time a backup is run, it looks at the files and folders on the server and matches them to the files and folders on the disk, if the files and different then it will copy over a new version, if the files are the same then it wont copy over a new one.

                      If it didn't break all the time, this would easily get at least a 4star rating, but because of all the problems, I can only give it half that.

                      2 stars for some back up software that is great when it works, but so annoying and complicated when it doesn't.

                      I will soon be using ArcServe like there is on the other server, much easier and the only problem I have had with that, is when the tape drive broke, so wasn't the software's fault.

                      I will suggest using ArcServe of other back up software.


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