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      14.11.2011 00:09
      Very helpful



      Simply a MUST!!! see

      Dexter Series Two

      Main Cast

      Michael C Hall -Dexter Morgan
      Jennifer Carpenter -Detective Deborah Morgan
      C.S. Lee - Vince Masuka
      Lauren Valez - Lieutenant Maria Laquerta
      David Zayas - Detective Angel Batista
      James Remar - Harry Morgan (deceased father to Dexter and Deborah)
      Erik King - Sergeant James Doakes


      Catch ups online
      DVD box set Amazon £10.99


      Dexter is a bloody splatter analysis by day and a serial killer by night. He tracks down and disposes of those who escape the police. Dexter has a girlfriend Rita who has two children Astor and Cody from a previous relationship. Dexter also has a sister Deborah. Deborah is the daughter of Dexter's adopted father now deceased Harry Morgan.

      In order to keep his secret undercover Dexter has adopted a "normal" lifestyle he is a hard working, friendly, reliable honest Miami citizen. Only one person dislikes and suspects Dexter; Sergeant James Doakes. Series 2 is all about the police tracking down the Bay Harbour Butcher aka Dexter Morgan as the police investigations continues Doakes suspicions increase and he starts tailing Dexter with sever consequences.


      Series 2 diverts from the novel in terms of its plot. In some ways is a shame as I would have liked to have seen Dr Danco from the novel brought to life on screen; however not to fear this series in no way disappoints.

      The first episode ends leaving your jaw wide open. Dexter is sat watching the news and a breaking story comes in that a deep sea diver has discovered an underwater grave yard; Dexter's grave yard.

      This mind bending twist really gets you thinking how will he get away this time. Of course the Miami police have no idea who the killer is. The media dubbed the killer as the Bay Harbour Butcher. Miami Metro find themselves in deeper than they can handle so Detective Lundy from the FBI is brought in, a specialist in the art of hunting serial killers. Lundy is equally as intelligent as Dexter and a worthy adversary.

      This on screen battle of wits really captures your attention and keeps you in suspense all the way through. But this is not all this series has to offer no.

      Sergeant Doakes's dislike for Dexter has become stronger since series one to such an extent he loaves dear Dexter to his very core. So much so that Doakes starts to tail Dexter and track his every move; not the greatest of idea from Doakes.

      But you would think that's all that's enough just to keep you going, oh no no no indeed there is more, much more. Dexter gets involved with another woman a very dangerous and disturbed woman. Rita's (Dexter's girlfriend) ex husband shows up and pushes Dexter a tad too far.

      All of these stories do meet very nicely towards the end, building for a nail biting tense finish with Dexter battling with his morals and stringent code he lives his life by. Will Dexter finally go to Old Sparky?

      And I have not even touched on how Deborah has reacted to nearly being hacked up by Dexter's biological brother Brian Moser.


      I am quite critical of TV series and normal bore after a season as I feel the stories have run their course and become predictable. Dexter however I must admit is quite possible the best I have ever seen. Series two build on series one and is even better. This is an extremely difficult thing to do to captivate your fans again for a further season.

      The tense storylines keeps you enthralled, the acting is superb and the way it has all been brought together I just can not fault it.

      We delve further into Dexter's personal life really find out more of the characters that surround him bringing you as a viewer closer to Dexter.

      Despite reading the novels and the varying storylines this is a fantastic edition to an ever growing in popularity story of Dexter Morgan.

      If you like crime, mystery, love, sorrow, and action then believe me this is the show for you. It is great from start to finish.

      Simply brilliant development based on a fantastic novel.

      I hope that you have found this review of interest and it helps in your decision whether or not to purchase for yourself or a gift for a friend. I can assure you now, I recommend this to all friends and family and so far no one has said it is not worth seeing.


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    • Dexter / TV Programme / 10 Readings / 10 Ratings
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      13.11.2011 14:02
      Very helpful



      Sensational transition from Novel to TV

      In October 2006 Showtime aired the first of what will be many series of Dexter, a fictional character from the novels created by Jeff Lindsey.

      Darkly Dreaming Dexter the first novel was publicised in 2004 then Dearly Devoted Dexter shortly followed in 2005. Following the production of these novels in 2006 the first TV series based on the first novel was released.

      Michael C Hall plays Dexter, Michael was at the time most known for his role as David Fisher in Six Feet Under.

      Dexter Morgan is a blood splatter analysis working for Miami Metro police. A very boring geeky job but this job plays a significant part in his extra curricular activity. Dexter is a 'Serial Killer' a very successful serial killer as far as great serial killers go there really is not many that hold a candle to Dexter.

      But this is no ordinary serial killer that we all want to see caught; no no Dexter is a friendly, polite, respectful citizen of Miami who tracks down all those who have evaded police capture. Killers who got away don't escape Dexter's table.

      Dexter has two lives, the one at night as a dangerous, methodical killer and by day friendly, helpful and caring Brother, Boyfriend and colleague. All of these make for a very intriguing and complicated character.

      Michael C Hall narrates the thoughts of Dexter, which means as the series progresses we learn more of Dexter and we learn that Dexter is learning more and more about himself and his background. It is like we are coming along for the ride in Dexter's mind.

      In series one Dexter is being tracked by a killer himself, but this does not stop him going about his own day to day business no he thinks it's a game. As things hot up we see Dexter delving deep into his past.

      Although significantly based on the first novel there is a un comprisable difference to the end. From the end onwards all TV series are no longer based on the novels and are completely different storyline. I personally think this was a great idea, as a reader of the novels and avid TV follower to have lots of different stories going on adds to the excitement.

      I think without any question at all Michael C Hall is truly a superb actor and his portrayal of Dexter could not be better. He alone has made it great.

      This series production of a novel is excellent in every single way, I accidently stumbled on the program flicking through Sky one night and by shear coincidence I got a repeat of the very first episode about 3 minutes in "very lucky" and since then I have not missed a single episode.

      I hate the last episode as it means waiting almost a year for the new series. I tell all my friends about this program. I have never been this way about any TV program I do believe it is my favourite.

      Great acting, thrilling stories, twists and turns, action, sex, violence and a great sense of humour.

      Dexter Morgan is a really funny man in his dry humorous way. He speaks his mind and is always surprised at others reactions to his thoughts. His unique methods add to the humour.

      This program must be watched by everyone, I dare anyone to dislike Dexter. I attend a training session once at work and the trainer even spoke of Dexter.

      I have not mentioned a great on the storyline as I don't want to be a spoiler, but I assure you all this program will not disappoint it has something for everyone. Everyone can relate to at least one of the characters.

      I hope you find this review interesting and helpful. The only negative is possible Deborah Morgan's (Dexter's sister) use of language. I am not silver tongues but even Debs gets on my nerves. But she is just the same in the novels.

      Thank you all for reading, Dexter catch ups are available online. (NOT FOR KIDS)


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    • The X Factor / TV Programme / 12 Readings / 10 Ratings
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      13.11.2011 09:56
      Very helpful



      2011 show has been ruined by the judging panel

      Xfactor 2011

      Everyone knows or at least most know of the Xfactor. But very quickly for those who don't. Xfactor is talent contest for wannabe singers. The show is an elimination process. After auditions 12 acts are divided into 4 categories groups, boys, girls and the overs. Each group is mentored by 1 of the 4 judges. Every week each act performs and is then the public vote to keep there favourite act in the contest, 1 act leaves every week.

      Now 2011 the shows 8th successive year running is well underway. This time with a new judging panel consisting of Tulisa (Ndubz) Kelly Rowland (Destiny's Child) Gary Barlow (Take That) and Louis Walsh (Music promote from Ireland) Louis is the only remaining judge from the original panel. But I personally feel this will be his last year.

      In my view this show should be about one thing and one thing only; the talent and watching the acts develop each week.

      Unfortunately the 2011 show has completely forgotten this! What is in the papers everyday the antic of the judges and the off screen behaviour of the acts. Nothing about the on stage performance.

      We have seen groups split up an reformed, we have seen a group member drop out and replaced by someone already voted off by the public. Sorry but I think this is wrong!!! The next thing you know we will have an act chosen on appearance to mime alongside an act with a fantastic voice.

      Frankie left of screen, which really I can't blame the lad or the show producers it really was not going well for either parties. However I not being a Take That fan but still I feel that Gary Barlow has been treated unfairly. He is the only judge not to have lost a single act to the public vote yet he has lost an act.

      Kelly Rowland lost Sophie to the public vote and has gained another act, what a joke!! No disrespect to Amelia Lilly... What a sensational rendition of the show must go on. You must put this into perspective the girl is only 17 and that was incredible.

      The worse part of all this was Kelly Rowlands behaviour towards Garry once Amelia was voted back in. Garry had the rite to be a little cocky and smug having 3 acts Kelly did not and I felt it was an unprofessional kick in the nuts to Garry.

      The show has provided some shockers with the departure of Johnny ahead of Kitty Brucknell. Seriously what is that all about? Credit were credit is due Kitty can sing but realistically you need to have the likeability factor which she does not and Johnny did. Johnny has a fantastic unique voice and is a wonderful character.

      But the issue I have with this year's Xfactor is the judges!! If I wanted to watch a soap I would watch Corrie... The only way to explain it is petty arguments only seen in a school playground. These are adults yet none can handle critism and take it ridiculously personal. I mean really Kelly flew to America than could not fly back because of a sore throat? I will let you all judge that one!!

      Louis Walsh... were do you start with Louis? I really believe a lot of what he does is put on for camera. There is no way anyone could be so dam idiotic. Louis launched a vicious attack on Frankie after a bad performance. This is the man who brought the world Jedward, Wagner and attempted to bring us Goldie!!!!!. He has no rite to turn around and tell anyone they can not sing.

      Kelly Rowland, I really don't want to stero type but I don't know how else to explain it. I can not stand all those American isms she uses, completely ridiculous and not necessary. I know she is passionate and credit to her but please stop with those stupid sayings!!

      This is only my opinion on this years show. It has a huge fan base which evidences that people enjoy. But the fact that Strictly Come Dancing beat the show on viewers this year for the first time in 4 years really shows how the show is going down in credibility.

      I am sure a lot of people won't agree with my thoughts but like I say this is my perspective.

      The Xfactor ITV 1 Saturday and Sunday nights.


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        12.11.2011 19:37
        Very helpful



        Good book all should read

        The Chase by Clive Custler

        Hi all readers, firstly I should let you all know that I am a newby to the work of Clive Custler and this is the first novel I have read of his.

        I got to say this is a truly fantastic novel; it captivated me from start to finish. I feel this may be partly down to my love of the olden days. Stories based on villains back in the good old days with limited technology and gadgets when you really had to use your initiative. That is not just the criminals but also the law enforcers.

        Clive Custler has created a gripping novel which has twist and turns all the way through. I believe the unique selling point of this novel is that you follow the stories of two individuals the Butcher Bandit (main villain) and Isaac Bell (law enforcer). This unique take on the book brings you closer to both characters.

        The Butcher Bandit is a vindictive, calculated, decisive, intelligent, wealthy, selfish man who has no care or remorse for anyone other than perhaps his sister. Which I believe Cluster did particularly well in letting his readers know about the Bandit and his relationship with his sister.

        Isaac Bell on the overhand is very similar in some way to the Bandit he is also calculated, intelligent, wealthy and in a strange way without a care of others providing he gets his man.

        The book takes through the life of both men as the Chase begins for Bell to catch the Bandit. The Chase takes you through many many different twists and turns all the way through.

        But it is not the storyline that just makes this book a great read, it is the detail that Cluster has put in it. The detail in explaining everything really makes you picture what he is describing. Isaac's Bells car in particular the descriptive information given almost gives you that imagination of the engine noise; fantastic in my view.

        The story was based in the early 1900's, the Butcher Bandit is a notorious bank robber who kills all witnesses. Mr Cluster take on this era is applaudable. To really take the context of the era and issue that where around back then and portray them in such a manor is brilliant.

        The only critic regarding the storyline would be some of the robberies seemed a little too easy to pull of. Although this was done to show the Bandits brilliant criminal mind it sometimes came across to simple.

        But other than that I really found the book very interesting and a lot of entertainment. Unfortunately I felt it lacked a little in humour I do like to find some laughter within a novel but the story was gripping.

        I would strongly recommend that anyone has a read of this novel.

        Amazon £3.50


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      • Ten-Pin Bowling / Discussion / 11 Readings / 11 Ratings
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        12.11.2011 08:49
        Very helpful



        Great sport for all

        Ten Pin Bowling

        I have been bowling now for a couple of years, unfortunately not as nearly as often as I would like. But still from initially struggling to hit 110 every game to now hitting 160's+ regularly I think I have improved a little bit. Don't get me wrong I have bad days where I hit 90's.

        Bowling contrary to belief is a sport, when you think about it you're a throwing 12+ pound balls down a 62ft lane over and over again. And if you bowl in leagues and tournament imagine doing that over 11 games + a day, very tiring.

        But the sport is not as easy as you think, bowling the ball at the pins and getting a strike every single time is very very difficult. The legendary Chris Barnes (arguably the greatest bowler of all time) at my last check has hit 40 competitive perfect games. That is 12 strikes in a row, and if Mr Barnes himself is not doing it in every game that just shows how hard it really is.

        As an avid bowler I can tell you that there is no better feeling than hitting a strike, and then another building your score really testing yourself. I like I said am a beginner and am learning how to hook my ball (make it curve on the lane) and sometimes it works others end up in the gutter but the ones that do gives you this feeling that you can't explain. It seems bizarre but believe me it does.

        I strongly urge everyone to go down the there local alley get on some shoes and have a bowl with your friend and family or even on your own. Although an expensive sport it can bring it financial rewards if you develop your game and enter leagues.

        I recommend Bowplex centre and Tenpin centre. There are some good Hollywood Bowl centres unfortunately they don't seem to have the best customer service training, by that I mean the management staff not the floor staff.

        I will warn you though after 2½ years I can assure you that there will be frustrations. But just ignore them; it is a fun game to play, with hours of entertainment and constant challenges. There is a never ending desire to improve your skills.

        Good luck and good bowling.

        Bowling prices vary depending on centres

        £3 - £5.75 a game. But others are usually available you just need to ask at the reception or look online.


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        12.11.2011 08:09
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Despite negatives, this book continues like the others to build and keep you entertained

        Dexter in the Dark part 3 of the series

        After reading the first two books and seeing all of the tv series so far, I think it is fair to say I am a Dexter fan and would be pretty good at a Dexter quiz.

        So after finishing the 3rd book I sat back and asked myself 'what was that?'. Not because I did not understand the story because I did, it was because the book is in my honest view entirely different to the previous two. Dexter has always claimed to be a 'fake human' he has no emotions all of his emotions are faked in an attempt to disguise his true identity.

        In Dexter view his true identity is the shear presence of his dark passenger. An inner soal buried deep inside him that buries his human emotions and sense other dark passengers (the killers he should kill).

        I have always been quite a fan of the idea of his dark passenger and inner entity controlling him, speaking to him guiding him. However this book takes it a little too far for me.

        When Dexter attends a crime scene at the beginning of the story, a very brutal body mutilation scene his dark passenger disappears. This then starts Dexter feeling his emotions most notably fear and sadness.

        As the story develops you learn that that the dark passenger is apparently of religious origin which I find very hard to swallow. In my view it is kind of saying an evil god is deep in Dexter controlling him. Too me that is a no no. Dexter is his own being, his own mind just plain old serial killer Dexter.

        I found the final action chapter to be extremely over the top and ridiculously embellished.

        What is really good about the book is Dexter fast building relationship with his girlfriends children Astor and Cody, most notably Cody. I think although slightly un-nerving bond it is still a enthralling relationship building that is sure to have repercussions at a later date.

        In this novel Dexter is being tracked from start to finish and he does not like it, the killer has got one over on him and Dexter has lost his methodical control. This is all a little too overwhelming for him and you start to see this characters emotions being pushed to the limits. Not just the killer story line also his home life with his impending marriage to Rita.

        Humour has not been left out of this novel I particularly found the ending hilarious and I found myself laughing out loud. Dexter Morgan is a very dry sense of humour with a unique take on life. He always speaks his mind and is surprised at peoples reactions to his view on things, which just makes for great humour.
        Although being left slightly disappointed in the book, it was merely the religious aspect brought into that I felt made it un-realistic. It is a factious crime thriller but still it has always had an element that suggests this could really happen, this could really be true. But I honestly feel that parts of this book make that feeling completely disappear.

        I would love to hear other opinions to my thoughts on this book as it is the first I have read and not felt WOW! I felt that the integrity of Dexter was brought into question.

        However despite being quite critical of the novel it does not escape the fact that the author has again created a fantastic mind boggling read.

        For fans like myself do not be alarmed... I have already began book 4 and so far it's a big thumbs up. Don't be put off by this review. Dexter In The Dark is a great novel and an absolute must read as it contains some extremely vital aspects to this continuing story that you just can not miss.

        I have read many reviews on this book and it appears to consensus is the same it is not as good as the first two, but as I say do NOT be put off you must read this, like any book is has its pro's and con's.

        The book is about 3½ stars unfortunately this is not an option, as it is more a 3 than 4 it has to be a 3 star rating.

        Amazon £3 - £5 Kindle £5


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          12.11.2011 07:32
          Very helpful



          Great 2nd novel, if you liked the 1st you wont want to miss this

          Dearly Devoted Dexter part 2 of the Dexter novel series by author Jeff Lindsey. This novel was published in 2005.

          Following my first encounter of the Dexter novels I really had no option but to continue and read part 2 of this captivating story. And believe me Dearly Devoted Dexter does not disappoint.

          With any good series of novels you get to know all the characters not just the main. This is book is no different. We begin to learn more of all the people who surround Dexter, his friends, family and even an enemy or two. Jeff Lindsey's has put just as much effort in creating all of his characters as his has done with Dexter himself. In my view makes a good writer a great writer.

          Sgt. James Doakes, who we learnt from day one, is no fan of Dexter's in fact he is the only character that has a bad feeling about Dexter to such a degree that he really can not stand him.

          In this novel we find Doakes past catching up to him much to the delight of Dexter. However when Dexter family get embroiled in Doakes situation Dexter is not impressed and takes matters into his own hands.

          As an avid reader of these novels I would not want the story ruined for me so I really don't want to say much more about the plot.

          However what I will say is this author has really managed to create a novel that builds on the first. Although some aspects are comparable to the first book this book brings a different twist.

          In the first you find Dexter is the hunted, in this Dexter is on the hunt and finds himself in hot water.

          One particular aspect of this novel I found interesting was Dexter's building relationship with Rita and his tense relationship with his sister Deborah. Deborah as we know discovered Dexter's hobby at the end of the first book and she is trying to come to terms with this mind blowing discovery.

          With so many integral characters there is a lot to learn and if Jeff Lindsey continues to give so much insight into all of his characters as he has done so far then there is far more to come from these series.

          But it is not just the detail that makes this a great read it is also the storyline he has used, It is thrilling and tense all the way through. The only real critic I have is that the villain in my view is revealed slightly too early. I like my mystery's to draw out a little, keep me guessing who is the killer. But saying that, knowing his name and his background helps me to picture what I think he would look like.

          Again a fantastic novel In the Dexter series 5 star

          Amazon £1.70 - £5 Kindle £5


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          10.11.2011 10:11
          Very helpful



          Great 1st novel in the Dexter series an absolute must have!

          Darkly Dreaming Dexter is the first in the series of Dexter novels by author Jeff Lindsey. This novel was published in 2004. So far by 2011 six Dexter novels have been created by Jeff Lindsey.

          My first introduction to Dexter was the TV series in 2006. After the second series I learnt that the program was based on a novel. I am not much of a reader however due to the program I was drawn to finding out more.

          Once I started reading I quite literally could not put it down. Jeff Lindsey has created a novel of such detail that you really get to know the character and his feelings. The storyline draws you deeper into the novel keeps you constantly guessing what's going to happen.

          I believe that by watching the series first it really added to my experience of the book, this is because as I read all I could envisage was Michael C Hall (plays Dexter) narrating the book to me. I could really picture the character and his movements, his thoughts, his feelings. Although this is partly down to watching the show without question the credit has to go to Mr Lindsey.

          Dexter Morgan is a bloody splatter analysis working for Miami Metro Police. Now although that sounds quite tame and boring its Dexter's extra curricula activities that really matter. Forensics by day, murder by night

          Dex is Miami's resident serial Killer, but don't be alarmed or think he is a bad guy really he is not and I dare anyone to read this and say he is not a nice guy. Dexter has a code of conduct taught to him by his deceased cop foster father Harry Morgan. Dexter only kills bad guys. I won't say anymore about the story as I don't want to ruin it for you.

          This novel completely captures your mind; it enthrals you into the action. I have never read a novel that really grabs my attention like this one did. Jeff Lindsey has created a stunning novel that introduces you to Dexter's world. It has everything crime, thrills, sex, humour, a unique sense of justice and most of all it really makes you think what will Dexter do next?

          I highly recommend this novel to anyone who has an interest in crime, or likes to read a mind bender. Because of its long standing stature and Jeff Lindsey continues to publish new stories for Dexter this novel brings you hours and hours of entertainment. Personally I feel as you read and learn more of Dexter you start to get attached to him as you see him grow and learn more about himself.

          5 stars
          Amazon paperback £3 - £5 Kindle £5


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        • Dragonball Evolution (DVD) / DVD / 10 Readings / 10 Ratings
          More +
          09.11.2011 21:25
          Very helpful



          Worth watching for Dragonball Z fans to witness big moves come to life but bad storyline

          As a big Dragonball Z fan I am sure you can appreciate my excitement at the release of Dragonball Evolution the first action film based on the cartoon series.
          Unfortunately my excitement turned to frustration and a complete feeling of let down.

          The film integrated completely separate storylines from the original cartoon Dragonball and the later cartoon Dragonball Z. Although I understand that this was to give viewers something new I felt it ruined the ambiance of the film.

          It saw such characters as King Piccolo, Master Rochie, Bulma, Chichi, Yamcha and of course Goku come to life. For those who don't know the cartoon, King Piccolo was one of the original villans when Goku was a young boy in this version Goku is a young man who knows little of his powers which is contradictory to the cartoon.

          Without question the worse part of the film was the presence of Oozaru, the character that Goku morphs into on a full moon. This was first seen on Dragonball Z with the battle between Goku and Prince Vageta. Unfortunately I feel this addition really ruined the film for me.

          Clothing is completely unrealistic, Chichi and Goku both dress in modern attire whereas in the cartoon they are in more traditional Japanese clothing which would have really added to the credibility of this production. One thing that was ridiculous was to have Goku attending school which completely abolished the authenticity of this character. One of the most revealing characteristics of Goku is his hair (Saiyans hair) although an attempt to recreate this was made it was feeble to say the least.

          All of these negative are purely based on storyline, despite this without question this film does have some positives.

          Considering In filming terms a small budget £45 million dollars the graphics used in fight scenes to create energy waves and balls are truly superb. The Kamahamaha wave used in the final fight scene was a marvel to be sure, a truly great piece of work what is well worth the wait, I feel the credit for this should go to Justin Chatwin who plays Goku. His portrayal of the move was brilliant he really put the effort in.

          Despite and appalling storyline to this film, it is still worth seeing purely on the basis of experience the graphics it has to offer that really does give you hope to one day see a great Dragonball Z action film.

          Dragonball Evolution 2009 run time 85 minutes (1hr 25mins)

          Amazon £1.55 - £4.
          A very generous 2 stars from me


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        • Football Manager 2008 (PC) / PC Game / 10 Readings / 10 Ratings
          More +
          09.11.2011 20:48
          Very helpful



          Excellent game of its era. Great FM beginners. Multi player, challenge your friends, recommend!

          Football Manager 2008 (FM 2008) was the first ground breaking success from
          the Football Manager series. Formally part of the Championship Manager
          franchise until 2005.

          Although the 2005 - 2007 football manager games had moderate success these
          were what I can only describe as trial games in the build up to the release of FM
          2008 in October/November 2007.

          If like me you're a big football fan this is the game for you. Unlike football
          simulation games like Pro evolution and FIFA, this game really gives you a
          unique experience of the mechanics behind running a football club.

          This game hands you the reins of any football club from a vast selection of
          leagues throughout many countries across the globe and even manage your

          The game gives you the power. You are in charge of contract negotiations, club
          finances, transfers, training, tactics, squad selection and backroom staff. Along
          with this you have the added bonus of the media. You can declare your interest
          in a player (becareful though your fans wont like you expressing an interest in a
          rival clubs play), argue, praise or simply ignore other managers really giving you
          that feeling of playing mind games like Sir Alex. Player interaction is a great tool
          available to you, comment on your players performance good or bad really spur
          them on to perform better or even make them happy and ask for an opinion.

          On a negative note although FM 2008 as really brought an entire new concept to
          football managements games unfortunately due to licensing laws FM are unable
          to display player images, club logos and competition names for certain leagues/
          nations. This really does dampen your experience. However if you are really
          passionate about the game you will be able to ignore these minor issues and
          fully enjoy the game play experience and really please your fans and board by
          bringing success to your club.

          The best aspect of this game In my view is the 2D game play mode, this allows
          you the fully see your whole squad play, see you players move watch as they
          build and attack or shut up shop on your orders. There is no better feeling than
          watching a great attack end with the ball in the back of the net especially against
          your biggest rivals!!

          I highly recommend this game to all new and experience FM players it brings you
          entertainment for hours on end... you can find this game on Amazon, Ebay and
          any good game store will order it for you. Average price £3 - £6


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