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    • Virgin Media TiVo / Set Top Box / 8 Readings / 7 Ratings
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      01.05.2012 21:37
      Very helpful



      A fantastic box for young families and/or people who spend a lot of crime at home.

      A quick overview of the spec:

      Size (approx.): Width is 37cm Diameter is 24 cm, and height is 7 cm. it has a Cable Co-Ax In, a SCART socket,
      HDMI cable, Optical Audio Out, 2 x USB , an Ethernet Network Port and a Mains Power

      My husband and I were initially attracted to the TiVo when We received a leaflet through te door. We have had Virgin media for 4 years, starting with the standard box, and going to the V+ about two years ago.

      Looking through the leaflet I really liked the amount of memory on the TiVo box compared to the V+, (300 hours standard compared to 80), although it's compactly for HD recordings lowers this to 150 hours max.

      I also liked the fact it could record up to 3 programmes - although we have since realised that you have to be watching the third, or another recorded programme. This as only been a issue once - so not something really to moan about!

      You pay £3.00 extra a month - and I do believe this is worth it having used it every day for three months now; and we have have linked it to our personalities!

      On the remote you have the option to press green thumbs up (up to three times) for a programme you like. You press the thumbs up once if you like it a little, twice for quite a lot and three times if you love it.

      The remote also has a red thumbs down button, which works in exactly the same way.

      By rating the programmes you each the TiVo box starts to recognise the programmes you like; and makes suggestions in your recorded shows - which is called 'My shows' and is a separate button on the remote.

      The TiVo will even record programmes it knows you love - which we found out when my husband forgot his favourite team were playing a big football match when we were out. When we got home we found out the TiVo had automatically recorded it!

      You can also express series links for any programme you wish to watch the whole series of - and this even extends to programmes not even on air yet, you just request that they start to record the series once it is on air.

      A good example of this is when I requested new House; and it told me House would be starting at the end of the month, and set up to record the whole series. This meant I didn't have to remember the date.

      At the top of 'My shows' are further suggested shows, almost like mini adverts; fitted to what you already watch.

      Another feature I like is that you can request to record a certain actor or actress, and you can also set to only record new episodes of certain shows under 'My preferences'

      The TV guide is now called 'HOME', and to move up and down a page on the TV guide you have to select channel up or down.

      There is also a last channel button which I have only just discovered and find very useful.

      Downsides are that you have to manually go through each episode to delete if you don't choose to delete immediately after watching. I also think that the TiVo is a little slow at times; and the On Demand is sometimes down.

      I also am not sure as to why BBC on demand programmes only go through the I player which is significantly slower than going direct through the Virgin Media On Demand.

      Overall though we are really enjoying the TiVo; especially as we have a young son and really appreciate not having to miss out on programmes as we are doing bath and bedtime routines. The TiVo is great for young families who spend a lot of evenings in.


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      30.04.2012 22:43



      A thoroughly wonderful book!

      Thumbs up from our little family! This book is by far our favourite bedtime story. We ordered it because we own a couple of other Nick Sharatt books; including 'Caveman Dave' and 'Zoopermarket'. We really enjoyed these books; and wanted to expand our collection.
      The moment our son saw it he was immersed in the wonderful, exciting storyline, the brightly coloured illustrations and the interactive element of peering through the telescope.
      The story promotes early reading and writing strategies including respective language, predicting and recalling the mistaken shark, and rhyming patterns. Therefore this book covers an audience of children aged from one to around five.
      This book also encourages positional and directional language such as left, right, up and down.
      I like the size of the book (A4), as it is big enough for our son to hold and look through himself; but not too big it cannot be transported around such as when we're in the car etc.
      We have even taken it to a Wedding where it kept our son entertained during the Wedding photos!
      The surprise element at the endis great - and really encourages discussion into howrhe ducks must be feeling; and does Timothy ever find out!
      IWeb would highly recommend this book to anyone with young children, andhopethey enjoy it as much as we do.


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      28.04.2012 15:12
      Not Helpful
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      • Reliability


      A fantastic coffee machine; hands down.

      I chose to buy this product for my husand as it appeared to be good value for money, I trust the brand name as I have other products also by Morphy Richards, and I liked the look of it. Aside from its incrediably stylish look; this is a coffee machine which delivers on taste and ease of use too. My two year old enjoys the 3 step coffee making process; pour in the ground coffee; pour in the water; put the pot underneath. It really is that simple. A timer can be set if required; and the background illuminated light is a welcome additional feature. The coffee is always just the right temperature and the hot plate ensures this consistency throughout your use of the machine. All in all I find this product to be a great addition to our kitchen, and indeed our home. Hope you found this review helpful.


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