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      07.12.2009 01:17
      Very helpful



      Great fun

      A couple of years ago I was working as a security guard, and the only thing that tended to get me through the long shifts was a good book.

      Well one day I was working in Ipswich, in a empty office building and realised when I got to work, that I had forgotten my books, so I had nothing to do all day. I decided to nip out and go into WH Smiths, and find a book quickly, the book I was after was Ice Station by Matthew Reilly, unfortunately it was out of stock, but I noticed Contest by the same author and decided it looked like a good read. Well I was not wrong.

      Contest is the story of Dr Stephen Swain and his young daughter Holly, and their long night in the New York State Library. Unfortunatly for them they are trapped in the building with a assortment of creatures from different worlds and all the creatures have the same goal, to be the last one left alive.

      Dr Stephen soon discovers that only the surviving creature/race will be allowed to leave, so the good doctor has to protect not only himself, but also his daughter. The creatures they face are all natural predators and well prepared for this battle.

      I found this book to be a very easy read and finished it in two days. It is not the deepest of books and tends to read like a Hollywood action film (I think it would make a great film).

      The book is quite long (763 pages) but it doesnt feel like it. At no point did I feel that the book was dragging.

      So if you want a book that is science fiction and easy reading, then i would definately recommend you try this.


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    • Tough Guy or Chicken? / TV Programme / 26 Readings / 23 Ratings
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      04.12.2009 23:02
      Very helpful



      BBC Reality/Travel Show

      Tough Guy or Chicken is a reality/travel TV program that was recently shown on BBC3.

      The show follows five young British guys as they travel the world and take part in rituals and adventures.

      The five guys are:-

      Reuben - The Hippy One
      He grew up as a hippy type and has a bit of a problem with authority.

      Ross - The Cocky One
      Ross is the good looking, jack the lad, sportsman.

      Ben - The Wimpy One
      Ben is a vegetarian and a gentle soul.

      Nick - The Performer
      Nick is a actor, dancer and general performer.

      Easton - The Fireman action hero
      Easton is the London fireman.

      The guys in this show are mostly likeable, they each have their moments when you see character flaws, but we all have those (dont we??).

      The locations they visit are:-

      1. Ecuador
      2. Siberia
      3. Mexico
      4. Amazon
      5. Namibia
      6. Bahamas
      7. Bangladesh
      8. Japan

      The challenges vary from herding bulls in Eduador to, scuba diving in pitch-black, underwater tunnels in Mexico to, catching venomous snakes in Bangledesh.

      The program is about 1hr in length and this is about right, all of the challenges are interesting and the program is a interesting way of showing different parts of the world.

      As you can expect with a program observing different countries and cultures some of the scenes may be upsetting for some people (animal treatment/sacrifice).

      I have never had the urge to travel, but I enjoy these type of programs that show the world to me in the comfort of my home.

      One the whole I enjoyed this TV series and have recommended it to most of my friends and family. If you have seen the BBC show Last Man Standing, this show is very similar.


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      19.11.2009 01:35
      Very helpful



      Loads of diskspace easily carried.

      I needed a hard disk drive that I would be using to carry large amounts of data between work and home. I had seen other external disk drives in the shops and they always looked a bit fragile and cumbersome.

      When I saw the toughdrive on amazon it looked perfect for me, and I have been very pleased with it ever since.

      The drive is covered in soft silicon (much like the ipod skins) and has a usb attachment which folds away into the drive (this attachment is very short, about three inchs. Which is fine if using with a laptop or hub).

      The drive also comes with a additional usb cable about 2ft long. Also in the package is a CD with software and drivers. I never used the CD and just started using the drive straight away, the computer recognised the drive automatically and I starting copying data within a minute of plugging it in.

      I have copied data using this drive at least twice a day for the past year and have never had any errors or problems. Earlier this year I knocked the drive off of my desk at work and it hit the marble floor, but it was unaffected by this and carried on as normal.

      Very small and light to carry, fits into a pocket if required, and it runs off of my laptop power and doesnt require its own power supply. This drive is very quiet and transfer speeds are quick.

      Overall I am very happy with this purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a portable, durable hard disk drive.


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