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      27.09.2012 12:01
      Very helpful



      Great first buy for a camera

      I only took up photography when I asked for a camera for my birthday. And from from i recieved I have never looked back. This camera for me was the best introduction into photography I could of had. I caters for all different needs of a photographer with its extensive variety of features.

      The FinePix S4200 is designed for users who want maximum reach without hindering image quality or ease of use. I first noticed the quality of image at distance when i visited the rocky mountains in canada, capturing some amazing quality nature pictures. The high-quality 24x Fujinon optical zoom lens allows for this maximum reach, aswell as offering other advanced features in a compact, robust, easy-to-use body.

      The Optical Power Zoom lens makes this camera model ideal for wildlife enthusiasts, keen travellers
      The camera's lens has the Fujinon level of expert engineering to minimise any hand shaking or distortions.
      The FinePix S4200 also features a 'Super Macro' mode that focuses to just 2cm for detail-filled close-ups particularly good for wildlife and plants.

      The FinePix S4200 Fujifilm embeds the unique 1/2.3-inch 14 megapixel CCD sensor offering the renowned image quality that has made fujifilm the company it is today.

      I found I was taking quality picture after quality picture with this camera, never having to look back and delete any due to distortion or bad quality due to lighting. So fo this camera hasnt had a fault with me.
      Althought video camera was something i would be less interested in, never the less it still proved to be up there at the top with quality.
      The camera offers 720p HD movie capture at 30fps for smooth movies and short videos. Watching the video is achieved when the S4200's HDMI output is used to connect the cameras to an HD ready TV for instant playback.

      Users of these S4200 can choose between composing their pictures using the Electronic Viewfinder (EVF), and the 3.0-inch LCD screen on the rear of the camera. Personally i found the 3.0-inch LCD screen easier to achive the better picture due to the ease of use and abilitly to observe more of what picture you were actually taking. The cameras rear screen has an improved brightness compared with previous models, enhancing details and colours appearing more realistic.

      The option to Date Stamp images came in very useful when I visted canada as it allowed me to picture each day and categorise when I returned home.

      Considering the size of the camera, it has been ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the user's hand even throughout long shooting sessions

      For convenience, widely available 4x AA batteries power this model, making it ideal for travelers or holidaymakers. However I would prefer having a chargeable battery so the cameras feels more a solid unit.
      Overall this camera has served its purpose since i have had it. The quality of the pictures i have obtained are unquestionable. Top Buy for any picture snapping enthusiast.


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      27.09.2012 11:11
      Very helpful
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      • Reliability


      Very Good For increased hygiene and tooth cleaning

      I have never used an electric tootbrush before and have stuck the the old conventional method of maunally brushing my teeth ever since I was a child. It was a friend who suggested I try using an electric model as she noticed considerable difference in both appearance and sensitivity of her teeth.

      Not knowing much about them i picked this one mainly by random and due to the price, which in my opinion is extremly reasonable!

      Firstly the Oral-B Professional Care 2000 Electric Toothbrush is in comparison to manual brushing, considerably more gentle on your teeth and gums.
      The Pressure sensor built in allows for a much more comfortable brush period with the bristles gliding over the teeth much more coherently.
      The Professional Care 2000 Electric Toothbrush brushing action ensures that each individual tooth is thoroughly cleaned with the bristles reaching into areas which are hard to get to in comparison to a manual brush.

      The 2-minute timer is a great feature, letting you know when you've reached your recommended brushing time. Would also be a good way of teaching kids to brush for the right time!

      It comes with different brushing heads allowing for more than one person to use the brush simply by switching the heads around.

      Overall after about 3 weeks of using the electric brush, it is fair to say i have noticed a considerable difference in comparison to using a maual brush. My teeth feel clean for longer and do seem to be whiter. Though this could be assisted further by the toot paste which i was using. But all in all, a strong recommendation for this product.


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      • Blackberry Curve 9300 / Smartphone / 3 Readings / 3 Ratings
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        27.09.2012 10:48
        Very helpful



        Extremely good smartphone for a wide variety of users.

        Upon First glance of the blackberry I thought to myself, it is extremely light and comfortable for a device that boasts so many great features. Prior to this BlackBerry 9300, I had has 4 years use out of Apples flagship device and decided not to further my purely on the basis of cost. All in all i do believe i made the right choice switching to the BlackBerry saving a considerable amount of money in the process.

        The Blackberry is arguably the best in the spotlight of smartphones today, enabling the user to text, to make phone calls, browse the web on 3G/Wi-Fi, listen to music, record video, take photos and much more... The App world store on the device opens up the phone to being used for multiple tasks and applications focused around business/entertainment/social networks.

        By choosingthe Blackberry 9300 you'll be saving considerable costs on your contract in comparison to other smartphones on the market such as the Apple Iphone and HTC models.

        A few reasons why the BlackBerry 9300 may be cheaper -

        This phone has a 2-megapixel camera that doesn't compare to well with the other smartphones on the market. The camera is therefore more of a novelty; a way of quickly sending snaps to friends and family quite seamlessly by email or text or the renound Blackberry Messanger.

        The user interface of the blackberry in comparison to other smartphones on the market is fairly balanced. The use of the scroll trackpad can seem endlessly tiring and time consuming in comparison to a touch screen (eg. iPhone) which enables the user to quickly whizz around internet pages and applications. Switch the balance around however, the BlackBerry's messaging system is far more organised and accessible than that of the iPhone, for you can access emails, texts and BBM all through one folder or individually depending upon the preference of the user.

        These are only two small features which I found to put me off the blackberry slightly, but it proves that all phones have there faults and benefits leaving it entirely based upon the users view; therefore having to review what features benefit you yourself.

        A few Benefits of the Blackberry for me -
        The Layout of the buttons in the Keyboard style make this phone extremely easy for texing and typing.
        The status indicator that flashes when the battery is low, or if you have a message. Good for when the phone is on silent allowing the user to be still notified
        Battery life is in comparison to my old iPhone, is moderatly better. A full charge will usually last me around 24 hours with that including a full days use of emails, texts, calls and use of internet and social networks.
        The wide variety of options for assigning alert features for various Profiles (such as General, Silent etc) allow me to assign what is most suitable to me how and when I want it.
        BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) is what makes the Blackberry devices stand out from other smartphones on the market. It allows BlackBerry users to connect devices via PINs enabling the to send messages similar to texting however since it works through a data stream, the messages are sent/received instantly and its far more engaging than simply texting.
        Edit DOC, XLS and PPT on the go which is very useful if using the your phone in and around the business place.
        The most obvious one is, compared to other smartphone contracts, the blackberry offers the cheapest option for users.

        However, the most prominent drawbacks i notcied with the Blackberry 9300 are.

        The BlackBerry App World is, in comparison to that of the iPhone, very limited. I found the download speeds, installation times, and quality of these Apps were often bvery basic at times.
        The reboot time of the blackberry is very long. Even when just turning the phone on and off. it seems to need to reset the whole phone for some reason?
        The trackpad can take a bit of getting used to, often I found myself whizzing over the application I wanted. It can also get a tiny bit tedious when having to scroll down pages and pages with just a trackpad.
        The buttons on the keypad may be a bit small for the larger hands of users.

        Extras that the phone offers which do help in its appeal are -
        3.5mm headphone jack meaning i could use my preffered headphones.
        Built in games and social networking sites.
        Standard Bluetooth connectivity(used less and less but still essential).

        All in all, I think it is fair to say that the Blackberry 9300 offers a very useable smartphone enabling the user to explore all the mod cons and applications. It is suitable for every person due to the wide variety of programmes and applications. The ease of use and user interface of the blackberry puts this device miles ahead of other smartphones on the market. Overall this phone is a very good buy, especially with the 'cheap' contracts available offereing texts/minutes/data usage.


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      • LG Cookie KP500 / Mobile Phone / 6 Readings / 6 Ratings
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        27.09.2012 01:57



        Budget phone but a good step up to the touch screen

        It's a good phone for the price, however it doesn't live up to all the moderns needs of a mobile phone considering the unprecidented social network sites.

        The build quality is good, it's plastic very rigid and firm. The screen is fairly scratch resistant compared with others on the market but naturally with it being touch screen it does leave the odd fingerprint mark.

        The camera is ok, it lacks in quality, but is acceptable considering this phone is seen as a budget option. Unfortunately there is no flash, so the images are prone to being dark and dingy. A acceptable camera it is fair to be described as.

        To be honest the battery is very good comparing it to previous phones i have had, i've had the phone for just over a year and still a fully charged battery will last about 30 hours give or take dependent upon the usage during the day.

        The features are some what limited to the basic applications. The front page contains a variety of widgets such as a notepad, a big face clock, radio, speed dial, amongst others. The usability is great and is really easy to understand how to use, almost going as far as saying its fool proof.


        The most off putting thing for me is the touch screen unlock, being able to unlock the phone two ways, either by pressing the button on the side or holding the touch button for 3 seconds. Unlocking in your pocket or in your bag if it is pushed against something is not uncommon leading to mistaken messages and calls made.

        The headphones made by LG are not the best. Very flimsy and cheap feeling.

        The internet is good, but not great. The phone isn't wi-fi enabled so will only run on your networks WAP, meaning no email or youtube.

        It's an ideal phone if you're looking for a low costing phone for every day ease of use. If you are more dependent upon social networking and business related applications on a phone then i would not advise this.


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