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      16.05.2013 17:25
      Very helpful
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      Great for helping to repair sore, cracked lips. Thumbs up from me.

      I bought the lip balm because at the time my lips were sore and dry. I normally just use Vaseline or some other basic balm but I felt I needed something more effective as my lips weren't getting any better.

      From reading the packaging at the time, I remember Blistex Medplus seemed to have healing ingredients and was just what I needed. So I thought it was worth a shot.

      Having just checked the description of this product is contains Menthol and Camphor for cooling, Carrot Oil because it contains antioxidants, and Cocoa Seed Butter and Lanolin to help restore moisture.

      I have used this on and off for a few months and have just started using it again today because I have a very fine cut on my lip. Within seconds of putting it on, my lip feels less sore and irritated. To be fair is doesn't feel sore at all - this is not the sort of feeling I get when I apply Vaseline.

      You get an initial tingling effect from the Menthol and Camphor which I quite like - it makes it feel like it is working. I also have the feeling of plumper lips, again I suspect this is the Menthol and Camphor.

      My lips feel moisturised and have a slight sheen to them, as you would except from a lip balm. The moisturising effect lasts even after the balm as come off - I don't feel desperate to apply more as soon as it has come off, unlike with some other lip balms. The feeling on your lips is nice - not sticky or greasy.

      Moving onto the healing effects. If you need something to heal dry, cracked, or sore lips then this works. I tried it out of desperation because my usual lip balms were not working and this, simply put, works. My lips started to heal and were back to normal within a few days.

      The best bit is that while your lips are going through the healing process they feel so much better right from the first use. It can be really annoying when your lips are sore, it hurts more when you eat and talk - two things most of do a lot of! And every time it hurts you are reminded of your sore lips, with this you really do forget about them.

      I really recommend this product as it has worked so well for me. When I run out I will be buying more, although when that will be I'm not sure - it might come in a small tub but I have plenty left. 5 out of 5 from me.


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        12.05.2013 21:50
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Without a good wireless connection this tablet is not a worthwhile purchase.

        - Background to Purchase-

        I wanted something small that I could use around the house for internet browsing. My 4 year old laptop had broken and with a now 15 month old son a laptop wasn't that practical. I decided that a tablet would be the best option as it could be quickly hidden away from prying fingers. Well that is my theory anyway.

        I originally wanted a Google Nexus 10" but money was a bit tight so I decided I would go for a cheap tablet as temporary measure. The specs on the Yarvik Xenta seemed good for the money (I paid £100), it has a Cortex A9 1.6 GHz dual core processor, 1GB of RAM, expandable memory (unlike the Nexus), 150 Mbps wireless card, scratch resistant display and runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

        - Out of the Box -

        I ordered my tablet online from Stuff-UK and it came within 5 working days. The box is attractive, it is shiny black and made of thick card. Unlike some cheap electronics which come in flimsy card boxes with even more flimsy plastic inserts.

        Opening it up revealed a really nice looking tablet - a shiny screen with matt black case. It comes with a USB Host Cable, USB Cable, 2.5 to 3.5 mm Audio Cable, Power Adapter, Start Guide, a Before you Get Started Guide, and Factory Reset Guide.

        - Switching it On -

        I plugged it into the mains and noticed that the charger does not go all the way into the tablet. I double checked by giving a wiggle but it would not budge. This means part of the metal end of the charger is exposed when plugged into the tablet.

        It took a few hours to charge, I would say around 4 and a ½ but I did play around with it a little while it was charging. The charging time on the box says up to 5 hours.

        - Using It -

        The tablet is quick to load, the screen is responsive and very clear - I thought the screen might not be of the best quality but it was a nice surprise how clear, bright and sharp the display is. My sister picked up a cheap tablet from eBay and the screen was fuzzy but I suppose for £50 you can't expect much, it was also not the most responsive to touch. I thought however, even though the Yarvik was more expensive, that it might not have a very good screen as it was a "cheap" tablet - I was wrong.

        The device fits in your hands well - it is quite thin and has a nice weight to it. It's not so heavy that you wished you'd bought a lighter model but at the same time not too light to make you think that the slightest knock or bump will make it smash into a thousand pieces.

        The device comes pre-installed with a range of apps including FBReader (E-book reader), Email, Web Browser, Alarm Clock, MobiSoft Office Suite, and Google Play Store amongst others.

        I didn't try all the apps and you will see why if you carry on reading. I did test out the rear 2 MP camera, the tablet includes both a rear and front facing camera, and it was of OK quality.

        - Connecting to the Internet -

        This is where my initial delight with the device turned into frustration and disappointment. I have a Super Hub from Virgin Media and a 120 Mb internet connection. My old laptop plus my husband's new one have had no problems getting a decent network and internet connection speed all-round the home and garden.

        The Yarvik was struggling to get a 2-5 Mbps connection to the network when sat in my living room. It's worth adding that I live in a 1960s brick built semi-detached house - so there are no metre thick walls blocking the connection. At times the Yarvik could not even manage 2 Mbps and would completely drop out. Even when sat next to the router it was only getting 19 Mbps in one spot, it did however peak at 54 Mbps when I put it on the ironing board (this was next to the router too). I suspect that maybe the ironing board was acting as an antenna and this is why I saw the speed increase.

        With a 2 Mbps connection I was getting a very slow internet speed. Speedtest.net showed a 565 kbps download speed when in the living room.

        I tried changing the channel that the router was transmitting on, this saw no improvement in the connection. Not that I thought it would make a difference as the laptop could get a decent connection but I thought I would give it a go.

        I can only assume that the Yarvik Xenta is supplied with a poor/cheap quality wireless card. I have contacted Stuff-UK to arrange collection as I want to return it for a full refund.

        - Conclusion -

        I had the Xenta less than a day before wanting to send it back. The whole point of a tablet is that you want to be able to browse the internet on it, if you can't do that then it's useless.

        I think what makes it more disappointing is that the rest of the tablet looked to be of very good quality. I was really pleased when I first opened the box, now I can't wait to get a refund.

        If you want a decent tablet for browsing the internet then the Xenta is not for you. Because of this I'm awarding the Yarvik Xenta 1 star out of 5, it's such a shame because if it had a decent wireless card then I would have probably given it 5 stars.

        ***I have awarded the Xenta 4 bars for Processing/Quality because of the screen and speed of the tablet***


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          07.05.2013 21:00
          Very helpful



          Good steam cleaner but let down by it breaking down after only a few months use.

          - Background to the Purchase -

          I have a very messy 14 month old and mainly laminate flooring downstairs, with some tiled areas as well. The combination of a small child and me not being able to mop up constantly means a very messy floor. I needed something quick and easy to use. I had been using a sponge mop and bucket but this left the floor very wet afterwards.

          After using my Mum's steam mop from Lakeland I decided that I really needed to get one of my own.

          - The Purchase -

          I checked out a few reviews online and decided the Vax Hard Floor Master was the steam mop for me. The name kinda gives it away as to what this steam cleaner is good for. But it also came with a rug/carpet attachment which I thought would come in handy as I do have a rug in the living room.

          I purchased the model in February this year from my local Currys store for £54.99. Currently, as of 07/05/2013, the mop is on offer through Currys for £49.99 (normal selling price £79.99).

          - The Product -

          The Vax Hard Floor Master is a slim upright steam cleaner with a soft grip handle. It comes with a rug/carpet attachment (basically a plastic triangle that sits over the bottom of the steam cleaner), two removable and washable mop heads, and a small jug.

          The steam cleaner does require some assembly but nothing too difficult - just screwing some parts into place.

          - How to Use -

          The removable reservoir needs filling with a maximum of 500ml of water but for some reason the supplied jug only fits 250mls. Once filled, screw the top back on then just pop the reservoir back into the mop. Attach a mop head to the bottom. Once switched on you need to leave the mop to warm up, this takes about a minute. When it's ready a light on the front of the mop turns green.

          To use: press the button located on the handle in short bursts whilst moping the floor. Eventually the green light will switch off but a few seconds later it is back up to full steam and ready to be used again.
          I tend to find it works better when not pressing it continually. I tend to press then wipe a small area of the floor and then press again.

          The mop heads are self-attaching (like Velcro) even though the manual says it has a drawstring which you need to tighten around the head. Presumably Vax must have changed the design, and frankly I think self-attaching mop heads are a much better idea.

          - Hard Floor Master? -

          I said previously, I have mainly hard floors and this does a very good job of cleaning them. It takes a little effort in the sense that you need to go over some areas several times to get the floor completely clean. But these areas are ones which are covered in dried on food, so I wouldn't expect it to come clean after just one sweep over.

          Lighter soiled areas take just one sweep to be left clean. Because the mop uses steam the floor dries really quickly too. As it comes with two mop heads I like to get rid of all the really dried on stuff first then swap the mop head. I then go over the lighter soiled areas and the rest of the floor to make sure I have given the floor a good clean.

          - Carpet Pro? -

          The steam cleaner isn't designed to clean soft flooring per se. The manual says it can be used to "refresh" carpets. And being fair to the description that is what it does. It takes away some dirt and leaves the living room rug looking a bit brighter. What I like to do is use the Vanish Carpet Powder (the one where you work it in with a broom, let it dry and then vacuum) to get rid of some of the dried in dirt. Then I give the rug a once over with the steam cleaner.

          - Cleaning the Steam Mop -

          The unit itself can be wiped down with a damp sponge or cloth. Once you have finished steam cleaning you need to empty the reservoir, the manual recommends to do this to prevent lime-scale build up.
          The removable mop heads can be washed in the washing machine but don't use fabric softener. I stick mine in when washing my son's nappies. The reason you don't use fabric softener is because it makes the mop head less absorbent.

          - The Negative -

          My husband has taken the steam cleaner back to Currys tonight as, unfortunately, it stopped working correctly yesterday - only a very small amount of steam was being produced. Vax did have a few suggestions that might resolve the problem but none of them have worked. However, I am hoping that this is just a one off rather than this model being of poor quality and I'm looking forwarded to getting a replacement or getting it repaired - those floors of mine NEED cleaning!

          - Overall Summary -

          If it wasn't for the break down I would give the Vax Hard Floor Master 5 out of 5, but because of the fault I have reduced its rating to 4 out of 5. On a positive note it does come with a two year guarantee.


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            03.05.2013 15:45
            Very helpful



            Good all round home and/or office printer good for printing photos and documents

            -Background to the Purchase-

            In a previous life (before I had my son) I used to sell handmade wedding stationery. My first printer was a colour laser model which lasted less than a year before breaking. The replacement was a wax printer and was considerably more expensive than the laser - that lasted about 13 months.

            So I after getting a little fed up with printers I decided I didn't want to spend a fortune only for it to break down after a few months.

            So my requirements were:

            -£150 or less
            -Good quality print outs
            -Preferably waterproof prints
            -Quick print out speeds.

            -The Search Was On-

            You might think from my requirements that I would need a laser printer but I found an alternative - a printer that uses DURABrite inks. Although not waterproof, Epson claimed the ink to be water resistant and would not smudge when highlighting text with a marker pen. The speed and print quality seemed adequate for my needs so I purchased the Epson B40W at a cost of around £140.

            -Print Quality & Speed-

            The print quality is excellent and the colours bright. Although the ink does not have a shine to it like some other inks, it has more of a matte finish, it still packs a vibrant punch. The advertised DPI is 5760 x 1440 - plenty for most business and home users.

            Printing wedding stationery means I print onto varying sizes and thickness of card. The B40W printed onto 300 GSM card but that was pushing the printer to it's limits. A more realistic maximum is 250 GSM - which is what I used most of the time anyway when not printing on 100 GSM paper.

            Obviously I had to test of the claim of the water resistance of the ink. Epson are not telling porkies on that point - it really is smudge resistant when drawn over with a highlighter or dabbed with a bit of water. It does smear if you really try to wet it but as it doesn't claim to be waterproof I think that is perfectly acceptable.

            Epson claim that the print speed is:

            -38 Pages/min Monochrome (plain paper 75 g/m²),
            -38 Pages/min Color (plain paper 75 g/m²),
            -20 Seconds per 10 x 15 cm photo (Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper)

            Although I have never timed the printing speed I'm pretty it has never achieved 38 pages per minute. But then again claimed printing speeds usually don't translate into reality. From looking at a couple of reviews on other sites the suggested print speed seems to be closer to 16 - 19 pages per minute.

            -Setting it Up-

            I have a wireless network and you might be able to guess from the model number (B40W) that this printer is wireless. It can also be used on a wired network (10/100) and via USB 2.0.

            Setting it up to work with my wireless router was easy as the set-up CD took you through each step. My network detected the printer straight away, after just a couple more clicks it was done. But when the router needs resetting it can cause problems, as the printer will be assigned a different IP address and I can no longer print to it as my PC sends prints to the old IP. I think if I remember rightly (it has been a long time since I have done it) if you switch the printer on and off again it sorts itself out. However you can rectify the problem by assigning a static IP address to the printer, this is what I did and it's why I'm not 100% sure how to fix the problem without doing this!

            Overall though it is quick and easy to get the printer up and running. To add the printer is compatible with Mac OS 10.3+, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows XP x64 according to Epson website. I have used it with Windows 7 and although it works OK I can not see how much ink is left as the ink monitor software does not work. However, I can log into my printer from my browser and see how much ink is left that way so it's not too much of a problem. But if you are using the printer via USB then you would not be able to do this.

            -Ink Costs-

            I only use Epson inks because I am worried that compatibles might not be smudge resistant. The inks are not cheap, but then they never are.

            The larger capacity "Rhino" inks are better value for money at £40.38* for a 3 colour pack containing 33.3 ml of ink versus the standard capacity "Cheetah" inks at £39.71* for a 3 colour pack containing 23.9 ml.

            From Epson's website: "The high yield individual ink cartridges give a cost per page comparable to a laser printer"

            I have never worked out the cost but the claim is only valid when printing black ink - something that I do sometimes but not all the time. Therefore I can't work out this claim as I would need to print solely in black. However, I do have a mono laser print and although the cartridges are a lot more expensive they do last a lot, lot longer. I therefore doubt the claim of being comparable really is true.


            Overall I'm happy with the printer. It looks stylish, has a good print quality, has several connection options and isn't too expensive per print for an inkjet. And one of my favorites points is the water resistant ink, which in my opinion gives a more professorial feel to your documents. But it does have one negative, sometimes when using non-standard sized media it can mark one corner of the paper or card with ink. This doesn't happen all the time and has never happened when printing A4 or A5 sheets.

            *Prices mentioned are RRP prices, I get my inks from Amazon so they work out a bit cheaper.


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          • Samsung SGH-E250 / Mobile Phone / 40 Readings / 38 Ratings
            More +
            29.04.2013 21:32
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            Good basic model, the camera is not brilliant but because it was a cheap I have awarded 5 stars.

            I ordered the Samsung E250 several years ago. At the time I wanted something fairly cheap, and practical. Still to this day I'm not interested in getting a Smartphone - I like my phones for calling and texting, that's the way I roll.

            -Day to Day-

            This phone is a feature phone - it has a camera, radio, MP3 player, WAP browser, and bluetooth.

            My previous phone was a Nokia but I quickly got used to the different software on this phone. It's fairly self-explanatory and easy to figure out without the manual. But if you are need a little help the the manual is clear and straight-forward.

            The reasonably sized buttons make texting and calling quick and easy. Although if you really struggle with keypads then I recommend purchasing a phone with larger and more spaced out buttons, such as one of the Doro mobile phones.

            I have never timed how long it takes to charge as I usually just leave it on charge overnight but after charging it during the day a couple of weeks ago I reckon it can get to full charge within a couple of hours. Once charged the phone stays on standby for several days.


            The bluetooth worked fine until I upgrade to Windows 7, since then I've not be able to connect my phone to my PC. But as it is a feature I rarely use I haven't really missed it.

            The camera is pretty poor. The photos are just about good enough to use as a background pic for your phone but nothing more. They're certainly not good enough for Facebook or to print out.

            The sound quality on the radio/Mp3 player is good but again it's not something I really use. I wanted a phone for calls and texting.


            My model is plain black. I have a liking for black phones as they seem to look better for longer. I think it's a combination of marks not showing up as well on black and black has a sort of business feel. Although not the most attract phone it's not the ugliest either. The simple and clean design means it looks reasonably attractive.


            It has been dropped numerous times, chewed, and dribbled over by my 13 month old. It has been splatted with paint, clay, and pottery glaze. After all this abuse it's still going strong. However, it did start to stick a little last week; normally sliding the phone up is not a problem but for some reason (could be any of those things above) it started not sliding up straight away - it would take a couple of attempts. This problem has since sorted itself out and the phone is back to it's usual easy-gliding self.

            -Recommend Users-

            If you want a basic, easy to use phone with no fuss then this phone is for you. If you want an all singing, all dancing phone then move along.


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            23.04.2013 16:49
            Very helpful



            Don't buy unless you live in a very flat area of the UK or only plan to take to shopping centres

            --This is a bit of a long review and if you are planning on buying this pram but don't have time to read the full thing just skip to the bottom for the overall summary--

            On the face of it this travel system seemed like good value. It had everything I wanted - carrycot, front and rear facing stroller seat, car seat with base, footmuff, changing bag, raincover, bumper bar, and even adjustable handles.

            I went to Kiddicare in Peterborough to look at travel systems, amongst other things for my baby. As a first time Mum I found the choice overwhelming, there must have been hundreds of prams there. In the end I decided on the Chicco Trio Living. I think what swayed it for me was the price, it was on offer for £250 - the RRP was over £700! It seemed to handle well in the shop, seemed a pretty smooth ride, and had everything I wanted. A bargain I thought.

            However, I had not considered that in a shop it might seem smooth because of the smooth floor. Whereas on bumpy pavements and paths it might be a completely different kettle of fish. I had also not considered the weight of the pram, when using the carrycot it is so heavy to push. The frame and carrycot together weighs over 15kg. When your trying to push this up some very steep hills (I live in Sheffield) this is a real struggle.

            I had been suffering from Pelvic Girdle Pain during my pregnancy and the condition doesn't disappear straight away after giving birth, unless your very lucky. This meant I was struggling to walk normally and pushing heavy loads was a nightmare. I had already given up doing the weekly supermarket shop during my pregnancy as I couldn't push the trolley round once loaded with food. This certainly added to my difficulties with this pram, but to be fair to it I still think even if I hadn't been suffering with PGP I wouldn't have found it to my liking.

            The weight issue was also compounded by the tyres and suspension. After giving up on the Chicco I ended up getting a lightweight stroller. I liked it but as my son was facing away from me I decided I wanted another travel system. The replacement was just as heavy but because it had air pumped tyres and really good suspension it was so much easier to push and actually felt lighter than the Chicco.

            The tyres on the Chicco are very hard rubber and the suspension, well it's more a case of what suspension. Every little bump on the pavement was noticeable - it would give you vibration white finger after a 30 minute walk it was that bad. Seriously it really vibrated, it almost felt rickety.

            Another negative is the fold. It really takes some yanking and forcing when the stroller seat is in place, it's not an easy to fold pram at all. When I had tried folding it in the shop it was minus the seat so it folded really easily.

            The shopping basket, although not small, was hard to access. The frame criss crosses over it so you can't access it easily. You have to ram things in through the gaps in the frame.

            On a positive note the carrycot, stroller seat, and car seat along with the other accessories are of good quality. I think if they had been put on a different frame that wasn't rickety, had better suspension and better tyres then I actually think it would have been a really good travel system for the money.

            The car seat was sturdy and I really felt like my son was safe in it. But it was very heavy compared to others. As my son got older the heaviness became more of an issue as I started to really struggle to take the seat out from the car to put on the frame, my husband also started to find it difficult too. I would like to add at this point that I only used this pram for the first 4 months so with an older baby I probably would have stopped using the pram as a travel system. Because not being able to take seat and baby from the car at the same time defeats the point of buying a travel system.

            I think I got fooled into thinking that a hard carrycot was better than a soft one because it seems more sturdy. But in reality hard plastic equals heavier and harder to carry. It does not necessarily mean it is better quality or more practical. I also couldn't see the point of air pumped tyres, I thought they were over the top but in reality I got it wrong - probably like a lot of first time Mums.

            My experience of buying a pram was that it is just so overwhelming with all the choice. I hope that this review will help others who are struggling to decide on what pram they want. My top advice is have a look around and decide which pram you want. But don't do what I did and buy it there and then. Come back in a couple of weeks time and look at it again, as you might find it's not as good as you first thought.

            Overall summary: I got rid of it after a few months. If I had paid the RRP of around £700 I would have been really disappointed. Looking at Chicco website they now have an updated version called Trio Living Smart, however, it looks very similar to my model. It seems to be mainly cosmetic changes. I have found it on a couple of websites for around £400. If it handles the same as mine please don't get it unless you plan on only taking your baby round flat newly tarmacked pavements and shopping centres.


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            21.04.2013 20:27
            Very helpful



            Good pram for going on walks, not so good for hitting the shops.

            I bought this stroller after getting tired of pushing around my heavy Chicco travel system. I was looking for something much more light weight, easier to push, and with better suspension.

            Weight: After trying out a few strollers I decided on the Petite Star ZiaX. It wasn't the lightest pram but not too bad at 7.8kg. You don't really notice the weight until you actually pick it up. It feels a lot lighter to push than it's actual weight.

            Fold and Fit: It folds down pretty easily but it is a two hand fold. Once folded it fits in the boot of my husbands Peugeot 307 with plenty of room to spare.

            Manoeuvring: The ZiaX has a very small turning circle and is great for weaving in, out, and around dawdlers in shopping centres. I tend to get what I want when shopping then nip out again, so getting past the window shoppers for me is key. You can also lock the front wheel for extra stability and a smoother ride over rough ground.

            Weather: The pram comes with a raincover, which is easy to put on and of good quality. Sometimes prams tend to come with really flimsy cheap raincovers but not this one. The large hood also provides great protection from the sun. I did get a free accessory pack with my stroller which included a liner and umbrella. The umbrella was on the cheap side and I never really used it. I much prefer using a sun hood which comes over the front and down the sides of the pram providing really good sun protection - I got that off eBay.

            Age Range: The stroller is suitable from birth as it lies flat. With the liner it makes quite a snug environment for any child. But without the liner I not sure I would want to put a newborn in it. The 5 point safety harness can be adjusted to suit the size of the child.

            Handles: The pram has height adjustable handles but they only go into two positions. So if neither suit you then it's tough.

            <b>Negative Points</b>

            Shopping Basket: Although the ZiaX is great for weaving around people in shopping centres the small shopping basket is not great if you need more than a few small bits and bobs. Also when in lie flat mode you can not easily get to the basket as the pram goes over the top of it.

            Handles/Weight Distribution: Because it is a light pram and a 3 wheeler you can't add too much weight onto the back of the pram. This means that the small shopping basket is compounded by the fact you can't put heavy bags on the handles. You can, however, make the stroller more stable with heavy loads by changing it's centre of gravity: in other words increase the strap length of your changing bag so it sits lower down on the pram. You can also buy pram hooks which you can clip lower down the frame so your shopping hangs closer to the ground.

            No Bumper Bar: This may not be something you're too concerned over. It's not something I really miss but I suppose it is nice to have one.

            Front Locking Swivel Wheel or Not: The front locking wheel is a bit hit and miss. It needs to be in the right position and if you press down too hard you miss the clip. You then have to pull the lock back up and try again, and sometimes try again, and again. However, as I don't tend to lock the front wheel that much I can live with this down side.

            My general overview is that is a good light weight pram which handles well but the small, sometimes hard to access shopping basket, does let it down. But out of the 4 travel systems/strollers I have owned it is my favourite even though it's not perfect. My experience so far of prams is there is no such thing as the perfect one, get two - one for shopping and one for walking. I use a Mama and Papas stroller for shopping because it has a massive shopping basket but the non-existent suspension means its not the sort of pram I want to take out for a walk around the park or woods.


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              21.04.2013 18:33
              Very helpful



              Generally not impressed with this product, to me the disadvantages out way the positives

              I have tried several nappy creams since my son was born and this one is my least favourite. Not because it doesn't help with nappy rash but because of it's texture. This stuff clings on for dear life: which is fine when it's on your baby's bum not so good when it's on your hands. Clearly it was designed to be greasy to provide a protective layer which stops moisture coming through. I can not fault the protective side of the cream but I can't help think maybe there could have been a better balance between effective protection and ease of cleaning off the skin.

              It takes several goes with soap and water to get this stuff off your hands and even then I still find it tends to stick under my nails. You might think this is a small price to pay for your baby's protection against nappy rash but I also find cleaning my baby's bum a problem particularly after a poo. Really you need to scrap it off with something like a credit card or other rigid plastic sheet, but I doubt my Health Visitor would approve of that.

              I use reusable baby wipes, they are basically terry towelling squares soaked in a water/tea tree oil mix. They are much better at getting stuff off than disposable wipes - in my experience disposables tend to smear poo around rather than wipe it off. But even using terry towelling wipes, with their rougher texture, I found Bepanthen still difficult to wipe off. You'll need about half a packet of disposable ones at least if you want to clean your baby's bum to a reasonable level of cleanliness. Ok, that might be an exaggeration but you do need a fair few.

              This product has generally very good reviews so maybe it is just me? Perhaps there is a technique with this stuff that I am missing. If, however, it's not just me then by all means buy Bepanthen for it's protective side but be prepared to fork out for a lot of baby wipes to clean up the mess. Or invest in some reusable wipes that make the job easier. Or better still buy another nappy rash cream.


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                21.04.2013 18:21
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                My favorite nappy rash cream

                I have tried Sudocream, Bepanthen, Johnsons, Metanium, Vaseline and Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter. Waitrose it is my favourite of them all. I was given some when my son was born by one of my cousins. My reaction was "ooh that looks a but posh"- I'm more of an Asda/Aldi kinda gal so this seemed a bit of a luxury.

                Living in Sheffield my nearest Waitrose is in the city centre and, as anyone who lives in the area knows, driving around there is not something you do unless you have to. I would much prefer to go out of town to Meadowhall or Rotherham as it is much easier to get to. But alas in order to buy this Bottom Butter, or as I and my husband tend to call it Bum Butter, I need to visit the city centre. This stuff is worth the trip though, especially if you stock up on it.

                Compared to the other brands I have tried I much prefer the texture of the Bottom Butter. For me the worse one texture wise is Bepanthen - it's like smearing really thick grease onto your baby's bum. Then you have the fun of trying to get the stuff off your hands - Bepanthen just clings on for dear life. The Bottom Butter comes off a lot more easily but because it has a texture like a cross between wax and Vaseline it does protect your baby's bum.

                I wouldn't say my baby never has nappy rash now but I also found that to be the case with the other creams I have tried. Non of them ever completely prevent nappy rash. He does suffer from Eczema though so this might be why he gets a little red down their sometimes.

                Price wise I was pleasantly surprised at £2.89 per 125ml tub - with it being Waitrose I expected it to be a lot more expensive. You don't need to apply too much so it lasts quite a while. It also comes in simple, yet attractive packaging and has a nice smell to it.

                I have heard that some women use this on their face as a moisturiser and it was so good that it sold out when it was first launched. Never tried it myself so I'm gonna reserve comment on that one.

                Overall I am very happy with this cream, it is good for my son's skin and I don't need some sort of industrial strength cleaner to remove it from my hands.


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                  20.04.2013 22:45
                  Very helpful



                  Generally very impressed with this epilator

                  Having used an epilator before and gave up (not keen on pain) for some reason I decided to buy another one. I was using my old Philips epilator with the shaver head attachment but it became damaged. Disappointed with a cheapo replacement shaver I thought I would give this epilator a go.

                  The 5780 comes with a shaver head, trimmer attachment, sensitive area cap, facial cap and what the manufacturer describes as an efficiency cap.

                  To ease discomfort the epilator massages the skin, for extra comfort you can use the cooling pack. In my experience the cooling pack helps to numb the skin very slightly. My original Philips model also came with a cooling attachment which had the same effect, so I don't think the fact it doesn't have a huge numbing effect is a design flaw - it's just that cooling the skin only really helps a little.

                  Originally I started using the sensitive cap as I thought I would ease myself into using an epliator. But it didn't take me long before I switched to the efficiency cap. The efficiency cap does pull more hairs out but I still get the odd hair which it has missed here and there. The sensitive cap is designed for the bikini and under arm area. I have used the sensitive and efficiency cap on my bikini area and although more painful than use on my legs I wouldn't say it is unbearable.

                  Due to a previous experience of trying to epilate my underarms with the Philips, there is no way I am going to try again with this one! There is only so much pain a woman can take for the sake of beauty.

                  I don't have any facial hair (yet anyway) that I need to get rid of so I can't really comment on the facial cap. But I would have thought epilating facial hair would be less painful as the hairs are finer.

                  The shaver attachment is very good, much better than the £15 shaver I had bought to replace my Philips.

                  Overall I think this a very good product. The only thing that would have been a bonus for me is a rechargeable battery so I could have the freedom of being away from a plug socket.


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