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Member since: 20.07.2009

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      20.07.2009 12:59
      Very helpful



      Light, fresh, floral and perfect for everyday use.

      I am a very hard person to buy perfume for and usually stick to what I know but I received this as a gift from a friend and just fell in love with it the moment I unwrapped the paper. It is a beautifully presented box and bottle, very elegant and simple. It is a very light and fresh floral scent and the rose and sandalwood definately stand out to me.

      I find some of Gucci's other fragrances like Gucci by Gucci too heavy but this has such a clean feel to it that it is perfect for everyday use and is not at all sickly or too sweet.

      I was surprised when I found out the price as it is a good £10 - £15 more than other leading everyday perfumes but it is great quality and 2 squirts sets me up for the day without feeling that I need to replace it.

      I would love to put this on my shopping list for friends birthday presents but I love the fact that none of them know about it yet and it's my little secret!


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