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      03.01.2015 00:05
      Very helpful
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      • " nice scenery and good music"
      • " not too difficult"
      • " fun"
      • entertaining


      • "certain levels can be a bit dull"

      Simple, but fun!

      Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse was the third most popular game in our house for the Sega Master System back in the 90’s (after Sonic and Alex Kidd in Miracle World).

      We had another game with Mickey Mouse, which was quite poor in comparison. I found it more difficult and less enjoyable.

      ~ The idea ~
      Castle of Illusion is brilliant, but a very simple idea.
      All you have to do is get through the level. There aren’t really any points to collect, but there are creatures out there to avoid.
      You start off the game with three stars and if you run into one of creatures on the game you lose a star and if you lose all three you have to start the game again. There are treasure chests all over the place with cake in them, which will restore your stars. There are single and double sizes of cake; single will fill up one star and double will fill up two stars so it isn’t too difficult to get back on track if you lose a life or two.

      ~ Levels ~
      The game allows you to choose one of three doors at the beginning so you choose where to start on the game. Once you have completed a level the screen will show you the other two doors and once you have completed all three a ladder appears which you climb to go up to a set of two more doors for the next two levels. Another ladder appears for a final level after you have completed the other two levels.

      The levels each have a different theme. I usually just play the doors in order, left to right. There is a woodland level, a toy shop, a sweet shop, a library etc.

      ~ Conclusion ~
      I think this is a really good game. I think it is suitable for younger children as well because the first three levels are quite easy.
      It was one of my favourite games when I was young because it was a realistic challenge. I also find it quicker to get through than other console games, but it still takes long enough for it not to be too easy and pointless bothering with.
      The scenery and music are great. I think the levels are fun and well thought out.
      I don’t particularly enjoy the fifth level, but it is bearable and there are no parts that I have ever got stuck on.
      I would recommend this game. It is entertaining, but not too long and I also like that you can choose which level to do first. This was something I enjoyed when I first got the game when I was younger so I could start on a different level each time.


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        29.12.2014 00:40
        Very helpful
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        Good luck getting through the first level!

        As a kid The Simpsons: Bart Vs The Space Mutants was one of the games I had for the Sega Mega Drive.

        ~ Storyline ~
        The story is that space mutants have invaded Springfield and have taken over people’s bodies so that they don’t look like space mutants, but Bart Simpson has special goggles and is the only one who can see them as the space mutants that they really are.

        I have seen the game played to the end online.
        There are various missions throughout the game where Bart has to spray paint everything that is purple and collect hats from people and in another level he has to collect balloons from Krustyland.

        ~ My thoughts ~
        Me and my sisters used to play this game a lot and we never passed the first level.
        My partner said he had this game as a child and he never got through the first level either and I have read others saying the same.
        I don’t think I understood the whole idea when I was a kid. I just wanted to get through the level, maybe spray paint a few things and then move on to another level like other games.
        I could often get to the end, but the rock throwing contest was not something I ever won.
        The controls were not as smooth as on other games of the time and you would often think you could jump over something, but didn’t manage.
        Even though we were no good at it my sisters and I did enjoy the different parts of the level and used to look forward to getting to the skateboarding part. We even enjoyed watching each other play even though we weren’t very good.

        This game is far too difficult for its target audience.
        I did enjoy playing on the first level, but it is frustrating being unable to go any further and it is clearly not just myself who thinks the same. I have read the same thing many times.
        I like the idea of the game, but it just isn’t very good. It is too difficult. There are too many ways of getting killed off and I think the game is one that should have been aimed at older game players, but it has Bart Simpson in, which 90’s kids are going to love.
        I want to like it, but in reality it’s not great!


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        • Transcend 8 GB SDHC / Flash Memory / 6 Readings / 6 Ratings
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          22.12.2014 20:38
          Very helpful



          Making Memories!

          I bought this 8GB SDHC card a few years ago when I had just bought a new digital camera.

          What is an SD card?
          SD stands for Secure Digital and an SD card is most commonly used for inserting in your digital camera and any photographs that you take will be stored on the SD card.
          HC just stands for high capacity.

          About this card
          The card has 8GB of memory so you can store around 1920 8 megapixel photos or 1280 12 megapixel photos.
          There is a number on the front of the card written inside the letter ‘C’, which represents is the class number. This card is a class 10. The class number refers to write speed. Class 10 means that the card can write at at least 10 megabytes per second. This refers to taking photographs and videos and also data that is transferred to the card.

          This card is available on amazon.co.uk for £5.90, which is great value. I think I paid closer to £10.00 a few years ago.

          My experience
          I have used this in about 4 different digital cameras and I have been really impressed with it.
          I used it yesterday and I was taking lots of photographs one after the other and it coped really well, but eventually I did run out of space on the 8GB card so had to delete some of my older photos, which I have already backed up on my laptop anyway.
          I had photos and videos on there from years ago; some of concerts, holidays, days out, weddings etc. so it does hold plenty and I imagine it would be big enough for most people.
          I have had no problems at all with the performance of this SD card and I am happy with the amount of photos and video footage it holds.
          I don’t use it to transfer computer documents. I just use it for my camera.
          To transfer photographs to my computer from the SD card I just simply insert it into the SD slot on my computer/laptop and a box appears and I am able to view the files. The transferring of files is very quick, even if there is quite a lot to transfer.
          If you don’t have a SD slot on your computer/laptop you can use a wire to transfer the photos from your camera/ SD card to your computer. The wire usually comes with your camera, but this can eat away at your camera battery so it isn’t the most convenient way of doing things.
          I am convinced that it is a good quality product. It has served me well.
          If I was going to buy another SD card I would probably opt for the Transcend 32GB card as it is on Amazon.co.uk for just £13.00, which I think is very reasonable as it is about double the price of the 8GB card, but it holds 4 times the amount of photos and videos.


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        • Sonic 2 (Classic Game) / Archive Game / 0 Readings / 10 Ratings
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          18.12.2014 09:24
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Super Sonic!

          Sonic The Hedgehog was the first game we had for our Sega Mega Drive back in the 90’s.

          It is a game my sisters and I never tired of.

          You can play it as a two player game where you each take a controller and play against each other on four different levels of the game, where you simply race to the end to see who can finish first.

          You can also play as a one player game and lead Sonic through the many different levels. There is the opportunity to pick up the second controller and play as Tails, the ginger fox here. Sonic and Tails will work as a team, but if Tails gets killed by any of the many animals Sonic, the main player will not lose a life. If Tails gets killed (s)he will slowly fly down to a point next to Sonic so the second player can start playing as Tails again. It is fine to just ignore Tails if you don’t have a second player.

          In every level as well as there being rings to collect you can also kill the animals that are a threat to Sonic, which will release a no doubt cute and fluffy animal that the evil Doctor Robotnik had turned into something out to get Sonic.
          You can also pick up things along the way to help Sonic such as a shield, invisibility or a 10 ring bonus.
          Once you have 50 rings if you can find a post with a star on the top in each level then you can do a bonus level where you run with Tails through a run to collect rings and if you collect the amount set as a challenge you will win a chaos emerald.

          There is plenty of scenery change in the different levels. The levels are all different and interesting. There is Emerald Hill, Chemical Plant, Aquatic Ruin, Casino Night, Mystic Cave, Oil Ocean as well as a handful more. Each level has its own music.
          Each level has two zones to complete, the second of which is tackling Doctor Robotnik, who is usually driving or flying past in a futuristic vehicle of some sort and you have to hit him 8 times without him hitting you first, once you have done this you get to release all of the cute, fluffy animals that Dr Robotnik had captured and then you move on to the next level.

          Even today I still find the game fun. There are no parts in particular that I get stuck on. It is one of the few games where I have managed to get to the end, but it is challenging and takes time. It was not a game we managed to complete straight away and it took us a year or two before we got good enough. It is a game we went back to for years and years after we got it.
          I think this game is really entertaining.


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            18.12.2014 03:43
            Very helpful
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            Far Away Bella

            I bought Far Away Bella from Avon a few months ago when I saw it on offer in the brochure for £7.00. It usually costs £13.00 for the 50ml eau de parfum.

            ~ Scent ~
            The fragrance has a definite orange scent to it when it is first sprayed.
            The note is listed as Italian clementine. It is quite a thick orange note, which I would have guessed to be blood orange or at least something that sounds stronger than Italian clementine.
            The clementine does die down quite quickly making way for a light floral scent and a very subtle sweet and creamy note.
            The other notes listed in the fragrance are Chinese magnolia and Brazilian tonka bean.
            I think the notes go really well together. Once the clementine has died down a bit it goes nicely with the magnolia.

            I think this is quite a nice offering from Avon. It is pleasant and uplifting and quite different to the other fragrances I have tried from Avon. At the same time I wouldn’t say it was the best fragrance they’ve released.
            Although I think the bottle is quite summery I would say this fragrance isn’t specifically a summer scent. It has a warmth to it which would make it nice in the autumn and winter as well as the warmer months. It isn’t a heavy fragrance though.
            It is reasonably long lasting on my skin. It lasts around 5 hours before wearing off.
            I’d say the fragrance is suitable for women of all ages. One of the reasons I was curious about this one was because my partner’s mother (in her 50’s) told me a good six months ago that she’d ordered it. It doesn’t strike me as particularly young or old. It is quite a versatile scent.
            I don’t think anyone would find it offensive.
            I would recommend this fragrance. It is a pleasant fragrance in a pretty bottle, which can be picked up quite cheaply. It isn’t my favourite, but you can do a lot worse.


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              17.12.2014 23:37
              Very helpful



              A Touch Of Class

              My partner tested and suggested this fragrance when I’d dragged him into a perfume shop ages ago. I tried it, liked it and noted its name, but it wasn’t until recently that I found it online and bought it.

              ~ Price and availability~
              My 100ml bottle was £32.45 from allbeauty.com. The recommended retail price is £52.00.

              ~ Scent ~
              The scent is very inoffensive. It has a sweet floral scent. It isn’t a cheap, sweet scent. The sweetness seems to come from one of the floral notes. It is also quite earthy; perhaps a little bit woody.
              The fragrance reminds me of two other fragrances which I have. It smells quite similar to Gucci by Gucci, which I love and it also sometimes reminds me of Elizabeth Arden’s 5th Avenue.
              The top notes are freesia, lily of the valley and lotus.
              The heart notes are jasmine, osmanthus and Tiare flower.
              The base notes are blueberry, raspberry, almond and vanilla.
              The only note that this fragrance has in common with Gucci by Gucci is lily of the valley, but I cannot detect the lily of the valley in this fragrance (or in Gucci’s for that matter).
              The fragrance is very feminine and uplifting. When I first tried it I thought it was nice, but quite ordinary. Since I have added it to my collection I have come to really love it. I no longer think of it as ordinary at all.
              It has an expensive, sophisticated scent.
              I’m really glad my partner pointed this fragrance out to me as it is probably not one I would have tried had I been on my own. When I bought it a few months ago (about a year after he’d picked it out in store) I showed him the bottle and he looked at it as though he’d never seen it before in his life and didn’t have a clue what it was until I explained it is the one he picked out for me in the shop, which is a shame, but the fragrance still reminds me of him because he picked it out as one he liked at the time.
              It is a really nice scent. It is actually quite a heavy fragrance although it is an eau de toilette, rather than an eau de parfum, which is stronger.
              The notes blend together perfectly to give a balance of floral, sweet and earthiness.
              It is still evident on my skin after 6 hours, which is great for an eau de toilette.
              This fragrance would suit women of all ages. It is quite mature, but I do think it would suit younger women as well. I’d also consider this for both day and night time wear. It smells quite expensive so would be great for nights out, but I also like to wear it during the day.
              I love this fragrance. I’d recommend it and would definitely buy it again if my bottle was to run out.


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              17.12.2014 10:39
              Very helpful



              Lovely for Layering

              My sister bought me the Christian Lacroix Nuit fragrance gift set last Christmas and included was this body lotion.

              It comes in a 150ml tube which is a lovely deep purple colour with a silver design surrounding the words, ‘Christian Lacroix Nuit’.
              The tube sits on its flip cap lid which is made from the same coloured plastic.
              I like the design of the packaging for this body lotion.

              Christian Lacroix’s Nuit range is sold exclusively by Avon so can be purchased online at avonshop.co.uk or you can order it from the Avon brochure via your local Avon representative. I have seen the body lotion in the sale for around £2.00.

              In Use
              The body lotion has a lovely scent, which is just like that of the fragrance.
              The notes are listed as bergamot, neroli, honeysuckle, jasmine, tuberose, narcissus, amber, incense, musk and woody notes.
              I find the scent of this body lotion quite spicy and sensual. It is described as a floral oriental scent, but I notice the spicier notes before the florals.
              With the summer long gone I have noticed I am turning to deeper and darker scents for the autumn and winter months. I tried a light, summer fragrance the other day and it just wasn’t cutting it any more and I felt as though I had grown out of it, but I suspect that’s only for another 6 months until the spring arrives again.
              I can really detect the woody notes in this body lotion.
              The body lotion is white in colour and it feels quite thin and creamy and I mean that in a good way. Being thin, I find it easier to rub in to my skin. It also sinks into my skin really quickly.
              The body lotion is quite thin in consistency and I have found that you don’t need to use a lot of it per application. A small amount will cover a large surface area so you have to be careful not to squeeze too much out of the tube at once.
              With this body lotion there is no stickiness or residue left on my skin and my skin doesn’t feel as though I have a product on it like I do with some lotions.
              It leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. The scent also lingers on my skin after applying the body lotion and it is quite strong so it is great for layering with the perfume to help the perfume last longer on my skin.
              I’m not usually a massive fan of spicy scents, often finding them a bit too harsh for my tastes, but this is one I really love.
              I love both the body lotion and the fragrance and I would definitely consider purchasing them both again in the future. The perfume is really nice and the body lotion is good quality and the two work well together to build up the scent.


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              16.12.2014 13:21
              Very helpful



              A Definite 'Miss'!

              I asked for Christian Dior’s Miss Dior eau de toilette for Christmas last year from my other half.

              ~ Price and availability ~
              This fragrance is available from Boots and larger department stores such as Debenhams, John Lewis etc.
              It is available in 50ml and 100ml bottles.
              The 50ml bottle costs £53.50 and the 100ml bottle costs £76.50 at Boots.
              I was treated to the 100ml bottle.

              The scent is very strong. I first tried this in Boots a good while ago and I really liked it.
              I first wore this fragrance on Christmas day and I had sprayed a few sprays per wrist and more on the neck in the morning. During the day I actually considered washing it off because it was so strong and the scent was irritating me.

              I think this is a fragrance that you really have to be in the mood for.
              It has been compared to Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle and I do see the resemblance between the two, but this one has a slightly harsher note in it that seems to dominate and I must admit I much prefer Chanel Coco Mademoiselle.

              The top note is Tunisian neroli oil.
              The heart notes are Bulgarian rose and Turkish rose.
              The base is Indonesian patchouli.

              It is a light and feminine scent. It has quite a harsh floral note that you can’t really get away from. I think the harsh note in this must be the Tunisian neroli oil. I struggle to pick out any of the other notes in this fragrance individually. The rose and patchouli seem to be dominated by the harsh note.

              The more I wear this fragrance the more I get used to its sharpness, but I wouldn’t say I have come to like it and I still don’t spray more than once per wrist as I don’t think I could handle a larger dose of the sharp note. I find this fragrance bearable sometimes, but it takes a while before it starts to fade.
              I feel bad about this because I asked for this fragrance and it was expensive, but I’d liked it when I tried it in the shops. I know there are a few versions of this fragrance in very similar bottles.
              There is a version called Miss Dior Blooming Boquet and there was Miss Dior Cherie before it was retired and I keep thinking that it must have been one of those that I sampled as I can't have ever liked this harsh fragrance!

              I’m hoping that it will grow on me a bit more, but it’ll never be my favourite.
              As it is quite strong only one spray per wrist is required and I find I notice the fragrance on myself quite a lot during the day and it lasts on my skin for about 8 hours before wearing off.

              I don’t hate this fragrance. It is nice as it fades a bit, but I feel sorry that I asked for it.


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            • FCUK Pure Bodylotion / Body Care / 2 Readings / 1 Rating
              More +
              15.12.2014 22:05
              Very helpful



              Nice But Overpriced!

              I often find that FCUK and Ted Baker release gift sets at Christmas that have a rather masculine scent, despite being marketed at women.
              I would not describe myself as a fan of either brand when it comes to their beauty products. As well as being a bit on the masculine side I also find that they are quite expensive.
              I received this FCUK Pure body lotion a while ago in a gift set.

              It comes in a very light green coloured tube with a large, bold floral design and ‘fcuk pure’ in black lettering down the side of the tube.
              The tube sits on its semi-transparent flip cap lid.
              The tube contains 75ml of body lotion.

              Price and availability
              You can buy a 75ml tube of this body lotion online at amazon.co.uk for £8.99.

              In Use
              The body lotion is white in colour.
              It feels quite thin in consistency and I find you don’t need to use a lot of product. It is easy to rub in to my skin and it doesn’t feel sticky at all. There is no residue left on my skin after I have rubbed the body lotion in.
              It makes my skin feel soft, smooth and hydrated.
              I actually really like the scent of this body lotion. I seem to remember it came in a gift set with the matching body spray, which I used up very quickly.
              The scent is really fresh and clean. I have to admit that it isn’t the most feminine scent, but it doesn’t lean towards the masculine end of the spectrum either. It is just a clean, fresh scent. I’d say it is slightly aquatic, but not in a masculine way.
              I don’t think anyone would find the scent of this lotion offensive.
              I think this is a nice body lotion to use. The scent lingers on my skin for a while after using the product. It is nice enough and I haven’t found anything to dislike about it, but I wouldn’t rave about this lotion. The scent isn’t out of this world and the skin hydration result does not shock me. I think £8.99 is about £6.00 or £7.00 more than I’d be willing to pay for this body lotion.
              I think the scent is a bit more special than your standard Dove body lotion, but not £6.00’s worth of more special.
              I like this lotion and would recommend it if you find somewhere to pick it up cheaply, but at that price I can almost guarantee you’ll be disappointed.


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              15.12.2014 20:33
              Very helpful



              In Bloom!

              Marc Jacobs Daisy Bloom was released in 2009.

              ~ Price and availability ~
              It is very difficult to get hold of now, but it is available from an independent seller on Amazon.co.uk for £60.12 for the 50ml bottle.

              ~ Bottle ~
              The bottle is similar to the original Daisy fragrance bottle. It is made from clear glass. It has rounded edges. The front and back of the bottle have concave glass, curving inwards and the sides of the bottle have convex glass, curving outwards.
              The front of the bottle has 'Daisy Marc Jacobs' written in white lettering.
              The lid of the bottle is a gold spherical shape with three rubbery, bendable light green coloured daisies attached. The three daisies are three different sizes and point in different directions. Each daisy has a gold coloured round stud in the middle.
              The perfume itself is a yellowy colour.
              The bottle, being 50ml, looks quite small to me. I think the light green coloured daisies on the lid give the bottle a springtime feel.

              ~ Scent ~
              The fragrance is lovely and light. It is fresh and floral.
              I can detect a definite scent of violet, which is sweet and has a slightly powdery scent, but overall the fragrance is a vibrant and uplifting floral.
              The top notes are strawberry, violet leaf and ruby red grapefruit.
              The heart notes are gardenia, violet petals and jasmine petals.
              The base notes are musk, vanilla and white woods.
              The fragrance, as well as the bottle, has a springtime feel to it. It is very refreshing. I love the scent, but it has poor projection and I don’t notice on myself a lot and I doubt that other people really notice this fragrance on me. This is a shame because it is quite expensive and it’s a lovely scent.
              I can detect the light, woody notes in this fragrance. They are soft and completely inoffensive. I find most of the Daisy fragrances have a woody element which I quite like. The woodiness works well with the floral notes.
              I think this fragrance would appeal to women of all ages. I think it will appeal to younger and more mature women alike. I think it is more of a daytime scent than one for nights out or special occasions, especially as it has quite poor projection. I tend to prefer something a bit heavier for nights out.
              The fragrance has reasonable staying power. It lasts for around 5 hours on my skin before wearing away, but the fact that it sits so close to my skin is a bit of a shame as I don’t find myself enjoying the fragrance like I do with other fragrances with better projection.


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              15.12.2014 16:09
              Very helpful



              Baby Wipes And Black Pepper

              I recently bought Avon’s Far Away Exotic eau de parfum after reading some good reviews and finding it in the Avon brochure for just £7.00.
              The usual price of this perfume is £13.00.

              The scent is very unique; actually quite odd.
              It has a clean scent that reminds me of baby wipes, but at the same time it has a harsh, oriental, spicy scent.
              The spicy note reminds me of black pepper. It hits you all at once and there doesn’t really seem to be much to it, but at the same time it is harsh and I find the spicy note quite unpleasant.
              Blended with the cleaner, baby wipe type scent I find it more bearable and sometimes I actually find myself enjoying the baby wipe type scent, but this is probably because the spice is so bad if I smell the baby wipe it is enjoyable in comparison. I get the occasional whiff where the scent that reminds me of baby wipes is stronger than the spicier note and I quite like it, but as soon as I am hit in the face with the spices it is a bit too much for me.
              To me the fragrance doesn’t have much to it and I can only detect the two different scents within it.

              The top notes are listed as mango, spiced chai and mandarin.
              The heart notes are saffron rose, coconut milk and jasmine.
              The base notes are patchouli, amber, musk and sandalwood.

              That’s a lot more notes than I imagined were in this fragrance. I definitely can’t detect any mango or mandarin in this fragrance. I was surprised to find there were any fruity notes in this fragrance at all.
              I struggle even to recognise anything floral about the fragrance. To me it is just straight up spice and baby wipe. Even as the fragrance wears on I can’t detect anything different.
              I am not a big fan of spicy scents, but recently I’ve started to find more and more spicy fragrances that I like. This fragrance finds itself on the harsher end of the spectrum and I find it difficult to deal with.

              The fragrance lasts on my skin for around 5 hours before finally leaving me alone.
              It doesn’t strike me as being a summer scent, but it isn’t particularly a warming spicy fragrance for the cooler months either, having the clean note in it.
              As a hater I find it difficult to put a suggested age range on this fragrance or say who I think it would appeal to.
              I don’t really like this fragrance. I would not recommend this and I would not buy it again. I can just about put up with it, but I don’t plan to wear it again. I think I will see if my sister will kindly take this off my hands as she uses the original Far Away, but with it being so unpleasant I wonder whether she will even like it.


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            • Grolsch Premium Lager / Beer / Cider / 3 Readings / 3 Ratings
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              15.12.2014 10:38
              Very helpful



              Not the most picnic friendly!

              I haven’t had Grolsch for years, but the other day my partner picked up four 450ml bottles for £5.00 in Asda and out of the four I am now on to my third bottle. I haven’t drank them all at once; I had two yesterday and I am having one tonight.

              Grolsch comes in a green glass bottle with ‘Grolsch’, embossed up the sides of the bottle and not label.
              The only label is around the neck of the bottle. The label describes this as premium lager and it boasts ‘since 1615’ underneath.
              Instead of a regular bottle cap Grolsch comes with a swing top, where a metal frame is pulled to open the lid and the lid swings down and stays attached to the bottle.
              The lid is a grey/white colour with, ‘Grolsch’ written on the top in red lettering. I found that the red lettering had started to rub off on a few of these bottles. I think the lid is made from plastic or some sort of hard rubber and it smells awful, which is the main thing I hate about these bottles.

              The alcohol content is 5.0% volume and a 450ml bottle contains 2.3 units of alcohol.
              The lager has quite a heavy and has a lot of lovely hoppy flavour. It has quite a bitter taste, but it is carbonated so the fizz softens this.
              I really like this lager. It is heavier and much more tasty than typical lagers such as Carling or Carlsberg.
              It leaves quite a bitter aftertaste in your mouth, which I find makes you want to drink more of it.
              It is best to drink this lager from a glass rather from the bottle because of the lid smelling bad and still being attached on the metal frame attached to the bottle. This is quite inconvenient as I know a lot of people prefer to drink straight from the bottle. You can still drink this from the bottle, but the swing top might get in the way.
              I have enjoyed these bottles of Grolsch, but I doubt they will be a regular purchase of mine. I feel that the swing top is a bit of a gimmick and the tear off bottle lids that Tuborg bottles have are a lot more convenient as they don’t stay attached like the swing top does.
              These bottle eliminate the need for a bottle opener, but they aren’t the most portable beers as you still need a glass for them, whereas Tuborg eliminates the need for a bottle opener and can be consumed from the bottle much more easily.

              I would definitely buy Grolsch again in the future. I believe it does come in smaller bottles without the swing top. It is a lovely drink and you can taste the difference between this and non-premium brands.


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              15.12.2014 00:58
              Very helpful


              • " low price"
              • " nice bottle design"
              • " fruity scent"
              • " tropical"
              • delicious


              • "doesn't last long"


              A few months ago my partner said he would treat me to a new bottle of perfume.
              He asked me to pick something out, but I didn't want him to spend much. I spotted this fragrance online. I had read that this was a tropical, fruity scent and it is like something Escada would release.

              ~ Price ~
              I found Britney Spears Island Fantasy online at allbeauty.com for £15.45 for the 100ml, which I thought was a good deal.
              The 30ml bottle currently costs £10.95 (RRP £21.00).
              The 50ml bottle costs £12.95 (RRP £24.00).
              The 100ml bottle costs £18.95 (RRP £33.00).

              ~ Fragrance ~
              The eau de toilette was released in 2013. With it being a summer fragrance, at first I thought it might be a limited edition, but it is still on sale.
              The scent is wonderful! It is very light and it smells like tropical fruit, but it seems quite a clean scent as well.

              The top notes are a cocktail of citruses, mandarin, clementine, red berries and watermelon.
              The heart notes are jasmine, violet and freesia.
              The base notes are musk and sugar cane.
              Reading the notes I would not expect the fragrance to smell the way it does. It does have a slight citrusy element, but to me it smells like a tropical fruit juice drink.
              I think the clean scent in it comes from the watermelon note. The fruity notes dominate the fragrance.
              While the fragrance may have a touch of floral to it I wouldn’t describe this as a floral fragrance at all. I can barely detect the florals under the wonderful, fruity notes. Even as the fragrance wears on I don’t think it changes much and I can’t detect the musk in it either.
              The fragrance is not very strong so I usually spray a few squirts per wrist. Sadly the fragrance doesn’t last very long on my skin. I’d say it is gone after about 4 hours of wear, which is a shame, but I often find poor longevity to be a characteristic of fruity scents.
              While it lasts I do notice it on myself and I love it. It is really uplifting and pleasant. Like with all fragrances it will last longer if you spray it onto a scarf or your clothing, but this isn’t an ideal thing to have to do.

              It is definitely more of a day time fragrance.
              The poor longevity is a shame, but the scent is so nice that I would buy it again and I’d recommend it. I also think it would make a great gift. I often find myself choosing this fragrance if I am chilling out in the house or in the garden, but I do usually prefer something a bit longer lasting if I’m going out and about.


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              14.12.2014 21:53
              Very helpful



              Caught Red Wristed!

              I got this in a gift set last year for just £3.00 from Tesco's website.
              It came with the 100ml fragrance and the 75ml body spray and the body spray alone usually costs around £1.99 so I thought it’d be worth a go at that price. The set is usually £9.99.
              I used to love this fragrance when I was in my teens and I had only ever had the body spray since then so was interested to try the fragrance again.

              ~ Scent ~
              Charlie Red was released by Revlon in 1993 and is one of their most popular, long standing scents.
              The top notes are orange blossom, gardenia, plum, blackcurrant, violet and peach.
              The heart notes are carnation, tuberose, orchid, jasmine, ylang-ylang, lily-of-the-valley and rose.
              The base notes are honey, sandalwood, amber, musk and cedar.
              I am always surprised to read how many notes are in this fragrance. It is definitely more floral than fruity to me. It has quite a sweet floral scent.
              It is described as a floral oriental. It is very distinctive and unique.
              For me the carnation note is one of the first to come through. I can’t really find any of the fruity notes in this fragrance. It is definitely more of a floral scent. I never think of it as being oriental, but thinking about it it does have an oriental feel to it with the slightly harsher florals having a slightly spicy scent. There are sweet florals and harsher florals in this fragrance. I think the notes are really well blended. As it wears on it has a powdery scent to it, which is clean and fresh, but the florals are definitely still there. I find it difficult to pick out any of the notes individually.
              The fragrance has quite a heavy, sexy feel.
              When I tried this bottle for the first time I was quite disappointed with it. It is no different to it was when I was a teenager, but on trying it again I thought it had quite a cheap smell, but the more I wear it the more I stop thinking it smells cheap.
              I have only worn it a handful of times usually when I am just pottering around the house. It is nice, but I have nicer fragrances that I’d choose over this one. This one is quite thick and cloying. I don’t dislike it, but it certainly isn’t the happy ending it could have been between childhood sweethearts.
              This was one of my favourites as a teenager, but I wouldn’t necessarily say that this fragrance is best suited to teenagers. It is quite heavy and doesn’t strike me as particularly young. I don’t think I would buy this fragrance again.
              The fragrance has reasonable lasting power. It lasts on my skin for around 6 hours and I notice the scent on myself during that time.


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            • Wall's Vienetta / Dessert / Yoghurts / 4 Readings / 3 Ratings
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              14.12.2014 19:58
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              I've Hit The Walls!

              I hadn’t had Viennetta for years, but after Christmas dinner last year we were served up two slices each at my parents’ house!

              Since then we have bought in a few Viennettas.

              ~ What is a Viennetta? ~
              A Viennetta is a bar of vanilla ice cream, which is about 8 inches long, but the ice cream has very thin slices of chocolate layered through it and the ice cream is folded to make a swirly pattern along the sides of the bar.
              It is designed to be cut into slices and eaten.

              ~ Nutritional information ~
              On the front of the box there is a little illustration of a slice of Viennetta and underneath it says 120kcal (6% GDA) 100ml or 49g, which represents an average sized slice.
              There is 14g of fat per 100g, 13g of which saturates so it is not too good for you.

              ~ Price ~
              We bought ours from Asda for just £1.30 for 320g or 650ml.

              ~ The Viennetta ~
              I usually serve this sliced Viennetta on a plate rather than in a bowl as it is not too messy and it holds together well. I usually only have one slice, but two were served up to me at Christmas.
              The ice cream itself is a brilliant white colour. The chocolate is dark brown. I think it is dark chocolate, but I can’t tell to taste it because it is quite thin and there is so much smooth and creamy ice cream surrounding it. The chocolate doesn’t taste bitter at all.
              There is a strip of chocolate across the top and then a dusting of cocoa powder, which gives a nice effect.
              I often find when I’ve had ice cream in the freezer for a few days it is a nightmare to get out of the tub and you end up bending your spoon trying to ease the tiniest spoonful out, but this Viennetta is not difficult to cut and once on your plate it isn’t difficult to cut chunks off with your spoon to eat it.
              The ice cream is perfect. It is very smooth with a light vanilla flavour. The chocolate is really thin and it makes that lovely cracking sound when you break it.
              The swirls down the side of the Viennetta give it an interesting texture and the swirls have chocolate slices swirled into shape with them as well.
              I really like Viennetta. It is a lovely treat and more convenient than other types of ice cream. You just cut a slice off and you’re ready to go. There’s no easing it out of the tub or waiting for it to melt a bit.
              I have enjoyed this and it is nice as a treat now and again, but it is rather fattening and I prefer to mix my shopping up, rather than always buying the same things.
              It does make a nice dessert for after a family meal. I will definitely buy this again in the future.


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