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      09.08.2012 21:32
      Very helpful
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      Bad choice, better look for a samsung or htc!!

      The Xperia X10 was among the first line of smartphone models rolled out by Sony Ericsson in 2010. The handset was claimed to be the most promising among the range of smartphones competing in the market at that time.
      The model was born through a swedish-japanese alliance and the X10 also was their first android proposition.
      The X10 was a bold step taken by Ericsson in the then-raving market of symbian phones.Actually the company entered the year of 2010 openly supporting the three distinctive mobile platforms of Android, Windows phone and Symbian.
      The X10 was greatly welcome by markets around the world eager to gain access to the features of android.
      I got my hands on the X10 last year( after a LOT of talk with my dad). Frankly,the first thing that i observed about the model is how shiny and 'BIG' it was.The brilliant 4" display and the side metallic stripes blended into it - A Black Beauty.The bluish theme adds a sense of depth to the screen.
      The phone came with all the usual stuff- a headphone, a usb connector and charger and a bundled 8GB micro sd.

      The 'BIG' does bother a bit though. In the beginning I was the proud owner of a 'BIG' phone, but in time i discovered that it was a bit uncomfortable. But the same 'BIG' has it's advantages too, especially with the great display.
      The X10 has a brilliant WVGA display with 854 x 480 px resolution and 65K colours. Movies, videos,you say what-everything's great.
      The handset is of a very attracive build and of course, killer specs(at that time).The front panel has three keys- for options, menu access and the back key. It has a scratch resistant guerilla display which not only helps to rule out eeky peeky scratches that tend to creep up on handsets but also strenghthens the body( i've been dropping my phone face down frequentl
      The phone houses a snapdragon 1 Ghz chipset and about 384 MB of RAM.The bundled 8GB is ample storage for my stuff but I feel a bit uncomfortable that the phone's internal memory can't be used for anything except apps and that too only 512MB of the net 1GB. The phone used to blaze in the beginning, but nowadays it does freeze quite a lot.

      The x10 supports 'Timescape' and 'Mediascape', two user interfaces which greatly help to integrate all activities on your phone like media, messaging, calls, contacts and even social network updates. I've been using Timescape for access to facebook quickly, and it is pretty great.Timescape is similar to the 'Happenings' and 'Friends stream' apps in Motorola and HTC. It has a 3D graphical interface, and the blocks are called 'splines' and they're really smooth to browse through.
      Mediascape supports many categories for browsing like recently played, recently added, artists, albums,podcasts and so on. But it does hang and get faulty once in a while. I aven't seen many handsets since the x10 that supports Timescape and Mediascape.

      The x10 is also the only model among the first line of ericsson's androids having the possibility of upgrade upto gingerbread. This is a great boon as upgrading the software is recommended for software stability. There's a gigantic list of apps on google play, and most work pretty well on the phone.The default home screen app has 5 screens but apps such as SPB shell or Go Launcher can be used to add more.
      There are a lot of user interactive live wallpapers too.The phone has a new lock screen too.The web browser supports HTML5, but no essential flash support.The onscreen keypad works great in mine, i've heard about bugs in the older android versions.The X10 is not to support Multi-touch , but surprisingly i do get it on certain apps like OperaMini.
      There are many pre-installed apps like those of moxier, neoreader, postcard and Track id which is an audio record-and-search app for music.
      And by the way, i have froyo.It is possible to upgrade to Gingerbread with a pc with the 'pc companion' software and a stable net connection, but i haven't been onto it yet.

      THE CAMERA IS COOOOL.Sony Ericsson is reputed for producing great cameraphones and the x10 is no exception.The handset has a whopping 8.1 with autofocus, and i get great clicks often.There is an LED light but it's not even worth mentioning. The LED light just helps to adjust the autofocus and frame the click. I would have preferred a xenon flash.
      The face and smile detection features are cool(you can even adjust the extent of smiling!)and the geotagging feature often comes in handy. Clicks can even be instantly uploaded to picasa and facebook.
      Im able to capture a lot of my moments in real HD video in the x10.The video recording is at 30fps at 720p! (Actually, i think the iphone is the only one which has got better-1080p).

      The headphones and the speakers have decent audio quality and low noise interference.I felt that the phone has feeble speakers and the speaker port doesn't look so good either, but placed excellently on the side so that in whichever position the x10 is placed, there is no dip in volume. Bass isn't very good and i'd have loved an equaliser.
      For connectivity the x10 has HSPA with a 7.2 Downlink speed.It has A-Gps, there is no free Gps navigation solution(!).It has Quad band Gsm and Tri band 3g. I get really good speeds when im online, everything loads in a jiffy!

      However techy the x10 may be, i still find a lot of downlines.It doesnt support Xvid & Divx. I'd like a nice little VGA cam in the front for video calls. Neither does it support FM radio,and im getting accustomed to internet radios right now. Occassional freezes, dull speakers and no flash support in the browser! The capacitive touch has become a bit insensitive with time and it's annoying sometimes! PHEW!!
      Then comes the battery. The x10 is powered by a 1500 mAh battery- and believe me when i say, this battery is not sufficient for the 4" screen and the charge draining android apps. The discharging rate accelerates when i use the internet. I have to charge the phone every single day even without much considerable use.

      The X10 was claimed to be the most promising of ericsson's initial range of android smartphones but it silently disappeared into a crowd of smartphones with better specs and performance.
      With the arrival of the killer Nexus and galaxy handsets, i'd say that the x10 is pretty
      outdated. It's time i got a new one!

      So, if you're planning for a purchase fellas, thumbs down!


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        09.08.2012 21:27
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Great buy!!

        Its hard to find a laptop with the specifications of the graphic intensive aspire 5733z at such a price. And believe me it doesnt give up on quality either. Reliability is a very well known quality of acer models.

        The speed is great-everything opens up in a flick and i've been getting very good speeds online too. My previous laptop was the acer travelmate 4330 and it used to freeze while opening a lot of browser windows. But my new one is great ..and you tube plays great too...frankly i bought a new laptop to play assassins creed( it wasn't working on my old one)..and the 2.13 Ghz and the HD graphics cards are really showing through and the game is working like a charm(I know the game is outdated but i havnt been playing games for a long time).
        The notebook has a 500 GB disk drive but you get around only about 450, i think its because of the partitions but it is ample storage for all my files And about the looks- it has a great sleeky and slim look and it looks top-tech.Mine is of a charcoal case .The screen is kind of huge compared to my old laptop..but multitasking is great . The display is great - 720p or bluray..whichever video it is it plays brilliantly and there is no freezing and this wasnt the case with my last laptop. The keypad (ACER FINE TIP) looks real good and is of a good make. The keys are large enough for very effective typing.The mouse pad is MULTITOUCH - though i didnt like the style(quite outdated) ,But it works great and i quite sensitive.There are 3 usb ports.

        The notebook has a lot of easy access controls.The webcam is excellent..the pics taken ad the video are of excellent clarity. The face recognition application works like a charm.The dvd drive is a super multi double layer - i only used it once and the burning is fast. It weighs about two and a half i think and it isnt much weight to carry around. The stereo speakers and mic are good too.
        For connectivity features it has wifi and ethernet- i use both and both work well. There are multi card readers.The notebook is energy star qualified(i frankly dont know what that means but i think it says that the device is energy efficient).I agree to that too- i get about for and a half hours of battery life. It has HDMI connectivity too. It has a security lock slot but i havent used it yet.It came with a 1 year warranty( i really do believe that i won't have to use it,except for the keyboard). Frankly i am a bit worried about the potential problem of the keypad going defective( i had the same proble with my previous laptop and is a general problem with acer laptops).

        OVERALL, in my opinipon this is an excellent choice if you are looking for a moderately techy notebook at low price and at the same time not giving up on the quality.


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