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    • BlackBerry Curve 9380 / Smartphone / 7 Readings / 5 Ratings
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      08.08.2012 10:14
      Very helpful



      very good quality, great apps, fab phone

      Product specification

      3.2 inch touchscreen
      806 mhz
      512 mb of ram
      5mega pixel camera with and va video recording
      in built camera flash
      camera zoom
      109 x 60 x 11.2 mm
      98 grams in weight
      tracking pad
      convenience keys on the sides
      micro usb port
      headphone jack (3.5 mm)
      mobile jukebox
      fm radio
      audio player
      mp3 player
      handsfree capability
      voice activated dialling
      java enabled
      talk time up to 6 hours 30 minutes
      stand by time up to 360 hours
      charge time up to 2 hours 30 minutes
      wifi capability
      mobile internet
      built in GPS


      Sync cable
      2GB Memory card
      User guide
      Get started guide


      Some peope say that blackberry has seen the best of it's market, and that there is now a decline in the reliability of the blackberry. They say blackberrys have had their time and the majority of the market is now swaying away from blackberry phones as a result of this.
      Having recently treated myself to an upgrade from old blackberry, i did some thotough research before I purchased this item. I was actually in the frame of mind that I was not going to buy another blackberry, yet whilse looking at online reviews, and then chatting to several different stores, i decided i really loved this phone, You can do so much on it and the specifications, in my humble opinion it is a fabulous phone and I totally love it.
      I spend a large proportion of my day using my mobile (I am a very sociable person lol) I Just LOVE this phone for that! I send a lot of texts, and use social networking sites like twitter and facebook a lot too. There are enldess apps for this phone, and My favourites - well no prizes for guessing - facebook and twitter :)
      There is also some very nifty photo editing software that I also live it is great to be able to edit photos on the go.
      The mp3 is fab, great quality sound, plays well doesnt drain the battery too quickly ( I found this issue a pain with my previious older blackberry) BUt this one has a good battery life on it.
      The handsfree option is great too, it gives a clear crips sound, none of this dodgy crackling handsfree quality. No cutting in and out when on handsfree either.

      I love the camera in this , whilst other phones may have camera's wih more pixels, i find this more than adequate to meet my needs of snapping anything and everything that moves, and anything and everything that doesnt too come to think of it! And there is plenty of memory for sotring all those videos photos and music songs onto. OF course you also have the option of buying a larger capacity memiery card as well.

      I have found tihs phone to be robust, and yes I have dropped it on numerous occasions, but i guess most people DO drop their phones at some point or other, i just seem to be more clumsy than most.
      The touch screen is reliable and easy to use though can seem over sensitive at first, but you do soon get used to it, and i actually use a stylus a lot of the time anyway. It is easy to get to and scroll though the menu options, none of this difficult seaching all over the place to find a specific accesorie etc.

      It is fairly slimline and lightweight. I dont have any issues at all with this phone other than I use it too much lol
      The slight drawback is the images ont he screen do often appear pixelated. Obviously there are far better phones out there, but they cost an awfull lot more.
      You can get some good deals at the moment for this phone.

      It is great for getting organised too, i daily use the diary and reminders function and can even import events from facebook (great for not forgetting peoples birthdays!)

      The voice activated dialling is also a very handy function for when you dont want to scroll through loads of contacts details,

      overall A very good phone offering a superb range of applications and functions. I love it


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    • Cube Reaction Pro / Bikes / 5 Readings / 5 Ratings
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      08.08.2012 09:40
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      totaly worth every penny, a must have bike

      Product specifications:

      carbon frame
      fox evolution float RI fork
      hydraulic disc brakes
      very lightweight frame
      precision steering
      cube ultrelight screw on hand grips
      syntace duraflight handle bars
      HPA 7005 Advanced Hydroform Triple Butted frame
      weighs just 11.1 kg

      Sprint races
      cross country races
      mountain races
      rough terrain
      perfect for all riders mainly designed for off road but on road use is superb as well

      MY findings about this mountain bike:

      Whilst this bike is far from cheap, I am a very avid believer in that you get what you pay for. Personally I feel this bike is worth every single penny you pay for it. The cube reaction pro bike uses all the very best in technology to ensure this bike is as light as possible, whilst reamining robust and extremely strong framed. You will find it very difficult to buckle the frame of this bike. I have put mine through all sorts, from mountain terrains in wales, to river crossings, woodland races, cross country races on rugged terrain and all sorts.
      The durabilty is second to none. The frame, whilst being very light, is extremely sturdy, robust and mine has been put to the test on many occasions and has never once let me down.
      This is by far a superior quality mountain bike. It is such a reliable bike that my other 3 bikes are now sitting in the garage gathering dust, as i take this bike everywhere with me now.

      I could sing the praises of thie bike all day, but can not name ONE disadvantage or one single negative thing about it at all. I honestly could not wish for a better bike, and it really is worth the cost.
      WHen you pay more for a product you expect it to be of a high standard, excellent quality, and of great reliability. You get all this and more with this bike.
      The seat is so comortable as well, and let's face it isnt that a very important factor as well? Who wants a superb bike only to find the seat is so uncomfortable that you are not able to walk for a week after going out on it? There is none of that with this bike. I have been out on it for hours and hours at a time and never once found the seat to be uncomfortable.
      The handle grips are great as well, even on the occasions that I have forgotten to pack my biking gloves with me I ahve not once had a problem with loosing grip on the handles. They dont make your hands sweat profusely like other handle grips can do. The texture gives great grip without chaffing or rubbing your hands, so no unsightly sore blisters to contend with either.
      THe frame of this bike really is very light weight for a mountain bike, this has the added advantage of making it super easy to pick up and carry when you come to a tree on course that just wont move! (And darn have I waited for those trees to move out of my way, but they just simply refuse to!) This is of uttmost importance when taking part in cross country racing, as there will be times when you simply can not ride up that very steep bank, or you need to pick it up and climb over obstacles.
      Whilst other people will be struggling to lift thier heavy cumbersome bikes, you will have no problem at all in picking this frame up, slinging it on your shoulder and running up that steep bank, or climbing over that obstacle. I cant begin to rate the advantage this has had for me in my cross country racing days!

      Whilst this is sturdy and rugged and you can throw yourself over all sorts of terrain with it, you can also use it on roads as well, obviously. It gives a superbly smooth ride, the suspension is second to none! Even on the rugged terrain the suspension works marvellously.
      I would not want to be without this bike, i would really feel at a disadvantage with any other bike. They really do use up to the minute technology to make this bike. ANd as you would expect for the price you get a completely top class bike that you can never fault.


      A fabulous bike, the best I have ever had the pleasure to own. An absolute must have bike. Well worth the cost, you will NOT regret buying this bike I can assure you

      PLEASE BE AWARE, the comments nad opinions in this review are my own, and are not endorsed by anoye or any company at all. I freely share my opinions and views in order to help other people decied which products are worthy of buying and which are not. IF i do not like a product I am not afraid to say so.


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