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Member since: 06.02.2010

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      06.02.2010 14:41
      Very helpful



      Check your visa statement

      Upon arriving (Ibis Paris Tour Eiffel Cambronne 15ème) and having not checked my visa statement, I was advised that I had booked for 2 rooms on the internet and I would receive no refund, I had only received on email confirmation that I had booked the one room. Eventually the chap at the counter suggested I could spend the money (£173.91) at the bar and restaurant, which wasn't really a satisfactory solution.
      The next day I spoke to a lady at the front desk of the hotel, who advised that after speaking with her manager out the back, she agreed to refund the money, however I was charged again on arrival and then refunded the money, (they had already taken out the money twice when I booked online). Therefore there was no refund and I am left second guessing as to exactly what went on, as to whether this was a mistake or an attempt to get rid of the problem. They are yet to respond to my complaints and emails, sent over two weeks ago. I am writing it off, but warning any newcomers.
      Hotel is ok, service is ok, staff look like they would rather be somewhere else, typical of a big hotel chain, just going through the motions. I would rate it similar to a Travelodge although they have never charged me double.


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