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Member since: 19.03.2013

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    • iflorist.co.uk / Online Shop / 11 Readings / 7 Ratings
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      19.03.2013 19:14
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      Total waste of money, time - DO NOT USE

      ordered some flowers to be delivered on Mothers day, choosing iflorist above other services because they did deliver on that particular day. The flowers were delivered on the wrong day, they were old and dying (had brown bits on them) and the card was poor quality (the printing was scabby) with another customers message inside; it really does ruin the sentiment when the card signs off from someone else.

      The service is awful, I've had to continually repeat the problem, no reply to messages, no follow ups, I sent pictures as soon as they asked for them and now I'm being told the company don't give refunds!! What happened to the 'Satisfaction Guarantee?'. And to quote the company on the issue of the misprinted card 'Robert Kasar: Message cards got mixed up with some orders due to rush time.' They don't care at all, let alone have any idea about consumer law in Britain.

      Don't be fooled by the positive reviews; it's very clear that they have problems when the complaints are of the same nature. There's an article on bitterwallet.com discussing the company posting fallacious positive reviews in the past entitled 'iflorist comes up smelling of roses' and a further article 'Is iFlorist the greatest website in the universe, ever?' discussing the same issue which can be found on theregister.co.uk


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