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    • Apple iPod Earphones / Headphones / 40 Readings / 40 Ratings
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      15.10.2013 12:51
      Very helpful



      If you like to have sore ears these would be ideal.

      Apple iPod Earphones

      **** Background/ History....

      My pink JVC gumy earphones stopped working properly a month ago (see my previous review) and it meant I couldn't watch iPlayer programmes on my iPad when I needed to isolate the sound.

      I suddenly remembered that my iPod a few years age came with some earphones. As I only like the earphones shaped with 'buds' I thought it would be an ideal replacement. I also had some iPhone ear phones as well but they had a speaker bit on them which looked a bit silly.

      **** Appearance.....

      These earphones are 'bog standard' and basic looking; they are white in colour with a standard length to them with two ear buds. They aren't fussy and quite simple.

      They look durable but really aren't, they are fragile and can be damaged quite easily.

      **** Quality of Sound...

      I find myself having to turn the volume up more then I would do with my previous JVC earphones, the sound quality is poor considering these are meant for music.

      These do not isolate sound and you do get some noise feedback.

      **** Usage...

      I have used these almost every day because I don't have any other earphones to use - they are uncomfortable as other reviewers have described & badly designed.

      Last week the connection became exposed at the end of the wire where it's joined onto the lead to plug into your appliance so I have the wires exposed.

      **** Final thoughts....

      I have just purchased a new pair of pink gumy JVC earphones, I can no longer put up with sore ears as they do not fit into my ears adequately and the exposed wires make them look tacky.

      There isn't much to say about these basic ear phones because they are awful!


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      04.10.2013 11:18
      Very helpful



      Long lasting earphones to corodinate your technology!

      JVC HA F140PN Gumy phones

      **** Background/ History....

      I wanted a pair of earphones to match my bright pink Sony Vaio netbook which I purchased in 2010 and these were ideal! The colours match superbly and decided to make the purchase!

      I brought them from Play.com for a fiver - back in the day this was cheap for these earphones as they retailed for about a tenner (or even more) in HMV and other stores!

      These earphones come in a variety of colours such as black, blue, green, orange and red etc... so you can select the colour you want or choose which suits your personality - a bit like the new iPhone mini colours!

      **** How they came....

      The hot pink earphones came sealed in a plastic casing which you had to use scissors to cut open - I really find this type of packaging really hard to get into and usually end up cutting my finger on the sharp edging!

      Once released from the packing you are left with the earphones.

      **** Appearance.....

      Well they were hot pink - the length was the standard length for earphones and had letters on each ear piece for the left and right ear to ensure comfort! They were quite smooth to touch and remained smooth throughout the years, the colour did get a bit 'dirty' probably from not looking after them as well as I should and chucking them in my bag.

      **** Experience...

      These earphones have been with me everyday in my bag, folded up, knotted up and over-used and have lasted me quite well! The sound quality is superb and when placed in the ear there isn't noise when on a normal level from these which means it doesn't affect other people around you (and can even block them out!)

      However sadly my hot pink earphones are now deceased after much usage, the right ear-bud went (had to keep twisting the connection to get sound from it) and the ear-piece started to come out of the molding for the ear-bud and I am left using the standard iPhone headphones for my iPad (which has a hot pink cover to match) which I am not overly impressed about as it doesn't work as well and I find myself having to turn the volume up more then I used to (almost on full in some places!).

      **** Final thoughts....

      I intend to purchase a new pair (in the same colour) when they are on promotion or on special offer as these are quality earphones and co-ordinate with my netbook, iPad cover, iPhone casing etc.... and I look forward to owning a new pair in the near future.


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    • HP 85A / Printer Consumable / 37 Readings / 37 Ratings
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      23.09.2013 15:44
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Quality printed pages...

      HP 85A Toner Cartridge

      **** Background/ History...

      A couple of weeks ago I posted a review on my new HP Laser Jet P1102 printer for work and mentioned the ink cartridge that was compatible with this printer which was the HP CE285A also known as the HP 85A toner cartridge.

      I have had this printer now since the middle of August and print between 100-150 pages approximately every working day, it depends on how busy things are but this is the average I would say.

      **** Printers compatible with the HP 85A toner cartridge...

      The ink toner is for use for the following printers as per the description on the ink toner cartridge (HP 85A) packaging:

      HP LaserJet Pro
      M1132, M1212nf MFP, M1217NFW MFP, P1102, P1102W, P1104, P1104W, P1106, P1106W, P1107, P1107W, P1108, P1108W, P1109, P1109W.

      **** Pricing...

      The HP 85A toner cartrdige is approximately £48.00-£52.00 for one cartridge and approximately £89.00-£92.00 for a dual pack.

      **** How it is delivered....

      The ink is well packaged in a rectangular shaped box, which when opened has a 'bubble pack' around the toner cartridge to stop any damage to it, you simply tear along the line where the arrow is to remove the cartridge for this 'bubble pack'.

      You also have a bright orange 'pully' bit which you need to pull out before inserting the cartridge into your printer so that it actually prints ink on your paper!

      **** Placing the toner into your printer...

      It is so easy to replace the ink in the printer, mine being the HP P1102 Laser Jet, you simply open the dark grey area where there is a little dent to open the section, take out the old ink by gently pulling it from the machine and disposing of it safely.

      You take the new toner cartridge which weights barely anything and you will find that it slots slowly into the printer with a 'click' sound once it is successfully in place. Close the 'lid' to the printer and a whirling sound will indicate that the new cartridge is being processed.

      A test page is usually printed to make sure that everything is okay.

      **** My opinions....

      When I first got my new work printer it came with a 'starter' cartridge which lasted just over a month and printed almost over the recommended 1600 pages quoted by the manufacturers before needing replacing but it didn't last very long, I put this down to the cartridge being a 'starter' one.

      I replaced the ink at the end of last week with a genuine HP 85A cartridge.

      **** It is advisable to note that you should only use genuine ink as replacement cartridges as the 'fake' ink can damage your printer and produce less quality printed papers. ****

      I am hopeful that this ink cartridge will last a lot longer then the 'starter' ink toner cartridge.

      **** And finally....

      To get the most out of your ink toner cartridge, when I see the fading on one side of my printed paper, I tend to give the cartridge a gentle 'shake' from left to right as there is still lots of ink in the cartridge itself and will continue to print perfect pages, it is when you see the fading more obvious that you should think about replacing your ink.

      I shall be keeping an eye on how long my replacement ink lasts for!


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        18.09.2013 13:45
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Perfect for netbook which is 10.2 inches!

        Belkin Neoprene Sleeve for Netbooks up to 12.1"

        **** Background/ History...

        Going slightly back to late 2010...

        I purchased a brand new shiny pink Sony Vaio netbook! (Screen size being approximately 10.2 inches). The only trouble was I did not have a case for transporting it or protecting it from scratches/damage as my old laptop (17 inches) was far too big and bulky that it wasn't possible to use my old case that to being enormous.

        I stumbled across this Belkin sleeve whilst browsing online for sleeves/ cases after not finding anything in stores at a bargain price of just a fiver on Amazon. It was exactly what I was after even if it wasn't pink! I wasn't concerned about the sleeve being for netbooks up to 12.1 inches as long as it fitted inside - it was only a fiver and would keep my netbook protected for the time being. I awaited delivery!

        **** The Belkin Neoprene Sleeve...

        It arrived a couple of days later.
        It was black on the outside with a red zip (it has two zips that come together), quite an unusual combination of colours but works really well I thought. It doesn't stand out as to draw attention to the fact that you have a netbook in your bag and it is quite basic - it is a sleeve and it doesn't pretend otherwise.

        So the moment of truth was would it fit my netbook (10.2 inches) & surprisingly it fitted to a tee, with minimal space around the edges it was ideal, I was extremely happy with my 'bargain'!

        **** What makes it so special??

        The Belkin sleeve uses Neoprene which is a material similar to sponge & feels very smooth to touch, no chance of it slipping out of your hands! Neoprene is a great material for protecting fragile items against bangs, bumps, other items in your bag, scratches and so forth.

        **** How do I carry the power plug??

        Well it is a sleeve and like I said above it doesn't pretend to be anything other then a sleeve, it is there to protect your netbook from dust, scratches and bumps. I just slot the power plug into my bag and I don't worry if the plug scratches my Belkin sleeve as it know it is protected.

        **** Roll on 2013....

        Three years later I am still using this sleeve. It still looks brand new and it has been used quite a bit, the zips show no sign of wear or tear and the stitching is intact.

        I am definitely impressed and would highly recommend this for other netbook users. I took a chance with my 10.2 inch netbook and I am glad I did as it is a very good investment.

        These retail now at about £7.99 which shows me that they are still holding their own on the market!


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        • Bose® Solo TV / Hifi System / 43 Readings / 42 Ratings
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          13.09.2013 14:44
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          Definitely ideal for boosting your viewing experience if you have limited space available.

          Bose® Solo TV sound system - The Washing Machine has Competition!

          **** Background / Introduction....

          We upgraded TV's late 2011 to a 42 inch Samsung LCD television as we wanted a better picture quality (HD); pity it lacked sound like most flat screen televisions now on the market.

          Over the next several months it was a constant battle trying to hear the television when our washing machine was on a long spin, I couldn't have the washing machine on if we wanted to watch an interesting programme, and it was quite frankly timing the washing cycle to co-ordinate with the television agenda.

          We had discussed surround sound systems and decided we simply didn't have the space available for all the speaker and equipment and a sound bar wouldn't work either.

          We went to the McArthur Glen outlet village in Ashford, Kent (Tent City) last October (2012) and went into the Bose store as my in-laws were upgrading their TV system and wanted a surround system to replace their previous one..

          We browsed the store as you do with nothing in mind but to have a look and stumbled across the Bose solo and we were intrigued.

          It was a black box with a speaker on the front, very simple to look at. We tested it out and decided after an hour (also reading reviews online and price comparing) this was for us and purchased it.

          **** Setting it up....

          So straight forward, you didn't even need the user manual! It has one connection.
          Yes you did read that correctly, one connection which plugs into our television and one plug to the socket. The connection cable is supplied.

          The speaker fits underneath our TV so it doesn't take up valuable room on the TV stand which is surrounded by gaming consoles and other items; hence we were limited to what we could have, this really is ideal as it also increases the height of the television!

          Along with the solo speaker comes a four buttoned remote control to operate the speaker. The buttons on the control are for volume up & down, mute and power. A small round battery is used to power the control, which we have never had to replace (touch wood).

          The dimensions & inputs according to the booklet included inside the box are:

          Solo speaker:
          Height: 7.0 cm
          Width: 52.5 cm
          Depth: 30.9 cm
          Weight: 4.6 kg

          Remote control
          Height: 10.4 cm
          Width: 4.0 cm
          Depth: 1.1 cm
          Weight: 35.4 g

          Optical audio input (digital)
          Coaxial input (digital)
          R-L audio input (analog)

          There is no headphone socket on the Bose solo speaker.

          You will need to turn the internal speaker off from your television to use the external speaker, to do this please consult your television manual.

          **** What you need to take into consideration...

          The Bose solo speaker system is one size. It will not be suitable for all TV's.
          The manual says it is idea for televisions from 32 inches to 42 inches but weigh no more then 18kg. Our television as I said is 42 inches and it fits perfectly underneath, there is no overhang so to speak.

          If your television base is larger then the solo speaker, you should not even contemplate placing it on top of the speaker, instead place it above or below the television on a shelf.

          **** Why we purchased the solo speaker....

          We needed a sound system that was small yet powerful, we are very limited with space and a full surround system wouldn't be ideal. The Bose solo speaker was simple yet extremely effective in its sound quality. The price was very reasonable as well considering what other items were on the market at the time.

          **** What we have noticed....

          We turn the solo speaker off when we turn the television & sky off, when we turn the solo speaker on the sound is at minimum so this prevents the sudden outburst of what you had it on previously which is fantastic. I think this is a rather positive point that it doesn't just blare out.

          The Bose solo speaker will not work without the remote control; a replacement remote control is about a tenner... that is the only negative about this product.

          **** So the cost...

          Well we purchased the Bose solo speaker from the Bose outlet in Ashford at a partially discounted price so it is definitely worth seeing where your nearest Bose outlet shop is.

          I have just taken a quick look to see what this retails at currently and have found that the average price tends to be £349.95 according to Amazon, Bose itself, PC World and John Lewis etc... (Current September 2013 prices).

          **** Power to the TV, Sorry washing machine....

          At last we were able to live in a harmonious home once again; there isn't a constant war raging on between the television and the washing machine, it is calm and blissful.

          **** My thoughts...

          The Bose solo has definitely transformed our viewing experience, it adds atmosphere to movies and dramaticness and all it takes is a click of one power button!


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          • What's In Your Bag? / Discussion / 44 Readings / 43 Ratings
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            12.09.2013 20:03
            Very helpful



            My husbands stuff usually ends up in my bag :-/

            I have just stumbled across this post and had to post my reply!

            **** Background....

            I have a seasonal bag obsession, I like to purchase a new bag every season.

            This has been happening for the last few years now. I honestly do not know how I started to do this but it is quite nice to have a new bag per season. I do sometimes sell them on eBay once I have finished with the seasonal bag so I don't technically hoard that many bags (she says as she knows under the bed is full).

            **** Present.....

            Currently at the moment I am using my summer bag, however this will soon change as it is turning very autumny!! It is a bag by the brand fatface, I like a bag to be quirky and am not overly keen on leather style bags (with the one exceptiom of Radley) hence I like canvas style bags. Ones that are washable as well is a bonus. The fat face bag is a floral pattern similar design to the Cath Kidston bags.

            **** My bag only weighs a couple of kg...

            Let's start with the inside zip compartment:

            1. 5 x spare contact lenses, you never know when they are going to fall out or have an emergency.
            2. Pink JVC gumy ear phones.
            3. Scan disk memory stick with 'sack dude' from little big planet keying attached to it.
            4. Paracetamol, always be prepared for a sudden headache!
            5. Hair bobble, it's always good to have a spare.
            6. Random pieces of scrap paper squares with things I need to remember

            The main section:

            7. Bottle of water, it is always good to carry water with you.
            8. Rarely umbrella, with the unpredictable weather this is an essential item.
            9. Pink aloe Vera Vaseline - always good to have kissable lips!
            10. Soap & Glory hand cream, I can't stand having dry hands.
            11. Keys and lots of them, have about 12 keys and a couple of key rings.
            12. Travel card holder, by Radley
            13. Small Radley purse
            14. Clip bag from paper chase one of the best Christmas presents received am forever using this
            15. Handy Andies - pocket tissues
            16. Pen, well it is always handy.
            17. IPad usually goes into handbag for watching trash on the tube from iPlayer
            18. Couple of humbugs.

            I think I am what is a called a prepper - someone who prepares for those what if situations!!
            This is what was in my bag today...


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              12.09.2013 13:20
              Very helpful



              I would be lost without my little light source!

              Salt Lamps - The Natural Air Purifier

              **** Background & history....

              I have always been someone who doesn't like to have the lights on full brightness whilst trying to relax in the winter evenings and used to just sit in the dark with on the TV lighting up the room because we do not have dimmer switches fitted.

              Two November's ago, we went to 'Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland' and stumbled across a stall selling 'salt lamps'. We were with my in-laws at the time and they decided it would be ideal for our home and brought it as a Christmas present for us.

              The price was £25.00 for a medium sized lamp and the salt lamps varied in prices dependant upon size. The salt lamp had a plug; it also came with the bulb which was an added bonus. Prices can vary depending on where you purchase them and at what size, Definitely shop around for the best price. They do weigh quite a lot.

              **** About Salt Lamps....

              Our salt lamp came with a pamphlet which state how salt lamps are made from natural Himalayan crystal salt rocks which were formed millions of years ago; the salt lamps are unusual shapes as they retain their rock like formations. Ours look like a miniature mountain!

              **** What is so good about them?....

              People believe that the harmful atoms (smog) from electricity such as TVs, radios, microwaves, computers etc are to blame for illnesses, headaches, stress, allergies, asthma and that the salt lamps produces negative ones to kind of counter-act the positive ones whilst also adding to the mood and also for colour therapy.

              Negative atoms are essential for us because they kill bacteria, purify the air and just increase the quality of the air pollution around us. In a sense they balance the atmosphere in the room.

              By 'heating' the salt lamp it acts twice as well. You can place a candle or a bulb into the Salt lamp to produce the warm orange glow. Ours comes with a bulb.

              **** My thoughts....

              I am not entirely sure on this whole positive/negative atoms idea however, it is great as the glow from the lamps helps me to unwind and relax after a busy day at work.

              The colour produced from my salt lamp reminds me of the colour of fire in an old-fashioned fire place and it gives me that warm 'cosy' feeling.

              **** Finally...

              Overall it adds to the ambiance of the room, it is relaxing to be around and it provides calming light and it does comfort me slightly when I am feeling in need of some good energy!


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                10.09.2013 13:35
                Very helpful



                A great, comfrtoable & reliable contact lens that any contact lenses wearer should use!

                Johnson & Johnson 1 Day Acuvue Moist Contact Lenses

                **** Background & History...

                My eyes are really quite bad (as in double minus figures) and so my glasses looked liked 'bottle tops' and I was forever having pain on my nose from wearing them so decided to go for a contact lens trial at my eye clinic.

                Back in the day they were 'hard lenses' and upon the contact lenses consultant placing a lens in my eye, he scratched the cornea and my eye inflamed and the pain was excruciating. I went back a few days later to have my eye checked and they gave me a box of 'Acuvue 1 day lenses' in minus 10's to take with me to try. (These were the ones prior to 'Acuvue Moist' and have since been discontinued).

                I vowed to never wear contact lenses after this and stored my precious box away... (expiry date was like in five years time -also another good factor!)

                Until I was forced to when the lens in my glasses broke in half (it was a tiny scratch!) and I was a few hundred miles from home at university. I had always had my 'box of 30 contact lenses' with me just in case anything happened to my glasses.

                I struggled for the first few days putting them in and taking them out whilst my glasses were being repaired back home and actually was quite pleased that I could see a lot clearer then with my specs! I continued to wear these lenses even after my glasses were sent back to me & even requested further contact lenses from my opticians!

                **** I had become a contact lens wearer! ****

                Off course, it was always good to have a pair of glasses just in case I couldn't wear contacts for whatever reason or I felt like wearing my specs - felt it was good to wear in the morning my glasses until my eyes had 'woken up'.

                **** Contact Lenses Progression..

                Over the course of the next few years, I continued to use the minus 10 Acuvue 1 day lenses and my eyes became a lot worse and I was struggling to see distance but because I felt comfortable wearing '1 day lenses' I didn't want to change and at this time the lenses didn't go further then a minus 10!

                The ultimate reason why I wanted to wear 1 day lenses was that I could just place in another one if it fell out as I couldn't see if it fell out and they did tend to fall out if I opened my eyes too wide or yawned!
                It was five years ago when my optician said to me 'You really do need to go up to minus 12 in contact lenses you are really struggling to see BUT we have some good news for you, we have daily disposables in a minus 12 now!'...

                THESE WERE THE 1 DAY ACUVUE MOISTs' Hurrah!!

                Prior to leaving and awaiting my new contact lens prescription to be ordered, they gave me several 'pro-clear' lenses in minus 12 to try and to see how I got on with the new prescription - over the next couple of days, I was enlightened by the fact I didn't need to be up close to my PC at work, I could see distance, it was amazing that I had waited years for contact lenses to go up further then a minus 10!

                I received the new lenses - the 1 Day Acuvue Moist by Johnson & Johnson after confirming that the minus 12 would be acceptable and noticed an immediate difference from my previous lenses not just in sight but in comfort.

                I found these lenses:

                * Comfortable all day long from the morning until late in the evening
                * They didn't fall out as much as my previous ones
                * They were slightly tinted so I could see the outline of them and therefore made them far easier to place into the eye.
                * They have a high UV protection which is a necessity in order to protect your eyes.

                *** What make these lenses different?...

                Well the contact lenses have a moisture rich agent inside them so they are extremely comfortable to wear and rarely do I get dry eyes except in excessive day usage and make your eyes feel fresh for the day (normal daily hours) and have a UV blocking of more than 70% UV-A and 95% UV-B.

                *** Wearing them...

                --------All daily disposables must be changed every day no exceptions. --------

                Sometimes if I place my contacts in at 5am, and have a long evening (past midnight) then my eyes can become 'dry' simply because I have exceeded the wear time or my eyes are sleepy, and if I am out for a wee bit longer, I tend to just exchange the lens in the eye affected so not to harm my eyes.

                I have become an expert at placing lenses in my eyes over the years and have found myself having a lens suddenly fall out in awkward places!

                I get my eyes checked every six months to ensure that these lenses are still correct for me, and one day in the near future I shall await for when the optician says to me 'No these are no good, you need minus 13/14' and my heart will sink because I know that daily disposables do not go beyond minus 12 which is not good!

                I have only had a couple of incidences of the lenses splitting in my eye, they are quality.

                **** Pricing....

                A box of 30 '1 Day Acuvue Moist' contacts will set you back about £20.00, and as you have two eyes you need two boxes of 30 for the month so about £40.00 dependant on where you go these prices can average between £30.00-£40.00.

                Along with the boxes of 30 you can get boxed of 90 lenses for approximately £52.00 as it is always cheaper to buy in quantity then just the one box.

                I purchase mine every six months in boxes of 90 lenses.

                The lenses come individually packaged with solution in each 'pot'.

                **** Final thoughts...

                Since starting to wear these lenses (just over five years now with the same brand - 1 day acuvue moist) I have noticed that they do tend to fall out a lot less, makes my eyes feel fresher for longer and are easy to place into my eyes as well as take out & dispose off.

                I have one requirement that these daily disposables go beyond minus 12, because there are some people with really poor eyesight and don't get along with monthlies that do require them.

                I have thought about changing to the pro-clear make as they are also in minus 12s but after reading the reviews saying that they split in your eye and tend to rip I think I have much better off sticking to Johnson & Johnson. (As i used 'pro-clear' for a few days years ago it is hard to remember what it was like.)

                For anyone who has had a contact lens split in their eye it is very unpleasant and I don't really want to risk this as I am quite satisfied with my ones!

                & finally,

                I still have the pair of glasses that were broken & repaired - they are suitable for TV. I should really invest in a new pair but finding inexpensive/ lightweight ones is a major headache!


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                • More +
                  09.09.2013 15:14
                  Very helpful


                  • Reliability


                  A nice compact printer which is reliable for small user needs.

                  HP Laser Jet P1102

                  *Background Information/ Reasons for Choice & Pricing:

                  This printer was purchased for me to use at work, as my printer (which was previously around in the late 90's/ Early 2000's an old style HP Laser Jet 2100) started to break and was playing up.

                  This printer was chosen as another colleague was using this and it made sense to get an identical one so we could order the same ink cartridge and have plenty in stock. I have been using this printer since mid August.

                  It was around £80.00 from our IT company, but you can get it a lot cheaper elsewhere if you shop around.


                  Inside the printer box came the following:
                  -Printer which the product dimensions are: 23.8 x 34.9 x 19.6cm and weighs approximately 5kg.
                  -One black starter ink cartridge which the ink cartridge number is a HP CE285A
                  -One power plug, set-up CD, instruction pamphlet and warranty information.

                  ***** This printer like most does not come with a USB Cable, but one of these can be purchased for a couple of quid online ******

                  I use a PC with windows XP on at work and have had no problems with the set up on this machine.

                  To install this printer, I simply took everything out the box, plugged in the power cable, my own USB cable and connected to my PC and installed the ink cartridge; I then placed the CD in the CD-ROM drive and followed the very simple instructions for set up.

                  Upon successful installation a test page will be printed, this provides you with the knowledge that the printer has been set up correctly.


                  This printer is small and compact, unlike my previous one and is all shiny; it has that 'new' feeling to it still even though it has been a month since I started using it. It has a tray at the base for paper to be fed into it, a tray with a 'pully' out bit for the printed pages to come out off. It is an 'off' grey in colour with darker grey along the sides and paper trays with the smart 'HP' logo on the middle on the printer as you look at it. It doesn't take up too much room on my desk either which is an added bonus.


                  Unlike my previous printer, this printed is quite 'snappy' and quick to print; it certainly doesn't mess about once it gets going!

                  I like the fact that this printer is 'energy' saving as it turns itself onto standby and also off after a period of non-usage which is quite handy as I never used to switch my previous printer off! However after having a printer that was left on 24/7 it is quite hard to get into the habit of switching it on prior to using it.

                  Printing normal pages is not a problem, however when it comes to printing envelopes, it is a performance and a half, unlike my previous one I have to click the 'continue' button for each and every envelope I print which can be tiresome when you have over 100 to print.

                  ****if anyone has any tips please do comment on how I can get around this method!****

                  I have been using the printer during office hours and working days and the ink is starting to disappear as I am getting fading on one side, perhaps it is because it is only a 'starter' cartridge but I find the ink hasn't lasted as long as I expected it to, perhaps my next cartridge will last a bit longer.

                  *Final Thoughts:

                  This I feel is a modern upgrade to my old HP 2100, it is energy saving - it turns itself off which is I suppose a good thing as I never turned my previous one off but then it can be quite annoying as you have to manually turn it on each day.

                  Printing envelopes is very repetitive as you have to click the 'continue' button as the 'paper size' isn't recognised; and after printing 100+ envelopes, it is rather draining!

                  Printing normal documents is very quick, it whizzes through each page. I haven't experienced a 'paper jam' and it's been just under a month since I started using it.

                  Eats ink quite quickly - will update when I replace my ink cartridge with a 'proper' one.

                  This printer is quite reliable and I would definitely recommend it if you aren't printing loads per day.


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                  • Morrisons Bucket BBQ / BBQ / 36 Readings / 36 Ratings
                    More +
                    05.09.2013 13:18
                    Very helpful



                    A nice little BBQ for camping, wouldnt use it for anything else other then camping.

                    *Background & Pricing...
                    Myself and my husband were going camping with some family members and we needed a BBQ - we decided to purchase the BBQ in a bucket because it was only a tenner - great value for money! We also had to get some coals, lighter fluid and matches etc... so the total cost was approximately £15ish.

                    *Transportation of BBQ
                    The BBQ sat nicely in the boot of the car whilst we travelled to the campsite, and was nicely snug in all its packaging that it was fairly safe. On the way back, the BBQ sat nicely with all its compenents in inside and didn't get damaged.

                    There was limited packaging which meant it was easy to unwrap and you didnt need any scissors etc.. which is quite useful when you are camping and have a limited amount available to you. The campsite had 'slabs' to lift it off the ground so the grass wouldnt catch fire etc, which was extremely handy as the bucket is quite close to the ground/grass otherwise! ***Definitely needs a little slab to lift it off the ground as the legs aren't that long.***

                    *Setting it up!
                    Luckily we had seen a youtube clip prior to camping, and it was quite easy to set up, place the feet into the edge of the bucket, then slot in the 'shelf', stick the inner bucket inside which sits onto this shelf and away you go - not much faffing around involved (ie, nothing had to be screwed into place)

                    We added the coals, and within 30 minutes it was hot enough to cook, have to stay it is the perfect height for cooking on whilst sat in a camping chair which is what my husband did! So easy to construct/ cook on and a genius idea - much better then the disposable ones by far as you can reuse it over and over again! Ideal for the two of us.

                    As it was quite nippy and cold that evening, we decided to use it as a 'camp fire' and added the coals from everyone elses BBQs to ours and another one (a little round one) and it kept us nice and snug as we all sat around them in our camping chairs... so it has a multi-purpose! The bucket did good!

                    The only downfall as with most BBQs is cleaning them as the debris from the coals is hard to fully get rid off.. the grill is pretty easy to clean however.

                    *Final Thoughts....
                    Definitely will be using it for next years camping holiday! Ideal for the two of us and doesn't take up too much room.


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