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      10.02.2009 18:08
      Very helpful



      Don't hesitate - go for it. You will never regret your decision.


      There is nothing more important than security and privacy. Every single hour, minute or even less someone is becoming victim of identity related frauds. It happens because we are not aware what can happen with rubbish after we leave them outside house. One bank statement, utility bill or even shop receipt can be enough to brake into account, apply for credit card or take a loan. This is exactly what thief is looking for. We must be much more careful what we do with our important documents. Here came Fellowes and other brands with home office shredders. Machine like this can cut document into hundreds pieces.

      There are two major differences in shredders:
      - Cross-cut shredder - this type is much more secure as machine cuts paper along and across creating unrecognisable pieces. Size of these pieces depends from machine but it is usually 4milimeters by 5 centimetres. As smaller pieces shredder can create as more secure it is.
      - Stripe shredder - we may all remember this sort of machines from older movies. It cuts paper just along, making it easier to put all document together.


      I have decided to buy one as have gathered three full drawers of bills, contracts, bank statements etc. Before I went to shop I did small research.

      Question you should ask yourself before buying shredder:
      - How often are you going to use it?? This question is important as there are office shredders prepared for very heavy use and home shredders. They are specially designed, shaped and sharpened according to where will be used.
      - How big should be bin?? You should think how many times a day, week or month you will use it. I think that it is more effective to have bigger as thanks bigger volume of confetti it is very unlikely to get any information's, or even find two pieces from same page. Probably about 1 to 1 000 000 chances or even more to put document together.
      - How big throat width should be?? It is better not to fold paper before putting it into shredder as it can double size of each shredded piece. 23 centimetres should be absolutely enough as this is width of A4 paper.
      - What is maximum number of pages you can put at once?? Thanks this you could save your time. This factor is not very important when using at home. Nevertheless, each person can have different needs.
      - Does it cut staples and Credit Cards?? It saves time too. There is no need to buy extra staples extractors. Simply shred it and job done. Read your shredders preferences to find if can do it. Most of machines can shred credit cards. It is safest possible you can do after cancellation in bank. Once magnet strip is in pieces there is no way to use it again.

      I bought my shredder from Argos for £25 and never looked back. I have chosen middle class device- Fellowes Powershred P70CM . Not to cheap not too expensive with all most important features. It was great decision to get one as my confidence increased. I started to feel safer. It shreds everything you will stick inside into 3.9x48mm pieces.

      Inside Box

      This section will not be very long. All box content is nicely, neatly and securely packed. Inside you should find instruction how to use this shredder, how to take care about it and warranty. Fellowes took really extra care to make The first impression when opening box. Except of above mentioned you will find 17 litres capacity mesh bin and most important top/shredding part. This device is ready to use after putting together mesh bin with lid and plugging into power socket. It is hustle free what is really important.


      Sensor in Powershred P70CM is very sensitive and accurate. It is possible to shred a single tilt receipt. In other shredders it is impossible.
      After cutting piece of paper, machine runs for another 2-3 seconds to make sure that all pieces landed in bin.


      Mesh bin's capacity is 17 litres (kilos). It is about 150 A4 pages. This is absolutely enough for light and even heavy home use.
      At once you can shred maximum 7 pages. It is great result comparing to other products. I have shredded single pages and 7 in one go and it didn't do any problems. Fellowes Powershred P70CM is really strong machine you can rely on.


      There are informations how to use it safely in How To Use book included and some warning illustrations printed on top part. To avoid machine running when emptying bin Fellowes installed safety button. It is placed under shredding part and once it touches specially designed place in bin machine can shred.


      I have Fellowes Powershred for over 4 months now and it is still as great as was first day. From time to time paper sticks to rotating shredding part but it is nothing serious. I think it depends from how wet paper is. Even if situation like this happens you can switch it to reverse mode. It always helps. Have never happened that shredder got blocked/jammed with paper. It has even some special automatic jam technology:
      - Auto Reverse on Jamming
      - Auto Stop on Jamming
      Fellowes shredder weights about 4, 5 Kg.


      It is great cross cut shredder and it is very affordable. By spending £25 from your wallet you can invest in your ID and other personal information's protection. Let's be honest - when comes to safety price shouldn't really matter. I won't mention about stress nerves and money lost related problems and difficulties. It is definitely worth this money.

      I can recommend this product to everyone.
      I hope my review helped you
      Please don't forget to rate and leave comment possibly.
      Thank you.


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        09.02.2009 21:31
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Don't hesitate - buy it and you won't regret this decission


        I bought it for my Fiancé as a Christmas gift. Wanted to buy a portable DVD Player but changed my mind and decided to buy Accoustic solution 22" TV
        with built in DVD and digital receiver. For this price range this telly is definitely better buy.
        If you consider buying a portable device for in room use it is not really a good idea. The biggest I found was just 10". For the same price you
        can buy much bigger and with much better parameters TV (like this). Portable devices are good but only when travelling.

        I got it from Argos for less then £200. I had no problems in store except of fact that they had no big bags. Box was without handles or
        anything to catch. Because of that had to spend another 15 minutes on making some comfortable handle using a thin rope.


        Acoustic Solutions LCDW22DVD95F is an extremely good TV for reasonable price. With size of 22" will definitely fit every decent size
        bedroom, living room or kitchen. This is important factor. When buying TV it is necessary to consider room size. Otherwise it will be visible to
        small or big and will not look nice at all. It can even affect watching experience.
        Whole construction is very stable. TV weighs with stand 6.7 kilograms. It is not heave to carry on short distances. For longer
        journeys I would recommend a cab, car or public transport.

        It is possible to mount it on the wall using special brackets. This is not included but option is very useful, specially when have not enough
        room for TV on table or anywhere else. All you need to do is drill few holes, screw together and job done. Argos even gives some special
        half price offer from time to time on TV's. Even indicates which brackets are suitable to this model.

        Inside the box

        Before opening box have a look at it and find small arrow. It says where front of TV is.
        Inside you will find:
        - manual
        - guarantee
        - TV
        - Remote Control
        - Batteries required by remote control

        Everything is packed neatly


        This product is not maybe the most beautiful available on the market but it doesn't matter. The most important is picture, video and sound
        I would give 6 out of 10. This is just because I like when all edges are
        smoother. Speakers are nicely fitted at the bottom of TV.
        All control buttons including these responsible for DVD playback are placed at the top back of TV. This is very comfortable in use and do
        not damage whole picture.

        At the panel below screen there is a blue, very bright diode. It was a little bit annoying in the beginning, but after week got used to it. I do
        recommend switching telly off at night as this stand- by light is really strong.

        Connection options

        Acoustic Solutions LCDW22DVD95F has:
        - antenna (aerial) input - for watching analogue or digital programs
        - HDMI socket for all High definition devices like DVD players, HD Tuners and so on.
        - A standard SCART for Standard Definition devices
        - Component video socket
        - Composite
        - Headphones socket
        - DC socket

        In this device you will find even CI slot. It allows you to insert a card inside so you could watch prepaid channels like Setanta sport for

        Remote Control

        Remote control requires 2 x AAA batteries. These are included.
        It is very easy in use, especially when want to move from DVD to
        analogue or Digital TV. There are separate buttons for each. Don't need to stand up to eject CD/DVD. All options are there.
        Remote feels very good and comfy in hand. It is not heave.


        A built in freeview will allow you to watch digital TV on your telly for free in UK. Coverage and a number of channels available depend from
        area you live in. Check online for more details on freeview website.
        Freeview features

        - EPG (Electronic Program Guide) for 7 days
        - Now and next electronic program guide to see quickly what's on and what will be next on channel
        - Interactive services
        - Easy in use Digital Teletext
        - Digital video broadcasting (DVB) subtitles
        - Auto Set-up
        After plugging aerial in click DVB on remote control. System will start to search for channels for you automatically. It takes about 2-5
        minutes. On screen guide is easy to navigate and browse. It is necessary to connect antenna before searching channels as this TV
        doesn't have built in aerial.


        Acoustic Solutions LCDW22DVD95F is a combo device - which means that there is built in DVD player. This is my first combo TV
        ever. It is very useful to have CD reader built in, as don't need to occupy any slots.

        DVD reads following formats: CD, DVD, VCD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, MP3, DivX, SACD, S-VHS. Be careful as Divs in this telly
        means mpg format only. This DVD player does not read avi or other formats.
        Player is very easy to navigate using remote control. Works quiet. Thanks it you can play mp3's watch pictures and so on.

        So far I can say nothing bad about DVD player. Videos are not freezing.
        DVD supports region 2 coding.


        This is not top shelf device so don't expect to see best parameters. Nevertheless they are absolutely sufficient to satisfy everyone's eye.

        - 22in (55.9cm) widescreen TV with 55.9cm visible screen size.
        - Resolution 1680 x 1050 pixels.
        - Brightness 300 cd/m2.
        - Contrast ratio 1000:1.
        - Viewing angle 160/160 degrees.

        I love watching DVD's and TV channels on this telly. Colours are very bright and real.

        Sound quality

        This TV/DVD/DVB combo has very good sound quality like for 22" telly. Total output power is 10 Watts. It has two speakers, 5 W each. In TV
        options there are some Audio presets and equaliser available. Each customer can set all details according to needs.
        It uses NICAM sound format.


        It is wonderful TV/DVD and Freeview in one fantastic device for very reasonable price. Acoustic Solutions costs less then £200. It is really
        value for money. I can recommend to everyone looking for small or medium size TV. I' am very pleased with this purchased. Acoustic
        Solutions is a brand you can rely on.

        Hope my review helped you with decision
        Please don't forget to rate this review and leave comment possibly.
        Thank you


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          09.10.2008 18:29
          Very helpful



          Want a digital photo frame and more - go for it

          In the beginning of this review I need to say that before my girlfriend's brother bought it I was not a big fan of these frames. Saw them hundred times in shops, adverts and so on and can not explain why, but was not interested. Once I saw how it works, how simple it is and what it does I have completely changed my mind.

          The biggest difference between ordinary and digital frame is in my opinion simplicity. It may sound weird but yes-simplicity. In normal frame you can not put lets say hundred pictures and set them to change every 10 seconds. It is not possible to see anything when light is off. Philips 7FF2FPA does it all and allows you even to save money. When you buy normal frame or frames it cost, to place something in - means to print a picture from PC or printing shop it costs. Once you have digital frame all you need to do is to copy wanted pictures on a card supported by this device and stick it into it. Select pictures to be displayed, playing/sliding option, effect and done. As simple as that. In total darkness this frame looks really cool, quality off images displayed is really brilliant. Just imagine - can see nothing in your room except of best moments of your live or most loved people you have on this frame.

          Even if you get bored with displaying images you can set it to be clock. Let's be honest - how many alarm clocks or clocks can you see at night?? Most of them you need to light up before seeing time. Or they can do it but are expensive and can not display images. This small frame does it all. Has even alarm clock.
          In my opinion, the only minus is a power consumption as it is connected to power socket. It takes 4.9W. It is nothing special but always something. Even that factor I think it is still worth to have it. To reduce power consumption it is possible on this device to set time when frame should and shouldn't be on. This model has not built in battery. Every single time you disconnect it will lose all time and date settings. That another small issue. It would be much simpler to install inside cmos battery to keep most information's when without energy but in this model Philips did not do it.

          High quality design and materials include a solid stylish stand; designer frame and detailed finishing that convey an impression of value and refined taste, adding shine to the photos displayed on Photo Frame.
          Now it is Time to review all specifications.

          Inside the box

          Everything comes in a medium size box. Inside of it you will find a frame, quite have stand, USB frame to PC cable, manual, guarantee, Compact Disc with drivers and a power adaptor. All this pieces are nicely and safely packed. That is a big plus for Philips. Manufacturer included in a package all most important information's about device and cables.


          This bit is very simply and does not require any special skills or knowledge. Unwrap everything, remove protective foil from the screen, attach at the back stand. Push it in and choose if you want frame to stand vertically or horizontally by twisting it. Connect frame to power socket and insert memory card with pictures into it. Job done. Whole frame has been designed to be stable and that's how it is in reality. Everything thanks heavy stand.

          Measurements of whole frame are:
          - Width: 20.7 cm
          - Depth: 10.5 cm
          - Height: 15.9 cm


          Philips 7FF2FPA frame has an image aspect ratio of 3:2. It is good because it is used in most of still picture cameras. There should not be problems with displaying your images. Image aspect ratio it is relation of the width of the image to the height. While you can change the size of the image, the ratio stays constant. There should not be problems with displaying your images.

          Display size for this model is 7 inches. It is absolutely fair enough size. If you want to buy bigger buy bigger one. That size is I would say medium and sufficient to satisfy everyone eye.
          Display format for this frame is 7200:480 pixels. It gives good quality of viewing picture and rich details. As higher resolution is as better and more detailed picture is. For this frame it is absolutely enough as pictures it display look brilliant.
          Another very important point for Philips 7FF2FPA is its contrast ratio.
          The contrast ratio is a measure of a display system, defined as the ratio of the luminance of the brightest colour (white) to that of the darkest colour (black) that the system is capable of producing. A high contrast ratio is a desired aspect of any display. This frame has 400:1 typical value which is really good. To compare I can say that my 22" TFT monitor has 500:1. Brightness of this device is 200 cd/m2.

          Viewing angles are 120º for the horizontal plane, and 110º for the vertical plane.
          All that specifications give together a great quality. When watching images on it, they look very bright, intensive and well detailed.


          Software with drivers is very easy in use, install and practical. Firmware upgrades are available online. Same with drivers if you will lose CD. Philips provides good customer service help on website. If have any troubles with your frame you should go straight there without hesitation.

          Connectivity and capacity

          Philips 7FF2FPA has a built in 16 Mb flash memory. This is not a lot but sufficient enough for beginning. You can easily expand it by connecting memory cards. This model complies with following memory types: Compact Flash Card type I, Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO, Multimedia Card, SD Memory Card, xD-Picture Card, and SDHC Memory Card. It has two slots. Some of them you will be able to connect thanks adaptors only which are not included.

          Philips does not say what the maximum supported capacity is. I can say that supported my 2 GB SD card.
          Frame supports all JPEG photos up to 10MB or 13 Mega pixels. That is quite impressive. That is very unlikely that you will want to display bigger pictures than that. Even if it will lose the point as that frame wont be able to show maximum of this image. That limit is absolutely fair.

          Options and features

          - This digital photo frame has 7 control buttons. They are all signed, easy to use and comfortable to press. What is most important - they are not hidden and tiny.
          - It has three available playback modes: Full screen browse , Slideshow , Thumbnail browse
          - photo edit options are: copy, delete and rotate
          - there is option to change colours of displayed images to black and white
          - what is really important and useful you can change slideshow settings to Random , Sequential or Transition effect
          - Another nice function it is changing background settings. You can adjust them to your room colour or own preferences. You can choose out of three: Black , White , Gray
          - Setup function are: Brightness adjustment , Language , Status , Beep on/off , Set time and date , Clock display enable/disable , Alarm , Auto on/off
          - System status: Firmware version , Remaining memory
          - Connected media status: Connected media , Remaining memory
          - On-Screen Display languages: Danish , Dutch , English , French , German , Italian , Russian , Simplified Chinese , Spanish , Traditional Chinese


          I saw this frame and had an opportunity to play with. It is really amazing little thing. This digital frame is a good solution for your own home or to give someone as a gift.
          He bought it for £30 from PC World on special offer. In other shops are available from about £70. I think it is a value for money as memories and places you keep them are extremely important and priceless.
          I can recommend it to anyone as it is a very nice, stylish, very good image quality digital picture frame and clock. It is a Very useful device with interesting functions and connectivity options.

          Please rate my review and leave a comment possibly
          I do hope my review helped you
          Thank you


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          • Philips 28PW6451 / CRT TV / 120 Readings / 118 Ratings
            More +
            07.10.2008 18:24
            Very helpful



            It is good TV but takes quite a lot of room.

            As long as we have this television it is alright. It is not possible unfortunately to mount in on the wall  
            Will have to replace it probably when moving to new house as we do not consider having such a monster on a table in living room.

            It does everything what should. We watch DVD movies, movies from PC by directly connected cable into it and quality is fine. Sound of watching movies and programs is alright; nevertheless we bought Home Theater Cinema system to improve DVD watching experience with 5.1 channels.
            TV itself

            Philips 28PW6451 is a 28" flat screen widescreen monitor. It does support image aspect ratio of 16:9, 14:9 and 4:3. Philips has also some extra features like "super wide" and "subtitle zoom" mode which helps when watching movie with subtitles and do not want them to cover movie. Image seems to be slightly lifted up.

            The dimension of this TV is 76.4 cm x 48.7 cm x 50.3 cm. I have it in silver frost color which is fine. Whole TV if not thinking about its size and alright and even quite stylish. Has nice rounded corners and top. 2 Built in speakers are nicely hidden behind front panel and have output power of 10 Watts each. The sound output mode is stereo which is nothing special. If need to boost your speakers you can turn them to Incredible Surround mode. It improves quality but it is not as good as expected.
            Philips 28PW6451 has following features: Crystal Clear, anti-reflection coating, Smart Picture Control, Smart Sound Control. All of them are there to increase quality of images displayed and sound. It has a sleep timer.

            Remote control is simple and unbreakable. Number of times spilled liquids on it, dropped on a floor and so on. I t is still working and is fine. 2 AA batteries last for about 3 months.

            It has at the rear one RF port and two 21-pin SCARTS. At the front one headphones jack, audio in left and right and s-video

            It is pretty good, old and big TV with number of helpful options and modes. Everything it has works brilliantly. It is not as bright as LCD or Plasma screens but images displayed looks good. It is very easy in use and installation.

            I like its simplicity and fact that we have it. Takes quite a lot of room but as long as you have space and do not have to move it from place to place is alright.
            Dislike that do not have option to connect blue ray player or more sophisticated stuff.
            This philips TV is alright but I can not recomend it unless someone wouldn't mind to lift it or has no plans to connect newest gadgets into it.

            Please rate and leave a comment possible
            Hope my review helped you.
            Thank you


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            • LG HT353SD / Home Cinema System / 169 Readings / 160 Ratings
              More +
              24.09.2008 14:40
              Very helpful


              • Reliability


              very good, value for money set. Good enough for medium size rooms

              I was looking for a good quality, not to expensive home cinema system and found this one. Saw LG HT353SD in Sainsbury's for just £79.99 and was not sure. I checked all the other prices online and details on manufacturer's website. Same day decided to go for it and bought it next day. I have it over one week now and am totally satisfied. It does exactly everything what should and does it great. This home theatre system is very nice looking and nicely designed. Stylish I would say as each speakers surface reflects. Cables are absolutely long enough (even rear ones) as in some other sets they are simply to short. This time Lg's done a good job.
              Using remote control you are able to control everything. Batteries are included.


              Instruction and a manual are included in box and are simple and easy in use.
              This went quite quickly and easily. After unpacking and removing protective foil from each speaker, untied cable and connect each cable to DVD player according to colours (red and black). It is almost not possible to connect it wrongly as on each cable end there are small labels describing each speaker.

              I have my DVD player connected to monitor by scart but it is possible to do it by component video (able to carry a HD signal of up to 1080p but most of monitors do not support it through such a connection) or composite (analogue) connectors.
              Whole device has a power consumption of 50 Watt when working and under 1 Watt when off.

              Sound quality and speaker details

              For this price range there is no point to expect miracles but this set plays movies and music extremely well.
              An interesting option is VSM (Virtual Sound Matrix) which can create 5.1 channel effect out of 2.1 and 10.1 out of 5.1 channels. VSM can enhance your listening pleasure without any distortion or exaggeration on original sound.

              Total output power of this speakers is 300 Watts which is absolutely enough for medium size rooms. Centre speaker has power of 40 Watts (4 Ohms). Exactly same parameters have other speakers except of subwoofer which has power of 75W (3 Ohms).
              LG HT353SD is compatible with DTS, Dolby Digital, VSM, DTS ES, natural EQ, auto HQ, Dolby Prologic, DSP mode and 2Ch Stereo (By-Pass) sound effects.

              To adjust each speaker settings you need to go to on screen menu by pressing enter and choosing sound option. In there you can adjust all properties like distance from speaker to source or signal strength (according to your own preferences) plus/minus 6Db.
              On the same menu you can test if everything is connected and sounds as it should.

              You can play your most favourite songs from CD's or even stick USB drive into it and play your stuff. Yes - LG HT353SD has an USB port. You can copy some Divx movies, pictures or songs from computer, connect it to USB port and watch them all. Another interesting way of enjoying music if your MP3 player has no USB -is to connect it using jack-jack cable (included in box).


              I live in a poor radio reception area so have only 3 stations with RDS and another one without.
              Most important is that this device can read RDS signal (Radio Data System). To say it in easier way - some radio stations broadcasts in their signal some other information's like name of audition, station or song and artists detail.

              This home theatre system can read:

              - PS (Programme Service) this is simply an eight-character static display that represents the call letters or station identity name. Most RDS capable receivers display this information and, if the station is stored in the receiver's presets, will cache this information with the frequency and other details associated with that preset.

              - PTY (Programme Type) this coding of up to 31 pre-defined programme types - e.g. (in Europe): PTY1 News, PTY6 Drama, PTY11 Rock music, - allows users to find similar programming by genre. PTY31 seems to be reserved for emergency announcements in the event of natural disasters or other major calamities.

              - CT (Clock Time) can synchronise a clock in the receiver or the main clock in a car. Due to transmission vagaries, CT can only be accurate to within 100 ms of UTC.

              - RT (Radio Text) this function allows a radio station to transmit a 64-character free-form textual information that can be either static e.g. station slogans or in sync with the programming such as the title and artist of the currently-playing song.
              Almost forgot to mention that 75 Ohms antenna (cable with plug) is included in box.

              Tuner type is PLL which stands for (Phase-locked loop). IT generates stable frequencies or recovers a signal from a noisy communication channel. Pll system is widely in use in electronic devices.
              It has Tuning Range of 87.50~108.00 MHz (50 kHz). It offers as well 50 (random) stations preset.

              Altogether radio sounds very good and I am absolutely satisfied with it. Quality is brilliant and there is no noise. Searching for stations is very quick and easy. There are no disadvantages.
              DVD/CD/VCD player

              It has been equipped with Progressive Scan system for PAL and NTSC signals.
              This one is s a method for displaying, storing or transmitting moving images in which all the lines of each frame are drawn in sequence.

              Main advantages of having it are:
              - Frames have no interlace artefacts and can be used as still photos
              - Offers much better results for scaling to higher resolutions than equivalent interlaced video
              - Absence of visual artefacts associated with interlaced video of the same line rate
              - Higher vertical resolution than interlaced video with the same frame rate

              Main unit of whole device is well designed and good looking when lying under monitor. It is not small but I think thanks its black colour is less visible.
              LG plays all these disk formats: CD,DVD-R,DVD-RW,DVD+RW
              CDG,VCD,SVCD,CD-R/CD-RW,MP3CD, WMA,JPEG Viewer,Divx 5.0,Xvid.
              To say it briefly - plays everything.
              Another interesting option in this set is recording (ripping) music from CD's directly to USB drive. It is useful when computer is not working or is busy. Only one minus is that it goes with maximum bit rate of 128kbs. It is very easy in use and to do it press rec button on your remote controller.

              DVD reader works perfectly and reads most of DVD's within 2-5 seconds. Since I have it, did not happen to jam or image to freeze when watching movie.
              Works as it should.

              LG HT353SD is a good Home Cinema System for a reasonable price. It is not easy to find another set with competitive properties for such a price. It is a bargain I would say. I can recommend it to anyone as it is a good product and is worth recommendation.

              Please rate and leave a comment possible
              Thank you


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                17.09.2008 17:35
                Very helpful



                want good and comfortable shoes - buy them.

                If you think that people who have this shoe are maniacs or sportsmen's only - you are wrong. That type of shoe (with cleats) is the best possible solution for you, your cycling comfort and safety.

                Got them for over one year now and they are still in one piece and perfect condition. I had a number of serious accidents, but thanks idea of cleating into pedals- I went through with cuts and bruises only.

                Just imagine yourself commuting on a busy road and accidently someone bumps your rear wheel. Normally you would fall over or flew on his mask. Not when having them. They will hold you on bike or help to accumulate most of force. I mean not shoes itself  They won't let you leave bicycle unless you want it or force is so strong.
                All things am telling you now taking from my own cycling experience so I believe that is best possible source of information's.

                Once in rainy day was thinking about next day and smashed on a car which stopped without any reason. I was going about 30-35 kilometres per hour Shoes to which are attached cleats accumulated most of force but even that it did not help. Hit was so strong that uncleated and landed on roof of car and slide on a street. Next day I could not walk I had so badly stretched muscles in my legs. I do not want to think what could happen without being attached to bicycle.
                Do not get me wrong that telling you all that it is only to explain you how strong, tough Polaris MR5000 are and useful. Thus after one year of seriously hard service it is enough to clean them and they look like brand new.

                Sole is very stiff. Competition thread & front metal screw-in studs are for extra grip. That helps pedalling and makes your feet not getting tired so quickly. Another big plus of hard soil is - that work as kind of safety shoes when on bicycle.
                When raining in normal shoes and pedals your foot can slide off, you loose a balance and land on a ground. That is just another scenario. When cycling it is even easier to do some difficult manoeuvres on or off road. Feels simply better and in control of bicycle.

                When pedalling up the hill you can use one leg to push and other to pull. This way is easier. Without such a shoe it would be impossible. Same situation when have an obstacle on your way. Simply kick your heels and jump over it. It is extremely useful trick.
                Vectro straps are really holding well. Newer happened to have them loose when cycling. Same with Quick release ratchets.

                Microfibre & soft mesh upper with carbon effect finish lets your foot breath. Unfortunately this material is not waterproof. For that need to buy overshoes separately.
                Polaris MR5000 is compatible with SPD pedals only. Am using shimano cleats with them and pedals. Altogether everything works perfect.

                Feet feels very comfortble inside and is not getting sweat. When deciding for such a shoes remember to buy one size higher than you need.

                Shoes itself are very lightweigh and nicely designed.

                I am extremely satisfied with this shoes and can recommend them to all cyclists as I think they are must have product. I paid £65 only for them and something like £30 for pedals and £10 for cleats. When thinking about safety price should not be deciding factor. There are no disadvantages. Do not hesitate and buy a pair - you wont regret.

                Please rate and comment my review possibly.
                Thank you


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                  16.09.2008 15:47
                  Very helpful



                  From my experience I can tell that they were the best tyres I have ever had.

                  If you have problems with punctures, feel like wheel is to heave or something to use on o off road - this tyres are definitely for you.

                  I bought them for my bike about 2 years ago. As remember paid about £18 per tyre. They lasted for over one year where cycling about 160 kilometres a week. I was extremely pleased with them. Honestly can not say anything wrong about these tyres. Rolling resistance is very low, so thanks that you should be more about to achieve higher speed. Continental supplied some models with reflective sidewall to increase your safety during nigh. I got this model and have to say that it really works well. As long as you keep your tyres quite clean they will reflect light brilliantly. The weight of a tyre is:
                  - 640g folding option
                  - 690g wired and reflective option
                  - 670g wired only option


                  I have done it myself as it is very easy. To do so you need to have tyre leavers (I bought my from Chain Reaction Cycles website for £3 with free delivery) and about 10 minutes time per tyre. Firstly remove old one using this tool (leave inner tube inside) check on new tyre how it should be fitted. Information (an arrow) is on sidewall, push inner tube inside tyre and make sure that all tyre is sitting in side rim. Repeat it on other wheel and job done. When doing that, do your best to not to damage inner tube. In some shops they sell these tyres together with inner tubes as a set with one year safety protection guarantee.
                  If you find it to difficult or simply are not bothered to do it - take everything to the nearest bicycle shop and they will do it for you for about £5-$10. Prices can vary.


                  I remember like today first ride with them - it was incredibly smooth and fast  once I lived in North West London and had to go through Notting hill festival. There were hundreds of broken bottles and other debris on the street. Believe me - went through whole Harrow Road starting from Paddington Station to Chamberlayne Road without any puncture. I could hear only my tyres crashing glasses bottles and so on. Whole way long like that - it was about one kilometre and half. Next day had to spend 30 minutes on removing all glass pieces from tyres. Inner tubes were untouched. Nothing went through anti puncture protection belt.

                  Main features

                  - Kevlar reinforced anti-puncture belt under the tread along with Duraskin sidewall protection creates the best safety system I have ever head on my bicycle.
                  - placed underneath the tread, made from a strong, tight nylon fabric, additionally reinforced with Kevlar.

                  - Patented lightweight sidewall protection
                  - A coarse polyamide fabric that is tear resistant thanks to a special treatment process, protecting the tyre casing from cuts & slashes
                  - Highly resistant to pinches and cuts from debris, thorns and glass
                  - The Safety System keeps the tyre lightweight and flexible. It adapts to the rolling motion and keeps the rolling resistance low

                  Some Continental tyres like Travel Contact have special tread design called "Endless Edge". Specially designed and shaped knobs with five edges and corners for better off camber grip or more precise steering.


                  They are really good, heave duty slick tyres to be used on and of road (on road mostly). For harder terrain Continental offers other products. This One is more for commuters who have to or like to go off road from time to time.
                  Price for first look seems to be high but it is not really true. Calculate how many tyres you use a year, inner tubes and puncture sets. Comfort and quality costs and in this example is worth this price.
                  As mentioned before I can not say anything against them. They are simply great and can strongly recommend them to all interested or hesitated.

                  Please rate and leave a comment possibly
                  Thank you


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                    05.09.2008 21:31
                    Very helpful



                    Have a bicycle, need to have this rear light - that is your safety

                    If you, someone from your family or a friend have a bicycle then strongly recommend this rear light as it is mentally bright. Does the job brilliantly and thanks that you should be safe on the road.

                    I have got this light myself and am extremely pleased. It's been already over one year since I bought it from Chain Reaction Cycle website for £12 and have not had any accidents at night. Before that, it got used to happen as I leave in London where traffic is quite heave and you never now who is driving behind you.

                    There is a manual attached to this product and is very easy to read. Every single detail how to fit it is described. Attachment itself should not take you longer then 10 minutes. All you have to do is to unpack everything from box, stretch a clamp around your seat post, add rubber pieces which stop any movements and almost done. Next step is to screw all pieces in tidily and make sure that fitted straight and on the right angle. Do it with your lamp on it.


                    Blackburn Mars 3.0 has been named after a bright red planet visible from afar. It has seven superb right red LED's inside a sleek water resistant case. Lens optics increase visible distance and side LED's provide 180 degree safety-boosting visibility. Two AAA batteries should last for 50 - 150 hours on a flash mode. That information says producent and seems to be about right. I use in my lamp energizer rechargeable batteries. Some basic one you have included in the box. Whole thing is waterproof and strongly built. Since I attached it to my bike it has not sided/moved even when doing off road.
                    The only, very small issue in Blackburn Mars 3.0 is when replacing batteries you need to unscrew 3 tiny screws. Is not a big deal as do not have to do it often.
                    It has three modes: slow flashing, fast one (almost like strobe) and viper style but up side down. My most favourite is fast flah.

                    Blackburn Mars is the greatest bicycle rear light I have ever had in my life. I like absolutely everything in it. It is nicely designed and you can rely on it. Light which gives is super bright and if anyone would knock you - he should get a ban from driving. Unless claimed that was dazzled by this light.
                    As I mentioned in the beginning - I can highly recommend and suggest Blackburn Mars 3.0 to every single person with bicycle in home. The price is not high. It is value for money.

                    Please rate and leave a comment possibly
                    Thank you.


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                      04.09.2008 19:44
                      Very helpful



                      Great place to spend night in

                      It was first time ever, me and my girlfriend decided to spend a weekend in Premier Inn Caerphilly.

                      We spent there a bank holiday weekend in August. Wanted to book hotel in Cardiff but unfortunately everything was fully booked because of Madonna's concert. Were not really happy because of that but decided to reserve room.


                      Hotel is placed 7 and half miles away from Cardiff, which is not far. If you have car you can park it for free in hotels parking. If not - there is number 26 bus route every two hours going to Cardiff. The nearest bus stop is only 5 minutes walk from hotel.

                      Breakfast is not included in price of this hotel but you can order it when booking or on site. If you want to treat yourself with full breakfast it will cost you £7.50. You can have as much as you like. They offer some premium pork sausages, seasoned with nutmeg and sage; vegetarian sausages made with sautéed leek; plus your choice of freshly scrambled, fried, poached or boiled eggs, back bacon, Heinz baked beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, and much, much more. If this is not enough you may choose anything from continental breakfast selection too. Cheaper, lighter (continental) buffet is available at just £5.25 per person.
                      There is also a pub/restaurant in Cedar Tree hotel which is located just one minute walk from Premier Inn.

                      Heard that they offer WiFi internet access. Sorry but do not remember how much it is. Whether you need to take laptop with you or not, you can browse internet in there.


                      There are some rooms for disabled people with specially designed bed and step free location. This is subject to availability.
                      They have decent rooms in there with almost everything you would only need. For example:

                      * Comfortable king-sized beds
                      * Good quality duvets and pillows
                      * En suite bathrooms
                      * Shower gel
                      * Remote control TVs with Freeview channels
                      * Tea and coffee making facilities (there is an electric kettle and some bags with sugar, tee and coffee). Glasses and cups as well.
                      * Hairdryer
                      * Heater control
                      * Spacious desk area should you need to work

                      Everything is cleaned in daily basis.

                      Worth to visit

                      About 10 minutes drive from there (about 30 minutes walk) you can find wonderful, stunning Caerphilly Castle. It is really beautiful, huge and worth to see. Entrance is not expensive, as remember something like £3.50 per person.


                      To check in - you need to provide an ID as driving licence or passport for example. Without it they may not accept you. It almost happened to me. I had only my bank card with me. Thanks nice lady from reception we checked in - she did some cross check in system of our booking as from my card paid for reservation.
                      We spent there great time. There weren't any noises during night. We slept really well on this King size, comfortable bed.
                      For weekend (Saturday and Sunday night) we paid altogether £130.
                      Have to say that this is really good price for standard and comfort they offer.
                      We were very pleased from our stay in Premier Inn (Corbetts Lane) in Caerphilly.
                      Will choose them probably again if have to.
                      After visit they show how they care about customers and will send you survey.

                      If need to stay somewhere around - can strongly recommend it to you

                      Please rate my review and leave a comment possibly
                      Thank you.


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                      • Acer X221W / LCD Monitor / 81 Readings / 77 Ratings
                        More +
                        04.09.2008 15:20
                        Very helpful


                        • Reliability


                        If you want a good monitor for your PC - do not hesitate

                        As we all know: as bigger monitor is asbetter. This here has 22" and is quite big like for Pc monitor. Am sure thet we will see much bigger and better in the nearest feature because of all the time speeding up technology.

                        Bought this monitor myself one year ago and am seriously satisfied. It does look excellent, all buttons you can find under front panel. It is easy to use, works straight after connection.
                        There is only one small issue. Proper drivers can improve device's performance. They are available on internet only or come together with graphic card drivers' package.


                        Monitor itself is very stable thanks this specially designed base. Screen is movable (for about 15 degrees up or down). It is possibly to mount it on a wall. Acer has an analogue (VGA) signal input.
                        Acer compliant following standards:- ISO 13406-2, TCO '99


                        Resolution as we know is an important issue in monitors, because as higher it is as more specific picture can be, more thinks can be displayed at the same time and so on. This one offers maximum of 1680 x 1050 pixels which is good enough for standard use +. Brightness is 300 cd/m2 and it is a weak point but not crucial. We need to remember about its price. I bought mine in Argos for £200 now it's almost half. Technology goes in such a speed that many products loose price but not quality, thus we should not look at this factor. Image contrast ratio is 1000:1 which is acceptable and gives high quality.

                        It is possible to find this monitor even cheaper on internet. Need to say that once again as price next to it on DooYoo is higher that when i bought it.

                        I like this monitor and enjoy every single high quality picture I watch, TV or DVD. Acer offers good quality for reasonable price. It is good but obviously not the best one like other top shelf more expensive monitors.

                        I can recommend it for its price and quality it offers, simplicity, design and size.

                        Please rate my review and leave comment possibly.
                        Thank you.


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                          29.08.2008 22:46
                          Very helpful



                          Fancy a good time - do not hesitate. It;s waiting for you

                          That's not easy job to decide where to go for your first, proper holidays. Especially when you go for such a trip with girlfriend. We went there without any knowledge of Gran Canaria, Puerto Rico resort or even where you stay. All we knew: should be warm, hotel has 3 stars and our board basis. So this is how it went.

                          One week of holidays in Altamar Apart Hotel costed us £260 per person. Our basis - self catering. It is not easy to find such a price in season so that's a bargain.

                          How we got there

                          I and my girlfriend landed there in April the 10th at night (early morning around 5am). Wasn't busy at the airport that time so all luggage think didn't take us long. Outside the airport were standing Thomas Cook people (about 5) and checking your name and into which bus/coach you should go. It went easier that I thought. Coach took as straight to the hotel. Unfortunately it wasn't 45 minutes as it was supposed to be. Took almost hour and a half. Reason of that - there were many couples to be delivered to hotels on our way so each time bus had to stop and slightly go out of his route. So finally tired and sleepy landed in our hotel. Check in took no more than 30 seconds which was great. Checked names and that was it, gave us a map how to get to our room. Went sleep after getting there. When we woke up- straight after opening slide door we simply could not believe how wonderful, beautiful, this hotel, room and views are. Something amazing it is.


                          The hotel located is on a top of the cliff and on its side. Have amazing ocean view. As the name says it is apart hotel - means that each apartment is kind of separate (on top of the other starting from bathroom). That gives you noise free, pleasant atmosphere and silence during the night.
                          Reception is on top of the hotel and is beautifully designed with sofas, chairs and so on. You can fin there also SPAR shop with most important things to buy, toilet, Thomas Cook office and a massage chairs.
                          If you fancy a sport there is a small cage where you can play football, volleyball or basketball. Fin a team and have a good time.
                          Hotel is separated into two sections: A and B. Each one has own lift and swimming pool. Holiday makers can use whichever they want. There is one huge restaurant with stunning ocean view. Especially at night. Kids can go to small playground located just nearby the pool in section A.
                          Everything around is well maintained and nicely organised. During our stay we had no troubles or uncomfortable moments.


                          Each room has a private terrace with a sun beds, chairs, table and clothes drier. You can find a plasma TV in each room as well as fully equipped kitchen (when self catering), microwave, coffee maker, taster, all sort of glasses, dishes and basically everything you would need to cook or eat.
                          On top of living and bed room hangs big fan/cooler with three modes to use. It does job as it should.
                          People with disabilities are welcome as there are some rooms specially prepared for it and located near lift and are steps free.
                          We had a leaving room with kitchen together, separate bedroom with two single beds, wardrobe, window, mirror, some pictures on the wall and a cooling fan. In Bathroom there is big size shower room, basin, huge mirror and a loo obviously.
                          They are simply designed and because of that beautiful in my opinion.
                          Cleaners were coming every two days and doing theirs job properly.

                          About Thomas Cook

                          My tour operator was Thomas Cook and need to highly recommend them to everyone as job they did was brilliant. Any problem- go to see rep. Mostly you can find them in an office next to reception. Wherever we wanted to go or see, they had all the maps or even you could buy a ticket directly from them.

                          Hotel itself

                          It's close to markets, medical centres, and beaches nearby- about 20 minutes walk to Amadores beach, 10 minutes by cab to Puerto Ricco resort centre and beaches. Its worth to mention about Anfi beach which is about 20-25 mins away by cab or car from Altamar Hotel and is amazingly beautiful.
                          Bus stop just outside reception, the same about taxis.
                          Can strongly recommend this hotel to singles as night clubs are not far away.
                          Couples have lots of places to see as well as nice restaurants around to spend good time in.
                          Families are welcome because of playground on open air. Small Aqua park in Puerto Rico Resort or huge one in Maspalomas.
                          Good place to spend great time altogether I have to say.

                          Have nice time and thank you.

                          Feel free to nominate this reviev (give a crown) if you think deserved it.
                          Please rate and possibly comment my review.
                          Thank you


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                            28.08.2008 15:45
                            Very helpful


                            • Reliability


                            Easy to find, efficient and fast printer

                            I do remember that like today when this Epson's printer stood next to my first PC. It was about 10 years ago. Was looking amazing and was worry to touch this. When was printing- looking at it from every possible side. How it comes and how it goes.

                            It is a colour printer so you can print text, images or even pictures. Printing pictures is not really the strongest point of this device but you can do it if you want. They come in sufficient enough quality to satisfy not professional eye.


                            This step is really easy and not complicated. Unpack everything on a table and connect parallel (IEEE 1284 (EPP/ECP) - 36 PIN Centronics) plug to computer and other end of cable to the printer. Yes - it is using printer port as when Stylus Colour 460 was produced not every computer was equipped with USB port. That technology was still in development. Connect power cable to the printer and mostly done. Attach paper feeder and piece to gather ready prints. Switch your computer on, install software and drivers and that's it.


                            As I mentioned before it is very efficient. Out of one cartridge you can get up to 300 pages which is amazing result. Cartridge you can refill but its head can take up to 540 pages. That information's are available on manual but from my experience it is about right. Paper feeder has capacity of 100 pages.

                            I got used to print black/colour flyers, calendars and leaflets for my friends company using this Epson's printer. It was about 15 thousands of pages and this printer took it easily. All I had to do it was adding paper and replacing inks. Even after such a tough job this printer is still in working condition and my ante is using it at home. It may tell you how durable Stylus Colour 460 is.

                            Using it you can print whatever you want on Medias such as: Envelopes, transparencies, plain paper, glossy paper, Envelopes, transparencies, plain paper, glossy paper, iron-on transfers, photo paper, business cards.

                            Do prints with resolution of 720 x 720 dots per inch in colour. Black prints have 720 dpi x 720 dpi which is laser printer's quality.

                            Printer itself is very easy to use and maintain. Software contains utilities to clean paper feeder or cartridge heads as well as adjusting heads.

                            This Epson's printer is a very good as for times when was produced. Has done for me everything I expected. Have not had any issue with it or even smallest breakdown.

                            Inks for Stylus Colour are very cheap and available from £2 for black and £4 colour.

                            Epson Stylus Colour 460 is amazing printer but probably would not find use nowadays as other better are available. Nevertheless if you are looking for good and efficient printer this is one.

                            Please rate my review and leave comment possibly
                            Thank You


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                              25.08.2008 21:20
                              Very helpful


                              • Reliability


                              If you want a good very god player - buy one

                              With hundreds of different MP3 players on a market it is a really tough job to select the one for you. To find a player which will satisfy all your requirements.

                              Creative Muvo is very affordable, small, and comfortable to operate from pocket device. That's why I bought it about two years ago and till then did not think that it was bad idea or could find something better.

                              Features and Benefits of Creative Muvo Player:

                              - On this device's screen if you only want you can display lyrics. It is really easy to do. Simply find lyrics on website and use lyrics editor which comes in software. If you set the timing properly It will work great. After that select option on the player to play lyrics and that's it.

                              - It plays almost everything except of obviously - movie files. It is not MP4 player.

                              - LCD display with blue backlight is very clear and easy to read.

                              - It does have voice recorder which is reasonable good as for MP3 player. Recorded sound or voice is very clear and good quality. Once I lent my v100 to my mate. She had to spy on her father and so on. She left it in a huge room under the table. After checking record we were amazed as we could here noises from kitchen and other rooms. Altogether - is really good for this price.

                              - Reversible blue backlit LCD, suitable for left- or right-handed users make it even easier and gives option to adjust to user.

                              - The sound quality like for such a small device is seriously good and very deep. Creative Muvo has a 4 presets and a Bass Boost. My most favourite one it was rock + bass boost. All depends on you. All presets are very useful and bass boost sounds good.

                              - When favourite mode is enabled, only tracks in the favourite mode folder are played

                              - Measurements: 2.93" L x 1.44" W x .59" H

                              On this model you can store about 300 songs with average bit rate of 128kbs. It has a two - modules design - Battery module and player module. Thanks its simplicity can delivers up to 15 hours playtime on one AAA battery.

                              To connect it to computer all you have to do is detach it from battery module and stick it into USB port. Most of systems will automatically recognise device and then simply drag and Drop your most favourite music from PC to player.

                              After 2 years of use haven't had any troubles with it. Is very durable.
                              Updates and drivers are available from producer's website.

                              They come with creative earphones. They deliver good sound quality but not as well as device can provide. Best idea to buy in ear creative set for less then £10 and problem fixed. 5-band custom equaliser and 4 playback presets (Jazz, Rock, Pop, Classical) and a bass boost are strong point.
                              When you buy other earphones you will not want to replace this player for anything else, it's small and easily operative from pocket when cycling, jogging or doing other sports.

                              That time this player costed me £25 but I do believe you will find it even cheaper. As we all know technology is getting cheaper with time.
                              Right now available from kiklatek for £7.23 :) Isn't that great price??
                              If you like Ipod then stay with it if you don't this Creative device is best possible solution I think.

                              Can recommend it to everyone with short budget looking for a best possible choice.

                              Please rate an leave comment possibly.
                              Thank you


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                                20.08.2008 17:21
                                Very helpful


                                • Reliability


                                Affordabl good card. Get it if you need one.

                                This graphic card I bought to my brand new PC about 5-6 years ago and it is still sitting there. Straight away have to point how good and durable this card is. For all this years I haven't had any troubles with it, even haven't had to remove it from AGP socket, except of cooler routine cleaning.

                                I bought it because of high parameters and good specification when using graphic programs. Obviously I mean high parameters like for 2001 year. I have to mention that I was rendering images and scenes from 3ds max, editing pictures in Photoshop Corel and other similar software and Radeon was doing great job every single time. Have never failed me and probable because of this fact is still in my PC.
                                For general purpose use this 9550 is absolutely efficient enough and there is no need to buy other more expensive cards.

                                If you are still not sure if it is for you, let me explain you something. Other more and more expensive cards are built to comply with all sorts of Games or with highly demanding programming or graphical environment.

                                Producers are developing and creating better games with better graphics, more complicated and because of this two facts are requiring better hardware to move it all smoothly. That is how this business works.

                                I have it connected to my Pentium 4, 3 GHz with HT, 2 GB of RAM, 80 GB SATA disk and so on. Everything runs on WIN xp Professional.

                                It does have TV-Out which is an extra port to connect your telly to. Thanks very easy to use software you can clone or copy whets on the screen to TV. It is very helpful when got small monitor and big telly. Works the best on TV's with at least frequency of 100 MHz. Quality of picture or image will mostly depend from quality of your television - not card or PC. You should get in your box 1 meter cable and an adaptor to S-VHS.
                                Installation of card to AGP socket is as simply as easy. Remove card from packaging, remove PC cover, push in card to AGP socket, and twist screw a few times. Now you can connect cable from monitor and job almost done. Switch PC on and install software, configure everything according to your requirements and that's it
                                Radeon 9550 offers more then just blistering frame-rates and fluid graphics with realistic and dynamic lighting, it is also capable of DVD/HDTV decoding while keeping the CPU free to work in the background on other tasks.
                                It is available in Pixmania with starting price of £21.

                                Altogether I can recommend 9550 to people with short budget or this one who do not need high spec card. That's a one you can rely on and is quite cheap.

                                Please rate and possibly comment my review.
                                Thank you.


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                                • Event Horizon (DVD) / DVD / 126 Readings / 116 Ratings
                                  More +
                                  19.08.2008 17:48
                                  Very helpful



                                  Great movie for fans of science fiction

                                  I watched this movie first time in telly about 6-7 years ago and have to add that it was after midnight. There was something in this movie that I could not stop watching it. It is a science fiction horror movie and there was absolutely dark in my room. All I want to say by that, there are a number of moments when I jumped scared. Now I will briefly introduce to this story.


                                  Event Horizon is a secret project star ship. It Has BEEN equipped with experimental prototype of gravitons engine. Thanks that was able to create an artificial wormhole which bend time and space so travel from point to point lasted nothing (kind of inter-dimensional bridge). In 2040 sent to Neptune to get ready for its first jump to our nearest star system - Proxima Centauri. Everything is working great till Earth loose contact with Event Horizon.
                                  After 7 years - in 2047 Earth receives fainted signal from Event Horizon. They try to contact crew and investigate what happened, but unfortunately there is no answer. Rescue star ship has been sent to check what is going on and if crew is still alive. When they get to Event horizon a number of strange things start to happen. Rescue team experiences a number of extremely really hallucinations. When they find out what is happening they start theirs survival fighting with......  watch it yourself

                                  I saw a number of negative or average reviews on other websites, even on this but I have different opinion. Like for me it is a great movie full of terrific turns in action and quite good effects like for 1997. Story have done the biggest impression on my because of its possibility to happen in a real life.
                                  Interesting issue is that idea gravitons drive mentioned by me above is absolutely real. It is not impossible science fiction like in other movies of this kind. Here we have some invention which has been approved by biggest scientist and physics in the world (including Steven Hawking). The only problem - idea works but currently our level of technology is to poor to create such a materials or star ship strong enough to carry it.

                                  There is quite a lot of violence in this movie. Even thought it's not senseless violence - it is an interpretation of an evil end expression of hell.
                                  I did like the whole movie starting from soundtracks, quality, actors used in this movie, mysterious beginning and surprising end.
                                  I think there is nothing in Event Horizon I would change or complain about. It is simply great.

                                  I can recommend it to people with nerves from steel and all fans of science fiction. It is quite old movie but in my opinion is one of the greatest.

                                  Please rate my review and leave comment possibly.
                                  Thank you


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