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    • General / Discussion / 160 Readings / 155 Ratings
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      08.10.2010 14:49
      Very helpful



      Please read!

      How old are you?
      20 years old

      Colour of my eyes?
      I'm honestly not sure! Some people say green some people say grey. So between the two I imagine!

      How tall are you?
      Ha tall? Don't think so! I'm only about 5'4"

      Hair colour?
      Brown, although I have been blonde and red at times!

      Any brothers or sisters?
      Brother and sister, both older.

      Do you prefer cats or dogs?
      I think dogs tend to show more personality and are more loyal but I love cats aswell! I have two of both and couldn't choose between them!

      What job do you do?
      I'm a student in uni but currently on placement for a year, working 9-5 for no money in a lab!

      Do you like your job?
      Well I love it if only I was being paid!

      Favourite dessert?
      Oh man! Hard to choose! Banoffee pie or pavlova probably.

      Food that I loathe?
      Anything unbearable spicey. Not so keen on sweets either, yucky!

      Sweet or savoury?
      Always used to be sweet but as I get older I think I prefer savoury more.

      The last two films that you have watched?
      District 9....was ok
      The Bucket List....ok but made better with Freeman and Nicholson being in it!

      Song that I can't get out of my head?
      George Harrison- Got my mind set on you (the catchiest song ever)

      Favourite programme?
      Massive quiz show fan! So I would say Pointless at the moment. Other than that I love comedy, Peep show, The Fast Show, Monty Python....I could go on.

      Next holiday?
      Either SE Asia or India/Nepal. If only I could afford it!

      Favourite country?
      Peru- most amazing place I've been to at the moment.

      Favourite beach holiday?
      Hmm....I like the French beach holidays we had when I was young, can't recall where they were now though.

      Favourite hobby?
      Watching films, reading, making clothes and hanging out with friends.

      The last thing that made me laugh?
      My wonderfully funny stand-up comedian boyfriend.

      Favourite cocktail?
      Definitely a mojito. So nice and refreshing....if only I could have one now...


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      • What's In Your Bag? / Discussion / 82 Readings / 79 Ratings
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        08.10.2010 14:26
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        See review

        My bag is generally a bit of a Mary Poppins style fiasco, with anything and everything shoved in! It honestly amazes me how much I can fit into a regular handbag.

        **The essentials**
        These are things I literally never leave the house without and if I do, I HAVE to go back to get them!


        *Most often found in bag*
        Things that I nearly always have in my bag and are only somewhere else when I've taken them out and forgotten to return them.

        -Notepad--- Usually used for me to scribble things down that otherwise I'll forget, make notes or and write down ideas/things to do. I find it's always useful to have some paper on you, you never know when it'll come in handy.
        -Deoderant/bodyspray---Just in case I'm in a rush or need to freshen up somewhere, always useful to have.
        -Bottle of water---just to save me buying one out on the go!
        MP3 player---for boring days at work/uni and the gym.

        **occasionally featuring**
        -Aspirin---Just in case I've had a few bad days!
        -Spare socks---Keep meaning to upgrade these to regulars in the bag, you never know when your shoes will leak!
        -Make-up---Don't wear much of this but if I'm going out I'll be sure to pop some in to re-do it in case of rain or my annoying eye-rubbing habit causing smudges.

        **Needs to be evicted**
        Yeah like most people I have a ton of things in my bag that really shoudn't be there.
        -Old receipts
        -Food wrappers
        -Leaflets from people on the street

        Not the most exciting bag but somehow it does seem to get rather heavy.


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          11.09.2010 14:54
          Very helpful



          A great album

          **Who is Martin Simpson?**
          Born in England in 1953, Martin Simpson is known by many as one of the most skilled guitarists in the British/American folk scene. He has been playing music since he was a child and in the past eleven years has been nominated as Artist of the Year in BBC Radio 2 Folk awards 23 times!
          Simpson has produced seventeen solo albums since 1976 and numerous collaberations with people such as Wu Man and Jessica Radcliffe.

          **So what about this album?**
          Well "Prodigal Son" was released in 2007. It won the award for the best album in BBC Radio 2's Folk awards and Best Original Song award for "Never Any Good".
          This album contains 15 amazing songs written and performed by Simpson and it's fair to say that over thirty years since his debut album Simpson is still not disappointing the folk scene.

          A few songs are outlined below.

          The album kicks off with "Batchelors Hall" and wonderfully fresh sounding piece of guitar work opens this song and instantly feels like it would fit in at the end of an evening whilst chilling out. With wonderful heart felt lyrics about looking for his lover this is a lovely opening song on the album.

          The unusually named "Pretty Crowing Chicken" starts off with Simpson working his magic on the banjo. Although amazing I much prefer him on the guitar than the banjo so this wouldn't be my faourite song of the album. Also it's worth mentioning that this song is purely an instrumental, a nice addition to the album but not for me.

          "She Slips Away" is another instrumental and I much prefer this, it has an incredibly slow pace and I wouldn't consider it to be very tuneful but it definitely holds a lot of emotion.

          A lovely lyrical song that really uses the best of Simpson's voice is "A Love Letter" The vocals really compliment the music and this just flows beautifully.

          The final song on the album is "Kit's Turn/When a Knight Won His Spurs" this is a lovely way to finish the album, gentle peaceful music that will relax you and put you to sleep. It takes a while to kick into the lyrics but when it does it's worth the wait. A wonderful song to finish the album.

          **Do you recommend it?**
          Yes, if you like folk music especially instrumental folk music then this is a lovely choice. Available on Amazon for under £10 it's a good price too.


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            11.09.2010 14:29
            Very helpful



            Lovely with tea

            McVities have always been know to produce great quality and tasty products and this Jamaica Ginger Cake is no different!

            **What is it?**
            It's a sweet loaf cake made with ginger. Each packet suggests that it can be cut into ten slices. With each one containing only 93 calories.

            **What does it taste like?**
            It is lovely and sweet but the kick of ginger is still there. Also it is possibly the most moist cake I have ever had. A friend of mine likes to put a think slither of butter on it, however I prefer it without but of course the option is there for you. I wouldn't be scared off this cake if you find the taste of ginger a bit overwhelming. It is a taste that I think would be enjoyed by ginger fanatics (like myself) but also by people who prefer only a slight hint.

            **What else is good?**
            The packaging is easily opened and the end can be rolled up easily to keep the air out to allow the rest of the cake to remain fresh. I absolutely adore the smell, lovely and gingery...just mouth wateringly good!

            **Any bad things?**
            Well of course it is a cake, so naturally it's to be eaten in moderation. I sometimes find it hard to divide it up and so end up with less than ten slices obviously with each of them weighing slightly more on the calorie scale. I would prefer it if it came pre-sliced but then it may not retain it's freshness. Also when slicing the loaf seems to squash down a bit leaving you ith slightly deformed looking slices.

            **Would you recommend it?**
            Yes, this cake is lovely. Perfect with a cup of tea. It's a little sticky but that just adds to the fun cake eating experience. It's widely available in supermarkets and at beteen 75p-£1.00 it's also very good value for money.


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              06.09.2010 16:45
              Very helpful



              A funky album

              **Who are The Magnetic Fields**
              The Magnetic Fields is fronted by Stephin Merritt and contains three other members, Claudia Gonson, Sam Davol and John Woo. They are based in Boston, MA and have active since 1989. Their music is difficult to catagorise and has been called "synthpop", "indiepop", "noisepop" and "folkpop". Merritt who writes the lyrics to the songs and is known for singing about love, albeit in a bitter and ironic way but also with a touch of humour.

              **So what's on this album?**
              Realism has just been released and is the third album in The Magnetic Fields collection of "non-synth" albums the first two being "i" (2004) and "Distortion" (2008) but it is their ninth album overall.
              Realism contains thirteen new songs from the band.
              Usually I would go through each song describing it's features but I have found it too hard to do for this album. For people unfamiliar with Merritt's previous works - the songs are just weird but in a fantastic way. Humourous but without sounding like spoof songs.
              For people familiar with Merritt - he's just as sarcastic and witty as ever.

              The first song "you must be out of your mind" has an annoying tendency to get stuck in my head for hours on end. With it's mixture of stinged instruments and catchy chorus.
              Other songs include "everything is one big Christmas tree" which sounds like a Christmas carol....but listening to the lyrics it is sarcastic and highights the crappy but true parts of Christmas.
              "Seduced and abandoned" is about Merritt imagining he was pregnant...yes it is that peculiar...behind the light hearted humour there are fantastic lyrics. I love this song.

              There is nobody you can directly compare The Magnetic Fields to, listening to them is a unique experience.
              I would say if you like the sound of The Smiths, Divine Comedy or Belle and Sebastian then The Magnetic Fields are worth a listen.

              If you are completely new to them then this is not the best album to give them a chance....try "69 Love Songs" instead, most Magnetic Fields fans consider this to be their finest works and I must say I do prefer it to this album.
              Realism is available on Amazon for less that £10, not exactly a bargain but not overpriced in my opinion.
              This album is a little bit funny, a lot quirky and even more enjoyable.


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                06.09.2010 14:50
                Very helpful



                A wonderful game for all

                **What is Scrabble?**
                Scrabble is, in the most basic terms, a word game. You have a board divided into squares (15x15), 100 lettered tiles and from 2-4 players.
                The aim of the game is to score the most points by playing words.
                Scores are made by playing words. Each lettered tile has a number on it, this number corresponds to the amount of points given if this letter is played. The amount of points that a letter is worth is based on how common the letter is. For example "e" is an extremely common letter in words and so is only worth 1 point, wheras "q" is a less commonly used letter and so will score a whopping 10 points when played in a word.
                To make the game more interesting the board has squares which will allow a player to double their points if the word crosses them. These squares include double or triple letter score and double or triple word score. Put a word on these and you're looking at high points!
                Each player has 7 tiles and takes it in turns to play a word, all words must be interconnecting.

                **History of Scrabble**
                Created by Alfred Mosher Butts in 1938 and was originally called "criss-crosswords". In 1948 the game was bought by James Brunot and the name changed to Scrabble. It was later bought by JW Spears which is now part of Hasbro.
                Scrabble is a worldwide phenomenom, it is sold in 121 different countries in a wide variety of languages each with different letter frequencies based on the language.

                **Who can play it?**
                The beauty of Scrabble is that it can be played by anyone who can spell! Young or old. I have been playing for years and it is true the more you practice the better you get!

                **What are the positives?**
                Well it is an extremely enjoyable game, like I said it can be played by anyone.

                No two games are the same due to the sequence of letters picked by players and the vast selection of words that exist in the Engish language that can be played. In this way the game always stays fresh. This is a unique aspect for a board game. Many games get played a few times but once everybody has had a go they become predictable and boring.

                It really helps your vocabulary, I have learnt so many words through playing Scrabble, and it's a lot more fun than reading the dictionary.

                **Are there any disadvantages?**
                No, not that I can think of!

                **So where can I get it?**
                Well available in most toy stores, some supermarkets and of course the ultimate Amazon! It can cost around £40 a bit pricey you may say but from the amount of times you will play it, it's definitely worth it.


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                • Barry M Kohl Pencil / Make Up / 43 Readings / 43 Ratings
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                  01.09.2010 22:57
                  Very helpful



                  Brilliant eye liner

                  **What is Barry M?**
                  A brand of make-up, Barry M specialises in providing the most colourful make-up around. Barry M makes every kind of make up from eyeliner and lipstick to blusher and nail varnish. This brand is also renowned for being cheap! All the better in my books!

                  **So what about the eyeliner then?**

                  I decided to give Barry M a go because I wanted to try some bright, new and funky colours in my make-up. The Barry M section in the shop I was in looked fantastic, really appealing.
                  I have previously used Barry M eyeshadow - borrowed from a friend and was surprised when she told me how cheap it was because it was so good. With that in my mind I thought there would be no harm looking through the Barry M make-up stand, after all if it's cheap....
                  I bought the "bright emerald" and "hot pink" kohl pencils. At only £2.95 each they definitely weren't breaking the bank so Barry M would be the perfect choice if, like me, you want to experiment with new colours and techniques without splashing out the big bucks on expensive make-up you might not even like.

                  As I mentioned I chose the "bright emerald" and "hot pink" pencils. Although it did take me a while to choose after all there is a HUGE selection of colours, twenty to choose from.

                  EASE OF APPLICATION
                  These eyeliners, like most kohl pencils, glide on skin amazingly. The colour comes out really well so you don't need to press too hard on your eyelid. They feel soft and almost crayon like. They also are quite easy to blend and smudge together....so perfect if you want smokey eyes.

                  Well I haven't been doing any blubbing since wearing them but, living in the UK, they have been tested by our fantastic weather system. I have concluded that they are in fact waterproof, fantastic! Well fantastic until you want to try and remove it! You will need eye make up remover to take off this eyeliner. Normal face wipes don't work too well here.

                  I don't have particularly sensitive skin but these eyeliners didn't irritate my eyes at all.

                  **Do you recommend it?**
                  Yes, definitely. I cannot fault these products in the slightest and I will definitely be buying them again in the future. Why pay loads of money when these are just as good if not better? I can't wait to try some more of the Barry M range.

                  Most cosmetics shops and pharmacies stock Barry M products, alternatively products can be bought online from www.barrym.com


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                  01.09.2010 21:06
                  Very helpful



                  A fantastic album

                  If you haven't heard of The Mountain Goats you are missing out. They are a California indie and folk rock band who have been around since 1991. In my opinon they produce the finest lyrics I have ever heard, they are not just about music but about stories and poetry.
                  The main member of the band is John Darnielle, he regularly works with Peter Hughes on bass and Jon Wurster on drums.
                  Over the years The Mountain Goats have collaborated with numerous different people and acts which has helped to create the unique sound that they are known for.

                  This album was released in 2000 and is the ninth studio album released by The Mountain Goats. It amazes me that they have released a total of seventeen albums and each one sounds as fresh as the first.

                  The Coroner's Gambit consists of sixteen songs, most of which mainly focus on Darnielle working his magic on the acoustic guitar.

                  The first song of this album "Jaipur" starts with an old 1930's sounding record (a song by Bessie Smith I think), this sound doesn't last long and soon turns out into Darnielle's fantastic guitar work and singing about Jaipur in India. This song is intense but still holds itself well. Great lyrics here and heavy guitar work.

                  "Elijah" uses more string sounds, violin if I am not mistaken. Darnielle's voice is a lot more gentle in this song. It is softer and I feel that it has deep emotion within it.

                  The title song of this album starts off a lot faster than the others. Opening with the line "death came calling today" you would perhaps expect this song to be a lot more morbid than it is, but it is quite an upbeat song.

                  My favourite song of this album is "Horseradish Road" it has, in some ways, a Spanish feel to it. Darnielle's voice here is almost just speaking tunefully but it works so well, and I think this is a truely enjoyable song.

                  Of course there are other songs on the album, all of them are deep and thoughtful. All of them contain Darnielle's fantastically unique voice. I have never heard anyone sing like him before.

                  A lot of the songs of the album have an unusual sound not usually heard on an album. It sounds as if they are being played directly into the room. As if Darnielle was sitting in the corner on his guitar singing right to me. Definitely a more intimate a personal feel to this album.

                  I am definitely recommending this album to you. The Mountain Goats are really special. I am not sure whether this is their best album but I haven't come across any of their albums which is weak so this is as good a place as any if you want to break into the unique sound of Darnielle and The Mountain Goats.


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                  01.09.2010 19:01
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  Fifth abum from Belle and Sebastian

                  **Who are Belle ans Sebastian?**
                  Formed in 1996, Belle and Sebastian is an indie band with seven members based in Glasgow, Scotland. With Stuart Murdoch and Stevie Jackson providing the vocals. This band also incorporates different instruments such as guitar, keyboards, violin and trumpets into their songs.
                  They are often compared to people such as Nick Drake and bands like The Smiths. They have produced seven albums. Dear Catastrophe Waitress is their fifth.

                  **What is on this album?**
                  This album was realeased in 2003 and contains twelve songs. This album has a more pop-like feel to it, which may be down to the production skills of Trevor Horn. However their original folky sound can still be heard in some parts throughout the album.

                  I find some of the songs on this album a bit too pop/bubblegum sounding. A little over the top and lacking depth for example I am a Cuckoo sounds like it should be the music playing on some cheesey 70's TV show. A nice enough song but a little sickly. A similar thing can be said about If You Find Yourself Caught in Love.

                  I found that Piazza, New York Catcher was my favourite song on this album as it retains a lot of the older sound of Belle and Sebastian at the same time as being fun and different.

                  Dear Catastrophe Waitress, the title song of the album is quite a pleasant song but is lacking something that I can't quite put my finger on. It sounds almost a little mismashed.

                  You Don't Send Me is a fantastic song as well. It uses a well thought out mixture of percusion and wind instruments and is quite catchy with easy to sing along to vocals.

                  I would really like the song Wrapped up in Books, if it were a little different. I really like the vocals on this track but I am not a fan of the tune behind it.

                  One thing that can be said about this album is that Murdoch has not stretched himself with regards to writing lyrics for the songs in this album. Although the songs are nice and pleasant enough to listen to, that's where it ends. There seems to be a complete lack of depth in these songs and I feel that this album is a sugar coated version of the work that Belle and Sebastian usually produce.

                  **Should I buy it?**
                  This is a different sort of production from Belle and Sebastian and I wouldn't recommend this album as an introduction to their work. It certainly isn't their finest. Although I will put it on again, I won't be overplaying this album.


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                    01.09.2010 11:23
                    Very helpful



                    Album by Arab Strap

                    **Who are The Arab Strap?**

                    The Arab Strap are a Scottish based indie band who were active from 1995 until 2006. Fronted by Aidan Moffat, the band contains three other members Malcolm Middleton, Jenny Reeve and Stacey Sievewright. Their songs can be considered to be a mixture of indie rock, folk and sadcore. Most of their songs are of slow tempo and tell tales of romantic unease, infidelity and paranoia.
                    **So what is this album like?**
                    This is the fourth of six albums produced by The Arab Strap, it was released in 2001 and contains ten songs each as dark and deep as the next.

                    The first song is Amor Veneris this is a lighter song to start the album, but it is light only in terms of the tune. The lyrics are emotional and tell of a fight and make up of a couple, although this does have to be deciphered!
                    Last Orders is a heavier song when it comes to instruments and has a more powerful feel to it, Moffat's voice is as harrowing as ever as he sings about the difficulties of a relationship summing up to "what is the point?"

                    All of the songs have a similar feel to them and flow together seamlessly. There is no other way to describe this album but depressing. It isn't filled with songs about how love is fantastic and happy, but more tales of things when they go wrong and how love can be emotionally draining.
                    Don't let this necessariy put you off this album but if you are the kind of person who immediately skips past sad songs on our ipod, give this one a miss. Likewise if you are prone to overanalysing songs and bursting into tears at any sad moment this is probably not for you.
                    I do think that even listening to the whole album in one go can be a bit much. Although I really appreciate Moffat's voice, his lyrics are well thought out and meaningful and the instruments compliment each other well creating an overall surreal sound, this is the kind of album that I won't find myself perusing time and time again.

                    As usual it's available on Amazon at a fairly heap price due to it being released in 2001.


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                    01.09.2010 11:19
                    Very helpful



                    A cool album by The Drums

                    **Who are The Drums?**
                    The Drums are from New York, and is comprised of four members; Pierce, Graham, Kessler and Hanwick. This band has been active since 2008 and produce indie pop music.

                    **What is this new album like?**
                    The summertime is in one word FUN!! It is perfectly named because it has a great selection of summery songs, the kind of tunes you would have playinig out of your car while you have a picnic at the beach.

                    The album has on it seven songs. The first song is called Let's Go Surfing, and is incredibly upbeat and catchy, fun to sing along to and great for dancing around the room.
                    Make You Mine is the second song on the album. It has a great clapping backbeat to it and has just the perfect rhythm for swinging your hips. I really like the tune to this one although it does get a bit repetitve and the vocals aren't my favourite here as they seem a little bit monotonous.

                    Don't Be a Jerk, Johnny starts of fantastically. So unbelievably catchy it's in my head while I write this. This song also has some female vocals in it, but I can't work out who they are. It compliments Pierce's vocals nicely.
                    Submarine is the fourth track on the album, a nice track but would be a lot nicer if it didn't have a peculiar whiney instrumental in the background.

                    Down By the Water is a calmer and slower song than the previous ones on this album. I really like this song and the lyrics are a lot more thoughtful than the other songs. This is probably my favourite song on the album.
                    Saddest Summer is the penultimate song on the album, don't be mistaken into thinking it's a sad song! It is incredibly fast, almost too fast, I can hardly make out the lyrics and it sounds like someone has pressed fast forward on the song!

                    The last song on the album is I Felt Stupid. A nice song to end the album, happy and another good song to jiggle about to.
                    **So should I buy this album?**
                    Well I like this album, as I said previously it's a perfect summer album. You can hear influences from bands such as The Beach Boys and Joy Division in their music. This band is not going to become my favourite but I do like them and will definitely be putting this feel good CD on from time to time.
                    Available from Amazon for about £4-5 it's not expensive and a nice little buy.


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                    31.08.2010 19:13
                    Very helpful



                    The fifth album from I am Kloot

                    **Who are I am Kloot?**
                    I am Kloot is a 3 man band from Manchest, UK. Made up of John Bramwell, Peter Jobson and Andy Hargreaves. Active since 1999 they have an indie or alternative rock feel to them. Sky at Night is their fifth album, but they remain relatively unknown within popular music although they do have a rather devoted fanbase.

                    **What is on this new album?**
                    This album contains ten songs nine of which are brand new and one "Proof" which is from their 2003 album so I'm not sure why this has been added in!

                    The album starts off with the almost upbeat Northern Skies, Bramwell's voice singing about loneliness with his lovely voice full of feeling. This is a really nice song and has a positive feeling to it. The instumentals in this song are really well placed and Jobson, as usual plays the guitar flawlessly.

                    After this first song, the rest are rather more harrowing with a sad, lonely tone running through them. The second song To The Brink, has Bramwell singing almost with the sound of desperation in his voice. I really feel like he is telling a story though these songs. More than just singing them for the sake of it.

                    My least favourite song on this album is Lately. This song just seems, for want of a better word, messy. Not as tuneful as the rest of them and Bramwell's lyrics and vocas in this just aren't up to his usual standards. Maybe I am just missing the point with this one.

                    I Still Do and Blind Side of the Moon, are fine examples of Bramwells fantastic lyrical genius. These songs have a gentle almost folky sound to them. Truely beautiful and gentle songs.

                    Then we come to Proof the seventh song of the album. This is a good song, I just don't understand why they felt the need to put it on this album as well as their previous one.

                    It's Just the Night uses some lovely piano throughout it which I feel really compliments Bramwells voice. Another sad sounding song here though.

                    The last two songs on the album are Radiation and Same Shoes are great songs I can't fault them. Again a nice mixture of vocals and instrumentals with seamless lyrics, and a nice jazzy feel to them.

                    **So should I buy it?**
                    You should definitely give I am Kloot a go, this is probably my favourite album of theirs however it has been under some criticism for not being up to Bramwell's usual standards. So I would definitely recommend this album. You can get it from Amazon for around £10 which is a bit ore expensive than some albums but it is brand new and I think it is worth it.


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                  • Peppermint Candy (DVD) / DVD / 25 Readings / 25 Ratings
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                    31.08.2010 17:02
                    Very helpful
                    1 Comment



                    Korean, dramatic film

                    **What is it about?**
                    Peppermint Cndy is told in reverse chronological order and begins with the suicide of Yong-ho. Throughout the film we learn more about the events in Yong-ho's life that have caused him to commit suicide including his failed marriage, unsucessful career and his traumatic time spent in the Korean army.

                    **Is it worth watching?**
                    Yes. This film is fantastically beautiful. It is incredibly thought provoking and allows us to experience the psychological workings of the suicidal mind. Although this film would not be an ideal choice if you want something light-hearted, it has an extremely heavy bearing storyline and contains strong violence.
                    It has won several awards at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and also won the Grand Bell award for best film in South Korea in 2000.

                    **So how about some more info**
                    This film is directed by acclaimed Korean director Lee Chang-Dong, it is his second film.
                    It is acted by Korean actors;
                    Sol Kyung-Gu plays Yong-ho and does it simply fantastically.
                    As it is an all Korean cast, the language is, naturally, in Korean but don't wory as the DVD comes with English subtitles.
                    It's available from Amazon for only £6.99 which is definitely money worth spending.
                    I would definitely recommend this film to my friends and is perfect if you like deep meaningful films and world cinema.

                    At 130 minutes long it is definitely a good way to spend an evening, long after the film is over you will still be thinking about it.


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                    • Blood Bank - Bon Iver / Music Album / 4 Readings / 2 Ratings
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                      31.08.2010 17:00
                      Very helpful



                      Bon Iver's latest masterpiece

                      The latest release from Bon Iver, released in 2009.

                      **Who are Bon Iver?**
                      Bon Iver are an indie band from America founded and fronted by Justin Vernon whose vocals can be heard in their songs, other members of the band are Sean Carey, Michael Noyce and Matthew McCaughan. Bon Iver started working together in 2006 and released their first album "For Emma, Forever Ago" in 2008 from which the most famous song is "Skinny Love".
                      Bon Iver sing folk type songs using a mixture of guitar, piano and vocals.
                      **So what about this new album?**
                      It's hard to say whether Blood Bank is an album. It contains just four songs;
                      1. Blood Bank
                      2. Beach Baby
                      3. Babys
                      4. Woods

                      Although each song is undoubtedly beautiful in it's own way. Vernon's voice in these songs is so gentle and almost haunting. These aren't songs that will get stuck in your head, as in they are not catchy, but they are definitely relaxing and for want of a better word-deep.
                      The best song, in my opinion, is Woods. It uses unusual vocals and it really is different to anything I have heard before. It almost has a techno feel to it whilst still being relaxing and soft. A hard experience to describe but take my word that it is definitely a song worth listening to.
                      I prefer this album, short as it is to the first album "For Emma, Forever Ago" I think that the songs on Blood Bank are much more enjoyable to listen to and more memorable.
                      I am not one for over analysing lyrics but they are fitting with the sounds of the songs in this case.
                      Unfortunately I do not think that this album nor any of the songs on it will receive the recognition that they deserve. A lot of work has gone into this pproduction and what Bon Iver has created is more a piece of art, a sensual experience that really has to be heard to be believed.

                      **How much is it?**
                      As it is shorter than your average album you also pay less. Amazon is selling it for around £4, and it is well wort it. Each song is a decent length approx 3-5 minutes each.


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                      31.08.2010 16:58
                      Very helpful



                      Ideal little present

                      **Who is Edward Monkton?**
                      Edward Monkton is a series of products developed by Giles Andreae. Edward Monkton products are hard to describe. They are poems and pictures which have been printed in books, posters, cups, greeting cards and much more. They are silly and cute and simple.

                      **What is Love about?**
                      Wow that sounds llike a deep question for a review! Well this book is a collection of poems and pictures all about love...ahhh.
                      I have decided to best explain Love I'll include a sample of one of the poems;
                      I will love you...
                      Till the oceans run dry
                      Till the sea meets the sky
                      Till the fish learn to fly
                      Through a giant meat pie

                      See what I said about it being silly!
                      The pictures are cute, simple drawings in black and white and red. I've found it hard to resist colouring in the pictures like the big kid I am!

                      **So is it worth buying?**
                      At £4.99 it is not going to break the bank and it is a cute little present idea to give to a partner or friend. Like a little stocking filler. Some of the poems are quite amusing and others are really quite sweet.
                      It is not that kind of book that is going to have you pondering the deep mechanisms of love and once you have read it once you might occasionally flck through it again. I quite like the idea of reading it and passing it on to someone you love and telling them to pass it on to someone they love once they have read it to.
                      Edward Monkton products pop up in the most unusual of shops so if you are interested in buying this book or having a look at the Edward Monkton collection (which contains many great gift ideas) I would suggest looking at their website or having a nosey on Amazon.


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