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    • Asda Bin 40L / Bin / 11 Readings / 10 Ratings
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      31.07.2012 18:26



      Would recommend to family and friends

      I brought this bin the other day as mine had broke and it does the job as a bin should. It comes in a grey/ silver colour and it sits well in the kitchen. It is made out of plastic and has an easy removable top to change your bin liners.

      If you are looking for a simple everyday bin then i would recommend this to you, this one is a great capacity at 40 litres and it came at a great price as i brought mine for around £8 and normally for that price it can feel and look abit cheap but in this case.

      The only thing i would say as a disadvantage for this bin that its easily scratched as i found out a day after purchasing, my little one went to put something in the bin but scratched the top of it very easily by accident.

      Overall good realiable everyday kitchen bin.


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