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      14.09.2015 01:45
      Very helpful


      • "Excellent Staff"
      • "Lovely food"


      • "A little pricey"
      • "Toilets "

      A Fantastic French Restaurant

      I visited Rustique restaurant last weekend as part of a large group for a birthday meal. I wouldn't really recommend it for a large group as the seating isn't ideal but for it would be a perfect location for a group of under 6 or a couple.

      The restaurant has a lovely atmosphere and warm, inviting decor. The staff are friendly and welcoming, the courses were served with the perfect time left between them and all of the groups meals were ready at the same time, hot and fresh. We did have to choose our selections from the menu before the day which I didn't like as sometimes you might fancy one thing when browsing the menu and another on the day but again, this is because of the large group and wouldn't be a problem with a smaller group.

      If going on a Saturday as we did, you have to get there before 7pm to get the set menu which was a little disappointing, on other nights the set menu is available until 10pm. Not only is the set menu cheaper at £14.95 for 2 courses or £16.95 for 3, but it also has more choice for fussy eaters. Some of the items on the A La Carte menu were, I would imagine, not for everyone (e.g snails or pork stuffed with black pudding.

      I ordered some mushrooms in a blue cheese and herb sauce served in a vol au vent as my starter, and a risotto with chicken for my main course. Both were beautiful and amazingly everyone in our group were impressed and cleaned their plates which is a rarity as there are some fuss pots.
      Other options included sea bass, steak, roast lamb or venison.

      The staff were helpful and friendly, they did their job well, had a chat at appropriate times and weren't intrusive at all. I was really impressed with the service and the entire experience.

      The only negative I found really was the toilet layout. It was down dome stairs and it was like one bathroom with a cubicle for men and a cubicle for women which they were getting confused by. This meant that the mirror and sink area was shared so there was little privacy.

      My selections were some of the cheapest on the menu, I did not have a dessert as both the starter and main course were very filling, I even had to share my starter as it was quite rich and filling yet delicious. For the 2 courses and 2 drinks it was around £30 which is a bit more than I'd usually pay but well worth it. Some of the others in the group spent twice this, so it isn't somewhere I'd visit regularly but is a very nice place for a treat. I think taking someone here on a date would go down well :)

      Highly recommended!


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    • Tuesdays With Morrie (DVD) / DVD / 4 Readings / 4 Ratings
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      31.07.2015 16:36
      Very helpful


      • "Humorous in parts"
      • "Makes you think"


      • "A bit cheesy"
      • Depressing

      Love, Life & Death

      Tuesday's With Morrie isn't a well known Hollywood blockbuster, more a cheesy film you'd find on a true movies channel.

      Morrie was a professor and Mitch a student of his. They got on well and promised to stay in touch after Mitch graduated.
      Mitch became a sports reporter and led a hectic life. He sees Morrie on TV, talking about wanting to teach his final lessons before he dies as he's been diagnosed with ALS.

      Mitch tells girlfriend how close they used to be and what a great guy he was and wished they'd stayed in touch. Janine reminds him that Morrie's still alive and it's not too late.
      Mitch visits Morrie and they catch up and chat like old times. Mitch promises he'll try to visit again and their meetings become weekly, every Tuesday.

      Mitch doesn't like talking about his feelings and emotions, he is uncomfortable when Morrie discusses death. Morrie tries to get Mitch to realise he should take more time to appreciate the good things in life and spend time with the people he loves because life is short. Mitch takes little notice,even when Janine dumps him he doesn't see that his job's been his life and everything else comes second.
      As Morrie's illness progresses, Mitch starts to spend more time with him. Their relationship changes from teacher and student to father and son and Mitch takes on the role of carer, helping Morrie physically as he deteriorates to try and ease the pressure on Morrie's wife.

      Morrie's a fun character, who tries to see the positives in situations, he even arranges a mock funeral so he can take part in the wake as he doesn't want to wait until he's gone for people to start saying nice things about him.
      As his messages start to sink in, Mitch proposes to Janine and quits his job to concentrate more on enjoying life.

      I liked that when Morrie's condition deterorated, he didn't let his failing body stop him. As long as his mind's working there are lessons he can teach. The scenes towards the end are upsetting and show how awful the illness is.
      The acting is good, I find you can relate to the characters and the relationship between them is very believable.
      The film was better than expected, thought provoking, but it's not one to watch when you're feeling miserable as it's quite depressing.

      Some people would love this, others would hate it. I'm somewhere in between. I was made to watch it as part of a communications course otherwise it probably isn't one I would've picked. I'm a bit like Mitch in that I don't like talking or thinking about death and the whole film revolves around life and death.
      I am going to take on the message of the film and have decided that life is precious and time is too short to bother watching it again. From the start it is obvious how it is going to end, but it's not bad.


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    • gumtree.com / Internet Site / 8 Readings / 7 Ratings
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      26.06.2015 20:24
      Very helpful


      • "Kind people giving free items away"
      • "Good to advertise jobs "
      • Free


      • "Free to good home pets"
      • "Not monitored well enough"
      • "Time wasters "

      Negatives outweigh positives

      Gumtree is a classifieds website where you can find lots of items for sale, job advertisements and wanted ads.
      It is pretty easy to use, you can list a product for sale quite quickly and easily adding photographs and can choose to pay a small amount to "feature" your ad which will keep it near the top of the search result page.
      It is easy to search for a product by selecting the category or typing it's name and choosing an area.
      If you find an item you would like to buy you can email the seller (their email address will not be shown, but gumtree will forward your email to them) or phone them if they leave a phone number.
      It is between you and the buyer/seller to arrange payment and collection/delivery of the item. Unfortunately there are many time wasters who will either not turn up to meet you or will turn up and try to haggle down the price of the item so make sure that they are clear the price is non negotiable before meeting them.
      Unfortunately, Gumtree are one of many websites which allow people to advertise pets "Free to a good home" which is something I am strongly against allowing a stranger to take your pet free of charge is hugely irresponsible as there are so many bad people who scour these pages looking for innocent animals to use as bait.
      Another thing that annoys me is that so many spam adverts are posted, there are "man with a van" adverts in almost every category and Gumtree really should monitor the adverts before publishing them instead of letting the pages fill up with spam before later removing them. I have seen people trying to sell their ex-partners on Gumtree.....complete with photographs. The posts really should be monitored as sometimes the damage has already been done by the time the ad is removed.
      Gumtree also like to delete your advert and then email you to say it's in the wrong category (even when it isn't). It would be as easy for them to just move it to the right category but instead they delete it so you have to relist on the suggested category from scratch.
      Unlike selling sites such as Ebay, if you pay for a dodgy product on Gumtree you are completely responsible and have no comeback.
      I do not generally like gumtree because of the lack of monitoring and the animals adverts but occasionally it is quite useful. Some people will advertise jobs or services available, others are giving away items free to people who need them or to charitable organisations which is nice.
      Be careful when using Gumtree, you never know who you might be meeting to make a transaction so make sure you are safe and don't advertise free to good home animals! Contact a rescue for advice & assistance instead


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      16.11.2014 14:53
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "Interesting throughout"
      • Unpredictable


      • "Silly main character"
      • "Weak sub plots"

      Dating turns deadly

      A couple of friends, Erin and Darcy, are helping a friend who is doing an article on personal dating ads by answering some of the ads and going on dates with some of the men who placed them.
      It's not long before things turn sinister though and Erin is murdered. The murder case is similar to one committed 15 years ago and the police believe they have a copycat killer on their hands.
      Unexpectedly, evidence from the original murder many years ago is posted to the victim's family and they now suspect it is the same killer and not a copycat. The shoes of women who have gone missing in the years in between start getting sent to the families and they now realise they have a serial killer.
      One thing all of the victims have in common is that they were all going on dates with men met from personal ads in the days and weeks leading up to their deaths
      As the police search through the ads and try to find out who has placed them, whether or not they are using false name and also interview people Erin has met personally and through work the suspect list is growing and growing and her friend Darcy decides to do a bit of detective work of her own.
      Darcy searches Erin's flat, her answerphone messages and her diary for clues as to which men from the ads she had met up with and decides that she will try and contact them to arrange dates with them herself to try and figure out which one is the murderer.
      This part is a bit annoying as it's obviously a really stupid and dangerous thing she is doing putting herself in a situation where she will be going on a date with a potential killer who is targetting his dates and although people tell her it's not a good idea, nobody seems very persistent or pushy about trying to stop her.

      Darcy meets a few people that had been in contact with Erin and quite a few of them have reason to be suspects. There are a good few characters you suspect but it isn't predictable and the killer isn't obvious until the end.
      Will the police find out who it is or will Darcy figure it out for herself? Will they manage to get their man before he claims any more lives?
      This was a really good book, easy to read, just the right length and unpredictable. It keeps you gripped to the end and I really enjoyed it. Other than a couple of weak sub plots and of course the stupidity of the main character it is very good overall and I would definitely recommend it.


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        03.11.2014 02:36
        Very helpful


        • "not too long and dragged out"
        • "some interesting characters"


        • .

        good book

        I hadn't heard of this book or author until a friend gave me a book containing 4 stories including this one.
        Based in 1939 when the war had just been announced I wasn't too sure I would enjoy it but I did.

        The book follows a group of passengers on a flight from the UK to America. In those days only the very wealthy could afford to go on the plane but thrres an interesting mix of people each with their own reasons and stories about leaving the UK.
        There are not many passengers so it is fairly easy to keep track of each of their stories.
        With a robber, a woman and her lover fleeing to start a new life, the same woman's husband trying to follow her to persuade her to come home, a businesswoman and her feuding brother and a hostage situation going on elsewhere it is quite an eventful flight.
        There's romance, violence, secrets, lies and action in the book so there is plenty to keep you entertained.
        The book is quite short at 164 pages considering all of the characters and stories involved, but I quite like this as I think there's no need to drag it out and get the whole life story of each character, there is enough detail included to get a good picture of the people without unnecessary waffle!

        While this wasn't the best book I've ever read, it was interesting and contained plenty of twists and turns. The time the book was set in makes the story even better and more believable. If a book like this was set in modern times none of the characters would've got past airport security!
        The ending was slightly disappointing to me as I would've liked to know what happened to the characters after the flight.
        I suppose that's a good thing that it left me wanting more! I would recommend this book to most people, though I do think women would like it more than men.
        I wouldn't read it again but it is a good!


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        06.10.2014 03:26
        Very helpful


        • "Widely available"
        • "My cat enjoys them"


        • "No real advantage over other treats"

        Yummy cat treats (apparently)

        From time to time I'll pick up some treats for my cat as they are handy to use to distract him when grooming and to add a little bit more fun to play time. I often hide them around the room when he's out of it and he loves coming in and sniffing them out.

        I don't always buy the same brand of treats and am yet to find one any he doesn't like so I just pick up any on offer or the first packet I see. They're all a similar price and I usually pick a packet up for around £1 which is how much this Felix goody bag set me back.

        Each packet contains a "world of Felix" token to cut out and collect. You can redeem these for rewards online but most of them you need to also add cash to the tokens which works out about the same cost as what it would cost you to buy the product. For 24 tokens you can redeem a charity donation, they give one can of Felix to Cats protection in exchange for 24 tokens. Seems a lot of hassle for little reward to me but I'll stash the tokens just in case for Cats Pro.

        This packet is 60g which is slightly smaller than some of the other brands but there are still plenty of small bite sized biscuit treats inside. The original packet contains chicken, liver and beef flavoured treats, each in different shapes and colours.

        The daily feeding guide on the packet states to feed an adult cat up to 15g (40 pieces) a day and to adjust their regular food accordingly but I don't use anywhere near this many. I don't give them to him every single day, only every 2 or 3 days and I use maybe 10-15 pieces each time. I don't feel the need to adjust his diet for such a small amount.
        They contain vitamins, proteins and omega 6 which is good as they contain something good for him as well as being enjoyable.

        He does enjoy this treat, can sniff them out straight away, gobbles them up quickly and is always looking for more. He comes running at the sound of a packet rustling and gets very excited.

        As he is like this with every other treat I have bought, I don't really see that these have an advantage over any other brand of treat but I will most probably buy them again.

        There is nothing on the packet to state that they are for cats over a certain age, plus they are nice and small so I would think these are suitable for cats and kittens of all ages!


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        05.10.2014 03:16
        Very helpful
        1 Comment


        • "Give a happy life to an animal in need"
        • "Fantastic family pets"


        • "Lots of exercise"
        • "Special Diets"

        Wonderful companions

        When we lost our mongrel many years ago I never wanted another dog again, it was so heartbreaking and I thought I couldn't love another dog as much as her or cope with losing another.
        One day my dad came home with a beautiful pure white greyhound, his friend had adopted her from a greyhound rescue but unfortunately the dog he already had was too boisterous for this timid new arrival. Rather than subject this 7 year old bitch to many more months in a shelter my dad offered to adopt her.

        I kept my distance for a while, not wanting to get attached, if this lasted a weekend it was a lot.
        This gorgeous girl was an ex racing dog who had broken her leg and been dumped and left for dead now her racing days were over. She had then spent a long long time in a rescue shelter waiting to be adopted, being overlooked as people favoured young puppies over an older, scared dog cowering in the corner.

        Considering what she had been through she was so trusting and had so much love to give. Before long she was sleeping in my room every night and was my best friend. The hair grew back on her bald back legs, she put a bit of weight on and she had a permanent smile on her face!

        She was excellent with children, well with everyone really! The only problems we faced was with her being an ex racer and having been trained to chase small furries she did used to get a bit excited and pull on the lead if she spotted a cat when out walking but she was easily controlled.

        Something to take into consideration when adopting a greyhound is that they will need a good diet and exercise, because of their slight frame they will not cope well with excess weight as they're not built for it.
        They do like a lot of exercise. We were lucky enough to live beside a dog park where we could leave her off the lead to run laps and she would be in her element. On days when we had more time we would walk her for miles and she was a wonderful companion.

        Unfortunately we lost our greyhound quite some time back, my heart was broken but she didn't suffer. still to this day I encourage people thinking of getting a dog to consider a rescue greyhound. They make amazing pets! I currently live in a rented flat and wouldn't consider getting a dog without having a garden but some day in the future I would definitely love to get another greyhound (or two).

        I'd definitely urge people to at least attend one of many open days the greyhound rescues have. There are many advantages of adopting an older rescue dog such as them already being neutered and not having to go through puppy training. They are wonderful animals who will provide you with years of happiness.


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          05.10.2014 02:17
          Very helpful
          1 Comment


          • "Some cats love them"
          • "Good price"
          • "Funky colours"
          • "Good for cats who don't like noisy toys"


          • "My cat wasn't too interested"

          These furry balls aren't to everyones taste

          These Trixie pom poms are available in pet shops and online from Zooplus costing £1.29 for 4.
          When they arrived I thought they were really cute, colourful and very soft and furry.

          Taking a couple out of the packet, I threw them to my cat Bobby and waited for the fun to start. And waited. And waited.
          The pom poms contain catnip, which is a herb which most cats go crazy for, a bit like a child after too many E numbers! It comes in different brands and strengths, some cats don't seem at all affected by catnip but eventually they will get a toy with a catnip that does affect them and you'll wonder what's come over them! Other cats can go crazy for all catnip before it's even out of the packet.
          Bobby is between the 2, he will go crackers but the novelty (or the nip) wears off some toys quicker than others.
          With these pom poms it wore off very fast if it started at all. He prodded the pom poms around the floor a little and rubbed his head on them to make sure they had his scent on them and then wandered off and left them.
          They weren't a total waste though, he does like trying to catch them if I throw them in the air but it gets boring for both of us pretty fast.

          My aunties cats however love these! They could chase them around for ages and have lots of fun!
          This is why I have to sit on the fence a bit and give these an average 3/5. I think it depends on each cat how much they will like them. They do look cute and one of the ferals who comes for tea likes to bash one around, they're good for her as Bob's favourite balls will bells in really frighten her.
          I think for the price they are worth adding to your basket and giving them a try


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          • Kong Kitten Kickeroo / Cat Accessory / 4 Readings / 3 Ratings
            More +
            05.10.2014 00:50
            Very helpful
            1 Comment


            • "Cats do enjoy them"


            • "Large cats could do with a bigger one"

            Excellent toy for small kittens

            My cat is spoilt rotten by my relatives who are often sending him little presents in the post. One of which was a large kickeroo which he absolutely adores and another was a smaller kitten kickeroo.
            They are available in large pet shops and online for around £3-4.
            The kitten kickeroo comes in a few colours, Bobby has a purple one. They are basically a rectangle of fabric with a little tail at one end and they are filled with catnip and stuffing. Catnip affects some cats more than others and is a natural minty herb that has the ability to send your already mad kitten even more crazy.

            The main reason I wanted the kickeroo was as Bobby, like most kittens, loved to bite, kick and scratch everything....preferably my limbs.

            As soon as the kickeroo was out of the packaging he tore off with it rolling around on the floor biting it, kicking it, licking the tail and going a bit loopy. He would do this for around 10 minutes, forget about it and then pick it up and start again a while later.
            The great thing about these toys is that they can play away with them on their own, they instinctively grab and start kicking away and the pet owner doesn't need to supervise or interact as they would with a toy on a string or a wand. They're perfectly safe to leave lying around while you're out and your pet can play away until their heart's content.

            I've had both the kitten and adult Kong Kickeroo toys for well over a year now and they are still used from time to time, are still in great shape and still enjoyed!

            Though Bobby seems to really like the kitten kickeroo as it makes a rustling paper sort of noise, he is now a large cat and it is far too small for him to grab hold of and give it a good kick, unlike the normal Kickeroo which is still suitable for him. It doesn't stop him trying though but that is the only negative with this toy....it will probably need replacing with a larger one at a later date.
            This isn't something I minded though as they are not too expensive and are definitely well used!

            It depends on the size and age of the cat you have whether I would recommend this, if you are getting a very small kitten under around 4 months old I would definitely recommend this, otherwise I would say go for the larger Kickeroo which comes in lots of funky colours and designs. Either way I think every cat should have one or the other. It's very entertaining to watch them fighting with an inanimate object so vigorously and gives the human a break :)


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            • Your Cat / Magazine / Newspaper / 7 Readings / 6 Ratings
              More +
              11.08.2014 16:40
              Very helpful


              • "Helpful content"
              • "Lots of photos"
              • Fun


              • "A little pricey"
              • "only monthly"

              A fun magazine for cat lovers

              This doesn't seem to be a magazine that is widely stocked, so you're not likely to find it in a small local newsagent, but you should be able to find or order a copy from larger retailers such as WHSmith.
              The magazine costs £3.35 which is a little expensive as it's not that big, but it is monthly and a yearly subscription costs £25 so you can save a bit if you're planning on getting it regularly.

              Advertising - With most magazines I find advertising annoying, but the adverts in this are relevant and informative. For example advertising people who can "cat proof" your garden or build an outdoor, cat food, toys and equipment which you may be interested in.
              Features - A range of articles on a specific breed or a cat related project. These are well written with a good balance of opinion and factual information so it makes interesting reading rather than reading like a textbook.
              I have a May issue open at the moment as it has a guide to grooming at home including tips and photographs which is something I could really use help with.

              In that issue there's also a helpful guide to picking which breed is for you. I think it's really good as many people opt for the first cute kitten they see and don't realise how breeds can differ in personality. It suggests breeds that would be good for elderly people, those living in flats, cats that don't crave attention and may be suited to people who aren't in the house all day and good family pets.
              There is also a list of breeders which is handy as there are so many around the few listed here you would hope to be reputable and trustworthy.

              They feature rescue and adoption stories and advertise fundraising events and cat shows so it could be handy if you wanted to see what's going on near you.

              Letters & Photos - There are plenty of readers letters and photographs filling the pages, I love to look at these as you see cats of different ages, breeds and get to read some funny stories of what they've been getting up to. They also offer a small prize to readers sharing their own photos and stories.

              Other stuff - There are fictional and real life cat stories, a "catwalk" page showing cat themed clothing and accessories, write ups on cat books, a crossword, competitions and much more!

              I enjoyed reading this magazine, it has a really good balance of photos and written content. I think most cat lovers would find it a good read.
              The competition prizes are a bit naff but that's probably because there's plenty of giveaways to readers for submitting their own pics and stories.
              It's not a magazine I would be rushing out to buy or ordering each month but if I spotted it on the shelf I'd probably pick up a copy to get my kitty fix for the day.


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            • Abandoned (DVD) / DVD / 7 Readings / 7 Ratings
              More +
              02.08.2014 03:16
              Very helpful


              • "Doesn't drag on"
              • "Some good twists and turns"


              • "Not one everyone will like"
              • "Don't get to know characters well"

              Something to watch when there's not much on!

              Mary (Brittany Murphy) and her boyfriend Kevin (Dean Cain) are on their way to the hospital when the film begins. Kevin is having an operation on his leg and Brittany is going to wait to be a the hospital when he comes out of surgery.
              A nurse comes into the room and tells Mary to return in an hour when the surgery should be over.

              Mary goes to the canteen, makes a few phone call, chats to an old man and then waits in the reception area to be called to visit Kevin. After hours of waiting Mary goes to the desk to see if everything was okay and the receptionist has no record of anyone by Kevin's name in the hospital.
              The doctor who was scheduled to perform the operation is not even at work that day and nobody has seen Kevin.

              Mary returns to the room where she left Kevin to find it empty, the nurses on the ward also have no record of him and have never heard of the nurse Amanda who she left him with. The hospital is relocating so most of it is empty and still nobody can find him.

              Security and hospital management are called as Mary is annoying the staff going around the wards searching for her boyfriend.
              The staff have little sympathy, thinking he has either left her or doesn't exist in the first place.
              When some anti depressants fall out of Marys handbag they all think she is having some kind of breakdown and they call the psychiatrist.

              Will Mary find her boyfriend? Has something bad happened to him? Did he even exist at all? Is she actually crazy?
              I wont spoil the end for you!

              I found the film quite enjoyable, I thought there were enough twists and turns and action to keep it interesting throughout.
              There are a few things I didn't like about it. As the viewer had only seen the couple on the way to the hospital you don't feel like you have got to know the characters or relationship at all.
              Mary phones her best friend who has never met Kevin, to tell her he's disappeared and something strange is going on but the friend doesn't even think to go to the hospital to make sure her friend is ok.
              I think these two things which I didn't like were done for a reason, to add to Mary's loneliness and make the viewer think that perhaps she is actually crazy but it's obvious she's not so it was a bit pointless.

              My boyfriend really didn't like this film. HE said "it's for girls" I think he was expecting a bit more action and violence so was disappointed.
              I wouldn't watch this again (I wouldn't watch most films a second time) but it was worth a watch and at only 88 minutes long didn't drag on too much.


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            • More +
              25.07.2014 16:30
              Very helpful


              • "They seem to love the taste"
              • "Eases the discomfort of hairballs"


              • Expense

              Say balls to furballs!

              Hairballs or Furballs are horrible little lumps of hair which build up in a cats stomach over time due to them ingesting lots of fur when grooming themselves.
              Now and again a furball will be coughed or vomitted up causing discomfort for the cat.

              My cat is just over a year old and in that year has only had one small hairball, though in the past few months since it has been getting warmer and he's moulting a lot more and fairly often he will be quite miserable. He will sulk off on his own looking fed up, may be a little off his food, drinking lots of water, runny eyes and smelly breath. All of which lead me to believe he's about to have a furball. Each time he's like this it will last a couple of days and then eventually he will vomit and struggle a lot with it. Often it is just bile with a bit of fur in it but I had a feeling there was a lot of fur waiting to come up.

              Royal Canin food can be found in lots of vets and pet shops and is highly recommended as a high quality food...which comes at a higher price than other brands!
              My cat is lucky that my family love to spoil him and a recent Zooplus box arrived containing plenty cat litter and a big 10kg bag of this food.

              Not wanting to leave anyone out, I gave Bobby and the 2 feral visitors a dinner of the Royal Canin Intense Hairball. They all wolfed it down and were looking for more. Even the fussiest of them, one of the ferals, didn't bother to sniff it suspiciously and gobbled it up.

              It states that it's effectiveness is proven within 21 days. About a week after starting to feed this, Bobby had a little furball which came up fairly easily and without as much discomfort as usual. The following week another small one and a couple of weeks later a larger one. Since then he seems to be passing a lot of fur out of the other end so it must be working! I don't think you can ever completely eliminate furballs, but reducing the number, size and discomfort of them is a big help.

              The only negative with this food is the cost. At around £45 for 10kg it is twice the price of the likes of GoCat dry food and much more expensive than value brands.
              A 10kg bag does last a long time so I think it works out that the food only costs around £2 a week per cat so it's not too bad. If you want to try it but can't afford the large bags which prove best value for money, smaller packets are available and you could always alternate between this and a cheaper variety and add wet food to the diet which would reduce the amount of this food needed.
              I will be buying it again!


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            • More +
              24.07.2014 17:54
              Very helpful


              • "Absorbs scent well"
              • "Easy to clean the tray"
              • Flushes
              • Natural


              • "More expensive than many brands"

              A wee review about cat litter.

              Cat litter is something I didn't have any intention of spending a lot of money on. I tried supermarket and discount litters, some better than others, until this was recommended to me.
              A bit more research and it seemed every pet product website, breeders, pet forums and anyone who had used it had never gone back to another so I decided to try it.

              The amount of litter you go through depends on how many cats you have, how big your litter tray is and whether your cats solely use the litter tray or also go to the loo outdoors.

              Bob's larger tray is a hooded tray which takes quite a lot of litter. The smaller one doesn't take much at all. Generally I completely empty the trays when the bins are due to go out every fortnight, and scoop out the dirty clumps and top up daily. Obviously if it needs doing more or less often I will do that.
              I live in a flat and the refuse collection isn't great, nor is the wheely bin storage, so I love the fact that the dirty clumps scooped out of the tray can be flushed down the toilet. I was a little sceptical about how well it would flush, especially as the water pressure isn't great here but it flushed really easily. They advise you not to empty a whole tray of litter down the toilet, just a small clump at a time.

              I found it clumps much better than other litters, when they have used the tray any wet patches stay in one area and are easy to remove without soaking into the rest of the litter, resulting in having to throw a lot away each time the tray is used.
              I also find it absorbs smells really well and because it clumps so well, none of the remaining litter in the tray absorbs the smell at all.
              The litter is natural and made from plant fibres, and is gentle on the paws. Unlike some which can be like stones and I'd imagine not very nice to stand on!

              I don't find any negatives with this. I have read that some people find a bit of tracking from it but I personally have had no issues with this.
              The Cat's Best litter is a bit more expensive than other litters, but to me it's better value for money as it lasts much longer, at £21 a 40 Litre bag would last months.

              The best deal I can find at the moment is Zooplus - 3 x 5 Litres (15 litres) for £6.98 + 5% off for subscribing the the newsletter and free delivery over £29.
              I can't really fault this litter. I would not go back to another litter.
              I would definitely recommend anyone with cats to fork out a few pounds to get a small bag and give it a try.


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              23.06.2014 23:35
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              • "online backup"
              • "5 year warranty"
              • "ease of use"
              • lightweight
              • Small


              • "No cover for USB end "

              A handy little device

              Recently my USB flash drive started deleting contents stored on it so I needed to replace it ASAP! I actually got this one free by converting some.of my reward points on the maximiles website. Normally this costs around a fiver. The first thing I noticed when this arrived was its compact size and lightweight. Both good points but I did wonder about losing it easily. The USB stick has a little hole though, to enable you to attach it to a keychain if you wish. There is no cover to protect this USB stick so I didn''t want to attach it to my bunch of keys and risk it getting damaged but I choose to hang it in the house instead. It is red and black and very small and discreet. Not that it''s a fashion accessory, but if it were it would be suitable for male and females of all ages on looks. 8 GB which according to Amazon holds: 450 photos + 20 mins of video + 500 songs. This size suits my needs fine at the moment. You can also get smaller and larger flash (from 2GB up to 32GB) drives by Sandisk. If you''re not sure if it will be big enough I''d always recommend getting a larger option. After all it''s better to have too much memory and space for more content than running out and needing to buy another anyway. As an added bonus you also get 2GB of online backup space to back up any important files in case you should lose it. You can also password protect some or all files if there are any files you don''t want others to see such as confidential files in case it is lost or stolen. How to use These flash drives are super easy to use, simply plugging into your device without the need for any installation. You will get a pop up screen which asks you to add a password. I mainly use it on my laptop where I will find the folder for it in the "my computer" menu then just drag and drop files from various folders into this one to transfer. It is fast, easy and once I know it''s transferred I can delete files from my laptop. The flashdrive comes with a 5 year warranty which is good. The only thing I would recommend is making sure you safely remove it from your device. It doesn''t take long to do and just pulling these devices out can cause corruption (I suspect that''s the.problem with my old flashdrive. Once your files are on your flashdrive you can plug it in to any device with a USB. I''ve used mine in the XBox to listen to music, saved files from an old desktop to the drive to view on a laptop and plugged it into photo machines to print hard copies of some favourite snaps. I''d definitely recommend this flash drive, it''s good value, easy to use and small and lightweight!


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                27.05.2014 02:24
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                • "Some good actors and stories"


                • "Some characters are annoying"
                • "A bit unrealistic"

                A drama based on a school with problem kids!

                Waterloo Road''s a school with lots of interesting characters. The majority of scenes are filmed in the school but occasionally you might find the staff gossiping in the pub or have scenes in the teachers.or.pupils homes.

                The first episodes focus a lot on loves young dream Chlo and Donte, the teens are head over heels and decide to marry. Almost immediately after the wedding things start going belly up.
                Donte wants to do the right thing and sort out a home for him and his new wife. While he''s putting all this effort in, Chlo seems to have forgotten she just got married and has a bit.of a wandering eye (amongst other things).
                Not only is she betraying Donte, but also someone else close to her. She seems to have forgotten that nothing stays a secret for long at Waterloo Road and it isn''t long before the cat''s out of the bag!
                Chlo is not the only one with a secret, her stepdad Tom has a Secret romance which he is trying to hide from Chlo and her sister Mika as he doesn''t know how to tell them as he thinks they''ll be upset that he''s moved on after the death of their mother but of course it comes out in the worst way possible!

                Away from affairs, teen pregnancies and marriage, the school are preparing for a musical production, once the arguing over parts is over the whole production is totally cheesy and not something I findinteresting.
                The school has a lot of troubled teenagers with issues, a trip to a prison arranged by the principle to try and deter the students from getting into trouble is an amusing episode.

                There''s also the more serious issues of bullying, a boy with an embarrassing medical condition, paedophilia and a teacher struggling to admit his sexuality to his mother all in this series.
                The season ends with a shocking revelation about the headteacher (shocking to the staff and students but not to the viewer who''s known a while by this stage and is waiting impatiently for it to come out).
                There is an explosive disaster in the school in the final episode and a cliffhanger ending wondering who has made it out.
                I like Waterloo Road but it isn''t among my favourite programmes, its something I''ve got into the habit of watching when there''s nothing on.
                Some of the storylines and episodes are entertaining but parts are irritatingly unrealistic. The students get away with everything! Apart from being sent to "the cooler" a room they sit in to calm down before getting a telling off from the teachers, they rarely get more severe punishment.
                The staff are also a bit unrealistic, unprofessional and some don''t have a clue what they are doing. The rest are just sleeping with each other. It''s also one of those programmes where you will recognise a lot ofactors from other programmes!
                It''s not a bad series and I''ve continued to watch it into the 4th season.


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