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    • Hotel Rwanda (DVD) / DVD / 58 Readings / 57 Ratings
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      24.11.2010 04:16
      Very helpful
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      watch this film and get inspired...

      When looking for an interesting movies to watch, what first captures my interest is the awards or recognition or nominations of the film. That's for sure I will not make mistake buying or renting the movie.
      Hotel Rwanda is an award-winning movie based on the life story of how hotelier Paul Rusesabagina help save lives of thousands during the genocide in Rwanda in 1994.

      Paul Rusesabagina works as a hotel manager at Hôtel des Mille Collines in the capital city of Rwanda. This was the time when there are political crisis arising in this country and the worst, this leads to the mass killing of thousands of Tutsi (minority native people in Rwanda) by the Hutu militia (the majority group). Tensions started to arise between these groups. Even the UN troops are unable to intervene on the crisis until such time that they just have to leave and left behind the people of Rwanda. That time, the only safe refuge for Paul's family and other Rwandan refugees is the hotel. In the film you will see how Paul manage and act consistently despite the pressures he has to deal. Having good heart and concern about his people, Paul will sacrifice and do anything to survive this tragic, violent event.

      The story was based on the real events. The event in story itself is definitely not good but how the story was told in this film is for me, well presented, and well directed. The message of the story was laid out very clear as I watch the movie.

      Don Cheadle (who played as Paul) did an excellent acting on this film. I like the his gestures, his tone of voice, his appearance because I really see in his character, the good heart of Paul that is sincere, consistent, and true.

      Sophie Okonedo who played Tatiana(Paul's wife) is also exceptional with her performance. She really deserves the nomination as best actress.

      Significant Casts:

      * Don Cheadle as Paul Rusesabagina
      * Sophie Okonedo as Tatiana Rusesabagina
      * Nick Nolte as Colonel Oliver
      * Fana Mokoena as General Austin Bizimungu
      * Cara Seymohur as Madame Pat Archer
      * Joaquin Phoenix as Jack Daglish
      * Hakeem Kae-Kazim as George Rutaganda

      My Opinion:

      Hotel Rwanda is certainly one of the best inspiring historical drama film I've seen. I'm not aware of the genocide in Rwanda before seeing this movie of a bloody, brutal and ruthless event happens just a decade ago. The killings in Rwanda is really a very uncivilized act and that only nomad cannibal will do such thing.
      For me, this film has created awareness in me to see the realities beyond my comfort zone. There are a lot of drastic events on the other side of the world that we may not be aware of but the brighter side is there are still unsung heroes out there... people that have a good heart despite of the conflict and difficulties...people who love life, and willing to act on whatever means they can to save a life, just like what Paul Rusesabagina did.


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        24.11.2010 03:41
        Very helpful
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        a collection you shouldn't miss

        I'm happy to have my copy of this album from Josh Groban which I bought from Amazon. The package contains a double CD showcasing his most unforgettable songs from his recent albums on Disc 1, and a bonus CD of his version of some famous Christmas songs such as Silent Night, Little Drummer Boy and other songs on Disc 2.

        I admire the amazing voice of Josh. It truly stands above all others. I started listening to his music when I see him on an MTV singing the song "Broken Vow". I did not think that a young man like Josh is the voice behind this song. Then I started following his music and love hearing them every time. His deeply inspiring powerful rare voice is really a striking melody for the soul, soothing to the ear and heart-warming music. I also have his "Josh Groban Live in Concert" video which is one of the PBS Great performances and I always love watching it every time.

        Josh Groban: A Collection contains 16 of his greatest hits from Closer, Awake, and Josh's self titled album. I like the orange-themed album design. The inlay cover contains credits of the songs and his finest photographs on each page. Lyrics were not included in the package but are available on his website, joshgroban.com.

        The Songs:

        Disc 1
        1. Oceano (from the album "Closer")
        2. February Song (from "Awake" album)
        3. You Are Loved (Don't Give Up) (from "Awake" album)
        4. You Raised Me Up (from "Closer" album)
        5. In Her Eyes (from "Awake" album)
        6. Awake (from "Awake" album)
        7. Alla Luce Del Sole (from "Josh Groban" album)
        8. To Where You Are (from "Josh Groban" album)
        9. Per Te (from "Closer" album)
        10. Remember When It Rained (from "Closer" album)
        11. Weeping (with Vust Mahlasela and Soweto Gospel Choir) (previously unreleased)
        12. Alejate (from "Josh Groban" album)
        13. Anthem (Live from Chess in Concert) (from forthcoming release "Chess in Concert")
        14. Hymne A L'amour (from "Closer" album)
        15. Smile (from "Awake" album)
        16. Cinema Paradiso (Se) (from "Josh Groban" album)

        Disc 2

        1. Silent Night
        2. Little Drummer Boy
        3. Ave Maria
        4. Panis Angelicus
        5. Petit Papa Noel
        6. Noche De Paz (Silent Night)

        Most of the music that I listen to are more on rock, alternative song mostly played by band. But after discovering the music of Josh Groban, I must say that I was captivated by his great voice. I don't have his entire album that's why I did pick this collection and no regret...I always love listening to this CD. Worth enough for £6.24 cost.


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          24.11.2010 03:11
          Very helpful



          must see

          Goal is a trilogy started on its first release in 2005 (Goal! The Dream Begins). Goal! 2: Living the Dream is the second part of the untold story of Santiago Munez, a gifted football superstar from Mexico. A story of courage, of struggles and of victory. Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, released in February 2007 in UK and August 2008 in the US.


          * Kuno Becker as Santiago Munez
          * Alessandro Nivola as Gavin Harris
          * Anna Friel as Roz Harmison
          * Stephen Dillane as Glen Foy

          Santiago Munez dreamt of becoming one of the biggest football superstar . From rags to riches, Santi has now finally living on his dream. Heading on to Real Spain, where he signs a swap deal, another chapter of his life is yet to be uncovered. Though he may have almost everything now,-the fame, the money, and most of all the girl of his life, his fiancé, Roz Harmison, his life's game is not yet over.

          I also watched the first sequel of this film and I find the story to be very inspirational. As a child, Santiago Munez was able to figure out what he wanted to do. Although the way to achieve his dream is never too easy, he did not stop dreaming. The character of Munez, though fictional of course, the situation may not be similar to the real world but the message, the lesson and the principle this story wanted to emphasize is clearly illustrated in this movie. I remember one word I learned from this movie. The word "passion". The strong desire and enthusiasm will be the best courage for living the dream.
          For me, this is one of the movies that I would love to watch it again...


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        • Acer X1160Z / Projector / 83 Readings / 79 Ratings
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          18.10.2010 04:36
          Very helpful


          • Reliability



          I specifically recommend and bought this multimedia projector for use in my church. I trust Acer because brand is affordable compared to the other leading brands. I like the glossy black appearance and stylish-compact design of Acer X1160Z.

          It's light weight, weighing around 2.3kg, so it's really easy to carry. Like in my church wherein we often go places to conduct outreach and services, this projector is really very useful, whether in presenting messages in slideshow or playing a video clip.

          The Features

          Acer X1160Z produces a truly satisfying sharp contrast, vivid image projection output because Acer Projector DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology developed by Texas Instruments. It has 2000 ANSI Lumens brightness and 2000:1 contrast ratio that projects a crystal clear images from a long distance on a large screen in SVGA (800 x 600) resolution. Also featured with Acer ePower , eView and eTimer management that can be fully adjust through its detachable remote control pad. This projector is completely plug and play. The setting resolution adjusts automatically with that of the computer. The power management feature called Acer EcoProjection technology cuts of as much as half the power consumption when on standby mode. The lamp life is 4000 hours. Other features includes Digital zoom and PIN security.

          What's in the box?

          The package contains the Power Cable,VGA Cable, Lens Cap, CD-ROM, Quick Start Guide and Security Guarantee Card and of course, the carrying case.

          Acer projector has 2 year carry-in warranty period with 90 days warranty on lamp.


          When looking for an affordable multimedia projector but in no cheap feature, I really recommend Acer X1160Z. Can be used whatever projection needs you may have, from business/office use or home theater/ gaming projector.

          For complete feature list, please check out global.acer.com/products/projector/x1160Z.

          Thanks for reading.


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          • The Grudge (DVD) / DVD / 76 Readings / 75 Ratings
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            13.10.2010 03:37
            Very helpful



            you should not be watching alone

            The Grudge is certainly one of the scariest movie I've seen. The story and the scary effects arouses the thrill. Adapted from Ju-on: The Grudge,the original Japanese version. Released in America on 2002, and become top grossing horror film.


            Sarah Michelle Gellar as Karen Davis, an exchange student volunteer to be a caregiver for Emma.
            William Mapother as Matthew Williams, the new house owner recently promoted and assigned in Japan
            Grace Zabriskie as Emma Williams, Matthew's mother suffering from impaired memory
            Bill Pullman as Peter Kirk, the secret lover of Kayako, a Professor in Tokyo.
            Ryo Ishibashi as Nakagawa, a detective who was investigating the murder case
            Yuya Ozeki as Toshio, the eight year-old son of Kayako and Takeo
            Takako Fuji as Kayako Saeki, the unhappy wife of Takeo, got attracted to Peter
            Takashi Matsuyama as Takeo Saeki, Kayako's jealous husband

            PLOT SUMMARY:

            The Grudge, as the title implies, was a narration of cursed, scary events buried somehow in the past just awaiting to be disturbed. The setting of the story was in Japan. It started with the life of unhappily married Japanese woman (Kayako) that become obsessed to an American professor (Peter Kirk) expressing her feeling on her diary. But then later, it was discovered by her husband Takeo. Driven by extreme anger and resentment, he ended up her wife crawling to death. Eventually, the event was witnessed by their 8-year old son Toseo, also drowned by Takeo in the bathtub. He cursed the house before hanging himself. And then here comes the new owner of the house where the event happens unaware of the tragic event. The grudge of the past now begins.


            Although the there are various subplot in the story, in the end it all unifies the main story, making the direction of the film to be artistically done after all. I remember watching it alone and it really gives me the intense thriller. I like how Kayako suddenly appear in the scenes, a dirty, bloody long haired lady crawling up the stairs. Her eyes alone is really scary. And Toseo...he suddenly pops up with eyes open wide.

            The scenes are scary. The presentation of Kayako and Toseo in the movies is not like a crappy trying-hard obviously faked characters because even by just seeing them appear, they will really make your scare.

            The Grudge is a horror movie like no other. Best not watch it alone like what I did. Better to have somebody at your side to scream with.


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              25.09.2010 08:49
              Very helpful



              Totally recommended

              "This Love" was the first song I heard of Maroon 5 band and I got impress with the melody and unique touch of good rock music. Since then, I begun following them so I bought a couple of their albums and get updates of their music. I did grab a copy of their live album called "Friday the 13th" which was recorded as finale of their year-round tour back in 2005. This DVD pack comes a special section featuring documentary, interviews, history like how they started, who are the members, who wrote their music, etc. Most of the songs in this live DVD are from "Songs About Jane"album.

              The Maroon 5

              Adam Levine and Jesse Carmichael started out playing and experimenting music in a garage back in 94. Mickey Madden and Ryan Dusick then came along and named their group "Kara's Flowers". As a pioneering band the group struggled to climb up. Working up for years until James Valentine joined the band in 2001 and rename the group "Maroon 5". A year after, "Songs About Jane" was recorded and released under Octone records which become the start of their limelight success.

              The Band

              Adam Levine on lead vocals, rhythm guitar
              James Valentine on lead guitar, backing vocals
              Jesse Carmichael on keyboards, rhythm guitar, backing vocals
              Mickey Madden on bass guitar
              Matt Flynn on drums and percussions (2006 - present)
              Ryan Dusick on drums, percussion, backing vocals (1994-2006)

              What about their music?

              I think Maroon 5's music is different in how they share their music in a way that people can easily get into it even hearing it the first time. When you hear their song like This Love or She Will be Loved, you can tell that the sound like no ordinary. Another thing is I noticed that Levine really has a nice voice. He can sing well even on high notes. Honestly I struggled to sing "This Love" when playing it on my guitar.

              Songs About Jane Album

              Songs About Jane is the first studio album release of Maroon 5, released in 2002, and landed up to as top album pick on Billboard charts. Based on the readings I did, Jane was the ex girlfriend of Adam Levine. I guess Jane gives that high level of inspiration to Adam by expressing himself to this girl through music.
              Songs About Jane had put Maroon 5 on the Grammy spot as the Best New Artist in 2005 and Best Performance By A Duo or Group for the song "This Love" from their live album, Friday the 13th in 2006. Maroon 5 songs are written by mostly by Adam Levine (lead vocals) and Jesse Carmichael (keyboardist/guitarist). Their lyrics were mostly talks about love.

              The Songs

              Harder to Breathe (Carmichael, Adam Levine)

              I like the upbeat of this song, and the way Levine interpreted this song. Energetic and it will really give you harder to breath when singing the song.

              This Love (Carmichael, Levine)
              This is was the first song that I heard of them, and like instantly. I love singing this song on my guitar. I've seen the video their live acoustic version of this song and its really get my voice out singing.

              Shiver (Carmichael, Levine)
              Nice beat. Not so fast, but not to slow. I guess it's more of funk-rock sound.

              She Will Be Loved (Levine, J. Valentine)
              I like the acoustic-jazz sound of this song. I cant' help to sing every time I hear it.

              The Sun (Levine)
              The good acoustic into of the song was very nice.

              Must Get Out (Carmichael, Levine), Through with You (Carmichael, Levine), Tangled (Levine), Not Coming Home (Carmichael, Ryan Dusick, Levine)
              These songs are a bit fast but the sound and the beat are well arranged. You can tell the difference. Its not just a noise, but instruments and voice blending were artistically crafted for a nice pleasurable music experience.

              Sunday Morning (Carmichael, Levine)
              I enjoy hearing this song.

              Secret (Carmichael, Levine)
              A mellow acoustic song.

              Sweetest Goodbye (Levine)
              I find the lyrics of the song to be somewhat emotional because of the goodbye thing. The sound and rock experience was there.


              I highly recommended this nice piece, multi platinum album. I always have great time listening to their songs every time. Two thumbs up!


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              • Morning View - Incubus / Music Album / 79 Readings / 79 Ratings
                More +
                21.09.2010 17:18
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                one of my most listened music. highly recommended.

                I became a listener of this band since 2005 since I first heard the song "Drive". I love this song. I like its relaxing rhythm, cool happy tune.

                Incubus are known for their high successful singles such as "Drive", "Stellar", "Wish You Were Here", and "Nice To Know You". Noted for their experimental balance approach in making music, bringing together various musical genres, punk,metal,jazz, grunge, pop, surf rock, etc..Their lyrics talks about various subjects such as politics, romance, optimism. The band was originally formed and started by Brandon Boyd, Mike Einziger and Jose Pasillas during their high school days. Enjoy Incubus was their debut album release back in 1997 then followed by other highly successful album such as S.C.I.E.N.C.E, Make Yourself, Morning View, A Crow Left of the Murder and Light Grenades. They are currently on hiatus, but promised to be back.

                Band Members

                Brandon Boyd on vocals
                Mike Einziger on lead guitar
                Chris Kilmore on turntable and keyboard
                Ben Kenney on bass
                Jose Pasillas on drums

                Former members
                Gavin Koppell (bassist)
                Dirk Lance (bassist)

                For more of info and latest news from this band, you can visit their official website, enjoyincubus.com

                Morning View Album

                I love the songs in this album done in good mixture of some slow song and an upbeat tune of rock music. I like how they do rock tunes in a simple yet intensifying way, no screaming effects (I find screaming too rebellious). One distinguishable characteristic on the music in this album was the excellent mixture of sound done in a way good enough for the ears even on some heavy songs. You can still hear various instruments that were used collaboratively. From that scratching sound effect (which I normally hear on hip hop, rap music), the nice flute and acoustic sound and even the cricket noise that were used as background on the song "Aqueous Transmission" was really cool! I can say that this band has a uniquely different approach in making their music. They don't stick to some particular sound but they get evolve musically.
                Morning View was released on October 2001. This album was the band's 4th studio record. They even rented a place in Malibu California, where these guys live together and get immerse in making music and come up with this album.

                Track lists:

                Nice to Know You
                - Very nice mix of good rhythm. I like how the song started on soft going into heavy tempo. I appreciate this song really, the first time I hear it.

                - A bit heavy tune but the sound is certainly good enough to clearly distinguish the instruments used, plus the nice vocals.

                Wish You Were Here
                - This is my favorite song in this album. The mixtures of instruments are excellent. I even noticed that nice acoustic tune which gives a nice crisp sound.

                Just a Phase
                - Started on slow tune but shifted into to exploding heavy sound in the end. Real nice and good on the ears.

                11 AM
                - Slow mellow tempo and distinguishable chorus

                Blood on the Ground
                - A little heavy intro and some angry lyrics I think. The sound was good with a nice transition between soft and heavy tunes. Powerful, memorable chorus.

                - I like the pure and simple acoustic sound in this song. With mellow emotional lyrics/vocals. I noticed the nice touch of violin playing in the middle of the song, which added up on the melodic delivery of the song.

                - Another soft into with a bit monotonous vocals. Nice transition between soft and heavy notes, thus gives more excitement on the song.

                - Soft tune with a very nice percussion throughout the song

                Have You Ever
                - Heavy intros with that scratch effects. The heavy tune and the vocals are in balance, making it good even good to hear.

                Are You In
                - I like the light simple rhythm of this song. Not much of the lyrics but like its cool groove to the beat tune.
                Under My Umbrella
                - Heavy drums intro, with melodic vocals and heavy chorus.

                Aqueous Transmission
                - I can't fail to notice that cricket chirping sound at the end of the song. Nice mellow tune with a touch of flute and I guess some other string instruments. I think Incubus experimented various sounds for this song. The song brings out a very relaxing ambiance, clear, melodic note. A very unique song I guess.

                Final Words

                Before, I listen only sorts of pop music but now I think I did get evolve with my choice, exploring the goodness of other genres.
                I like the alternative art rock music of Incubus and their creative talent in putting together the noise, the instrument, the experimenting sound, and good vocals to come up with a different style of music. Morning View is definitely worth listening.


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                • Human Clay - Creed / Music Album / 138 Readings / 137 Ratings
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                  25.08.2010 03:32
                  Very helpful




                  The Album

                  I bought a copy of their album few years after its release in 1999. Human Clay was their second album release. Their song Higher, With Arms Wide Open, and What If are among the top singles from this album. "With Arms Wide Open" and "Higher" has both hit the Top 10 in the Billboard chart following year after its release. "With Arms Wide Open" also won Grammy award as Best Rock Song in 2001.

                  The songs in this album were written mostly by band vocalist, Scott Stapp and guitarist Mark Tremonti. I really admire the very strong message of sentiments on their lyrics. Words in the song such as Higher, With Arms Wide Open and Faceless Man trumps everything about self,faith, life and struggles. The band was opted to elaborate further details on lyrics instead, they usually told to let the words on the lyrics speaks for themselves.

                  The genre of their music and this album in particular is more on post-grunge alternative sound. From heavy distorted guitar sound and contrasting melody of each song best fits Human Clay in this category.

                  The Band

                  This Florida based band, Creed was started by friends Scott Stapp and Mark Tremonti late back in 1995. Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips were then recruited to complete the set. The band's debut album "My Own Prison" in 1997. It was not instant for this group to be recognized. In fact, this album has independently produced initially and was distributed only at fm stations in Florida, until Wind Up records recognized them and was later re-issued the album. And to date, My Own Prison, has sold over six million copies worldwide according to their official website (creed.com), making it one of the top selling album of all time in the US alone.

                  Band Members
                  * Scott Stapp on lead vocals (1995-2004)
                  * Mark Tremonti on guitar and backing vocals (1995-2004)
                  * Scott Phillips on drums, percussion, keyboards (1995-2004)
                  * Brian Marshall on bass guitar (1995-2000)
                  * Brett Hestla on bass guitar (2000-2004)

                  The Songs

                  1. Are You Ready?
                  Notable heavy distorted guitar throughout the song. I like the rhythm of the song. It sounded to be monotonous to me but the mixture of sound and the powerful vocals makes the melody of the song still good to the ears.

                  2.What If
                  Slow guitar intro but shifted to heavy sound on the first line of the song. The words on the lyrics expresses question to somebody who lets you down in some way because few lines in the song said "We are one We are strong. The more you hold us down the more we press on... What if your words could be judged like a crime?"

                  Light guitar on the intro and powerful vocals, instrument on the chorus. I love the drum beat at the bridge of the song. Lyrics refers to "She". Beautiful, deceiving, loved by some, feared by others. I think it reflects truth about deception, and temptation.

                  4. Say I
                  Heavy guitar sound on the intro and powerful vocals on the chorus part. Lies and deception are the words in this song.

                  5. Wrong Way
                  Words on the lyrics are all questions about life experiences, struggles, etc. Slow pace on the intro but shifted into heavy sound on the last part of the song.

                  6. Faceless Man
                  Monotonous intro with a notable acoustic guitar sound. Sound in this song is a bit lighter compared to the previous songs. Still there are heavy sound on later part but ended in a slow acoustic guitar strum. Words on the song talk about his experience facing against the so called "Faceless man". It focuses more about life reflection when you are alone and only surrounded by natures around.

                  7. Never Die
                  I love the intro of this song because of the nice percussion sound and a notable electric guitar sound throughout the song. Distorted rhythm guitar on the chorus make it more sounded good over-all.

                  8. With Arms Wide Open
                  This has been one of my favorite song in this album. I find the intro to be more melodic especially the heart beat sound on the background. I really like he balance mix between the slow pace intro rising up to a strong chorus. I must say this song got a perfect rhythm.

                  9. Higher
                  I love the nice tune of this song. The progressing mixture of rhythm and the drum beat sound makes it even more ear-pleasing. My second favorite song from this album.

                  10. Wash Away Those Years
                  Melodic intro and noticeable mellow sound all throughout the song.

                  11. Inside Us All
                  Slow pace intro with a notable good mixture of guitar rhythm, drum beat and upbeat vocals. Slightly sound heavy chorus.

                  12. Young Grow Old - (Bonus Track)
                  Heavy, fast paced intro with notable distorted guitar sound.


                  I admire the distinct vocal talent of Scott Stapp. This guy really gifted with quality voice. I like music with words that explore more on life experiences and reflections . Creed captivates my thought with their lyrics while enjoying the art of collaborative alternative sound. Though it was really sad to know that this group has been disbanded in 2004, their songs however will always be memorable and is worth listening. I will always treasure this album.


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                    06.08.2010 14:57
                    Very helpful



                    Never to be missed

                    I didn't know this movie until I've read a comment from a review on the television series Prison Break that Shawshank Redemption seem to be the original concept behind this popular tv drama. I'm a big fan of Prison Break that's why I eager to see this movie too. I've read positive reviews about this movie also and noticed that it was consistently highly rated from various movie review sites such as Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB and Yahoo movies. Ratings are the first thing that will surely caught my attention when I am searching for movie to watch.

                    Shawshank Redemption was released in 1994. Critics said that it didn't get much popularity that time not until it was released on video. Today, Shawshank Redemption is said to be the finest film of the 90's and the greatest prison movie ever made. And I do agree. The movie was based on the short novel "Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption" by the well know novelist, Stephen King.

                    PLOT OVERVIEW

                    The story took place sometime in 1940s and the scene started when Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) was on his car drunk and was in front of the house of her wife's lover. Next scene was in the courtroom where Andy was pled guilty of murdering his own wife and her lover, though he never admitted the crime. He was sentenced to serve two life sentences back to back one for each of his victims. He was sent to the notorious Shawshank Prison. From the start, Andy is known to be a soft spoken, aloof, innocently looking inmate on the outside but his mind was preoccupied with mysteries yet to be revealed later in the story. He befriended veteran convict named "Red" (Morgan Freeman), who was known to be the influential man who knows how to get things. Andy first approach Red asking to bring him a rock hammer which agreed to pay 10 buck in exchange. Red noticed Andy's distinctably unusual personality and he likes him from the start. Friendship suddenly ignites between the two. His ability as a former banker by profession has made him a "useful asset" of Shawshank prison. His expertise in accounting and income taxation first came to the awareness of Captain Hadley, then to the rest of the prison guard and up to the prison warden himself, where he was assigned to hide the warden's fraud money making contracts.

                    OPINION AND VIEWS

                    In my opinion, the story was narrated well. The progression of the plot is certainly kept me hook with each scene up until the ending. It was a bit long film because running time was around 2 hours 19 minutes but I didn't actually notice the time until I finished watching it. Judging the way this film was presented, I must say that it was excellently done. Andy Dufresne's character was elaborated well enough that I was able to deeply sympathize with his struggles on the crime he didn't commit, yet he remain positive and patient. He take risk, he endure hardship. He thinks and plans wisely. He exactly knows what he wanted and he work hard to achieve that not minding how long it will take him but he keeps going. Most of all, he never looses hope.

                    Tim Robbins did a fascinating depiction of a mystifying, innocently looking character of Andy Dufresne. His eyes, his gestures really convinced me of the character. For me his acting is very natural and well executed. Morgan Freeman was charming and brilliant in his portrayal as Red. His eyes tell how he was puzzled with Andy's schemes yet he trusts his friend with no doubt. All the other supporting cast did a well delivered performance in each role.


                    In conclusion, Shawshank Redemption is a genuinely touching tale of hope. I realized that in the end, Andy deserves what he has hoped for...a sense of freedom and redemption from his tragic downfall as a victim of unsound judgment. After all he did not complain, but instead, he did what he can to keep going...shaping and polishing rocks, accounting jobs for the warden and building a library! For me, this movie is a well deserved for its recognition.


                    Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins)
                    Ellis Boyd "Red" Redding (Morgan Freeman)
                    Warden Norton (Bob Gunfen)
                    Captain Hadly (Cancy Brown)
                    Tommy (Gil Bellows)
                    Brooks Hatlen (James Whitmore)
                    Heywood (William Sader)


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                      02.08.2010 16:00
                      Very helpful



                      worth listening

                      I first take notice of Jason Mraz's music when I heard the song "I'm Yours" playing on the radio. I admit that I was instantly captivated by the cool acoustic tune of this song. I must say that I like his music.

                      Absolutely, there are no boring tunes in this album. I love listening to all the tracks. His songs are full of life, fun, relaxing, cool, outstanding vocals... superb album in short. You can hear a wide range of genres in his music like reggae, pop, folk, jazz, hip hop, ballad and the nice touch of acoustic sound on most of the songs.

                      Two songs from this album recently won the 52nd Grammy Awards. Mraz won Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for the song Make it Mine and another Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals for the song Lucky.

                      The Songs:

                      1. Make it Mine
                      I was captivated with this uplifting happy tune of this song. It really makes me snap my fingers while listening to this song. The trumpets accompaniment gives a cool groovy sound on this song. As the intro tune in this album, this song sets the mood of the whole album.

                      2. I'm Yours
                      I love listening to this song over and over. I like the cool tune and the catching melody of this song. This one of my favorite song in this album.

                      3. Lucky (feat. Colbie Caillat)
                      My girlfriend and I both love this song very much. We even sing it together at times. The easy, light melodic acoustic tune makes it easier for listeners to like this song even when hearing it the first time. The lyric is simple yet romantic and the voice of Colbie Caillat makes this song even more beautiful. It's always a good to be in love hearing this song.

                      4. Butterfly
                      I like the tune of this song overall. Very catchy, strikingly naughty yet romantic lyrics. Nice vocals on this song.

                      5. Live High
                      Nice acoustic intro and the powerful choir voices on the end part of this track make a good distinction of this song.

                      6. Love for a Child
                      A ballad song with lyrics reminiscing childhood sentiments.

                      7. Details in the Fabric (feat. James Morrison)
                      This is another slow acoustic tune with vocals blended very nice. I guess I have to check out James Morrison's music as well.

                      8. Coyotes
                      Rap intro, funk beat song with children's voices singing around was really good to the ears.

                      9. Only Human
                      I like jazzy tune of this song with a powerful chorus blended with trumpets

                      10. The Dynamo of Volition
                      Mraz did a nice rap on this song and he is really good at it. I love the beat of this song especially the chorus part. Love this song very much... Good job really :)

                      11. If it Kills me
                      This is another ballad song that showcasing Mraz distinctive talent. He was able to do great vocals from one genre to another.

                      12. A Beautiful Mess
                      Every time I hear this song, I feel like I wanted to dance with my partner. Very romantic love song.


                      This guy really got the talent. From rap to reggae to ballad, he can do it really great. You won't regret listening to his music. Relax and have a good time with his music. Highly recommended album.


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                      • Freedom Writers (DVD) / DVD / 162 Readings / 160 Ratings
                        More +
                        16.07.2010 16:26
                        Very helpful



                        Excellent film

                        Freedom Writers narrates the true story of high school teacher Erin Grunell (Hilary Swank).Though she was inexperienced, her genuine love and passion for teaching was her greatest gut. Erin or Miss G to her students was a freshman English teacher at Woodrow Wilson High School at Long Beach back in early 90's. Racial conflict has been the major issue around this place. Majority, if not all of her students are exposed to such kind of racial conflict that resulted lost lives of their friends and families. Growing up with this kind of environment, students find refuge by joining gangs; segregate themselves according to their own race, seeking protection and survival. Ms. G witnessed all these things.

                        Ms. G was disrespectfully hated by her student for being "white" and she opposed by her subordinate, school principal Margaret Campbell (Imelda Stauton). She was suppose to be seeking support to find better approach to make her students get interested to learn, but instead, Ms Campbell pointed out that teaching students to obey is much of their concern. Since these students neglect education and was only forced to attend classes, giving them learning materials such as books, is just a waste of resources.

                        But with her persistence dedication and passion for teaching, Erin Grunell was able to open the young minds of her students to get interested to learn. And that's the start of slowly breaking the wall dividing the conflicting races.

                        My Opinion and Views

                        I observed that the delivery of scripts in this movie was executed well. Not only for Hilary Swank, but the rest of the cast. There are a lot of a dialogues and discussions in most of the scenes but each of the characters is given their own shining moment in story. I like how Richard LaGravenese directs the beginning of the movie starting with overview of related events with gives me a hint of the setting in the story. I think actual footages of racial tensions were used.

                        Background music are mostly hip hop song from famous hip hop artist like Tupac Shakur, Will.i.am, Mark Isham and Talib Kweli, Common, and others. From the movie intro to the background song and to the teaching method, hip hop music was used. I remember that even the song lyric of Tupac has been used by Ms. G as teaching material in her class.

                        On my point of view, the greatest characteristic of Ms. G is that is her persistence. She finds way to be able to connect and reach out to the needs of her student. She even took another two part-time jobs just to raise money and be able to buy books for her students. She immerses herself and tries to dig deeper into root cause of the problem by providing creative learning class activities. Until she realized that each of the students have their own stories to tell. With that, she encourages them to write daily journal of their thought and experiences in whatever means of writing they wanted it to be presented. Slowly they become a family to each other. As a result, The Freedom Writers Diary was written in which this movie was based.

                        Erin Grunell is an effective educator, passionate leader, a good example to look up to. She was such remarkable. I want to quote a bit of Erin's dialogue in the movie, which I think would exemplify more of her character. This was her statement:
                        "I finally realized what I'm supposed to be doing and I love it. When I'm helping these kids makes sense of their lives, everything about my life make sense to me..."

                        The movie is excellently done over-all. Not much special effects yet the thrill was present as the story goes. The message of the movie was clear and intact without leaving the viewers puzzling plot. In fact, the story was presented plain and simple. I somewhat felt like watching a documentary than just setting on my couch for entertainment. Freedom Writers is a heart-warming and unforgettable movie. I certainly won't think twice recommending it.


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                        • Fireproof (DVD) / Documentary / 98 Readings / 95 Ratings
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                          14.07.2010 00:01
                          Very helpful



                          thumbs up.

                          At first glance, I can tell that the movie was all about firefighters, as seen on the DVD cover. But when I take a closer look at the title itself, I noticed the two bonded ring which symbolizes marriage.

                          Fireproof is a melodrama tale of Caleb and Catherine, a couple married for seven years. Caleb is a dedicated, fearless fire fighting Captain and Catherine is a hard working, ambitious career woman. Their relationship slowly becoming cold. Individual conflict started ruining their marriage with endless arguments and misunderstanding about issues of their own. Igniting emotions have brought them to a point of giving up their marriage. They barely talk, eat together or even go to bed together. Imagine a couple living each of their own very lives completely but still manages to stay at the same house. Stepping closer to the last option - divorce, Caleb told his parents about his failing marriage. His father earnestly pleaded Caleb to promise to take hold of his divorce for 40 more days and from then, he will decide.

                          In the Bible, the number "40" in particular, is a period of time signifying important Biblical events like Jesus fasted for 40 days, the flood during Noah's time was also because of 40 days and 40 nights of rain, Jesus was seen in the earth 40 days after His crucifixion, Moses was on the mountain with God for 40 days, and several other "40" related occurrences. When Caleb's father handed over him a note, it was also a 40-day series of suggestion for Caleb to start over rebuilding his struggling marriage.

                          I see the story significant in a way how God never give up showing how much he loves us. There are instances in the story wherein Caleb is losing his hope because he doesn't see any positive result of what he doing, yet he obeyed his father, despite of his doubts.

                          Although this movie earned negative criticism from secular film critics, Christian groups are very positive on this movie. I'm glad that the makers of Fireproof did come up with a story that gives more emphasis on the good moral values. Such film may not be multi-million budgeted but it surely be worth watching.

                          DVD Details

                          Date of Release : January 27, 2009
                          Special Feature : deleted scenes, bloopers, behind-the-scenes, and commentary by Kirk Cameron

                          * Kirk Cameron as Caleb Holt
                          * Erin Bethea as Catherine Holt
                          * Ken Bevel as Michael Simmons
                          * Stephen Dervan as Wayne Floyd
                          * Eric Young as Terrell Sanders
                          * Jason McLeod as Eric Harmon
                          * Renata Williams as Latasha Brown
                          * Alex Kendrick as Pastor Strauss

                          Directed by : Alex Kendrick
                          Distributed by : Samuel Goldwyn Films, Sherwood Pictures
                          Release date : September 26, 2008
                          Running time : 122 min.
                          Website : www.fireproofthemovie.com


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                          • The Sixth Sense (DVD) / DVD / 122 Readings / 117 Ratings
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                            04.07.2010 16:00
                            Very helpful



                            Simply Unforgettable

                            The story started with the violent behavior of Vincent, a psychiatric patient that Dr. Crowe handled before. Unexpectedly visits the house of Dr. Crowe, troubled Vincent is blaming the doctor for failing to give him the treatment he was expecting. Suffering from severe depression and extreme disappointment, he shot Dr. Crowe in front of his wife Collete. Then here comes his new patient, Cole Sear, just like Vincent, Cole was an extra ordinary child suffering from visual hallucination. At first Cole is reluctant to open up his secrets to Dr. Crowe but then with his eagerness and persistence to help Cole, he was able to win the trust of the child and started to reveal himself to him.

                            MY VIEWS/OPINION:

                            I really don't have that idea how would the story goes on the first time I saw this movie. I thought, it would be just like most movies I have seen that it presents the story and narrates events and then come up with either happy or sad ending. But in this film, I somehow got surprise with how the story ends. I was twisted somehow. After seeing the movie, I'm still in thinking why the story ended that way. That question ended me up seeing this movie again.

                            I admire how Director M. Night Shyamalan's creativity of presenting the story on different style makes "The Sixth Sense" to be his unforgettable masterpiece.

                            Starred by action superstar, Bruce Willis known for his tough character in his previous movies such as "Die Hard", "Tears of the Sun", etc., but you will see a different, softer character of Bruce Willis in this time. I admire his versatility as an actor because he was able to deliver his role convincingly. This is also commence a big break for Haley Joel Osment who played the character of "Cole Sear" in this movie in which after this film, he was given a leading role in Steven Spielberg film "A.I." in 2001.
                            Summing up, for me, Sixth Sense is one of the unforgettable thriller of all time. The story was presented in an exciting and intensifying way. The ending will definitely give the viewer something to talk about. The visual effects are heart-pounding and make you scream for the thrill. Don't miss this movie.


                            Bruce Willis as Dr. Malcom Crowe, a child psychologist
                            Haley Joel Osment as Cole Sear, a troubled child with extra ordinary ability of seeing dead people
                            Donnie Wahlberg - Vincent Gray, a patient of Dr. Crowe
                            Toni Collette - as Lynn Sear, the ever supporting mother of Cole
                            Olivia Williams - as Anna Crowe, the wife of Dr. Crowe


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                            • More +
                              23.06.2010 06:43
                              Very helpful



                              have some fruit

                              It's been a while that I am not eating fruits. Rather, I consume tons of coffee lately. I don't know I just can't resist coffee. I know I am not eating healthy lately and realized that I needed some diet revisions.
                              When I was at the supermarket the other day, I went straight to fruit section and bought some fruits. I was also craving for pineapple but don't like the fresh fruit because I was too lazy to peel. I just want it ready to eat. Good thing I found stacks of Del Monte pineapple products on shelf and I pick a couple cans of single serving pineapple slices.
                              I love eating pineapple before but for some reason, I didn't have it for some time because I stumble around enjoying junk food and coke.
                              Anyway, reading on the label, Del Monte sliced Pineapple in juice is a good source of Vitamins A, C, E and minerals for a stronger immune system. It also contains antioxidants that help build body resistance against diseases.

                              I just wanted to share brief recall of the importance of vitamins and minerals to our body. Vitamin C strengthens our body's immune system it also promotes would healing. Good vitamin source are citrus fruits like orange, lemon, guava and pineapple. Vegetable such as tomatoes and bell pepper are also a good source of Vitamin C. Vitamin A or retinol aid for normal vision, reduce infections. Sources are mostly from yellow, orange, and green leafy vegetables such as carrots, squash, sweet potatoes and a lot more. Vitamin E on the other hand, is an anti- oxidant. When talk about anti oxidants, means its cancer fighting. Sources are green leafy vegetables, wheat germ, etc. Minerals like Calcium aids in the formation of a healthy bones and tissues. Magnesium helps in the mineralization of the bones. Copper and Iron has something to do with the blood. Copper in needed in the production of blood while Iron is a blood component aids in hemoglobin formation that carries oxygen to different parts of the body.

                              Maybe you are asking why I am all talking about these nutrients. Well, they are all vital to the body. Without these nutrients, we can be at risk for diseases. Thanks to the goodness of Del Monte sliced Pineapple product which contains all these nutrients. Looking at the nutrition facts, it does not contain fat, saturated fat or cholesterol rather contains Carbohydrate, dietary fiber, natural sugar and protein. Vitamin contents are Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and minerals are Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Copper, Zinc, Sodium and Potassium.

                              Del Monte sliced Pineapple has a refreshing sour taste blended with its natural sweetness. I can't deny the rich taste that Del Monte is 100% natural, real pineapples.


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                              • Fearless (DVD) / DVD / 72 Readings / 70 Ratings
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                                18.06.2010 10:10
                                Very helpful



                                one of the best among Chinese film I've seen

                                Chinese actor Jet Li, portrays the life story of a martial arts master named Huo Yuanjia. As a child, Huo Yuanjia had shown passion in martial arts and dreamt to become a fighter like his father. He was asthmatic as a boy that's why his father refuses to teach him yeth his great courage and innate interest, he learns and studied the art himself. He won several fight and earns the prestige and honor as a fighter. One time, his disciple was hurt and told that it was Master Qin who did that to him and without further questioning the details, he challenge to fight Qin. He won the fight and Qin was killed. Qin's godson took revenge on him by brutally killing her mother and her one and only daughter. Too late when he learned the real story. It was a very saddest, tragic moment of his life. He then run away and wander for a year-long until such time that he was ended up on a place where he met Moon, a blind woman who cared and inspired him to go on and face his fate.

                                MY OPINION AND VIEWS:

                                The story was emotionally moving. Watching the scenes in some way makes me feel the pain of losing his family, and almost losing himself!
                                Huo Yuanjia's character has so much inspiration to tell. Though destiny brought about his tragic downfall yet he goes on facing life again, stronger and even better. For me the real essence of fearlessness in this movie how a man stand up again after every fall.

                                One thing I am looking for in watching movies is not the mere acting or the eye popping stunts but also the significance on how the story might impact the life of the viewer. I really believe that movies are our mirrors for real life. For me it doesn't matter whether the story is fictional or was based on real event but what matters most is the moral principle or truth it conveys to the viewer and not just to entertain.
                                After watching this film, I realized the value of passion. Yuanjia as a child already has the passion for martial arts and he never lost it despite of the hindrances he has to face. Instead, he tried and strives hard to be the best he can be.

                                After all the bad things that had happen to him, it seem to be too late to restore because he can never undo things that already done. But he fearlessly admitted that he made mistakes and that bring about a point to his life to live again and this time, a much better himself.
                                I was also deeply touched when he stated this; "Revenge only begets more revenge...I don't want to see revenge". This was the time that he was poisoned unknowingly during his fight, and yet he still told this words to his friend and in front of those people who look up to him.

                                Directed by Chinese film maker, Ronny Yu, this movie was released in 2006.

                                MAIN CAST:
                                Jet Li as Huo Yuanjia (the fearless master)
                                Yong Dong as Nong Jinsun (Yuanjia's childhood best friend)
                                Shido Nakamura as Anno Tanaka (Yuanjia's Japanese challenger)
                                Betty Sun as Moon (the blind girl who nurses Yuanjia)
                                Hee Ching Paw as Yuanjia's Mother


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