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    • American Apparel Store / Apparel Store / 6 Readings / 5 Ratings
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      18.08.2012 04:04



      Shame there isn't one locally!

      I have been to the American Apparel stores in Bristol and London. The Bristol one was alright and pretty big, the London one seemed bigger than the Bristol one and was also a great store - When I go shopping in both these cities I always head to the American Apparel stores.

      American Apparel sells fashionable basics, they are sweatshop free and made in the USA. The hooded jackets are my favourite, they are great quality - I regularly wear my blue/grey coloured one. I own many hooded jackets and t-shirts from American Apparel. The t-shirts are good because they are long, they aren't expensive, they go with anything and they are good quality. The only downside of American Apparel is that everyone copies it and doesn't do it at the same high standard as they do.

      I love the American Apparel sales because they do large discounts. Justin Beiber has made the American Apparel hooded jackets become very popular among teenagers.

      Thanks for reading, O.


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