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Member since: 29.12.2012

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      29.12.2012 20:28
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      Excellent all round toaster

      I was given the Russell Hobbs Heritage four slice toaster as a xmas present, and i have to say its already made making toast for the family much easier than my old two slice toaster. Although its rather on the large side it really is a fantastic looking toaster and the toaster slots are very wide so if like me you sometimes buy unsliced bread from the supermarket and struggle to cut the bread into neat thin slices it doesnt matter because it will take doorsteps no problem.Its a very well built good quality toaster as you would expect from Russell Hobbs and it has some very good features on it like, frozen bread setting, toast reheat setting,and a setting for toasting bagels .This works by toasting the outside of the bagel while the inside of the bagel is just warmed and not browned off. An all round very good toaster


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