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Member since: 09.12.2012

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    • HTC Wildfire / Smartphone / 8 Readings / 8 Ratings
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      09.12.2012 00:42



      For the price, you can't complain!

      I've had the wildfire for over a year now and overall I'm really pleased with it.

      + lots of apps available on the android market
      + sleek design - small and light enough to be comfortable, not so small it's fiddly
      + battery life (if you turn off 3G/wifi while you're not using it)
      + good camera with some nice features (lighting, focus, timer etc)
      + good quality sound
      + user friendly - it took me no time at all to get used to it (and I'd never had a touch screen before)

      - internal memory is tiny - most of this is used up by things you can't delete on the phone (apps I never use such as stocks, news & twitter) and some downloaded apps cannot be moved to the SC card
      - slight issue with touch screen not working in one corner - this seems to have resolved itself now
      - constant requests to update - I've stopped doing them as they take up precious memory

      If you're looking for an amazing, fast, powerful smartphone, you'd be better with an iPhone. If you're looking for a lower-spec phone which can still provide good internet access, the usualy phone features and a decent camera, I'd recommend it. Just watch the memory!


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