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    • Acer Veriton M464 / Desktop PC / 42 Readings / 38 Ratings
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      19.11.2008 05:52
      Very helpful


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      Best Desktop for development needs in business

      The Acer Veriton M464 Desktop has a core2 duo Quad processor, 2 gb RAM , DVDRW, 250 GB HDD, I mean all the best configurations packed into one.
      The best thing expected is that it can be connected via its fast Gigabit Ethernet.

      To add to it you have a NVIDIA 7 series GeForce graphics processor , so get on and get going . It comes with Windows Vista Business or Windows XP pro as needed.
      Ranges starts from $250 onwards

      The Veriton M464 can be used in business houses to work as servers basically , Since it has the latest processors packed and a great amount of memory and hand you can think of about to store everything needed . The 4GB of DDR2 RAM can be used for any type of multitasking , now you should not be worried of how to get along with many programs at a time. It also has a DVI on-board, an optional multi-in-one card reader.

      So move on and buy it ,thats what can be said


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