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      29.03.2010 05:48
      Very helpful



      orajel is worth its wieght in gold, really fast relief to toothache


      All over the weekend I've been suffering with the dreaded toothache, you see where I'm from you cant see a dentist on a Saturday afternoon, so off i went to the local chemist to buy a tube of orajel extra strength on a recommendation from a family member.

      orajel is a medicine made to temporally reduce toothache . and it does exactly what it says on the box, orajel's key ingredient is a local anaesthetic called "benzocaine"

      orajel come in 2 types you have orajel original and orajel extra strength.
      the orajel is in a white box and is a little cheaper than the orajel extra strength that is in a yellow box. please don't get the 2 mixed up, YOU NEED THE YELLOW BOX ORAJEL
      when i bought the oral gel for £5.65 for a 5ml tube i thought it was a little expensive.
      i took off the lid snipped the end off to open it, and squeezed until i had a pea size amount of orajel on the end of my finger.
      with the orajel on my finger i gently rubbed it onto my gum and tooth that was giving me all the bother. within 5 seconds i could feel my gum and surrounding area going numb and taking away the pain that i put up with for about 12 hours previous.
      now I'm in control of my toothache. the orajel extra strength lasts for around 30 Min's, but when the numbness goes the toothache does not seem to come back straight away. (but does so in the end)
      only from 1 pea size amount of orajel extra strength took my toothache away for around 5 hours.
      1 tube of orajel extra strength gives you around 6 applications.
      so if your in pain with toothache in the dentists out of hours,
      please buy orajel extra strength. for £5.65 .

      i now think its a bargain. 10/10

      orajels key ingredient is benzocaine , a local anaesthetic & is recommended for children and adults over 12years old

      i never thought something so small could stop all that pain.

      orajel is available at chemists, but you need to ask for it by name,

      orajel extra strength, no need to suffer any more.

      please rate this review

      this review is on ciao, bukisa & dooyoo under the same user name (bruvs247)


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        29.03.2010 01:30
        Very helpful



        this bag is the best quality you can get, big and stable


        The oxford expanding tank bag is a very good piece of kit. it about 17" in length,10" wide, and a 7" depth expanding to about 13" high,
        this bag has a multi compartments and bags zipped on to it , firstly, the section that as the magnets in (the base) zips from the main body to be a flat map holder the map holder unzips and you slide your map in so you can see the page you want through the clear waterproof window,this map bag as 2 big flaps that contain magnets to hold it to your motorbikes petrol tank, it is kind of padded so it wont scratch the paintwork,

        second, is the main body.(main bag) to use this for a tank bag this must be zipped on to the base that contains the magnets, when its not attached to the base this main bag has 2 straps to put your arms through to be a rucksack,

        the main bag also as a clear top with a zip to be your map bag when attached to the main body.

        this main bag as 2 side pocket. and a front pocket. the front pocket has a zip and you can take this off to become a bumbag.

        when you need more bag space you open the lid to the bag, running round the top edge of the bag there is a zip that runs all the way round the bag, when this is opened the bag expands upward another 8" or so, making the bag a massive 38 litres in size,

        i use this bag everyday , i use it to carry all sorts , i even go shopping and fill it with tins , cereals, and on weekends away i will use this bag as a little suitcase that carry 2 pairs of jeans 2 t-shirts and put my shoes on the top, and it zips up perfect, in the side and front pockets i put a few pair of socks and pants, and toiletries,
        you will really be amazed at the size of this bag. and what you can actually get in it.

        the only down side with this oxford expandable bag is the price, they retail at around £90.00 which to me is very expensive, it is a good quality piece probably the best you can buy, but does it warrant a price tag like this? only you can answer that,

        i was lucky, i found mine for sale on a online auction site and bought it for a fraction of the £90.00 price tag ,

        please rate this review,

        i hope you enjoyed this review,

        this review is also on ciao, bukisa & dooyoo under the same user name (bruvs247)

        this review as been written by myself with having the experience of owning this item


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        28.03.2010 05:18
        Very helpful
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        • Reliability
        • Reliability


        everything is quality, brilient images and video


        I've had a few cameras in my time , but when i picked up the Fuji finepix j50 i got a good piece of technology I'm proud of.
        This camera is a 8.2 mega pixel camera( that on its own means Crystal clear photos) ,with a 3.5" LCD back screen to view your photos and video play back.
        The j50 has many functions ,a close ups setting,where this will take crystal clear close ups, it also as a portraits and, scenery shots setting where this sets itself automatically to the right light conditions and shutter speed through a sensor at the front of the camera, and face detection to make sure the camera is focused on the main feature of the picture, and to make sure your not chopping heads off.

        all auto settings take away the guessing factor when trying to determine light conditions and shutter speed for the perfect photo.

        if your more advanced you can set the aperture,exposure and shutter speed manually to get the image your looking for. this camera will do exactly what you input.

        this camera as a 37mm wide angle to 185mm telephoto lens.meaning 5x optical zoom, the zoom also goes to 6.9x in digital zoom although i don't recommend using digital zoom as this distorts the picture quality.
        the j50 as a maximum ISO of 800 and a max shutter speed of 1/1500 you can catch fast moving action pictures and shots in high light areas.
        Ive used this camera nearly everyday for 2 years, and don't think I've had a bad picture yet,

        i usually put it on the auto settings so it all self focuses and determines the right exposure, and even if you have an unsteady hand it will correct it.

        The only time i used the manual exposure settings was in the dark on top of a motorway bridge where i wanted an effect of the cars rear lights going along in light streams down the motorway, i got my picture,but i think you have to be a little advanced to use manual setting and get the right picture every time.
        i had this camera for about six month before i realised it was also a video camera. if you use it with a 4 gb sd or xd card inside you can record for a good 3 hours, very good sound too.
        it also comes with a long life (ion) battery that takes about an hour to fully charge and then lasts for about 100 photos, i went to a wedding at a church and filmed the whole service with this camera then carried on taking picture at the reception at night and the battery never went flat.

        its a very good camera for the £70.00 i paid. if anything was to happen to my camera i would definitely buy the same camera again .
        it is a good camera if you are new to photography and also good if your a little advanced with exposure and camera set up. but saying that i learnt everything from the user manual which is simple and precise information.

        i hope this as gave you a little incite on how good this camera is.

        i would rate this camera 5/5 for value , its point and shoot mode, its advanced features that you would find on more expensive cameras, and for the video camera function that i use just as much as a still camera.
        i really don't think you would be unhappy with this buy.

        please rate

        this review is on ciao , bukisa &dooyoo under the same user name (bruvs247)


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          28.03.2010 04:12
          Very helpful



          the best baking cook book ever made with all the old time favorites



          Thomas bell start out life in his grocery store at the tyne quays railway station more than 100 years ago. two of his top selling products were baking powder and self raising flour,both under the brand name Bell Royal,and was later to be called BE-RO.

          Self raising flour was a bit of a novelty in the early 1920s, and one of the very first modern day convenience foods!
          In a bid to sell BE-RO flour Thomas Bell would go to exhibitions with freshly baked scones , cakes and pastries, and would sell them for a shilling each.
          his baking became so popular that customers insisted they have the recipes so they could bake these cakes at home.
          as a result a little book was produced and handed out free in the streets, door to door and at exhibition's.
          When the first BE-RO book came out in 1923 it only had 19 pages, it has now grown to 86 pages and has reached its 40th edition and sold over 38 million copies.


          I've been aware of BE-RO flour ever since i was a very young child, where on a Sunday afternoon i would help my dad bake scones , tarts and other delicious cakes.
          i must have only been 5 years old or so, that was my earliest memory of the BE-RO recipe book.
          I'm now 37 years old and have been a owner of a couple of these books over the years and i really recommend that all house holds should have one.


          Well, the BE-RO recipe book is a thin narrow 86 page recipe book containing recipes only made with BE-RO flours. The BE-RO recipe book is split up into

          colour codes for the type of pastry or d'oh you are making,the first section is dark blue, and covers "oven management" "weights and measures"

          "metric/imperial" measurement converter, and one called , "other use full measurements" just in case you don't have any scales this tells you how you can

          measure weights by teaspoons & tablespoons.

          all the recipes are again colour coded for there ease. example: yellow = easy baking. orange = more involved baking. red = skilful baking.
          there are also other colours highlighting each section, the other colour sections in this book are :peach = "scones,tea loaves & biscuits"
          blue = "pastry" purple = "cakes" jade = "quick & easy section" yellow = "puddings & batters" green = "microwave cooking"
          royal blue = "children's cooking" orange = "sauces.icing & fillings" sky blue = "batch baking & freezing" red = "index"

          All the pages are colour coded at the top of the page so you see the section you want even with the book closed

          just about every bun cake and puddings you remember as a child are is in this recipe book , and there is nothing that isn't impractical to make. Everything

          is down to earth and good honest food.
          with the BE-RO home recipe book I've learned how to bake many of its recipes. example: treacle puddings, fairy cakes , walnut cake, chip shop batters,

          chocolate eclairs, scones and biscuits, pancakes, muffins, yorkshire pudding. and now it is me who has my children in the kitchen helping me bake using the same techniques as generations before.

          The BE-RO home recipe book is a brilliant book , every household should own a copy.

          The best thing about the BE-RO home recipe book is the price, at £1.25 it will be the best money you have spent.

          so go on try something different and start baking. you will not regret it!

          please rate my work , thanks

          you can buy copies straight from BE-Ro, www.be-ro.com

          this review was written by bruvs247, this review is also on ciao, bukisa, dooyoo under the same user name.(bruvs247)

          The review i have written contains facts taken from my experience, and from the be-ro recipe book,
          in this review the BE-RO history was researched by myself from wikipedia and from the BE-RO home recipe book 40th edition & www.be-ro.com
          all information was based on the be-ro 40th edition home recipe book only.


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        • Honda VFR750F / Motorcycle / 15 Readings / 11 Ratings
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          27.03.2010 14:50
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          this is the best bike ever made, good power, good on fuel, good everything,


          in 2006 i started taking my motorbike lessons to get through my motorbike test. 5 months later i was looking to buy my first bike, i really wanted a sports bike but got advised

          that they are to powerfull for a new rider, i only had £1000 (uk pounds) and wanted the best bike for my money. i came across a bike called an honda vfr750 f k 1989. an old bike

          andwas adviced that i should get this bike as it was rated one of the best bikes ever made .

          so i traveled 200 miles on a train to get this bike , because i wasnt confident i only test rode it for 5 mile or so, i parted with my money £800 (uk pounds) (bargin)
          3 years on from that day i still have the vfr750fk and in my opinion its the best bike you can ever buy and these are my reasons

          the honda vfr 750 fk started off being a bike you steered clear of. but since they changed the cam chain for cam driveshaft in the late 80s it as became the most reliable

          engine you could have,, and it became the maker of honda although some say that honda as made a loss with this bike but saved the company from going bankrupt from there earlier

          mistake with the earlier cam chain.

          this bike is a v four twin exhaust bike.this v4 engine is known to be very reliable and very few known problems. the fk model as a rc24 engine.
          the vfr750 fk has 105 bhp and a top speed of 153 mph although ive only seen and felt 145 mph on this bike. the bikes top rpm is 10.500. when riding anything over 7.500rpm your

          in racing mode but this bike is a great all rounder. its class is a sports tourer, and the way it feels all depends on the rider,

          this bike has 6 gears and every gear pulls really well even with a pillion . even if your in 6th gear doing 45mph you can turn the accelerater and within seconds you will be

          at 100mph . if you gear up propery, let say between 4000rpm and 6.500rpm this is a lively bike with power, if you gear up at higher revs lets say 7500.- 8500 + rpm you are in

          racing mode and this runs like a true sports bike with rapid acceleration. but please be warned the brakes are not as good as a really modern bike so please allow for this,

          even on day trips out its great i put the panniers and cruse along all day at 70 mph , the amount of tourk will carry 2 big riders and all there luggage all day long,
          i even go riding with other riders who own big sports bikes and even they are impressed with the bike , with a top exceleration of 0-60 in 2.3 seconds its quicker than top road

          sports cars

          it also has a good fuel tank holding 20litres and averages at around 48 mpg so if you drive senceable you will get around 170 miles plus your reserve.

          this bike has a very low cost maintainence bill, and with a vfr750 manual a beginner rider or machanic can do all the servicing very easy from the step by step instructions .

          with regular oil changes and a bit of tlc this bike will run forever.
          i bought this bike at 65.0000 miles and now has 145.000 on the clock, so you can see just while ive had the bike i have done a life time worth of riding, and im still hoping to

          have this bike in another 3 years time.

          i now also ride a honda cbr900 fireblade, which is in a totally different league to the vfr750 but still the vfr750 has a place in my heart and will always be recommended as a

          brillient reliable, practical bike,

          if you like to read more about the spec of the honda vfr 750 f models in detail please visit


          im also a member of the vfr club which is a forum online where peaple share there passion of the vfr , you will find the vfr club here:


          if you have a honda vfr 750 i have found a site where they still make replacement parts and very cheap too. ( as they stop making parts for the honda vfr over 20 years old )


          i hope this as been an interesting read, thanks

          this review is all mine (bruvs247) on ciao and bukisa under the same user name


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        • surveyhead.com / Internet Site / 16 Readings / 10 Ratings
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          26.03.2010 05:04
          Very helpful



          this is my 3rd best paid survey site cash in paypal with in the month , and thats quick!



          surveyhead.com is an american market research company that pays normal everyday members of the pubic a small fee for giving there opinions by completing surveys for othercompanys who want the research.
          i live in the uk, and came accross surveyhead from a web search, and they were advertising for more uk residents to sign up, im registered with 11 other survey sites and this one is the 3rd best i know although i got warned about them being unreliable.well in my experience its been the total opposite,
          the signing up process takes about 5 mins , all you do is confirn your email address complete your profile and your ready. upon regestering they deposit £3.50 into your account and even pay a small fee to you for completing your profile info,

          ive been with surveyhead for about 5 week and have done around 15 small 5min surveys and 3 longer one that take 30 mins and its them ones you want as they paid me £3.30 for completing the survey, by no means is it quick cash but it is easy cash .

          the only down side for me is that when you complete one of the larger serveys your answers are reviewed by there team and this delays your money for between 2 - 3 week , but so far they have all paid and the money is there in my account, as i said i been with them 5 week and ive just made my first payout 16.80 paid into my paypal account , the min payout threshold is £16.00 ($25.00)
          surveyhead.com inform you of surveys you can take by email, i get around 3-5 invites each day, they ask you 2 or 3 questions to see if your the right person for the survey.

          you wont qualify for everyone maybe 1 out of 4 will be right for you but you are made aware of this before hand as they give you a percentage of the likelyhood of being excepted,

          so my summery is:
          this survey site is ok, but it concerns me that a few people have had bad experiences, mine was ok but i did get warned of how bad they were.


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          26.03.2010 04:26
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          the best sound for your pc money can buy, a good bass sound for gaming and music

          the creative t20 series 2 pc multimedia speakers are a cracking peice of work , they stand at around 10" high , 5" depth and 4" wide these are a perfect pair of little speakers to fit besides your monitor or you laptop. the series 2 t20s are of a high gloss black colour making them look very stylish and sleek .
          the series 2 t20 are of the same high standard as the series 1 speakers, infact they look the same but different colour , but with the series 2 t20s its whats inside them that counts,
          as with the series 1 the series 2 still delivers those warm mid tones from the wooffer, while the tweeter brings you sharper crystal clear high tones , but now its all brought together with the creative basXPort(TM)technology that gives a stronger bass line . the magic with this is there is no bass speaker ,so to have all that bass is an amazing piece of technoligy.
          the t20 series 2 still has 2x 14 watts of sound power, and as with the series 1 the series two is powered from the mains to the right speaker then 1 wire connects to the left speaker, all your function are on the right speaker , volume, treble, bass, so you can input whatever sound your mood pleases, from mellow relaxing sounds to full on bassy dance music to get ready on a friday night, and again on the front right speaker are two input jack sockets for use with different devices without swapping cables. and also has a headphone jack socket so you can have a more personal sound experience.


          sound wise they are brillient , they look good they are small and powerfull, just like the series 1 ,
          you could say the series 2 is the new modal for the year with a new dress on , and have just moved on with technoligy,
          as a person who is really into hifi and my sound i can honestly say these are the best you will get for the money. but if you have an extra £40 - £50 i would recommend the t40 s but for the extra £50 is it really worth it ?


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        • Creative Gigaworks T20 / PC Speaker / 3 Readings / 2 Ratings
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          26.03.2010 03:15
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          the best speekers ive ever owed and not the most expensive, you cant even call these expensive

          The creative gigaworks t20 ar the perfect match for your laptop, ipod, mp3 player.
          i bought these around 6 months ago to replace a pair of speakers i baught for £20, when i saw the t20s on display the look of them caught my eye straight away, they stand around 10" high 6" depth & about 4" wide making them perfect for one to go either side of my laptop.
          and with 14 watts of sound they will make any type of music sound sweet and with depth
          firstly these speakers are mains powered , the right speaker is your main unit with a power volume nob bottom right. in the middle you have the treble nob, and the left nob is for the bass, all three nobs stand out around half an inch making them easy to grip and manouvor, the treble and bass nobs start at the 12 o clock position and you can turn it to + to increase the bass and trebble and like wise turn to - (minus) to decrease the trebble or the bass . the left speaker is the same as the right one but without the nobs or power supply, although it is connected to each other with 1 wire.
          each speaker as 2 little speakers , the top speaker is about 2.5" this is the woofer that gives warm tones, and the lower speaker is a 1" tweeter for your sharper crisp tones, the technolagy and the brains behind these speaker are there is no sub wooffer for your deep bass sounds, but dont be fooled these speakers are designed in a way that the bass is delivered out of the top of the speaker through a 1" air hole where true deep bass sounds boom out, making them a true full range speaker,
          the t20s are a real multimedia speaker with brillient sounds that connect to your laptop through the headphone jack you can also connect your mp3 or your portible games console into the aux in jack socket without diconnecting from your laptop (computer) and bring your games to life.

          the t20s are black with a silver (grey) front with black mesh covers over the speakers,when the front mesh covers are removed it exposes the black and yellow wooffer and the black tweeter giving them a totally different look and style. and with the bright blue power on light they even set the mood in darkness.

          so my summery of the t20 is that they are really good value for money with the best sound you can get for the price , compared to other speakers ive owned these are the best sounding by far. with the t20s small is big and it will be my way of thinking with future purchases

          please shop around as prices very , as i saved £15 for doing so,


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        • pineconeresearch.com / Internet Site / 19 Readings / 17 Ratings
          More +
          25.03.2010 20:15
          Very helpful



          the best of the best paid survey sites

          the elite, the best of the best, the cream of the crop,
          pinecone is a online (survey) market research company where the evreyday normal public give there opinions on the goods of today, (ranging from anything to everything) .
          pinecone is a very secretive organisation and joining is easier said than done , the only way you can join is by invite or by viewing one of there advert banners on other web sites. but when you do join you will be glad you did so, as they pay a minimum of £3 a survey (around 20 mins) where as other sites could only pay 20p .

          There is no payout threshold and every survey you complete is paid there and then straight into your paypal account and your money builds up very quickly compared to other survey sites.
          my tips when signing up is that its best if you are the head of an household eg: do the food shopping pay the bills etc, as the amount of surveys you recieve all depends on your profile (what you put about yourself)

          pineconeresearh.co.uk is the best paying online survey site i know of (and im a member of 11 more survey sites) giving this site 9/10 you dont get as many surveys as you would like but hen you do they pay more than any other, what you make in 1 year on other sites you make in 3 month with this. its very hard to join and you have to be a member of a survey site to even get to see the banner advert, so goodluck .

          and one thing you never do with pinecone is talk about them.
          (its a secret)

          this review is also on ciao under the same username.


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