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    • MAC False Eyelashes / Make Up / 38 Readings / 34 Ratings
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      12.01.2010 13:54
      Very helpful



      recommended for any novice.


      I have always liked makeup, but it is something I have never been able to do perfectly on my own. So while I was shopping in Sheffield recently I wondered in to the Mac cosmetic shop, so I could see what was currently on the market.

      I have never been sucked in by the sales consultants trying to give me a free make over, in a bid to get me to spend a small fortune but on this occasion I spotted another lady getting a makeover and she looked fantastic, so as I was looking to purchase something of a night out I had planned for that evening I decided to let the sales girl go for it.

      Black is a favourite colour so the girl placed blacks, greys and shimming white shades on my eyes and the smoked them out as she called is with a makeup brush, the finished result was brilliant but as my lashes were so fine and short she suggested I try the Mac lashes to finish the look off.

      I was so impressed with the results already I instantly said yes, but I was informed I would need to pay for the lashes, which was not a problem in my book.


      The false eyelashes came in a plastic protective case that could be used over and over again, as the lashes were not single use and I could use them time and time again providing I placed them neatly in the protective case after use.

      These were many different lengths and styles to choose from, but as a complete novice I asked the girl to choose what she thought would be best. She selected a fine dense set of lashes that were of medium length.

      These lashes went perfectly over my fine lashes and gave me added length, I was very surprised how natural they actually looked and I have to say that night no one even noticed my false lashes, although they did comment on how good my make up looked as this was totally different for me.

      The lashes a full lash strips which are designed for an easy application, you just apply a small amount of lash glue to the edge of the false lashes and apply them directly to your skin, that sits just above your own eyelashes.

      This is why I have never had any success in applying lashes before as I would always try and glue them to my own lashes, so the sales girl did teach me how to apply them correctly.

      I was very surprised as these only took a few minutes to apply and for the glue to fully set, usually I got a gap between my own lashes and the false one but the girl advised me to use a black eyeliner first, this then covers and imperfections if you don't apply the lashes perfectly.

      The Mac lashes will cost 8.50 and they can be used many times, so if you look after them you will certainly get your moneys worth.


      I am very impressed with the Mac lashes and all of the makeup that was used to complete my look, in the end I spent over 60.00 in the Mac shop as I bought everything the girl used on me.

      I have tried to apply the lashes on my own since buying them and they are not as good as when the girl applied them but she did tell me it will come with practice.

      If you are toying with the idea of wearing false lashes then Mac lashes are the way to go.


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      • Cadbury's Wispa Gold / Chocolate / 54 Readings / 51 Ratings
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        17.09.2009 13:12
        Very helpful



        buy to try.

        Well I do have to admit I have not eaten a wipsa in many years, I was even unaware that these were discontinued and re-released until recently.

        anyway I was always fond of the original wispa chocolate bar, but when I spotted this wispa caramel in my local shop a few days ago I just had to try it.

        Anyway to my delight it was still made with the bubbly milk chocolate that melts as soon as it has impacted your mouth and withing this wonderful bubbly chocolate came a thick layer of carmel.

        This thick layer of carmal is the same taste as the cadburys caramel and non of this cheap rubbish that they sometimes use, so this chocolate bar in my opinion is perfect.

        I found it very moreish and I could have eaten at least ten of them but the 65p price has somewhat put me off, although I do recommend this as a treat but I do find it to expensive to buy on a regular basis.


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          02.09.2009 16:57
          Very helpful
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          A very good shampoo to save dry damaged hair types.

          What made me try this hydrating shampoo.

          I have been bleaching my hair for many years now and after a recent trip to the hairdressers, a new stylist took it upon her self to bleach the hell out of my hair. Making it very dry, brittle and stretchy which later resulted in it snapping off from the roots when I washed it.

          The only real option I had was to get it cut off and start all over again, but I have always had a bit of length to my hair so this was not an option for me, so i decided to take care of my hair in the best way I could.

          After researching for what seemed like days I found this Tigi Head shot hydrating shampoo and decided to give it a try.

          The shampoo

          This shampoo is made by the popular hairdressing brand Tigi, it is from thier catwalk range and is used for lightened hair that is very dry and damaged. As my hair was both dry and damaged I thought it was worth a try.

          This instantly adds moisture and shine to dull lifeless hair and I have to say it does exactly as it says on the bottle, after a few washes with this my hair started to look and feel much healthier.

          The shampoo comes in a light purple squeezable tube, which contains 150mls of product and with the tubes design you can get out every last drop of shampoo as it can be stood up on end.

          You can expect to pay £7.95 for this bottle of shampoo and it can be bought from certain hairdressers, however I bought mine from amazon and got it slightly cheaper.

          My Thoughts.

          Although this will never repair my hair it has helped make it managable, without it splitting and breaking further, so this really has helped as far as I am concerned.

          This is a little bit pricey but it is money well spent as it has saved me having to get my hair cut off.

          I recommend this to anyone with dry brittle hair as it will certainly help, but if you are prone to greasy hair this may not be an option as it does put moisture into your hair and will therefore leave it greasy very quickly.


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            19.08.2009 18:11
            Very helpful



            Not recommended for couples.

            I have been away from dooyoo for a while, but I do have to say how nice it really is to see so many familiar faces around, plus the addition of a few new ones who seem to be setting a very high standard, to keep us older members on our toes.

            Anyway after a long awaited return I have decided to review a hotel my and my partner stayed in when we went on a last minute holiday to Spain at the end of July.

            WHAT A DEAL

            We booked the last minute holiday through the teletext holiday section on teletext web site, we had never gone with them before but as it was such a good deal for this time of year and we desperately wanted a little bit of sunshine, it was perfect for us as we were not expecting anything lavish, this way we would not be disappointed.

            I managed to get a seven night stay in an all inclusive hotel and all flights and transphers were included, for the bargain price of £568.00. Which I think is brilliant as it is high season and the school holidays, which is the most expensive time of year.


            I do have to say the location was perfect, it was situated in a small town Tossa De Mar on the Costa Brava Spain. It is a quaint little fishing town surrounded by scenic views of the ocean, beaches and it was all encased by stunning cliffs, which dominated the town and gave you the isolated and enclosed feeling.

            The thing that really appealed to me was the face that it was not really a tourist destination unlike LLoret De Mar which was only a few miles down the road, so if you wanted more excitement you could head there, or relax and take it easy in Tossa.

            Tossa de Mar can be reached by either flying into Girona of Barcelona airports, Girona is the nearest and eliminates an hour and a half bus ride from the alternative Barcelona airport. We flew in to Barcelona and took the hours journey by bus to reach our hotel, the trip was very scenic with some stunning views, but I think the Girona airport would have been a much better option for us.


            The hotel is called the Tossa Beach hotel, which sounds very nice but you expect a beach with a name like that don't you, there is a beach but it is a fair distance down the road so I personally thought the name was very misleading. But I wasn't going to be put off by this as we had got the holiday so cheap.

            The Tossa Beach Hotel is a three star all inclusive hotel that offers over one hundred and twenty rooms, which consist of doubles, singles and family rooms. The rooms are situated within two different buildings which are both connected by the ground floor, each building is accessible by a different stairwell of lift. Which makes is a stayable place for the disabled, but I personally feel like the disabled would be limited on where they could go easily as there were stairs and step everywhere.

            The rooms are all located on the top to floors and on the ground floor you will find a lavish reception area with massive doors and a thick wood reception desk, here you are greeted by pleasant and nicely dressed staff, who are willing to help without hesitation.

            Upon arrival you were issued with your room key and then the cheese factor took place and you were issued with a bright blue wrist band which was to be worn for the entire stay, this enabled you to eat, drink and take advantage of all of the hotels facilities. Adults are issued a blue band and children under eighteen are issued with a red band, to make staff aware that they are unable to drink.

            Also on the ground floor you have computers for internet access and there is a small charge of 1 Euro for fifteen minutes, which is not too bad if you only need to check email.

            The ground floor also consists of a Luggage room, where you are able to leave luggage if you are traveling later in the day, as the hotel expects you to vacate your rooms by 10am on the day of departure. Along side this you will find a massive venue room where you will fined the bar, pool tales, video games and an air hockey game, which also cost you 1 euro a play.

            It is as you get to the bar area you see that this hotel is not all it seems, the bar area was dirty looking and very seedy, it did not seem to be cared for at all. The bar staff were rude and they all looked dirty and unwashed, they looked like they had just come into work after a night out and they had not been home.

            The hotel had entertainment every night, which consisted of children's entertainment until 9pm and them the adult entertainment from 9pm until midnight, when the bar closed down and you were told to go to your rooms. I did not like this one little bit, yes I understand they have to work to a no noise policy to cater for all of the guests, but actually being told to go to bed by a grubby waiter was not what I expected from my holiday.

            The restaurant is located in what can only be described as the basement, it spanned the whole length of the hotel and consisted of a help your self type buffet for breakfast, dinner and tea time meals. At fist there was a wide selection of food of so I thought, but as the week went on I soon noticed that it was the same old food day in and day out, anything not eaten at breakfast was put out and lunch and so on and so forth.

            The swimming pool is a big but not massive enough to swim in freely, it was situated in a courtyard and was surrounded by twenty of so big plastic sun loungers which consumed the patio where all the smokers congregated. To be honest I thought it was a health and safety hazard as there was not even enough space to walk through and around the sun loungers, so I don't know how many people slipped in to the pool accidentally.

            THE BEDROOM

            This was very basic and a little bit on the small side, when we fist entered the room it was very dark and dingy but we pulled the closed curtains to let in some light, which it did indeed but it also put us in full view of the hotel across the street, who's guests could see directly into the room they were that close, I would have to say it was a car length distance between us and the hotel next door.

            Even though it was a little bit cramped, it was adequate to suit mine and my partner's needs. It contained a double and single bed, chair, bedside unit, cheat of draws and a wardrobe. We also had a television with one English Channel, a telephone, kettle and safe which is basically everything you need when you are on holiday.

            The room was advertised as having air conditioning, yes they had the actual units but it did not work luckily we were away from the sun and the floor was done in ceramic tiles so it was cool enough for us two, so with the help of the ceiling fan we were fine.

            The room can with a small balcony, which basically touched the hotel next doors balcony, it had a small fold away seat and an ashtray for any smokers, not that I would fancy standing there in full view of everyone smoking. We were positioned away from the sun so the sun never even hit the balcony so this may have been added for smoking purposes only, as the hotel does not permit smoking inside.

            The room also came with an ensuite bathroom which had a bath and over shower, toilet, wash basin and cosmetic area. This was basically half the size of the bed room, so in a way I feel that it should have been made smaller and the room made a bit bigger, however as crazy as it sounds if I felt claustrophobic I would go and sit in the bathroom.

            WHATS INCLUDED

            Many people tend to opt for all inclusive hotels so it saves them on food and drink bills, so I can see why it appeals. In this hotel the all inclusive status offered you a wide array of things.

            You got inclusive access to food which included Breakfast buffet, Lunch Buffet and dinner buffet. This could only be accessed at certain times during the day and worked on a help yourself and eat as much as you can basis.

            The restaurant opened for breakfast at 8.30am - 10.00am, for Lunch at 12.00pm-2.00pm and dinner at 6.30pm-9.00pm.

            If you were outside the time frame for the set buffet meal times you could go to a snack bar located in the bar area and have ice cream, pizza, chips, hotdogs and other food items. This too was included in your all inclusive package. The snack bar was only open when the dinning room was closed and it shut early in the evening, so I can't comment too much on the food as I only had a hotdog once and to be honest it was not the fantastic, but filled the gap.

            In the bar you get free alcoholic drinks and soft drinks, but to reduce queuing times you are limited to only two drinks at a time. I found this perfect for us as there was only two of us, but many larger families were complaining as one in two of them also had to go to the bar. The bar is open from 10am - 12pm.

            All entertainment and children's entertainment day and night was included. This included membership to animation which is a kids club run by qualified entertainers, they entertained the kids during the day and held a disco in the evening from 7.00pm until 9.00pm

            You were offered a daily maid service, which we did on the first day but then declined and did it our selves from then on. On the first morning we were rudely awoken by the maid at 7.15 in the morning, she just walked in and started to clean while we were still in bed. So this we did complain about this and started to secure the door with a chair to avoid any similar occurrences, surely a do not disturb sign would have been much better.

            MY OPINION

            Me and my partner did not really do anything at the hotel as the staff were rude, and the other guests who were just there to get plastered started to really grate on us as we were there to have a bit of sun and relax, so for that kind of holiday this is not the place to go.

            The thing that really annoyed me was the fact that we had to wear those plastic wrist bands, mine was put on so tight is cut into my wrist and they did not seem to soften up at all throughout the stay, I actually had to ask someone at the airport to cut it off on my way home, and beware you will come back with a white bangle when you return home as the sun seems to attract to the band.

            The restaurant food was okay for the first few days, but after that I found it all to be very bland and repetitive, I am not sure how people could eat this stuff all day everyday but if they have paid for it then why not, as I am sure that many of them paid a lot more than we did for our holiday.

            I can only describe this place as that of the TV show Benidorm, where all the guests are rude and only there to either pull or get drunk. I personally found that this is not the kind of place for me.

            Even though I have many gripes about this place, for the money we paid I could not complain. As I saw it the money I saved could be then spend on meals and drinks out, in the many bars and restaurants located through out the town.

            Although the beach was a walk away I was happy as it was a pretty sandy beach the offered me the relaxation I wanted with brilliant views, plus it got me away from that awful hotel and all the noise.

            I loved Tossa De mar itself and I would visit again, but as for the hotel I don't think I will be returning to it or any all inclusive resort for that matter as if feel we would not get our moneys worth.

            I feel this is a family hotel or even better suited to stag and hen parties, if you are a couple looking for a relaxing break with nice food and a few quite drinks then this place is a definite no no.


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              14.07.2009 00:23
              Very helpful



              Recommended for very dry skin types.

              WHY I USED THE PRODUCT

              After suffing from realy bad sun burn a few weeks ago, I had to find a really good moisturiser to stop my skin from drying out and peeling.

              I remembered that I had a tub of this body shop body butter, which is a used to hydrate and norish dry skin types.

              THE BODY BUTTER

              This body butter can be used on any skin type to hydrate and soften it, making it silky smooth to touch.

              I have this Raspberry flavour, which is pale pink in colour and emits a strong scent of raspberries as soon as you take off the lid. I personally feel that the smell is very pleasant and almost nice enought for you to eat.

              This body butter comes in a 200ml round tub with a screw off lid, it is very compact and can be stored easily and the best bit is the fact that the packaging can be easily recycled once the product has been used.


              This can be applied directly onto your skin, you can apply it to every part of your body or just dry areas.

              I personally use a small finger sized amount at a time as it is very thick and if your skin is relativly hydrated already, it can take a long while to be absorbed fully. so it is best to use small amounts and keep reapplying it if you need to.


              the body shop do these butters in many different flavours, all of which are very pleasent and easily abosorbed.

              You can purchases these butters in small 50ml tubs for £5.00 each or larger tubs of 200mls for £12.00.

              MY OPINION

              The price may sound excessive but this has lasted me well over a year now and I still have some left, so I am confident that it rely is good vaule for money.

              The only down side to this cream is the fact that is is very thick and can take a while to absorb fully, if you apply to much cream your skin will feel greasy and you will have no option but to wash it all off.

              I stongly advise this product for anyone with sunburn of very dry skin as it really hydrates and norishes your skin, restoring it back to its original state.


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              • GHD Indulgence Treatment / Hair Care / 61 Readings / 59 Ratings
                More +
                31.03.2009 13:30
                Very helpful




                Having got a new pair of GHD hair straighteners at christmas, I have become a massive fan of their products too. Some of which are very expensive but they are so good I now buy them on a regular basis.

                I have very highlighted hair and i straighten it every day, so a good conditioner is required to maintain healthy looking hair on a daily basis.

                Since getting my new straighteners I have started to use the GHD Indulgence which is basically a deep conditioning mask that penetrates your hair deep in to the cuticle leaving it revitalised and healthy looking.

                This deep conditioning mask is only applied once a week as it is an intensive treatment, you apply it to wet pre washed hair and comb it through. allow it to penetrate your hair fully for roughly ten minutes before rinsing it out.

                You can buy these as a single treatment from certain hairdressers but usually they come in a box of six, so they are designed to be used in between hair appointments.

                From hairdressers you are looking at paying over ten pounds a box but I recently bought a box from TK maXX for 4.00 because the box was battered up but the products were fine so I feel I got myself a bargain.

                These have to be once of the best conditioning treatments I have tried to date, as my hair is usually very dry and brittle but now it looks amazing.

                I highly recommend these for dry hair in need of a moisture boost.


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                • Mc Vities Mini Cheddars / Snacks / 52 Readings / 50 Ratings
                  More +
                  24.02.2009 22:30
                  Very helpful



                  Recommended for all cheese lovers.

                  As a child these were always present in my school lunch box, which certainly shows how long that have been around.

                  These mini chedders are made and produced by themcvities company, who can also put claim to the popular mini cookies, digestives and a wide variety of cakes, crisps and savory snacks.

                  Each bag contains roughly twenty bite size chedder nibbles, each the size of a ten pence piece making it possible to put half a bag in your mouth at once.

                  Each nibble is jam packed full of cheesy flavour, which is good as the only other crisp i know that does this are wotsis, but chedders don't stain your fingers while eating them and they don't melt in you mouth, these need to be crunched so they are not what i call lazy crisps.

                  You can buy these in single bags at around 45 pence each, these are packaged in a foil pack to keep the freshness inside. You can also buy this in multi packs of six or twelve and range from 99 pence to 1.79 for each multi pack.

                  I highly recommend these as alight snack of along side a ploughmans lunch, they can also be great from the kids pack lunch boxes.


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                  • Stabilo Boss Highlighter / Homeware / 37 Readings / 37 Ratings
                    More +
                    20.02.2009 16:24
                    Very helpful
                    1 Comment



                    Recommended to highlight documents of mark bingo books.

                    I have not been around dooyoo for awhile so I thought it was time to return and see if I can see any of the old faces are still roaming the site.

                    As I have been away I wile I think my review writing skills may have slipped so please bear with me, while i find my feet again.

                    Here I am going to write about the handy little stabilo highlighters.

                    Highlighters have been around for many years, well actually longer than I care to remember. I first started to use these when I was at school and have continued to use them ever since.

                    These stabilo highlighters are very different to any other highlighters, not only are they more expensive than a normal highlighter but they also last a lot longer so paying 1.29 for each pen it not to bad.

                    The stabilo highlighters can be purchased in packs of 4 or 6 and cost 4.99-7.89, you can also buy one pen alone at 1.29. If these are something you use then I would recommend that you buy the four pack as they work out a little it cheaper.

                    I use these to highlight text from my work documents, this way if it is important it will stand out and save me reading the pages all the way through again.

                    I like that these can be used over pen of pencil, but in the past i have noticed that the highlighters nib dis colours when highlighting over pencil and there for changes the intensity of the bright neon colours these pens come it.

                    You can get these pens in neon pink, purple, green, yellow, blue, redish rink and a light purple, I personally find that I use the yellow and the light pink alot as the text underneath the highlighted area is still very easy to read, if i use a darker highlighter than the text can become very hard to read.

                    I would recommend these to anyone who works in an office of even as bingo pens as they last forever.


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                    • Louis Vuitton Handbags / Discussion / 76 Readings / 69 Ratings
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                      28.10.2008 17:14
                      Very helpful



                      understated for such a great brand name.

                      I am sure many of you will know the brand Louis Vuitton, I instantly think handbag and my eyes light up at the thought of them.

                      Although I have always dreamed of a Louis Vuitton bag, I have never had the money to buy one and if I have had a bit of extra cash, I could think of other things to spend it on as these can be really expensive.

                      My dreams finally came true on the 8th October this year, my husband treated me to my very own genuine Louis Vuitton handbag for my birthday, I knew I had married him for a reason, bless him.

                      LOUIS VUITTON HISTORY

                      The Louis Vuitton Designer fashion brand was founded in 1854, by a man named Louis Vuitton Malletier also known as Louis Vuitton or LV for short.

                      Louis Vuitton is a Famous French designer, who specialises in fantastic leather goods such as handbags, wallets, belts, luggage and even jewellery, all of which are made by hand in Paris.

                      Over the years we have seen many different designs and colours of the Louis Vuitton brand, many of which have been designed by the famous fashion designer Marc Jacobs. The most recent Louis Vuitton designs also being inspired by Marc himself.

                      Louis Vuitton is recognised internationally by many fashion followers, and is constantly advertised by major celebrities supporting their brand. Therefore making them the must have bag.

                      This brand is one of the oldest fashion designers in the world, and has become so desirable that Louis Vuitton no longer need to advertise as the items speak for themselves, They now only sell their brand through retails stores or at their web site www.louisvuitton.com.

                      MY OWN LITTLE LOUIS VUITTON

                      On my birthday my hubby took me to Leeds to visit the Louis Vuitton shop, I didn't have a budget as such but I was not allowed to spend thousands.

                      As soon as I saw this bag I knew it was the one, it felt like when I was getting me wedding dress, you just know when it's the one.

                      I settled for a monogram canvas clutch bag, from the current 2008 Beverly collection range. This stunning little clutch bag has a clasp that closes the bag and is engraved with the signature Louis Vuitton brand logo.

                      The bag is dark brown with little beige LV logos all over it and gold/ brass detail buckles, it also comes with a removable strap so you can use it as a clutch or a shoulder bag.

                      The bag is fully lined with a suede material, similar to a shammy leather and has a cowhide trimming around the bag and on the strap.

                      This bag consists on one main compartment and a smaller zipped inside pocket, attached to this pocket was a leather cowhide tag that displayed my bags unique serial number.

                      Although this bag is a lot smaller than I would usually go for at only 10inch x 4.7inches long and 1.8 inches wide. I adore it and I will only use it on special occasions, as I can only fit so much into it.

                      If this amazing bag wasn't enough it came with its own protective Louis Vuitton dust bag to protect it when it is not in use, and it was wrapped up perfectly in a Louis Vuitton store bag that was made of thick card and embossed with the brand name, then neatly finished with cream LV branded ribbon.

                      I also got all of the authenticity cards and paperwork to correspond with my brand spanking new Louis.

                      Lastly as I was leaving the shop a sales assistant informed me that they do s repair service, so if I damaged my bag in any way they could fix it for me. I didn't even know Louis Vuitton offered this service so I learned something I didn't know about Louis Vuitton.


                      Some of you may now be saying how crazy I am, as this cost my old man 420.00.

                      I know, this will pay my mortgage for a month and I am so stupid at letting him spend this money for a little bag, many may think I should have got knock off for 30.00 but I have always wanted an authentic Louis Vuitton bag.

                      COUNTERFIT BAGS

                      As Louis Vuitton is such a desirable brand, it has now become one of the most counterfeited brands available today, with only 1% of Louis Vuitton bags around being original and authentic.

                      So the next time you walk down the street and see a young girl proudly supporting a LV monogram bag, you can bet your life it is a fake.

                      This really bugs the life out of me, when you get these chav's in tracksuits supporting a fake LV bag on their arm, they are not doing the brand any good and I just want to scream at them.

                      Remember that LV only sell in stores or online, so if you try to get one off ebay you are most likely to get a fake at a very steep price, If they can product a sales receipt this would be the only way I would trust buy one from ebay.

                      LEEDS LOUIS VUITTON STORE

                      Well what can I say, as soon as you walk in you can smell the leather and instantly makes you take deep breaths to inhale as much of this luscious smell as you can.

                      Unlike many Louis Vuitton shops I have been in the staff were very friendly and let us roam around freely, without us feeling like suspected shop lifters. I did notice that nothing was priced so it is a shop that if you have to ask you can't afford it.

                      The sales lady was very quick to help; well she should be for the price of the things in there. She laid out a cloth and placed my bog onto it, for me to handle and look at. That was the moment it was sold and I said I would take it.

                      The shop is very minimalistic and all of the items are laid out nice and neatly, some of the more expensive items were displayed in huge glass cabinets that swallowed up the items, and others were displayed nicely on tables and shelving units.

                      The store is located at:

                      98 /99 Brig gates, Leeds, Yorkshire, LS1 6BN.
                      Telephone: 01133863120
                      OPENING DAYS & TIMES
                      The store is open seven days a week, but times do vary.

                      Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday the shop opens at 10.00am - 6.00pm
                      Thursdays 10.00am - 7.00pm
                      Sundays 11.00 - 5.00pm

                      MY VIEWS

                      The Louis Vuitton is very unique and desirable to many, well those who don't get put off by the chav status it seems to have adopted at the moment.

                      I just wish LV would hurry up and sue the pants off of these Chinese who are knocking out the fakes willy nilly and let this get back to the status it had a few years ago.

                      I also love the face that Louis Vuitton never have sales or outlet shops, The price you pay is the price that it will always be so you don't have to hold off and wait for sales as they never happen.

                      The only thing I really despise is the fact that there are so many fakes around, these make the brand look so cheap and tacky. I hate it when someone asks if it is real, how insulting it that but.

                      I would love to get the Louis Vuitton luggage set, but I will have to wait for a lottery win first.

                      Louis Vuitton has done really well, as it has been going for over 150 years and it is still a very much sort after fashion brand.

                      I have now come to the conclusion that my hubby is a fantastic bloke who I would not be without, don't get me wrong I don't get everything I ever want, but this was a fantastic surprise.

                      All I got on the morning of birthday was a card and he said he would take me shopping to get something, I just assumed he had forgotten but as it turns out he didn't know which bag I would like, so I got to choose my own.


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                        23.05.2008 13:02
                        Very helpful



                        great for the perfect night out.

                        I recently started to take a very keen interest in the body shop make up range, I have never been a big make up lover but I have found their products to be very good and they are produced to a very high quality.

                        I have really fallen in love the body shops lip and cheek stain, it is rose pink in color and can be applied to the lips or cheeks to enhance the colour.

                        I have found this good as I can go out on a night out and my lips stay coloured, I hate when you have had a few drinks that you have to go to the toilet to reapply lipstick. So this is ideal for me as the colour stay there all night long.

                        All you need to do is apply one coat of this to your lips and it will give you a pale pink colour, if you want the colour to be darker reapply when it is dry and this will intensify the colour.

                        This come is a lip gloss style tube with a wand applicator, The tube is 8mls and cost 9.00.

                        So for 9.00 this is a real bargain and has saved me money already, as I only need to apply this once, if I want to add a high shine to it I sometimes apply a clar lip gloss over the top.


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                        • Anbesol Liquid / Baby Health / 73 Readings / 71 Ratings
                          More +
                          22.05.2008 00:19
                          Very helpful



                          Highly recommended for anyone with toothache, or babies teething.

                          I am going to let you into a secret, I have not been to the dentist for 12 years. This is awful I know but I am so frightened of them hurting me, as I child I always loved to visit the dentist so I could get the stickers with a big smile on or the legendary lolly pops they gave out.

                          My mother was always petrified of the dentist and had to get someone else to take me, I think this is where I got the complex and I have now inherited my mother's fear.

                          Recently I have really been suffering with chronic toothache, due to a tooth a chipped at the back of my mouth a few years ago, I don't have a dentist and it is almost impossible to find a NHS dentist that will treat you. I work full time and all the dental practices won't touch you and always sent you to a private practice, and then expected you to take out a den plan for 35.00 a month.

                          This was a complete joke, I was having to pay this money out because I worked and no NHS dentist would touch me.

                          My husband was registered at a dental practice a few miles away so I have now been placed on their list, I have had to wait 18 months for my appointment but at least I can say I now have a dentist and I am trying to overcome my fear.

                          While I was suffering from the bad tooth ache, I discovered anbesol liquid. This was found after trying many other teething remedies.


                          Anbesol liquid is the only product I have ever found that actually worked, it seemed to numb the pain and I was able to eat and carry on as normal.

                          The liquid comes in a small 6.5ml glass bottle with a small push down to release cap, it is bright yellow in colour and the smell can only be described as a mouthwash smell.

                          I have found this to give me rapid relief from mouth ulcers, teething pains and aches and also denture irritation. I think this so quick in acting as a pain relief as it contains both antiseptic and anaesthetic.

                          This really tastes fowl but if it gives me that relief I needed then I would do anything, if I could have got some pliers and pulled the tooth myself I would have.


                          For adults and teenagers, this can be applied to the effected area neat to give instant relief, apply to the sore area twice and do not exceed dose more than 8 times a day.

                          This can also be used on babies gums to help them sooth teething times.


                          I bought this from my local chemist for the bargain price of 2.49. I was amazed at how cheap this was for the fast relief I got.

                          It was my best friend for nearly two days, then my tooth seem to calm down and I have not had a problem since, I still keep it in my bag because it is my lifeline until my dental appointment on the 9th of June.

                          MY OPINION

                          I have never ever been as thank full to a chemist of a tooth product in my life, before I found this my whole face would ache. Yes I have been called face ache before and this just upped to tempo on the jokes, not very amusing when you are in pain.

                          So anyone who suffer from tooth ache must have a bottle of this, my symptoms have stopped thanks to this anbesol.

                          Although I am having second thought about attended my dentist appointment on the 9th of June, I think I will have to face my fears because I never want to suffer this pain again.


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                            21.05.2008 13:11
                            Very helpful



                            a healthy breakfast, to keep you going untill lunch.

                            I have eating Weetabix as my breakfast cereal for years, longer than I car to remember. They are not only very filling but also full of good nutrition. These were never all that appealing as a child and they had to be soaked in sugar and milk, for them to have a nice taste. Now I am older I can now eat them without sugar and they taste just fine.

                            PACKAGING & CEREALS

                            When you first see the weetabix cereals they look very bland and un interesting. They are brown in colour and consists or lots of little packed oaty bits. All of the oats and goodness are packed together in to a shape that looks similar to a bar of soap.

                            The box is nicest looking part of the whole cereal, it is bright neon yellow with the weetabix branding right across it, Dependent on the size of box you buy the size of the box can vary. I usually buy the 48 bar box, this is roughly 12inches high and 9inches wide.

                            WHY EAT BREAKFAST

                            Well breakfast is the most important meal of the day, not only doe's it get you off to a good start but it also triggers your metabolism, which then enables you body to digest the food and break down the fat.

                            I didn't eat breakfast in the morning for years, but when I joined weight watchers I realized this was very important to eat breakfast and your other two main meals a day. If you don't eat your body thinks you are starving it and therefore you gain weight.

                            THINGS TO EAT WITH WEETABIX

                            I personally still find this cereal very bland, but I have learned to work with it, I have two weetabix blocks and skimmed milk, yes skimmed milk is awful at the best of times let alone on a very boring cereal that tastes of nothing. So I had to come up with something or change the cereal.

                            I have started to eat my cereals with fresh fruit like, strawberries, bananas, raisins, apples anything really that disguises the awful taste. I sometime mix in natural yoghurt if I fancy that extra boost and I have to say this tastes fantastic.

                            So I can eat a full healthy breakfast and one or two of my five a day, because on occasions I do struggle to eat all five. It is and added bonus as this breakfast only costs me 2 and half points on the weight watch diet, 3 and half if I use the yoghurt.

                            There are of course many other variations one could try...............honey instead of fruit for instance. If you are stuck in the greasy breakfast routine make a little effort and do yourself some good by changing your routine just a little. Have the fry up on a weekend and the Weetabix during the week and you like me WILL see the difference and feel much better to for it.
                            BUYING WEETABIX

                            You can buy Weetabix almost anywhere, tesco's asda or any other convenience shop, and the prices do vary a lot.

                            A box of 12 Weetabix costs 1.19 at both tesco and asda, but you can expect to pay more else where.

                            A box of 24 will set you back 1.78 at both shops.

                            A box or 48 is 3.24 and lastly the family size box of 72's will cost 4.38. These are the prices for both Tesco and Asda.

                            MY OPINION

                            I don't really like the taste of these, with the non fat milk I drink but I am sure if I tried semi skimmed it would improve as my milk is tasteless.

                            I love getting up in the morning and concocting my breakfast, it is a lot more interesting eating is with fruit or yoghurts, and I have to say I now get to work on a high and it keeps me going until tea time. Yes I do eat a nutria grain bar at lunch as I need to try to eat my three meals.

                            Yes it sounds fattening but it really isn't I have lost loads of weight, although I seem to be eating more. I think it is because in now understand that the body needs the full three meals.


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                              20.05.2008 13:15
                              Very helpful



                              Great training add, to correct bad doggies behavior.

                              I have decided to write this review as I feel that most people have not given the dog training device, the halti head collar a fair chance. I feel that this is the best training devise that is designed for dogs that tend to pull excessively, and tend to be very uncontrollable during routine walks.

                              MY PROBLEM

                              When we first introduced Amber, our old English sheep dog to the family she was just a cute bundle of fluff, but this little bundle of fluff some because a huge yeti beast LOL. At first it was fine as we would walk her as a family and she would be off the lead and controlled by my husband, the perfect dog anyone could ask for.

                              Then our circumstances changed and my husband took another job, which enabled him leaving early in the morning and returning late at night, therefore the dogs walks were left for me.

                              In the morning Amber would happily plod along side me, as she I a very lazy dog and I don't think she took to kindly being taken out so early. The problems started on the afternoon walks, she would pull so hard you could hear her choking and finding it hard to breath, and I was getting pulled all over the place. At one point she pulled me so hard I dislocated my shoulder, that fact that she was killing me and hurting herself didn't seem to faze her at all.

                              I put up with this for a week or so and her walks had shortened rapidly in that time, I need to take drastic measures. Even my husband noticed a difference in her when he took her at the weekends, she pulled him it to oncoming traffic, and nearly killed herself.

                              By this point I was at the end of my tether, I hated the dog and hated walking her. But at the same time I couldn't help but love her, at home she was perfect soft, good natured and she loves big cuddles.

                              I telephoned a dog obedience specialist and he advised me to get one of these dog training halti collars.

                              THE DOGS THAT CAN BENEFIT FROM THE HALTI

                              This halti head collar can benefit many dogs that have problems, such as dogs that pull to the excess it is impossible to control them. The collar fastens around the dogs head and over their nose, still allowing them the freedom to bark pant and put things in their mouth.

                              You can also use this to train dogs not to go after other dogs, walk at heal and it can even help with aggressive dogs, as you have complete control without restricting the dog in anyway.

                              You just need to learn how to position the lead so you can get the full benefit for this great training devise, for example if the dog pulls you tug lightly on the lead, so the dogs head turns slightly this way they know who is the boss and they soon learn to stop as they don't really like it.

                              If you have a dog that is aggressive and snarls and snaps, this is good as well, just tug the lead into the air, and the halti will tighten and the dogs jaw will close. I have never had to do this on Amber but my mother in law has a very over protective Labrador, which snarls at men so she has found this great for that.

                              THE HALTI HEAD COLLAR

                              The Halti head collar is designed to sit around the dogs head and it has a section that sits over their nose. Beneath the chin there is a small metal hoop that controls the tightness of the collar. So if the dog pulls this will tighten and if the dog is walking fine it will stay loose.

                              From the back section of the halti are two thin straps that go through the silver hoop under the chin to control the tightness, and at the end of the two straps is another silver hoop. This is when you place your dogs lead.

                              There is an additional section that can clip to the lead hoop and the dogs collar, this is used it you dog is prone to slipping the collar. The dog will try to remove the collar at first as they will not like you being in control, so it is a good idea to use this at first. At least until they get used to the halti.


                              These collars cost anywhere for 7.99 to 8.99, you can expect to pay 7.99 for smaller dogs and 8.99 for larger dogs.

                              You can buy these halti head collars from any leading pet shop or pets at home store.

                              Some people feel that they are a little bit over priced, but in my experience I would have paid 10 x the amount, as I just couldn't cope anymore.

                              CHOOSING THE CORRECT SIZE FOR YOU DOG.

                              Each halti packet gives you a guide on what size to buy, but I think these can be misleading, so I would recommend you take it out of the packet and check the size, as getting the right size is critical when training you dog to be a better dog.

                              There are 5 different sizes to cater for all breeds of dog.

                              Size 0 is for miniature Dashunds, Toy poodles, and Yorkshire terriers.

                              Size 1 is for Boarder terriers, Jack Russell's, Corgi's, Sheltie's, Westie's and Whippet's

                              Size 2 is for Beagle's, Boarder Collie's, Cocker's, Staffie's and Standard Poodles.

                              Size 3 is for Afghan's, Airedale's, Boxer's, Chows Chows, Dalmatian's, Doberman's, Husky's, Labrador's, Old English Sheep Dog's, Pointer's and Retrievers.

                              Size 4 is for Bernese, Bull Mastiff's, Great Dane's, New foundland's, Ridgeback's, Rottweiler's, and Wolf hound's

                              Size 5 is for Blood hounds, Large Dane's, Mastiff and St Bernard's.

                              Remember this is just a guide and do check before you buy, as bitches and younger dogs may need smaller sizes.

                              Choosing the correct size is essential because if the halti is too small, it can cause your dog harm by cutting into their nose and if the collar is to big it will slip into their eyes and cause discomfort, also if it is to big the dog will be able to slip the collar.

                              MY OPINION

                              There are so many advantages, we can now enjoy the dog again within a week her problems were solved. We came to the understanding very early that if she wanted long walks then she needed to behave herself.

                              I now find it a real pleasure to walk her, and we don't even need the halti now. But it is so handy so we do continue to use it when I am walking her just in case, as she is so strong I don't stand a chance.

                              We use the size 3 on Amber and with her hair is fits perfectly, but upon a recent hair cut she had we had to go and buy a size 1, because the size 3 drowned her. Sounds crazy her dropping two sizes but trust me all she consists of is her hair.

                              So please check you have got the right size, if you have not as long as you have the receipt the shops will exchange for a smaller one.

                              There is just one thing I hate about these collars, people assume they are muzzles and therefore assume your dog is aggressive. I hate this because if they were in the know they would know that it is a training device and not there to restrict or shut the dog up in anyway.

                              I love these as they are so effective and really do work, I would bet my life on these working for any dog that pulled, providing the owner can handle a little tug on the lead. With these there is no excuse for a badly behaved dog, at the end of the day it is the owners that are bad trainers and it is not down to the dog.

                              So as I have said these are the best thing since sliced bread, well in the doggie world at least. I can't stress enough how good these are as they have not only saved my sanity but also secured Ambers fate.


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                                19.05.2008 22:02
                                Very helpful



                                We loved it, one of the best hen parties ever experienced.

                                Recently it was a friend's hen party and we were unsure of what to do, and how to celebrate it. A group of us got together and came up with suggestions. These were the usual night out in Blackpool, weekend in London, a four day drinking session in Benidorm, limousine for the night but we wanted to do something that would suit everyone.

                                Many of our friends are short of money and have commitments, so the trips away were a no go. Then on a trip to the local supermarket one of my friends picked up a flyer for Go Ape.

                                This was it everyone agreed to the go ape adventure and then a night out in our town, this way it saved money for those who were short of money and those who couldn't leave children. The problem was solved and the bride to be was over the moon.

                                WHAT IS GO APE.

                                Go ape first opened to the public 2002, in the thetford forest. Since this date sixteen other Go ape attractions have opened around the UK.

                                Go ape in the newly award winning high wire adventure obstacle course. That spans the Thretford forest, with high wires, Death ropes, rope ladders, rope bridges, Tarzan swings and even zip slides.

                                So if you fancy some high flying, Tarzan swinging adventure set over a one mile radius then this is the place.

                                All of these activities at all set high in the forests tree tops. So if you are afraid for heights I would not recommend you try this, even I struggled with the height issue and I am not usually scared.

                                When you arrive at Go ape you will be given a full induction on you safety gear and how to navigate the course safely, each group is issued with their own go ape host who is fully trained so you can ask any questions you have either before you start the course or during the course.

                                The whole course is split into six sections and varies from easy to very difficult, so this is a great place that even the kids can enjoy.
                                Go ape is popular for people of all ages, but there are certain restrictions that need to be accounted for.

                                The minimum age is 10 years old, with minimum height of 4 foot 7 inches and there is also a weight limit of 130kg, 20.5 stones.

                                SAFETY ELEMENTS

                                If you a wondering about the high wires and how you are attached then don't, you will have your own harness and full induction on the safety procedures, so you can not fall out of the tree tops.

                                Instructors are located on certain areas of the course so if you are ever in doubt, you can just ask one of the many fully train personnel.


                                The Go Ape is located in the Thetford forest and can be reached from the A11 then the A14 onto the A134 from bury, continue through Thetford and then follow the B1106 to the thetford high lodge forest centre.


                                The prices are for three hours continuous adventure.

                                Gorillas (over 18 years old) 25.00
                                Baboons ( 10-17 years old) 20.00, but they must be accompanied by a paying adult.

                                Children under 10 are unable to go on the Go ape adventure, but they can still stand and watch, there is even a play area for the younger kids, this is free of charge.


                                As the Go Ape is very popular it is essential that you per-book to avoid disappointment.

                                You can book online at www.goape.co.uk or you can telephone 0845 643 9086.

                                A 1.00 booking fee will be charged to a debit of credit card, upon booking and the full amount will need to be paid in full on the day.

                                OPENING TIMES

                                Although opening times may vary, it is usually 14th March until 31st October, every day of the week. Plus weather permitting November weekends.

                                I do advise that you check online at www.goape.co.uk to confirm as the weather is a major factor, and certain parts of the obstacle course will close during bad weather.

                                CAR PARKING

                                The forestry commission car park has a small charge of 3.50 for the full day.

                                It has limitations and the car will need to be gone when the park closes, otherwise you will have a very expensive clamping charge. And an uncomfortable night's sleep in the car.

                                OTHER GO APE UK LOCATIONS

                                If you like the sound of this go ape adventure, then you may have a location near to you here are the sixteen go ape attractions that are currently open to the public.

                                1) Queen Elizabeth Forest Park, Stirlingshire
                                2) Dalby Forest, North Yorkshire
                                3) Sherwood Pines Forest Park, Nottinghamshire
                                4) Leeds Castle, Kent
                                5) Bedgebury Forest, Kent
                                6) The Look Out, Swinley Forest, Bracknell
                                7) Alice Holt Woodland Park, Farnham Surrey
                                8) Wendover Woods, Aylesbury Bucks
                                9) Moors Valley Country Park, Ringwood
                                10) Haldon Forest Park, Exeter Devon
                                11) Mallards Pike, Forest Of Dean
                                12) Delamere Forest, Chester
                                13) Poole's Cavern, Buxton, Peak District
                                14) Grizledale Forest, The Lake District
                                15) Whinlatter Forest Park, North Lake District
                                16) High Lodge Forest Centre, Thetford Forest, Suffolk


                                At first I had reservations about this as I am not exactly fit, but I managed fine. Yes there is a certain degree of strength and fitness needed, but if you can climb a ladder you will be fine.

                                Upon arrival you get all of you safety instructions and codes, which allow you to enter the sections of the adventure course, through a turn stile.

                                I liked the way the whole adventure is split into sections, there are six sections in total the first section being the easiest just consisting of ropes and bridges. Then as the sections more along they get harder, so level six is the most extreme with the high wires and tree top ropes.

                                We took a picnic and beer package, but only three people drove so they couldn't drink. After the 3 hour adventure we all sat in the sunshine and ate the picnic with a few drinks on top.

                                It was a lovely day and even the bride's mother joined in she really enjoyed it, I just wish we had taken a camera to capture the day, that was my only downside.

                                This is a great adventure that can entertain the whole family even those who are not taking part, can watch all the excitement from below.


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                                  18.05.2008 17:22
                                  Very helpful



                                  Good food and gifts at reasonalble prices, entrance fees are reasonable.

                                  BEATRIX POTTER HISTORY

                                  Beatrix Potter is a well known novelist, who over the years brought us the famous Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddleduck, Miss Tiggy Winkle, Benjamin Bunny and many more cute looking characters.

                                  The famous novelist lived most of her life in the Lake District, she had a farm in sawry. She loved the lakes so much that she then went on to buy more and more land, eventually she donated this to the national trust so it would never be ruined.

                                  Beatrix Potter was born in London in 1866 and passed away in 1943, during her life she has written and perfected many of these short stories, which children still love and adore today.

                                  In the memories of this great novelist, a museum about her works and all of the characters she created was opened, this was the perfect thing to do to make sure that the books would always be known, I am sure this has contributed to the large success of the Beatrix potter books.

                                  THE WORLD OF BEATRIX POTTER

                                  Once you have paid your entrance fee, you are shown a short film about the world of Beatrix potter and its history. Once this has finished you can then enter the world of Beatrix Potter, where you can look around at your own leisure.

                                  This is a unique experience for both young and older people, and it is the only attraction of its kind in the whole of Europe.

                                  Here you can experience all of the twenty three Beatrix potter tales, these are brought to life in an indoor recreation of the beautiful lake district. You can experience some of the sights, sounds and even smells, so this is just like stepping into the story book.

                                  The museum is really quite small, to look at but it is packed with big human size models of the Beatrix creations, Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddleduck, Miss TIggy Winkle and all of the other characters created by the legendary Beatrix Potter.

                                  Although it is small it can take a while to get around it all, as the displays are so impressive and detailed, not only are the models great but the interactive and in depth reviews and details about the Beatrix legacy and all of the many characters will keep you gripped.

                                  GIFT SHOP

                                  As you exit the museum you will find a gift shop (THE EMPORIUM). Here you can purchase the comprehensive ranges of the Beatrix Potter gifts, such as books and collectables.

                                  Many of these little gifts are unique and can only be purchased from the world of Beatrix Potter of at the web site www.beatrixpotteremporium.com

                                  TEA ROOMS

                                  You can either grab a coffee and snack before or after you have visited the attraction. Here they serve good homemade food and snacks and offer a wide selection of hot and cold drinks.

                                  Within the tea rooms there are parent and toddler facilities and even a children's activity play area to keep kids entertained, while you relax with your coffee.

                                  You can sit inside of outside on the terrace to take in the spectacular views, surrounding the attraction.


                                  The trip to the world of Beatrix potter cost £5.95 per Adult and £3.00 for children. This is paid at the booking desk when you enter the attraction.


                                  This attraction is located in Bowness on Windermere, and I very easy to get to from all locations.

                                  If you are coming from the M6 south bound, you need to exit at junction 40 on to the A592, this will road will then take you all of the way to the Beatrix attraction, just follow the sign posts for the attraction.

                                  If you are coming from the M6 north bound, take exit 36 signposted A590 follow this road until you hit the A592, The A592 signposted Bowness will take you to the Beatrix Museum.

                                  For information you can contact the Beatrix attraction at:

                                  The world of Beatrix Potter,
                                  Bowness on Windermere,
                                  LA23 3BX.
                                  Tel: 01539488444
                                  Email: information@hop-skip-jump.com


                                  Recently the museum has had many things to celebrate, the first being 100 years of Jemima Puddleduck.

                                  Beatrix published the first Jemima Puddleduck short story in 1908, Jemima Puddleduck was a simpleton duck that went on to capture the worlds hearts. Therefore the character has gone on to still be a loved character, and celebrated her 100th birthday.

                                  Another great mile stone for the Beatrix Potter legacy was the making of the film Miss Potter, this film illustrates Beatrix Potter's life and how she became the person she did. Renee Zellweger played the legendary Miss Potter, This too is another I would recommend you see.

                                  OVERALL OPINION

                                  I loved this although when I first walked into the museum, I was disappointed with its size, but we still managed to spend three hours there and the kids loved it so, I would visit again.

                                  The models and carvings on the Beatrix characters really made an impression on me they very beautifully designed and constructed.

                                  You can take in cameras and video cameras, so I would recommend you take one as these models are great as they are life sized you can even stand by them to have your picture taken.

                                  The food in the tea shop was yummy, it was all homemade and locally produced so it was a real treat, and the prices were very reasonable too.

                                  If you are looking for a day out then try this attraction, is very easy to get to from the M6, and provides an entertaining time for both you and the kids, This place is set in some stunning surrounding views, so even these are worth at look at.


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