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      01.07.2010 14:21
      Very helpful



      another hard review to write but a service to recommend

      This review follows on from the one I have dedicated to the memory of my best pal Billy Earl and again this is written in dedication to him .

      As I mentioned in the previous review , we used the Co-op funeral service which is nationwide but this review relates to the service in Paisley

      Never having had to arrange a funeral before , I had no idea just what was involved , forms to get filled in , people to inform , flowers to choose etc.

      We contacted the Co-op on the sunday morning , and spoke to a very nice man who told us that it would be better to make an appointment and so we went on Monday.

      Your are given a personal Funeral Director who guides you through the whole process , which includes choosing flowers , coffin, notices in papers , cars , who you want to perform the service, and deals with the burial or cremation staff as well

      The Co-op give you a full outline of the costs and do not push things that they feel are not required , and allowed us to make our own order of service booklet , which made the service a lot more personal.

      The Co-op also collect your loved one and as they say "look after them for you" what I also liked is that they dont call them the deceased and refer to them by name , again a nice touch , so much so every thing is prepared in their name

      The funeral director knows what a difficult time it is for you and by taking all the arrangements out of your hands allows you to deal more with the grief of loosing your loved one

      The Co-op keep you informed of every thing that is happening and what will happen on the day of the final journey , if you have a special route you wish to go on this also can be arranged

      In regard to viewings , I have to say this is a personal choice and some people may not feel they can do , it however we went to see Billy , and he just looked as if he was sleeping in his outfit , along with other items we wished to go with him arranged in a tasteful and respective way , also by viewing , you kinda get a chance to say good bye .

      On the day of the funeral we were picked up and driven to the funeral home , where Andrew our funeral director met with us , and spoke to the family , we left with Andrew walking in front of Billy complete with Top hat and cane , Billy would have loved this.

      Overall I was impressed ( if you can be) by the level of service , curtosy and professionalism , and advice given by all the staff of the Co-Op and both Robert and I thank them for their help and advice

      Without hesitation would I recommend the Co-op

      Our special thanks go to Andrew Philip who was our funeral director and to Helen Wood who was the officiant from the Humanist Society of Scotland

      Dedicated to the memory of Billy Earl sleep well wee man xxx

      thanks for reading


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        01.07.2010 11:51
        Very helpful



        one of the hardest reviews I have ever written

        This is one of the hardest reviews I will ever have to write , in my younger years I worked with the NHS and became accustomed to people dying , and as such felt I could deal with any thing

        The 13th of June 2010 will be a day I will never forget for the rest of my life Robert , Billy and I decided to go through to Edinburgh for the day as it was the weekend and we enjoyed our wee days out , we had a really good day , had lunch and some fun looking in all the shops and buying things for our holiday in September to Turkey which we were all looking forward to .

        That evening we got home watched Dr Who , which was Billy's favorite program and continued to have a really good night , with no signs of the events that were about to unfold.

        By 11pm I was sleepy as I had been up earlier in the morning to get the car serviced before we went to Edinburgh , I was woken by Robert shouting that Billy had collapsed this was about 00.15

        I ran through to the living room to find billy on the floor , at first I thought he was unconscious , but had a slight feeling he might have been dead , I told Robert to call an ambulance , and checked his breathing , at the time I kept hoping that he was still with us , and began Mouth to mouth and CPR

        Whilst waiting on the ambulance coming the controller stayed on the phone talking to us , and telling us what to do , it seemed like and eternity for the ambulance to arrive , and all the time I continued to do what I was doing

        4 paramedics arrived at the house and took over , I was standing where I could see the defribulator monitor screen and knew it wasn't too good , the ambulance crew shocked him and pumped adrenaline into him but to no avail , all the time I could see that there really was no response on the monitor

        The paramedics told us they were taking Billy to the hospital and could we get there , I said yeah and we drove to the hospital , I cant really remember the drive and not sure how fast we were going or if we broke any red lights , but beat the ambulance up to the hospital .

        They rushed Billy into a room and told us to wait in the visitors room , by now I felt it was too late , but nothing prepares you for when the Doctor walks into the room and says those dreaded words "Im really sorry"

        They let us see him , which was one of the most distressing times ever but he looked really peaceful and asleep , it was really hard to leave him there , and left the hospital heart broken and with a envelope of his belongings.

        Its times like these you realise why you need your mum , she had got up after I called her and drove 50 miles to come comfort us in the early hours of the morning and I really appreciate that

        After my mum left Robert and I had to go waken his sister at 4am , at first she thought he had taken unwell and was in the hospital , that was hard having to tell her that her brother had died , by 6 am we felt it was time to go tell Billy's mum who is 78 years of age , again at first she could not take it in , and then was also heart broken

        Because Robert Billy and I all lived together and Billy called us his wee family we dealt with all the arrangements , which included calling the Humanist Society of Scotland to perform the service and the Co-Op Funeral services to arrange the funeral

        I have to say without a doubt I would recommend the Co-Op their professionalism and support is second to none , they guide you through every thing , which includes choosing , flowers , putting notices in papers and of course coffins and liaising with the crematorium , because it was a Humanist service we picked the music for the service which was Bette Midler's the rose , Katherine Jenkins , time to say goodbye , and the Dr Who theme , the nice thing about a humanist service is that its non religious , and was more a celebration of Billy's life , he would have been amazed how many people attended as he was a very modest man

        The co-op also arranged a viewing of Billy which was very hard to attend but they had him looking again as he was asleep , and dressed in his favorite out fit which was all red .

        On the way home on the 13th Billy had said a very strange thing "Im going home to get changed into my red outfit and go back out" we never went out at night if we had been out during the day , so on his final journey we made sure he went with his red outfit on , along with some of his Dr who memorabilia , a book and some pictures of us all together on holiday

        Last week we spread his ashes in one of his favorite cites - Manchester, and our thanks go to Luther King House for allowing us to do so

        Billy and Robert had been friends for 25 years and I had been in both their life's for 10 years , we had some really good times together and traveled all over the world , we were really inseparable , he has left a big hole in our hearts and in the world

        Billy was 46 when he died and will be sorely missed , this review is written in memory of him and dedicated to him xxxxx

        Thanks for reading


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        • Thomas Cook / Travel Agent / 102 Readings / 99 Ratings
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          07.06.2010 15:32
          Very helpful



          Thomas Cook used to be good but changed so much

          I have used Thomas Cook as my travel agent for about 8 years now and have had some good holidays and some down right stinkers with them , I thought that because of the service provided by them that Id never have reason to use another travel agent , until this year

          It seems for some reason Thomas Cook have reduced the amount of products they are providing , and it has affected most noticeably their long haul flights , I only found this out when looking through their updated and highly confusing web site this year for holidays to the Dominican Republic from Glasgow for 2011, only to find out that the flight is no longer offered nor is the premium cabin service they offered for long haul flights. This would mean traveling to manchester and of course the additional cost involved with overnight stays both outbound and on the way home, so Im now looking at Thomson or TUI or what ever they want to call them self for next years holidays .

          My experience of Thomas Cook
          Thomas Cook have shops in most high streets and also operate a web site where you can not only look at pictures of the holidays and hotels , but also book , and pay your holiday on line

          I have used the shop in Paisley on many occasions and as such used to get a very good discount because of my repeat business , Most of the shops also have a currency exchange , and if you have booked with them will give you a VIP card , which allows you to get currency without the commission charge normally.

          I have always found the staff in my local shop to be very pleasant and welcoming , however in other towns this has not been the case , although its the same with most shops you get some good staff and some bad staff.

          I have also found the shop staff to be quite good at finding what your looking for and if you have researched on line and got a cheeper price from Thomas Cook.com they will try and price match that for you.

          Thomas Cook also do city breaks , I booked one of these on line , it does not come with a rep service and your very much on your own if you book this , which means you have to source your transfers from your destination airport unless you build them into your package , I used this service for a weekend in Amsterdam and found it adequate for my needs .
          Im not going to list all the places I've travelled to with Thomas Cook as its not really relevant , But I have experience their long haul service when the premium cabin was offered , and feel that by removing this , the will loose business - it gave you priority boarding , a larger luggage allowance , drinks on board , a choice of meal , and a larger seat , you really felt pampered , especially on a flight of 10 or so hours , the only down side was that these seats tended to cost a further £180+ per person on your holiday but in my opinion were worth the money.

          The medium and short haul service did not offer this service and it really feels as if your traveling cattle class , I always pre order our meals on the flight as I feel your on holiday the minute you step on the plane so its time to treat your self , even if this means forcing your self to eat the burnt offerings provided LOL , the seats on these flights really feel as if they have jammed as many in as possible and can at times be uncomfortable.

          The resort service , is an area I feel Thomas Cook is really let down , and whilst these employees are enjoying the sun , they should remember they represent the company , and are not there to as I have encountered , argue with the customer , and indeed almost abandon them , on the way to the airport - that was an experience Ill tell you ! , in my opinion the reps are only interested in selling their over priced trips ( which they earn commission on) which can be obtained at half the price from local companies .

          This year will be my final year with Thomas Cook , I booked my package holiday through the internet for Turkey , and got an such a good discount on line that it meant I could not resist , However I noticed this year that apart from the reduction in the long haul service the discounts , were significantly lower , and the prices much higher , as well as asking for ridiculous deposit amounts some time almost £600 !!

          This along with the limited product range , reduction in service and a web site that for some reason seems to be more confusing this year has put me off using them for next year , I have been aware their German partner has went bust , however have been assured that Thomas Cook Uk is financially stable I hope so or I wont be on holiday this year LOL

          Thank you for reading my rather long winded review , but I hope it helps you in choosing your travel agent , feel free to message me if you have any questions relating to my experience with them :)


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            06.06.2010 13:02
            Very helpful



            one of the worst Dr Who stories ever , shame really

            ****** Film only Review*********

            This is one of Colin Bakers adventures as Dr Who , and deals with the doctor and his problems after regeneration.

            Quite frankly the acting in this left a lot to be desired with lots of screaming both from the Doctor and his assistant Perri (Nicola Bryant ) , the acting was way over the top , a rather poor story line all lead to the show going down hill and lead to the show being canceled .

            The story is rather unimaginative , with perhaps the most memorable part being when the Dr tries to strangle Perri , what a pity he didn't succeed !!

            The special effects and monsters in this episode are obvious of the time and show how the Dr Who really was in a decline at this period

            A very hammed up episode which was more like pantomime than classic Dr Who, and of course the ending is very cliched and falls back on the self sacrificing alien type of resolution.

            The story involves a slug creature called a gastropod who takes over the planet of Jaconda , the slug thing decides he wants to spread his eggs through out the galaxy and so decides to kidnap a pair of genius twin boys ( you can see the story really is quite pointless)

            The Doctor and Peri become involved and help to defeat the slug thing and free the planet's bird-like indigenous people from the slug things reign of terror

            It is clear the BBC have brought this out quite recently to coin in on the new series as in my opinion the best bit of it is showing the faces of all the previous Doctors , going right up to David Tenant this is before the program starts , I didn't bother with the extras ,however there is an option for audio description which I feel is good .

            If you want to be bored by this story you can buy it from Amazon for £6.93 plus postage

            Thanks for reading my review


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            • General / Discussion / 84 Readings / 82 Ratings
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              02.06.2010 23:25
              Very helpful



              a little more about me for you to see

              1. Which do you prefer - shower or bath? And why?

              Shower for me quicker and always hot

              2. What do you swear you'll never do?

              go on a roller coaster

              3. What's the most embarrassing thing you ever done?

              presentations at uni

              4. What is your favourite quote?

              Its Life Jim , But not as we know it

              5. What was your favourite holiday? And why?

              Fethyie Turkey , awesome place to visit!

              6. What was your favourite childhood toy?

              Tonka trucks , train sets

              7. Do you have any pets?

              One cat called Kato . two dogs ( who live with my mum ) called bryn and pepper

              8. Savoury or sweet?

              oh has to be sweet

              9. Hot or cold?

              hot the hotter the better

              10. What's your favourite drink?

              Non Alcoholic would be diet coke

              11. What's your favourite food?


              12. Who do you hate the most?

              No-one really.

              13. Do you have a crush on someone? If so, who?


              14. What is your favourite colour?


              15. What did you do last night?

              was at a meeting from 6.30- 9.00 came home had dinner went to bed

              16. What's your favourite thing to do?


              17. Favourite movie, TV Programme, Book?

              The hunt for red october .

              18. Who's your hero?

              every one can be a hero at some time

              19. Favourite song of all time?

              hmmmmm dont cry for me argentina ( madonna)

              20. Have you ever had a supernatural experience?

              yeah lots

              21. Favourite Sound?

              the sound of silence .

              22. Favourite Smell?

              fresh baked bread

              23. Favourite place to be?

              my own special place .

              24. Happiest moment in your life?

              I try to enjoy every moment to the max, getting my degree at 35

              25. Saddest moment in your life so far?

              Family passing away, is by far the saddest thing that has happened to me. I can't really imagine anything worse.

              26. What is your dream job?

              'Chief exec of some housing assosication'

              27. What would be your idea of a perfect date?


              28. What are your favourite Newspaper/ Magazine?

              I don't bother too much with papers .

              29. Which celebrity do you like the most?

              none they are all rubbish

              30. Do you have any siblings?


              31. Have you ever been in hospital? If so, why?

              When I was born (obviously), tonstiles out , and my gall bladder out

              32. Have you ever broken a bone or had stitches?

              stitches in my mouth when hit with a cricket ball

              33. Do you believe in Angels/Ghosts/Demons?

              yup !! read the review LOL

              34. Are you superstitious?

              I believe in life after death

              35. What colour eyes do you have?

              Blue, /grey
              36. What colour hair do you have?


              37. What religion are you?

              Im a catholic, but haven't followed religion since about the age of 10. Not really interested to be honest.

              38. If you could change 1 thing about you, what would it be?

              do my degree younger

              39. If you could change 1 thing about your personality, what would it be?

              I often lack confidence

              40. What is your biggest fear?


              41. Do you have any regrets? If so, what are they?

              No I don't think I have!

              42. Have you ever been in love?

              what is love

              43. What's the most important thing to you in the world?

              Honesty, and good manners.

              44. What is your most treasured possession?

              my friends and family

              45. What's your job?

              post graduate student

              46. What's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?

              Too many things to mention

              47. What's the worst thing anyone has done to you?


              48. Dream car?

              obvious aint it porsche

              49. Favourite celebration?

              christmas , Im still a big kid

              50. Where do you hang out?

              the house.

              51. What School did you go to?

              st kentigerns

              52. What/ Who annoys you?

              idiots , rude people

              53. Do you recycle?


              54. What's your favourite sport?


              55. Who was the last person to upset you?

              an x but over them now

              56. What are your hobbies?

              painting , travel and earning a few bob on the internet.

              57. What was the last joke you heard?

              hmmmmmm a rude one

              58. What is the best joke you've heard?

              As above!

              59. What's the worst joke you've heard?

              most of them

              60. Name 3 places you have been on holiday:

              Turkey Cuba Egypt

              61. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?


              62. Favourite Season?


              63. What's your favourite web Dooyoo, BBC Sport, Blue Square

              64. What's your favourite shop?

              pound shop.

              65. What's your worst habit?


              66. What's your favourite animal?


              67. What is your ultimate fantasy?
              too rude to say on here lol

              68. Can you cook?

              yeah Im an expert

              69. What is the last lie you told?


              70. Favourite flavour ice-cream?

              turkish delight

              71. Favourite take-away?

              chicken satay

              72. What do you hate doing the most?

              presentations for uni.

              73. What do you like doing the most?

              chilling out round the pool on holiday in the sun

              74. If you were a Super Hero what would your name be?

              fatty mc fat fat.

              75. What is your favourite name?


              76. If you were an animal what would you like to be?

              a dog.

              77. What would your animal name be?

              ruffus mc furry

              78. If you could go back in time, what time would you go to?

              1914 and tell them not to bother it wont solve any thing!

              79. Any person alive or dead - who would you meet?


              80. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?


              81. Favourite musician(s)?

              michael buble

              82. What was/is your nickname?

              dan the man

              83. Have you been to college?


              84. What is the wildest thing you've ever done?

              Think I had better keep that to myself.

              85. Can you play an instrument?


              86. What's your favourite Disney Character?


              87. Favourite theme park?

              cant stand them

              88. What size feet are you?


              89. If you were King/Queen for a day what 3 changes would you make to the world?

              rid the world of politics , free the blockade of gazza , and free sweets for every one

              90. What is your favourite Night Club?

              dont drink so none really and too old for them

              91. Name one thing that most people don't know about you?

              I played rugby for scotland at u19

              92. When was the last time you cried? And why?

              Probably when I lost my last grandparent a few years ago.

              93. If you could have 3 wishes, what would they be?

              I owned a sweet factory
              I could make every one happy
              3 more wishes

              94. Would you ever have plastic surgery? If so, where?

              Not for me.

              95. What are you most ashamed of?


              96. What pet would you love to have?
              97. Blondes/ Brunettes or Red heads?


              98. If you won the lottery what would you spend the money on?

              I dont do it , but would be a world holiday

              99. If you could have a super power/ ability, what would it be?


              100. Did you enjoy doing this quiz?

              did you enjoy reading it?


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                02.06.2010 12:44
                Very helpful



                A interesting experience for believer and non believer

                I have always had an interest in life after death and used to be a big big fan of most haunted on living until it became most faked .

                However Ghost Events is completely different they operate ghost vigils throughout Scotland , but dont believe in the nonsense of jumping out to scare you , or indeed faking things.

                The company have a web site where you make your booking through their events page each event has a different price and can be found here http://www.ghostevents.co.uk/diary.html

                The purpose of ghost events is to let people experience paranormal events with out the theatrics of the tourist type ghost events and is run by a team of experienced paranormal investigators who also have a sister site http://www.ghostfinders.co.uk/homepage.html they also bring with them a clairvoyant medium called Linda , she is very good and seems genuine.

                I attended one of their events which lasted from 10pm till 3 am it involved a walk around with the whole group to see the location and see what the medium could find

                After this you are split into groups to wander around doing various experiments , which include what I think was one of the most interesting was EVP , which stands for electronic voice phenomena , this is where a voice recorder is placed on the floor and the assembled group ask questions , there is no need to feel embarrassed about this as its in the dark , and after all you have paid to be their so join in !!

                The company state on their web site that they cannot guarantee any thing will happen on the night , and I feel that this adds to their credibility , in comparison to those who have these folk who jump out , also as a believer in the paranormal , I dont think at time ghosts can be bothered at times doing things for folk LOL

                This is an interesting night out both for the believer and sceptic , some time things will happen and some times things wont , the god thing is they allow you to take your own equipment with you also any recordings from the EVP sessions are placed on their web site for you to listen to in your own time , however dont expect any thing to eat , which considering the price I felt was a bit of a let down , so take sandwiches with you !!.


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                • Sweet Things / Recipe / 59 Readings / 57 Ratings
                  More +
                  31.05.2010 11:07
                  Very helpful



                  dont eat too much you might get fat !

                  This is my recipe for tablet very high in calories , but very more ish I hope you enjoy it

                  You need
                  2lb granulated sugar ( or less if you like)
                  1 Tea cup milk
                  1 large tin condensed Milk
                  A knob of butter
                  Half a carton of double cream ( optional)
                  A large greased swiss roll tin

                  Put the butter , sugar , and milk into a large non stick heavy based pan and allow the butter and sugar to melt , slowly bringing to the boil , stir occasionally to make sure its not sticking , keep boiling for about 10 mins or until the mix makes a soft ball when you add some to cold water , if you have a sugar thermometer this is 118c

                  Add the condensed Milk add the double cream at this point also if you have used it ,stirring all the time if you don't it will burn , bring back to the boil keeping stirring , for a further 10 mins through this time the mix will change from a pale yellow , to a darker brown and thats when you know its ready , it will also be thicker , at this point take it off the heat and put the pan in the sink

                  With the pan in the sink beat the mix until the gloss sheen comes off the mix , pour it into the swiss roll tin and allow to set

                  There will be some mix left on the side of the pan scrape this into a small dish and you can nibble this whilst the tablet is setting

                  Cut into squares or fingers and eat ! when set


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                    30.05.2010 12:39
                    Very helpful



                    could do better

                    I went to this attraction yesterday ( sat 29/5/10) and the first thing I would say is don't go on a bank holiday weekend !!!

                    Deep sea world is situated in North Queensferry which in in Fife and is sign posted on approach from to the Forth Road bridge, after crossing the bridge from the Edinburgh side, take the first turn off you will see a sign for deep sea world at the turn off , the sign also indicates it is the turn off for the Rosyth Cruise liner terminal when you have turned off just follow the brown signs which are quite prominent , from the fife side it is Junction 1. From Glasgow it took us about 1 hour to get to deep sea world via the M8 and the M90

                    Deep sea world allow you to buy tickets on line at http://www.deepseaworld.com/default.asp?css=1 this is also the web site for the attraction and gives some information about deep sea world, the only real benefit of buying your tickets on line is that you save 10% , but there is no pre paid ticket lane allowing you to get fast access at the attraction.
                    Ticket prices are as follows
                    Adult £12.00 ( online £10.80)
                    Child 3-14 £8.25 ( online £ 7.43) children under 3 get in for free
                    Family ticket £38.50 ( online £34.63) 2 adults and 2 kids
                    Concessions £10.25 ( online £9.23)

                    So what's it like?
                    First of all North Queensferry is a tiny fishing village , and really not designed to cope with the volume of traffic , deep sea world attracts , it is situated under the Forth rail bridge , in the middle of a housing estate .
                    Parking on site is free but due to the location of the site, it is a very small car park and when I arrived at 1pm it was full with no spaces this included the limited disabled spaces also full , so much so the coach parking area was turned into a car parking area.

                    There are pick nick tables to the right of the car park area which provide a view of the river forth , we took a pick nick with us , so will be unable to comment on the prices in relation to the café within deep sea world
                    I purchased our tickets on line and , had expected some form of queue jump till when we arrived at the attraction which is disabled friendly due to it being a sloping flat walk way , when we got to the entrance there is only one till so it really doesn't matter if you've pre-paid or not , you still have to wait to get the print out scanned and then be given further tickets

                    You then turn left into the aquarium its self , and are stopped to have your photo taken , which on leaving will be offered to you on sale , this is another money making venture in my opinion.

                    When you get into the aquarium area, be prepared for total chaos there is no evidence of crowd control , people wander about looking at the various types of fish and as such , it means those entering , are getting caught up with those leaving , there is a map in the guide book ( £2.50) but no one follows the map , the reason for this will become obvious as we go along in the review .

                    Various types of fish are on display, (and as an aside this is where dooyoo could adapt, allowing reviewers to post pictures in their reviews), these range from Piranhas to Stone fish, and be ready to jump out your skin when you see this one move! , Im not going to tell you but you won't think it's a fish; the name kind of gives it away 

                    At times you will struggle to see various fish as most people decide to go to the under sea area first and then come back so as I said previously the tanks can become a bit chaotic

                    After you have looked at all the various fish on display you then walk down under the River Forth , it is claimed by deep sea world that its 2km under the water , this was the most interesting but also again poorly organised part of the whole place , you go onto a moving walk way , which is covered by a plastic tunnel and glass walls , within this area there are some really fantastic sites , including Sharks !!! wh, in ich swim over your head , now if like me you can't swim and as such will never be able to dive , this is the closest you will ever get to a shark and they are amazing.

                    During the time when the fish and sharks are being fed , this is an accident waiting to happen , as the moving walk way continues to operate , but of course visitors want to see what's happening and decide to hang on to the railings and get off causing a bottle neck , for those who are unaware there is a crowd so more and more people pile in , however humans will never stop amazing me , having paid the entrance fee there are still those who go to these places and feel the need to run round not really looking at the sea life , it raises the question why bother going , in my opinion it would be better stopping the walk way and limiting the number of people in this area when the divers are in with the fish , the moving walk way isn't really disabled friendly , however there is a solid walk way to the side but as you can see with a crowd gathering it could be quite intimidating for a disabled person.

                    Moving now to the seal sanctuary which is situated outside the aquarium, I have to say that this again was quite disappointing for something that could have been really interesting , there are two seals which are basically penned in to a small area in some murky water , whilst this is claimed to be probably fresh river water , it looked very dirty and you could hardly see the seals , also there was no staff member on duty to explain why the seals were there , or what type of seals they were , nor what deep sea world was doing to preserve seals .

                    There is a shop on site, which in my opinion is a total rip off when you think that the price of a stuffed toy fish was £15.00 needless to say I did not buy any thing from the shop!!

                    Final thoughts
                    I think deep sea world has become a victim of its own success, its on a site that's far too small to deal with the number of visitors it attracts, there is no real crowd control, put up a few arrows to guide people and even barriers and there would be less chaos at the exhibits.
                    There is no real point in buying your tickets on line apart from saving 10%

                    There was too few staff on duty to fully explain things like the seals when I visited, this is an opportunity lost and to me gives the impression that once you've paid to get in they couldn't really care about you

                    Although deep sea world is all on the flat , if you were a wheel chair user due to the amount of people mingling about , and un controlled children rushing about aimlessly , it may intimidate you as no real consideration is given for others .

                    Once you have been you will feel there is no need to return as in my opinion once is enough

                    Thanks for reading my review :)


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                    • Room 101 / Discussion / 70 Readings / 58 Ratings
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                      27.05.2010 19:19
                      Very helpful
                      1 Comment



                      dont dare question those who have been elected

                      Id love to see some of the elected members of Renfrewshire council thrown in this room and then it squashed into a tiny little cube , the reason I hear you ask

                      Some of the elected members seem to have ideas above their station and when questioned about services provided by the council , decide to threaten your future career , when in fact they should be answering the question as its asked by a member of their constituency

                      It seems that certain elected members of the council who have managed to pull them selves up to their grand height of 5"3 and pumped up their high chair to reach the key board of their kids zone lap top think they are not reportable to those who may have elected them

                      Now Im not political in any shape or form and find politics a bit of a turn off however this cretin has made me seriously consider standing against him in our local council elections in 2 years time

                      It states clearly in the code of guidance for councilors that they are public servants and as such answerable to the public this however seems to exclude the current administration of the Orwellian renfrewshire council

                      Their bully boy tactics are meant to spread fear and alarm to those who question elected members by threatening to report them to universities and employers , god knows what would happen if you complained about a repair , perhaps they would evict you

                      I best go just now I can hear the jack boots coming to the door !!


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                      • Tesco Digestive Biscuits / Snacks / 51 Readings / 48 Ratings
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                        27.05.2010 13:09
                        Very helpful



                        for 52p they are well worth it and just as good as the branded version

                        Digestive biscuits have to be one of the most versatile biscuits around you can eat them , smash them up to make cheese cakes , stick jam on them ice them and make empire biscuits , and use them as a base for caramel cake

                        So when Im in Tesco I tend to buy a couple of packets of these as they are only 52p and contains about 25 biscuits , or 500g

                        The wrapper is a plasticy type material that no doubt can be recycled

                        I have tried the branded versions of digestive biscuits and comparing these ones , I feel that whilst they may be that little bit sweeter , there really is no comparison if I was to sample them in a blind taste test

                        The biscuit was the same golden brown colour as McVities and quite thick which I felt was quite impressive as for a basic biscuit , it could have been quite thin and pale

                        Im not one for dunking biscuits but I feel this would stand up to the standard 'dunk test'

                        Ive used these digestives as a base for home made millionaire shortbread ( caramel cake) and as a base it holds well

                        Taste wise these biscuits have the same wheat taste as others I have tried. They were really tasty and not at all bland, as their cheap price would suggest. They had a really nice texture to them too, a nice crunch which in a digestive biscuit I feel is important

                        The wrapper is not a keep fresh biscuit and as such I would recommend putting them in your biscuit tin when they are opened as I found the top one which was exposed to the air would become slightly soft if left for a couple of days

                        The GDA details are as follows

                        Calories 80 (4%)
                        Sugar 3g (3%)
                        Fat 4g ( 5%) might not be for the salad munchers
                        Saturates 2g (8%)
                        Salt 0.3g

                        The biscuits are suitable for vegetarians

                        Allergy Information
                        Contains: Milk, Wheat Gluten

                        Thanks for reading my review :)


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                        26.05.2010 17:33
                        Very helpful



                        another one to give a miss in my book

                        Im eating these as I write this review and am really glad that we all have differing tastes as it in my opinion gives a balanced view of the product

                        These crisps are part of the world cup promotion and I bought them as part of a multi pack of 6

                        They are branded as chicken Teriyaki flavour but yet again I feel these have a BEEF taste so much so it tastes like eating a packet of bovril

                        The crisps them selves are light and crunchy but seem to be missing the vital ingredient .. the chicken ! despite it being listed on the list of ingredients

                        Also again Walkers scales seem to be way out when it comes to the weight of the product as it states on the packet 25g and looks quite full until you open the bag, and see that there is only a quarter of the bag actually crisps, the rest being air .

                        There is also a slight sweet after taste in the crisp which is without a doubt the Teriyaki flavour coming through

                        This is the second flavour I have tried and to me it seems as if Walkers have rushed out these differing flavours in an attempt to push a gimmick

                        GDA details
                        Calories 131 (7%) no good for salad munchers
                        Sugar 1.1g (1%)
                        Fat 8.2g (12%) really no good for salad munchers
                        Saturates 0.6g (3%)
                        Salt 0.32g (5%) really quite high !!

                        Thanks for reading my review :)


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                        • Cadbury's Dream Fingers / Snacks / 49 Readings / 48 Ratings
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                          26.05.2010 11:49
                          Very helpful



                          A tasty biscuit with the right amount of chocolate

                          Im sitting munching these as I write (yet again) and find that they are one of the nicest biscuits I have ever eaten

                          Again these are produced under the Cadbury name but produced by the subsidiary Burton foods and were on offer in Tesco for £1.00

                          The biscuit is a shortcake type finger covered in white chocolate which makes them very moreish indeed

                          There are 24 fingers in the packet placed on a plastic tray which is sealed with a plastic sleeve , the packaging is cardboard and can be recycled I would assume

                          The chocolate coats the finger in an appropriate way and is not too thick leading to an enjoyable eat

                          In comparison to the milk chocolate finger I find these nicer as the chocolate one in my opinion had just that little bit too much chocolate on them

                          The dream fingers are a new launch according to the packet and as such may not be around for long , unless of course they prove to be as popular as the chocolate ones

                          Im not going to list the ingredients but will make note of the GDA and the following allergy advice

                          These biscuits may contain wheat, milk , soya , and traces of nuts

                          Calories 120 (6%) rabbit food munchers can have 1 and 1 only !
                          Sugar 6.8g (7.5%)
                          Fat 6.0g (8.5%) ok looks like the rabbit food munchers can have none
                          Saturates 3.2g (16%)
                          Salt 0.15g (2.5%)

                          Thanks for reading my review :)


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                          • Feast Ice Cream / Dessert / Yoghurts / 38 Readings / 36 Ratings
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                            25.05.2010 22:54
                            Very helpful



                            a really nice lolly

                            I have just finished scoffing one of these ice lollys , or ice cream on a stick and have to say they are really tasty

                            They are made by Walls who have been making ice cream of various shapes and forms since 1922 I bought the 'huge value pack' which contained 9 chocolate flavour feasts from Tesco as a special offer of £1.50

                            A feast is a chocolate outer shell with bits of crushed biscuits stuck on to give that little bit of extra crunch this coats a layer of chocolate ice cream which will lead to the best bit I think the block of solid milk chocolate on the stick

                            I found the chocolate layers to go well the biscuit parts were a welcome addition and give the lolly that bit of extra bite , the ice cream does not melt and run down your hands as can do in other frozen products

                            The milk chocolate third layer remains solid through out eating and tastes like a high quality chocolate , I found the ice cream to be quite creamy and quite chocolaty

                            The packaging is a standard cardboard box and will no doubt be recyclable the wrapper of the lolly is a wax type paper and the stick is wooden

                            Im not going to go through all the ingredients but will note that this product does contain nuts so whilst it may be ok for squirrels its not for those who are allergic to nuts


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                            25.05.2010 13:04
                            Very helpful



                            I bought it as I didnt have time to get a proper piece of meat but wouldn't rush to buy it again

                            I cooked this on Sunday its part of the Tesco £5.00 deal , I have to say had it not been for the potatoes and vegetables I had with it , then it would not have served 3 adults , yet the packaging states it will serve 4-5

                            The joint comes in a foil dish covered with a plastic cover and a cardboard outer , when you take it out the cardboard the piece of meat looks not too bad , but it will shrink quite badly in my opinion

                            The beef is a piece of brisket which if cooked following the instructions and left in the oven for about 3 hours will become very tender but not too dry , this is mainly due to the stuffing inside , its mentioned on the packet as a Mediterranean style stuffing which through the cooking process may actually fall out the joint

                            I cooked it from fresh but it can be frozen and as such will take a bit longer to cook , it says on the packet that you can cook it from frozen but Im a bit wary of doing this

                            When the beef is cooked it will be no where near the size it was raw and this is a bit of a disappointment , also there will be a lot of liquid in the bottom of the foil tin of course you can make your gravy with this

                            The stuffing is a mix of peppers and tomatoes and adds to the flavour of the beef

                            The joint sliced into aprox 8 pieces but as the meat shrinks these pieces are very small and you will need potatoes yorkshire puddings and veg to make it go around

                            Its handy to have in the fridge for quickness but I wouldnt rush out and buy it every week


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                              25.05.2010 10:57
                              Very helpful



                              Not bad

                              I have had this razor for over 2 years and use it occasionally when not using my Babyliss I trimer ( see separate review)

                              It gives you a really close shave as it has three foil rotary blades , the good points are that it can be used under the shower , as its water proof and prevents razor burn by having a moisturizing facility by slipping a pouch of moisturizer in the flip slot at the back the razor

                              To get the moisturizer on to your face there is a rubber button on the back of the shaver, and when pressed, it pumps out a small amount of cream onto your skin and because the tiny spout is placed above the heads,then this means providing you shave upwards, you get a nice experience

                              One of the best features I feel however is the floating heads. The 3 heads float normally in their seperate sections, you can press them down etc, but then they can shape even further because each head is placed on a seperate 'section', and these sections move to the contours on your face, meaning I can get a baby-soft shave in places not possible with previous electric shavers. This contour system also means you don't 'dig' into your skin, it just glides around

                              The razor is rechargeable and is ready to use after about 3 hours charging the razor plugs into the charging stand and comes with 4 packets of moisturizer , the nivea versions are very expensive to replace

                              I tend to use this razor when I need a close shave so every once a week and would recommend it as after 2 years its still going strong , the only fault it has is that it didn't come with a trimer which would actually have given it 5 stars


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